First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unhinged over question about Sharia

Abdul al-Sayed to GOP opponent: ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’


Michigan’s first-ever Muslim candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, took a shot at fellow gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck on Thursday that some Republicans are saying went below the belt.

Colbeck, speaking at a candidate’s forum in East Lansing, expressed his concerns about Sharia law and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic of civilization jihad. Colbeck took exception with an article he says was planted by Sayed supporters in the left-of-center website Buzzfeed,  which painted Colbeck as a fringe extremist using “unfounded conspiracy theories” against Sayed.

Rather than address Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called Colbeck a racist Islamophobe whom Muslims “definitely hate.”

Sayed, 33, the former public-health director for the city of Detroit, was on stage Thursday at the Michigan Press Association with several other Democrat and Republican candidates for governor running in the Aug. 7 primary.

dr abdul al-Sayed
Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, shown here with his wife, Sarah, is running for governor of Michigan as a Democrat.

Sayed refused to answer a question from the moderator about the Islamic legal system known as Sharia, other than to say that, if elected, he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.

“I take [the Constitution] particularly seriously because it guarantees me two things. A, the right to pray as I choose to pray, and for me that means I put my face on the ground 34 times a day,” Sayed said.  “Some people choose not to pray at all. Then in Article Six it also tells us that no religious test should be held over someone wishing to serve under this Constitution. It’s an incredible document.”

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Dad chases down, ‘subdues’ knife-wielding man who attacked daughter in women’s bathroom at popular mall

Police searching for 2nd suspect, described as woman of ‘Middle Eastern descent’

The food court at Town Center Mall, Kennesaw, Georgia.


KENNESAW, Ga. — A suburban Atlanta shopping mall was the scene of a brazen attempt to kidnap a child Tuesday night, and one of the two suspects is behind bars, thanks to the quick action of the girl’s dad and a couple of Good Samaritans who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

An 11-year-old girl was ambushed inside the women’s bathroom by a man who held a knife to her throat, and police say she likely would have been kidnapped, or worse, if not for her loud screams and ability to escape the man’s clutches.

After that, her father and two other men made quick work of the suspect.

Danzell Mitchell, 26, is charged with attempted kidnapping, cruelty to children and other charges after he ambushed an 11-year-old girl in the women’s restroom at a popular mall in the suburban college town of Kennesaw Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Cobb County police have 26-year-old Danzell Mitchell in custody but are still searching for a possible female accomplice, who is described as having dark hair and olive skin, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, said Sgt. Wayne Delk.

The woman is in her 30s, of thin build and wearing a pink shirt.

The incident happened about 6:30 p.m. at the Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, which is a college town about 25 miles northwest of Atlanta, the home of Kennesaw State University.

The girl was at the mall with her family, eating dinner in the bustling food court when she asked to go to the restroom. Her dad escorted her to the women’s restroom and waited outside the door. She told police she went into the bathroom, did not notice anyone else inside, and entered one of the stalls.

But when she came out of the stall, a black man grabbed her and held a knife to her throat.

“He told her not to scream, but of course she did scream and that startled him enough that she was able to get away from him,” Delk said.

She ran out to her father.

Less than a minute later, Mitchell exited the women’s restroom. The girl’s dad was waiting for him.

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Democrat-run city building 6-foot fence around migrant housing complex to keep ‘intruders’ out

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey addresses a room full of Somali refugees who live at the crime-plagued Cedar High Apartments on Monday, May 7, 2018. Photo/Star-Tribune


Walls and fences are not very popular with progressives when such structures are proposed by President Trump to keep drug dealers, terrorists, killers and human traffickers out of the U.S.

But when a fence is requested to protect an inner-city community of refugees and migrants, these same anti-Trumpers are all in.

How do we know that?

Perhaps the most perfect example of this double standard is playing out right now in Minneapolis’ Cedar Riverside area, otherwise known as “Little Mogadishu” for its high concentration of Somali refugees.

The Cedar High Apartments, a four-building complex comprised of 539 mostly one-bedroom units, will be getting a $825,000 security upgrade, compliments of the Democrat-run city Housing Authority, that involves building a 6-foot security fence around the public-housing property.

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Shocking rise in knife attacks documented across UK following record migrant influx



By now almost everyone has heard about the escalating violence in London under its Muslim mayor, Sidiq Khan.

If you aren’t being stabbed to death in the UK’s biggest and most important city, you risk having acid thrown in your face by one of the gangsters being welcomed by what is essentially the West’s largest sanctuary city.

A new report by the London Times confirms that death by the blade is not ravaging London but is spreading outward “from the cities to the suburbs to the shires.” [‘County Lines’ Drug Gangs Spread Knife Crime Epidemic to the Shires, by David Collins and Iram Ramzan, The Times, May 6, 2018]

The Times report shows knife crime in Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Essex and Norfolk has almost doubled in three years.

At least 36 people in London have been stabbed to death so far this year.

Knife crime is up 20 percent in London over three years, but in the outlying counties the increases since 2014 are even more dramatic. The Times reports:

Knife crime incidents in Hertfordshire are up 150% from 229 incidents in 2014 to 573 in 2017; Hampshire is up 102%, Cambridgeshire up 83%, Warwickshire up 180%, Bedfordshire up 86%, Essex up 86%, Thames Valley up 50% and north Wales up 134%. Norfolk’s knife crime rate has rocketed 274%.

Khan made the astonishing admission last year that his administration was preparing for 1.5 million new people to move to London over the next decade. Since it is preposterous to think even half of that number would move to London from within the UK, Mr. Khan’s plan obviously involves importing many more Muslims from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. [Sadiq Khad boasts of 1.5 million new people to capital as he reveals shock ‘London Plan,’ by Siobhan McFadyen, The Express, March 4, 2017]

This would swell the ranks of Muslim voters and solidify London as an Islamic stronghold right in the heart of the West for years to come.

London Mayor Sidiq Khan

And the Islamization of the UK doesn’t stop with Mr. Khan or the city of London.

A record 16 Muslims, including a dozen of Pakistani ethnicity, won UK Parliamentary elections in 2017 to become members of the House of Commons.

And Prime Minister Theresa May just a couple of weeks ago appointed Sajid Javid as the country’s new interior minister. Javid is considered very ambitious and openly says he wants the top job at 10 Downing Street. Imagine the UK not only with a Muslim mayor of London but also a Muslim prime minister!

As the UK becomes more Islamic, it also becomes less safe.

Thanks to the Times, we now have documentation that Mayor Khan’s enabling of violent gangs to expand their operations within his city is also affecting public safety in the outer-lying suburbs and smaller towns remote from London.

This is an indictment of the open-borders policies of British governments dating back to the 1960s and 70s and continuing into the 2000s. This open-borders policy is what led to the election of Sidiq Khan in the first place, as mass Muslim immigration has the natural result of more Muslims being elected to public office.

Developing the critical mass necessary to elect Muslim politicians does not happen overnight. As we’ve seen in the UK, it takes four or five decades.

This should be a warning to other Western societies. Today’s open-door migration policies, while filling the cheap-labor demands of corporations, will eventually lead to tomorrow’s Sidiq Khan ruling over your city, state or county.

In fact, the slow grind of  “cultural jihad” — taking over incrementally through the peaceful political process — is already starting to come into view, albeit dimly and barely noticed by the vast majority of Americans.

Dr. Abdul Mohamed al-Sayed is running for governor of Michigan on the Democrat ticket.

In Michigan, Dr. Abdul Mohamed al-Syed is running for governor in this summer’s Democrat primary, one of more than 90 Muslim candidates running for office across the U.S. Part of Dr. Syed’s platform is to make Michigan a sanctuary state.

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Florida Muslim on trial for grisly murders struggled with ‘demons’, claims he is victim of bad press

Ronnie Oneal III in court Thursday, May 4, 2018, in Hillsborough County, Fla. Photo/Tampa Times


SUMMERVILLE, Fla. — In a bizarre twist involving a case that appears to be a shocking example of Islamic honor violence in this normally quiet Florida community, a man accused of murdering his girlfriend and daughter now claims to be a victim of bad media attention.

Ronnie Oneal III, 29, described by one of his closest friends as a “devout Muslim,” allegedly shot and stabbed to death his girlfriend Kenyatta Barron and their 9-year-old daughter, then stabbed and critically injured the couple’s 8-year-old son before setting their house ablaze.

A woman called 911 on the night of March 18 pleading for help, as a male voice, presumably that of Oneal, could be heard in the background shouting “Allahu Akbar!” This phrase means “Allah is Greatest!” in Arabic.

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Big U.S. banks racing to become Sharia compliant and what this means for you


The following article is reposted with permission from Technocracy News and Trends

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil  – 1 Tim. 6:10 


Either global bankers are seducing Islamic dictators, or vice versa.

Even if they are seducing each other, the result will be the same: Islamic/Sharia banking is coming to the United States and other Western nations, thanks to global banks such as Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

With Great Britain pledging to become the Islamic banking center of the world, the stampede by global banks to enter the world of Islamic banking is well underway.

Western banking met Islam many decades ago, but only began to sleep with her a few years ago. Since then, it is has become a wanton and open affair.

The implications for the West, and especially for the U.S., are staggering. Because all Islamic banking products must be created and offered according to strict Sharia law, global banks are doing for Islam what it could never do on its own: Give legitimacy to Sharia and infiltrate it into the fabric of Western society.

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Police face backlash after officers shoot, kill knife-wielding Somali refugee near Atlanta


How many times has a Muslim migrant attacked innocent Americans and the Council on American-Islamic Relations or some other advocacy group swoops in to suggest that the attack was a result of mental illness?

Well, it happened again on Saturday, April 28, in Johns Creek, a suburb of Atlanta, where Somali refugee Shukri Ali Said, 36, was threatening her family members with a knife.

Said’s sister called 911 and two officers responded to the scene near Northview High School. They ordered the woman to drop her knife. When Said refused to drop her weapon even after being Tasered, the officers opened fire. She died at a local hospital.

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Islamic world warms to the coming cashless society


He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. — Revelation 13:17


There’s no denying that digital cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of Gen-X’rs and millennials throughout the Western world in recent years.

But amid the excitement surrounding this new virtual money, questions have arisen about whether bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will ever evolve into a stable, reliable form of money that is accepted everywhere.

While there has been nary a peep from Christian leaders on this subject [I will explain later why they should get their heads in the game] there have been serious reservations about cryptocurrency coming from the Islamic world.

As long as the world’s fastest-growing religious-political system — now encompassing one-fifth of the world’s population – considers digital currency haram, or forbidden, it is unlikely that such a system would gain widespread global acceptance.

As recently as December a popular Saudi cleric ruled that cryptocurrencies are prohibited under Islamic Sharia law, citing their speculative nature and the ease with which the virtual coins can be used for money laundering and criminal enterprise.

“We know that bitcoins remain anonymous when you deal with it… which means that it’s an open gate for money laundering, drug money and haram (forbidden) money; you can just put it there and no one can trace you… so there is a lot of ambiguity,” said Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem on his TV program Ask Zaad. [Digital Currency ‘Forbidden in Islam,’ Rules Saudi Cleric, The New Arab, Dec. 6, 2017].

Watch Saudi Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem talk in cautionary terms about crytocurrencies.

“It’s not backed by governments or central banks, so you cannot say it is a currency because no one deals with it except a handful of people [in a network on the Internet],” the Sheikh said.

His pronouncements came less than a month after Turkey’s top Sharia scholars also ruled bitcoin as haram.

But what if cyrptocurrencies now considered haram by Muslim leaders could be made halal, or acceptable, under Sharia law?

And what if I told you efforts are underway to do exactly that?

islamic scholar Muhammad Abu Bakar
Islamic scholar Muhammad Abu Bakar of Malaysia.

It seems all that Islamic scholars had to do was say the word, giving a few details on why they didn’t like cryptocurrencies, and the financial industry started working overtime to deliver a product that assuages their concerns.

Several companies, after consulting with Islamic financial gurus, have launched new digital coins backed by physical assets, proving just how important they consider the Sharia stamp of approval.

A company called OneGram obtained a ruling that its cryptocurrency conforms with Islamic law from Dubai-based Al-Maali Consulting.

In Malaysia, HelloGold launched an initial offer of its gold-backed cryptocurrency, receiving approval from Islamic scholars at Kuala Lumpur-based Amanie Advisors.

The most recent evidence of Islamic warming to the boom in bitcoin came in a 21-page paper published April 5 by Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Abu-Bakar, who declared that bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, are indeed Sharia compliant.

Where are the Christians?

Christians, who should also be concerned about the advent of digital money, are as usual asleep at the wheel. Ask your pastor if it’s OK to start trading in bitcoin and you are likely to get a blank stare.

But if we receive no guidance from our spiritual leaders, does that get us off the hook of responsibility before God?

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Newnan, Georgia: A harbinger of the coming American civil war?

White nationalists showed up in Newnan, Ga., April 21, where they were met by throngs of protesters and an army of police in riot gear.


I live right outside the city limits of Newnan, Georgia, and my hometown became a media spectacle this past Saturday, April 21.

One of my friends called it a protest rally for the “dumb and dumber.”

I must say, our fair city did resemble a no-go zone for normal folks.

Antifa sent us busloads of anarchists, Marxists and common criminals, who took to the streets with naïve college students and some well-intentioned locals. They came to protest a rally by a small band of neo-Nazis from the National Socialist Movement, which had been granted a permit by the city to hold a rally in the Greenville Street Park.

In the past, back when folks were a bit more tolerant of those holding divergent political views, such a rally would have come and gone without so much as a glancing notice. At worst, it might have sparked a good old-fashioned political debate in the park.

But in today’s America, when a group espousing controversial views decides to exercise its First Amendment rights in a public space, the left goes berserk and marshals its own, much larger army of extremists to turn out and make mischief. This creates a toxic environment that can devolve quickly into mayhem, vandalism and death.

The city of Newnan found itself in just such a situation this weekend.

But Newnan was prepared. More than 800 officers from 42 law-enforcement agencies across Georgia, many of them covered from head to toe in black-armored riot gear, lined the streets of this small Southern town of 38,000.

There were police barricades and check points all over. Helicopters and drones circled overhead, some armed with listening devices and electronic eyes with facial-recognition software.

What have we become as a people when it takes this kind of military presence to keep the peace on the streets of small-town America?

The cost to the taxpayer must have been astronomical.

Yet, I have no doubt that were it not for this massive police presence, we very possibly could have had another Charlottesville on our hands. [Recall that one person died and several were injured at a white-supremacist rally and antifa counter-rally at Charlottesville, Virginia, last August].

I could have gone downtown Saturday and witnessed the spectacle first-hand but I didn’t.

Though the weather was a perfect sunny and 75 degrees, this was not my idea of a Saturday afternoon in the park. I, like most Newnan-area residents, decided to sit this one out.

Publicity for the event was shoved down our throats for weeks by the Atlanta media, which then cascaded into national media coverage from the likes of CNN, the New York Times, New York Post, Time magazine and USA Today.

This put the city on edge with genuine fear. The big, bad Nazis were coming to get us!

Church leaders gathered the night before to pray for peace.

The white nationalists were hyped to the point where you almost expected them to march into town with jack boots, side-arms and a contingent of panzer tanks. What we got instead were a couple of dozen white guys, some with grizzled grey beards, armed with a megaphone.

They showed up about 4 p.m., shouted a bit of their supremacist ideology through the loudspeaker and by 5 p.m. were finished, led out of town by police escort, probably never to be seen again in these parts.

Ten people were arrested, all of them antifa demonstrators who refused to remove their face masks, pushed officers and refused to get out of the streets and onto the sidewalks. In a confrontation with police, one antifa group dropped bags that were later found to contain smoke grenades and fireworks. At another location on Jackson Street, antifa thugs were found dropping cans of wasp spray capable of shooting 25 feet, and a shield with screws protruding from the front was also recovered.

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager told the local Times-Herald that antifa came to Newnan “with a purpose. They came here to antagonize, take control of our community and incite fear.”

See mugshots of the 10 people arrested, all but two of whom were from outside the area

From the livestream video I watched on Facebook, the police were disciplined and professional, even as the antifa anarchists hurled insult after insult their way, punctuated in most cases by vile and filthy language.

“Cops, pigs, murderers, you’re the real fascists!” some shouted.

“Cops and Klan go hand in hand!” others cried out.

Clockwise from top left, the antifa activists arrested Saturday, April 21, in Newnan, Ga., were: Katherine Lyons Ogilvie, Daniel Sean Hanley, Jeremy James Ortega, Christopher Deon Render, Jose Eduardo Osorio-Hernandez, Alan Edward Hutzel, Hector Barraza, Dannielle Jelayne Shochet, Noah Peretz and Erin Marie Galvin-McCoy.

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Michigan churches join Muslim prayers against ‘gun violence’, stage symbolic school ‘walkout’


Parents, pastors, politicians and educators will join a Muslim imam at a mosque Friday in Oakland County, Michigan, to pray and discuss how to make their schools and community safer in an era of mass school shootings.

The Muslim Unity Center, a mosque in the wealthy Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, is hosting an “Interfaith Prayers and Symbolic Walkout Vigil” April 20 that feeds off of the anti-gun fervor created in the wake of the mass-shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that killed 17 students in February.

The Muslim Unity Center, led by Shaykh Mohamed Almasmari, will host the event at 6 p.m., after its Friday afternoon Jummah or “call to prayer.”

Imam Mohamed Amasmari
Imam Shaykh Mohamed Almasmari

Almasmari is heavily involved in the interfaith movement in Michigan. He has an outreach program, featured on the mosque’s website, called Building Bridges with our Neighbors.

A regular part of his presentations to Christian churches is a segment on “Islamophobia and its impact.”

“Islamophobia” is essentially a Western version of the Islamic blasphemy laws, where non-Muslims are not allowed to speak critically of Islam without incurring severe social penalties. Actual violence against Muslims is rare in the United States, and many such claims have turned out to be fake. [See Fake Hate Crimes, by Kevin Williamson, National Review, March 5, 2017]

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president, the Council on American-Islamic Relations has made a huge priority of promoting Muslim Americans as persecuted religious minorities struggling to survive as victims in the oppressive society of America.

Many Christian writers and thinkers, from journalist Rod Dreher all the way up to Pope Francis, seem to have bought into the oppressed Muslim theme.

Churches helping resettle Muslim refugees

Pastors of at least two Christian churches in Oakland County — First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham and Christ Cranbrook Episcopal Church — plan to join Shaykh Almasmari at his mosque Friday for interfaith prayers.

Christ Cranbrook works with Samaritas, a partnership of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services with Episcopal Migration Ministries, to help resettle refugees into southeastern Michigan, according to the church newsletter.

Michigan has been a popular destination for refugees making hijra, an Arabic term for migration, from the Islamic world with the help of government contractors like Samaritas. The state has received 32,401 refugees from Muslim-majority nations since 2002, resettled primarily by Catholic Charities and Samaritas, according to data at the U.S. Refugee Processing Center.

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