Chaos is coming to Mayberry

The majority of Americans still have no idea that they are living in the midst of a low-boil civil war.

They sit back on comfy couches, watching on TV or computer screens little snippets of the “new normal.” They see chaos enveloping large cities – Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, New York and D.C. – but don’t believe it will come to their small city or suburb.

They believe Dr. Anthony Fauci and certain health experts who tell them it’s best to stay inside, even as they watch increasingly shocking events play out on their illuminated screens.

For lack of a better term, let’s call these people “the believers.”

They take whatever is said by their favorite media personalities, their politician of choice, at face value and have lost all ability to engage critical thinking skills, if they ever had any to begin with.

They will only realize that they are being herded like sheep into a new type of society, where authorities talk down to citizens and bark orders at them like a parent would scold a child, after the low boil gets turned up to a roaring flame.

The heat has in fact already been turned up from “low” to “medium,” as attacks on random cops and Trump supporters have resulted in death and severe injury to dozens in the above mentioned cities.

The cancel culture is escalating. It’s no longer just people’s freedom of speech being curtailed but their very thoughts. To sit in silence as the revolution proceeds is no longer acceptable. You must actively and enthusiastically voice your support for its twisted values.

“White silence is violence!” shout the protesters, described in the media as “mostly peaceful.”

“Own your white privilege” and “learn to control your implicit bias,” the HR departments of big corporations instruct their human capital [formerly called employees].

It’s been going on for years, at public schools, universities and corporate workplaces.

But now the thought police are venturing outside of these spaces to engage with the general public. You never know when you might encounter one of their jack-booted thugs.

A peaceful night out on the town turns violent

It happened in Roanoke, Virginia, last Friday, August 28, in an incident that did not get reported in any media until now.

Joe Mantle [not his real name], was sitting with his girlfriend in an outdoor dining area along the downtown square in Roanoke about 6:30 p.m. They were among about 100 diners enjoying a summer evening of rare socialization during the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

Roanoke has a black mayor and a black police chief, but that hasn’t stopped large crowds of BLM protesters from holding rallies through downtown, demanding an end to what they believe is the nationwide targeted killings of black men by systemically racist police departments.

A disturbance and a quick decision

Suddenly, while dining in the city market area of downtown Roanoke, Joe heard loud voices along the street. About half a dozen men, dressed all in black with black facemasks, entered the outdoor dining area. As they moved toward the center they started talking to diners in an aggressive manner. [Editor’s note: This paragraph originally stated that Joe heard the intruders asking diners if they support BLM. It has been corrected to clarify that he only saw them talking aggressively to diners but couldn’t hear the content of the conversations].

Now, Roanoke is no tiny town. Its population is 100,000 and it is home to several small colleges, but nor is it anywhere near the size of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or Washington, D.C.

The intruders, who appeared to be in their early to mid-20s, identified themselves as BLM.

When Joe saw what was going on, he got up and approached his waitress.

“We’re not here to support BLM, we didn’t come here for that, we’re not going to have a conversation about this, and that made them [the agitators] very angry,” he said. “We had already ordered our food. I told the waitress, ‘I’ll pay you for the dinner but we’re not going to stay under these circumstances. You either control the environment or we leave.'”

Not seeing any police or any action on the part of restaurant staff to remove the agitators, Joe and his girlfriend got up to leave.

“I just told her we’re going to walk back to my place, three or four blocks away, so we walked down a side street toward my apartment.”

That’s when things got, as Joe described it, “pretty crazy.”

After they’d proceeded about a block and a half from downtown, Joe noticed four of the black-clad agitators, three white men and one African-American, heading toward the couple and yelling, “No justice no peace!”

“I didn’t really know what to do. They saw us and we saw them,” Joe said. “They started walking faster toward us. I just told her to run in the opposite direction and try to get back to the downtown area where all the people were at. I can’t run because I have a foot issue. She was frantic and upset. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I wasn’t going to let them run over the top of me. I’m just not that type of guy.”

‘Lay on the ground and beg for forgiveness’

Joe, an options trader and former radio talk-show host in his early 50s, tried to stay calm, believing perhaps he could draw on his gift of gab and talk his way out of a dangerous situation.

The conversation lasted about five minutes. The more they engaged, the angrier the BLM agitators became.

“It came down to this,” Joe said. “They said ‘you either raise your fist in solidarity or you get on the ground and lay before us and beg for forgiveness.’ They were yelling at the top of their voices at me.”

As the conversation started to run in circles and Joe could see it wasn’t going anywhere, he issued the following ultimatum.

“I will not be lying down before you and I will not be raising my fist, so I would suggest that you calmly walk away from me right now,” he said.

The four men started laughing.

“One of them leaned toward me and tried to hit me with his right arm. I just ducked out of the way and he missed me, and then I hit him in the throat as hard as I could. He landed on the ground,” Joe said.

“The other guy proceeded to attack me, so I hit him hard. They could not breathe. One was crying and the other was screaming in a lot of pain.”

The third BLM thug flew into a rage. “I’m going to kill you right now!” he yelled.

 “I just put my hand to my side, didn’t say anything, and he took a bold swing with a stick, which looked like a broom handle. I caught it in my hand, and I caught him off guard and he went face first into the sidewalk.”

“I think he broke his nose,” Joe said. “There was blood everywhere.”

When he looked up the fourth BLM agitator was gone and the other three were getting up and walking away.

By the time a police officer arrived, all four were gone.

“My girlfriend saw it all from a distance, it was only our fifth date, and she was like, ‘I’ve never been on a date like this in my life.’ I said, ‘neither have I.'”

Joe stands 5-foot-11 and weighs about 198 pounds. He said at least two of the attackers appeared bigger.

“I never imagined something like this happening in Roanoke. I’ve seen it happening elsewhere since they started calling for defunding the police,” he said.

But looking back the signs were there.

He said BLM had held daily protest rallies for weeks out in front of the city police station.

The mayor of Roanoke, Sherman Lea, allowed BLM to paint its anti-police graffiti on a portion of the highway leading up to the center square.

“He’s a Democrat mayor so he let them put that out there. On a personal level I’ve asked to speak to the mayor about financial issues related to the budget and he refused to have a conversation or meet with me. But, ironically, the lady from BLM said she had met with the mayor three or four times. I told her, ‘imagine that, I’m trying to look out for the financial fortunes of the city and you are with what I consider a terrorist organization and you get to meet with the mayor but I don’t.”

Joe said he will not be going out to eat downtown anymore.

“We were having a great time up to the point they started harassing people. We’ve never seen anything like this before in our city,” he said. “There will be no more freedom in the world if we fail to stop this in America.”

If you stand up to them they’re less likely to cause problems, and that’s what we need to do as a town, as a county, as a nation,” he added. “And sheriffs need to deputize people right now to be ready to defend their towns.

These in-your-face public demands to submit to BLM are not just happening in Washington, D.C., and now Roanoke.

Check out the video below of the chaos caused by BLM supporters after they burst into a crowded restaurant in Rochester, N.Y., Friday.

Remember, the believers will need to see the violence right in their own city or county before they will acknowledge there is a problem. They don’t realize that they won’t be able to sit this one out. They won’t be able to watch on the sidelines and stay above the fray.

The believers have been conditioned to believe technocrats like Dr. Fauci, the politicized scientist who picks and chooses the science of the day based on how he wishes to manipulate the herd. They appear to represent the majority right now in America, living in an alternate reality of their own convenience. They are the ones who wouldn’t hesitate to call the police or the health inspector on a restaurant owner who wasn’t requiring masks or the grocer who isn’t making customers obey all the rules laid out by the government.

But others aren’t so gullible. They have discernment to read the signs of the times and are already preparing for the day when the lever, currently set on medium boil, gets turned up to high. Whether it comes next week or next month or next year, they know it is coming.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate these articles, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

Cancel culture ramping up: Rejecting masks, vaccines may soon get you branded mentally ill and ‘banned’ from society

Only sociopaths reject the new normal that has been defined for us by our government caretakers. Remember that.

If you remember nothing else about the actions taken by governments at all levels since the outbreak of coronavirus, remember that one thing and you will understand the mindset of those driving the fundamental transformation of America.

And it’s not elected politicians who are steering the ship toward a Brave New World but rather the unelected technocrats advising the politicians.

Only someone who is mentally insane could disagree with them because they are the “experts,” right?

Only someone suffering from an untreated social disorder could be against the masks, the lockdowns and the coming vaccines, all meant to protect us from a deadly virus threatening to overwhelm hospitals and funeral homes and hollow out entire populations. Only the technocrat Dr. Anthony Fauci, who recommended the lockdowns, prevented the virus from pushing us into a dystopian dark age. He is to be hailed as a visionary.

That’s the official narrative. If you even lightly question this narrative on social media you will be met with emotion-laden blowback from your liberal friends … “You just don’t care about saving lives!”

Only it’s not true. It’s all a big lie. And now the Centers for Disease Control admits it.

Updated CDC numbers go unreported by corrupt media

This week the CDC quietly updated its COVID-19 death-count and the numbers should make every thinking person question their government’s draconian reaction to this virus.

If you separate those who had other serious health problems, only 6 percent of the 153,504 U.S. deaths, a total of only 9,210 people, were killed exclusively by COVID as of Aug. 26. The rest died because they had serious pre-existing health issues as well as COVID. Nearly half of them, we know from other studies, were nursing-home patients.

That bombshell figure – 9,210 – should send shockwaves throughout the media and political class. It should be the top story on every TV and radio newscast, every newspaper. The so-called journalists should be burning up the phone lines and knocking on the doors of every politician who ordered draconian lockdowns, asking them how they could justify killing an entire economy and crushing the livelihoods of countless families, literally driving many to suicide, over a virus that packed so little killing power.

But that’s not the reality of today’s America, where propaganda has long substituted for news and politicians pass the buck of responsibility to unelected bureaucrats. “Oh, but Dr. Fauci told me…”

So you’re lucky if this story makes the equivalent of a back-page footnote in your local newspaper, or a line scrolling across the bottom of your TV screen during the 6 o’clock news.

That’s because this country no longer has an honest media. They commit journalistic fraud on a daily basis, mostly in the form of bias by omission.

Journalistic fraud has real consequences.

Because almost nobody will see that figure – 9,210 deaths of healthy Americans due to COVID – and will only see the other, inflated figure of more than 153,000 deaths, the nation’s governors and mayors won’t come under pressure to relent on their increasingly aggressive COVID containment rules.

These rules, which restrict indoor dining at restaurants, change the way people view sporting events, attend business meetings, travel, worship God, almost every human activity, started as “guidelines” and “recommendations” but quickly morphed into laws and executive orders mandating our compliance “or else….” The or else is typically a fine of $500 to $1,000 or up to a year in prison.

That’s another thing to remember. Tyrants always claim to be looking out for your health and well-being and they always start by insisting that the unconstitutional measures are only “temporary.” Once the people fall into that bait-and-switch trap, it’s game over. The 15 days to slow the spread became 30 days, 45 days, 60 days and now we are about to surpass day 150 with no end in sight. Funny how you no longer hear anything about “flattening the curve.”

Some saw it coming

I warned people back on March 30, April 1 and April 15 that the changes being forced upon us were not meant to be temporary and had nothing to do with public health.

I explained how the seeds for this social engineering experiment were planted in 2010 with a Rockefeller Foundation document titled Lockstep, in which the globalists detailed how they would exploit a pandemic to bring the world economy to its knees and place nations at the mercy of a Chinese-style police state.

Back on April 1, I highlighted how COVID was really all about using fear to paralyze any opposition to a planned global transition to a new socio-economic order laid out in the U.N.’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development document. Tucker Carlson, the biggest star at Fox News, came to that same conclusion, almost five months later in his Aug. 25 monologue. [If you appreciate this kind of cutting edge, forward-looking reporting, please consider hitting the donate button at the end of this article and help get through the end of this year.]

I explained how the Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University hosted Event 201 in October 2019, where they invited media elites, the CIA, the CDC and China to participate in scenario planning for a global coronavirus pandemic. One month later COVID-19 was released from a lab in Wuhan, China. [Not surprisingly, the ‘fact checkers’ at USA Today say that was just one big coincidence.]

Millions of Americans were needlessly robbed of their jobs and businesses. Others had memories of high school and college graduations stolen, while still others were prevented from being at the bedside of a dying loved one. If the true numbers related to this virus were ever given the media attention they deserve, the backlash would be swift and harsh.

The “new normal” would quickly be discarded. Politicians would be voted out of office and their technocrat advisers would be forced out of their cushy jobs. Why? Because they used fear and trumped-up panic to con people into accepting an agenda totally against their interests, that in fact ruined many lives, for a virus that will take far fewer lives than was forecast and in certain sectors, such as K-12 schools and universities, presented almost no threat at all.

If the truth surrounding COVID were to get out, it would become obvious that the way to tackle this virus would be to protect those who are vulnerable to it — those over 60 who also have one or more serious health issues such as acute diabetes, heart disease, etc. There was never any need to shut down society. The proof of that lies in the seven states and handful of nations that went against the grain and stayed open. They had no more per-capita deaths than those that shut down.

In spite of the fraudulent news reporting, people are starting to figure out that they were swindled out of their jobs and careers, making them more dependent and less free. Mass protests are breaking out in Berlin, London and other global cities where thousands of people took to the streets this weekend to protest heavy-handed government-mandated COVID rules.

Expect the media blackout to continue, though, with regard to the facts surrounding this virus. Because without the fear, the whole premise for using this virus to transform the world’s socio-economic order from a free-market system into one that accepts a much greater degree of government control over human activity loses its traction. For some, this sounds too much like a conspiracy theory but it is based on fact, not theory. I implore skeptics to look into the World Economic Forum’s call for a Great Reset of the global economic and social order and the clear reference by WEF director Klaus Schwab to use the COVID crisis as the linchpin for this transformation.

In articles posted on the WEF website (Now is the time for a ‘great reset’ and COVID-19’s legacy: This is how to get the Great Reset right) and during several interviews that can be found on the WEF’s Youtube channel, Schwab explains why he believes a reset of all global systems — economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological — is essential.

The WEF is joined by the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations in calling for a Great Reset. As Steven Guinness writes in his excellent article, the reset will include the entire climate-change agenda, smart cities [i.e. surveillance society], the transition to a digital [cashless] economy and the creation of a digital identity for every human being on the planet based on blockchain technology.

New study suggests mask, vaccine skeptics insane

That brings us to a recent Brazilian study that concluded folks who resist the draconian and ever-changing rules are actually sociopaths. For more details on this study I recommend the excellent video put out by James Corbett at the Corbett Report. A video titled Your Body Their Choice goes into detail about the technocrats’ plans to use the media and psychology to convince you to allow them to alter your behavior and ultimately plunge a needle into your arm [see screenshots from WHO below].

If you resist the preventive health measures deemed good for you by your governors, mayors and unelected public-health authorities, you are exhibiting anti-social traits that make you a sociopath.

Let’s cut to the chase. This is junk science, nothing more than a regurgitation of the old Soviet model in which anyone who doesn’t enthusiastically comply with the dictates of their government overlords must be declared mentally ill and subjected to re-education, intervention or, in the worst cases, “treatment.” Dissidents in Nazi Germany encountered a similar fate: They were drugged, tortured and experimented on until Hitler gave the order to kill them.

How dare you question any of the edicts meant for “your own good.”

For instance, what was the “science” behind Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ban on the sale of garden seeds and the nationwide postponement of most medical procedures while allowing abortions to continue?

If you saw a double standard there you were exhibiting anti-social behaviors and may be a sociopath, according to the Brazilian study.

Many states also banned the sale of guns for a time and many are still banning or regulating church gatherings and the operation of small businesses, yet standing in line at big-box stores owned by mega-corporations is perfectly legal and healthy.  If this did not make sense to you, then you must be mentally ill.

In the newly emerging technocratic dictatorship you are expected to exhibit knee-jerk compliance with whatever your government tells you. If you don’t, you must be mentally off and in need of an “intervention,” the study concludes.

Even worse, this study states upfront that it was done with the intention of aiding public-policy makers in their decisions about how to enforce their COVID containment measures.

The findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences under the title Compliance with containment measures to the COVID-19 pandemic over time: Do anti-social traits matter?

National Take Off Your Mask Day and free webinar

If you want to join me and other sociopaths in dealing a blow to these globalist elitist plans to reorder society, there is one simple, concrete action you can take. On Tuesday, Sept. 1, TAKE OFF YOUR MASK on National Take Off Your Mask Day, sponsored by my friend Shahram Hadian.

Hadian made the following comment about Tuesday’s event:

“Please encourage others to take theirs off and go to a store or place that requires wearing a mask and defy the insanity.

Watch our video here

We need to model courageous behavior to those who want to stop this forced tyranny and encourage them to take off their masks.

Get the word out and give courage to those who have been afraid to take off their masks. It is time to refuse to wear them.

Let’s make this one day event a movement!

Thank you to those who are already defying the foolish, non-scientific mask mandates!

The Constitution and the law is on your side!”

Hadian and I will also be presenting a free webinar on Monday, Aug. 31, in which we will discuss how to prepare for the coming chaos and reclaim your lost liberties: Register here.

The bottom line is that science and journalism, two institutions that should be protecting the people from nefarious political agendas, have been weaponized against the people and mobilized in favor of big government and big globalist corporations.

I discussed in my last article how this ploy to categorize non-maskers and vaccine resisters as mentally ill will be used to trigger the so-called red-flag laws in many states. These laws were designed to make it illegal for anyone with a history of mental illness to possess a firearm.

It will all be done in the name of psychological care and the greater good of the socialist society. And nobody will question it. They will be too afraid. Tyranny never arrives with announcements from a loudspeaker or front-page headlines. It slips in the back door, while the people live in a social construct designed to make them feel happy and comfortable, thinking “this is America. That could never happen here. Everything will soon return to normal.”

The truth prepares us to deal with the reality of difficult times. It’s high time we start to soberly examine it.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate these articles, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

No, the war is not going to end on November 4th: It’s only just begun

Democratic nominee Joe Biden
  • Prepare for the coming mandatory vaccine, and an all-out assault on your Second Amendment rights

If you listened to the speeches at this week’s Democrat National Convention, particularly that of former President Barack Obama on behalf of party nominee Joe Biden, you couldn’t miss the message.

In formally kicking off the 2020 presidential campaign, the Democrats made it clear this isn’t about issues, policies or even politics.

This was a declaration of war.

And since wars are inherently emotional undertakings, the speeches had to be written in entirely emotional terms.

Biden said America had a choice between “light and darkness.”

In their world, the Democrats represent the angels of light seeking to bring salvation to the sinners, many of whom just don’t know what’s good for them. And the Trump Republicans? Well, there are no words bad enough to describe them. That’s the sum of Biden’s case for why we should elect him. He’s good and virtuous. Trump is evil.

Obama said Donald Trump was not just a bad guy unfit for the office. No, he framed Trump as a monster who represents a “threat to our democracy.”

There was not one word uttered by anyone at the convention against the far-left violence that continues to engulf the Democrat-run cities of Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York. No one condemned the riots that destroyed 18 blocks of Democrat-run Minneapolis.

Hillary Clinton insinuated that Trump will “steal” the election, if given half a chance.

These words represent a hard break with traditional American political rhetoric.

These are fighting words, meant to incite the radicals and groom them for the next stage in the coup d’état. That next stage represents all-out warfare, the marking and targeting of Trump voters for the radical left’s definition of “justice.”

Their minions will bully and harass normal people wherever they are found. If allowed by police, which have been purposely weakened and prevented from maintaining law and order, these radicals will attack normal Americans in the streets, surround their homes, ambush their cars.

If we accept their rhetoric at face value, and I believe we should, then there is no way they will accept a Trump victory and another four years of the man who they say is a danger to democracy [forget that America was never designed as a democracy but as a constitutional republic]. They are preparing their shock troops, and perhaps the U.S. military, for a bloody assault against a second-term Trump and those who voted for him.

Anyone who can’t see this is blinded by a normalcy bias that will leave them totally unprepared for what’s coming.

Democrats will contest the results as invalid due to “voter suppression” in the inner cities. They will call out the most vicious thugs they can find, including well-armed and well-trained Islamic militias, and sic them on Trump voters across the country. You won’t be able to hide from their wrath. All it will take to be deemed guilty of Trumpism, the equivalent of white supremacy, is the color of your skin and the numbers in your zip code.

Then there’s the other scenario. What If Democrats win the White House and both houses of Congress in November? It’s easy to envision the U.S. Justice Department’s Southern District of New York moving quickly to indict Trump and charge him with treason or some other heinous crime. Then they will gradually start rounding up his most vocal supporters. Conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson will likely be removed from the air and forced into hiding.

There’s also a possibility that the Democrat-run government will not even need to arrest its foes. It might just sit back and watch as the shock troops dox them on Twitter, hold violent rallies outside of their homes, chase them down and harangue them wherever they go. There will be beatings and killings.

Regardless of the election outcome, we are heading for unprecedented times where no possibility should be taken off the post-election table. Patriots need to prepare for an all-out assault against their faith, their bodily autonomy, their ability to make a living and every other God-given freedom that we believed was guaranteed by our Constitution.

The globalists have set the stakes too high. Their media hacks and their bought-and-paid-for politicians have incited too much, told too many lies, dramatized too intensely, conned too many ignorant Democrat voters into thinking that freedom-loving Trump voters are just plain evil. This mirrors the Nazi-inspired propaganda that was used to incite hatred of Jews in Germany during the 1930s, setting the stage for the death camps and the gas chambers. A genocide is always preceded by marginalization and dehumanization of the targeted group of people deemed unfit for participation in society.

Once this information warfare is unleashed, and the incitement to hatred takes root, it becomes very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle.

Globalists who control the Democrat Party are itching to resume their policy of endless Middle-East wars, outsourcing of American jobs, and the re-regulation of business on the way toward a “Great Reset” of the global economy under sustainable development, an environment where only big corporations are able to thrive and small businesses get regulated out of existence. The only difference between the Democrat and Republican agendas before Donald Trump was that the Dems wanted to fast-track the reset of the economy under a one-world order in which U.S.-centered market capitalism gets replaced with the green new deal [aka sustainable development] and the dollar is replaced with a new digital currency – while the Republicans wanted to do it more gradually.

Some believe that if Biden wins the election the media obsession with coronavirus will suddenly disappear and all will return to normal.

I would not bet on that scenario and here’s why.

It’s all about the vaccine… And a ‘Great Reset’

The Clintons and Obamas, as students of Saul Alinsky, have told us that they “never waste a crisis,” and there is still more to be accomplished by this COVID hysteria. The elephant in the room is the vaccinations with which Bill Gates wants the entire world population to be injected. Until that happens, the power elites and their media lackeys will not stop their constant fear mongering, with the ever-changing rules, the forced masking, the limits on Judeo-Christian worship [mosques can stay open for business as usual], the restrictions on small businesses, the flip-floppy fake science, the whole nine yards.

Forget that this virus carries a 99.7 percent recovery rate, there is something about it that requires a vaccination to be brought to market at “warp speed.” Gates and his globalist comrades just can’t stop talking about “until we get a vaccine” we will never be able to attend large-gathering events, appear in public unmasked, allow schools to reopen safely, etc. Even President Trump is on board with vaccine mania, putting the military in charge of distributing the shots, a decision he will surely regret.

Gates, the nerdy looking multi-billionaire globalist and consummate technocrat, sees vast opportunity in vaccines. Like all technocrats, he lusts for the power to micromanage the lives of others and a vaccine mandate will open the door to unimaginable power grabs.

On Aug. 21, Virginia became the first state to announce that it will make the new coronavirus vaccine mandatory. Expect other states to follow suit.

One thing you gotta love about Gates is he doesn’t hide his malevolent intentions.

He said back in March that life as we know it would not return to normal until the entire world was vaccinated. Soon after that you heard Dr. Anthony Fauci, governors and mayors across the country echoing those same sentiments.

Pope Francis, the globalist leader of the Vatican, came out this week and threw his weight behind a universal COVID vaccinationfor all.” Just so evangelicals don’t feel left out, a group of 2,700 evangelical leaders signed an open letter urging Christians to take the vaccine.

Now this week Gates cut loose with another bombshell, saying the U.S. fumbled the response to the coronavirus because “we believe in freedom.”

Gates and his ilk hate the American ideal of individual freedom because they want to be the ones to decide whether you should be allowed to travel freely and by what means [bicycle, car, mass-transit or plane], work a job, attend school, own a business, how much electricity and water you consume. We’ve already seen the globalist mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, cut off power to residents who don’t obey his lockdown edicts.

What better way to further marginalize and ultimately remove from society those annoying freedom lovers than to come up with a nasty, unproven vaccine that they most certainly will reject?

In the new world order being designed for us, the gravy jobs, the best educations, all the societal perks will go to those who demonstrate their obedience to the state and its crony corporate partners. This is a type of technocratic fascism built around public-private partnerships. Everyone will be assigned a social score, just like in China, which determines their lot in life. Without an adequate social score, which requires you to show proof you’ve been vaccinated, you will not be able to navigate the system, you won’t be able to attend school, work, get a driver’s license. If you aren’t familiar with China’s social-scoring system, I implore you to stop reading this article and research it, because that’s the model for the world.

There is still time to stop this movement toward Chinese-style techocracy in its tracks, but only if we resist. The time to resist is now. I will submit that any successful resistance will start with the mask. Take it off. Be prepared to change your shopping patterns if your current favorite stores insist you wear a mask. As stated previously, do NOT assume that a sign on the door saying “masks required” means you will be thrown out if you don’t wear one.

The exploitation of the coronavirus is much more than just an attempt to influence the election and oust Trump. This is a global effort to usher in a new international economic order, the Great Reset, as announced on June 3 by the World Economic Forum, which will allow for an accumulation of power in the hands of an elite few that is unlike anything the world has ever seen. This beast system will attempt to rule over every facet of human activity.

The WEF is joined by the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and many other global organizations in promoting the “Great Reset,” also referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Public enemy number 1: The true church

If the draconian response to COVID was just about Trump, it would not explain what is happening around the world in formerly free countries like Australia and New Zealand. Since the unleashing of the virus, these countries have begun kidnapping people from their homes and forcing them into separate facilities apart from their families. People caught walking on the sidewalks without masks have been tackled by police, beaten and forcibly taken into custody. Police in Australia openly threaten to take violent action against citizens not fully complying with the rules.

We have already seen shades of this type of aggressive rule-over-your-subjects tyranny in hardcore blue states like California.

In that state, churches are being fined and their members are being threatened with arrest for the sin of gathering together on Sunday mornings.

Liberty Counsel sent out a shocking Aug. 21 email alert from its chairman, Mat Staver. It reads in part:

“In a letter dated August 13, 2020, the Pasadena Prosecutor’s office informed Pastor Ché Ahn and Harvest Rock Church that the prosecutor was ready to CRIMINALLY CHARGE EVERYONE WHO DARES SHOW UP FOR CHURCH, including the pastor, the staff and parishioners:

‘The letter is to remind you that violations of these Orders are criminal in nature. Each day in violation is a separate violation and carries with it a potential punishment of up to one year in jail and a fine per violation.”

The letter goes on to read: “Your compliance with these orders is not discretionary, it is mandatory. Any violation in the future will subject your Church, owners, administrators, operators, staff, and parishioners to the above-mentioned criminal penalties as well as the potential closure of your Church.”

Perhaps the Pasadena City Prosecutor and Gov. Gavin Newsom have never read the First Amendment, which affirms our God-given, unalienable RIGHT to worship God.

The only difference maker, which separates America from Australia, is that Americans are armed and we still have some honest police [until they get defunded and replaced with leftist thugs].

Public enemy number 2: Second Amendment

Conservatives always said that the Second Amendment was America’s “last line of defense against tyranny,” and we are now living that reality. Just about every portal of power appears to be in the hands of the deep-state swamp-creature globalists – the major cities, the FBI, about half of the governorships, Congress, the courts, the state and federal bureaucracy. All we have between us and this vengeful mob is the White House and that’s not guaranteed to last past November. Unlike our friends in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, we also have the Second Amendment.

But the time is coming when even that “last line of defense” may be taken away.  

If you don’t take Bill Gates’ vaccine, you will be considered mentally impaired and in need of re-education. And if you are hopelessly mentally impaired, meaning no amount of re-education or coercion can change your mind about the vaccine, what does that mean for your Second Amendment rights? That’s right, you will be red flagged as mentally unstable and forcibly disarmed.

If Trump loses the election the globalists will pick right up where they left off under Obama, only now they will be even more aggressively progressive. For those who still haven’t figured it out, the term “progressive” is Orwellian doublespeak for measuring how far we have progressed on the road to total dictatorship.

If Biden wins, the vaccine-rejecting rejects will have been identified and labeled as mentally unstable people unworthy of Second Amendment rights. Others may lose certain types of guns but those rejecting the NWO edicts on vaccines will lose all of their guns. I suspect that will trigger the realization that our only real protection comes from Almighty God. Our only refuge, our only hope, is in His kingdom, which is not of this world and never has been.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate these articles, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

Judge orders release of ISIS terrorist who plotted to behead writer, citing ‘concerns’ he might catch coronavirus

isis plotter rovinski with pam geller
ISIS terrorist Nicholas Rovinski, depicted above in a courtroom sketch, plotted to behead free-speech advocate Pamela Geller in 2015 but has now been released from prison after serving only five years, thanks to the federal ‘compassionate release’ program.

An American Muslim terrorist who plotted to behead anti-Sharia activist Pamela Geller in 2015 has been granted early release from prison by a Boston judge after serving only five years of a 15-year sentence.

The judge was worried that the terror-plotter might contract the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Trump’s DOJ will not prosecute Ilhan Omar for marrying her brother

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D- Minn.

Two-tiered justice system now on full display: One for globalists, Islamists and communists and another for conservative Republicans

Federal investigators have decided not to prosecute Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for immigration fraud even though it’s a well-known fact that she married her brother in order to gain him lawful status to remain in the United States.

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Civil war is here: But is Trump ready to engage Obama’s street fighters?

minneapolis protest fist
BLM protest leader raises the Marxist clenched fist in Minneapolis on May 30, 2020. Photo/John Minchillo, AP

President Trump needs a ‘war-time consigliere’ to step up, and soon

There is an iconic scene from the 1972 film The Godfather that someone high up in the Trump administration needs to revisit.

It goes something like this:

The aging godfather, Vito Corleone, passed the torch to his youngest son Michael, who takes power just as the Corleones see their business devolving into a nasty turf war with competing New York mob families. They must come to grips with the new reality on the ground and adopt a sense of urgency, or else pack their bags and get out of town.

Do they hunker down and try to wait out the storm, or do they fight?

Tom Hagen, played by Robert Duvall, was Vito’s adopted son and longtime trusted adviser, or consigliere.

Tom, a lawyer and a skilled negotiator, is loyal and competent in every way. He is gentle in nature and always served as the voice of reason in the family.

But when young Michael assumes power he recognizes the time for talking is over. He decides to fight. Thus, his first decision is a surprising one: He fires Tom as consigliere, and inserts Vito in his place. His reasoning?

“Tom,” he says, you may be a fine man, but “you are not a wartime consigliere.”

President Trump needs to face the facts and realize he is in a war, not just for his presidency but for the heart and soul of America.

We are a nation at the precipice of destruction.

Hard-core communists, not old-fashioned liberals, have infiltrated the government at all levels and have allied themselves with hardcore Islamists. These traitors, many working in governor’s mansions, state AG’s offices and big-city mayors’ offices, are facilitating the destroyers on the ground in cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. People, including children, have needlessly died as these traitors talk of defunding and dismantling police departments.

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Black Lives Matter pressuring smaller cities, suburbs with list of demands based on Marxist critical race theory

prayer in newnan
The Ignite the Fire Movement in Newnan, Georgia, seeks to heal racial divides through community prayer events in support of police like this one on Saturday, July 25, 2020. Photo/Leo Hohmann

When politics gets substituted for public safety, how can this end well?

As the summer wears on, radical leftists continue to ramp up their efforts to discredit, devalue, demoralize and defund police in one city after another, and it’s not just big cities like Seattle, Portland, New York and Chicago that are in their sights.

Beneath the radar there’s an untold story about how Black Lives Matter and affiliated groups are brilliantly exploiting the death of George Floyd and using deceptive political tactics to pressure smaller cities into kowtowing to their demands.

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Forced masking of America paving the way for Bill Gates’ ‘Final Solution’


The politicization of facemasks is growing more acute by the day, squeezing non-mask wearers out of stores and offices and casting them aside like collateral damage destined for the societal Dumpster.

We should not be surprised.

Bill Gates informed us early on in the pandemic that we would not be allowed to “return to normal until the entire world is vaccinated.” Adoring news reporters quoted him saying this as though they were talking to God himself.

Now, they are pushing the mask to ensure that their god’s prophecy comes true. No normalcy allowed. The vaccine is not yet ready!

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Police: Armed black militia’s march through Stone Mountain Park no cause for concern

fred matt morris 2
About 300 heavily armed militia members marched through Stone Mountain on Indepedence Day. Photos/Fred Matt Morris Facebook

An armed militia marched through an Atlanta-area suburb on Independence Day toting AR-15 rifles and shotguns, shouting black-power slogans and demanding reparations from white motorists.

The event in Stone Mountain lit up social media sites with chatter about the group’s goals and military capability.

But Georgia’s law enforcement community has for the most part dismissed the militia group’s demonstration as inconsequential bluster — nothing to worry about in terms of an actual military threat to persons or property.

According eye witnesses, the militants entered Stone Mountain Park, home of the nation’s largest Civil War monument featuring the images of Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson carved into the side of a granite mountain. According to a July 8 Fox News article, the city of Stone Mountain is receiving increased calls to remove the monument but that would take an act of the Georgia legislature.

A July 5 post from described the demonstration as follows:

“’Protestors’ from the self-proclaimed ‘NFAC – Not F*cking Around Coalition’ marched through the streets of Stone Mountain Georgia yesterday chanting anti-white, anti-BLM, and anti-Police sentiments. Along the way their leader stopped and berated white drivers asking them for reparations and telling them to ‘go on with your white denial before you lose your life’ when they laughed in his face.

“At this time it is still unclear what their actual goal was as the leader can also be heard shouting ‘We aren’t here to talk, and we aren’t here to overcome.’

The racially charged rhetoric did not stop there. The militia leader, who is a veteran of the U.S. Army, also threw out taunts to rival white militia groups:

“I don’t see no white militia, the Boogie[sic] Boys, the Three Percenters and all the rest of these scared-ass rednecks. We here, where the **** you at? We’re in your house… let’s go!”

The area east and northeast of Atlanta contains a large concentration of Muslim refugees and some of the marchers could be heard chanting “Alhamdulillah.”

“’Alhamdulillah’ means ‘Thanks be to Allah‘ and is not usually said except by observant Muslims,” noted Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.

But law enforcement in the area doesn’t seem concerned.

“If it’s public land, they have every right to be there and we have no right as law enforcement to question them, ask for their papers, any of that stuff,” said Jimmy Callaway, police chief in the city of Morrow about 25 miles south of Stone Mountain. “I know it’s disturbing to some people but it’s almost the same thing as what the Boogaloo Boys, a far right militia, has done at the state Capitol, parading around with their guns. Is it a huge threat to where I’m at? No, I think it was more show than anything else. Some of those weapons were a joke. Some had some pretty nice ARs, but a lot of what I was seeing was low-end stuff.”

Callaway did concede that some of the confrontations captured on video, particularly the situation in which the militia leader stopped a white man’s car and demanded he pay reparations, were “disturbing.”

They were engaging with motorists who didn’t want to be engaged with, and that’s outside the bounds of one’s First Amendment rights.

Local police ‘woefully unprepared’

David Bores, a retired police chief in Woodstock, a suburban community north of Atlanta, said he spoke with a high-ranking officer at the Stone Mountain Park Police Department, who similarly dismissed the demonstration as nothing much to worry about.

Bores thinks that’s a mistake.

He said the wave of violent crime sweeping through Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, New York and other major cities should be seen as a red flag for the surrounding suburban communities.

Most suburban and semi-rural counties are severely undermanned in their sheriff’s departments. Most post no more than three to eight deputies on the night shift and many rural counties will have only two working at night.

That means they would not be able to handle an armed militia attacking residential communities or commercial properties.

“Major cities are a powder keg. And it’s just a matter of time before they decide they have to take that and move it into the suburbs,” said Bores, who now works as a law-enforcement trainer.

fred matt morris 3

Bores said most suburban and rural law enforcement agencies are “woefully unprepared” for the next step in the ongoing racially charged uprising sweeping across America.

“Oh without question, they have no clue. They don’t understand the Islamic threat, they don’t the Marxist threat,” Bores said. “They’re not getting any training on any of that. I no longer give any training at the Georgia Police Academy only because they say their budget has been cut back considerably.”

He said the FBI decided to change gears during the Obama administration, turning away from intelligence gathering on Islamic and Marxist elements and focusing instead on white nationalist groups as the biggest threat to America’s domestic security.

“For the most part they’re just absolutely clueless on the nature of this threat,” Bores added. “The purge of FBI training manuals in 2011 and 2012 removed any meaningful training on the Islamic threat at the national level and this has rippled down to the local level.”

That focus hasn’t changed much under the Trump administration and now the Marxist and Muslim groups are working together.

“As we saw in Stone Mountain, there is a nexus there between the jihadists and Black Lives Matter and these anarchist groups,” he said.

Not only are law enforcement not taking the threat seriously, many of the commenters in conservative Facebook groups chose to dismiss the July 4 event with words like “laughable” and “comical.”

Again, Bores says such statements are borne out of ignorance about what’s happening, and ignorance of how revolutions have gone down historically in other countries, often with a well-organized ragtag band of zealots.

“That’s just a way to keep your head in the sand. When you mock your own enemy, that’s a good indication you don’t have a clue, so you make fun of your enemy, you trivialize him and it makes you feel better,” Bores said. “That way you don’t have to do anything.”

In the video below, posted to Twitter by former NYPD cop John Cardillo, one of the militants can be heard telling a white motorist, “We’re not Black Lives Matter, none of that bullshit. We’re black power. We’re your worst nightmare.”

Many observers have warned that it’s just a matter of time before Marxist revolutionaries turn their focus from statues – mere symbols of America – to living, breathing people with whom they have a vendetta. They want reparations. They want revenge against Trump supporters. They want wealth redistribution and the seizure of private property, and they are ready to spill blood in pursuit of their goals.

One might expect the mainstream media to be AWOL on a story like the one that played out in Stone Mountain, where a leftist militia makes a show of force. But where is the FBI? Where were the police when a man was being interrogated by the mob and told to pay reparations?

Bores said it’s easier to debunk, downplay and deny. So he’s not optimistic that things will change anytime soon. That means we the people must be prepared to protect ourselves, and do that by creating our own secure networks of like-minded patriotic Americans. In my next webinar, via Zoom at 7 p.m. on July 20 with The United West/Sharia Crimestoppers, I will be discussing how to go about doing that with my friend Shahram Hadian.

When the mob arrives, we must be ready to protect our churches, our small businesses, our families. If the tide turns for the worse, the most dangerous time will be November through January, just as winter blows in. Stocking up on firewood and other winter supplies is something to think about now!

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate these articles, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest

Army of militants gathers in Stone Mountain, Ga., July 4, 2020. Photo/Fred Matt Morris Facebook

The time to prepare is now

Many of you were shocked by the video footage I presented over the weekend, where an army of some 300 heavily armed Black Panther type commandos marched through Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta, harassing white people with threats and intimidation.

I received many emails from readers after that disturbing post, titled The Bolshevik army shows its face in Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain.

“What country is this?” some asked. “Am I living in some kind of dystopian nightmare? If so, please wake me up!”

Others asked some version of, “what’s their point?” …”What are they trying to prove with such a demonstration of hate?”

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