If Trump immigration agenda fails, #WeAreSweden

Migrants took to the streets to riot in February 2017, in response to President Trump’s comment that Sweden’s problems were being caused by its immigration policies.

You might recall that President Trump got in hot water when he spoke last year about how Sweden was becoming, well, you know, one of those Sh**hole countries.

The once-peaceful country has seen a huge uptick in violence, rape and terror, since it began welcoming the Third World into its cities more than a decade ago.

Other countries of Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada are doing the same thing, welcoming too many migrants without requiring them to assimilate, but Sweden is devolving at a faster pace because of its size — just 10 million people.

Trump, at a February 2017 rally in Florida, suggested Sweden had been transformed by its suicidal immigration policies.

“You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

He was immediately rebuked by CNN, Politico and elitists everywhere. Twitter went bonkers with mocking remarks about Trump’s misinformed, xenophobic comment about Sweden, that still peaceful wonderland of socialistic bliss.

Diplomats at the Swedish Embassy played dumb, like they didn’t know what Trump was talking about, and asked him for clarification.

Well, the problems in Sweden have only gotten worse since Trump made those comments one year ago.

Just because the mainstream media chooses not to report on the growing violence and rapes in Sweden does not mean it’s not happening. Problems with mob violence, riots, sexual assaults and even grenade attacks in Swedish cities like Malmö stretch back to 2011 and continue to fester.

The left is particularly sensitive about Sweden and will do everything it can to obfuscate the truth of what is going on there because Sweden has always held a special place in their hearts. It’s a leftist utopia in spades, a microcosm of what the American left hopes to create in this country: Division, chaos, distrust, violence and extremism on all sides in cities where people had long ago learned to live in relative peace.

The latest news to come out of Sweden is that the mosques there want to expand the blasting of their Friday call to prayer over loudspeakers.

The Växjö Muslim Foundation submitted an application to the police requesting permission to send out a three-minute Islamic call to prayer each Friday from a loudspeaker attached to the front of a mosque in the city’s Araby district.

“We are just wanting Sweden to allow Muslims in Växjö to feel even more at home. The Islamic community should be proud of their culture, and not feel like they have to hide,” said Imam Ismail Abu Helal.

In other words, the imams want Sweden to feel more like Afghanistan and Somali than Sweden.

The imam told Smålandsposten he believes allowing the call to prayer would help enable Muslims to better integrate into the city, Breitbart reports.

As I explain in my book, “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” there is a big difference between “integration” and “assimilation.”

Those on the left who worship at the altar of multiculturalism — whether in Sweden, Germany or the United States — do not expect immigrants to assimilate into Western society. Assimilation requires the immigrant to conform, at least in basic ways, to the culture of the host nation. Instead, the multiculturalists call for integration, which is the exact opposite, requiring the host country to bend and conform to the culture of the immigrants.

So if the blasting of the Muslim call to prayer in exotic Arabian tones over a loudspeaker bothers you, Mr. Swede, you must be a racist or “Islamophobic.”

It’s the same mentality that has led Sweden, Germany, the UK and Canada to pass hate-speech laws that forbid their citizens from criticizing Islam or Muslims.

A 55-year-old Swedish man was put on trial and fined $1,265 recently for committing “a crime of opinion” by posting an anti-Islamic comment on Facebook.

According to Fria Tider, the man’s own wording went as follows:

“Somalis are Sunni Muslim, they have the same orientation as Saudi Arabia, with sharia law & other s*it… They account for a lot of gang crime in Sweden and other violent stuff like rapes. Afghans are also up to 80 percent Sunni, the damn pack.”

The man was speaking truth. Sweden has, in a matter of a few years, become the rape capital of Europe. It now has the second-highest rate of sexual assaults against women in the world, behind only South Africa.

But facts don’t matter to the multiculturalists. All that’s necessary for you to be guilty of a crime is for your speech to be considered offensive to Muslims.

The reverse scenario, of course, does not apply.

If a Muslim migrant says “all Swedes are racists” or a Muslim woman says “all Swedish men are rapists” that’s OK. This is how integration is designed to work. It’s a one-way street with a dead-end for anyone not wedded to multiculturalism.

And what is the gold-standard, the unwavering rule by which every good multiculturalist must abide? They say it is that all cultures are equal. But in reality the only culture that does not count for anything and is not worth defending is the native culture. All others are equal.

Some America-firsters are wisely starting to use Sweden against the left, holding it up as the poster child of what can happen to the U.S if globalist policies of open borders and multiculturalism are allowed to continue as they did under the last four administrations of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

This is why Americans concerned about the influx of too many unassimilated migrants had better keep their eye on Sweden. It’s the model for us all. If Trump and his agenda fail, we are Sweden.

A Swedish police station was bombed last month, just the latest of several attacks against symbols of the Swedish state, Breitbart reports.

The grenade attack against Sweden’s police in the migrant ghetto neighborhood of Rosengård in Malmö caused no injuries, but several police cars were destroyed and the facade of the recently built police station suffered damage.

The decision to build Rosengård’s new EU-funded, security fence-ringed, and bulletproof police station came after the previous building was riddled with bullets by unknown would-be killers.

Last June, an Iraqi man traveling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal knife attack on passengers after a Muslim woman in a hijab was asked to show her ticket.

The Iraqi, Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, accused them all of racism and started attacking them with a kitchen knife.

Hussain singled out one of the men in particular, striking him in the face. The man wrestled Hussain to the floor – but the Iraqi managed to break free and produced a long kitchen knife, stabbing the man four times in the side and back and inflicting critical internal wounds.

Hussain will not be deported from Sweden, Fria Tider reported.

Think of the numerous migrant attacks in the U.S. — the recent truck attack on New York City by Uzbek migrant Sayfullo Saipov, who came here on the diversity visa lottery program, and the Ports Authority bomber Akayed Ullah, who came from Muslim Bangladesh through his family’s chain migration.

Then you had the Somali refugee Dahir Adan who stabbed 10 people at the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, in September 2016, followed by another knife attack by Somali refugee Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman at the Mall of America in Bloomington on Nov. 12, 2017. Don’t forget the Afghan refugee Ahmad Khan Rahami who wounded 29 in a pipe bomb attack on Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and bragged about his ties to ISIS afterward.

None of these terrorists ever get deported. Several were here on green cards and at least one, Rahami, was given naturalized U.S. citizenship.

But don’t say anything bad about them. That makes you guilty of the newly created thought crime called “Islamophobia.” You will be relegated to the fringes of your proud multicultural society.

This is how civilizations die. America had better be watching Sweden, which is marching to its grave site at breakneck speed.


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate this type of informed reporting on topics the mainstream media refuses to confront, please consider a donation of any size to this website.


‘Christian’ abortionists targeted for 40 days of prayer and fasting

Abortion Dr. Sarah Wallett

The Lenten season begins this week and millions of Christians around the world will embark on a 40-day period of spiritual reflection.

And the Pro-Life Action League has come up with a unique twist on its annual Lenten Prayer Challenge.

This year, the League is asking for prayer for three high-profile abortionists who recently claimed it’s their Christian faith that inspires them to perform abortions.

WATCH THE VIDEO that documents abortion doctors, in their own words, justifying why Jesus compels them to perform abortions.

It’s the irony of their faith-based justification for doing abortions that perplexes

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, said it’s the irony of these doctors’ faith-based justification for doing abortions that spurred his organization to ask for massive, worldwide prayer for their personal conviction and repentance.

“How can they fail to see the contradiction between taking the lives of unborn children, and claiming faith in Christ, who entered the world as a child in the womb?” Scheidler asks.

Pro-lifers who accept the 2018 Lenten Prayer Challenge will pray every day and fast from one meal each week for the true conversion of these three abortionists:

  • Willie Parker, who just published the memoir, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice. He states that his Christian faith requires him to do abortions, “… And so I became morally convinced that is was not a conflict of my Christian values to provide abortion care, and in fact it became unethical to me not to do so.”
  • Dr Sarah Wallett
    Dr. Sarah Wallett

    Sarah Wallett is director of medicine at Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region and recently addressed a session of the Republican-dominated Tennessee General Assembly on behalf of her employer.  She is so outspoken about her work being inspired by faith that she once came out of a meeting of abortionists and knelt down on the sidewalk to pray beside pro-life advocates protesting the event. “I can imagine no person who is in greater need of Christlike love and excellent medical care than a woman who is faced with an untenable pregnancy, and I am grateful every day to feel thy spirit and thy guiding hand on my work,” she prayed.

  • leroy carhart
    Dr. Leroy Carhart

    Leroy Carhart, who recently held a blessing ceremony at his new late-term abortion clinic in Maryland. He sees no contradiction between religious faith and performing abortions all the way into the final weeks of pregnancy, declaring, “I think that abortion is both religious and moral… I’ve prayed with many of the patients here. We’ve had chaplains, we’ve had other clergy come to the clinic here”

Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, was one of many pro-abortion activists who have given rave reviews to Dr. Parker’s new book, A Moral Argument for Choice, which she called “a beacon of hope.”

“At a moment when reproductive health and rights are under attack like never before, Dr. Parker’s book is a beacon of hope and a call to action,” Richards wrote. “In it, he transcends politics and cliché to show readers the world through the eyes of a doctor who approaches his work with humility, compassion, and defiance. This book will change lives.”

The ‘courageous’ doctor of black death

Rewire magazine called Dr. Parker “courageous” for his work in providing access to abortion to predominantly poor African-American communities across the South.

Dr. Willie Parker
Dr. Willie Parker

He “risks threats and harassment to provide safe abortion services and compassionate care to predominantly Black and poor client populations,” according to an April 6, 2017 article in Rewire. “A native Alabamian with a calming presence, Parker is one of a small number of physicians willing to provide abortions in the Deep South. In 2009, Parker made the decision to focus his practice solely on abortions, with a specific goal of making abortion accessible to poor women of color in areas with the least access. Parker travels to Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi to perform abortions.”

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger spoke openly in the 1920s about the need to “cleanse” the human race and her racism targeted blacks in particular for abortion and forced sterilization.


“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,” Sanger wrote.


Yet, Parker somehow believes he is doing the Lord’s work for the African-American community by helping to eliminate generations of black babies in accordance with Sanger’s wishes. He cloaks his butchery in spiritual terms, saying he is fulfilling his “God-given” purpose of bringing justice to God’s people.

Says Parker, “I believe that as an abortion provider I am doing God’s work. I am protecting women’s rights, their human right to decide their futures for themselves, and to live their lives as they see fit.”

Scheidler concedes that Drs. Parker, Wallett and Carhart, who rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars as abortionists, are far from sympathetic figures. Some Christians may even find it difficult to pray for them. But he cites the biblical directive to, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44), and reminds people of faith, “If we, who fear and love God, won’t pray for them to repent and seek forgiveness for the lives they’ve participated in destroying, who will?”

Pro-lifers across the country will participate in the Lenten Prayer Challenge by praying for Parker, Wallett and Carharts each day, and fasting from one meal each week for their true conversion to Christ.

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.


Man threatens to ‘kill all white cops,’ almost gets away with it

Nheru Littleton
Nheru Littleton

Nheru Littleton, a 41-year-old Detroit man charged with making online death threats against Detroit police officers, pleaded guilty Feb. 7 to one count of making a terrorist threat.

In one of his posts, Littleton said: “All lives can’t matter until Black Lives matter!!! Kill all white cops!!!”

Yet, according to Wayne County’s top prosecutor, there is no evidence Littleton intended to commit any violent act or spur others to do so.

After reviewing the cases, Wayne Prosecutor Kym Worthy declined to prosecute Littleton. Worthy acknowledged that the statements were disturbing, but concluded they were not a “true threat” as required for criminal prosecution under Michigan law and the First Amendment.

The U.S. Department of Justice also declined to file any hate-crime charges against Littleton.

Compare this lackadaisical response to that of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack in December 2015, when she famously threatened to “aggressively prosecute” anyone whose speech “edged toward violence” against Muslims. Similar threats to prosecute Americans who spoke critically about Islam or Muslims were made during high-profile terrorist trials in Minnesota, by former Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger, and in Idaho by former Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson.

But in Michigan justice still prevailed, thanks to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who would not let the case fall through the cracks after Worthy dropped the ball.

Craig appealed to the state attorney general’s office. A few weeks later AG Bill Schuette held a press conference with Craig to announce his office would directly prosecute Littleton for the Facebook posts.

“This is a fight worth fighting, we cannot allow it to be open season on police,” Schutte said.

Littleton’s plea was made before Judge Vonda Evans of Third Circuit Court in Detroit. He is due back on April 10 for sentencing, the Detroit News reported.

The guilty plea comes more than a year after Michigan Attorney General Schuette announced the charges against Littleton. He was arraigned in October 2017.

Littleton made the threats in nine online posts on July 8 and July 9, 2016, threats which included statements such as “To those sniper’s (sic) in Texas, I commend your bravery and actions!! #blacklivesmatter” and “Kill all white cops!!!”

His Facebook posts came exactly one year after Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was exhorting his followers to kill white cops. In a July 2015 sermon before a packed Mount Zion Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, Farrakhan urged his followers to “stalk them and kill them and make them feel the pain that we are feeling.” A rash of ambush attacks on cops across America ensued.

Those attacks continue. Already in 2017 there have been 17 U.S. police officers killed in the line of duty.

But Worthy, a Democrat, declined to charge Littleton, citing “substandard” police work that failed to prove Littleton was in Wayne County when he made the threats.

Said Worthy at the time: “The statement is vague. He did not indicate that he was the one who was going to kill all white cops, and never said that his Facebook friends should kill all white cops. Further, he did not indicate when all white officers should be killed or which white officers should be killed.

“There is no evidence the suspect took any action himself, or did anything to facilitate the killing of white officers.”

Worthy added Littleton was in Puerto Rico when he wrote the post, which is out of her office’s jurisdiction.

Schuette’s office felt otherwise.

“These charges are solid and substantive. I stand with the cops,” he said at the time. “These threats are serious. They provoke violence. We filed these charges; they’re solid, and this is a fight worth fighting for.”

Littleton’s defense team attempted to get the charges dismissed at a March 14 hearing, but failed.

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.


Islamic ‘outreach’ coming soon to a public library near you, compliments of Muslim Brotherhood


Center Line, Michigan, population 8,200, is a small town surrounded by the larger city of Warren, where thousands of Muslim migrants have arrived over the years, brought there by resettlement agencies, industries and universities.

That being the case, the Muslim American Society is co-sponsoring, with the city of Center Line, a “Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbor” event at the public library on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Gary Kubiak, who grew up in Center Line, said he was surprised to see the flyer promoting the event at his local library. He called to confirm it was actually taking place.

“I did call the Center Line library to confirm. The nice lady said the event is on, and said it’s a wonderful event,” he said. “She said she worked at other libraries where this event was held and thought it would be good to bring it to Center Line.”

Get to know your muslim neighbor flyer

Warren is not far from Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Troy, Rochester and Rochester Hills, Dearborn, Hamtramck and Clinton Township. This cluster of suburban-Detroit cites has been on the receiving end of more than 14,000 Muslim refugees and migrants since the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. Hamtramck became the first American city with a Muslim-majority city council in 2016.

With the influx of migrants has come tensions in the communities, schools, workplaces, etc., as Muslims are encouraged by the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] and other Muslim Brotherhood-influenced groups to assert their “rights” and place demands on the receiving communities. Demands include prayer rooms and special washrooms in the schools and universities, exceptions to dress codes in the workplace, halal foods in the jails, schools and hospitals and tolerance of strange cultural practices like the Muslim call to prayer blown over loudspeakers. A controversial mega-mosque planned for a residential area has divided the community in Sterling Heights.

To offset the friction caused by the aggressive Islamization put forth by CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood uses other groups to present a more friendly face. For this, the Brotherhood uses groups like ISNA [Islamic Society of North America], ICNA [Islamic Circle of North America] and MAS [Muslim American Society].

That’s why the city of Center Line is hosting a Know Your Muslim Neighbor event at its public library Saturday, compliments of MAS.

The problem, says Philip Haney, an expert on Sharia and retired Homeland Security officer who worked in counter-terrorism for more than a decade, is that the MAS partner ICNA was named in the Explanatory Memorandum published in 1991 by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the document that explains the Brotherhood’s strategy to infiltrate and dominate the U.S. from within. All of its outreach efforts are part of this seditious plan and fall under the umbrella of what the Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad.”

“These MAS-sponsored Know Your Muslim Neighbor events have been going on in cities throughout Michigan and the U.S. for years,” Haney said. The video below shows snippets of how they unfold. The events focus on half-truths and inconsequential facts, like that great Middle-Eastern food and those stylish head-scarves donned by the women.

At the 2-minute mark, a smiling, middle-aged Michigan woman tries on a hijab for the first time in her life, much to the delight of the Muslim women at the event. She appears totally oblivious to the fact that the hijab is a symbol of female oppression throughout the Muslim world.

According to the MAS Detroit website, it’s all about celebrating diversity. This is where the Muslim Brotherhood message dovetails with the globalist meme parroted by the Clintons and Bushes that “diversity is our strength,” even as it causes disunity and divisions in communities that were once cohesive and peaceful. The MAS website states:

“Know your Muslim Neighbor (KYMN) is a family-friendly event where local communities come together in a celebration of diversity and unity.  These public events provide an opportunity to meet new people, try new experiences, taste new food, and enjoy conversation with local Muslims. Hosted in public spaces and libraries in the Detroit metro area, KYMN offers hands-on Islamic art activities for children, henna hand painting, a poster exhibit on the history of Muslims in early America, and short presentations.

KYMN is brought to you by your friends at the Muslim American Society along with our partners at the Canton Public Library, the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, and the Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs.”

But there’s more than meets the eye going on at these meetings, says Haney.

The man present in the background is a Salafist Muslim who adheres to the strictest Sharia code.

“You can tell just by the way he trims his beard. He’s the real guy in charge. Every one of those outposts has people like him to make sure the way of Allah is being followed,” Haney said.

‘Dawah is their specialty’

The MAS works closely with the Islamic Circle of North America or ICNA.

Dawah is their specialty,” Haney said.

Dawah is an Arabic word meaning “proselytization.”

“People who do dawah are called Dawiya, which means missionary or what we call outreach in the secular arena,” Haney explained.

“So it’s a dawah organization, that’s what they are doing here today at the public library in Center Line, Michigan,” he added.

Dawah is a form of peaceful, civilizational jihad, used to establish Islam in the minds of a people not familiar with it. The ultimate goal is to elevate Islam to the point where it becomes the dominant religion in the community and anyone who resists will find themselves marginalized and considered “less than.” This is the hallmark of Sharia.

“In their campaigns three to five years ago they emphatically denied they had any intention of implementing Sharia law in America,” Haney said. “But then when it became obvious that wasn’t true, with people like Linda Sarsour talking openly about Sharia, they switched it up to say it’s being practiced but it’s compatible with the Constitution so it’s OK, don’t worry about it. And if you think it’s a threat you are an Islamophobe, you’re an extremist.

“It all ties in. It always will until it all finally gets resolved,” Haney said.

Haney believes a time is coming when America will have to make a choice. It’s the same choice that has already been made in the UK, Germany and Sweden — to either confront this ideology of Sharia or allow it to dominate and control what non-Muslims are allowed to say or write in public. Those countries have all enacted hate-speech laws that effectively serve as Islamic blasphemy laws, punishing anyone who speaks out critically of the new dominant faith – Islam.

Which ‘truth’ will you subscribe to?

“According to the Bible, if you don’t have a love for the truth you will receive a strong delusion. We have a natural craving for one or the other, light or darkness,” Haney said. “There comes a point where the darkness becomes so overwhelming that you actually start to become insane. That’s what we’re seeing with Democrats; they could not stand and applaud even when Trump said something at the State of the Union address they agreed with. So even when he says something good, they could not acknowledge it. When you’re only angry all the time you become like a zombie. They’re always outraged. Islam is doing outreach, and they’re always outraged.”

It is clear from the Muslim-American Society’s Facebook page that it is active not only in dawah but in lobbying politicians and the Chamber of Commerce. According to a Feb. 9 post, MAS’s Washington, D.C. chapter met with the Speaker of the Virginia House Kurt Cox, Gov. Ralph Northam and Chamber leaders all in the same day!

“The leaves are off the trees and you can see these creatures skulking around out there,” Haney said. “The question is, do our counter-terrorism specialists within the federal government know who these people are? If they do know, then why haven’t they taken action?”

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.


‘Welcoming cities’ movement drops its mask, launches vitriolic rant against Americans

Lubell david
Welcoming America founder David Lubell

Welcoming America, founded in 2009 by the notorious Obamabot David Lubell, likes to portray itself as a mushy-gushy, love everyone, feel-good movement of American melting-pot pride.

Lubell has in the past stated that he believes most Americans are amenable to mass immigration from the Third World and would be more welcoming of migrants in their communities if they were just “presented with the facts” on how wonderful and productive the migrants are, bringing prosperity and vitality to every city they inhabit.

All we need to do is embrace them. Lubell took it as his personal challenge during the eight years of Obama to “soften up the soil” and prepare it for more “seeds” to be planted. The soil is a city’s native population and the seeds are the migrants – legal and illegal – blown in from the Third World.

There were lots of organizations working on the “seeds” but Lubell promised in various media interviews that he would be the first to concentrate on prepping the soil. He rolled out fancy slogans and billboard campaigns trumpeting the false narrative that uneducated, low-skilled refugees and migrants from Islamic hellholes were actually good for America.

He was master of the soft sell and had plenty of George Soros money with which to work his magic. It all sounded so nice and kumbaya-like.

On its website, Welcoming Michigan states: “At Welcoming Michigan, we seek to build mutual respect among foreign-born and U.S.-born people who call Michigan home today.  Together. It’s better.”

Together. Sounds good, right?

But that mister-nice guy approach, playing both sides to sell Americans on globalist, open-borders policies failed miserably as working-class Americans could see through the twisted logic. They’ve seen their factory jobs disappear, their wages stagnate, their standard of living decline steadily over the last 25 years, and so they flocked to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Coming to grips with that defeat must have been crushing for socialists like Lubell. They worked so hard sowing seeds and watering the soil, but all they had to show for it was a bombastic populist who promised to throw some love to those “forgotten” Americans, the white working class.

Lubell’s organization has been pushing cities of all sizes across the U.S. to rise up and adopt resolutions declaring themselves “Welcoming Communities.”  Don’t be fooled by the flowery language in these resolutions. This is nothing but Lubell’s way of spitting in the eye of those unenlightened Trump voters.

Welcoming America has become part of the deep-state strategy to “resist” and sabotage everything Trump does, even if they agree with it! [Recall that Trump offered them everything they wanted on DACA amnesty but they wouldn’t bit because the deal came with a wall and an end to chain migration].

Now this chameleon, Welcoming America, is getting nastier and uglier by the day as it sheds its nice-guy skin. The organization’s Michigan chapter took off its mask and revealed its true nature in a Feb. 7 Facebook post in support of an upcoming rally sponsored by a group called Michigan United.

Take a look at the post below and decide for yourself whether Welcoming America stands for unity, diversity and inclusiveness. The tone of the post sounds more than a tad divisive. It refers to the Trump administration as “racist” and “white nationalist” while distorting Trump’s policies in bizarre ways [remember he just offered amnesty to 1.8 million illegals and the Democrats rejected his offer!]

Upcoming Events to Support the DREAMers!

Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions and the racist extremist are dividing us by using: our immigration status, our religion, our race, our gender identity, our sexual orientation and our economic situations. They win by instilling fear, mistrust, hate and racism of our neighbors and fellow Americans. Young immigrants that would qualify for the DREAM Act are among the most vulnerable targets under threat by the extremist agenda of the white supremacist influence in the white house.

Make no mistake, we are all under threat. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We all fall under the umbrella of their hateful policies:
The deportations that separate families
The racist border wall
The hateful Muslim ban
The unjust laws disproportionately targeting black and brown communities
The tax giveaway on the backs of low income families

This is why, we need to keep fighting with courage for a better more inclusive country that rejects white supremacy and embraces equality, diversity, dignity and justice for all. We are fighting for this DREAM, the DREAM of equality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had. This is the DREAM for a better more inclusive country.



Saturday, Feb. 10 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development
7150 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit, MI 48209


For more information contact Adonis Flores adonis@miunited.org 1-888-507-7774 ext. 708#

Since half of the voting American public voted for Trump, I guess that means Welcoming America believes half of America are racist, white nationalist pigs. Thanks for throwing us an olive branch!

Rogue Somali refugees part 2: Bad cops and another murder

DeSean Daggs lost his life at a house party when he was shot and killed by a Somali man who remains on the loose.

After we posted yesterday’s article, “25 reasons to end Somali refugee resettlement now,” readers began sending more examples of inexcusably bad behavior by Somalis who came to America at the invitation of the U.S. government and were given every opportunity to succeed.

That’s why refugee status is so coveted. You are automatically given legal status, a free education, Medicaid healthcare, subsidized housing if you need it, and access to help from a multiplicity of private and government sources. U.S. veterans and homeless Americans should only be so lucky.

But the story Tuesday listed more than 25 cases of violent crime, terrorist attacks, sexual assaults, and fraudulent schemes, not to mention the more than 40 known cases of Somalis leaving the U.S. to join foreign terrorist organizations.

One of the cases we didn’t know about was that of young DeSean Daggs in Minnesota.

Daggs, 23, of Eden Prairie, was shot and killed on Jan. 7 of this year at a house party near the University of Minnesota, while another 22-year-old man was shot and wounded at the same party in the city’s Dinkytown section. The shooter was described by police as a tall, 6-2, man with thin build “of Somali ethnicity and light complexion,” the Star-Tribune reported on Jan. 8.

Police found Daggs dead in the front yard of the duplex and the second victim was being treated at Hennepin County Medical Center. No arrests have been made. The Somali suspect was wearing all black clothing and fled in an unspecified direction. He remains at large.

Listen to Daggs’ heartbroken mom plead for the Somali shooter to turn himself in.

“It is believed that both individuals were shot by the same man wielding the same gun,” police spokesman John Elder said.

Investigators spoke with witnesses and anybody who attended the party or was near the scene in an effort to get a lead on the shooter’s identity and a motive.

“I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe it,” Daggs’ grandmother Tondra, told KSTP.

DeSean Daggs was the oldest of six children. His mother, Amber, said he enjoyed mixing music and was computer savvy. He recently left school at Hennepin Technical College to stay home and help take care of his paralyzed brother.

The life of DeSean, or “Shawny Mac” as his family called him, was worth more than all the guns and grudges in the world, his family says. “He was part of this family, we loved him,” said Amber Daggs, speaking to whomever pulled the trigger. “Why would you take him from us? Turn yourself in.”

What Daggs’ family likely does not know, is their son’s murder was totally preventable. It happened because of globalist politicians in Congress appropriating funding for fake refugees under the guise of a false humanitarianism. The U.S. Congress appropriates about $2 billion a year for refugee resettlement, which brings to American cities unnecessary crime, not to mention the added financial burden to courts and jails, schools and hospitals.

Zahra Munye Abu of Portland, Maine
Zahra Munye Abu, 24, is a Portland, Maine, police officer who was hired to strengthen the department’s “diversity.” hire.

In yet another case, a Portland, Maine, woman who came to the U.S. as a 2-year-old child refugee, grew up to become that city’s first Somali-refugee police officer. Zahra Munye Abu, now 24, got in hot water over an incident that took place last month during a hip-hop concert in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was arraigned Jan. 25 on charges of assault and battery, resisting arrest, trespassing, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Abu pleaded not guilty and remained mum during the court appearance, the Portland Press Herald reports. She was arrested at a Ja Rule concert at the Palladium after she allegedly grabbed the head of security by the front of his shirt and refused to leave when asked to do so.

In a report filed in court, Worcester police said the 5-foot-2, 130-pound female officer was acting unruly toward concert hall staff and pushed her way through the crowd, “physically assaulting several customers.” Told by security and police that her behavior was unacceptable and she was “no longer welcome on the property,” Abu was asked to leave “two to three dozen times,” according to the report.

Officer Christopher Grilli wrote that after being told she was under arrest, Abu “tensed her body and tried to pull away from us in an effort to evade arrest. She squirmed around and tried to free herself from the handcuffs,” he wrote.

The report alleges that Abu swore at police, questioned their training and time in service and “refused to cease her profanity-laced comments toward staff.” Outside, as officers waited for a patrol wagon to take Abu to police headquarters, she allegedly moved toward another patron and said, “They’re racial profiling, I see you there, girl,” according to court documents.

Abu gained widespread media attention two years ago when she became the first member of Maine’s Somali community to be sworn in as a police officer. Like the killer Somali cop in Minneapolis, Mohamed Noor, Abu was a diversity hire. A notch on the belt of a liberal Democrat city mayor.

Abu was born in Kenya, where her Somali-born parents were living in a refugee camp, and moved to Maine when she was 2 years old. She attended college and studied criminal justice and women-and-gender issues at the University of Southern Maine before joining the Portland Police Department in 2016.

Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said Officer Abu has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal review. Her next court hearing is March 12.

justine damond shot by mohamed noor
Justine Damond, left, was shot dead by Officer Mohamed Noor last July after she called 9-1-1 to report a rape in progress near her apartment.

Abu’s arrest comes on the heels of another case of a Somali refugee cop gone bad, only with far worse consequences. In July last year 40-year-old Justine Damond, unarmed and dressed in her nightgown, was gunned down by Somalia-born police officer Mohamed Noor in Minneapolis. Damond was a native of Australia living in Minneapolis and engaged to be married to a Minnesota man. But the rogue cop, who was a diversity hire by Democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges, stole Damond from her fiancé and family.

After seven months of no action, the county has decided to convene a grand jury to look into the case. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has said he will still make the final decision on whether to file charges against Noor.

25 reasons to end Somali refugee resettlement now

Liban Haji Mohamed FBI most wanted


Of the 11 countries included in President Trump’s refugee ban, Somalia has by far the worst track record of assimilation.

That ban expired last week and the U.S. will start accepting refugees again from the 11 high-risk nations, although Trump promises a more “extreme” vetting.

Vetting, however, offers few guarantees that the refugees will become good Americans. Many of the Somalis who have run afoul of the law came here as child refugees, making them impossible to vet.

Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham
Mall of America jihadist Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham

Recently we learned the Somali refugee who knifed two brothers at the Mall of America was not involved in an attempt to steal clothing – a false narrative put out by Bloomington police – but actually carried out an unprovoked act of jihad.

How do we know this? He admitted it in a prepared statement to the court. Mahad Abdiraham said he went to the mall on Nov. 12 to “answer the call for jihad.”

Just before Christmas we learned of a knife attack on an innocent woman, Morgan Evenson, while she was walking home from work at the Apple Store in Minneapolis. She was stabbed 14 times by a man described as Somali. That man remains at large and the Minneapolis police falsely described the attack, again, as a failed robbery. This despite the fact that he never reached for his victim’s purse.

The parade of Somali knife attacks continued last week when Khadar Hassan, 24, of St. Cloud was arrested and charged with second-degree assault for allegedly stabbing a woman he’d had a previous relationship with and was ordered to stay away from, the St. Cloud Times reports.

There are now an estimated 75,000 to 100,000 Somalis living in Minnesota. Many of the resettlements in the St. Cloud, Austin, St. Joseph and Willmar areas have been driven by the meatpacking industry.

And now Somali crime is starting to leak across the border from Minnesota into South Dakota.

Lutheran Social Services, which operates a refugee resettlement office in Sioux Falls, has offloaded more than 4,500 Somalis over the last decade.

But many of the Somalis resettled originally in Sioux Falls migrate to Aberdeen in search of work at Demkota Ranch Co., which runs a beef packing plant in the city. The latest group of approximately 50 Somalis arrived in Aberdeen on a bus in December, sources in the community told LeoHohmann.com.

South Dakotans are beginning to get a taste of the crime that has plagued Minnesota.

A Somali refugee was convicted last year for trying to sexually assault a wheelchair-bound mentally disabled woman at a group home in Aberdeen. Liban Mohamed, 39, had been in Aberdeen only a few days when he wandered away from the White House Inn, where he was living while hoping to land a job at the beef plant, and found the vulnerable woman sitting outside the group home. If a caretaker had not walked up and seen him with his hand reaching between the woman’s legs, there is no telling what he was planning to do next.

There have also been several shootings by Somalis in South Dakota.

In the summer of 2016, two Aberdeen men were shot at, one hit and wounded, in the street outside the Foxridge Apartments. The alleged shooter was Abdirhman Ahmad Noor, 24, who walked up to the injured man lying in the street and shot him a second time in the head. He miraculously survived, but Noor, who came to the U.S. as a child refugee, was charged with attempted murder and released on $50,000 bail. He never showed up for his March 2017 court hearing. Noor remains unaccounted for to this day.

Abdriham Ahmed Noor skips bond goes missing from Aberdeen
Abdriham Ahmed Noor was released on bond after being arrested for a shooting in Aberdeen, skipped bail, and went into hiding.

South Dakota State Senator and GOP congressional candidate Neal Tapio is leading perhaps the nation’s most aggressive effort to expose the fraud of refugee resettlements from Somalia and other jihadist hotbeds. Tapio has introduced a series of bills that seek to rein in high-risk resettlements in his state.

“While many people see compassion to serve the less fortunate, the truth is the Somali community has not been able to assimilate and has proven to be a major terror threat in the United States,” Tapio said.

“Together with nebulous forces in the multinational meatpacking corporations, resettlement agencies and anti-American Islamic organizations with ties to terrorist networks, the Muslim Brotherhood, along with willing accomplices in the media, these policies to force relocation of proven subscribers to Islamic fundamentalism need to be exposed and crushed,” Tapio added.

Along with the cases cited above, the following list of documented examples shows a rather dubious record of behavior by Somali refugees and their family members.

  1. A 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer was dropping off meals at a homeless shelter in Shelburne, Vermont, when she was attacked by 32-year-old Somali migrant Abukar Ibrahim with a machete in early January 2018. The woman sustained multiple injuries including a severe wound to her leg.
  2. Tnuza Hassan
    Tnuza Jamal Hassan, 19, appeared at her arraignment hearing in a makeshift burqa covering all but her eyes.

    Tnuza Jamal Hassan, a 19-year-old woman from either Somalia or Ethiopia [Minneapolis police wouldn’t release her status] was arraigned last month on charges of first-degree arson after she allegedly set fires on the campus of St. Catherine University. Hassan told police she “wanted the school to burn to the ground” and that her intent was to “hurt people,” according to charges filed in Ramsey County District Court. Hassan told police she had written a letter to her roommates containing “radical ideas about supporting Muslims and bringing back the caliphate.” The prosecution alleges “…She told the police and fire investigators ‘You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that,’” the Star-Tribune reported.

  3. On July 15, 2017, a Somali refugee serving as a Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot and killed an unarmed woman, Justine Damond, in her pajamas who had called 9-1-1 to report a rape taking place in the ally near her apartment. The city’s police chief was forced to resign but no charges have been filed against Noor, who had three previous complaints involving his treatment of women while on patrol.
  4. dahir adan mall stabber
    Crossroads Mall knife jihadist Dahir Adan was killed by an off-duty cop before he could do more damage in St. Cloud.

    Dahir Ahmed Adan stabbed 10 shoppers at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Sept. 17, 2016. The refugee asked shoppers if they were Muslim. If they said “no,” he attacked them with his knife, until he was shot dead by an off-duty cop. Adan’s brother was later jailed in North Dakota on drug charges.

  5. In December 2016, Somali refugee Mohamed Ayanle, 22, was charged with first- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct after he allegedly raped a woman while riding a commercial bus through Polk County, Minnesota. The victim reported that Mohamed Ayanle forced her to have sex with him at knife point in the back of the bus. There was only one other passenger on the bus at the time, and after he finished raping the woman, Ayanle told her to go back to the front of the bus because she was “too fat.” Ayanle told police he had just arrived in Minnesota from Somalia three months prior to his arrest and that, in his opinion, the sex was consensual.
  6. Davee Devose, a promising 21-year-old black student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, was stabbed to death at a house party in June 2015 by then-16 year old Muhiyadin Mohamed Hassan, a Somali refugee who violated his juvenile probation and has since been moved to the adult system.
  7. Somali refugee Aisha Ibrahim
    Somali refugee Aisha Ibrahim of Georgia

    In 2008, the government revealed that thousands of Somali families had fraudulently entered the U.S. as “refugees” by lying on their applications that they were related to Somalis already living in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal originally reported on how this fraud was uncovered by DNA tests, which led to a four-year closure of the so-called P-3 family reunification program for refugees coming from East Africa. The program was eventually restarted and none of the thousands of Somalis proven to have entered the U.S. by these fraudulent means were ever deported.

  8. On the day after Memorial Day, May 31, 2016, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a Somali refugee woman, Aisha Ibrahim, 31, appeared out of the woods wearing a burqa and beat an American woman with her own American flagpole. Ibrahim was granted bail and did not show up for her arraignment in court — she remains in the “missing” category to this day.
  9. christmas-tree-bomber Mohamed Mohamud
    Christmas tree bomber Mohamed Mohamud

    A federal appeals court in December 2016 upheld the conviction of Mohamed Mohamud, the Somali refugee sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to bomb downtown Portland during the annual lighting of a Christmas tree. The truck bomb was a fake given to him in 2010 by undercover FBI agents posing as terrorists. His lawyers argued entrapment but the court ruled the government’s action fell short of any due-process violation.

  10. NDakota Somali mass Killer Omar Mohamed Kalmio
    North Dakota mass killer Omar Mohamed Kalmio

    In 2013 Somali refugee Omar Mohamed Kalmio in North Dakota was sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of a Native American family he had become involved with.

  11. In November 2016, Abdul R. Ali Artan, an 18-year-old Somali refugee and student at Ohio State University, wounded 11 people at OSU in a car and knife attack. Minutes before his attack, Artan posted a message to his Facebook page, a rant full of anger at the United States with references to ISIS, but a Muslim friend told NBC News he was shocked because he believed Artan “loved America.”

    Abdul Ali Artan OSU knife-car attacker
    Abdul Ali Artan, the Somali knife-car attacker, tried to kill fellow OSU students.
  12. In April 2011, Somali refugee Said Biyad was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his four children in Louisville, Kentucky. He avoided the death penalty by taking a plea agreement.
  13. In July of last year, Abdinzak Ahmed Farah, 29, was arrested and charged with threatening his fellow Minnesotans with a knife in downtown Faribault. According to an eyewitness, Farah was eating raw beef with the knife and holding it out to patrons, asking them to play games. In a July 25 article, the Faribault Daily News reports a complaint filed in Rice County Court alleges Farah was downtown on July 12, pointing a knife and threatening to kill anyone who called police. He was asked to leave the area, which he did, only to return pointing the same knife at people as he spoke with them. Witnesses told police Farah was told to leave a second time, but later began chasing several people and threw the knife at them.
  14. At least 40 Somali refugees have left the country to join overseas terrorist organizations such as al-Shabaab in Somalia and ISIS in Syria, the FBI has confirmed. Dozens of others have been charged and/or convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists.
  15. Mohamed Hassan miski
    Mohamed Hassan, a/k/a ‘Miski’, was a prolific terror recruiter for ISIS and al-Shabaab.

    One of the top terror recruiters for ISIS in the U.S. was Mohamed Hassan, a Somali refugee with roots in Minnesota. He turned himself in to authorities in Somalia in late 2015, after leading dozens of Somali-Americans to join ISIS. Through his Twitter persona, Miski, he even played a role in the terror attack on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, in which two Muslims planned to kill everyone and behead First Amendment activist Pamela Geller.

  16. Dozens of large-scale khat busts have taken place in recent years, such as this seizure of 69 pounds of khat at the Philadelphia airport bound for Minneapolis, and this one sending nearly 20 pounds to Minneapolis. Khat is a stimulant chewed by Somali men.
  17. In June 2016, residents of the Linden Hills community in Minneapolis were terrorized by a gang of Somali youths for three straight days. Up to 20 of them raided the waterfront community and scared women off the beach by pretending to shoot them, ran their cars over residential lawns while screaming “jihad,” threatened to rape a young woman and beat up one resident’s dog. Police were called repeatedly but never seemed to be able to make it to the neighborhood before the Somali mob disappeared. No arrests were made and the Star Tribune ignored the story.
  18. Minneapolis Police Department has for years tolerated an active Sharia cop, who married a Somali woman and patrols the Cedar Riverside area making sure Somalis are complying with Islamic dress codes and other Sharia rules.
  19. In 2014, a mysterious New Year’s Day explosion occurred at a building containing several apartments and a grocery store in the heavily-Somali Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis. According to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the city fire department requested the federal ATF not investigate the explosion, which killed three people, and the investigation has never come to an official conclusion on the cause.
  20. Liban Haji Mohamed, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Somalia who came to the U.S. as a child refugee, was named to the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists in January 2015. Mohamed, who worked as a cab driver in northern Virginia, was charged with providing material support and resources to al Qaeda and al-Shabaab, a Somali-based terrorist organization. “Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for many bombings in Somalia and Uganda and the 2013 attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya,” said Carl Ghattas, special agent in charge of the Counterterrorism Division at the FBI’s Washington Field Office. “Liban Mohamed is believed to have left the U.S. with the intent to join al-Shabaab in East Africa.”

    Liban Haji Mohamed FBI most wanted
    Liban Haji Mohamed worked as a DC cab driver while recruiting Somalis for terror.
  21. In May 2015, a UK media outlet broke the story that one of the Islamic State’s major recruiters turned out to be a female journalism student in Seattle who liked football, cheeseburgers, and convincing women in Syria and the EU to wage jihad. The student, a Somali named Rawdah Abdisalaam, who was known under the Twitter handle @_UmmWaqqas, was discovered to be working as a senior recruiter while living the good life in Seattle. The FBI was apparently not aware of her operation until the UK story broke.
  22. In January 2014, Somali refugee Ahmed Nasir Taalil, living in San Diego, was sentenced to six years in prison for his part in a conspiracy to funnel money to the Somalia-based al-Qaida affiliate, al-Shabaab. Among Nasir-Nasir’s co-conspirators were cab driver Basaaly Saeed Moalin, who was sentenced to 18 years, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud – a Somali imam at a local mosque – sentenced to 13 years, and Issa Doreh, who was sentenced to 10 years for working at a money transmitting business that helped move the illegal funds.
  23. America’s neighbor to the north, Canada, has also taken in Somali refugees, though not in as great of numbers as the U.S., and has had its own set of problems. In one case in fall of 2017, a Somali named Abdulahi Hasan Sharif intentionally drove a U-Haul truck into pedestrians, injuring four, including one man who suffered a fractured skull.

THERE IS MORE: See the followup to this story, “Rogue Somali refugees Part 2.

Refugee proponents, many of them working for resettlement agencies that receive government tax dollars for every refugee they bring into the U.S., continue to say Somalis are an asset to the communities in which they live. But those words ring hollow for the growing list of victims of Somali violence.

Those Americans shot or stabbed by Somali refugees, or raped by them, are seen by governing elites as mere collateral damage for what equates to a human-trafficking operation that brings billions of dollars into the coffers of resettlement agencies, and a steady supply of cheap labor for meatpackers, hotels, cab companies and other industries.

And now that the refugee ban has expired, dozens of cities of all sizes can look forward to a new influx of unvettable refugees from this perpetually war-torn country.

“The future fortunes of this nation depend on our ability to open our eyes and ears, to speak truth to lies and to prevail in the civilizational war of this age,” Tapio said.

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.