Get your copy of ‘Stealth Invasion’

Stealth InvasionAs of July 2021 my supply of hardcover copies of Stealth Invasion has sold out. But you can still order a paperback version of the highly acclaimed book from Amazon. This book will not only provide you with a complete insight into our broken immigration system but it will explain why politicians refuse to fix it. The book is not just about immigration, however. It takes a deep dive into the most pernicious ideology on the planet today, worst than communism, fascism or Islamism, if that is possible. This is a book about globalism and it’s plans for America.

Get your copy today from Amazon and get educated on how the globalists want to keep you fixated on the Democrat-Republican paradigm while they control the levers of power in both parties. Before you can fight and win in the ongoing World War III, you must realize this is not a kinetic war but an information war. Secondly, you must be able to identify the enemy. This book will help you do that. The readers of Stealth Invasion will never again get tricked into giving their money or support to a globalist politician, only to regret it later.