Why is Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp heading to Davos?

Will Kemp follow the lead of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and sell out his state to globalist WEF interests?

When the World Economic Forum released the guest list for its 2023 meeting in Davos, Switzerland, many were surprised to find that it included Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp. 

Kemp, who recently won re-election over far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams, will be in Davos along with the likes of Democrat governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and J.B. Pritzker of Illinois. They’ll be able to hobnob with Klaus Schwab and his merry band of globalists, including Bill Gates, the Soros clan, Larry Fink of BlackRock, Michael Bloomberg, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and many others with wealth and power.

I’m sure the country bumpkin Kemp is just beaming with pride at his invitation to attend such a meeting and there’s no telling what he could be convinced to agree to.

According to the WEF website:

  • The theme of this year’s Davos meeting will be “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.”
  • 2,700 world leaders will attend from 130 countries including 52 heads of state.

Other notable figures among the invite-only group of attendees include former Senator and current Biden climate czar John Kerry; Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia; former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair; FBI Director Christopher Wray; Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema, the CEOs of Amazon, BlackRock and Pfizer as well as executives of the Gates Foundation, Soros Organization and the publisher of the New York Times.

It’s obvious why Governor Whitmer would be invited to Davos because she has made her state a virtual playground for the globalist cartel led by the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum announced plans in August 2021 to establish a Centre for Urban Transformation in Detroit, according to a report by the Detroit News.

The WEF told the Detroit News that its new Detroit center — its first office location in the Midwestern United States — will be a hub for public-private collaborations to create “a more sustainable model for urban development,” which is code for so-called “smart cities.” These smart cities are part of the WEF plan to develop a 24/7 surveillance grid on the Chinese model, where people are herded into cities, there are cameras and speakers on every street corner watching and listening to everything, and people move about on foot, on public transit, by bicycle, and a limited number of electric vehicles. They also like to call them “15-minute cities” because everything you need would theoretically be within a 15-minute radius and you would only venture outside of that perimeter a limited number of times per year.

Perhaps Brian Kemp wants to do business with some tech companies that will advance this concept in Georgia? Or maybe he is seeking more Chinese investment for other projects in his state. Or, maybe Kemp wants to learn more about the ESG movement in Klaus Schwab’s famed “stakeholder capitalism” project. The WEF has an article on its website about how wonderful the ESG plan is. For those still unaware, ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and it’s a social-credit scoring system for corporations developed by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink where companies agree to comply with radical climate initiatives, support abortion rights, drag queens and other LGBTQ special rights and privileges, etc. If they agree, they get fresh capital investment and other goodies. If they don’t, they get isolated and blasted as haters and bigots in the global press.

Some have suggested that Kemp might just be going to Davos to gather information on a fact-finding trip, but I’m not buying it. Kemp has always been a globalist. He has courted the Chinese Communist Party to invest in Georgia, literally making promotional videos on how wonderful it is for Georgia to partner with the Chinese communists in various business ventures. Kemp has also rolled out the red carpet for the ultra-liberal film industry, much of which has relocated from California to avoid the high taxes there and take advantage of Georgia’s relatively cheap Southern labor. And people wonder why Georgia is turning from red to purple.

No, Brian Kemp is no principled conservative.

The Davos meeting is for elite globalists in key positions of power in government, business, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the field of entertainment. They will huddle in mostly private meetings to exchange ideas on how to advance globalism in the coming year, presenting their proposals and plans for how to use public-private partnerships to usher in what they call the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution — which is essentially a plan to digitize all living and non-living things on the planet so they will be more trackable and controllable.

The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a protégé of Dr. Henry Kissinger, whom he met while attending Harvard University. Schwab remains chairman of the WEF and, like Kissinger, loves to peddle the idea of a “New World Order.”

The Georgia Record put forth another possible reason for Kemp’s trip to Davos:

What brings Brian Kemp to Switzerland to rub shoulders with the global elite from government, big pharma and finance? Perhaps a hint was seen earlier in 2022 when Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger announced that he was awarding management of Georgia’s voter registration system to a subsidiary of Salesforce.com. Marc Benioff is founder and co-chairman of Salesforce and is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum.

The WEF’s 2023 meeting in Davos is scheduled to be held next week, January 16-20.  

“We look forward to a comprehensive briefing on his discussions when Governor Kemp returns to Georgia,” stated the Georgia Record.

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44 thoughts on “Why is Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp heading to Davos?”

  1. All entering the political arena are pressured to capitulate to the corrupt system….. Satanic influence is very much at work in our government as well as the world scene at large….. All who sit at the table and take orders from their Supreme leader aka; the lawless one, pull the strings now….. they dictate to current
    world governments the destructive plans for those considered expendable…..

    Jesus shall defeat their plans!!
    Praise Him one and all……..

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    1. Amen Bo! That’s the one reason I’m not pulling hairs out my head. Instead of focusing on the wicked plans and the never-ending evil of the evil doers. I look daily to God knowing that he will judge and eliminate all injustices.

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  2. If so, let him go there but NEVER come back. Cannot be allowed back in the United States of America.

    How’s that, huh?


  3. Leo, I not only live in Georgia but also in Fannin County where both traitors Kemp & David Ralston (house speaker) preside. I refused to vote for either in the last election. Both of them plus Raffenspurger (sec of state) are traitors and should be perp-walked to the gallows. Fortunately, Ralston croaked on 11/16/22 but his wife ran in his place & got 45% so a runoff is scheduled in a few weeks. I will be voting for her opponent Johnny Chastain. Kemp going to Davos is not a surprise. Personally, I think he took millions from the Chinese, Hollywood & Dominion to abandon Trump after the 2020 election. Raffenspurger & Ralston also forsook Trump. Georgia is still majority red but never again will anybody know it due to the voter fraud in the Atlanta metro counties. I’m now 80 and have done more & seen more than most. I wrote a 432 page book titled “It’s Over” in 2009 but few read it Anyone who thinks there are better days ahead are among those who think there is a political solution to a spiritual problem. We are in the days of Noah and national or global repentance is long past. Only personal repentance remains and folks better start repenting now before our Father sends his Warrior Son to win the final battle.
    Thanks Leo for informing the uninformed.

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    1. Ron, I couldn’t have stated it any better than you did. I am also a Georgian, living in White County, a close county neighbor of yours.
      We are, unfortunately, in a very crooked and compromised state. As some of my friends in my neck of the woods say, we’ll all hunker down and take care of ourselves when, and not if, TSHTF!

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  4. I live in Florida and work in Georgia, Kemp has been bought and sold. Georgia is an extremely RED State and he threw the 2020 election for Biden and for Warnock in both elections. This man is NOT to be trusted!!!


  5. I am MOST UPSET by Darrell Issa of CA being on this list. My stepmom and I campaigned for him when he was an unknown. He even invited her to come to WA DC to work in his office. I guess the Darrell back then is NOT the Darrell of today!
    This is shocking to me.


    1. If Satan is a great deceiver, then why would you not simply say, “He was like his father the devil.” He deceived you, and all with his lies. But, that, in my opinion, is the same for all who are in the governments, because as Jesus never argued against Satan on His comment, Mat 4:8-11 Next the devil took him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.“I will give it all to you,” he said, “if you will kneel down and worship me.” You see, Jesus was not the ruler of the world, nor did he come to be that, for he was the King of the Kingdom of God, and until He comes again, will He not be the King over any worldly government, for they belong to Satan, that is, until He returns, and then, we who are His will bring healing to the nations, and then, every nation will gather to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of lords continually, praise God!


    2. It has become apparent that all of them become compromised once they are elected to the House or the Senate. I’m sure it starts off with the promise of riches which probably snares the majority. Those that start to rock the vote get the meeting where they show them the pictures. If that is not enough, they have one final meeting where they are told that they will start with their pets and then move up the family food chain.

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  6. Thanks Leo! I wonder how these Amazing people transport themselves over there? Electric Cars, Bicycles, maybe Rowboats and Canoes… I mean, certainly these Climate Change heretics and with Carbon-Footprint obsessions they will want to set the World an example!

    Maybe for entertainment Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari can get up on stage and sing the new Covid-Song that Jimmy Fallon did X BB. Point One Point Five, Billy boy Gates of hell can play the drums!
    The people/audience can join in (providing they’re wearing masks)…
    Whooo boy! I bet they’ll be talking about more Exciting Lockdowns and the soon-coming Digital-Currency, and handling Online Dis & Mis-Information, Vaccinating honey bees, and Spraying the skies! After this big Shindig- Klaus and his Merry men will sign autographs and pose for pictures! Schwab says…” Ve vill hav a Vunderful time dis-cuzzing all deze Amazing tings an Awer pwanz of Glow bullization, Ze Vont wanna miss zit!”

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    1. Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp are of the same birds! There is no difference between a Rhino Republican or A Dirty Democrat! They’re both Communist! You’re either a God fearing Constitutional Nationalist or Communist? I choose Nationalist Patriots! Folks ‘ its time To take our Country back!


    1. Leo, as you may have observed. The once great state of Georgia has almost been transformed into a rag state. Even the beloved late Gov. Zell Miller, who was a Democrat was more conservative than the modern day RINOS we’re stuck with these days. There was a time when some of us at least thought we had political leadership we could be proud of. None of the treachery of these modern traitors surprises me. Whatever evil they deliver. I was already expecting it.

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  7. Thanks for staying up to date on things Brian. The US abounds with traitors at the local, state and federal levels of government. With a mix of non-elected bureaucrats, technocrats, famous and none famous citizens too. We shouldn’t expect any level of faithfulness from people if they have none towards God.

    And I’m still hearing people talking about saving or taking our country back. Good luck with that one. My priority is to keep my eyes on Jesus, and inspire other people to get saved and follow Him too to be delivered from the wrath of God that is coming. If the US or any other country in the world is going to be preserved or saved from evil and judgment. It will take national and international repentance towards God. Not only are we not seeing that. The scriptures indicate that non-repentance, sin and wickedness would rule the day in the world during the end times, and during the great tribulation as well.

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    1. Sorry. I got my web sites mixed up when responding earlier. Thought I was posting on health impact news. Cheers everyone and happy New Year’s.


    2. Thank you for bringing forth the best advice. We are governed by atheis mostly. People should be more concerned about their soul than wealth and material gain. We are living in the end time. Remember God and thank him for truth.


    3. Mam, I would agree with you, and would like to add. The problem is that too many who call themselves by His name, are trying to take back what never belonged to God, for it is the Kingdom of God that has always been that which was for the Church, It was never worldly governments, They all belong to Satan, but the only nation that is God’s is the community of true believers, marching forth to take down the forces of darkness, not politically, but with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, coming against the darkness that is in the hearts of men. The church became jealous of the world, left its first love, Jesus, and started prostituting itself with worldliness, and not just recently, but over the past thousand plus years. We, the true church of Jesus Christ, which is not made with humans hands, as is in all these great or small buildings that have been raised in the name of man, under the denominational titles made by man, but empowered by the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of Satan in the hearts of people, that we may be ready to look upon Him in that day and He to say to us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” This nation was built of the blood of innocent people, never blessed by God. They who were instrumental in the starting of this as a nation, were satanist, not men of God, and we have built this “nation” under the guise of god, not Jesus Christ. It’s time for the so-called American christian to open their eyes to the truth, and stop listening to all these non-spokespersons for Jesus Christ, who speak words of flattery and non-sense, instead of the truth of God’s Word. One night when I was in prayer back in 1985, I was greatly troubled in my Spirit, and the Lord spoke unto and said, “Judgement is soon to come, but judgement begins in my house.” And, just as He went into the temple and cleansed it just before he went to the cross, so too He will cleanse it again before His return, and we will turn back into a house of prayer, instead of houses of entertainment. God bless.

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      1. Just getting around to this email today. Agreed on your reply. Not saying that you implied such. But I’m not one of those individuals who believe there is a need to “take my country back.” What humanity needs is salvation, national and international repentance towards God. I don’t look for any human to fix governments or the fake healthcare systems of the world. Jesus, and only Jesus will fix it all for those who love Him and wait for His return.


      2. I heard in recent years that America was not founded by Christian men. Some were deists and free masons I hear. I think there may have been a few godly men involved in the drafting of the USC writing and the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. But by no means we’re they all servants of God. Even the landscaping of DC is Masonic I hear. The dollar bill doesn’t represent God Almighty either. And on and on.


    1. But Trump was a part of them as well. He has spoken at the WEF. He also is a globalist. They all are. They belong to the kingdoms of darkness, and not the Kingdom of God.

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