Soccer journalist Grant Wahl died suddenly while covering World Cup: He bragged about being vaxxed and his physician wife publicly rebuked anti-vaxxers

Young athletes, journalists and people from all walks of life continue to “die suddenly” but nobody in the mainstream media cares enough to look into it.

ESPN reports that Grant Wahl, one of the most well-known soccer writers in the United States, suddenly collapsed and died Friday night while covering the World Cup match for NBC and CBS between Argentina and the Netherlands in Qatar. He was 48. And there’s quite a back story that the corporate shills in the mainstream media don’t want you to know.

U.S. media seated next to him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the press box at Lusail Iconic Stadium and reporters immediately called for assistance. Emergency services workers responded very quickly, the reporters said, and they were later told that Wahl had died.

CBS News is reporting it was a heart attack.

The World Cup organizing committee said in a statement, which did not list a cause of death:

“He received immediate emergency medical treatment on site, which continued as he was transferred by ambulance to Hamad General Hospital. We are in touch with the US Embassy and relevant local authorities to ensure the process of repatriating the body is in accordance with the family’s wishes.”

Here is a tweet from his wife:

You can see from this tweet that his wife was in “complete shock” over his death.

She shouldn’t be.

That’s because Wahl’s wife is Dr. Celine Gounder, a rabidly pro-vaccine medical doctor who recently called on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to “deplatform” media outlets and citizens who spread “anti-vaccine disinformation” online.

Grounder’s bio at Wikipedia states that she “is an American physician and medical journalist who specializes in infectious diseases and global health. She was a member of the COVID-19 Advisory Board transition team of then-incoming U.S. president Joe Biden in 2022, she joined the Kaiser Family Foundation as senior fellow and editor-at-large for public health at Kaiser Health News.”

Wahl was himself proudly vaccinated as you can see from this tweet in April 2021.

Of course none of this backstory is being published by ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports or any of the other mainstream news outlets who are mourning Wahl’s death.

We join them in mourning Wahl’s needless death. It’s tragic and it shouldn’t have happened. But we do not honor this man by withholding the truth about his vaccine status. By withholding the fact that he was vaxxed, we hide the vital information that people need in order to make informed decisions and stop getting these injections, meaning more people will needlessly die in what is becoming a quiet genocide.

But the mainstream corporate media has no professionalism and, frankly, no integrity. They refuse to report news that would shine a light on the crimes being committed by Big Pharma and the entire healthcare industry. Why? I believe its because they make a major portion of their money from pharmaceutical company advertisements. They distort the news by omission as much as they do by commission.

Instead of telling us that Wahl was vaxxed and that the Covid vaccines are proven to cause myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in a significant number of people, especially younger men, the fake-news outlets continue propagating the lie that these shots are “safe and effective.”

ESPN, owned by Disney, driveled on and on about how Wahl had a bad case of bronchitis, hinting that this may have been what killed him.

Wahl wrote Monday on his website that he had twice visited a medical clinic in Qatar with a bad cough, adding that he was diagnosed with bronchitis and tested negative for Covid.

Wahl said many of the journalists covering the World Cup were suffering from a similar cough, which he said “sounds like a death rattle sometimes.”

Wahl had also spent part of his illustrious career working for Sports Illustrated, whose editors released a statement saying they were “shocked and devastated at the news of Grant’s passing.” reported back in September that nearly 900 athletes had collapsed while performing their sport and either died or were temporarily incapacitated, most from cardiac events, over the previous year. A more recent study posted November 27, 2022, by, puts that number at 1,550.

Just this week we had another incident. Just Women’s Sports reports that Tamari Key, a healthy 6-foot-6 senior who had never missed a game for the Tennessee Volunteers women’s basketball team, will miss the remainder of the season after blood clots were found in her lungs.

The Vols senior has been an integral part of the roster since her freshman year and was known for her stellar health. Tuesday’s game was the first she had missed since beginning her career at Tennessee.

Coach Kellie Harper told reporters Thursday:

“My sole concern right now is that Tamari continues to get the medical care and guidance she needs and begins the gradual process of healing and returning to full strength. This is much bigger than basketball. We are so grateful that this medical condition was caught. Our entire program will be right beside Tamari during this process and welcomes prayers and positive thoughts from Lady Vol Nation and beyond.”

Let’s pray that this young lady recovers fully and, if she is vaxxed, that she receives the necessary wisdom to connect her sudden heart condition to the toxic shots.

The University of Tennessee does not mandate Covid vaccines for students but it does strongly encourage them and still has a page on its website telling students that the shots are “safe and effective.”

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45 thoughts on “Soccer journalist Grant Wahl died suddenly while covering World Cup: He bragged about being vaxxed and his physician wife publicly rebuked anti-vaxxers”

  1. This man was a shill, promoting the vaxxine and using his platform to push the LGBGT agenda in the faces of the Qatari people whilst showing a total disregard for their moral values.

    I suspect that he and his wife were given placebos like many other high profile shills, so I don’t think he was vaxxecuted.

    I believe that he was probably suffering from pneumonia and was wrongly diagnosed as having bronchitis and given the wrong medication etc.

    Pneumonia if not properly treated can lead to a heart attack. His condition would have been exasperated by stress and the lack of proper rest.

    He was aware that he wasn’t well when he said “my body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep high stress and lots of work can do that to you.”

    He was a man who was looking for trouble and he got trouble.


    1. Doesnt a placebo mean a non vax – vax? So if he got water he wouldnt have any affects. He had the real vax and thats what killed him.

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    2. marcus December 12, 2022 at 3:36 am

      Hello Marcus I’m just saying that the way the illness came on wasn’t like the sudden deaths we’ve seen in many people who have died from myocarditis.

      In his case there was what seems to have a been a chest infection which developed into pneumonia. He was diagnosed with bronchitis which shows similar symptoms to pneumonia.

      If he was wrongly diagnosed and was given the wrong medication then it may have made him more ill.

      “Wahl was very ill prior to his death and said so in his social media posts. He said first it was a cold that progressed to bronchitis and a cough that he got treated with antibiotics and cough medicine. However, it progressed to “severe chest pressure.” He should have been at the hospital, and not at a soccer game. ” Pneumonia can quickly turn to sepsis.

      There was no ambulance so he was taken to hospital in an Uber. An ambulance would have had trained personnel and specialist equipment which may have given him some chance.

      It’s hard to believe that a sports stadium hosting a world cup football match didn’t have an ambulance waiting in case of an emergency such as this one.


    3. Anthony—There have been instances where the Covid vaccine has induced pneumonia. Here’s one:

      And here’s another:

      Yet more:

      The Covid vaccines are causing a host of diseases, including increase in aggressive cancers and even hepatitis. Covid vaccines are known to seriously compromise one’s immune system. With every booster, the situation gets worse for the vaccinated person. Wonder how many boosters this guy got and how close they we’re given together, which would adversely affect his natural immunity. And also:

      Yes it’s quite possible the Covid vaccines contributed to his death.

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      1. @ Kayjae December 12, 2022 at 12:04 pm

        Thanks for the links. I remember watching a video where professor Dolores Cahill spoke about ADE and how it could kick in anytime in the future.

        So, yes this is a possibility along with a possible direct reaction to a recent booster etc.

        However I think that we have to be careful not to rule out the possibility of a naturally occurring infection which this appeared to be.

        Given that his wife was a Covid advisor to Joe Biden I’m inclined to think that he was in the know about the fake vaccine, which is why I think his lung infection was a natural occurrence.

        I think it’s important that our thinking is balanced on incidents like this, otherwise our opinions lose credibility.

        I’m open to correction on this. It will be interesting to see if they perform an autopsy and what will be their findings.
        Thanks Kayjae 👍


      2. Lose credibility with who? The very ones who will never offer us credibility anyway? And if you think that an autopsy will be allowed to reveal the truth then you really are still not entirely red pilled. As the great Dr. Peter McCullough and other honest scientists have said, an autopsy won’t find something that the practitioner of the autopsy isn’t looking for.

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      3. @ leohohmann December 12, 2022 at 4:29 pm

        Hello Leo

        We have to be careful that we don’t lose credibility within our own community. Look at those avid Tump supporters who have lost all reason and are no longer in touch with reality.
        I would never categorise myself as ‘red pill’
        I’m wary of labelling because labels limit objective thinking.

        I remember people thought that there would be civil war and attacks on churches over the legislation changes with regard to abortion.
        I remember I said on this forum that individual states would legislate to suit the majority of their voters in which case there would not be such a reaction.

        I was careful to look at the situation objectively. So I think that we should discipline ourselves to be objective in our thinking and avoid knee jerk reactions to situations as they arise. I personally cannot say that this man was killed by the vaxx and I am interested to see what develops.

        We have to keep ourselves in check and our arguments have to show reason and not a just blind following of the red pill narrative.

        I’ve already said somewhere that an autopsy will not show what they are not looking for and that I don’t think that pathologists are being trained to recognise vaxx damage.

        But a conscientious pathologist can often identify something other than what he was looking for. He may expect to find the typical signs of pneumonia but if there is something that doesn’t fit then he would make note of it

        I know if the autopsy were to be done in America then they will probably cover everything up. But if there is Qatari pathologist taking part he may highlight any irregularities in the autopsy findings in order to deflect any blame of failure on the Qatari medical system.

        Such irregularities may not be appropriated to the vaccine but people like Dr Peter Mc Cullough and Dr. Robert Malone would have a good idea as to the cause of death should the findings be made public.


      4. I think if I’ve learned anything over the last three years it’s that we must be skeptical of everything that comes out of the mainstream. Almost all of it is lies, period. They are being run, whether they know it or not, but undiluted evil people with power and money that never ends. The never tell the truth and even on the rare occasions when they do, they place in a false context as to deceive the people and prepare them for the next big crisis narrative.

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      1. Hello Leo
        Of course, I may be wrong but unlike other mindless shills this mans wife was a Covid adviser to Joe Biden which leads me to think that she was probably well aware of the rigged Covid 19 vaccine trials and other trickery. So I’m inclined to think that this couple would not have risked taking the Covid shot.

        It’s just an instinctive call on my part.

        However I expect that we will see big increase in the above average death rate during this winter. The death rate is already above average in Ireland so far this year. So, I believe that the vaxx is quietly doing what it was designed to do.

        I presume they will do an autopsy, but even then, we may never know the full facts but it will be interesting to see what they have to say.


  2. i am weary…have been trying to persuade elderly parents to stop getting injected… they have had 5… now both severely injured… but… recently came across this… reminder… to never give up…

    “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

    If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

    Does not he who guards your life know it?
    Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?

    (Proverbs 24:11-12)


  3. I just watched Del Bigtrees latest episode on the Highwire. He interviews Dr. Cole and they look at the vaccine under the microscope and take Dels blood and drop some vaccine on it. Very interesting findings. They talk about the fibrous clots being pulled out of people during embalming. If interested, his channel is on Rumble. I hate this shot and everything it has done. The delusion is overwhelming. Coworkers 15 year old daughter is now having heart problems and dr. Said it’s normal, niece lost her baby at 7 months – hadn’t developed properly, friend died of pancreatic cancer, another friends 17 year old son got lymphoma, my cousin got a horrible aggressive cancer, sister has 2 aneurysms and only by Gods grace did they find them. I hope God has a very special place in the lake of fire for all the people involved in the making of all this covid crap. The book of Daniel and Revelation is unfolding before our eyes. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


  4. I told an awakened person about the last thing and about Jesus Christ. As a result, that person showed dark fangs to me. It’s really dangerous. It seems that even if he awakened, he was just awakening at the material level, but also for personal interests.


  5. How many more people must we witness dying suddenly before the people start demanding answers?

    Since 2021, life insurance companies are reporting greater than 20% increase in excess mortality. Insurers are also seeing large YOY increase in permanent disabilities resulting from severe adverse reactions to the toxic experimental mRNA gene editing jabs

    Be Educated / Be Informed / Beware


  6. How many more people must we witness dying suddenly before the people start demanding answers?

    Since 2021, life insurance companies are reporting greater than 20% increase in excess mortality. Insurers are also seeing large YOY increase in permanent disabilities resulting from severe adverse reactions to the toxic experimental mRNA gene editing jabs

    Be Educated / Be Informed / Beware


      1. I left that comment on what I thought was InforWars. If that was your site I apologize, but it is not the first time I have been limited to the number of words I could use in a comment on InfoWars.


  7. At least we Anti-Vaxers are still PureBloods, which I am assuming you are not. Yep, they are dropping like flies and we fully expect millions more to die within the next few years which is above and beyond the normal death rates recorded per annum.

    If you listen to the right people you can save your life, and I decidedly do not mean the people in our government. I am talking about the Alternative Press on the Webb


  8. These Covid-19 vaccines contain all types of chemicals, toxins, viruses, and demonic alien fallen angel technology. Some are listed and some are not on the list of vaccine ingredients. These are not vaccines, but experimental, self replicating and depopulated biological weapons aimed at mass killing 90% to 95% of the world’s population.

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  9. What was it Jesus said about the blind leading the blind… and both falling into the ditch? Most people will die never knowing or at least acknowledging what happened to them… sad.

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    1. Oh I know!!! Instead of dying, he could have gotten covid and survived just fine, to the disdain of the liberals. This way at least he died vaccinated, eh? Nevermind that he died because of the vax…..


  10. Thanks Leo! There must be something in the clot-shots that numbs and dumbs peoples sense of reasoning. It either kills the person quickly and burns out the parts of the brain that deals with logic. So many of the one’s who’ve taken the faucigates jab are “Liberal-Extremists” who watch CNN daily and blame Trump for everything instead of looking a little deeper into things.

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  11. I’ll bet his wife will NEVER connect the dots. She is personally / professionally responsible for the death and maiming of many people. There is a sense of justice in her being a direct beneficiary of the very policies she is personally responsible for having inflicted on millions of innocent Americans. SHE, however, has blood on her hands. We do NOT get a free pass when we choose willfully to be Lenin’s “Useful Idiots” and fashion ourselves a willing helpmeet to EVIL.

    One wonders what does it take to Red Pill these people? But then one remembers Solzhenitsyn’s stories in The Gulag Archipelago of Soviet Communist Party members, officials and functionaries who NEVER quit believing they had been sent to prison & thence the Gulag by mistake. Helpmeets to and apologists for EVIL to the bitter end.

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    1. She may likely execute herself. This has been compared to the Holocaust by Naomi Wolf and others. I see it more as a global Jonestown.
      Besides doctors have been in denial about killing patients with Big Pharma’s “safe and effective treatments” for quite a while. This willful blindness is killing them now.

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    2. I don’t know if his wife will connect the dots, but he sure collected the clots.
      You can’t reason with those kind of people.


  12. Blindness. More i see this continuing, this is got to be one of the biggest delusions ever brought upon humanity. 1 + 1 = 3. Maybe right up there with communism which has killed 150 million innocent lives. This is leading to the ultimate satanic delusion, the mark of the beast system.

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    1. God is judging America–and western nations–for what it has done or allowed to be done to the elderly, the disabled, and the orphans in foster care. Not just abortion–and many have cried out against that evil.
      But there are society’s outcasts who for decades were unwelcome in most churches. Their families and neighbors wanted to have them drugged to the point of helplessness and segregated because they saw them as nothing but annoying, embarrassing and useless.
      And rich, respectable professionals who often attended (and contributed to church coffers) told the members how hopeless and inferior they were. How bad brain chemistry canceled out human souls.
      They didn’t know because they didn’t care to know. Now it’s happening to them.

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    2. In this Orwellian Digital Age the democratic voice of Eden’s seductive Serpent-Dragon is corporately heard proclaiming its Humanistic LIE via Freemasonry’s social justice gospel. Democracy’s Socialistic Masonic delusion compels the Devil’s children to safely secure their souls’ welfare by receiving the Marxist Beast’s ID#-SS#.


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