Utility company lays it on the line for customers: Take the Orwellian ‘smart’ meter or freeze!

Today we bring you a shining example of how the establishment works quietly behind the scenes to coerce people into the digital gulag we previously described in our article about smart cities.

Leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, Dominion Energy Virginia threatened to disconnect electricity to scores of homes and actually did disconnect at least half a dozen of the owners who did not agree to accept a “smart” meter on their house.

Blacklisted News reports that according to Virginians for Safe Technology, based in Fredericksburg, the households are located in seven counties, including Petersburg, Fauquier, Prince William, Fluvanna, Albemarle, Henrico and Spotsylvania counties. Customers swapped out their “smart” meters for analog meters, and now are left without electricity.

Jenny DeMarco, communications director for Virginians for Safe Technology, said in a press release:

“Dominion has crossed a line. When families taking reasonable steps to protect themselves and their children have their power cut off in the middle of November, local police and sheriff’s departments are escorting the corporation doing so, and the government and regulatory agencies stand idly by, that’s a pretty strong signal that our system is broken.”

It’s not just broken. It’s been hijacked.

Milton Williams posted a video on YouTube on November 8 showing letters from Dominion threatening to shut off his family’s electricity of he did not allow the utility to install a smart meter in his home. Electricity was shut off November 10, and remains off.

Here is Williams talking about his dire predicament on November 14.

According to the press release, the Virginia State Corporation Commission approved the statewide installation of smart meters in January 2022, as part of the Grid Transformation Plan. I’m sure this state agency didn’t consult with Milton Williams or any of the other folks who thought they owned their homes and therefore exercized some degree of control over what type of monitoring devices get attached to them.

Williams is not alone in this nightmare story. It gets worse.

Aeron Mack of Fauquier, Virginia, also related his personal experience with Dominion, which informed him they had “upgraded” his house to a “smart” meter without his knowledge or consent.

“I have Lyme disease and cannot function with a smart meter on my home, but Dominion wouldn’t remove it so I had it replaced with an analog by a trained professional,” Mack said. “I had just gotten home and was recovering from minor cancer surgery when Dominion showed up to cut off my power. I called the police to help me and instead of checking on my welfare, they stood laughing with the Dominion technicians while I cried and was forced to choose between a smart meter and no power.”

I’m sorry to say it, but this is par for the course when it comes to those who work in law enforcement. I know there are still some good cops out there, but when push comes to shove, they will side with the corrupt establishment.

The press release stated that Dominion Energy’s “smart” meters can emit radiation bursts up to 190,000 times per day.

Health effects include ringing in the ears, leg cramps, balance problems, heart and eye issues, fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and disorientation.

Children are the most vulnerable to the radiation exposure, because their bodies are still developing and growing. Symptoms include headaches, persistent nosebleeds, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, sleep disruption, ADHD symptoms, weakened immune system and abnormal brain development.

Also, if you live in a condo or apartment complex where dozens of these smart meters are clustered in a small area, you are getting a mega-dose of harmful radiation.

One of the many medical doctors who are blowing the whistle and sounding the alarm about smart meters is Dr. Amy Myers, M.D. You can read her assessment of the problem and what we can do at her website, which is full of good information and advice.

And here is a video from Virginians for Safe Technology that provides more information on how all this wireless tech plugged into more and more powerful frequencies is harming our human cell structure.

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44 thoughts on “Utility company lays it on the line for customers: Take the Orwellian ‘smart’ meter or freeze!”

  1. john shaphat December 6, 2022 at 3:08 am

    Hello John
    In my previous comment I did not condone or condemn the protestors I was simply giving an account of what happened in my country.

    However, I believe that a man has the right and a duty to protect his family from the evil doers who would seek to kill and destroy. The Irish people were already paying for the water supply in their taxes. But introducing water metering is not about providing a better service. It is about control and being able to deprive people of a very necessary resource at the behest of the globalists.
    If somebody was about to forcefully take possession of your gun in order to shoot some innocent people and their children, would you not deny him the use of it by disabling the weapon if necessary?
    The water metering equipment was effectively the property of the taxpayer since it was being paid for by the taxpayer without the taxpayer’s consent. So, the taxpayers decided to disable the metering equipment which they had paid for. The Irish taxpayers continue to pay for their water supply by paying their taxes as was previously the case but without a metering system.
    I would argue that disabling the metering equipment was a way to stay outside of the globalist system.

    PS. Where does it say that coming out of the beast system will be done peacefully?


    1. Anthony William says:
      December 6, 2022 at 8:08 pm

      RE: “I would argue that disabling the metering equipment was a way to stay outside of the globalist system. PS. Where does it say that coming out of the beast system will be done peacefully?”

      Hello Anthony

      Socialism’s (SS#) digitally-marked chattel are dependent-wards WITHIN the Marxist Beast’s global social welfare system and therefore fined for disabling the metering equipment and taxed on water usage. Fascist control of ‘smart’ water meters within Socialism’s eugenic Security System enable the Marxist Beast’s Brownshirts to deprive their captive chattel of this life-sustaining resource.

      The souls of faithful cross-bearing wise virgins who were arrested as harmless lambs and peacefully led to the slaughter were violently beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (Rev. 20:4)


  2. They said these smart meters emit too much radiation and that can cause HAVOC on your health.

    Sorry, it’s not for me. Don’t you put one on my house.


  3. My smartmeter almost burnt the house down.

    I was having flickering lights a few years ago. I went outside and looked at the smart meter. While I watched, I saw a red glow inside the meter, about 2/3rds up from the bottom of the face, on the centerline. After less than a minute, the meter glass filled with smoke and I could no longer see the meter face. Then, the top of the meter cover melted and flames came out of the top of the meter.

    In minutes, the meter pole was a roaring fire. There was loud arcing with unbelievable power. The meter pole was separated from the house by a foot or so. It was just enough separation that the house did not “catch”. I don’t know how the house escaped being torched. Maybe the wind was just right that day.

    Of course, the electric company blamed the fire on the contacts in the electric box but I’m completely convinced their conduct is aimed at avoiding liability. They simply refuse to admit that smart meters are dangerous, defective tech. In the absence of experts stepping up, they will continue to get away with this dangerous tech.

    If you have control over the placement of one of these meters, demand that the meter is *not* mounted directly on your house! The further it is from the house, the better. Also, make darn sure there is nothing combustible near the meter!


      1. I am currently building a house in New Mexico. I will have electricity, but only for lights and the refrigerator. The heat will be by wood burning stove. Water heater and stove will be gas. Screw their smart meter. If they want to push it, I’ll cancel them and put up a few solar panels for the little bit of electricity I’ll be using. $20 bucks and I can harvest 10 cords of would from the national forest (no cutting of live trees); Just dead wood or standing trees that are dead. 10 cords of wood would last me for a few years. However, I will have to maintain a small population of woodchucks. I really want to know.


  4. It is getting so dystopian and totalitarian everywhere. And don’t think all of this is totally disconnected to the climate laws they just passed. All you have to do now is follow the popcorn trail to see what they are planning. They won’t tell you it’s connected, but it is. They won’t tell you a lot of things…. as we know!

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  5. EVERGY, the KC region power supplier, installed a SmartMeter between 1AM and 4AM one evening when I was at home. We never knew they were there. I had stickers all over that area of my home instructing the power company to keep the analog meter in place, and NOT to install a SmartMeter.

    I caught them on another evening running away from my property as I returned home on foot, jumping into their Kansas City Power & Light truck, and speeding off.

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  6. Well I can tell you how I dealt with this out here in Arizona. I called APS the electric company out here and asked to speak to their top manager I asked for his name he gave it to me. I then told him that my husband was a heart patient and could not have a smart meter due to his health. He tried to tell me sorry I had to have one then I proceeded to tell him that since I have his name and the company I would be personally suing him and APS if anything happened to my husband as a result of having this smart meter. I told him unless he would personally guarantee me that nothing would happen and that I would hold him responsible if something did I was not going to have one andI told him I would see him in court. He immediately changed his attitude and said okay lady I’ll grant you an exception! You see you must threaten them back with financial ruin because it is the only thing that they understand because they are all just money-based entities. I am happy to say it’s been 3 years and I have not had to have a smart meter since. Yes I pay a small $5 fee every month for them to come out and read the meter but to us it is worth it!

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    1. well thats not a good solution when they threaten to terminate your electricity for not paying your bill. you are fighting against giants.


      1. I will buy solar panels and an extra generator. I mostly heat my house with wood. I am okay with going back to the old days. Can spend my money on other things to generate electricity. Wont give them a dime.

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      2. We’re just ants for them to crush underfoot. And laugh at as we try to get away or rebuild our homes that they destroy for their amusement. Like a cruel boy pulling legs off a cricket he caught. That’s how they see us.

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  7. How did corporations get so powerful that they own every level of our government on almost everything?? So powerful that they call the technocratic shots on every aspect of our survival? This is SO fascist. And it’s world-wide.

    Corporations (including utilities) don’t seem to operate on a profit-oriented free market anymore, but on green agenda politics. It’s clear that these smart meters will be used to reduce or eliminate customer use of these energy resources.

    The major oil, gas or coal companies don’t care about serving their customers but controlling them. They are instead profiting from an artificially induced insufficient supply and smart meters will be used to severely ration customer use. We see this playing out in Europe on a higher level geo-politically. Why else would the EU continue the suicidal sanctions against cheap and much more local Russian energy supplies while tolerating the import of much much higher priced US natural gas? Why did our ally Germany tamely accept our sabotage of their Nordstream pipelines (which they own jointly with Russia) the end result being to freeze Europe this winter and next, and most of all, eventually to de-industrialize it, as factories close for lack of vital energy sources. Macron is mad at the US for aggressively taking advantage of this deteriorating energy situation, persuading French factories to decamp to the US.

    Why did Biden immediately shut down major US domestic pipelines when he took office and is still closing pipelines as of last week? Did the major energy companies OBJECT?? Did the politically very powerful energy companies make a huge stink about it and force their will upon Congress and the Biden WH to cease and desist?? Surely they didn’t want any government interference with delivering and selling their products. But it’s been crickets. Makes me wonder if this is now corporate policy and THEY are making our government shut down production.

    Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of global competition for global pipelines—a kind of war actually. Turn some off in one place, capture others in another place, build more pipelines there and sabotage some elsewhere. So are the global energy empires are fighting it out with each other over the supply and delivery capabilities and dictating to their end customers everywhere how much we can use? Seems so.

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    1. Because We the people are such complete IMPOTENT, do NOTHINGS that is why period, full stop. Sitting on the sofa being an utter pussy well, it gets you “phucked”
      Folks we the people are left with Zero Peaceful options within this criminal ass country.

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    2. Corrupt and greedy politicians that’s how. Let’s see how their wealth will save them when they are standing in front of their Savior. That is if a lot of them even believe in Christ. I think money and power are their gods. Let’s see how it saves them.

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    3. Sometimes I amuse myself by thinking how those who squeal the loudest accusing us of “fascism” will be enslaved by such a system. And it will be their own doing too.
      The Woke will learn what real systemic oppression is. All their lives they have been, praised, coddled, told how SPECIAL they were and never reprimanded for anything since childhood.
      These spoiled, ungrateful adult brats will finally experience consequences for their actions. Just like some already have by getting canceled. As ye sow so shall ye reap.

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  8. I’ve read that the poison jabs contain Crispr technology which alters the body’s natural defence system to EMR, causing the body to amplify the 5G signals. This will make the vaxxed community more susceptible to the effects of 5G.

    They’ve recently installed a whole new fire alarm system in the apartments where I live. Now every room has a sensor except for the toilet.
    With the old alarm system, the sensors were physically wired up to the alarm but with the new alarm system the sensors are not wired up to the alarm. Instead, they work remotely so they must be emitting EMR of some sort.

    I wonder will my vaxxed neighbours be affected.

    I personally haven’t felt any negative effects so far, so far, so far, so far 🤣


    1. “I’ve read that the poison jabs contain Crispr technology which alters the body’s natural defence system to EMR, causing the body to amplify the 5G signals. This will make the vaxxed community more susceptible to the effects of 5G.”
      Where did you read that? In one of those rag mags you see at the checkout at the grocery store? It is pure BS. Your body does not have the capability to “amplify” any 5G signal. 5G is just like 4G or any other radio frequency signal only at a different frequency. So why doesn’t your body “amplify” the hundreds of other radio frequency signals that it encounters everyday, like your wi-fi, television signals, radio signals, police radio signals, aircraft signals as examples. Those are all EMR. You will receiver more EMR from your wi-fi than from any electric smart meter.


      1. There is a way to fight back that works!!!! look at Inpowermovement.com
        Cal washington and team have a legal way to win against them visit the website and look up the smart meter paperwork

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  9. Smart meters were installed on houses in Oregon and people had no say in it several years ago. We also have smart water meters and they can tell if your faucet is dripping or the toilet is running. Soon they will tell us we must fix a drip whether you can afford a plumber or not or you’ll be shut off. Totalitarian rule by government and business.

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    1. They tried to introduce water metering in Ireland, but a large section of the general public resisted their efforts. Protests were organised where people began damaging the metering system and also standing over the workers who were doing the installations to intimidate them. Eventually the government gave up.

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      1. Socially Secured virgins in Christ’s Bride who foolishly stand over and intimidate the Demon Beast’s Brownshirt meter installers, in civil disobedience, will reap what they sow and incur the Fourth Reich’s bloodthirsty rage. Peacefully coming OUT of the Beast’s abominable security system in obedience to Christ’s commandment (Revelation 18:4) is the victorious key to overcoming the Demon Beast and entering eternal life.

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