Why we don’t do Disney: This is where the War on Children starts, right inside your own home

Should we believe the company suddenly cares about respecting the values of its customer base?

The rapid decline of Disney is very instructive and it shows how we are not powerless to effect change.

Think of how Christians and conservatives could make a difference in Western culture if we stopped spending our money with those who work to denigrate our values — companies like Target, Netflix, Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber and Lyft, Microsoft, Comcast, AT&T, Levi Strauss, Dick’s, Tractor Supply, the big banks and the rest of the woke companies?

Basically, if a company cares more about its ESG score than it does about respecting traditional values, then I’m done with them.

I care less about who’s in office now than I do about who’s getting my money and then using it to destroy my country.

I know we can’t boycott everyone. But maybe we should do an inventory of where our money is going, and then take the top three or four anti-God, anti-family culprits on our list and boycott them. Start with your bank, then look at where your entertainment dollars are spent, your subscriptions, your favorite clothing retailers and makers, etc. If you look hard enough, these huge companies can almost all be replaced with smaller, more wholesome alternatives. The only ones I’m not sure how to replace are Apple and/or Microsoft and maybe it’s not possible since they have such a monopoly. After reading Chris Wright’s excellent piece below on Disney, please leave suggestions in comments.

By Christopher Wright of The Daily Skirmish

Disney is back in the news, this time appearing to eat a small slice of humble pie for leading the charge in the War on Parents. 

How sincere or long-lasting Disney’s new tune will be is anybody’s guess, but let me start by saying something I’ve said many times before:  There have always been gay and transgender people.  Nobody should hate them or shoot them up in a nightclub.  But that doesn’t mean I want them in charge of public policy.  I do not want the tail to wag the dog, or for religious liberty to come under assault in a country founded on religious liberty.  If the radical communist-inspired gay political agenda upsets you, roll up your sleeves and get to work – the right way. 

Disney went all out in pursuing its self-described “not-so-secret gay agenda” and “adding queerness”, in its own words, to children’s programming.  Which led me to wonder why any parent of young children would invite Disney into their living room.  But this week, returning Disney CEO Bob Iger said it’s “important to listen to an audience. It’s important to have respect for the people you are serving.”  He suggested the company should refrain from getting so involved in politics. 

You might recall Disney had publicly condemned Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law aimed at preventing the sexualization of young children in public schools.  Disney went even further and said it would work to repeal the law.  This led to a battle with the state of Florida over the company’s special self-governing status in Orlando.  “I was sorry to see us dragged into that battle,” Iger said this week. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was not impressed with Iger’s comments.  He said the state has no plans to restore Disney’s legal privileges in Orlando.  “They brought this upon themselves,” DeSantis said. “All we did was stand up for what was right.”

You have to wonder if the big flop at the box office of Disney’s “Strange World” – an animated feature film about a gay teen romance – had something to do with Iger’s expression of regrets.  The film could lose as much as $100 million dollars.  The shareholders aren’t gonna like that.

It remains to be seen whether the Magic Kingdom will really listen to them or anybody else.  I have my doubts.  Disney has been pedal-to-the-medal sexualizing children and pursuing the radical gay agenda in recent months:

  • it’s new Christmas TV series features children holding signs saying “We Love You Satan”
  • it bowed to pressure from the Left and started running political and issue ads on its streaming service, Hulu
  • it teamed up with other companies to give grants to college students to make films promoting abortion
  • it funds an advocacy group that is creating propaganda to influence policymakers to advance the LGBTQ agenda in schools
  • it lobbied the Senate to pass the so-called Respect for Marriage Act which, critics say, threatens religious liberty

Disney has a lot of gay and Woke employees.  It’s not clear Iger can make any headway against what is now very entrenched sick company culture that demands the right to sexualize your children and to have you pay them to do it.  It’s also not clear Iger even wants to.  After all, he’s the guy who said the Florida parental rights bill seemed wrong to him and would harm children.  He also said his stance wasn’t about politics.  I don’t know about you, but I get very nervous when somebody advocates for a left-wing cause and tells me they’re not political. 

Will Disney change course?  I’m from Missouri.  Show me.  Meanwhile, keep your money in your wallet.

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41 thoughts on “Why we don’t do Disney: This is where the War on Children starts, right inside your own home”

  1. Elijah approached all the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him. But if Baal is God, follow him.” At noon Elijah began to taunt them, saying, “Shout louder, for he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or occupied, or on a journey. Perhaps he is sleeping and must be awakened!” 1 Kings 18:27

    Queen Jezebel of Israel’s harlot church attempted to quench the convicting voice of Elijah’s Spirit, but he wouldn’t be silenced. With mocking disrespect Elijah repeated the weirdly worded theological ideas of Jezebel’s apostate clergymen, that brought down God’s refining fire from Heaven.


    1. You are no Elijah entitled to your “mocking disrespect.” You are merely flattering yourself.

      Try talking like a real person instead of a robot and I repeat—if you have a disagreement with me, state your objections and your reasons for them directly.


  2. Many years ago I read an article online which said that Microsoft was a major player in the porn business. It stated that Microsoft profits from/controls/distributes a big chunk of the hard-core ‘adult films’ streamed in hotels and motels across America. But all my recent efforts to verify this through online search have come up blank. It certainly seems plausible given Bill Gates’s buddying with Mossad agent/blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein. If anyone has any info, for or against, kindly share. The billionaire psychopath Gates thinks he should dictate health policy (Covid hoax), weather policy (climate-change hoax), and food policy to the world.


  3. Children don’t have an adequate filter to protect themselves. Traditionally it was the role of parents and adults to watch out for the children and to protect children from evil but thanks to the media that protective ring has been broken in various ways.

    The resolve of adults has been broken down by the TV and online porn which is rampant. So many TV soaps include a gay relationship even ‘Dancing with the stars’ which used to be a family show, now has same sex couples. People are willing to suffer the introduction of smut into their favourite TV show rather than miss the show by switching off the TV.
    They are being pacified and are being conformed to develop a tolerance of evil.

    And as has been pointed out already. the media are now targeting children directly and blatantly. ‘Playboy’ target school going children with ‘playboy’ pencil cases. This is all about normalising immorality and destroying a child’s innocence.

    And here in Europe, school children are losing their innocent years due to the introduction of explicit sex education being taught to children as young as eight years old.

    When children lose their innocence at a young age they have been deprived of a normal development. The parents are also deprived of enjoying that innocent time in their children’s lives.

    There is growing intolerance for Christian values and anyone who espouses them. Christians are being marginalised and are seen to be awkward, uncompromising and not fitting in with the new normal which is in fact abnormal.

    For me it is not the technological advances that suggest that we are in the end times. It is the collapse of morality and the descent into widespread perversion.


    1. Anthony , I agree , we are living in a anything goes society and when we the followers of Christ speak up we become enemies because we stand against this evil system. May God give us strength to never give in to this evil .


  4. Children’s TV and movie entertainment has long been very questionable. We used to watch the “Three Stooges” as kids and that was full of sexual jokes and violent, really dangerous behavior. The old musical cartoons (from the 30s-40s which are still shown on TV) were propaganda vehicles for the sexualized pop culture of the day. Even the “Little Rascals” had the strange adult-like romance between Alfafa and Darla, with Alfafa crooning pop adult serenades to her. So this has been going this downward path for a very long time.

    We let Hollywood or Disney corporations determine children’s entertainment and corporations go where the money is—which is to Vanity Fair. Sin and sinful thinking has always generated big money. If Disney appears now to be stepping back from “wokeness” and all its perverseness, it isn’t because any CEO saw the Light and wants to preserve children’s innocence but rather obviously because it hit their bottom line. This is only a pause—wait a little while and they’ll be back propagandizing all manner of sin to our little ones. Entertainment for teens is even worse.

    We don’t live in a culture that values innocence and that’s the main problem. Visual and musical examples of cultural depravity are ubiquitous. We may try to limit what our children see, but it is like sweeping back the sea. Boycotts will help somewhat but unless our whole culture comes to value innocence, I don’t see much to stop the general downward slide. We need a complete overall of the culture to stop the selling of perverseness and constant exploitation. How will this happen in a post-post Christian culture?


    1. Maybe the old timers who condemned TV and all “picture shows” had the right idea? The irony is the fairy stories were darker before Disney got a hold of them. But in stripping out the violence and gore they also took out any deeper messages. Compare the original “Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen to the Disney version.
      What profit it a maiden if she gains the prince but lose her own soul?

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      1. Disney robbed the old fairy stories of their original symbolic religious and moral significance. Most of these old stories were transformational, leading a young child through the narrative towards realization of a higher destiny. Later Disney or other animated children’s films further robbed the whole old fairy story genre of its conflict between true Good and true Evil, instead reversing and perverting the differences.

        The conflict and darkness of the old fairy stories addressed the presence of evil and the closeness of death (as mortality rates were very high for our ancestors, particularly children.) But the violence and darkness we see today in entertainment for young folk is almost entirely gratuitous and the darkness in them leads to deeper, more hopeless Satanic darkness and to a bestial condition rather than out of it.

        The kind of narrative going through culture is all important. It either leads a society to a higher calling or to meaninglessness and to hell. Somehow we lost the proper narrative to tell our children, having failed to understand it ourselves. At the very least, we shouldn’t let corporations have the corner market on the narrative, seeing how they have cheapened and perverted it.


      2. The irony is that not only is the promotion of these values more in your face, but the quality of storytelling has gone downhill. Creativity is taking a nosedive.
        Maybe instead of a new Disney we need a new model entirely.
        Great riches and power corrupt even good people. Bring back humble folk art. That used to be what children had for fun–along with physical games.


      3. Kayjae says:
        December 3, 2022 at 2:54 pm

        The Social Justice Gospel’s narrative going through Democracy’s Western culture is all important. It either leads a society to a higher Humanistic calling or to confusing Babylonian meaninglessness and to hell. Somehow, being under God’s powerful delusion, Socialism’s foolish virgins lost the proper spiritual narrative to tell their digitally-marked children, having failed to understand it themselves.


      4. I agree 100%. I remember in the early days of television that it was lamented that kids sat glued to the TV way too long. That was the 50s yet we still played outside a whole lot more than kids do now. I hardly see kids playing outside anymore anywhere.

        I’m all for bringing back folk arts. I think the 60s hippies tried to do that and in limited ways succeeded but that petered out by the 70s as computers began to influence everything. I’m told most young folks nowadays can’t imagine why anyone would do folk arts and crafts when you can buy what you want. Not much real creativity anywhere—a severe lack of skills and lack of cultural vision is to blame.


      5. Right on Rachel . When I became a Christian , many moons ago it was unheard of to go to a movie theatre but it didn’t take long for the church to accept that as long as it was a G rating . I believe you are right as they know what it would lead to . Shame on us .


    2. Kayjae says:
      December 3, 2022 at 7:34 am

      We socially-secured Laodicean Xians lukewarmly live in Democracy’s transhuman culture that hatefully seeks to crush the Messianic Head of God’s innocent Lamb. And that’s the main problem Xian virgins face in Democracy’s spiritual darkness, as they foolishly carry their empty oil lamps in disobedience to the Bridegroom’s Revelation 18:4 commandment. Visual and musical examples of Democracy’s cultural depravity are demonically ubiquitous. Foolish virgins in Christ’s Bride may try to limit what their socially-secured children see, but it is like sweeping back the Humanist sea from which arose the 7-headed Demon Beast. Boycotts by Laodicean Xians will do nothing to stop the demonic slide of Freemasonry’s ’sacred’ Western culture into Armageddon’s final holocaust. We lukewarm Laodicean Xians need to complete overall the Demon Beast’s democratic culture and stop its selling of perverseness and constant exploitation. How will this happen?! Will it happen under the strong delusion of this Orwellian post-Christian culture as it did in the apostate days of Noah and Sodom-Gomorrah?

      Not much real creativity by Technocracy’s Demon Beast anywhere—a severe lack of Humanism’s carnal-minded skills and a lack of democratic cultural vision are to blame.


      1. John—I’ve asked you before but you won’t listen. STOP copying others comments and then twisting them to carry your weirdly worded ideas. You’re being very disrespectful by doing this. If you disagree with me, then say so directly and quit playing the mocking games.

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  5. I could not get back on that merry go round in the last post and didn’t look back after that last comment I left because I saw some characters were a bit erratic and irrational. You know what I mean! ; )

    New topic now, yes I totally agree! I boycott all I can, with banks they are all in that category of wokeness so in cases like that we don’t have options unless we go bankless, but anything I can I do boycott. Starbucks is one example.

    I too get so tired of professing Christians turning a blind eye and giving a free pass to these things and GASP! God forbid they would deprive their impressionable youngsters of an ounce of FUN in the name of preserving their souls and keeping them pure! Gasp, you killjoy you! LOL : D

    I came across interesting information regarding Disney over the years and it seems they have a long history with pedophilia. One website has specific information. Go to New Jerusalem Chronicle and there should be a list of links at the right and one is titled ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ In that article he mentions explicit information about Disney that is jaw dropping. I hope it’s all still up and running.

    My list of sites also contains exposure about disney among other things going on in the culture and current events. I will provide the list below. The first is a website (I have a long list of those too but they are pretty much all dormant now except the one below) and the rest are all youtube channels.

    Now The End Begins


    A Time for Judgment
    Blood Bought Ministries
    Brylan & Lisa
    End Time Headlines
    Good Fight Ministries
    Jason A
    Nicholas the Watchman
    Patrick Humphrey
    Rapture Ready Headlines
    Sling and Stone
    The Prepared Homestead
    The Watchman
    Watchman Adam
    Watchman Dan Trendell
    Watchman on the wall 88

    A lot of them mention stuff about disney lately.

    Blessings and be ever vigilant for the children!


  6. Thanks for sharing this Leo. I recognized the downward spiraling of Disney around 1990. The only way I caught it was by deliberately watching Disney Saturday children’s “programming”. I believe one of the initial characters that sent me a red flag was Britney Spears’. Then I watched many different Disney shows on Saturdays and after school time. No it wasn’t easy. I was shocked and outraged. You would never see it if you just watched the beginning, the evil content was always deeper. I told everyone I could. Social media wasn’t a thing back then. My grandchildren were just being born. I told my children, other young parents and grandparents. Their reactions were all the same as far as I remember. They would say “Really” and look at me like a deer in the headlights. I know none of them took my suggestion of watching for themselves. My grandchildren and their cousins all grew up knowing, “Granny doesn’t have a tv.” Their parents would “warn” them before coming to spend time with us. As far as I could tell the kids didn’t miss it . Now my great grandchildren are coming along.
    As far as using a big box store. I gave up Wal-Mart. I will use my local SouthEast Grocers assoc store and local hardware etc. Whatever I need I always try to find the local option. And like we discussed on a prior post of yours local farmers etc.

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  7. I’ve noticed how half hearted and apathetic reactions from the Right are.
    Quit hoping a short boycott or stern letters or negative reviews will change things.
    House of Mouse is willing to suffer financial losses since billionaire globalists are making it up. And they plan on getting their piece of the pie once Mr. Global slices up the world to hand around. We have no way of penalizing them.
    Cancel Disney. This WILL keep your kids safe even as the evil continues to grow. We cannot stop the shadows from covering everything in this world; but we can refuse to be a part of the darkness. That’s what counts.

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    1. “Cancel Disney. This WILL keep your kids safe even as the evil continues to grow. We cannot stop the shadows from covering everything in this world; but we can refuse to be a part of the darkness. That’s what counts.”

      Good advice Rachel.
      We cannot utterly avoid the world. That is why Jesus made the distinction between the things of God and the things of Caesar.

      13And they send unto him certain of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, to catch him in his words.

      14And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the way of God in truth: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?

      15Shall we give, or shall we not give? But he, knowing their hypocrisy, said unto them, Why tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may see it.

      16And they brought it. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? And they said unto him, Caesar’s.

      17And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.

      In our day-to-day dealings and paying our taxes some of the money we spend will inevitably find its way into the hands of evil people and be used for evil. We don’t have control over that. But I believe that we should avoid direct transactions with evil entities such as Disney.


  8. Boycotting Disney is easy. But as you point out, getting our money out of the monolithic corporations supporting the evil is not at all easy. In fact, it may be impossible without moving to a cabin in the woods and giving up all contact with modern society, and for most of us that’s not a viable option. Plus there are Jesus’ statements about being salt and light in the midst of a wicked and corrupt generation.

    The main problem for us is that Vanguard and Blackrock ultimately own almost every business in the Western world, and we know for certain that Blackrock is not only totally onboard with globalism but also has deep roots into child sexual abuse, and worse. See what Ed Dowd has said on that topic. And Vanguard is no doubt just as bad, except that its opaque corporate structure doesn’t let us know for sure.

    So unless we’re buying directly from the people producing food and making products, we are likely supporting not only wokeness but the demonic effort to overcome and rule the entire world.

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    1. That’s true. I thought about it and still decided to try and get as far away from the monolithic retailers as I could. It makes me feel better anyway. Also if this nation ever shuts down the only way we will survive is by supporting each other locally.

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      1. Daily taking up their cross the wise virgins in Christ’s Bride obediently flee OUT of Socialism’s genocidal Security System within the Western culture of the Demon Marxist Beast. Satan’s technocratic World Order is crucified to them and they are crucified to the Re-Set World Order of the Beast’s Orwellian Digital Age (Galatians 6:14). Being good stewards over the Lord’s inventoried goods, they daily have all things in common with their persecuted cross-bearing brethren (Acts 2:44-). Xian virgins who are digitally-marked chattel within the Beast’s Security System foolishly believe they can be salt and light, and self-righteously effect a beneficial, moral reform to the UN global ‘City of Destruction’ by boycotting the fascist Beast’s fourth Reich.

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      2. Yes, I try to avoid the big retailers as much as possible. But so many independent businesses have closed or aren’t doing well since covid. That was the purpose of the lockdowns, of course.


  9. I’m sorry my fellow citizens who frequent here but I have some harsh realities to tell you. Disney has always been about perversion of children. There are many researchers who have proven sexualized hidden images in Disney films. (The narrator is a bit irreverent but that doesn’t dismiss the content)

    reference to the “lemon” comment. (beware it’s repugnant)

    ANOTHER round of info

    AND again more deeper things
    REMEMBER these movies are SUPPOSED to be for children!
    Now lets get into just WHO was Disney?
    WHY does he call the playground he has built the MAGIC KINGDOM?
    Just who’s KINGDOM would employ Magic HMMMM?
    Are we not warned in the Scriptures to have nothing to do with the magic arts? There’s more to words and names folks pay attention!
    There is some debate whether Disney was a Freemason but pictures are worth a thousand words.

    Here the very organization admits his membership

    ALL this can be Googled.
    Thing is folks the Freemason are not a benevolent society but are worshipers of our Heavenly Fathers arch enemy.(Higher degrees know this lower ones do not)any and I mean ANY society who works in secret is by definition “repugnant and evil” quoted by JFK.
    We have been dupes for far to long by this evil group who’ve infiltrated EVEN OUR OWN CHURCHES!
    So it doesn’t surprise me at all that we are losing the battle for our children’s souls. CHURCH make a STAND stop being complacent STOP with the “coexist “garbage! What fellowship has light to do with darkness? 2Cor 6:14, Eph 5:8,11,1John 1:5-7.
    Resist the Devil…by unhooking your need to the Tel-A-Vision PROGRAMING!
    God Bless you.
    Leo I apologize for the voluminous rant but my exasperation grows
    with believers so dumbed down by the wicked One’s agenda.. Thank you for posting this.

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    1. I agree. The television has been used to deliver a tremendous amount of dark content. They don’t call it “tv programming” for nothing. I’ve probably made this comment before on Leo’s site but we gave up tv in 1992.

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  10. Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see,
    Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see.
    There’s a Father up above looking down in tender love,
    Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see.
    Oh, be careful, little ears, what you hear,
    Oh, be careful, little ears, what you hear.
    There’s a Father up above looking down in tender love,
    Oh, be careful, little ears, what you hear.
    Oh, be careful, little tongue, what you say,
    Oh, be careful, little tongue, what you say.
    There’s a Father up above looking down in tender love,
    Oh, be careful, little tongue, what you say.
    Oh, be careful, little hands, what you do,
    Oh, be careful, little hands, what you do.
    There’s a Father up above looking down in tender love,
    Oh, be careful, little hands, what you do.
    Oh, be careful, little feet, where you go,
    Oh, be careful, little feet, where you go.
    There’s a Father up above looking down in tender love,
    Oh, be careful, little feet, where you

    An admonition for the older of us also…..

    Boycott Disney and affiliates!

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  11. I’m done with Disney. I wish I could say they never had a penny of my money. But I can say they will never have another, regardless of how they try to convince me they are going in a new direction. I won’t even buy Disney toys/products at garage sales for my granddaughter, because I don’t want her to ever have the impression that Gramma thinks Disney is safe or okay.

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