Health minister tells G20 nations they must implement WHO-approved ‘digital health certificates’ tracking all human movement for ‘next pandemic’

November 15, 2022

Despite reams of evidence showing that the experimental mRNA Covid vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, the Indonesian minister of health called Tuesday for a global “digital health certificate” to track and restrict the movement of people under the guidance of the United Nations World Health Organization.

The health minister of Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation, spoke during the Business 20 event, also called or B20, as part of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The two-day summit attracts global business leaders to offer policy recommendations to the G20 Summit to solve issues of importance to the “business community,” which in this case really amounts to the pet projects put forth by giant multinational corporations.

Bill Gates, for instance, was in attendance, along with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, spewing their normal globalist garbage about transforming the world and achieving net zero carbon emissions.

But Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin got right down to brass tacks. He stated:

“Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around. So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people one hundred percent, which [collapsed] the economy globally, you can still provide some movement of the people.”

You heard him. “If you have been vaccinated you can move around,” he said. Isn’t that nice of him?

These globalist predators are no longer hiding their agenda. They want a restructured world order where everyone must show their “digital papers” and submit to an all-powerful digital beast system in order to be afforded the “privilege” of travel.

Without the beast system’s QR code on your phone, you won’t be able to leave your home, or maybe they will let you out of the house for “essential functions” only, like to the grocery store or pharmacy. Once they have the digital money in place, that will be easy to enforce. They just program your money to shut off once you venture outside your pre-approved radius of movement.

And that digital, programable currency is getting closer to reality.

Global banks testing digital dollar

It was reported today that several of the world’s banking behemoths are participating in a test run alongside the New York Federal Reserve. Global banks are partnering with the New York Fed for a 12-week digital dollar pilot program.

The banks participating in the program with the Fed include Citigroup, MastercardWells Fargo and others.

I believe the new Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDCs, will make their debut in 2023. And this digital currency will tie in directly with the digital health certificates on people’s cellphones in what will become a personal dossier on every individual, tracking and monitoring their movements and behaviors. If you disobey the government, if you post “disinformation” on the Internet or refuse to stay “up to date” on your shots, they will simply have the banks shut off your money, or restrict its usage to certain places and for certain products. They could also shut off or restrict your digital money if your carbon footprint exceeds your pre-approved monthly allotment.

Sadikin went on to say at the G20 Summit that an agreement to have the digital health certificate in place using “WHO standards” had been reached between the G20 countries and Indonesia.

So Indonesia is the testing ground. This is a common tactic for the globalists, to roll out their pilot programs in smaller countries before unleashing them on the larger countries.

Sadikin continued:

“Indonesia has achieved… G20 countries have agreed to have this digital certificate using WHO standards, and we will suck it into the next World Assembly in Geneva as the revision to international health regulations. So hopefully, for the next pandemic, we can still see some movement of the people, some movement of the goods, and some movement of the economy.”

The next pandemic. They’re already talking about it. Get ready. Prepare yourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, because when it gets here, it will take a lot of courage to stand your ground against the medical tyranny that almost everyone complied with the first time around in 2020 and 2021.

Even now, some are still getting their regular “boosters,” although we know from the anger expressed by Dr. Fauci a couple of weeks ago that not nearly enough people are getting the boosters and so they will come up with some excuse to tighten down the screws soon enough. is 100 percent reader supported and is not beholden to any corporate ads or sponsorships, which allows us to report the unvarnished truth about big government, big pharma, big tech and the rest of the globalist cabal. If you’d like to support Leo’s reporting, donations of any size are appreciated and may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or by credit card below. Thanks!


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37 thoughts on “Health minister tells G20 nations they must implement WHO-approved ‘digital health certificates’ tracking all human movement for ‘next pandemic’”

    1. Well now that Titile 42 has been blocked for illegals crossing the border without covid shot proof perhaps world travelers coming into the USA will be afforded the same courtesy.


  1. They found a crack in your armor when you foolishly fell for COVID. They are NOT going to stop till YOU tell them to stop.


    1. They love the common man protesting and demanding cause x, y or z. As soon as the people are worn out or their attention gets distracted (false flag anyone?), these illegitimate regimes will be back to their fubar criminal behavior.

      If we want to stop these criminal regimes, the common man has to make the regime’s criminal conduct expensive …… and painful.


    2. Ratty says:
      November 16, 2022 at 6:36 am

      Not sure who the your you are talking about but if its the church of Jesus Christ we have found the cracks in they’re armor . (lies deception , manipulation ) its the true believers they are worried about as the enemy satan understands the power of the living church . We are not on the defence , not the tail but the head . We might not get them to stop as scripture is very clear , but certainly put a stick in theyre spokes .

      My thoughts .


    1. I sure hope when the “next pandemic” comes I won’t be one of the only ones not wearing a mask like last time. These globalists know that people on the whole are like aheep and don’t like to stand out because of fear.
      Time for courage. No fear, God is in control. Read Psalm 37 and let it sink in !!

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  2. Next spring get serious about learning gardening or over this winter learn a handicraft so you can make something useful that can be traded in barter. If we are being reduced to the pre-industrial state, then we should maybe look at how our ancestors got along. We are way too dependent on this technocratic, push button, consumeristic economy but don’t know how to do anything basic for ourselves.

    Our economy will have to be very local in order to be independent, but doesn’t have to be rural in order to survive. An economic community can be built anywhere even in very difficult circumstances.

    There are a lot of Amish and Mennonites in my area and the thing I find most interesting about them is they manage a very tight-knit and successful economic community. They depend on each other, they are enterprising business people who profit from their farm products sold to us “English” folks in the city. It seems to me they are doing something right economically by how they figure out and meet their needs as a group. They buy from us English too. I was amused to see a group of young Amish women and their husbands shopping for a top of the line sewing machine (operated electrically of course, not a treadle machine). They were buying the machine to be used by their group, so they were discussing the merits of different machine models with some excitement and animation. They weren’t rigidly avoiding all modern technology, they are careful what they appropriate and how used. Maybe a lesson for us—we don’t have to take every technology that comes down the pike. There are ways to resist.

    Side note: During the Covid crisis, I noticed none of the local stores, including the big chains, forced the Amish to wear masks. Hmmm. Makes me think they were allowed some leeway because they are so different from the rest of us and they also refused to conform to our ways, including masking.

    The majority of us generally lack community and act as if we lack connection to each other. We need to change that. Connection with each other and Localness is where we will win this battle against the globalists. Keep in mind that the globalists are afraid of us—that’s why they cheat on elections (they can’t win otherwise) steal from us, threaten us, divide us, and lie to us. We vastly outnumber them and they fear our numbers. Our problem is we don’t know or use our strength.

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    1. Really? How desperate they must be to attempt this overt tyranny. Just say no. Appeal to the God of heaven to strike these evil, reprobates down.
      Give God praise.

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    2. Great comment Kayjae, especially the part about the Amish. We could learn from them in how to stick together and dance to our own tune, not the world’s tune. By the way, I’m not Amish but I never put on a mask to shop in any store. Only two enforced the masking to the point of asking me to leave and so I just took my business elsewhere. Why didn’t more Christians do that? Why did so many comply? Fear I guess. Fear not just of the hyped up “virus” but fear of man’s disapproval. That’s something we need to get over if we are going to make it through what’s coming with our faith intact.

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    3. I like their independent way of life. But the programmable currency will reduce their trade to only what they can barter for.


  3. What is evident more than ever, is these monsters aren’t drinking their own kool-aide. Since none of them are having any problems w/’suddenly’ it’s highly evident, course we’d need their bl**d to be tested to verify that, but no other issues with ‘suddenly’.
    Musk & Zuck both expressed their refusal only to flip in less than a week. But no reports of ‘suddenly’ in amongst their ilk.

    I also watched an Irish lady former admin assist whistleblower explain, tediously, since the interviewer cld NOT CONCEIVE of anyone would/could perpetrate an evil this big, this absolute, she kept asking but, but…WHY????

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  4. Yes and a few more news items….

    1. Don’t take the flu shot, or any other shot henceforth. They are doing the same thing with it. Pushing it on the same populations, putting the same stuff in it as the other shot, and as usual, it’s…… FREE! Oh yippee! They just love us sooooo much! Ha.
    2. A bank in Australia is doing a pilot run too about monitoring carbon footprints. Climate laws coming in ahead…. see youtube channel Patrick Humphrey, it was one posted yesterday.
    3. The COP27 meeting all about climate change. It started on the 6th, 6 days later had an event, and 6 days later (Friday) will have another event. It meets on Mt. Sinai, world religious leaders are there, and they have coughed up a new set of 10 commandments for the planet, #2 involves the heresy of pantheism. You can read about it on now the end begins, or go to the youtube channel Watchman on the wall 88. Others have stuff on it too.
    4. WW3, Russia hits Poland, nato, etc. and it’s all hitting the fan in slow motion.

    They need order out of chaos. Fret not. Pray. Enjoy your relationship with the Lord. And enjoy the holiday season too. I’m doing all of these!
    : )

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    1. Maybe wait until the facts are in about Russia hitting Poland. Doubt very much Russia is deliberately attacking a NATO country (which Ukraine is not). The yellow journal press wants to gin up WWIII with a false flag. This looks instead more like another stray Ukrainian Soviet era missile that went off course—a common occurrence for those old missiles.


  5. I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but there are definitely some dark clouds on the horizon. How should we respond? Some thoughts…

    1/ Fear Not. Trust in the Lord.
    “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10.

    2/ Don’t Get Distracted by Speculation
    We don’t know when Christ will return. And it’s not our place to predict it. We should be aware of events that are happening, but not get distracted by speculation that will get us nowhere.
    Rather, be ready. “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect” Matt 24:44.

    3/ Pray More Fervently.
    4/ Be Salt and Light in the World.
    5/ Share the Gospel Where Possible.
    6/ Be Hopeful
    Why are you cast down, O my soul,
    and why are you disquieted within me?
    Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
    my help and my God. Psalm 42:11 RSV

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    1. All good advice. And I would add that we should all try to get more engaged with our local community. Washington is lost. Most state Capitols are lost. Forget them, along with all those who turn up their noses at the truth. Dust off your sandals and focus on trying to wake people up in your area and circle of influence. But you’re right, the gospel message has got to be the top priority.

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  6. What frustrates me, Leo, is I feel as if I should be DOING something. There must be a reason God has let me find this stuff out ahead of time. But what should I be busy with?
    I’m chronically ill and manage to keep my house maintained between bad days. I post to Substack sporadically. If I were healthy and rich like my brother, I might do something to help others. Maybe even succeed. But he has his head in the sand.
    Not sure what we should even try to do. Realistically speaking.
    It’s like having a terminal illness.

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    1. I feel the same way Rachel! I have two sisters that I contnue to share articles (As Leo’s here) and try to let them see this giant ice-burg straight ahead and they think I’m looney balooony!… It would be great to team up with others AND START DOING SOMETHING!…..Daily Jokes, Daily Recipes, and Cute kitty kat pics are all my sisters care about!
      Just As The Days of Noah!… Digital Money is coming real soon
      “Global Banking Conglomerates To Join With Federal Reserve Bank of New York To Conduct A 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot Program”
      Look up – Now The End Begins-

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    2. Pray dear one. I too have very limited resources and am, surrounded by deceived neighbors (jabbed). But I can use the most powerful weapon God has given me besides His word and Spirit …Prayer!

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    3. Rachel Nichols says:
      November 15, 2022 at 11:38 pm

      RE; What frustrates me, Leo, is I feel as if I should be DOING something. There must be a reason God has let me find this stuff out ahead of time. But what should I be busy with? Not sure what we should even try to do. Realistically speaking. It’s like having a terminal illness.

      What was Moses daily DOING as God miraculously led him and Israel out of Egyptian slavery across the Red Sea and through the barren, waterless wilderness for forty years? The Good Shepherd of God’s beloved flock of dependent sheep commands them to daily TRUST and OBEY Him. He commands them to daily take up their cross as He miraculously leads them out of their cradle-to-grave captivity within the Beast’s Socialistic security system. God’s miraculous nurturing of Christ’s Bride, in the socially un-secured wilderness, will NEVER be experienced by faithless, disobedient Xians who foolishly attempt to save their digitally-marked souls within the Marxist Beast’s eugenic Security System.

      “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.” Revelation 18:4

      Focus on loving the Lord Jesus in repentance, and faithfully obeying His gospel’s holy commandment as your life’s eternal priority.

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    4. Rachel, and everyone here, I get so much encouragement from your comments. This is my first time commenting, and I am timid to speak up with a few I love who seem oblivious, I try to be careful with my words so I don’t blow it. But I get so much strength and courage from the comments here. You are all VERY important with what you do and say. God is using you in ways you may not see.

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      1. I was just going to say the fact Rachel, Lady Tess and Kgazin can comment and make suggestions is a witness to others of God’s provision. Perhaps y’all are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Maybe do what Kgazin suggested. Perhaps y’all could network people in similar situations. You know “Strength in numbers”


  7. Thank You Leo for continually keeping us up to date. We seem to be sinking or falling lower into these evil men’s plans. A very dark looking future , one in which won’t come without resistance!….. Ohhh, not to get off topic but today I read Barrak Obama and Boy George Bush are joining together to fight MIS-INFORMATION!!
    ………… Many empty-heads out here will follow their orders, commands and threats lockstep and comply completely ‘cuzz we gotta fight these nasty ol pandemics and trust the science (throwing commonsense out the window) and do as your told and for fighting this horrible Climate-Change emergency! “Together We Can Do This & Yes We Can! Build Back Better and There’s No Place Like Home!”… Then Eat your bugs and Behave! These ARE Truly The Last Days!

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      1. I from Brazil, thanks for information. I have 17 years old, I watch the news and I feel bad. I try to inform through Facebook, but people think I’m crazy. my mother is my brothers believe but my father does not. I try to find something handmade for me to produce.

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