Chuck Schumer talks about need to replace Americans with illegal immigrants because ‘we’re not reproducing like we used to’

Senator Chuck Schumer is whining and complaining about wide-spread workforce shortages, saying American families are not “reproducing” enough young workers to fill jobs that our economy needs in order to thrive.

Take a look at Schumer’s comments Wednesday at a press conference in Washington, D.C.

But the New York Democrat’s solution is not to encourage more mothers and fathers to choose life and raise a family. No, far from it.

Schumer would rather see us continue to abort ourselves into oblivion and then replace those souls who were never allowed to be born with migrants spilling across the border. It doesn’t get any more evil than that.

As far as Schumer and his cohorts are concerned, the more aborted American babies sold off for body parts the merrier. Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the D.C. junkyard dogs feasting off the teat of Planned Parenthood celebrate abortion at every opportunity.

And the American people affirmed these politicians on Election Day last week in states like Michigan, Kentucky, California and Vermont, all of which had ballot measures involving abortion and in each one of these states the people voted to voice their approval of abortion rights as they exist, or in the case of Michigan and California, to greatly expand them.

And yet, after decades of pushing abortion, Schumer has the audacity to bemoan the lack of workers. He now says right out in the open that the solution is to replace Americans in the workforce with illegal aliens. This is what my book, Stealth Invasion, was all about, the globalist plan to infiltrate, decimate, and facilitate the destruction of America as we know it (it’s still available, by the way, on Amazon and more relevant than ever).

It’s interesting how if you talk about the “Great Replacement” as a conservative you are labeled a conspiracy theorist, but if you’re an abortion-supporting liberal you can speak openly about it and nobody in the media so much as questions you about it.

According to, the abortion industry, which by the way has financed Schumer’s entire political career, has destroyed more than 63 million unborn children’s lives in the past 50 years.

Whether it’s liberal Democrats like Schumer or country club Republicans like Jeb Bush, they all say that the answer to the Western nations’ birth dearth is to open our borders and welcome the world.

The other culprit in this inability to pro-create is vaccines. For the same reason that Schumer and Company can’t criticize abortion, they also can’t criticize vaccines.

Abortion advocates and vaccine makers are among the biggest funders of the liberal political machine.

Pfizer documents and official government reports in the U.K. prove that Covid-19 vaccination is destroying immune systems, greatly increasing the risk of death, killing hundreds of thousands on a weekly basis, and causing infertility, stillbirths, cancer and a whole host of further devastation and disease.

So shut up Schumer. You’re nothing but windbag for the abortion and pharmaceutical industries.

To cover over your genocidal policies, Mr. Schumer, you want to grant citizenship to 11 million or more illegal immigrants.

Schumer went on to attack pro-life Republican lawmakers as nasty and immoral, saying, “Latino voters and most Americans understand the stark difference between our values and those of Republican candidates,” and “BS spread by these right-wing people” is “nastiness.”

Schumer’s a liar. Most Latinos I know are pro-family and pro-life. And if they come here legally, they should be welcomed with open arms.

And what are those sacred values that Schumer alludes to and suggests they are in contrast to the “nasty” and “immoral” values of pro-lifers?

LifeNews reports that Schumer wants to pass a radical pro-abortion bill that would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth and force taxpayers to pay for them. This is essentially what California and Michigan did on Election Day last week and now Schumer wants to force that blood lust on every state in the union.

There is no denying the fact that abortion destroys hundreds of thousands of unborn babies’ lives every year – children who otherwise would have grown up to become valuable contributors to society.

LifeNews cites a report earlier this year by the U.S. Congressional Joint Economic Committee Republicans found that abortions cause catastrophic economic loss, including approximately $6.9 trillion in 2019 alone.

Due to declining birth rates, a 2020 study in The Lancet predicted a “jaw-dropping” global population crash by the end of the century that will force the world to “reorganize societies.”

The global fertility rate is about half of what it was in 1950. According to the report, women had an average of 4.7 children in 1950, compared to a 2.4 average in 2017. By 2100, the researchers predicted it will fall below 1.7.

If this continues, it’s more than the economy that will suffer. Humanity itself will become an endangered species. is 100 percent reader supported. If you’d like to support this site, please consider a donation of any size. You may send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.


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11 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer talks about need to replace Americans with illegal immigrants because ‘we’re not reproducing like we used to’”

  1. Oh sure, kill them all off first with abortion and the jab, and then when the whites are dwindling, bring in all the latinos and other ethnic groups from all over the world because ‘the population is dying’! The same strategy has taken place in Europe with the migrants, brought to you by the very same globalists.


  2. Take covid 19 vax we were told it’s safe and effective. I call BS on that. Now we find the vax renders you sterile. So damn right illegals reproduce like rabbits. They didn’t get the jab! What hypocrites Dems are! Kill Americans for more easily controlled people that aren’t suppose to here. TRUMP 2024 or sooner


  3. Murder us Americans who won’t work as cheap as the illegals and have them to replace us. Seems to me if I remember correctly ol Boy George W Bush said in regards to allowing the illegals over he said–” Because, the immigrants will do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do”


  4. American families are not “reproducing” enough young workers to fill jobs that our economy needs in order to thrive.”……. And isn’t part of the purpose of the vaccine is to STERILIZE us Americans so that we aren’t “reproducing” enough young workers to fill jobs that our economy needs in order to thrive.?? Schumer Snake…and a few other choice names!


  5. Well, the technocrats Schumer is working for don’t think they’ll need any workers by the year 2030.
    This is really a strategy from ancient times. After conquering a people bring in other conquered people of different groups. No common language, culture, or group identity means no more nation.
    The Assyrians did it to the conquered Israelites after all their kings led them into idolatry. Just like our “royals” including Chuck Schumer has done. May God remember the oligarchs’ deeds after he chastens us.

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  6. The anti-Christ spirit of the Marxist Beast incarnates itself in the digitally-marked human flesh of its dependent wards who are enslaved, from cradle to grave, within Socialism’s eugenic Security System.
    The demonic, genocidal voice of the Beast is heard through bureaucratic Socialists like Chuck Schumer and Socially Secured Company.


  7. Thank You Leo for bringing this up , We serve a merciful and forgiving God, but the bible is very clear in the killing of innocent children .

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  8. It never ceases to amaze me how utterly hypocritical our politicians are to make such statements concerning dropping birth rates globally after decades of eugenicists and governments forcing just that policy on many populations throughout the world and continues to. Disgusting what Schumer said while he supports slow genocide here. Even China is now concerned about depopulation occurring in their country. Things must be taking a pretty bad nose dive. But isn’t this what these globalist creeps want? So why the complaints??

    “Not enough workers”? After these same politicians and corporations sent our manufacturing out of the country during the 90s, just what do they need illegal alien workers for?? A new serf and servant class? More sweatshops? A mercenary army? Just how are these aliens (mostly poorly educated) to be employed if our factories are closed? And without power, European factories, particularly German, cannot stay in business. Seems to be the Green agenda—to return to a pre-industrial feudal state that can only support a small global population.

    It just amazes me…


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