Ukrainian MP: ‘We are not only fighting for Ukraine, we are fighting for the New World Order’

Ukrainian member of Parliament Kira Rudik stated in an interview over the weekend with Fox News that she and her fellow Ukrainian citizens are not only fighting Russia to save their own country but to save the “new world order that includes all the other democratic countries.”

Of course “democratic” is in the eye of the beholder. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says he’s for “preserving our Democracy” too, even while he was locking truck drivers out of their bank accounts and towing their trucks away to be expropriated by the state. The truckers’ crime? They did not agree with Trudeau’s Covid vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

Joe Biden and his handlers also remind us daily that he is fighting to save America’s democracy even as his Department of Justice brands entire swaths of the population who criticize his Covid policies as potential terrorists simply because they don’t like his Covid mandates or speak out against election fraud in the 2020 election.

This is the “democracy” heralded by the proponents of the Great Reset, aka new world order. And that’s what Ms. Rudik says her people in Ukraine are fighting to preserve. The entire interview is interesting but pay particular attention in the segment that runs from the 1:43 mark to 2:05 mark.

Ukraine is a complicated nation with a complicated history.

All we are getting in America is the slanted coverage from the corporate-owned, state-run mainstream media along with, hate to say it, often just as slanted views from the American conservative media. And from what I have been watching over the last four days, these media outlets seem to be pushing the narrative toward all-out war with Russia. This could lead to a nuclear exchange but they don’t care.

They are gearing all their coverage right now around “poor Ukraine,” having to defend their borders with housewives and old men carrying AK-47s.

I’m not saying there’s not some of that going on, or that such actions are not commendable. What I am saying is that there is much more to the story that we are not being told.

The mainstream corporate media’s main method of slanting the story is not always in what they are telling you but what they are not telling you. Rather than give you both sides and let you make up your mind which seems right to believe, they want to force-feed you only the narrative that supports an agenda. And right now that agenda is war.

  • Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world and is a large purchaser of U.S. military arms. So don’t think they have nothing but rusty old AKs with which to fend off the Russians.
  • Ukraine is home to a slew of U.S.-funded biolabs. What are those labs doing and what is their current status? We’d like to know but we hear crickets from the media.
  • Historically, the land known as Ukraine has always been a fault line between East and West, one that is always simmering and periodically boils over into violence.
  • Ukraine has only been an independent nation since 1991 but the history of this land around Kiev holds all the characteristics of a killing field. Part of the problem is a familiar one: You have three people groups who are all related but do not like or trust each other, yet found themselves forced to live together in a single nation after the fall of the Soviet Empire. No house divided against itself can stand. Not for long.
  • Stalin starved to death an estimated 14.5 million Ukrainian peasants between 1932 and 1933 through his forced collectivization program, stealing their land and giving it to his communist comrades who didn’t know how to farm it.

As the venerable Dr. Vernon Coleman writes, and I agree, war was always going to be needed to forcibly implement the Great Reset. And volatile Ukraine is the perfect place to start it.

For a taste of Ukraine’s brutal history as a place populated by back-biting, disgruntled family members, I share the following information provided by the Orthodox Church (this came from the Church’s Youtube channel in a post from Saturday, Feb. 26. I did not change any of the content but did clean up some of the grammar as English is not the first language of the Orthodox hierarchy. Also know that this history is from the Russian and Eastern Ukrainian perspective, so I’m not necessarily endorsing it, all I am doing is sharing it because every dispute has two sides to the story and we in the West are only hearing one side right now in an all-out, politically motivated propaganda assault).

We tried to avoid the painful subject of war in Ukraine but there were just too many comments and questions coming. We are forced to comment on the subject. First, the war did not start three days ago, it started back in 2014, at the Maidan Revolution that was sponsored by the Western powers to topple the pro-Russian government.

Most don’t know the history of Ukraine. The country is made up of three groups of people.

The first are central Ukrainians who are neutral and have mixed feelings about both the West and Russia, most of them speak Russian.

The second group are southern and eastern Ukrainians who speak Russian and consider themselves to be Russian mostly. They live in Odessa, Crimea, Donbas and Kharkov.

The third and smallest group are western Ukrainians, who are extremely Russophobe and have their center in Lvov, and they are not Orthodox. They are mostly Roman Catholics Uniates or Latin Rite, and they do not speak Russian. They speak Ukrainian, which is so similar to Russian that many think it is more a matter of different dialects. These western Ukrainians are mostly leftovers from once powerful Poland that competed with Russia for control of Ukraine.

This unnatural union of three different-minded groups of people was created by Lenin for the first time 100 years ago. And therefore we have a civil war for the last eight years and it is not the first one.

Millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians were killed by western Ukrainians during Hitler occupation of Ukraine. Historically Ukraine was only Kiev and the lands that surround it. Ukraine in both Russian and Ukrainian literally means “Border land.”

So to be Ukrainian would mean to be Borderian. And, indeed, Ukraine became the border (a fault line) of many competing superpowers.

But it is a historical fact that Russian Christian culture started in Kiev, but Russians failed to spread to the West so they went to the East and moved their political power to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

During the Second World War, Western Ukrainians for various reasons joined Hitler to fight the USSR, and to this day, Western Ukraine remains a lair of neo-Nazism and Banderism (named after Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi leader).

The new pro-Western government that was established in 2014, has banned Russian language in public and has unleashed neo-Nazi Banderists across Kiev, and Russian-speaking Eastern and Southern Ukraine. They even managed to burn 39 Russian-Ukrainians alive in Odessa’s Trade Union Hall. These events triggered a war in eastern Donbas region and led to Crimea’s separation.

For eight years, war in Eastern Ukraine lasted. killing 14,000 people, mostly Russian speaking civilians.

In 2018, Ukraine ended its strategic partnership agreement with Russia and says it wants to enter NATO. Russia being a superpower does not want US-NATO troops and missiles in Ukraine, and that is why we have this tragic invasion.

Both Ukraine and Russia belong to the Jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Patriarch of Russia, Cyril, is in a very bad position, because both Ukrainian Orthodox Church and many Ukrainian soldiers are under his spiritual care.

If he condemns the invasion that could end the eight-year war and Russophobe and anti-Orthodox government, he does no good to his people in Ukraine and the Church. But if he embraces war he abandons many central and western Ukrainians who are loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate but are willing to defend the current Ukraine, and also many who are just conscripts.

Let us all pray for the speedy end of this eight years long war. operates 100 percent on reader contributions and is not beholden to any corporate ads or sponsorships. You may send donations of any size c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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41 thoughts on “Ukrainian MP: ‘We are not only fighting for Ukraine, we are fighting for the New World Order’”

  1. I truely agree with Karen Muler, it’s all about the New World order and WHO that will be telling the whole world what to do and control everyone with their agenda. Pray as never before. But we do know Who will Win. Jesus Christ. We need to be prepared and tell others as the spirit leads.

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  2. The US/NATO/EU policies regarding Russia and the Ukraine has been a stark raving mad policy. Hourly they ratchet up the hostilities in every way possible that would quickly result in WWIII, if it has not already done so. The West is wrecking Russia’s currency and banking system and denying access to warm water ports and straits, and embargoing them in general. That’s an act of war already, not to mention all the gun-running that continues into the Ukraine by the West in the last 10 years. The hysteria by the NATO/US/EU media produced is worse than the war-charged atmosphere leading to WWI. The stakes are far higher now, too, if this war ends up going nuclear the damage to the whole globe could be enormous–and can truly bring a real climate change like that produced by Mount Tambora in 1815. Why has the West utterly refused to negotiate with Russia over its concerns of a NATO/US militarized Ukraine on its border?? Who is the real aggressors here and what do they expect to gain??


    1. Hi. While endtimes Bible proph3cy points to the tribulation when nuclear exchanges will likely occur, I cannot rule out nuclear confrontation happening before the last seven years. I believe in a pretribulation rapture after studying it for myself as well as reading and listening to ministers and writers on the subject. Jesus did not promise His followers a life without trouble. He said that in the world we will have tribulation but to be of good courage because He has overcome the world and also, If they hated Me they will hate you too In the chapters in Ezekiel 38-39 God said that He will rain down fire and brimstone on the nations led by Russia to attack Israel. He also said that He will send fire on the coastlands. Some translation say the Islands in the sea. I don’t know for sure but fire could be nuclear weapons. Then In Zechariah 14, there is a description of a plague causing people’s eyes and tongues and flesh dissolving why they are still standing. The same thing will happen to the livestock. This will happen at the battle of Armageddon. That suggests to me nuclear war in the end times. But scripture such as Revelation 3:10 Jesus says He will keep the church from the hour of trial that will come upon all those who dwell upon the earth. While He said this to the church if Philadelphia it ends with the words Let those who hear hear what the Spirit says to the churches (plural). While believers will be raptured before the tribulation, we still cannot rule out trouble before we are raptured. I don’t want to cause fear, but “Come on Christian soldiers marching on to war.” Let’s take courage that you have been placed here at this time for a reason. Whether we live or die, let us both live and if necessary die for the love and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ who “delivers us from the wrath to come.

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  3. Sorry are you saying that because Ukraine has biolabs and (so you say) is pro NWO and they have attacked Russian Ukrainians – that Russia has a moral justification to invade and bomb apartment buildings and hospitals??


    The labs can be investigated and if proven to contravene world law then destroyed

    Russians in Ukraine are free to leave

    NWO – so what if they are? they can have whatever policy they want and if they change their mind their goverment will be voted out and a different policy will prevail.

    Nothing in what you have hinted at or stated justifies in anyway another country invading a country


    1. I didn’t say it (about being pro NWO). They did. The biolabs are a fact, not my opinion, and what about the child sex trafficking? This is all to be glossed over and dismissed in your opinion, which you are entitled to express. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Ukraine is the largest Christian nation in Europe. I personally know native Ukranians who run a large evangelical Seminary in Kiev. Over 500 students this semester…until Russia invaded. They have taught & reached thousands for Christ. Perhaps millions. Since 1991 & freedom from the USSR, their bible outreaches have been received incredibly well.
        Does not the USA have Biolabs in our Universities & our military installations? Does the US not have child & human trafficking? Do we not have gangs & mafias ( Big Pharma)? Perhaps WE are more evil than Ukraine! I know that Britain & the US promised to protect Ukraine in 1991 in the Budapest Treaty if they would give up their nukes. They gave up their nukes believing they had protection. Very very sad. The truth is, they do not offer oil or gas for the US so we let them die. The USA fears Putin more than God!

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      2. There are good people and evil people in every nation. I learned a couple years ago that I had Jewish great grandparents who immigrated from Ukraine to America. They may have been a bit backwards from us today because they used an outhouse in their backyard. Funny. 🙂

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      3. KP Butler, the Ukrainian government is no more the citizens of that country than Washington is the citizenry of our country.
        The elitists should not be regarded as real citizens. They probably don’t consider themselves to be such either. No loyalty for their nation and no love for any of its lowly people. May the Lord hold them accountable and look out for those they seek to crush beyond remedy.

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  4. Reblogged this on Heeearing With Heart and commented:
    “Of course “democratic” is in the eye of the beholder… [and] As the venerable Dr. Vernon Coleman writes, and I agree, war was always going to be needed to forcibly implement the Great Reset. And volatile Ukraine is the perfect place to start it.”

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  5. There is intense censorship and pushing of the narrative. George Soros put out statement for what we are 2 believe. I believe they r trying to censor RT.


  6. Today image in sky cloud formation of either Saint Michael the archangel OR the white horse of the apocalypse. Over kiev which HAS saint Michael on their flag. view the amazing image on yt mother and refuge of the end times.


  7. Oliver Stone directed a worthwhile and detailed documentary “Ukraine on Fire: the Real Story” which details the 2013-2014 Orange revolution in the Ukraine which deposed the elected pro-Russian president and replaced him with a US/NATO backed president. (Look carefully at the street demonstrations–there’s one brief scene that shows someone carrying a Black Lives Matter sign.) Full documentary here


  8. I appreciate your astute analysis. I don’t trust any of the world leaders. The only things I am sure of are innocent people will suffer, Rosh will continue moving south conquering as he goes, the world is waxing worse and Jesus is our blessed hope.

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  9. “Truth is the first casualty of war”. We’re seeing that in real time. No one really knows for sure what’s going on except maybe the players. I read a comment that said “don’t let the media talk you into war”. That’s happening in spades right now. It’s hard to remain dispassionate when you see the images the media puts out non stop, but we’re being herded again. Covid hysteria has now morphed into Russia hysteria. Eric Swalwell and another Democrat leader said we should deport all Russians including the students that are here. And these people are in charge of our govt??!! And we’re supposed to believe any of them after all the Covid lies? I feel like I’m in a Kafkaesque movie.

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    1. I avoid talking about it with the TV heads.
      “Not sure what’s really going on with Russia and Ukraine,” I say.
      “So, I guess you support Putin’s mass genocide of the innocent civilians just for lower gas prices? Reeee!” They respond.

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  10. I think a HUGE tell in all of this is the comments made by JOHN KERRY! He hopes that Russia will end this thing so that they can all get back to focusing on CLIMATE!!!! This man is either so completely OUT OF TOUCH with reality or he is COMPLICIT and doesn’t care that way.

    We live in “STRANGE” times, to say the least. I would like it if more of the “prophecy teachers” would give us some of the truth we found right here in this article. As people of God, we MUST KNOW the truth in order to proclaim it!

    I believe this is just another in the “ramping up” of the birth pangs the Lord Jesus told us about. I have had FOUR children, and I know from experience, once they start to get “hard”, watch out! They come rolling on you so fast you want to break in pieces to get them to stop. Seems as though we are beginning to near that place.

    I am in the process of reading/studying the book THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE MESSIAH by Arnold Fruchtenbaum, which I COMPLETELY ENDORSE and recommend that everyone should get a copy and read it NOW! This book will set straight so many of the questions that believers have about the events of the last days and the “sequence” of some of those events. He gives you in-depth but plain-talk information on the last days leading to the Tribulation, and then on to the time that so many are confused about – the seventy-five days after – and then on into the Millennial Kingdom and going right into the Eternal State. It’s some 800 pages but WOW! I recommend it if you’re willing to put in the time.

    God bless everyone here for their comments and thoughts. I think we all need to be about our Father’s business and chewing on the word of God is one of the best ways to do that.

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    1. I, too, am reading Footsteps by Fruchtenbaum. Almost finished with it and it makes tremendous sense. If you want a Biblical and in-depth exploration of why God destroyed the Earth in the flood, read the Judgement of the Nephilim by Ryan Pitterson. It is extremely well researched, gives Christians an understanding of what Jesus meant when He said “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man….Matthew 27:37. The world was infested with Satanic beings (fallen angels) who had procreated with women (daughters of Adam) in order to pollute humankind’s DNA. The goal was to prevent a Messiah from being born because humanity wouldn’t really be ‘man’. Doesn’t this sound just like the NWO goal to make man a hybrid like machines and other pollutions of our natural DNA? They are making babies in test tubes, creating chimeras in labs all over the world with no restraint, and all other manner of infecting human creation. You bet it does. Jesus is coming soon!

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    2. I recommend Footsteps of the Messiah as well. I am going through it a second time and have given it to multiple people. It is worth the read.

      Thanks for the article Leo. So much misinformation. The fact this started years ago is telling. I have heard that from different sources as well.


    3. Another good read, albeit much longer is Homilies on the Book of the Revelation by Archmandrite Mitilinaios. It is 5 volumes long at about 250-300 pages each. I wouldn’t buy it here but this is a link to the series on amazon.

      This is a Greek Orthodox discussion of the most misunderstood book of the Bible.
      Volume 3 begins the discussion into the coming of the antichrist who will rule over all the world in one world government. It goes over every line in great detail on how to understand the prophecy of the present (the time between Christ’s first coming and His second coming). It is awful what is going on, yet I find solace that this is still part of God’s plan. Satan is given complete control of this world but it is of limited duration. The faithful will be protected, but that doesn’t mean their won’t be suffering. We are all called to seek God. God allows us to suffer because we don’t seek Him. Sadly the world is continually falling away, yet we must help our fellow men to turn towards God and repent of our sins. Above all we tend to seek comfort from the material world; that is an illusion; their is no permanent comfort except in the Love of our Father.

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      1. Demons are very active. I have a strong sense of such things.
        It reached a forte in March after lockdown was issued and continued on a crescendo after Easter got canceled. For some reason the Principality of Fear is taking a break for now.


  11. ” New World Order’ and “False-Flags”…. Used to be two terms considered as “CONSPIRACY THEORIES”….. Now we also have “False-FAGS’ welcomed into the BI-dung Administration….(Sorry!..I couldn’t resist that!)….. The Only New World Order I’m looking forward to is ran by YAHWEH and His Son Jesus Christ!


  12. Leo, thank you for a lot of clarification. I had begun to hear and read bits and pieces of what you so comprehensively set forth in this article. As usual, it’s a sorry mess that US media cannot and will not bring forth such insightful detail. Keep it up, brother. Jesus is coming soon, and our Lord expects us to occupy in our callings until He comes. When He comes, will He find faith on the earth? Yes sir, right here among us. May we be worthy of the high and holy call of Christ. — Fred

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  13. Not an admirer of Putin, but the hatred directed his way is probably because he declined to sign Russia up for the Reset. Not his human rights violations.
    Putin wanted to be the big fish in a small pond. And–maybe–he likes Russian things too.
    I feel sorry for the real Ukrainians for getting dragged into this mess. Looks like their kindly gubment is forcing civilians to fight just to gain sympathy points with MSM.
    The rulers of the world no longer consider themselves citizens of their own countries. They are definitely traitors. Worse than ordinary kings and queens of yore.
    Democidal tyrants have always existed, but now it seems they’re all tyrants–finally coming out of the closet. So stunning and brave.

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    1. I don’t know how to stand on this unprovoked attack of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. This article appears to indicate that Ukraine are bad people tio. That it is not all Putin. What comes to my mind is how Putin placed over one hundred thousand troops on the Ukrainian border which reminds me of Ezekiel 38-39 when Russia will amass a large army on the northern border of Israel and then lead a coalition of nations against Israel. It is very similar. While I don’t know what to think about Ukraine/Russia wa, it still appears to me that this attack by Russia was unprovoked and that leads me to be supportive of the people of Ukraine. Although the point that Ujeaine supports the new world order is not good either. It still appears to me that this war could lead into a third world war which does not excite me one bit

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      1. Unprovoked? Since the collapse of the USSR (and George the First’s decalaration of the New World Order), the US and NATO, including their militaries, and in violation of their (empty) promises, have been steadily encroaching on Russia, the 2014 US-engineered coup in Ukraine being a particularly egregious threat, with NeoNazi and proxy state terror since.

        (WW3 already started two years ago with the plandemic.)


    2. Ukrainians are being freed by putin. Ukraines is very resource rich but they’re now poorer then they were when they were in the ussr, they’re the poorest country in Europe($4,500 a year per capita) and thats because of curruption there’s a reason every dem leader has family members on the boards of every major Ukrainian company. We have been bleeding them dry for a decade. Putin is the good guy that’s why they still have power, heat, water, internet and cell service. Neo nazis run Ukraine and they were put into power by the west. The US Federal government and the wef are the bad guys putin is saving Ukraine

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      1. agree. btw kerry biden pelosi and romney have kids in gas co in ukraine, Ive read US/UK r trying to sabotage nordstream.

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    3. The Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum announced the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia


      “We are glad to join the global network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said General Director of ANO “Digital economy” Evgeny Kovnir. “Our organization brings together leading Russian technology companies. We will work together with leaders from these companies and across the network to explore and implement the best international AI, IoT, and data policy solutions. We will bring Russia’s advancements in these areas to the global network and help to shape global progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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      1. I don’t trust Putin at all. My reason for sharing the history between these two countries has nothing to do with Putin, other than to show that the Ukrainian government is every bit as evil. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. “we are fighting for the new world order”. They have no idea what that means. That is not something anyone should fight for. And they will welcome the antichrist with open arms.

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  15. This entire mess is being spun up and accelerated for one purpose and that is to grow the size and scope of governments. When this all spreads, all governments will enact more restrictive powers under the umbrella of keeping us safe. This will all get very much worse before it ever has a chance to get better. Hold on…

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