Globalists are coming for your cars, your cash, and your bodily integrity, and if they succeed they will own everything and you will be their slave in the coming digitized feudal system

‘We are all truckers now’

By Leo Hohmann/February 12, 2022

The worldwide protests going on this weekend are about more than just some truckers upset about vaccines and vaccine mandates.

The world is on fire. People are rising up to make a stand against tyranny. This is good rising up and confronting evil. People are waking up and sensing the urgency of the hour. When you truly wake up, you don’t shy away from the fight.

No, you run to the front lines, because you realize at this point you have nothing to lose, either live the rest of your life as a vassal of the tyrants, obeying your slave master and getting a new shot whenever he gives the order, or you put your foot down and say, “no, I’m done with you. Get out of my life.”

The vaccine mandates are just the latest, most visible, in-your-face example of how the ruling global elites have rigged the system in their favor. It’s been going on for decades, but the mandates are the most audacious power grab to date.

It’s clear how they see us: We are here to serve them, unquestioningly. The minute we start asking questions and demanding answers about radical new policies that invade our privacy and our dignity, they tell us to shut up and get back in our place on the slave ship. You can see this utter disdain for the common man in their reaction to the trucker convoy.

When they told you that you had to “declare your personal vaccine status” to them by such and such a date and that you had to present proof to them by such and such a date that you’ve been “fully vaccinated” or they take away your job, that was a declaration of war.

When they told you they could deny you medical treatment if you didn’t roll up your sleeve and get their experimental jab, that was a declaration of war.

When they told you they had the right to shut down your small business because it was no longer deemed “essential,” that was a declaration of war.

When they told you that you couldn’t go to church to worship your God, that was a declaration of war.

When they told you that you couldn’t board a plane or a subway, or enter a restaurant unless you showed proof you’ve received their shot, that was a declaration of war.

When they ordered that your six-month-old baby, your toddler or your teenage child must get injected with the secret medical formula or they couldn’t enter school or college, that was a declaration of war.

Wars have been fought over far, far less. And tyrants have lost their heads for demanding less of their people.

You take away someone’s ability to put food on the table under threat of receiving an experimental injection and you have declared war on that person and their family.

This woke people up in Canada. And now people in other countries are also getting a clue where this is heading.

They are becoming aware of just how cocky and cruel these globalist overlords can be.

And if they win this battle, if they walk away from this confrontation the victors, then they will not stop at vaccine mandates and passports.

They will move forward with methodical precision to take away the rest of your rights and freedoms. Say goodbye to the First and Second Amendments, your freedom of movement, assembly, speech and worship.

Because under the technocratic one-world beast system, you have no rights, only privileges granted by your overlords.

Their aim is to own you. Nothing less.

When you own someone as property, you don’t ask their permission to give them an order. You just bark the order and they are expected to jump into action. No questions allowed.

When the Canadian Truckers began their Freedom Convoy two weeks ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately branded them a “small fringe minority… holding unacceptable views” who were not worthy of a meeting with him. They were beneath him. Trudeau is a graduate of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program.

When people took up the anti-mandate cause of the trucker convoy in Paris today, Feb. 12, French President Emmanuel Macron, another one of Klaus Schwab’s anointed Young Global Leaders, ordered police to use tear gas against them. He even gassed restaurants with families inside!

That’s the attitude you will encounter from every fraudulent politician and bureaucrat who works, not for we the people, but for the Davos-based globalist elites led by the World Economic Forum and its minions.

The Biden administration in Washington works for that same global cabal as Trudeau in Canada, Johnson in London and Macron in Paris.

A government press conference was held recently in Washington that got very little attention, and almost none of the right kind of attention.

At the podium Jan. 27 giving a statement was Pete Buttigieg, secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, where he announced the launch of the federal government’s Comprehensive National Roadway Safety Strategy.

Ostensibly this was about traffic safety. Oh he is so worried about our safety. That was the façade, the pretext for a broader, more sinister goal. The reality of what Buttigieg was proposing had nothing whatsoever to do with traffic safety.

Before you dismiss Mr. Buttigieg as just another two-bit Marxist appointee of the Biden regime, note that the global cabal has big plans for this man. He is a 2019 graduate of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders program, a five-year “training” initiative sponsored by the World Economic Forum in which future world leaders get indoctrinated on how to sell out their nations for the benefit of evil globalist billionaire elites.

Pete Buttigieg

The end goal for the WEF is the same end goal of the United Nations — a global technocracy where all people, and the politicians who represent them, are submissive to unelected bureaucrats and other highly paid “experts” who manage the affairs of the economy, dole out resources and opportunities based on their own arbitrary and corrupt standards, and decide who gets to do what in life.

Before they can fully implement this beast system, they need to make war against two of the most powerful modes of freedom that are left in the world – cars and cash.

Once they do away with traditional automobiles and cash, it’s over. Their beast system, which they call the Great Reset leading to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will be in full bloom. We will “own nothing,” have no privacy, and supposedly be happy as their digitally marked slaves, at least that’s what they tell us.

The Federal Reserve Bank is already working on creating a new digital dollar to replace cash, but Buttigieg’s job has to do with making the roads unsafe for privately-owned automobiles driven by actual people.

He wants to limit access to the most popular modes of transportation among the middle class, that being automobiles and air travel. Everyone but the super rich and the elites who do their bidding should lose access to independent modes of transportation, especially driver-controlled cars powered by gasoline, which they consider too dangerous to be entrusted with we common folk. The elites, of course, get to keep their cars and private jets.

Here’s what Mr. Buttigieg had to say at his Jan. 27 press conference at which he announced his priorities for spending $17 billion of our tax dollars that will be shoveled into the U.S. Department of Transportation under Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which passed last month with the help of 19 Republican senators:

“We cannot tolerate the continuing crisis of roadway deaths in America. These deaths are preventable, and that’s why we’re launching the National Roadway Safety Strategy today – a bold, comprehensive plan, with significant new funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We will work with every level of government and industry to deliver results, because every driver, passenger, and pedestrian should be certain that they’re going to arrive at their destination safely, every time. “

Buttigieg said his goal was zero tolerance for traffic-related highway deaths. Until not one person is killed on the roadways, he won’t stop trying to make them safer.

And how does he intend to do that?

Easy. By taking the vast majority of cars off the road and replacing them with bicycles and public transit.

How will he do that, you say.

By harassing drivers of traditional cars and making car ownership ever more expensive. The Biden infrastructure bill will provide federal money for states and localities to install “traffic cameras” at every intersection, automatically sending you a ticket in the mail if you are caught on camera passing through an intersection a split second after the yellow light turns to a red.

Where these traffic cameras have already been set up, we’ve seen a great increase in auto accidents, not less. This happens because after receiving a few tickets in the mail drivers become paranoid of running a stop light and will slam on brakes the second the see the light go from green to yellow, which then causes the driver behind them to crash into their rear end.

Buttigieg has also said he would like to see a new federal tax that would be levied on a per-mile driven basis.

A tax like that will be felt by the poor and lower middle class drivers, who already struggle to afford the rising costs of gasoline and insurance. Now they will get slapped with another tax, based on how much they drive their cars.

Buttigieg and Biden also slipped into the infrastructure bill a requirement for all automobiles to be fitted by the manufacturer with a “kill switch” which enables an outside third party to disable your vehicle if they believe you are driving erratically. Just imagine how this could be abused. You own your car, but someone else has the power to disable it. What could possibly go wrong or be abused there?

Why is Buttigieg so against the automobile, you ask?

Buttigieg’s job as assigned by his boss Klaus Schwab is to prepare the U.S. for the Great Reset. Like everything in the Great Reset, changing access to personal vehicle transportation will be done under the guise of public health. It’s for our safety, you know. And in order to “keep us safe,” the government must override our way of life and our freedom of movement.

If you need a pick-me-up, watch the video below of Tricia Lindsay, a former educator who is a civil rights attorney in New York City. She speaks knowledgably and passionately about “the doctrine upon which this country was founded.” I guarantee if you listen to the first 4 minutes you won’t be able to stop until you have watched the full 10 minutes!

For more on how Buttigieg and the World Economic Forum plan to reduce your access to this nation’s public roadways and force you into an electric, self-driving vehicle (if you can afford one), listen to the short podcast below from Michael Fallon.

The National Roadway Safety Strategy announced by Buttigieg last month is just a re-affirmation and expansion of the Complete Streets program launched under the Obama administration.

Taking it to the next level, the Complete Streets Act of 2021 was a bill introduced last year in Congress by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN. Most of what’s in this bill is what Buttigieg will be implementing with his new slush fund of $17 billion in federal infrastructure dollars.

According to the bill, “the term ‘complete street’ is defined as a public road that provides safe and accessible options for multiple travel modes for people of all ages and abilities, including modes such as walking, cycling, transit, automobiles, and freight.”

Under Section 2, part B, the bill talks about the focus of the Complete Streets Act, as follows:

(B) focus on modifying scoping, design, and construction procedures to more effectively combine modes of transportation into integrated facilities that meet the needs of each of those modes of transportation in an appropriate balance.

The pivotal question is, who gets to decide what is the “appropriate balance” of these modes of transportation?

Whoever wields this power over determining the “balance” has the power to grant more or less space to cars, bikes and pedestrians. If Buttigieg and his bosses at the World Economic Forum have their way, they will make it as miserable as possible for drivers of traditional automobiles, giving them the tightest most congested spaces, the most rigid rules, while at the same time charging them a lion-sized share of the cost to build out their utopian transportation system.

The goal is to make the roadways less habitable for standard, gas-powered, human-driven cars and remake them to accommodate autonomous electric vehicles powered by artificial intelligence. There will be fewer people who can afford these self-driving AI cars, but that’s exactly the purpose, to get most of the middle class out of their cars and riding bicycles, public transport and walking. That’s the way things are in China, the biggest surveillance state in the world and a model for every nation in the eyes of technocrats at the WEF and its puppet Young Global Leaders.

States and localities will be encouraged under this bill to farm out the planning of a new transportation system to an unelected regional planning organization, a regional transit authority, or a nonprofit organization. This is a technocrat’s dream. Technocrats hate accountability to the public. The more government functions they can farm out to unelected unaccountable bureaucrats, nonprofits and private contractors, the better. This renders your vote meaningless.

Once they have us out of our cars and stripped of cash, replaced with self-driving autonomous cars and digital money, it’s game over. Our quest for a free life will be over and the beast system will dominate all aspects of life.

That’s why people are coming out in streets in droves to support the trucker Freedom Convoy. These are folks who get it. They don’t want their kids and grandkids to live as slaves.

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55 thoughts on “Globalists are coming for your cars, your cash, and your bodily integrity, and if they succeed they will own everything and you will be their slave in the coming digitized feudal system”

  1. There is another aspect of the race towards digital currency that will affect global power structures that’s not being considered. In a recent interview on American Thought Leaders (Epoch Times), Eric Bethel, a US finance representative to the World Bank, pointed out that China’s new digital currency can provide a non-US dollar denominated payment system to other countries. This, and other digital currencies, will have the effect of of dethroning the US dollar from its reserve currency status. If the US ever loses its reserve currency status, the dollar will instantly lose all its value because of our $30 trillion debt load, and we will instantly suffer a horrendous hyperinflation, the likes of which has never been seen before. The US policy towards its own digital currency has been slow. While digital currencies pose a danger to individual liberties and privacy, the global competition of digital currencies can spell disaster for the US dollar and bring economic and political chaos. It’s a very dangerous transition in many ways. Here’s the podcast interview:

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  2. I am already a slave, I am a slave of Christ and everything I ‘own’ belongs to Him, it always has done and if He wants me to pass anything on to somebody else in need I have done and will do. As for being happy – the joy of the Lord (within me) is my strength and I am very strong.

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  3. Just remember folks that the SCAMDEMIC isn’t over. We have witnessed round 1 which targeted the richer more industrialised countries. The aim is to continue vaccine/booster uptake in those countries and to spread the vaccine uptake in poorer countries like Nigeria under the guise of “VACCINE EQUITY”

    Here’s some quotes from Davos Agenda 2022
    Notice the repeated reference to “vaccine equity” which I’ve highlighted using capital letters

    “Experts in a panel on the future of COVID-19 were cautious that an end to the pandemic is in sight, with Annelies Wilder-Smith, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, stressing that Omnicron will not be the last variant.”

    Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China said that countries needed to continue working together TO CLOSE THE GLOBAL IMMUNISATION GAP.

    Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI, which co-leads COVAX, alongside Gavi and the World Health Organization, made the case for addressing the “last mile” of helping countries distribute COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses at speed.

    Stéphane Bancel, Moderna CEO, says he hopes to one day offer a single-dose booster for the flu and COVID-19.

    Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said that while we may never end the virus, we can end the public health emergency – but to do that, we need an EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF VACCINES.

    Gabriela Bucher, Executive Director, Oxfam International, argued that INEQUALITY MUST BE ADDRESSED to save lives and ensure pandemic recovery.

    Yemi Osinbajo, Vice-President of Nigeria, warned that with just 10% of Africa’s people fully vaccinated, economic recovery on the continent is contingent on containing the pandemic through WIDESPREAD VACCINATION.

    So my conclusion is that the roll out of vaccines will become more widespread to include the whole world and will be relentless with ongoing boosters year after year in order to facilitate the transhuman agenda.


  4. You scared of little sodomites, pretty boys, women, and senile uckheads?? Then you deserve to be enslaved.


  5. Glad to see you reporting on the end game for private cars. Eric Peters has been reporting on this subject for at least 10 years that I know of. It’s good to see other writers joining him on this issue.


  6. I don’t see what we are supposed to do but prepare for the inevitable.
    We should figure out how to survive without vehicles or being part of the socio-economic system.
    God is angry at western “Christians” for shutting down churches, letting their neighbors lose everything, letting the sick and elderly die alone. Calling evil good and good evil as they whored around with evil systems. Groveling before the rich and powerful.
    And this human sacrifice–now demonstrated in forcing neighbors to play Russian roulette or be shut out–has been going on for decades. The blueprint for this senseless cruelty was called the “mental health system.” But nobody cared because the “mentally ill” are dangerous criminals–without souls it would seem according to many churches–and their lives are worthless. So, who cares what damage is done to their brains, CNS, and other bodily systems?
    People didn’t know because they didn’t care. Now it has come for them too.


    1. Keep Praying and doing whatever you can, Rachel. Nothing is too little to do. Yes, taking time off from driving everywhere is a start. Someone already said we’ll be bartering a bit with goods and services. But don’t give up or even let the thought in. Those of us meant to live on will–if it is the Will of Our Father. Others, as already happened, is happening, we lose; but we love them, their memory–and we Stand even taller in their memory. So still keep Praying, doing all you are called on to do.

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  7. Excellent coverage, Leo. We Believers and other good people must let our Faith and Trust stay with Heavenly Father. Who do we think is empowering the Chosen Truckers? Of every doctor, scientist, politician gone crooked, Father knows them; and who does Father bring forth to get the world following their lead? Prayerful Truckers determined to “Hold the Line.” Minions of the one kicked out of Heaven cannot stop ones who Believe and are under the Guidance and protective wings of Father. Let us all Believe this and Stay Standing from wherever we are.


  8. Good article. Confronting the puppet leaders is only the first step. Figure out how their strings are attached is step two. Following the strings upward is the critical step 3.

    Unless we get to step 3, all we’re going to accomplish is swapping out the current leadership with a new set of puppets.

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    1. Great comment Lynn. The key is, how do we identify the swapped-out models who will be dangled in front of us as the new “Mr. Fix It” conservative when in fact they are just another lying vulture politician serving the same puppet masters? I’d see this all the time from the local level on up, where candidates lie to get in office and only then show their true colors.

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      1. Yes. The globalists’ “Mr. Fix It” approach (e.g. drain the swamp, LOL) has worked well. To restate our question:

        “How do we remove globalist control from our governments?”

        I’ve pondered this question many times, and even at this moment as I look out the window to see the sunrise peek over the dense forest to the east. What pops into my mind is, if we get enough people asking that same question, the answer will present itself.

        Your articles are moving us in that direction, so I credit you for that. I encourage you to continue.

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      2. Like a growling, rabid dog we Believers need to REMEMBER that our Heavenly Father IS WITH/IN us!
        “Greater is he who is in us, than he who is in the world”.
        Therefore no matter how vicious and clamoring the powers that be become, we can STAND in the PEACE the Lord Jesus Christ gave to us, and STAND we must in righteousness as this woman Tricia Lindsay has done and is doing. Only the Lord Jesus Christ will set things right and we are HERE at this time as witnesses to his coming. God Bless us ALL.

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  9. They are not just coming for your Automobiles and your cash, they’re coming for your home as well. (think Agenda 21 and 30)
    For some it will happen before, and others it will happen after they come for their life and ultimately their soul.
    And for many who are now claiming to be awake? doubtful !!
    Who set up the GoFundMe account for the Canadian Truckers? They definitely weren’t awake! Who donated to GoFundMe? They definitely weren’t awake!
    Pissed off maybe, but still blind to who the enemy really is. Anyone who’s awake knows GoFundMe has been stealing money from individuals and giving it to the opposition. And then they still continue to use Faces of Death book, and other social media. Supporting those corporations that want them under control or dead. They’re definitely not awake!

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    1. If this is the Beast System written about–and it seems to be–it looks like it will collapse before 2030 when my beloved home state will be seized for a windmill farm. Three and a half years after every nation, people, and language is handed over to the Lawless Man. And only the mark issued and linked to crypto currency will be used for currency.


      1. Eminent domain. Assuming you’re smart enough to get it paid for soon. If you refuse to leave they can march you off like they did the farmers in China.
        But it will take a while to do all that even after the Reset.
        I have a weird suspicion that 2030 will look nothing like what the Globalists plan–even if Christ hasn’t returned before then. I also believe they won’t be able to wait 8 more years and will pull force their Agenda through no later than 2025 or 26. Impatient critters.

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  10. One night I was reading comments on a blog, when someone who sent chills down my spine opined. He rudely and cruelly commented “Because you took our money and spent it all, we own you and we have decided your fate. Masks for ever and you will always socially distance too” He went on to say other very cruel things in our fate to come to pass, but what hit me was that what he said was true, we took the federal reserve money (which is private) and spent it into trillions of dollars of debt, so they literally do own every molecule of our being. They’re being pragmatic when they state that they will remove all personal rights and just leave us in a vegatative zombified state of “happiness” (similar to drug highs on lsd or heroin I suppose)
    The key is breaking the hammerlock on the money, for mankind to have a decent chance of survival.

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    1. He has a point. Here’s another. Anyone who supported the lockdown and other crap deserves to be dehumanized and socially isolated forever, forced to hide their senseless, stupid faces with their bodies violated with transhuman experimental crap till they die.
      Unworthy of any basic rights or freedoms. Unworthy of being treated with any shred of human dignity.
      They chose to have the Satanic NWO reign over them.
      I don’t care what happens to those creatures. Especially if it makes them howl with pain and torment. They shouldn’t have gone along with this wickedness.
      If we could throw all of the wretches over to the devil and his people right now I’d gladly do it. They are just as guilty as the globalists for the role they have played in supporting this.
      The local karen and snitch and sycophant of the New Normal posting on FB is just as guilty as Klaus Schwab. He couldn’t have done this without them. A curse upon them all! They asked for this.
      Look at how horribly they have behaved over the past two years. Helping destroy their neighbors’ livelihoods and ensure the loneliness of others just to brag about how noble their cruelty was on SM.
      These average citizens–selfish, paranoid cowards–are traitors to their friends/family/neighbors. Traitors to humanity and God Himself.
      I have written all those former people out of my life forever. Evil and accursed.

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      1. Everyone who chooses to go along with this totalitarianism has chosen the Satanic NWO. But many don’t know it yet. They have betrayed family, friends and neighbors for images of celebrities on the screen. Talk about shallow and worldly!
        Ironic how the celebrity sociopaths they worship are fine with killing them. According to a Rasmussen poll they want us thrown into camps or prison for warning them.
        Quit warning them. Let these traitors and sycophants of the Satanic Beast System die or become crippled for life. They want it. They deserve it.
        Tell them to take their devil’s mark and be accursed. Then cut these evil ones out of your life forever. Everyone who acts this way is beyond hope. Soon they shall be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. And the smoke of their torment will go up forever and ever. Amen.
        Tell your great aunt that if she says hateful things to you for not obeying her Satanic psy opp delusion. See what happens to the old so-and-so. Don’t try to be rational or kind. Be equally brutal and honest. Tell them they are of the devil and accursed and you never want to be around demoniacs again but will rejoice to see them and their master thrown into Hell for eternity. Then block them out forever. If you find out they get V injured or killed you can enjoy a hearty laugh. They wanted this nightmare. They are pure EVIL. Beyond redemption.

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      2. Never, in all the comments of yours I have read, did I realise, until just now, how appallingly vengeful you are, so much for God saying: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”. I fear for your soul, I really do, but to think that which you have written came out of the mind of a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is horrifying. I will not be viewing you in quite the same way again.
        Perhaps the first 12 apostles who suffered and were slaughtered for being disciples of Jesus actually fought back with everything they had but God arranged for not one word of it to be mentioned in the Bible, do you think?


      3. This is meant to be a reply to chris madder …

        In passing, you will find this book of interest:
        “On Resistance to Evil By Force” by Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin
        Written in 1925 in the context of the atrocities committed by the Jewish led Bolshevists against [ultimately tens of] millions of [mainly white, Christian] Russians, it has only been translated into English as recently as 2018 by K Benois.
        Ilyin writes:
        “In fact, what would “non-resistance” [to evil] mean, in the sense of the absence of any resistance? This would mean accepting evil: letting it in and giving it freedom, scope and power. If under these conditions the uprising of evil occurred, and non-resistance continued, it would mean subordination to it, a surrender of the self to it, participation in it, and finally, turning oneself into its instrument, into its body, into its cesspool, its playing, an absorbed element thereof. It would be a voluntary self-corruption and self-infection at the start, and the active spread of infection among other people and their involvement in its coordination by the end.”

        With reference to biblical scripture, Ilyin presents a powerful theological argument for the resistance to evil by force, stressing over and over again that the first course of action should be reasoning and forgiveness, and that even when ultimately using force one has to sacrifice a degree of ’moral perfection’.

        In Chapter 21, Ilyin writes
        “The fate of man is, in his life on earth, to confront the outbreak of uninvited evil. It is impossible to avoid this fate; and thus there are only two possibilities: either to be dishonourable and turn away from this struggle, to dishonourably live through it by both blindness and cowardice, or the honourable path of accepting it, comprehending this acceptance as a service and remaining faithful to its vocation.“
        … A strong man asserts his power precisely by the fact that he does not flee from the conflict into an allegedly virtuous passivity and does not close his eyes to his tragic nature, thus falling from cowardice into crookedness; a strong man sees the tragedy of his situation and goes out to meet it, enter it and eliminate it.”
        “Anyone who, in the face of aggressive villainy, requires an “ideal” moral perfection in all outcomes and accepts nothing less, does not understand the central tragedy of life: this tragedy consists in the fact that there is no ideal outcome in such a situation.“

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      4. As long as people disregard the spiritual realm this will be the ongoing and continuing attitude. Obviously the ‘weapons’ God has given us are rusting on your bookshelf and in your heart. It is prayer and the Word of God, not carnal weapons which are infused with the power of God which will succeed not brandishing guns and other weapons of destruction.


      5. Chris Madder said:”I will not be viewing you in the same way again.”
        Very well sir. I can live with that. Especially if it means you will no longer respond to my comments. But that may be too much to ask.
        Vengeance is indeed the Lord’s. He is the One Who shall throw the devil and his servants into the lake of fire for all eternity.
        Don’t choose Team Satan by watching TV to worship the liars and perverts running this world.


  11. The Nuremberg Grand Jury has started against Gates, Fauci, Tedros, CEO Moderna, Pfizer, Macron.. It started February 5. 🙏🙏🙏

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      1. You only need 100 signatories, any people who understand what they are doing, to set up a common law court (see and a more official lawful body than that doesnt exist.


  12. Thanks Leo! These evil $ick soulless creatures whom think they are Superior over All haven’t quite succeeded yet, and some , possibly Many of these stinkin Glow-Bullist snakes will first turn ‘belly-up’ as the People (We The People)…(God’s People)
    Continue to Rise Up! With ALL the $ money these demons have and from what I’ve observed it sure aint slowing don their aging process any or their ugliness!… God may allow them a short-spell of success but then, He’s gonna knock the hell out of them and the Riches they’ve stolen from everyone will be Returned to God’s Children, those who are going to inherit this earth!.. The glow bullists, illumi naughties, elite, satan-worshiping trash will inherit their final and Eternal place in hell!

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