MUST WATCH VIDEO: Trump doubles down on death

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20) 

Donald J. Trump has doubled down on his efforts to promote the injections that his administration unleashed on the world, and that every independent, honest doctor and scientist will tell you is a dangerous experimental gene therapy capable of killing off millions, possibly billions of people.

Dr. Judy Mikovits has estimated that the injections will kill up to 55 million Americans over the next few years.

But Trump echoes the pro-injection cheerleading coming from evil establishment shills like Dr. Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and every member of the Biden administration and then blames we who resist their propaganda as somehow “playing right into their hands.”

He doesn’t explain his rationale on that one, but I guess he doesn’t have to. He’s Donald Trump and has a cult following.

Trump always makes sure to throw in his disclaimer, that “nobody should be forced to get it” but he fails to offer even the slightest rebuke of those who are right now trying to mandate the injection on every man, woman and child, forcing those who resist into a category of social outcasts banned from stores, jobs, travel and proper healthcare.

As part of his “history tour” with Bill O’Reilly, the former president, speaking in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend, takes full credit for rushing the genocidal serum to market. He even says he got injected with the booster. I would be curious to know how many of my readers actually believe that?

Without providing a shred of evidence, Trump boasts that these poisonous injections of a synthetic, lab-created spike protein [bioweapon] are actually “saving tens of millions of lives.”

You won’t want to miss watching this short video below. Shame on Bill O’Reilly and the those in the audience for playing to Trump’s ego. At least the people in Alabama a few months ago showered Trump with boos when he started his vax bragging routine. Most of these folks cheered, although a “tiny group” called out by Trump did boo him when he bragged about the booster. is a reader-supported website, free of any influence from corporate interests, Big Pharma advertising, or any other outside entity. We answer to our readers and the Word of God. Join me on Telegram, which is the back up for this site should it ever be taken down by Big Tech censors. Donate c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264.

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121 thoughts on “MUST WATCH VIDEO: Trump doubles down on death”

  1. I have often wondered why no one has pointed out the FACT that Trump used warp speed to push through untested experimental vaccines!?!? All his lies about “fighting Big Pharma”. If you noticed he did nothing to drain the swamp either. We the people were spoofed again by another crooked corrupt politician/billionaire, who did just enough good things to get away with the bad things, like the vaccines. Right now GOD is laughing at this country as He gets ready to destroy it.

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    1. AMEN, marcus! White House spiritual seductress, Pastor Paula White, bewitched President Trump, exposing his puppet strings to be under Lucifer’s diabolical control. The Masonic Babylonian Whore (USA) will soon be divinely judged and burned to the ground (Rev. 17:16). Politically minded patriots must homeschool their children, indoctrinating them on the democratic freedom that is found in Freemasonry’s licentious social gospel. And they must pray to the interfaith god of Babylon’s Masonic Temple, wherein America’s founding fathers were inspired to worship Lucifer. Praying for this land to be returned to the Babylonian spirit of its founding fathers. RE: Chuck Wenn says- December 21, 2021 at 2:52 am


      1. Things we’ve lost since the pandemic & our governments’ response to it began:

        Freedom of movement
        Freedom of thought
        Freedom of speech
        Bodily autonomy
        Critical thinking
        & Trump still supports jab/boosters! 😡

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      1. I will not either I liked Trump but after seeing this video I will not vote for him and am going to become an independent

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    2. NO VAX – NO CURFEW. We need to compel those who claim to have taken the VAX to be tested for accuracy. Are they lying, or is fauci, gate’s, telling the truth about getting the same jab? Oh yeah, and all those new slave’s for the new world odor coming across the border who are NOT VAXED, what about them?


    3. Because Deep State Donnie is an New World Order puppet! His presidency was nothing more than an illusion, a setup. There is no other rational explanation.

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  2. The Truth will prevail – Revisited

    The comments below were posted on various twitter feeds sometime in January 2021. Nevertheless, whoever is the face of the USA, whether its Biden or Trump, the comments are still relevant as the Truth unfolds:

    Given the standoff in the US elections, with Biden acquiring the most votes, albeit, challenged by Trump with much evidence of fraud, and, the hierarchy of courts, from State to the Supreme Court being ambivalent to resolve, the US now stands at a precarious precipice. The ramifications for this indecision are huge. To do nothing and await the Congress tally will not root out the obvious corruptors. Therefore, as the incumbent and responsible president, Trump has no other option than to invoke Military Rule to root out corruption and re-establish rule of law. Whether one waits for Congress or imposes Military Rule, mayhem will follow.

    Coincidently, at the exact moment that the US stands at this precarious precipice, Trump launches the COVID-19 vaccination. A radical new vaccination that should first be properly trialled and tested for several years and not rushed through in record time. The COVID-19 vaccinations flout the Precautionary Principle, which emphasizes caution, stringent monitoring and review, before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous and harmful to our environment and socio-economic existence.

    Now then, why rush forward with new largely untested vaccines with unknown side-effects at such scale, with the military and frontline health workers prioritised, especially at this critical moment in history when turmoil is expected whoever wins the US election? Is Trump the biggest wolf in sheep’s clothing who has masterfully orchestrated the impasse in the US Elections knowing that under cover of the ensuing election turmoil, the military will be simple to destroy, as well as the entire economy, in one foul swoop with a new vaccine? In other words, is Trump the cunning pied piper who will lead the US into the abyss, only for China to step in to pick up the pieces and establish itself as the undisputed global force? Trump has arrived at his ultimate moment of truth. Is he really the US messiah to drain the swamp, or has he peaked at the most perfect moment to drown the entire US on behalf of the global cabal? As for all the Q-related insights, this is when we stop “trusting the plan”, otherwise the Trump pied piper will lead us to oblivion. President Trump, we urgently await your truth. Remember, there is no God higher than Truth.

    Is Trump the Cabal’s cunning pied piper who has masterfully orchestrated the impasse in the US Election knowing that under cover of the election turmoil, the military will be destroyed, as well as the entire economy, in one foul swoop with a new vaccine? We need the Truth!

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  3. DeSantis 2024!!! VP: Cruz! CIA Director Flynn! SecDef: Cotton! HHS: Dr McCullough!
    AG: Judge Pryor of AL! SecState: Navarro! DHS: Holman! FBI: Bongino!


  4. “President Trump’s History With Vaccines and New Theory Confirmed! ”
    Have read the whole article, think it is interesting.
    We continue to report on the #1 story on your mind these days which is: “Why is President Trump pushing the vaccine?”
    I have more to add to the story tonight, starting with President Trump’s history on vaccines.
    Some of you may not know or may not remember all the Tweets he sent out years before he was President warning of the dangers of vaccines.
    While his Twitter account was infamously deleted, an archive still exists.
    Let’s start by taking a look at what he had historically said:


    1. dmpendragon6985, A++. wtf is going on that DTrump must recommend running out into the line of fire. See ‘Youtube: ‘This is Your Life, Francis Farmer’ where the actress as a girl was forced into a lobotomy by her greedy mother and manager because Francis wanted to quit acting and go back to med school. Notice the VERY subtle effect on emotions and thought patterns. perhaps to become a docile stooge for the NYC mob, trump as a youth was doped during a drunken binge and given what ids a quick and relatively neat procedure, a frontal lobotomy. lobotomies by design merely change the subject into a 24/7 passive tolerant entity with no preferences for anything beyond simple physical needs. Mental acuity is not effected but the motivation factor is removed..


  5. Health Impact News, a link within links, said Trump & his Dad both belonged to a high up freemasonry order belonging to the kabbala ( freemasonry Jewish arm of the occult)! Before the elections he was seen at a Jesuit dinner by the side of a Knights of Malta Cardinal & on the other side was Hilary Clinton (Hegelian dialectic – Prof Walter Veith ‘Population Reduction & UFO’s). The book of Timothy states ‘evil men & imposters will grow worse & worse deceiving & being deceived! So only our Living Creator knows the truth! He also raises up leaders & brings down leaders (Psalms 2 & 75).


  6. As a Christian intercessor, back in 2016 I believed the LORD was leading me to pray for President Trump and the more I obeyed this leading, the stronger and more assured I became it was a message from Him and I have never regretted it. President Trump was entering a new age with such hatred leveled at him like I have never seen and I am saddened to see this is still true even among those who call themselves Christians. God will judge him and it is not my place to do so as Jesus clearly said. I will go on praying for him to accomplish the purpose for which God called him to, even if he makes mistakes along the way. My Bible is full of saints from cover to cover who did not always get it right.


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