The real agenda behind mad dash to get every child on the planet injected against a virus that won’t affect them

Bill Gates’ Gavi Vaccine Alliance in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program that ought to be required reading for every parent of young children.

This document is guaranteed to give pause to any parent considering taking the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, their local public-school nurse or government-compliant pediatrician who insists they get their child jabbed.

Published more than a year before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the document explains why Fauci, Gates and the corrupt U.S. government are so intent on getting these “vaccines” into the bodies of younger and younger people.

Fauci, a longtime Gates associate who sits on the Leadership Council of the billionaire’s Decade of Vaccines Collaboration, started one year ago with a focus on getting those 65 and up jabbed with the new and highly experimental gene-based Covid “vaccines.” Now he is pushing the shots for 5-year-olds while making suggestions that he would like to see them given to infants and toddlers by spring of 2022.

The Gavi alliance, flush with $1.16 billion in taxpayer dollars it received under the administration of former President Trump, is partnering with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Gates Foundation and other globalist organizations to advocate for creating a registered, verifiable, digital ID for every child on the planet.

This ID will be tied to each child’s vaccination status.

Gavi’s 5-page paper on INFUSE states the following [see full PDF document below]:

“Imagine a future in which all children have access to life-saving vaccines no matter where they live – a future in which parents and health workers ensure their timely vaccination, a future in which they have their own digitally stored health record that cannot be lost or stolen, a future in which, regardless of gender, economic or social standing, this record allows each child (and parents) to have access to a bank account, go to school, access services and ultimately build a prosperous life. This future is possible today. With the latest advances in digital technologies that enable more effective ways to register, identify births and to issue proof of identity and authentication for access to services – we are on the brink of building a healthier and more prosperous future for the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Don’t be confused by the bit about “building a healthier and more prosperous future.” That’s just window dressing. This is all about data collection and has nothing to do with health.

The real purpose behind the historic, unprecedented push to vaccinate the very young, even against diseases like Covid that do not pose a threat to them, is to fold the current generation of children into the blossoming global digital identity system. When they grow into adults, they will be so used to being tracked and monitored that most won’t even be able to comprehend warnings from the past about loss of privacy. They will be conditioned to feel comfortable with what earlier generations would consider smothering technocratic control over their lives.

Curious about the safety and efficacy of Covid injections for kids and teens? Watch 15-minute video interview with pediatrician Dr. Angelina Farella.

Gavi describes a global ID system that will include, by its own admission, personally identifiable information about each person’s education, health history, financial records and purchasing activity.

“In 2018, through INFUSE, Gavi is calling for innovations that leverage new technologies to modernize the process of identifying and registering the children who are most in need of life-saving vaccines.”

The above statement is right in line with U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, which calls for a digitized legal identity for all people worldwide, including birth registration, by 2030. This calls for collecting biometric data on every individual and storing it forever in the cloud.

Gavi refers to leveraging new technologies.

At some point, this will likely include the subdermal quantum-dot vaccines that can be delivered via a technology funded by Gates that was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This technology allows medical information to be stored under the skin with the help of microneedles.

The invisible-ink tattoo contains quantum dots no larger than a few nanometers that form a QR code, visible only when illuminated by the infrared light from a cellphone app.

In December 2019, according to Free West Media:

“Robert S. Langer and his team at MIT developed and patented the technique whereby transdermal patches could be used to label people with invisible ink in order to store medical and other information subcutaneously. The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.” [Emphasis added]

This technology is about so much more than vaccinations. This is a way to digitally mark every human being and develop an all-inclusive dossier of personal information that will follow each individual from cradle to grave, with none of it exempt from the prying eyes of Big Government and its corporate partners.

But don’t take this reporter’s word for it.

Under “ACCESS TO OTHER SERVICES,” on the below chart, Gavi reveals the real reason why it is so intent on getting dozens of vaccines into the arms of children, teens and young adults.

In the new technocratic beast system, information represents power, the way guns and tanks projected power in the pre-digital age.

Quite simply, Gates’ plans to digitally “register” our babies, toddlers and teens represents the gateway for globalist predators to exercise full-spectrum dominance over every aspect of their future adult lives. Throw into the mix the contents of the genetically modifying mRNA injections and the ultimate goal appears to not only wield greater control over the next generation but to make them less human.

Gavi blithely describes the far-reaching tentacles of a new global ID system it is building in partnership with Gates, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation and a host of other globalist powerhouses as follows:

“As the child grows, the digital child health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school or financial services, serving as the foundation for a broadly recognized digital identity.”

This system will eventually be required for participation in every aspect of society – health, education, banking, driving privileges, buying and selling – all wrapped in one integrated, globalized digital ID card that allows predatory technocrats to scoop up whatever data they want along your life’s path.

If the appropriately empowered stakeholders don’t like what they see — if your social credit score dips too low — they can “program” your bank account to shut off your access to the new digital money, or restrict your money’s availability to certain places and times.

Not surprisingly, Gavi is also tied in with another globalist initiative funded by Gates – the ID2020 Alliancewhich counts among its “global partners” the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Accenture.

Under a sub-section of its 5-page paper titled “OPPORTUNITY,” Gavi states:

“According to the ID2020 Alliance – a public-private partnership that includes Gavi – the use of digital health cards for children could directly improve coverage rates by ensuring a verifiable, accurate record and by prompting parents to bring their children in for a subsequent dose. From the parents’ perspective, digital records can make it convenient to track a child’s vaccines and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. And as children grow, their digital health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school, or ease the process of obtaining alternative credentials. Effectively, the digital health card could, depending on country needs and readiness, potentially become the first step in establishing a legal, broadly recognized identity.”

The impact of this technology on society will be chilling.

And the technocrats at Gavi don’t envision any child having an out.

The above chart notes, in a rather sinister tone, that no child escapes the technocratic tyranny when it states:

“Innovated digital technologies are required at all stages of the immunization value chain to ensure that every child is reached with all recommended vaccines.”

Gavi brags that it “prevented more than 13 million deaths” around the world by providing vaccinations to children in poor countries. What you won’t find in any of its documents is how its biggest private financial backer, Bill Gates, also killed, sterilized and permanently harmed tens of thousands of kids in India and other countries with his experimental injections.

It’s time American politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, start being held accountable for their funding of globalist, predatory organizations like Gavi with billions in U.S. tax dollars. Even if you believe we’re doing children a favor by continuously increasing the number of vaccines pumped into their little bodies, how do you justify using the ever-growing vaccine schedule as a gateway to creating a global, digital identity for all people? is an independent research-based website that is 100 percent reader supported. If you would like to help support our investigative projects, please send donations c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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81 thoughts on “The real agenda behind mad dash to get every child on the planet injected against a virus that won’t affect them”

  1. Is America A Pagan Nation?
    The idolatry in this country huge, it is the world religion:
    Baal was a satanic false god in the Old Testament. His followers would offer their children to him in sacrifice. If you go to Google and look up Baal you will find what I’m about to tell you, but if you want to find out faster, type in Baal the weather god, for this is what he is. People today still worship Baal but they have changed his name, they now call him: green, environmentalist, global warming, etc..
    Here is the Romans one notes in case you don’t have them:
    Wrath of Abandonment ✳ : Judges 10:13,14; Pro. 1:24-31; Hos.4:17
    There comes a time when God allows a people to go; lets them go to their own sinful choices. They will not accept His council so they eat the fruit of their own choices. To the Pharisees The Lord said “Matthew 15:14
    “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” For them the day of Grace is over.
    What’s happening to America has happened before to other nations: Acts 14:16
    “Who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways.” This is the story of history: having The Truth, rejecting The Truth, and being abandoned by God
    ✳ ✳ . God’s Judgement
    Rom.1:18 –
    No nation has ever held the Truth and been unrighteous to the extent that the United States has.
    Because this country is holding The Truth in unrighteousness it is falling under God’s Judgement:
    1. Rom. 1:24 God gave them up. This is turning someone over to execution. God also gave them up. This is a judicial term in Greek, used for handing over a prisoner to his sentence. When people consistently abandon God, He will abandon them. God handed them over to immorality.
    So the first sign that a culture has been handed over by God is that there will be a sexual revolution. God says he is going to turn you over to your evil choices.
    2. Two verses later Rom. 1:26, God turned them over to homosexuality. Paul mentions women first to show the extent of debauchery under the wrath of abandonment, because in most cultures women are the last to be affected by moral collapse. So when you see a sexual revolution
    followed by a homosexual revolution you are living Romans one.
    3. The third, Rom. 1:28, God gave them over to a reprobate mind. So what is a reprobate mind? “Reprobate” was often used to describe useless, worthless metals, discarded because they contained too much impurity. God has tested man’s minds and found them worthless and
    useless (cf. Jer. 6:30). An example of this is: when you look at yourself and you are a man and you say I am a woman: that’s insanity, and because of this insanity it is impossible to go back because all rationality is gone.
    So what we are seeing in America is the wrath of God in Romans one revealed on a society and the evidence of it is:
    1. Sexual revolution, followed by a
    2. Homosexual revolution
    3. Followed by a reprobate mind.
    Furthermore the chapter ends with even though they know it is wrong they have “…pleasure in them that do them”. They clap and applaud at deviation and perversion.
    Romans 1:32
    Add here that the FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen even predicted that the Communists/Marxists would work to achieve all this in his 1958 book “The Naked Communist.”
    Compare Original ’45 Goals Of Communism’ To Modern Woke Crusade


    1. Tesla Rules says:
      December 21, 2021, at 6:18 am
      Is America A Pagan Nation?

      After this, I saw another angel descending from heaven with great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his glory. And he cried out in a mighty voice:

      “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great Judaeo-Xian whore!
      She has become a lair for demons
      and a haunt for every unclean spirit,
      every unclean bird,
      and every detestable beast.
      All the nations have drunk the wine
      of the passion of her immorality.
      The kings of the earth were immoral with her,
      and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy
      from the extravagance of her luxury.”
      Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

      “Come out of her, My people,
      so that you will not share in her sins
      or contract any of her (Covid pandemic) plagues.
      For her sins are piled up to heaven,
      and God has remembered her iniquities.
      Give back to her as she has done to others;
      pay her back double for what she has done;
      mix her a double portion in her own cup.
      As much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury,
      give her the same measure of torment and grief.
      In her heart she says, ‘I sit as Christ’s bride queen;
      I am not a widow and will never see grief.’
      Therefore her plagues will come in one day—
      death and grief and famine—
      and she will be consumed by fire,
      for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” Revelation 18


  2. Interesting article and thank you for your efforts in standing up for what is right.

    You can blame the mouth pieces for the WEF too and the key player might surprise you.

    The push to get everyone vaxxed may have more to do with getting everyone hooked up on a digital control system than it is about health.

    The trans tasman counter part of Oz ie New Zealand have let the cat out of the bag in this regard.

    Watch “4TH Industrial Revolution and New Zealand Roll” on YouTube

    Doc link below. Just look at the timeline on page 5, it looks well dodgy like it was planned.

    Click to access WEF_Reimagining_Regulation_Age_AI_2020.pdf

    I am not sure how this fits into other countries but it looks like NZ were picked to be the trial.

    The passport will then be linked to a digital wallet.

    Just like Gazuntite Pass, could it ever happen again?

    New Zealand seems to be the key driver powered by the WEF.

    Hopefully the YouTube video won’t be censored by the time you see this but the doc links is attached anyway.

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    1. Yes, Betty, I believe God’s strong delusion has fallen upon digitally-marked human souls who are insured within Marxism’s Social Security System. They have entered the inescapable evolutionary prelude to Armageddon’s Mark of the Beast.

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  3. Look up the Georgia Guidestones. Satan’s followers built a monument that clearly states their intentions. First one is to permanently reduce world population to under 500 million. This forced jab is the key. The Word says that if the Lord does not intervene that there wouldn’t be anyone left. We ARE in The End Times. Rely only on the Lord. Declare Jesus Yeshua as your only hope and live according to the Lord’s Word and Instructions. He’s our only hope.

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    1. In this Digital Age of the Marxist Beast’s Orwellian utopia (God’s strong delusion 2 Thessalonians 2:11), all politically-corrected human souls within the UN Global Village are compelled, from cradle to grave, to be digitally-marked dependent-wards of Socialism’s technocratic Security System. Refusing to be socially insured and numbered members of the Beast’s global “City of Destruction”, a small remnant of Faithful and Christian Pilgrims have wisely fled into the wilderness ‘ark’, in obedience to their Lord’s command (Revelation 18:4).


  4. No problem with it as long as it’s trialed on the 1% for the first few hundred years and then re-assesed.


  5. My letter for vax exemption has been accepted “for now” because “we don’t know what will happen next year”, which made me wonder if they really read and pondered my letter. The handwriting is on the wall for those who have ears to hear and it seems we live among many who are deaf to the Holy Spirit.
    Agreed that the young subjected to their diabolical plans, lacking an advocate, will be so conditioned to the intrusions it will be passé for them to be prey without realization, but I am having shocking conversations with adults in the here and now. “No vax, no medical attention”, etc. Pray without ceasing.

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  6. This whole covid thing is so Nonsensical and yet so many really believe in it!
    It’s much easier and comfortable to believe what the “Talking Heads” tells us than to actually do some research and some hunting, (A little decent down The Rabbit Hole)… and question what is really going on, (Also a little belief in The Holy Bible and what God’s Word says about The Last Days)… Back to the Children, How in the world can any parent (parents) not look into these shots (jabs) first and ask WHAT’S IN IT?….Why in the heck is a former Microsoft Computer Engineer involved in creating this V….Injections? (I refuse to call it vaccine)…

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  7. Agree with others here. This so hard to read & accept. Why isn’t anyone stopping him?
    Hope the Lord returns so my grandchildren dont have to go through the horror!


    1. EXACTLY DAN! This is Evil Stuff & Many are Dying from the Gates/Fudgy JOKE POKE! I’ve lost many friends & one girl was only 25 yrs. old!! The Survivors might be tracked!!


  8. Thanks for this informative and timely piece Leo. You definitely have them figured out. Even though I know this is where America is headed along with the world it’s still hard to accept.


  9. Leo — there is a story going around that India has filed charges against Bill Gates because of a “vaccine” death. Any truth to it? If yes, any updates available?

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  10. Death By Vaccine Passport

    Data tracking is the least of the dangers of this technology. This article misses the elephant in the room.

    Full control over who lives and dies, is what these digital passports are all about.


    The sociopaths who create and push this technology want to be gods, with the power to shut off your access to everything – money, food, job, travel.


  11. But they cried, saying, Crucify him, crucify him.
    And he said unto them the third time, Why, what evil hath he done? I have found no cause of death in him: I will therefore chastise him, and let him go.
    And they were instant with loud voices, requiring that he might be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed. -Luke 23:21-23
    Human leadership hasn’t worked out very well: Very prone to evil persuasion


    1. We should start to see mass die offs of stupid people who lined up like cattle to get these poisonous shots this winter. Those with left brain intact refusing to take these shots and have their DNA altered by reverse transcriptase, hopefully will be many.


  12. This new technology does nothing that is not already done without it so why is it needed? Must be to have access to every human on earth. But why? To control their lives and deaths. But why? So people are forced to live as the elites tell them they must live……..or die.

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  13. These numbers are all “control numbers”, and are the linchpin in any system of control. After WW1
    passports, with their numbers, were introduced, The 1930’s brought social security numbers. In the US, people resisted and were assured the numbers would never be used as ID. The Nazis stamped IBM on prisoners in concentration camp prisoners. So this is nothing new. It is the
    expansion into a worldwide system of formerly national systems of control. But this plot goes beyond the past by introducing the injection of patented biological agents. The stage was set by
    compulsory vaccination, We are now facing compulsion a new order,

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    1. We must refuse to be marked like livestock first w/ an ID card or phone ID to do business w/ any store, medical clinic, or dining, bars, concerts, etc. Then later rulers crack down even more: plan on having chips put in slave- citizens. We are not slaves or livestock but many choose to be globally. We must fight for our rights in the U.S. if the other countries want to be livestock/slaves so be it. Any who take the mark will be cast out at final judgement.

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  14. If these vaccines are as unhealthy as many suspect, what the ruling elite are doing to both children and adults is heartbreaking. And those politicians you speak of are just as guilty as their globalist controllers.

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    1. Most parents don’t care about their kids, esp. those who put them in public schools where many get jabbed. Apathy and nihilism rules also trusting and believing politicians are infallible like Biden and his ilk.

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    2. Me and friends are in mid to late 70’s several early 80’s all of us lived a full “normal” life overall and enjoyed travelling, having a normal childhood onward. Yet few in this age group speak out because many are saying the rapture will come any day. Maybe so, but we have to stand up against evil and the mainline apostate (501c3) churches are sure not doing it. Only small indep churches free of the 501c3 and heirarchies/nat. assoc, speak out and preach Biblical (KJV) truth. Younger generations deserve a normal life like me. Yet they are likely to live under tyranny/ communist rule (cashless, mark of B. global gov)

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  15. It’s not just about the depopulation. The “vaccine” is linked to the economy!
    You will not be able to buy or sell without it in the new economy.
    But no one believes me. Not even Christian conservatives. Many of whom marvel at how I’m making such a fuss about a lifesaving vaccine.
    I downloaded some documents about a patent taken out by Microsoft for a kind of cryptocurrency that monitors bodily activity through the internet of things. The patent number is “WO2020060606.” Will email them to anyone who wants a look.
    If I tell Christians this, and force them to look at the evidence, they’ll give me eschatological reasons for why it can’t be happening.
    Pre-Millennial, Amillennial, Post-Millennial…all argue with me why this can’t happen yet. Or in this way.
    I guess Bill Gates and the rest haven’t consulted the various schools of eschatology before plotting this takeover.

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    1. Amen, Rachel. The latest advances of Socialism’s global Security System in digital technologies are enabling its global ID system more effective ways to register, identify births and issue proof of identity and authentication for access to Socialism’s medicare-welfare services. Membership in Socialism’s Security/Insurance System is required for participation in every aspect of America’s 20th-century society – health, education, banking, driving privileges, passport eligibility, obtaining a business license, buying and selling – all wrapped in one evolving, integrated, globalized digital ID card that is allowing the Marxist Beast’s predatory technocrats to scoop up whatever data they want along your digitally-marked life’s Socialistically-Secured path.

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    2. Rachel you right. Seeing is believing for some people. All that stuff that Leo mentioned in this article is all part of the mark of the beast system. Even the covid jabs are a trial run for the beast system. And any time I hear anything about having to inject or adding something to my body in order to be able to participate in financial transactions. I know the devil is in the details. The only way out of this madness is to be present with the Lord when the beast system is fully implemented.

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      1. Amen, thank you, Mary Allen. S.I.N. is the digital mark of the Marxist Beast. In this Orwellian Digital Age Socialism’s Insurance Number (S.S.#) marks every Socially-Secured human soul who buys and sells in the UN Global Village’s cashless e-commerce.

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    3. Here’s how you beat the new digital system: when your child is ready to leave home, you buy him a beater, tell him to drive it to Mexico,leave it somewhere with the keys in it, and walk back across the border. Then, he will be truly free, and will be able to have the job of someone white. No tracking, no tracing ever.


    4. Rachel count me as one who was skeptical at first. Until I saw the Gates patent. Then I immediately wanted to know what was in these vials. Well, we are starting to find out, at least through alternative media. While I do not believe the vax itself is the Mark, I do believe it is a precursor, or a piece of the total puzzle that changes your biology. Perhaps together with the quantum dot tattoo system and subsequent “uploads” the body becomes unredeemable, i.e. incapable of true repentance. Maybe that’s why those mentioned in the book are damned for eternity.

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      1. What they are coercing us to participate in is unholy. The lockdown started it. I’m sure they want to tinker with our biology, but they have already been messing with our psyches. Unlike our bodies, warping our souls requires some degree of surrender. It’s not enough for me to wear a mask, stand six feet apart from others at all times, quit going to church…and allow the state to inject me with something possibly fatal. I am supposed to ensure my neighbors go through similar crap.
        Compliance is a sin and people can only plead ignorance so long. For the good of their souls, I’m writing a Substack newsletter and book to inform fellow Christians. Better die physically than participate in such wickedness. The lack of discernment among God’s people today makes me weep. I pray He will soon wake them up.
        The Lie is very clever. Trust and obey the State and Scientific authorities more than God and love them rather than your neighbor. The two commandments of the NWO.

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      1. Rachel Nichols says:
        December 6, 2021 at 9:33 pm
        RE: The lack of discernment among God’s people today makes me weep. I pray He will soon wake them up. The Lie is very clever. Trust and obey the State and Scientific authorities more than God and love them rather than your neighbor. The two commandments of the NWO.

        Thank you, Rachel. Again, an excellent insight that exposes Satan’s spiritually deluded people (I.e. tares, goats, foolish virgins). They idolatrously trust and obey (I.e. patriotic worship) the Marxist Beast that has digitally-marked and Socially Insured/Secured their undiscerning, technocratic souls. The joy of the Lord fills me with thankfulness to see His holy people, endowed with spiritual discernment, escape the Humanist Lie of Lucifer’s Orwellian “City of Destruction”.


      1. The anti chirst will rise from the E.U., I may be wrong about this tho’ but I really feel it is one of the Rothchild sons. The E.U. now is under a new Hitler and Euro folks don’t know their history, never taught it except maybe by parents or other elders going back from ww1 on. So here is the new Ms Hitler driven by satanic forces, and going full throttle:


    5. I have about quit communicating with people because they just don’t get it or want to research info on their own. They have too many diversions incl. social media, texting for hours, and daytime TV shows, also had to cut ties as they argue w/ non pre -tribers as they see fit. Churches don’t teach prophecy anymore (except a small # of indep ones.) mainline churches have a globalist mindset and are gate keepers for the globalists. Apostate clergy will lead their members into FEMA camps on orders from the Hq leaders later on. Fewer w/ same mindset now days incl relatives whom I severed ties with long ago.

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    6. Hi Rachel
      Approx. 35 years ago I heard a New Zealand preacher, Barry Smith give a sermon and he also wrote a few books that described pretty much what you are referring to. I think they were called, Warning, Second Warning and Final Warning. Anyhow, very interesting considering it was hard to phantom back then considering we didn’t even have mobiles. So it surprises me the Christians aren’t interested being Barry said he got the information from the bible .


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