Remember the Forgotten 400: They are Americans and they have been denied due process of law

As we sit down to enjoy our Thanksgiving feasts and share time with friends and family over this holiday weekend, please take a moment to remember those who will spend these days alone, wasting away as political dissidents in solitary confinement.

They are being held under some of the most horrendous conditions present in the entire Western world.

Most of the approximately 400 Americans still languishing in jail are there under scurrilous accusations of “insurrection,” a false narrative drummed into the heads of Americans by a dishonest media and corrupt politicians.

The truth is that no one has been charged with insurrection to date and the majority are being held on misdemeanor charges like trespassing, vandalism and disturbing the peace. Yet, they are left to rot in jail, many in solitary confinement, without bail. Their constitutional rights to due process, a speedy trial, and being able to face their accusers before a jury of their peers have been completely violated and you don’t hear anyone in Congress or even President Trump talking about it.

We’ve seen how eager the system is to free hardened criminals who pose an actual danger to society. If you need a reminder, just look at one Darrell Brooks, who was let out of prison more than once after committing violent felonies, only to mow down throngs of children and senior citizens dancing in a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this past Sunday. He was a child rapist and a violent criminal but the justice system just couldn’t seem to keep him behind bars.

But the forgotten 400 are treated like terrorists. The worse of them are guilty of damage to public property and they should be charged, convicted and punished accordingly. But others were simply guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, inside the U.S. Capitol Building, after being waved in by the Capitol police. We also know that the FBI had assets on the ground inciting the crowd to enter the Capitol on that fateful day. It was all a set up.

The federal government incited the worst behavior that day and now the federal government is holding those who fell into the government’s entrapment as political prisoners.

How can Biden, Pelosi and other U.S. leaders say anything about how China, Russia, North Korea or Cuba treat political dissidents as long as the Jan. 6 protesters remain locked up in appalling conditions?

The United States Marshals Service issued a statement on Nov. 2 on their surprise visit to the D.C. jail where the Jan. 6 prisoners are being held.

The marshals inspected two D.C. Department of Correction facilities (the Central Treatment Facility (CTF) and the Central Detention Facility (CDF).

“The USMS inspection was prompted by recent and historical concerns raised regarding conditions at the DOC facilities, including those recently raised by various members of the judiciary,” the statement said.

They said they conducted more than 300 voluntary interviews with detainees.

Interestingly, the marshals found conditions at the CTF to be well within the bounds of what is acceptable. But at the CDF, which is where the 400 Jan. 6 prisoners are being indefinitely detained, the marshals said conditions were found to be “severely lacking” and not up to even the most minimal standards of an American prison.

“The U.S. Marshal’s inspection of CDF revealed that conditions there do not meet the minimum standards of confinement as prescribed by the Federal Performance-Based-Detention-Standards,” the statement said.

This included mistreatment of prisoners and holding them under “egregious” conditions.

All 400 people housed at CDF were slated for removal under the Marshal’s authority and transferred to a U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Reportedly, the D.C. jail ordered the marshals to leave the facilities during their inspection held from Oct. 18-23.

Acting U.S. Marshal Lamont J. Ruffin said, “For the first time in history, they were ordered to leave the jail…It is beyond belief, some of the reports of the marshal here to the court.”

According to a report by the Washington Post, “In parts of the jail, water ‘had been shut off for days’ as punishment, creating an ‘overpowering’ stench from ‘standing human sewage’ in the toilets of many cells, Ruffin wrote. ‘Hot meals’ were ‘served cold and congealed’; some inmates had ‘observable injuries’ for which no documentation was available.

Meanwhile, a legal battle is brewing over former President Donald Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 protest. The congressional committee investigating the incident has subpoenaed Trump’s emails, memos and other records related to the events that went down that day. Trump’s lawyers have invoked presidential privilege, saying any forced disclosure of the records would cause “permanent damage to the institution of the presidency.”

Lawyers for the bipartisan Jan. 6 committee urged the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., this week to quickly release Trump White House records. The court is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday.

Trump is appealing a ruling by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who said the House committee’s pursuit of his records was valid.

Biden has refused to grant Trump presidential privilege over the documents.

The House committee has also issued subpoenas to dozens of Trump administration officials and conservative media backers of the former president such as Alex Jones and Roger Stone. Jones issued a rebuttal this week saying he will likely plead the Fifth Amendment rather than risk being grilled by lawyers who will twist his testimony and accuse him of lying. See clip below.

As you pray for America this holiday season, pray for those souls locked up and seemingly forgotten by our elected leaders in Congress. Call or write your member of Congress and ask them to speak out on this issue. This is America, not Cuba or North Korea or China, where people can disappear into a gulag and be forgotten. is 100 percent reader supported and does not accept any corporate ads or sponsorships. This is why we are able to report truths you don’t see in the corporate media. You may send donations c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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22 thoughts on “Remember the Forgotten 400: They are Americans and they have been denied due process of law”

  1. Donald Trump does not pass the 9/11 smell test. On 9/11 he was in NYC. He was interviewed by a reporter. Donald said that a plane alone could not have brought down the towers. He said that explosives had to be involved. Wait, what? He showed everyone how much he knew that day. However, as President with the world as his audience, he never mentioned it once. That alone could have started the draining of the swamp.
    During his run for President, he said that on 9/11 he saw dancing Muslims, not dancing Israelis who were arrested. This helped solidify the crazy Muslim terrorist story and cover for the Isreali involvement in 9/11.
    As President he hires Rudy Gulianni as his lawyer of all people. Rudy was a former federal prosecutor who on 9/11 was the mayor of NYC. It was Rudy that had the steel cut up and hauled away starting the next day. This was a crime scene. At least some steel needed to be tested for forensic evidence before being hauled away. As it turned out, dust tested by Steve Jones t revealed thermite, an explosive element signaling more than a plane bringing the towers down. Good choice for lawyer, Donald.
    Donald does not pass the 9/11 smell test. This should have alerted folks long ago that he was not going to drain the swamp.


  2. Leo I hope you watch this eye-opening documentary by G. Edward Griffin, “The Subversion Factor.” He chronicles the infiltration into our government. It’s a time I lived through but had no knowledge of the secret subversion happening behind the scenes.


  3. You don’t hear any politicians commenting or doing anything about this because red or blue they are the same. We are being RULED over by a one party system. It’s called the Elitist party.


  4. Hey Leo, this is Pat Muneio. Would like to meet with you next time you are back in Michigan. Maybe a over a cup of coffee or something. Thanks much for what you do. Keep up the GREAT work. I do find it hard to find those with the faith assisted, courageous spine to stand for all that is righteous against the darkness.

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  5. Leo, thank you for the reminder of these “forgotten” souls. I agree w/ almost everyone above. This entire thing is a hoax and the “D’s” do NOT want one of these people to testify. I must ask” W here were DT’s advisors?” In advance, they had to know something like this was going to be instigated!!!


  6. Thank you, Leo, for sharing information about these 400 who are jailed. I did not know it was 400, as others here also say. I join my Prayers with all the other commenters here. Prayer, from Believers, move mountains.


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  8. Leo, I keep asking myself (and for the last year have done) “how can this be —in the United States of America— how can this possibly be?!” At first I thought it was about 20 who are held and that was bad enough, then I heard it was 100, and now you’re saying they’ve got 400 in the DC prison under these conditions? Oh my goodness! Its not right if one person is being held like that, but 400?!

    The only way it can be possible is because of “the patriot act“ (ha!) constitution- trampling edicts!



  9. This is America, the great Neo-Babylonian Whore (Revelation 18:4), where the digitally-marked souls of her dependent-wards within the Marxist Beast’s Social Security System may one day escape up the smokestacks of the Fourth Reich’s gulag and be forgotten.


  10. Our criminal, communist government is sending a message (one of many, e.g. via the FBI) to patriots. Shut up and obey, or this or worse will happen to you.


  11. Not meaning to pass the buck here but I will tell like it is. While Trump was still president. He had at least 14 days to give presidential pardons to the 400 alleged insurrectionists. He pardoned everyone he pleased. Trump had insurrection powers as POTUS and didn’t use those either. Per my understanding, some folks showed up in DC to protest the rigged 11/20 election. No doubt in my mind that folks were set up for arrest and imprisonment and should never have trespassed any building or property. Just goes to show how easy it is for criminals to roam the streets while good people rot away in jails. Looks like it’s highly unlikely that the 400 alleged insurrectionists souls in jail in DC will ever even get a word of encouragement from Donald Trump. Donald could have spoken a word and pardoned those people before 1/20/21. He also had the authority to put down the out-of-control, so-called peaceful protesting and sat on that option too. Some of us can only pray and no one should expect us to solve the world’s issues or move mountains they themselves can’t solve or move.

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  12. I bet the one-third contingency lawyers are lining up to sue the Feds class action when those poor souls are released.


  13. Thank you so much If you have any ideas how to pressure to achieve their release please make your ideas public! Please keep writing about this issue !!! I sent this out to quite a few people! Be Well-

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  14. November 26, 2021

    I pray that America’s harlot Laodicean nation will justly reap what she has deceitfully sown and thereby glorify God’s righteous judgement against her. I also pray for those foolish souls who are locked up in her filthy jail cells, that they will gain godly wisdom and repent of their lawless intercourse within the sacred chambers of the great American Whore.


  15. I suspect part of the reason they are being held is if they were given trials, more would realize that they were guilty of trespassing and vandalism at worst. This would destroy the narrative (lies) the MSM has been spoon feeding their remaining viewers.

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    1. You right Rachel. Seems to me any lawyer worth two cents could get any or everyone released from the 1/6/21 alleged insurrection. But then again. The fox is in guarding and in charge of the hen house (been so for at least 30 years),

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