Democrat document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office and re-educate Trump voters

A group backed by congressional Democrats touting a “Secular America” has sent a 28-page document to the Biden transition team advising him to strip First Amendment rights from Christians who advocate traditional biblical positions on the sanctity of life, marriage, education and the nuclear family.

The group, calling themselves the Secular Democrats of America, sent the letter to Biden’s team under the title “Restoring Constitutional Secularism and Patriotic Pluralism in the White House: Prepared exclusively by Secular Democrats of America PAC for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Transition Team.”

The document, presented by Reps Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Jared Huffman, D-Calif., and endorsed by Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Calif., states that an incoming Biden administration must “educate the American public,” particularly those identified as the “religious right,” on the need to keep their “religious dogma” to themselves. The document calls for a purge of social conservatives from all levels of government, labeling them as “white nationalist” and “conspiracy theorists.”

“They don’t have a problem with churches, they have a problem with conservative churches that voted for Donald Trump,” Brannon Howse, a conservative radio host who aired a program on the document Monday night, told “And some of the people promoting this are members of the leftist neo-evangelical community.”

He said vengeful Democrats are making enemy lists and have their sights set on the traditional Catholic community as well as the conservative evangelical Protestant community – two groups that voted for Donald Trump in droves.

“As long as you’re teaching a leftist progressive socialist religiosity you’ll be just fine, but if you preach anything that is wrapped around a Judeo-Christian value system they’re coming after you,” Howse said. “They’re telling Biden don’t use the term Judeo-Christian. They don’t like that term.”

The document states:

“The constant entanglement of religion and government—promoted by the religious right and intensified by the Trump administration—sweeps far beyond hot-button ‘culture war’ issues like abortion and contraception. It permeates every aspect of government policy— healthcare, public and private education, foreign policy, tax policy, environmental policy, military policy, and more, all of which will be addressed in this document.”

It goes on to support the most draconian governmental responses to the COVID-19 virus and climate change, which sounds eerily similar to the World Economic Forum’s proposed “great reset” of the global economic and social order [this is a plan to replace free-enterprise capitalism with a type of scientific dictatorship run by unelected technocrats].

The document chastises President Trump for not following all of the arbitrary, constantly changing rules coming from the World Health Organization and “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“Policy decisions that should be guided by science and evidence — on matters ranging from climate change to comprehensive sex education to federal funding for stem cell research — have been skewed or blocked entirely by powerful religious interest groups and further undermined at every turn by the Trump administration. There is no example more grave than this administration’s lethal mishandling of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has brought death to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Disregard for science and disdain for expertise have reached an all-time high in this Administration of magical thinkers and conspiracy theorists, but these policy distortions did not begin with the Trump administration and will not end without deliberate action to restore rationalist, scientific and pragmatic policy methods and judgment. We believe that now is the right time to make the case for reviving a Jeffersonian approach to governance that favors reason, science, and evidence, and to disentangle government policy from the influence of sectarian religious interests that have become dangerously entrenched at all levels of government.”

Labeling traditional Christian views as ‘white supremacist’

Trevor Loudon, an author and filmmaker specializing in communist revolutionary movements throughout history, described the document in an interview Monday with Howse at Worldview Weekend TV as “an advisory to what they hope is going to be President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris basically to clamp down on religious liberty in this country.”

The document demonizes conservative Christians as enemies of the state, equating them with “white nationalists” and “white supremacy,” which to the left is code for fascism, deserving of extreme retribution and ostracizing them from society.

The paper states:

“We urge you not to underestimate the institutional strength of what we refer to (interchangeably) in this document as the ‘Christian nationalist movement’ or the ‘religious right.’ … Its extreme and sectarian agenda is on constant display under the Trump-Pence administration. Its political ideology is anti-democratic and anti-scientific. It provides constant cover for white supremacy.”

Loudon told Worldview TV that this could be interpreted as a recommendation to send conservative Christians to re-education camps.

“Well it was definitely talking about re-educating, and reprograming people who have a traditional Christian point of view,” Loudon said. “From their perspective, these are dangerous people. They’re racist, they’re nationalist and they really need to be reprogrammed and there needs to be programs developed to do that, to deprogram them.”

Loudon, who has spent decades studying the speeches, papers, articles and books put out by radical leftists, says that when the left says they’re going to “unbrainwash you,” what they’re really saying is they want to brainwash you in their way of thinking.

“This is a document that the communists would be proud of. It is couched in the same sort of manner that I read in the communist press,” Loudon said. “They use certain weasel words that you can figure out what it means, and it is very, very scary stuff.”

Preparing for a Maoist Cultural Revolution?

Yet, this document will undoubtedly find a receptive ear in the Biden camp, which has already been infiltrated by Chinese-supporting communist sympathizers. One such person is Anita Dunn, who Biden hired last summer to be his chief strategy adviser. Dunn was caught on audio saying her favorite political philosopher is Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the godfather of Chinese communism who was responsible for launching the Chinese Cultural Revolution that brutally forced the Chinese people to submit to his strict anti-freedom, anti-God, anti-religion policies that erased Christianity from public life and enthroned the state as the one and only acceptable god in that country.

While they don’t call themselves communists, radicalized Democrats plan to launch a similar cultural revolution in America if Biden gets in power, said Loudon.

“The Democratic party is now a Marxist party,” Loudon said. “This document is aimed at the Marxists’ main enemy in this country, which is traditional Christianity. It’s very, very clear.”

Authors include Rep. Jamie Raskin, son of Marcus Raskin, the founder of the Institute for Policy Studies, which Loudon said has connections to the Soviets dating back to the 1970s.

“Jamie Raskin has long connections to the Democratic Socialists of America, he’s written for their publication, and he’s what I call a ‘small c communist,’ meaning he’s not actually a member of the Communist Party but he’s a sympathizer and a collaborator with a neo-communist organization.”

Another author is Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was established by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Also listed as a co-author is Rep. Jerry McNerney.

The document calls on Biden to make the following changes:

  • Eliminating government support for all crisis pregnancy centers and all abstinence-only education programs in schools.
  • Deny free speech and religious liberty to select Americans based on their religious beliefs.
  • Incentivize states to strip parents of all non-medical exemptions to mandatory vaccinations for children in schools or daycare centers.
  • Remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency.
  • Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)
  • Rescind and replace the Trump DOJ’s federal protections for religious liberty.
  • Appoint an attorney general who will support governors whose emergency COVID-19 executive orders restrict gatherings at houses of worship.
  • Reverse the Trump administration policies that have allowed faith-based government-funded contractors to provide adoption and foster care services and work with Congress to pass the Every Child Deserves a Family Act.  
  • Fully and robustly fund “comprehensive” sex education, which to the leftist means encouraging elementary and middle school-age children to declare themselves one of dozens of made-up non-biological gender identities and learn how to engage in various deviant forms of sex.
  • Work with governors to educate and combat Project Blitz and encourage the introduction of the Do No Harm Act at the state level. [Project Blitz is a pro-family lobbying group described by the Secular Democrats as “a coordinated effort by Christian Nationalists to inject religion into public education, attack reproductive healthcare, and undermine LGBTQ equality using a distorted definition of ‘religious freedom.’”
  • The document tells Biden: “We urge you to avoid invoking the phrase ‘Judeo-Christian values,’ as it has been weaponized by the religious right to advance an agenda that has the veneer of inclusivity but actually undermines religious freedom and tolerance and does not represent tens of millions of Americans implicitly excluded from its formulation.”

Among those endorsing the document as part of the Congressional Free Thought Caucus are the following members of Congress, all Democrats:

Rep. Jared Huffman (Co-Chair and Founding Member)

Rep. Jamie Raskin (Co-Chair and Founding Member)

Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich. (Founding Member)

Rep. Jerry McNerney, (Founding Member)

Rep. Don Beyer Jr., D-Va.

Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill.

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, non-voting delegate from D.C.

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisc.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

Rep. Susan Wild, D-Pa.

Rashida Tlaib wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag on election night 2018, then went on a rant swearing to her young son that, when it came to Trump, “We’re going to impeach the Mother F’r.”

Steve Cohen has ties to Memphis Socialist Party USA and to members of Liberation Road, a pro-China communist organization. He traveled to Cuba in 2011.

“This is a Democratic Socialist of America-influenced document. It’s Marxist to the core,” Loudon said.

You can see from the flyer below that the Secular Democrats of America were preaching their hateful, divisive message before the election, slandering Christians who hold mainstream conservative views as part of a “white supremacy” conspiracy theory.

The document sent to Biden explicitly singles out the “religious right” — Americans who have always leaned conservative, who elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Donald Trump in 2016.

“This is aimed directly at the religious right for one reason and one reason alone, they hate their politics,” Loudon said.

“From the leftist point of view, from the communist point of view, they have control of Hollywood, they control the education system, the media, most of our institutions; the only thing they don’t control is conservative Bible-believing Christians. They voted for Ronald Reagan and they voted for Donald Trump.”

It was these same Christian conservatives who were seen as having blocked Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the rightful heir to Barack Obama.

“She was supposed to finish off the communization of America and these Christians went out and voted for Donald Trump,” Loudon said.

They turned out for Trump again in 2020, in record numbers [Trump was the first incumbent president in American history who received more votes in his second run and yet supposedly did not win re-election].

“So the left understands, they have to get on top of Christianity, they have to suppress it, or pervert it into their own direction,” Loudon said.

Clinton stated in her 2016 campaign that people with “deep-seated religious and cultural beliefs, cultural codes and structural biases have to be changed,” a bigoted comment that garnered her no negative press from the establishment media.

Joe Biden in 2018 called the same body of believers, those who voted for Trump, the “dregs of society.”

Their strategy calls for redefining conservative churches and Christians as “white nationalist” and target them for attacks in the media, on social media, and by weaponizing the federal Department of Justice against these declared enemies.

All Christians who love their country, God and the Constitution will be targeted. Black churches and black pastors will not get a pass.

“Even if you’re black you can be a ‘white nationalist’ in these folks’ eyes and you’re a danger to society,” Loudon said. “You’re residing in a country whose Declaration of Independence says your rights come from God, you believe in borders, freedom, but if you believe in that according to these people, you’re an enemy of the state.”

“If you believe that, you need to be shut down, reprogramed and put out of business.”

The Secular Democrats of America publishes on its website a list of atheist and humanist elected officials who support its agenda of wiping all vestiges of Christianity from public life, from the federal level all the way down to the state and local levels.

Making lists and checking them twice

Loudon said Marxists are historically “very efficient about identifying their enemies.”

“Look at any communist revolution in history and they always have lists, of who to go after, who their enemies were, who to shut down, who to arrest, who to execute. Marxists take revolution as a science, they’re very methodical,” he said. “And they always have lists.”

And atop that list is traditional Christianity. Why? Because it honors a higher authority than the state.

“These people are secular Marxists,” Loudon said. “Their own religion is the state. They do not want competition. They are absolutely antithetical to religion. You see this in California. They shut down churches but strip clubs and casinos are still open.”

Loudon challenged Christians to get prepared for the most anti-Christian administration in history should Biden get inaugurated and urged them not to give up their First or Second Amendment rights without a fight.

“Everybody should be prepared because the government is coming for you if these people get into power. They’re coming to shut down your liberties, and the best guarantee of a free society is an armed protective society. Keep your Second Amendment. …It’s not like the left hates guns. They just want a monopoly on the guns. If a thousand people have guns and a million people have none, who’s going to win that fight?”

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  1. This evaluation of the document is inaccurate. Sorry. 80 million people are ready to get the radicalized “Lord” out of people’s lives who don’t want that ideology in our governing as it was never written into it. I suggest you find an island somewhere and write a constitution that fits your radical ideology about Jesus. By the way, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” means no one is homeless and no one is hungry. Fat Christian Americans while many are sick and unhoused and hungry are an abomination. Feeding corporations? Yeah, that is going to stop.


    1. Read the document. It says what it says. And it is what it is. Your snarky comment just proves that my analysis of the article is spot on. You folks on the left, most but not all, do not want unity and you fool no one. You are full of blood-thirsty vengeance and seething with a vile hatred of humanity. I pray that you come to your senses before you start something that, once unleashed, cannot be re-leashed.

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      1. Right on Leo. Leftists don’t even want unity with the Lord. That’s why they can’t have unity in the Spirit with anyone else. The only unity that leftists have is the unity of sin and evil with the devil and other hell-bound leftists.

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      2. Notice how that kind pretends to be against poverty and homelessness when they really WANT people starving in the streets? Bunch of lying whited sepulchers. I’ve seen them rejoicing over the suffering on FB. Saying they hope lots of American children starve so they can have an excuse to force totalitarianism upon us all.
        Too stingy to give a nickel while they sit gloating in their gated homes gorging on Ben & Jerry’s and laughing maniacally at those fearing homelessness for their families on their SM posts on FaceBook and Twitter.
        Compassionate aren’t they? They can’t fool us.
        And saying, “I vote Democrat Lord,” won’t get Jesus to declare them sheep. Because none of them do any of the things He says to do. That’s Caesar’s job. They burn incense to his image and in their view that’s “loving the poor” and should satisfy Jesus.
        But they can’t even fool us humans with their nonstop lies. How much less God.


    2. There are times, and your comment is one of them, when I am so glad that when the Lord called me to move from my home and my home country He did not direct me to the USA. Yikes lady you sure do ‘crow’ but, like the cockerel, you truly have little to crow about apart from blasting us all with your venom. Jesus warns us, in the Bible, that in these last days people will absolutely hate us because we love Him. How right He is!

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  2. Until we get the damn Communist supporting UN and Khazarian AIPAC cabal out of U.S. politics we are in eminent danger. If Trump fails to arrest the Communist owned political traitors, child trafficker’s and criminal Wall Street Bankers we are a failed nation. If Pedo Joe and the Ho are inaugurated then we will be a nation in a Civil War. I think I checked all the boxes for the Secular Democrats of America…they are the enemy, no prisoners.


    1. For whatever it’s worth, the vice president in waiting is NOT eligible to be either, since she is NOT a natural born citizen!! Her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth!!!
      This woman will be a disaster! Only way she got anywhere in CA politics is screwing her way to the top with mayor Willie Brown….


  3. That is horrifying, how in the name of all that is holy can you divorce America from its foundations – it will collapse -mind you perhaps that’s the idea! And Mr Biden is NOT the President-elect, no matter what the msm tell us. At this moment Mr Trump is the President and who the next President will be will not be known until, perhaps, the 5th January – unless that date is moved. I am thoroughly disgusted with the Electoral College, it has not been set in stone that they meet when they did, they could have waited. It seems to me that what we are now seeing is that the Deep Swamp is way deeper than any of us knew.


      1. How many of the Demoncrap voters will enjoy their Reset once it occurs? Can’t help chuckling at the thought.
        They’ll be locked in their own homes permanently under a surveillance state and forced to get shots even if they get violently ill and know the next one will kill them. Or no more groceries. Tracked and traced everywhere in perpetual semi-isolation. And the synthetic food will make memories of baloney sandwiches look like culinary treats.
        They’ll soon get marked as Bill Gates’s property. Like dehumanized cattle forced to wear their feedbags forever. Lol.
        Due to their horrible behavior during this “pandemic” mass formation I can see why they will be too hard hearted to repent by the time the tattoo rolls around.
        The “peaceful” violent criminals will get bored once they are no longer allowed/encouraged to run around looting and smashing things. I can see why Marxists don’t keep their kind around long after they have completed the revolution and the idiots are no longer useful. Maybe Farmer Bill can render them useful after death. Impossible Soylent Burgers anyone? Nice and green.
        Yep. The devil’s own (Democrats) are soon going to get theirs.
        They chose Team Satan and will soon endure the Hell-on-earth they threw tantrums about wanting for so long. (I can understand why they stoned young people who acted this way under Moses.)


    1. a collapse is the goal. It was the goal of the Jewish Bolsheviks to collapse Russia, and they did so, allowing them to build their work/death camps which murdered 20 to 30 million white Russians in the 1930’s.


    1. Amen. Let these lying devils bring on the beast system. Soon Jesus will throw them all into the lake of fire forever. And the smoke of their torment will go up forever and ever.
      Remember all Democrats are this way. Never trust one. Sever all ties with those who think this way. They hate you with intense passion and want half of America dead.
      Everything they say is a lie. Democrats are the epitome of undiluted evil. Not one shred of conscience, empathy, or basic humanity in any of them.


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