2nd retired general calls on Trump to crush coup plotters: ‘This is more dangerous than the civil war’

The next 7 to 14 days bring grave dangers in which America will either succumb to a Chinese-influenced communist takeover or defend its constitutional republic

A second retired general has come out and said publicly that President Trump is all that stands between the American people and the onset of Chinese-style communism and that Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, declare martial law and arrest the perpetrators of a coup in progress.

“This is treason,” Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, [U.S. Army retired], told Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend TV in a Dec. 12 interview. “We have an enemy who, with China, has created an America that I don’t understand.”

He also addressed China’s infiltration of America’s business, higher-education, political and cultural institutions.

“They [China] have taken Hong Kong, and Taiwan is their next target,” Vallely said. “That’s why we have to keep President Trump. He understands this.”

Trump signed Executive Order 13848 on Sept. 12, 2018, that allows him to take action if a foreign power is determined to have interfered in the U.S. elections process. Under this order, the director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, has 45 days from the date of the election to submit a report determining that the election has been compromised by a foreign entity. That deadline is coming up on Friday, Dec. 18.

Trump also sidelined the CIA by invoking National Security Action Memorandum 57 on Nov. 18, right after he fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and put all special operations forces directly under the new acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. CIA Director Gina Haspel has reportedly not been seen attending daily or weekly intelligence briefings at the White House and the CIA’s new role has it relegated to intelligence gathering, meaning it has been banned from conducting major covert military operations, exactly the role that President Kennedy envisioned for the spy agency before he was assassinated in 1963.

Trump invoked Kennedy’s memorandum #57 just a couple of days before the 57th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.

Some see these moves as possibly part of a strategy to block Joe Biden from taking over the White House in the wake of a highly controversial election that includes claims of widespread fraud.

Whatever the case, this next week promises to be a tumultuous one.

The Electoral College is due to meet Monday, Dec. 14, and the deadline for Executive Order 13848 to be invoked is Friday, Dec. 18.

Vallely was joined on the show by his old friend Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [U.S. Air Force retired]. Neither one of the generals was willing to discount or debunk the idea that Trump may need to crack down on the coup plotters if America is to be saved from sliding into communism.

McInerney said the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear a lawsuit against four swing states filed by Texas and joined by 19 other states on the grounds that Texas doesn’t have standing to file such a case, does not appear to see the bigger picture of what is happening in America.

Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [US Air Force Retired]

With 20 states declaring that they believe Joe Biden stole the election and another 20 states declaring that the election was valid and will certify the results, America is sitting atop a political powder keg that McInerney said is more dangerous than any moment in U.S. history since the first civil war.

“The Supreme Court of the United States said Texas lacks standing. Please. We’re not just talking about vote fraud and standing,” he said. “We’re talking about treason. President Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act, he must suspend habeas corpus, because this is the largest cyber warfare attack in history. This is Pearl Harbor.”

The mainstream media, by publishing news stories that say Trump’s claims of election fraud are “baseless,” are “complicit in the treasonous acts,” McInerney said.

“Four states all violated their constitutional rules for voting. There will be no surrender. This president, I believe, and looking at the 80 million I believe voted for him, it is very obvious this country is not going to sit back and turn it over to socialists and communists.”

Vallely had strong words for the mayors and governors who are closing down businesses and churches again, sending citizens back into lockdown. He said the president knows exactly what is going on and has intelligence that would justify a crackdown on the coup plotters, who are using COVID as part of their strategy to keep people distracted from the real danger to the republic.

“We see that with the COVID is how they are taking away the Constitution,” Vallely said. “Everything from the Supreme Court on down is so corrupted beyond the imagination. So we must stand tall against this, and you’re not going to get that from the Bidens.

“I agree [with McInerney] that it is communists and socialists” who are behind the coup.

Howse asked McInerney what martial law and military tribunals would look like and what Trump should do about the media, which has chosen sides in the dispute over the election and continues to say no fraud occurred and Biden is the “president elect”, though Trump has not conceded and the Electoral College does not meet until Monday, Dec. 14 and Congress does not open and count the votes until Jan. 6.

“What he has to do is probably shut them down,” McInerney said. “These are constitutional measures placed in our Constitution, so we are still operating under our Constitution but they are harsh measures.”

He said Big Tech – Google, Facebook and Twitter – are shutting down or censoring the president’s communications, as well as that of his supporters, and that must be stopped.

“High Tech companies are censoring against Americans’ First Amendment rights,” he said. “And at the same time we have mayors locking down cities for COVID 19. We know this virus was introduced by the Chinese at the same time the impeachment was an exercise in distraction. Dr. Fauci put $3.7 million into the Wuhan lab.”

He said martial law would not curtail the freedoms of law-abiding Americans as much as these mayors’ COVID restrictions.

“It would be far less restrictive than COVID. Antifa is going to riot and they must be crushed and crushed swiftly and violently,” McInerney said, adding:

“We’re not going to look to those governors and mayors. The Supreme Court was given a simple task, but if they think they are just looking at fraudulent voting, they don’t get it. This is treason. Martial law, the Insurrection Act and suspending habeas corpus allows you to begin arresting people right away. The penalty for treason is death, and all those people [arrested] are going to start singing.”

McInerney suggested President Trump enlist retired generals to organize and head up the military tribunals.

“There will be fair trials but they will be trying them for treason,” he explained. “How the FBI and DOJ missed it, that’s another thing that needs to be looked into. The CIA also missed it. There was too much going on. You couldn’t have missed it. I think there must have been some military involved in it. If they think this was just dirty politics as usual, no. It’s treason. And the American people should support President Trump in establishing the military tribunals.”

McInerney said he believes America is at its most important crossroads in the country’s 235-year existence as an independent sovereign nation.

“Antifa and BLM have been armed. If not dealt with this is going to be the last election we have. They’re going to win all of this. Georgia included. This is more dangerous than the civil war,” he said. “America beware. We are facing the biggest threat in American history and we have to meet that threat.”

He said naval forces and other military movements are being placed in motion to defend the country.

“The president is waiting for the right opportunity. Does this happen before Christmas? Yes. And it could happen after Christmas… The American people have to demand that he do it.

“Mr. President, you have no choice. You must defend the nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Period.”

Vallely agreed that, at this point, the civilian courts seem unable to tackle something this big.

“If the Supreme Court of the United States bends to political considerations, then the president needs to take it on with the military,” Vallely said. “I stand firmly behind the president.”

The retired Army general has posted a series of articles on his website, StandUpAmericaUS.com, that he says document the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into American political, business and cultural institutions. He writes:

“Today, President Trump is facing an even graver adversity: The CCP is barking at the door, ready to take over America at any moment; the swamp of D.C., colluding with the mass media, social media, high-tech giants and celebrities faked a President-Elect and rushed to shove him into the White House through a deeply corrupt election and unprecedented fake propaganda. Not only is this a time for the American people to choose their future between freedom or communism, but this is also a time for everyone in the world to make a choice between good and evil. ‘These are the times that try men’s souls.'”

He also has posted a complete list of significant claims of errors/fraud in the 2020 presidential election, as researched by former CBS News journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

McInerney and Vallely are no strangers to each other.

The two co-authored a book together in 2004 titled End Game: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, and both served as military analysts for Fox News.

“Beware America,” McInerney said. “Now is the time to stand up. Fight.”

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86 thoughts on “2nd retired general calls on Trump to crush coup plotters: ‘This is more dangerous than the civil war’”

  1. Mr President,
    It is time to stand up, draw a line in the sand and defend at all cost the integrity of this nation and its people. Sir liberty is not free and the cost of freedom is immense so many have paid the price in blood let not their sacrifice be in vain, we must fight, we must defend our liberty our freedom our nation and its people from Tierney. I implore you sir to act, this is just such a time as our founding fathers feared would happen and you have the power as framed in our constitution to stop this and bring swift and decisive action against this abomination and perverse action of an enemy state and an emboldened enemy within. Sir command your troops and quell the enemy bring the wrath of almighty god down upon them and strike fear in the harts of our enemy.
    From a Patriot who’s feeble body yet strong hart is ready to fight at your side for God and Country.

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  2. All you General officers running your mouths fomenting mutiny, shut the hell up. Up to this point I have heard nothing that could be construed as unlawful at some time in the future. If orders are given in the future that you consider unlawful then is when you refuse the orders, not well in advance. You retired general officers, left to me I would recall every blasted one of you to active duty and court martial your backsides all the way to Leavenworth. Have none of you any integrity?

    Roger Yaste
    USN CPO Retired


    1. Wow, I guess X-military people have no rights to opinions except what the left feels they should follow. Be careful. Before you can recall them you may find your ass cornered in a corner you hoped to never be in. Your lack of open-mindedness is why we have such a messed up political system. How many millions of people are saying Not now, Not ever. Maybe you should be brought up on charges for being so filled with hate.


    2. What an absolutely appalling thing to say.I take it you do not have any kind of a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Which begs the issue why are you reading Leo’s posts, so you can have a verbally violent go at people you neither know nor are ever likely to meet?
      I can guarantee one thing I doubt anybody has any respect for you right now, although, of course, as a coward, we have no idea who you are. Well done it is very easy to snipe at people from an asrmchair, the location of which we will never know.

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  3. I’m from Europe but i’d like president Trump to step in an d keep China at bay and preventing their world-take-over… otherwise the world will be drenched in blood .
    The EU is already taking instruction from WEF & WHO ..They all want to turn us into commieslaves and meanwhile, walk in rivers of blood once again .
    Klaus Schwab’s the great reset sounds a lot like MAO’s the great leap forward, it cost somewhere around 60- 70 million deaths in MAO’s days.
    Do we really want this to happen again.. you guys there have a strong leader no nansypansy boys like we have in Europa… use it to your advantage and dont go for one foot in the grave weak and corrupt leaders !!!


    1. This has nothing to do with the topic but I wonder if you live in Cyprus because somebody who posts comments on the Cyprus Mail uses that ‘name’?


  4. May God lead you Mr. President! may His Holy Spirit give you wisdom to fight these enemies of our United States of America, and may His Angel Armies surround you in battle against these corrupt and evil forces. God Bless Donald Trump, Mike Pence and all those supporting these efforts.


  5. President Trump. Please do what ever has to be done to save our country and our way of life. God is on the throne and is with us.


  6. I agree, Please President Trump save us save our beautiful country that I myself and thousands of other Veterans have fought so hard to save. I served in the U.S.Navy and am a proud veteran and I would truly hate to see all we have fought so hard to keep be turned over to everything we fought for and so many unfortunate soldiers lost their lives for end up in the hands of the Devil.


  7. Our forefathers gave everything for our freedom; their family, home, wealth & lives! How can we do less?
    This is a spiritual warfare of good vs evil!
    We can no longer tolerate the corruption that goes all the way to the Supreme Court!
    Our prayers are with you President Trump! You MUST take action!


  8. I am behind our great President Trump , he is the only one that can change the outcome for this election!!!! Please save our country from becoming communist!! God bless America and God have mercy !!!


  9. TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP; WITH A BUILD UP OF CHINESE MILITARY IN CANADA ON “TRAINING EXERCISES” AND A DEFINITE ATTEMPT TO TAKE OVER THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT THROUGH TREASONOUS ACTS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ,IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU INVOKE INSURRECTION ACT TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES…..Dear Sir,My group and I are concerned that you may think that we are not behind you.Rest assured that this particular group of law enforcement,patriots ,retired military ,and worried families have and will do our part,even to the point of putting boots on the ground and sacrificing life and property. WE are behind you 100% in any action that you deem necessary. We are prepared to defend our rights and way of life against any and all that would attempt to change this. Our constitution has been ignored and by-past in treasonous fashion and our courts have been infiltrated with judges who are sympathetic to, if not a part of this attempted coup.Courts ignore their constitutional and legal duty,leaving only one option.MARTIAL LAW IS A NECESSITY AT THIS POINT.MEDIA MUST BE MADE TO COMPLY WITH BI-PARTISAN OPERATIONS .OUR FREEDOMS ,OUR VERY WAY OF LIFE IS AT STAKE.I will not attempt to live under socialist/communist rule.


  10. History does repeat. Have you forgotten two rather small men, Joseph Goebbels and Joseph Stalin?
    Was it Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda who said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself,”
    Was it Stalin who said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. ” and “The press must grow day in and day out – it is our Party’s most powerful weapon.


  11. It is time for our military to back President Trump and take over and hang everyone that is found guilty of treason whether they are foreign or domestic it is time and I stand behind my president and Military I refuse to bow down to the Democratic communist it started to cry


  12. I’m an Air Force veteran and a Christian. I am proud to be a patriot. This won’t end well for the traitors, they will be punished, either in this life or the next. I certainly don’t envy them, nor will I have any sympathy for them when they get their just due. It’s better to die a free man than to live as a traitor. Betraying your own country and your own people is one of the most heinous crimes that can ever be committed. There’s nothing worse than losing your soul and living forever in infamy right along side Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot.


  13. Damn! From what I read, things are getting intense. I certainly don’t intend on going down without a fight. As a vet, I believe the votes were illegal in most if not all the battleground states. The SCOTUS should not have disrespected the 75 million who voted for President Donald Trump.


  14. UN Agenda 2030…look it up. Scary as all hell! These retired generals are right on and we need to keep President Trump in office. I just wish the foolish people who voted for Biden would look at more than the FAKE NEWS! Makes me sick!


  15. This is so scary and yet God is in control. Praying the real leaders of our free republic will go forth and unified bring a stop to the evil infiltration of anti-freedom agenda. God bless America. May He lead us to victory and give Trump 4 more years and our country turned back to a Constitutional country.


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  17. I posted this on the English broadsheet The Times just now, it will be interesting to see how long it stays there, espcially in the light of the lying narrative it has been producing for months now. It won’t be long, I think, before they will ban me for a length of time, last time they did it was for a month, despite the fact that I pay a subscription. –
    “The mainstream media, by publishing news stories that say Trump’s claims of election fraud are “baseless,” are “complicit in the treasonous acts,” McInerney said.”
    I read something on Terry James’ blog today which gavae mdee the words I needed to try and explain what it is I am feeling (and I dond’t live in the US nor am I American!) and in his blog he mentioned Lot and how Lot felt about Sodom – he was SORELY VEXED!


  18. IMO the only course left our corrupt civilian justice system (oxymoron} is for PQTUS to invoke Insurrection Act, He takes his OATH as seriously as our WarFighters do. He better have the courage to stand against this TREASON & I believe he does. Blood must be shed for TREASON, Blood has already been shed in Frankfurt getting proof. When PQTUS pulls the pin and the first arrests begin, the guilty will line up to make a “DEAL”. No deals should be made. We have it all means something. tiQ-tQq MFKRs.


    1. Well, insurrection is coming, one way or the other!
      Either Trump invokes it through LEGAL means through use of the military, or this boils over and the citizenry does it IN SPITE of the govt. It will be far less messy and disruptive if enacted by govt however.
      Either way, i refuse to accept this current condition, as do 10’s of millions of other Americans.
      Chinamen or democrats… Doesn’t matter to me… They both stop bullets equally.
      Democrats are NO COUNTRYMEN OF MINE….


  19. The time to stand is now. There are more veterans in this country than active duty personnel. Add the millions of freedom loving individuals who are experienced hunters and you have a formidable army ready to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


    1. My 7th grandfather defended America against the redcoats in the Revolution on Kings Mountain. I too am a Patriot, Hunter survivalist, willing to sacrifice everything in honour of all Veterans since the American Revolution. It is Time to take our country back.


  20. So was the decision by the Supreme Court to not even accept the Texas case on state legislative sovereignty with reference to elections equivalent to the Dred Scott case, a monstrously wrong decision directly leading to the Civil war with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people being killed, maimed or dying as refugees from disease, and four years of terrible war.
    It is reminiscent of the British court system with parliamentary sovereignty over the court system. Of course they have a different governmental system, but the American system was certainly influenced by it.
    I think the Supreme Court missed the opportunity they were created for. Such opportunities usually only come once in life, perhaps in the life of a country as well.


  21. All true,but missing is the hand of islam behind the treachery and chaos egging on the socialists and communists. Their warrior, obama, is orchestrating this.


  22. Brietbart and General Dispatch, Whatfinger’s in house news page is flogging Georgia’s Senate race today. Click bait headlines and salacious stories to attact eyeballs. However, they won’t allow free commentary. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to see, if they can get my comments, which are below passed the censors using another screen name, should anyone think any of it worthy of being shared and passed on.

    This is to be expected I suppose, the new normal, censorship and any and all rights we once thought we had are now discretionay, to be bestowed and dispensed as the masters of the universe see fit, as it advances their business model and serves their purposes. We begin our new mission, to expose these hypocrites and closet enemies of the republic, to develop strageties and tactics with, which to resist the tyranny and the censorship of these web sites and news aggregators who control our abily to communicate freely===========
    Who cares who wins the Senate? Dare to ask. We have just lost the republic. Hello? It was stolen in a brazen media coup using blantant voter ballot fraud. We are living under the threat of future tyranny. Why should the American people, such as they are continue to play monkey in the middle for Republican business interests, which represent the ruling ellites, the establishment, which has just betrayed us?

    Why would we care about their fake Senate, or another fixed election in Georgia? This ain’t no square house. Why would anyone ever put their money down, if they knew there was no chance of winning?

    What matter can it possibly make, this senate race? The senate will no longer be the senate you say. Is that the RINO Republican argument? Please come out to vote for our two, corrupt, Republican RINOs. Oh yeah, and send money. We must defeat the Democrats, or they will change the rules of the Senate, there will be no more filibuster, they say. So what, I say?

    The Senate is already a failed institution. It has proved itself time and again to be worthless, and unworthy as an institution. Let the Senate and the financial interests behind these Senators deal with the Antifa communists and fascists, the BLM street scum, who helped put them in their positions of power. Pay them reparations, go ahead, “break them off a bigger piece.” This is the monster Democrats created. Either they keep feeding them, or let then riott and burn the Democrat’s cities. Let them gut their apartment buildings, and the sky scrapper flag ship store fronts in Atlanta and New York. Who cares? They are your stores, your cities and your problem. They work for you. Our America is dead. The Senate and the RINO Republicans helped kill it. Personally, I don’t care what happens to them anymore, not the disgusting RINO Republicans and certainly not the Democrats. I wouldn’t cross the street to save any of their lives. I spit on them.

    The Senate has already proven to be a failed institution along with the House of Representives, along with the Presidency, along with the Supreme Court. Am I suppose to worry the Democrats will pack the court? Really, seriously, why? The Supreme Court has already failed. They are all failed and worthless, useless and positioned against democracy and what’s left of the American People. They are all about their own advancement, all for the communist Chinese and the globalists who armed the Chinese. The President couldn’t even control his own executive branch, the DOJ, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, the Pentagon, his own Dept, of Defense, none of it. They are all enemy.

    We don’t even know who’s making the decisions anymore. Who orchestrated all this? Who was that mysterious guy from the Fox Decision Desk who mysteriously just appeared in front of God and everyone, who was so self assured and relaxed, casually dressed, so cloaked in informal authority, with such an air of calm assuredness. He radiated such certainity with folded legs, leaning back in his chair, so expansive as he explained to us that it was time now for eveyone to go to sleep. No need for concern. It was over. Never saw him before and I’ve never seen him since. Is he the guy in charge? Did he decide to shut the count down? Was he the wizard monitoring the Dominion systems across 6 states and then too, will Biden pee his pants when he is sworn in. Am I required to care? Are you?


  23. Already notified the WH, and the Governor. We must move forward, and if they don’t do this… it will be even more messy when the American public gets involved.

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  24. Leo please join Parler so your excellent articles can be seen by the conservative community Thanks Suzy Varner


  25. I listened to Brannon’sshow last night and I am waiting until he posts it so I can share it. I pray these Generals (Flynn included….because he has been on Brannon’s show saying the same thing) are talking to President Trump.

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    1. Amen! Time to fight back! God save what’s left of what we knew as the “United States of America! If it means fighting then it’s time to fight! I don’t mean whine or talk but action is needed, now!Get these communists out of this land!

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      1. I agree, Please President Trump save us save our beautiful country that I myself and thousands of other Veterans have fought so hard to save. I served in the U.S.Navy and am a proud veteran and I would truly hate to see all we have fought so hard to keep be turned over to everything we fought for and so many unfortunate soldiers lost their lives for end up in the hands of the Devil.


  26. Hi Leo,

    I hope you’re doing well. We can only pray that President Trump takes their advice. The fraud is rampant and obvious unless you’re a Lib.

    I don’t know how we can let this go: you cheat and break the law and that’s accepted.

    BTW – I looked up Article III of the Constitution when SCOTUS denied the case for standing. The way I read it – the states have standing. This is total BS.

    Warmest regards & Happy Holidays!

    -Ken Ken Greenberg ken@alertli.org

    An ACT for America Chapter

    Mission Alert Long Island is devoted to educating Long Islanders and notifying citizens of impending threats by working with local law enforcement, local and state legislators, and members of Congress.

    We’re focused on strengthening national security, assuring the preservation of Israel, upholding the Constitution, achieving energy independence, protecting our power grid and assuring the safety of our citizenry.


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      1. Yes do it mr president invoke Marshall law and arrest the media the democrat traitors in congress and especially joe Biden and his crime family and don’t forget the ring leader obama


      2. I agree with you. President Trump needs to use our military to arrest every and all persons involved in this treasonist acts. Do it for us.


      3. Xiden will be installed 12:01 AM Wednesday morning January 20, 2021. They stole the election in the dark of night and will install biden in the dark of night!!!!


      4. Not only is the Fraud Rampant, now look how far the left has already gone BEFORE they’ve assumed power!!! Shutting down ALL opposition in voice, ie Killed the first Amendment! Can’t go to Church, Can’t peacefully assemble, can’t even voice our opinion on so many places anymore!!! ANTI-AMERICAN!!!! ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL and biden is just starting! The answer to speech we don’t like is MORE speech!!! debate ideas! people with bad ideas LOSE those debates and move on, Unless the people with GOOD ideas are silenced! Which is what is happening!


      5. You are obviously way out of touch, there are thousands who are still going to worship God with others in a church building every Sunday, and during the week too! One of the most prominent of ‘denominations’ although they do not like to be viewed as a denomination are Calvary Chapels. When speaking to people do you also yell as you have done with several of your posts? (Using a lot of capital letters indicate you are shouting)


    1. Please persuade President Trump to follow yut advice!! I am so convinced you are 100% correct,America is doomed as a free country if President Trump does not act swiftly, NOW!! If not to late! MAY GOD INTERVENE IF IT BE HIS WILL, AMEN!!

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      1. Donald Trump has no choice but declare martial law and keep this country away from George Soros and the other treasures that want to turn us into a communist socialistic country


    2. Whatever the reasons, SCOTUS is required to work with the law, are you saying it did not? That, actually, is not good.


      1. SCOTUS is required to uphold the Constitution. They do not make law and should not support law that violates the constitution. With that clarification it is fact they have lost their way and most of them have become political which is not in their job description. Both Riberts and Breyer should be impeached. They have openly been derogatory toward our President and Roberts said in a recorded conversation with Breyer that he will stop that F’er from being elected.


      2. As somebody who is not American nor do I live in America I asked a question, I did not expect that sort of a response back but at least, I suppose you answered me, thank you, I think!


    3. We’re ready for Martial Law….the uncertainty is difficult. We must fight. We must capture those responsible for this insurrection and try them for treason. We know people will be injured, but patriots are ready & willing to take our country back!!


      1. Mr trump, I’m a Vietnam vet. I know what socializen is first hand, you need to declare Marshall law and take this country back for God and the people, we all support you and your wonderful family. Thank you and we love you. Great preside


    4. Your a bunch of childish idiots that are playing games with OUR lives. If this should end in a world war, I will come after you bastards first!!!!!


      1. Do you often speak to people you neither know nor will ever meet in this way or do you save it for those who do not know you so cannot let you know, physically, what they think of your comment?


    5. The nation is under attack from with out and with in. If the president does not up hold his oath the people will be subjugated to tyranny. The communist will take our weapons and destroy our amendments which pre date the nation. The right are given by the creator not man and no man shall take them away with out tyranny.


      1. However, how are you going to react if it turns out all of this is part of God’s plan including the loss of your weapons because God has abandoned the nation of America to its sins?


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