Who will you trust when law and order break down and the bullets start flying?

The second American civil war appears to be inching closer to reality.

As I write this, hundreds of thousands of Americans are making plans to head to Washington, D.C., to make their voices heard on Jan. 6 as Congress convenes to vote on the Electoral College slate of electors that will choose our next president.

Some are motivated by patriotism to rally for the continuation of our constitutional republic under President Trump, others for global socialism and an authoritarian “Great Reset” supported by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Regardless of who gets inaugurated on Jan. 20, expect the other side to mount a bloody resistance.

Before we get to Jan. 20, we have to get through Jan. 6.

That’s when a minority of brave Republicans in the House and Senate will show themselves as patriots and make a convincing case for decertifying the Biden electors in six disputed swing states.

Despite evidence of overwhelming fraud, their case will be dismissed out of hand by America-hating, China-compromised Democrats and their comrades on the Republican side led by Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney, who will be cheered by the bought and paid for Soviet-style mainstream media.

Some senators we thought were on our side will suffer a crisis of courage, failing to stand up and be counted with Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and at least 10 other senators who refuse to accept a fraudulent election. There are now more than 150 Republicans in the House who have said they will reject the Biden-Harris electoral votes in six disputed states.

Some senators we expected to be on our side, like Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, are not (we’re also watching Rand Paul). Every senator and representative will have to show their hand, choose a side, pick up their weapons of war and fight (Ephesians 6). The age of the comfortable, do-nothing politicians able to play both sides to their personal benefit is over.

When you see once solid conservatives jumping ship at the critical moment, don’t be surprised. The facts behind the fraud are no longer the issue. Every single Republican knows in their heart of hearts that this election was stolen from Donald Trump. They’ve seen the videos, they’ve seen the impossible numbers. They’ve heard the eye witnesses sworn under penalty of perjury. Now it’s decision time. They face a defining moment with the future of a great nation on the line and they won’t be able to go back and change course once that moment passes.

The Supreme Court’s nine justices have already faced their defining moment. They had a chance to deliver justice, to at least look at the evidence, and they passed.

The state legislatures have just about run out of time before they will have failed to step up and do the right thing in their defining moment.

Our federalist system of checks and balances has come to a breaking point.

If nobody steps up, that will be the end of it. America will be a one-party state for the foreseeable future under the Democratic Socialists of Amerika.

They will have strong-armed their way to absolute power. I say strong-armed because if they go unchallenged they will have succeeded in using fraud, intimidation and unconventional tactics to “win” the White House.

And they are poised to win the Senate on Jan. 5 through a repeat of the same game plan in the Georgia runoff election. Georgia’s Republican leaders agreed back in March to a backroom deal that obligates them to play by election rules set by radical Marxist Stacey Abrams. The Democrats’ only objective is raw power and they will do anything to achieve it. Still, they could not have pulled this off without the help of key Republicans. GOP Governors Brian Kemp of Georgia and Doug Ducey in Arizona, along with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and the three Trump-appointed SCOTUS justices are just a few of the collaborators in a looming grand larceny of America’s constitutional republic.

But they’re not alone.

Many other Republicans refused to recognize the enormity of the moment and remained silent as the fraud was carried out and covered up.

So, 2021 will bring some sobering realizations for America-first patriots who refuse to bow the knee to the globalist power elites pushing for their Great Reset, which seeks to make America a vassal state of the atheist-materialist Chinese Communist Party, both economically and geo-politically.

What if Biden wins?

If Biden wins, this will be a year of increasing inflation, rolling lockdowns, crippling tax hikes and politically motivated government regulations intended to punish small businesses. Look for Biden-Harris to use the heavy hand of government to clamp down on their political enemies. They will pass hate-speech laws, they will force taxpayers to fund abortions, they will stand by as cities shut off utility services to dissident Trump supporting households, they will ban us from the Internet, and some of us will likely be shipped off to re-education camps to be cured of our “white nationalism.”

Remember, according to a Democrat document exposed by this site last month, the term white nationalist has nothing to do with the color of your skin and everything to do with your worldview and religious beliefs.

Children will be encouraged by their schools to rat out their parents. Draconian gun laws will be enacted. Many patriots will fight back and more fiercely than the globalists expect, putting their lives and fortunes on the line for freedom, not just for themselves but their posterity. Casualties on both sides will be heavy.

What if Trump wins?

If Trump wins, we will see radical Marxist and Muslim groups launch guerilla attacks on conservative Christian churches, synagogues, groups and gatherings. They will make routine travel a life-risking event. Attacks on truckers, trains and other supply lines will cause shortages in stores. Roving bands of starving people will take to the streets, moving out to the suburbs and eventually the countryside in search of food, weapons and provisions.

The media will blame all of this on Trump and his supporters.

2021: The year America breaks?

There will be attacks on roads, bridges, utilities and other infrastructure, all funded by Hollywood, Big Tech, Amazon, Walmart, Target and the rest of the global corporate titans. Democrat-run states and cities, as well as some others run by establishment Republicans, will invite in United Nations troops to help fight American troops, and the American military itself will likely be split, with a portion fighting for a free America and a portion fighting on the side of the deep state [CIA and FBI]. Local police departments will be forced to pick a side, going with President Trump and the patriots or with the deep state and the globalists, which will claim Trump is an illegal usurper trying to steal the presidency from Biden and make himself a dictator.

In the meantime, COVID will not go away. The corporations will launch a coercive vaccination program that will make it difficult or impossible to travel to certain areas, shop in certain stores, fly on any airline. Governors will call out the state police and other paramilitary groups to blockade state lines.

2021 will also be the year when millions of Americans who refused to wake up and take the threat of this communist revolution seriously will finally have their normalcy bias swept away once and for all. They will rue the day they said “oh, that will never happen in America” or “Americans will never stand for that” while waiting for someone else to stand up and stop the slide into totalitarianism.

The year 2020 brought an unexpected “new normal,” where Americans handed over their constitutional rights to dictatorial mayors and governors forcing them to wear facemasks and declaring certain businesses and churches to be non-essential. But 2021 will bring an even more ominous new normal that requires an unprecedented level of prayer, unity and cooperation among patriots in order to turn back the tide of technocratic communism.

A great starting point would be to take off your facemask. This is a highly symbolic act, an act of defiance to the Great Reset and the power elites who seek to transform “every industry” and all human activity, according to Klaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum.

If every family of patriots stays hunkered down in their homes, hoping to ride out the storm that is coming, we will fail to defeat this brazen attempt at global tyranny.

We must work together and help each other like never before.

If you haven’t already done it, it’s time to have a serious conversation with neighbors to find out who will be on your side and who will be fighting with antifa, BLM and possibly foreign troops invited onto U.S. soil under the auspices of the United Nations.

Perhaps God will give a reprieve and the scenario I have laid out will not come to pass. But even if that’s the case, a house divided cannot stand, and America is hopelessly divided. Don’t let your normalcy bias get in the way of you being prepared.

The signs have for decades been pointing to an epic clash of worldviews, between those who believe society functions best when traditional Judeo-Christian virtues are rewarded and encouraged and those who believe that free people cannot be trusted and society must be micro-managed by an all-powerful secular state.

Over the last 10 months it has become obvious to even many of the politically unengaged that things aren’t going back to normal. Not on Jan. 6, not on Jan. 20, not a year from now.

My advice is not to put your faith in any politician. If President Trump comes through for us and intervenes with the military to kick the Chinese Communist Party and its treasonous American partners out of our country, sending them all to Guantanamo where they belong, that would be great.

But don’t count on that. We must plan to do this ourselves. Don’t hesitate to help a fellow patriot in need, to share information with trusted like-minded thinkers.

Always plan as though we are going to be left to fend for ourselves. We are the leaders of our own families, neighborhoods, communities and cities. If Trump steps up, consider it a bonus.

In the weeks and months ahead, you will be shocked to see how many friends, family members, employers and pastors who you thought loved America will side with the globalists and the deep state.

These folks don’t lack intelligence. They don’t lack cultural awareness. Many have led exemplary lives. But they lack one thing. Courage in the line of fire.

When Russia was being taken over by the Bolsheviks and needed an Alexander Solzhenitsyn, it produced an Alexander Kerensky.

When Germany was being taken over by Nazis and needed a Detreich Bonhoeffer, it produced a Kurt von Schleicher.

Maybe America will be different. Maybe the patriots, under the leadership of Donald Trump, will rally and rise to the occasion. Just like we did in 1776 under Washington. But there’s also the possibility that this time we will need to lead our own people’s resistance. Either way, we can do this. We can remain a free people under God.

We will find out soon enough how many are up to the task.

Leo Hohmann is an independent journalist whose work is 100 percent reader supported. A contribution of any size is always appreciated.

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33 thoughts on “Who will you trust when law and order break down and the bullets start flying?”

  1. Well now, 24hrs after the ruckus in DC, Leo is proving to be on point!

    I recall reading a discussion paper several years ago by Elder Samuel Trott: “Image of The Beast”, 183?.
    The Old Baptist of Early America, were concerned then. The same bunch that boycotted the Constitution Convention, from Rhode Island as the unified voice of The Old Baptist!
    They remembered their history from England & Europe, church-state-wars during the Reformation. Their voice has been the same for 500+yrs, “we were never Protestant”!
    Their position during the Constitution Convention was, “why assist to give birth to Revelation 13:11”!
    They also held out to ratifying said document, without The 1st Amendment!
    They feared the ultimate takeover by Rome!

    Seems like the Old Baptist were correct then as Leo is today!

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  2. I not sure what to do but will do whatever I can to save this great republic. Now is the time for all Americans to rise up and band together regardless of race, ethnicity or religion and defend our great nation.


  3. Mr. Hohmann is a wonderful journalist and I agree with 99% of what he writes. My comment that life would carry on as normal is based on the fact that people adjust – not necessarily in a good way. I am a person who has lived several decades and seen our society change drastically. Divorce, once a serious and difficult process, was reduced to a no fault, no reason, no care decision. God was taken out of our schools, government, businesses, etc. Abortion which was once illegal has become big business. Homosexuality which was once a crime is now not only legal but it is endorsed by the world. Sexual deviancy is applauded. Drugs are now being legalized. The list is endless.

    Yes, people object but no person, group or organization has been successful in steming the tide of sin and evil. It may occasionally be stalled but never stopped. It is exactly as the Bible says it would be. Still, in the midst of it all people have to live their lives. As much as they may abhor what is happening around them and in their nation they must work and care for their families and loved ones. They eventually adjust and to the world it appears that life is going on as normal.

    Hopefully President Trump will be used by God to stall the evil for a short while. After only observing for the past four years, maybe the Church will finally rise and be who we are called to be and do what we are called to do. It hasn’t happened in my lifetime but I have faith that anything is possible.


  4. I completely understand the scenario you painted and would agree with it except for one thing. The Lord showed me the scripture where Jesus says His coming (the Rapture) will be like the day of Noah… people eating, drinking, marrying, etc. In other words, life is carrying on as usual. That doesn’t say there isn’t an increase in lawlessness and wickedness, which there is and will continue to grow, but I no longer see a civil war.


    1. Then, I think, Maxine, hyou need to consider what the account of Noah was all about, if life was ‘normal’ then why on earth would God have had Noah build an ark in the first place and consider verse 5 of Genesis 6: “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of mankind was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually.”
      Does that really cause you to think that life in Noah’s days was not that bad. One way and another there is nothing more certain than the stage is set for really bad times to come in the US regardless of who becomes the next President, which could easily include civil war.


  5. Leo, This is the very first time I’ve been on your site. This article is spot-on. Sending on to .several others I feel Jan 6th is going to be a true turning point in America history.


  6. Wow Leo, you have expressed almost everything I have been considering. I am not an American, English actually!

    It was almost very plain from the kick off at the begining of 2020 that this crisis has been diabolically engineered by the enemy of our souls. Now we are seeing so much more of his game plan which he has been preparinf for centuries.
    We have now seen many call for a one wolr rule to take us out of this mess! There is one hovering in the shadows waiting for his evil master to call him to act. This will not happen until our Lord and Saviour calls us out of here. May we have the gumption to stay true to our Master’s call and save as many as we are allowed to before the final curtain falls.

    See you in the air!

    Ian Pomeroy


    1. I wonder if you would use such an expression were you to know that it has its basis in sexual intercourse? Of course, I hope you would not. The reasaon I know this, I once used it thinking it was no big deal and then somebody told me, in detail, what it meant! That sort of thing stays with you!

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      1. I dont think about it. Im a native New Yorker. I just said what I felt. and, what I feel is that no matter what we do, we lose.


      2. If by ”we” you mean everyone then I must seek to provide you with some information.

        This ”battle” is actually a continuation of the more than 6000 year one between the Devil and his Creator. The creature cannot defeat his Creator yet he has failed to recognise this fact. The moment he is able he will promote his man of the hour. This cannot happen – yet. I implore all of to realise we need a Saviour and we need to be on His side. Thus before it is too late, please those who need to, Repent and join the Master’s side by yielding and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. This is all the battle has ever been about. He cannot show up until we answer our Master’s call to ”come up here”.Maranatha


      3. So that, therefore, justifies using bad language and language which referred to the most sacred activity God has given us. Sorry but being a New Yorker, as though that were some badge of honour, does not cut it. I am a citizen of heaven which is a far better place to belong to and there you will not, if you get there, hear the sort of language you are using. Perhaps you would be good enough to show me in the Bible where Jesus used such sexually explicit language? You can’t find anything? What a surprise! I would not now be writing so harshly had you the spiritual maturity to acknowledge that you should not have said it but, instead, you use New York as your ‘permit’! That is incredibly sad.


  7. You also need to remember, when the bullets start flying, it is the POLITICIANS who brought us to this point, Yes we unwittingly put them in power but THEY pushed it this far. Make sure ALL of the COMMUNIST politicians pay for what they did. You will need to get them first, and FAST, because being the cowards they are, they will try to run and hide the moment it breaks out. That is the only way this ends satisfactorily for Patriotic Americans, is send a hard lesson to the entire world, THIS is what happens to you when you commit Treason against the USA. Let’s be honest, can you name one country that would not do the exact same thing to treasoners?

    Another thing to keep in mind, your neighbors, you probably have a good idea which ones are going to be a problem. Do you want to wait until the dirt bag is kicking your door in at 3 am with 3 of his communist friends? Just keep that in mind. Be prepared to be PROactive if necessary. Nobody wants to start trouble, but if it’s coming at you, don’t wait until it’s through your door and threatening your family.

    Freedom WILL prevail but it won’t come cheap.


    1. If you have to point the finger please direct it to the appropriate person – his name used to be Lucifer. On top of which, I trust, that all those who have put their faith/trust/belief in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in His life, death and resurrection, will have the sense to seek from God what it is He wants them to do, before rushing out all guns blazing. I do not see much in the Bible about people knee jerking whilst aiming their weapons. In fact, most times the people sought the Lord first. On top of which eveery Christian is already free, you are right, it did not come cheao it cost Jesus an exceeding amount of pain.
      In other words trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. God has not called us to shoot first and pray afterwards!

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  8. You knocked it out of the park. I am starting to understand intimately the hatred my dear Southern ancestors had for the Northern horde. It had nothing to do with morality, it was a war of conquest, the beginning of the “Looting Machine”.

    Americans were agitated back then by communist media (Horace Greeley) and forced into opposing camps by the same evil financial forces about to do the same thing again, this time on a global scale.

    Deus Vindice.




  9. Crumbs Leo that makes for some grim reading but, if there are others like me, who are neither American nor live in America and. therefore feeling quite smug, I would remind you of one thing: “When America sneezes the world catches a cold.” How I wish your post was OTT but I am not so sure it is.

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  10. With respect for God, Country and each other,
    We’ve given all the tolerance we have to give.
    Let all know, I chose to die standing than live kneeling.


  11. The Communist Globalist Reset needs a compliant weak populous separated and confused, I don’t believe for a second mercy will be shown to a conquered America, prepare to meet your maker if Old Commie Joe takes the White House, he is going to declare only enemy combatants have firearms, with people cowering in fear and hiding from each other the Communists will destroy America one neighborhood at a time, they don’t want a united resistance, they want people to surrender without a shot fired! ‘We the People’ have been given the laws and the tools to save ourselves, time is running out! God Bless America!

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      1. Day after day I feel the oppressive nature of evil, ‘it doesn’t take prisoners’, let’s not give give up, the alternative is too horrible to think about. Freedom must be defended at all costs! Our children’s future depends on us.

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  12. Trump will need call the street thugs what they are, domestic terrorists and handle them as we would any other terrorists. The war will be over in one night.


  13. Your “outline” of events regardless of who “wins” in January is close to the one that I have foreseen as well. As I have stated in a previous post: God’s eschatological time clock is not dependent upon who sits in the White House. The god of this world knows his hour has come. He will now strike while the iron is hot, and destroy as many souls as he can- especially amongst those with whom God has an everlasting covenant. Our grand experiment will come to and no matter what happens on January 6th. And, I concur with your admonition to not put trust or faith in politicians. I am reminded of the verses found at the very center, mid point if you will, of the Holy Writ:

    Psalm 118:7-9:
    “The LORD is on my side; He is my helper. Therefore I will look in triumph on those who hate me. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.”(BSB)

    Therefore, Luke 21:28 is my anchor: “When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”(BSB)

    I look forward to my future “prison ministry”. I fear He who can destroy both body and soul and not he who can only destroy the body.

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  14. Thank you, Leo, for your courage as well as your ability to express clearly what you see as being our current political reality. By the way, I just donated to your fund.

    I am not looking forward to all of the tribulation that you see coming, but to be honest, I cannot fail to see how bad the evil ones have become. The marxists are becoming more and more aggressive every moment, and this past election has been a slap in the face to our entire American system of fair elections. They have brazenly and openly committed abundant fraud and are laughing at us to our face, believing that we, as usual, are just going to roll over and allow them to do whatever they please, fearing their reprisal.

    What they have done and are doing is unforgivable and must be stopped at all cost!

    God bless you, and God bless America and all patriotic Americans!!!

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