Merkel blows whistle on ‘no-go zones’ in Germany…exposing ‘massive cover up by mainstream media’

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.


Finally, the ugly truth about Europe’s “no-go zones” is out in the open, and it has come from an unlikely source — German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ever since U.S. terrorism expert Steven Emerson spoke in a Fox News interview about so-called “no go zones” in the U.K. — that was nearly three years ago — the establishment elites across the Western world have been denying that these zones exist in any European cities.  These are areas where Sharia law dominates and police are afraid to enter.

Emerson did misspeak, saying the city of Birmingham, England, was a no-go zone, an error that he immediately took responsibility for and corrected. He meant to say a certain portion of the city was a no-go zone.

But what happened next was cynical game of deception.

Fox claimed that no no-go zones existed in Europe and the New York Times and Washington Post chided Emerson with the same outrageously false claims.

Fox apologized to its viewers for Emerson’s comments and banned him from making any future appearances on the network.

Since that time, anyone who maintained that there were no-go zones in Europe has been immediately branded an Islamophobe by the lapdog elites in the mainstream media.

But as it turns out, Emerson was right all along. Chancellor Angela Merkel made a major break with those elitists when she admitted this week the existence of “no-go zones” in Germany.

Here is a segment of the story reported from Fox, which doesn’t mention its own role in playing along with the fairy tail that no such thing exists in Europe:

Conservatives and populists have long warned of the existence of such zones as the partial consequence of mass Muslim migration from the Middle East and Africa, particularly after Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015 as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Such areas are said to be dogged by high-levels of crime and are described as “no-go zones” because outsiders, including police and other authorities, are unable to enter.


Despite evidence of the existence of areas in Western countries, European leaders and left-wing media commentators have long denied, and sometimes even mocked, those who claim that no-go zones exist.

But Merkel, who won Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2015 in part because of her open-borders stance, mentioned their existence in an interview this week with German broadcaster n-tv as she called for a zero-tolerance policy on crime.

She said that people have a right to feel safe when they meet in public places. When asked to clarify, she specified that she was talking about no-go zones.

“It means for example that there cannot be any no-go areas, that there cannot be areas where no-one dares to go but there are such places,” she said. “One has to call them by name and do something about it.”

Emerson, reached Thursday night at his home by, said he took a measure of vindication from Merkel’s admission but he felt like the media would still not report the full story in context.

Steven Emerson

“Finally Merkel broke up the scandalous cover up by the mainstream media and the social-democratic governments of Europe and admitted the truth. The US media, especially the NY Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN and even Fox have been guilty of a massive cover-up and there should be firings en masse. Fox in particular owes me an apology for its despicable assertion two years ago that no-go zones did not exist. Let’s see how honest the media is now.”

The Associated Press reported that Merkel’s comments left fellow lawmakers “speechless.”

The remarks quickly spread across Europe, fueling and encouraging nationalist-populist politicians who have pushed back against lax immigration policies.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which has been under siege from the European Union for its hardline stance on asylum seekers, hailed Merkel’s comments as a victory.

The Hungarian government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban also issued a statement: “Today, it seems this taboo has been broken. Guess who is talking about ‘no-go zones’?” a blog post on the Hungarian government’s official website said.

Read the full story here:


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African migrant charged with attempted murder in acid attack on Maryland woman

Accused acid attacker Bekre Abdela is a migrant from Ethiopia who has a degree in chemical engineering.

Acid attacks have become a horrific reality of the migrant-heavy neighborhoods of major cities in Western Europe, but in Prince George’s County, Maryland?

A young Maryland woman has been left badly burned — likely scarred for life — and in a medically induced coma after her male migrant housemate threw acid in her face on Saturday night.

The suspect is a 28-year-old Ethiopian migrant named Bekre Abdela. He has been charged with attempted murder after police said he threw sulfuric acid in his female roommate’s face, causing first-degree burns to her face and second-degree burns on her neck and upper body.

Abdela has been charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

On his Facebook page, Abdela says he was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that he graduated from high school and college in Ethiopia, where he obtained a degree from Dire Dawa University as a chemical engineer. He listed his home as Arlington, Virginia, but court documents say he is a resident of Hyattsville, Maryland. It is not clear why he recently migrated to the U.S. and police did not release his immigration status.

Police haven’t released a motive. The obvious question is, was this a case of honor violence? We may never find out the answer to that question unless the case goes to trial and the nature of his relationship with his roommate is revealed. Her identity as a victim has been kept confidential thus far.

None of the mainstream media outlets that reported the story, including the New York Daily News and WTOP in Washington, D.C., included the information from Abdela’s Facebook page that he is an immigrant from Ethiopia, even though they included other information from his Facebook account, such as his “background in chemical engineering.”

The local media reports described him only as a “Maryland man.”

According to WTOP, police said they were called to a house on the East-West Highway just east of New Hampshire Avenue at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday and found a woman suffering from what looked to be chemical burns. She was diagnosed with first-degree burns on her face and second- and third-degree burns on her upper body.

bekre abdela of eithiopia
Bekre Abdela of Ethiopia

She told the police that “my roommate threw acid on my face” and referred to her attacker as “Bekre,” the documents said. She was then taken to a hospital and placed in a medically induced coma; she remains in critical condition.

Read here about the exponential growth in acid attacks in the U.K., where thousands have been burned, maimed or killed in such attacks in the last five years. Police say acid and bleach are used as weapons by gangs and other thugs in place of guns, which are hard to get and closely monitored in the U.K.

Abdela wasn’t at the house when police responded, but investigators reported finding a bottle of 93-percent sulfuric acid in his bedroom, as well as several boxes of handgun ammunition.

Detectives said they found a trail of blood and acid throughout the house, connecting Abdela’s bedroom to the victim’s.

The solution is used to dissolve metals such as silver and iron.

Abdela is being held without bond. Police said he has “admitted his involvement in the attack.”


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.

Nation’s largest police department caves to Muslim activists, will let suspects take mugshots in hijab

Tahanie Aboushie
Lawyer activist Tahanie Aboushi has almost single-handedly changed NYPD policies on hijabs.

New York City has been ordered by a court to pay out $180,000 to three Muslim women after requiring them to take off their hijabs for mugshots, thanks to a lawsuit filed by a lawyer affiliated with radical Sharia-activist Linda Sarsour.

Three lawsuits were settled Monday in Brooklyn federal court stemming from the NYPD policy of photographing people wearing religious head scarves, the New York Daily News reported. The three women settled for $60,000 each.

Some cases date to 2012, when a high school girl – identified as “G.E.” – was arrested after fighting with two other girls whom she thought spread gossip about her, the Daily News reports.

G.E. was initially brought to a local police station and was told to take off her hijab. G.E. refused and was taken to a secluded room where a female police officer took her photo outside the presence of any men, according to the Daily News.

But at Brooklyn Central Booking the police could not accommodate the girl’s religious needs, telling her that no female officers were available and the camera was in a fixed spot, so the mugshot could not be taken in a private room.

The girl alleged that a male officer then took her photo without a hijab, making her feel “exposed, violated and distraught” as she was forced to have her head uncovered for 20 minutes while male officers and prisoners looked at her.

G.E.’s lawyer, Tahanie Aboushi, has filed at least two other similar cases, in 2015 and 2016 — and has single-handedly changed the policies of the NYPD with regard to female Muslim suspects.

On Tuesday, Aboushi told the Daily News the police department sent out additional directives in December 2017 on religious headwear. She credited the city and police, saying the end result was a “collaborative” effort and a “great first step.”

One wonders what the next step will be. Allowing female Muslim suspects to wear the full burqa or nijab? This extremist Islamic garb covers even more than the hijab, leaving only the woman’s eyes to be seen in public.

“We did our best to establish good precedent,” Aboushi boasted. She said Islam is not the only religion that has women cover their heads. That is a true statement, but Islam is the only religion that systematically uses lawfare – a form of legal intimidation – against non-Muslim nations in the West.

Palestinian-American Sharia activist Linda Sarsour

One long-time friend of the Aboushi family is Linda Sarsour, a rabid anti-Israel activist who has Hamas-related family serving prison sentences in Israel and has herself been questioned by U.S. authorities, according to Front Page Magazine. In 2012, Sarsour posted on her Twitter account, “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.” In a May 2012 tweet, she claimed that the al-Qaeda “Underwear Bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who plotted to blow up a civilian aircraft, was actually a CIA operative.

Aboushi also uses her Twitter account to bash Israel and support things like the Black Panthers and NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

Sarsour is executive director of the Arab-American Association of New York, the same organization for which Tahanie Aboushi works as a lawyer. Together with the Executive Director of CAIR-NY, Muneer Awad, Aboushi condemned ads speaking out against Islamic jihad – ads which would soon be placed throughout New York City’s subway stations.

Pamela Geller, editor in chief of the Geller Report and an anti-Sharia activist, blames the transformation of the NYPD on Mayor Bill De Blasio.

One of the first things Bill de Blasio did when he became mayor was dismantle a surveillance program in Muslim communities that was perfectly legal, but came under fire from the likes of Linda Sarsour,” Geller said. “Sarsour and her ilk now have full influence over the way New York City conducts counterterror operations. This insane court decision is in line with that perspective, and represents still more submission to Sharia.”

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, said the NYPD has gone from one of the most skilled and advanced police departments in the world in terms of anti-terror operations, to one of the most submissive.

“This is insane,” he said. “This is a matter of being able to identify the perpetrator. This is more of de Blasio working directly against the interests of his people.”

Irish gov’t paid media for positive spin on plan to import 1 million migrants, but that doesn’t happen in U.S. right?

Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham told the court he stabbed two men at the Mall of America in the name of jihad and Allah. Police and media in Minnesota misreported the story as a failed robbery.


A very disturbing story appeared in the European press this week that should concern all of us on this side of the Atlantic.

Stick with me while I explain why.

According to the Times of London, concerns have been raised about an “ethically dubious deal” between the government and national newspapers that involves journalists writing positive pieces about the Ireland 2040 plan.

The government’s “strategic communications unit” arranged for sponsored content to appear in local, regional and national newspapers including the Irish Independent and The Irish Times.

What is the Ireland 2040 plan, you ask?

It’s a €116 billion national development plan to prepare for an estimated population growth of one million people over the next two decades.

And where is this population growth going to come from, since Irish women have stopped having babies, as evidenced by their paltry 1.7 children per woman fertility rate?

How’d you guess? The projected growth Ireland’s technocrat leaders have planned is in the form of mass migration from the Third World.

This amounts to a plan straight out of the playbook of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and a 2000 UN document called Replacement Migration: Is it a solution to declining and ageing populations? It sets out spending plans for infrastructure, affordable transportation hubs and subsidized housing for the migrants.

The Times story continues:

“It is understood that a number of journalists at Independent News and Media were asked to write positive news pieces, which could not include negative or critical content. The double-page advertorials stated they were done “in partnership with the government.”

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, noted: “As absurd as it sounds for the Irish government to be paying journalists to sell out Ireland, it appears to be a more widespread practice than most people realize.”

I am here to tell you, from first-hand experience, we would be naïve to believe this type of unethical prostituting of the media only happens in Ireland, the UK or Europe.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

I worked my entire professional life in the newspaper industry up until February 2014. As the industry lost ad revenue and profit margins dwindled, I saw ethical standards all but disappear at many newspapers. As an editor with a suburban Atlanta newspaper which I will not name, I sat in a boardroom with the county commission chairman in which the chairman literally dictated to the publisher of our newspaper what we could report and when. It made me sick and I started to complain to the top editor [I was second in charge of the newsroom at the time]. Needless to say I didn’t last long after I spoke up. It was a matter of a few weeks and I was told my services were no longer needed, without so much as a reason why.

Now, I will share another, more recent newspaper story from right here in the U.S.

It happened last week in South Dakota.

After myself and two colleagues testified last Wednesday before the SD Senate Committee on State Affairs in which we pointed out nothing but facts about the dark side of refugee resettlements of migrants into the Dakotas, Minnesota, Ohio, and several other states, the largest newspaper in South Dakota, the Argus Leader, put out a very fair story that laid out the testimony of both sides, for and against the continuation of these resettlements.

The article actually used a quote from myself as the featured headline. It read, “You don’t want to know the truth!” This was what I said directly to committee chairman Bob Ewing when he told me to wrap up my testimony half-way in.

At least I am told the story was fair. I never got to read it. The story only lasted about 40 minutes online before it was pulled down and rewritten with an all new headline. The reworked version scrubbed all mention of the three of us who testified in favor of Sen. Neal Tapio’s bill — a bill that was designed to rein in the resettlements. It went from giving details of what we said in front of the committee to not even mentioning our names. It’s like it never happened. Down the memory hole. Only the positive aspects of the refugee program were included in the rewrite.

Did the reporter get back to the newsroom and write up an honest report of what happened, only to post it prematurely before her editor got hold of it? Or did the editor post it, only to get a phone call from some powerful state legislator? I don’t know, but something happened to change a well-reported story into an incomplete and deceptive one.

The new headline was the much less attention-grabbing: “Citing concerns of discrimination, S.D. panel shelves refugee resettlement ban”

But in the editor’s rushed and sloppy attempt to revise away the original reporting, he forgot to change the original headline’s url, which you can still see below:

Did somebody place a call to the Argus Leader? If so, I can hear the conversation now…

“What in the hell are you guys doing publishing a story that makes those guys look like they knew what they were talking about?!!”

I can honestly say that those of us who testified for the bill, myself, economist James Simpson and former Homeland Security officer Philip Haney, definitely did know what we were talking about, and South Dakota cannot say it wasn’t warned.

The Argus Leader isn’t the only paper providing cover for the refugee program in South Dakota. When a Somali refugee was convicted of attempted rape of a mentally-disabled woman at a group home in Aberdeen in January 2017, the newspaper in that town, the News American, ignored the story. I reported it for after calling the local newspaper editor, J.J. Perry, and asking him why he felt the attempted rape of a disabled woman in his city wasn’t worth reporting. He was shamed into running the story but buried it on an interior page and left out key details, like the fact that the convicted sex offender was a Somali refugee.

The Minnesota media also routinely covers up Somali crimes in cooperation with the local police departments. The most recent example was the case involving Somali refugee Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham, who stabbed two men at the Mall of America. The cops and media said it was a failed robbery attempt, but Adbiraham spoke up publicly at trial and admitted he carried out the attack for Allah.

The media acted the same way in England when the Rotherham sex scandal broke three years ago, and it acted the same way in Germany when the New Year’s Eve events turned brutal for German women, leading to more than 1,200 reports of sexual assaults, gropings and molestations at the hands of migrant Muslims. Their first inclination is always to cover for the migrants, to protect them.

This is not the way I was taught to do journalism, but apparently this is the new normal. Local newspapers take their marching orders from chambers of commerce and elected officials.  And these newspapers wonder why their subscription lists keep evaporating into thinner and thinner vapors.

Speaking to the Irish parliament, opposition leader Micheál Martin branded the government’s latest use of the media to promote its scheme as “ethically dubious.”

“The blurring of the lines is genuinely worrying from a parliamentary democracy point of view,” he said.

When the Fourth Estate gives up its independent, watchdog status, democracy is not served. It fact, it gets undermined. We need more honest journalists. But unfortunately, from what I have experienced, the honest watchdogs typically don’t get promoted up the ladder.


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based and independent reporting, please consider a donation of any size to this website. We accept no advertising and are beholden to no one.

Chamber of Commerce praises ‘diversity & cultural enrichment’ Muslim refugees bring to US cities

The State Capitol in Pierre, South Dakota.


Editor’s note: This is the second in a three-part series on South Dakota’s pocket of resistance and what it is up against. Read part one here.

As I walked through the state Capitol in Pierre, S.D., last week, I was struck by the magnificent beauty of the building, especially the murals that cover the interior walls and ceilings.

Many of the murals have a Christian theme. The one right over the main Senate chamber depicts the settlers of this great state as they reached out to the Native Americans with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Capitol was completed in 1910, and the vast majority of South Dakotans were, at that point, still proud of their Christian heritage and how they shared their faith with a culture as yet unfamiliar with Jesus Christ, his life, ministry and message of salvation.

capitol mural
This mural overlooks the main Senate chamber at the state Capitol in Pierre, South Dakota.

My, my, how much has changed in 100 years.

Many of the Lutherans here seem only interested in bringing the Muslims in from Somalia and caring for their initial physical needs, then abandoning them to the state and federal welfare agencies. Their spiritual needs are ignored pretty much from day one.

In fact, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has signed a contract with the U.S. State Department to resettle refugees in the U.S. from countries that hate America, including Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan, while at the same time agreeing not to proselytize the refugees from these anti-Western Islamic cultures, where violence against women and gays, not to mention violent jihad, are pervasive.

The very word “Islam” means “submission.” They push. We submit. This is the new norm in Western societies from Germany and Sweden to Canada, Australia and the U.S. This is how Western societies are being weakened from within.

As I sat through the senate hearings Wednesday on a bill that would have declared a moratorium on refugee arrivals from 10 Sharia-compliant nations, it became obvious that refugee advocates are skilled at dodging and deflecting questions/concerns South Dakotans have about the culture of violence being imported into their state. It’s being imported to Sioux Falls and Aberdeen under the guise of humanitarianism and fixing labor shortages.

Debra Owens177
Debra Owens of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce praised the cultural diversity and enrichment brought by refugees from Somalia, about 4,500 of which have been poured into her state by Lutheran Social Services.

But perhaps the dumbest reason of all used to justify the resettlements was put forth by the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, which sent lobbyist Debra Owens to the Capitol to tell the people’s legislature that refugee resettlement brings “cultural enrichment and diversity” that benefits South Dakota.

As if the South Dakota culture has not become sufficiently enriched over the last 100-plus years and needs Somalia to help it out. Give me a break. That was an insult to the intelligence of every citizen of this wonderful state, including the Native Americans.

Sen Neal Tapio
SD State Sen. Neal Tapio, who is also a candidate for Congress, is seeking to rein in refugee resettlement from jihadist nations.

All of this nonsense was rolled out in a frontal assault on Sen. Neal Tapio’s Senate Bill 200, which would end refugee resettlement from terror-sponsoring countries that were included in President Trump’s travel ban.

Tapio’s bill did not make it out of the committee. One of his Republican colleagues in the Senate, Majority Whip Kris Langer, said she didn’t want South Dakota to be seen as “unwelcoming” and therefore couldn’t vote to advance the bill.

Almost every argument the opponents to this bill put forth was based on a half-truths, outright lies or propaganda for political effect.

SD Sen Kris Langor
Sen. Kris Langer is willing to have South Dakota citizens endure shootings, stabbings and sexual assaults in order to not be seen as ‘unwelcoming’ by the Chamber and meat industry.

Consider the following excuses for why South Dakotans should continue accepting the planting of Somali refugees into their cities and towns [they are the same arguments used everywhere in the United States where refugees are being sent]:

  • There was much talk about the necessity of helping groups like the Yazidis of Syria. Data from the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center show us that of all the Syrian refugees settled in the United States, 21,000 are Muslims. 245 are Christians and 51 Yazidis. That means 98.6 percent are Muslims. Less than 2 percent Christian and 0.2 percent are Yazidis. But this program is about saving Yazidis? What should it say about members of the Muslim faith who are themselves fleeing a majority Muslim nation? What will it predict about the future tendency of those Muslims to practice the same discrimination and persecution of other faiths here on American soil that made their own lands unlivable?
  • We heard testimony about shortages of labor and the business aspect of this issue. Jobs in the meatpacking industry that paid upwards of $20 an hour in 1985 with full benefits now pay only $10-12 an hour with no benefits while state, federal and local social programs subsidize the rest. The truth is, these businesses and the Lutheran resettlement agencies that act as their head hunters are willing to sacrifice a certain number of American citizens to continue a program and a business model built on slave wages and federally-subsidized entitlements. Americans being raped, stabbed and killed are seen as mere collateral damage to the bottom line. They’ll never admit it, but how else can we explain the callous attitudes we see from refugee advocates toward their neighbors and fellow citizens. For the sake of subsidizing cheap labor for big business and capturing federal funds for big charity, we are placing the peace of our communities and the safety of our families on an altar of political opportunism and corporate profit.
  • We heard that state leaders have no ability to control the actions or policy or the mandated costs of a program fostered by the federal government. The Refugee Act of 1980 stipulated clearly that social and entitlement-program costs incurred by the state would be fully reimbursed for three full years. By 1991, the federal government eliminated that reimbursement, making refugee resettlement the very definition of an unfunded mandate and a burden on state coffers.
  • We heard anecdote after anecdote of apparently pleasant, well-intentioned, hard-working and productive refugees in our communities, which opponents of Tapio’s bill expect to be taken as justification for the continuation of refugee resettlement.
  • All three expert panelists who testified in favor of Tapio’s bill provided anecdote after anecdote of terrorist attack, violent crime, sexual assault, elder abuse, spousal abuse, murder, attempted murder, molestation and more. One expert was not allowed to finish due to time constraints and indeed couldn’t have finished because the pervasive nature and long compendium of these criminal impacts by refugees from just one country, Somalia, would have taken hours to exhaust.
  • We heard that first-generation migrants are better behaved than American citizens, because as we were told, they are so grateful to America for allowing them to pursue a better life in a factory making $10 an hour. Yet, statistics tell us many of the worst crimes and terrorist actions have been committed by Somalis and others who come here as children and grow up to become radicalized in their non-assimilated Muslim communities, where they are instructed by their imams that assimilation into a Western nation equals an apostasy of their faith.
  • At least one man sought to spiritualize the issue, saying Jesus Christ would never vote for Senator Tapio’s bill. This tactic was meant to prey on the legitimate Christian compassion of South Dakotans. This begs the question: How is it Christian to bring in people who rape our women and kill our children? Are we as Americans expected to commit national suicide in the name of spiritual enlightenment or to prove our compassion for the foreigner?
  • We heard from a lobbyist of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Debra Owens, that refugee resettlement brings cultural enrichment and diversity that makes the state better. To her I would ask the following questions:

Did Morgan Evenson, 24, benefit from cultural enrichment and diversity when she was stabbed 14 times by a Somali migrant while walking home from work in downtown Minneapolis?

Morgan Evenson
Morgan Evenson, 26, was stabbed 14 times by a Somali man while walking home from work Dec. 13, 2017, in Minneapolis. Her attacker remains at large.

Did the woman from Polk County, Minnesota, who was raped at knifepoint in the back of a bus — did she benefit from cultural enrichment?

Did the wheelchair-bound woman in Aberdeen who was molested by a Somali refugee who arrived in her town just one day before, did she benefit from cultural enrichment?

Did the 10 shoppers at the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, who were asked if they were Muslim before being stabbed repeatedly by a Somali refugee, did they enjoy their experience at the hands of this supposed cultural enrichment?

  • We heard from one citizen who spent time reminding us about horrific crimes committed by white men on South Dakota’s death row. He saw no difference between the bad-apple American citizens we are stuck with and the criminal actions by populations being imported by the sovereign choice of our federal government.  In the case of refugee resettlement, we as Americans should be offered a choice and an opportunity for informed consent about the impacts of these populations on our neighbors, our neighborhoods and our way of life.
  • We heard that refugees will help expand our tax base and that after five years, their income-tax contributions more than offset the burdens they place on our already strained and broken entitlement systems. Absolutely false. Over their first five years in the country, a study by Federation of American Immigration Reform tells us that each new refugee pays less than $800 a year in federal income tax, and just more than $4,000 over five years.

While the total burden on our state and federal entitlement systems over that same time period….nearly $80,000 per refugee. Meaning their income tax contribution accounts for only 5 percent of their total burden on the American taxpayer.

I would submit that even hampered as we have been by an attempt to shoehorn 4,000 years of history into a two hour hearing, we have heard evidence aplenty that there is no such thing as Islamophobia [remember, a ‘phobia’ is an irrational fear]. There is only neophyte ignorance of the true nature of radical Islam.

Note: In the final installment of my three-part series on South Dakota, I will reveal tomorrow how even the local media in this state is 100 percent captured by the pro-refugee powerbrokers.


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.

GOP governor leads fight against ending refugee influx from Somalia and other jihadist strongholds

Most Somali refugees start out here, at the United Nations’ Daadab refugee camp on the Kenya-Somalia border. They end up being secretly planted in some 200 U.S. cities and towns, without the say of taxpaying residents and sometimes even against the wishes of elected mayors.


Many of you have noticed I’ve been quiet this week, posting only one article about the efforts of Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins to win amnesty for an illegal-alien Muslim professor with ties to a terror-stained mosque.

Rest assured I haven’t been slacking. I was traveling on special assignment, so let me fill you in.

Refugee resettlement has over the past couple of years become a controversial subject in many state capitals as more Americans educate themselves on the dark underbelly of a program that has been transforming U.S. cities and towns for 35 years.

South Dakota — like Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia and Minnesota — is a state where patriotic Americans have formed pockets of resistance to the resettlements. They’ve seen the fraud and greed upon which the program — run by the United Nations in cooperation with the U.S. State Department and its federal contractors affiliated with private agencies like Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services — is based.

Every White House since Jimmy Carter has been on board with the program. To be fair, the refugee program in the early days did serve to rescue victims of communist oppression from Vietnam, Cambodia and Russia. But it morphed over the years into a totally different beast. It now serves as a population redistribution program whereby Third Worlders from jihadist strongholds like Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan, find their way to unsuspecting U.S. cities and towns.

The globalist program came up against an enemy in President Trump, however. He has cut refugee arrivals to a relative trickle, although they are still arriving from some of the most dangerous parts of the world.

Sen Neal Tapio
State Sen. Neal Tapio, who is also a candidate for Congress, is seeking to rein in the resettlement of refugees from jihadist nations to South Dakota.

My task Wednesday was to testify before the South Dakota Senate’s Committee on State Affairs in support of a bill introduced by Sen. Neal Tapio that would place a moratorium on refugees entering that state from any country that has been placed on a federal travel ban.

Any time a state pushes back against refugee resettlement it is a big deal, so I dropped everything and flew to South Dakota. This federal program has evolved over the decades from a legitimate humanitarian effort into a fraudulent operation whereby agencies like Lutheran Social Services serve as headhunters for industries looking for cheap Third World labor. The cost for U.S. communities has been devastating in terms of crime, terrorism and welfare abuse but the establishment of both parties will tell any lie necessary to keep the cheap labor flowing.

I saw them in action in South Dakota Wednesday and it left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My testimony was on the dismal track record of assimilation by refugees from one country in particular — Somalia.

I prepared a list of more than 30 examples of Somali refugees killing, raping, stabbing and defrauding Americans after being granted the privilege of coming to the United States from a country that has been locked since 1991 into a hellish cycle of perpetual civil war.

You, my readers, already know about many of these horror stories from reading 25 Reasons to end refugee resettlement from Somalia now, but I came up with a few additions after posting that article [it’s not hard to find these cases if you invest in a little research].

I shared with the committee how Sunni Muslims from Somalia cross over the border into neighboring Kenya to slaughter Christians. Indeed, on the very day I was in Pierre testifying before the Senate committee, the Barnabas Fund, a Christian aid society, reported a new attack in which Somali terrorists crossed into Kenya to murder three Christian teachers in a pre-dawn raid. They shot the teachers and beheaded one teacher’s wife.

I explained how Somali attitudes toward Christians do not magically change once they get transported from a U.N. refugee camp to a U.S. city, whether it be in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Maine, California or Ohio.

But sound research and facts held no sway for this group.

I made it through less than half the list when the chairman of the committee, Sen. Bob Ewing, interrupted. He’d had enough and could not stand to hear anymore. “You have two minutes to wrap it up,” he said.

“You don’t want to hear the truth,” I stated.

Ewing derisively referred to my testimony as “a history lesson” that, in his opinion, was not sticking close enough to the subject at hand — South Dakota Senate Bill 200.

This despite the fact that many of the examples on my list did take place in the Dakotas and neighboring Minnesota, including the case of a mentally disabled Aberdeen woman in a wheelchair who was molested last year by a Somali refugee. A Minnesota woman was brutally raped at knifepoint in the back of a bus in Polk County, Minnesota. I talked about another case in Aberdeen in which a Somali refugee shot at two men outside the Foxridge apartments, hitting one multiple times and leaving him bleeding in the street, then skipped bail and remains at large.

But Ewing could not spare a few extra minutes to hear about the devastating impact of large-scale Somalis resettlements in U.S. cities and towns.

Senator Bob Ewing
South Dakota State Senator and Majority Whip Bob Ewing is chairman of a committee that held a hearing on refugee resettlement Wednesday.

After returning home from South Dakota I looked up Senator Ewing’s bio on the state Legislature’s website and saw that he is a longtime rancher. Could it be that Mr. Ewing’s hardened stance on this issue has something to do with his relationships, directly or indirectly, with the slaughterhouses that employ Somali refugees in his state?

I am told the rancher communities in many Western states are split on this issue. Knowing how Ewing comes down on refugee resettlement, it becomes more clear why he was so impatient with me as I rattled off one example after another of Somali violence, fraud and terror. As he listened to my introduction and saw where I was headed, he resorted to his rules to shut me down. The last thing he or any of those involved in the industry we call “Big Meat” want is for their fellow citizens to know how they have feasted off of the cheap labor being imported from Somalia, Sudan and other Third World nations, bolstering their bottom lines by lowering wages and edging Americans out of what used to be solid middle-class jobs.

Small meatpacking towns like Aberdeen and Huron, South Dakota; Lexington, Nebraska; Willmar, Austin and St. Cloud, Minnesota; Fort Morgan, Colorado; Garden City, Kansas; and Noel, Missouri, can be completely flipped from all-American cities into Third World hellholes in a matter of 10 years. All it takes is a steady influx of Somali refugees who come without the slightest intention of assimilating.

SD Gov Dennis Daugaard
GOP Gov. Dennis Daugaard of S. Dakota sent a top aide to the Capitol Wednesday to shoot down a bill that would have placed a moratorium on refugees being resettled in the state from Somalia, Sudan, Iran and other high-risk countries. Daugaard is looking out for the state’s meatpacking industry, which relies heavily on cheap labor imported from East Africa as “refugees.”

The average wage in the meatpacking industry back in the 1980s was over $20 an hour.  Since then, it’s been cut nearly in half. Benefits have evaporated. The Chamber of Commerce and globalist politicians then complain of “labor shortages” in South Dakota and say they can’t find enough Americans to work for $10 an hour. That’s probably because the Americans in South Dakota don’t want a “job” that requires them to fill in gaping holes in their incomes with food stamps, Medicaid, and subsidized housing. Refugees have no problem signing up for these benefits, compliments of you, the taxpayer.

It truly is all about the money. And the senators on this committee, eight Republicans and two Democrats, likely all had their minds made up before listening to Wednesday’s testimony for and against Tapio’s bill.

Mr. Ewing, the chairman, is a powerful Republican leader in South Dakota and he teamed up with an even more powerful Republican, Gov.  Dennis Daugaard, to kill Tapio’s bill. Only one senator on the 10-person committee, Republican Al Novstrup of Aberdeen, veered from the establishment GOP playbook and voted in favor of advancing Tapio’s legislation.

I was joined by recently retired Homeland Security officer Philip Haney and economist James Simpson, who worked under three presidents as a budget analyst for federal programs.

The other side, the pro-refugee side, consisted of Taneeza Islam, a Muslim activist and attorney affiliated with the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Chamber of Commerce representative from Sioux Falls, the head of the Lutheran Social Services South Dakota and Gov. Daugaard’s top policy advisor.

CAIR lawyer Taneeza Islam is the leading lady of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Midwestern states of Minnesota and S. Dakota.

Islam introduced herself as a “proud American Muslim” and disparaged Tapio’s bill as “unconstitutional.” This is the same woman who helped lead protests against private speakers’ last year in the Dakotas and Minnesota, labeling them as “Islamophibic” and therefore unworthy of the free-speech rights under the First Amendment just because they had the audacity to speak out critically of Islam.

The testimony from Chamber of Commerce public-policy director Debra Owens was all about labor shortages and the valuable “diversity and cultural enrichment” that refugees bring to South Dakota.

After the committee did its job of trashing Tapio’s bill, the South Dakota media launched into action with one-sided coverage that didn’t even mention the testimony of myself, Haney and Simpson.

But there is an interesting side story to the media coverage I will touch on in an upcoming post about the refugee situation in the Dakotas. Stay tuned!


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.

GOP congresswoman working to stop Trump from deporting illegal-alien Muslim professor

Dr Syed Ahmed jamal
Dr. Syed Ahmed Jamal of Bangladesh has been living in the U.S. illegally since he overstayed his student visa and the his H1B visa expired.


The Trump administration came oh-so-close last week to deporting a Muslim professor from Bangladesh who’s been living in the U.S. illegally for nearly a decade – but a Republican congresswoman has intervened to stop the deportation in its tracks.

Syed Ahmed Jamal, 55, originally came to the U.S. in 1987 on a university student visa, which he overstayed. Fifteen years later he returned home voluntarily but only for a few months, coming back to the U.S. with his Bangladeshi Muslim bride.

Jamal somehow obtained another student visa to enter a graduate-degree program at Kansas University, after which he again overstayed. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with his wife, who is also an illegal alien, and their three U.S.-born children. He is employed as a professor of chemistry at Park University in Kansas City.

Jamal has been the beneficiary of a sympathetic, nationwide media campaign presenting him as a victim of President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration. The Kansas City Star refers to him affectionately as a “Lawrence dad” while the Denver Post bemoans how this “beloved Lawrence family man, scientist and community leader” was taking his daughter to school when ICE swooped in and arrested him on his front lawn.

At least one mega-church in Lawrence has started a letter-writing campaign to help keep the Jamals from being deported.

The Washington Post, which also ran a sympathetic story on Jamal, claims he has a clean criminal record with the exception of some traffic tickets but then goes on to mention that he “recently ran for an open school board seat.” Is the Post not aware that it’s illegal for non-citizens to vote or run for public office in Kansas?

On Feb. 12 federal officials put Jamal on a plane bound for his native Bangladesh. When the plane stopped in Hawaii for refueling, an immigration-review board suddenly intervened and granted him a stay of deportation. Jamal was returned to the U.S. mainland and he is being held at the Platte County Jail in Missouri pending an immigration hearing set for later this week.

GOP congresswoman trying to stop deportation

Jamal not only has the media on his side. He has two Washington politicians working diligently on his behalf – including a Republican congresswoman.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kansas

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kansas, has filed private legislation in the U.S. House or Representatives that would make Jamal and his wife lawful permanent residents by fiat. Their three children were born here so they are already U.S. citizens as so-called “anchor babies.”

Jenkins is working with Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, on the legislation to give Syed and his wife amnesty. Their bill, introduced Feb. 13, is currently in the judiciary committee.

Cleaver tweeted: “The story of Syed Jamal is the story of many. Families around the country are being torn apart due to President Trump’s hardline immigration policy. Congress must work together to pass comprehensive immigration reform to end this inhumanity.”

Jenkins spokesman Lee Modesitt said in a statement: “Congresswoman Jenkins has been actively engaged with ICE, USCIS, other federal agencies and his family on his matter from the moment Mr. Jamal’s family contacted our office.”

Jamal’s supporters have launched a petition drive at to win a stay of removal, which as of Monday had more than 105,000 signatures. The petition describes him as a model citizen and an “ethnic minority” who will face persecution if he returns to Bangladesh. This is a deceptive ploy given the fact that Bangladesh is 86-percent Muslim and it is the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian minorities who typically face persecution.

Muslim Brotherhood ties at local mosque

So who is Syed Ahmed Jamal and is he really worthy of the enormous amount of time and money being invested to keep him in the United States?

Jamal is a community leader of a radical, terror-tied mosque called the Islamic Center of Lawrence, Kansas, that was once led by Hamed Ghazali, the vice president of the Islamic Society of North America – ISNA is the tip of the spear for the extremist Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Ghazali was imam of the Islamic Center of Lawrence from 1990 to 1996 and remains to this day a frontline Muslim Brotherhood operative. He is former chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s radical Muslim American Society, which sponsored Khalilah Sabra at its December 2015 convention in Chicago calling for an Islamic revolution in America similar to the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East.

Ghazali produces videos at GIV Ghazali Islamic Video of Lawrence. The video below produced by Ghazali focuses on Islam infiltrating the U.S. public school system. The footage courtesy of GIV is from an ISNA convention in Ohio.

Ghazali’s work was mentioned explicitly on page 12 of the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 Explanatory Memorandum as a key component of the Brotherhood’s dawah (outreach) efforts, and Ghazali was listed in the Muslim Brotherhood telephone directory introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, according to the highly respected Middle East Forum.

Ghazali’s speech at the 2010 ICNA-MAS convention was cited by the Anti-Defamation League as an example of anti-Semitic incitement after he claimed “Allah gave us the Jews” as an example of those who “take the wrong path.”

Some of the visiting preachers at the Islamic Center of Lawrence also raise eyebrows, including Sheikh Khalid Yasin, a circuit-riding speaker at Muslim Students Association events on college campuses across the United States, as well as at Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated mosques.

Yasin, a U.S.-born Muslim convert based in Atlanta, promotes the extremist Brotherhood idea that it is Allah’s will for Sharia (Islamic law) to govern all nations.

According to Discover the Networks, Yasin teaches the following:

  • There is no evidence that al-Qaeda was reponsible for the 9/11 attacks.
  • Homosexuals should be killed because the Quran mandates it.
  • The Quran permits wife beating.
  • There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend.”
  • Claims “missionaries from the World Health Organization and Christian groups went into Africa and inoculated people for diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever, and they put in the medicine the AIDS virus.”

Yasin is pictured in the photo below inside the Islamic Center of Lawrence with area imams.

The photo above was taken inside the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS. From left are Imam Bassam Helwani of Lawrence, Imam Yahya Furqan of Kansas City, and Sheihk Khalid Yasin the infamous preacher of hate.

On September 11, 2001, Yasin was in Saudi Arabia soliciting the support of an al-Qaeda front known as the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation — which eventually would be designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government — to help finance the creation of his proposed “Islamic Broadcasting Company” (IBC).

Yasin can be found on YouTube talking about how wonderfully Muslim women are treated despite the fact they have few rights under Islamic law – their testimony is worth half that of a man in court and a woman’s  inheritance rights are half that of her male siblings. A woman victimized by rape must have multiple male witnesses to prosecute the rapist.

In the video below, Yasin says the Quran is very clear about homosexuality and lesbianism: “They are punishable by death.”

Yasin was also caught on tape praising the deterrent effect of sharia criminal law:

“Then people can see people without hands, people can see in public heads rolling down the street, people got [sic] their hands and feet from opposite sides chopped off and they see them crucified…they see people put up against the pole and see them get lashed in public they see it, and because they see it, it acts as a deterrent for them because they say I don’t want that to happen to me.”

But it’s not just Jamal’s associations that should give pause to any politician siding with him in his deportation case.

Jamal’s disregard for state laws against non-citizens running for a seat on the public school board in Lawrence makes him guilty of voter fraud. Jamal is a community leader at the Islamic Center of Lawrence as noted in an online petition asking for intervention regarding his imminent deportation, and that mosque has a repeated record of hiring radical imams and bringing in radical guest speakers. He has twice overstayed visas and flaunted U.S. immigration laws.

Congresswoman Jenkins may need to be asked why she is putting the power of her office behind this man.


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based reporting on topics others are afraid to investigate, please consider a donation of any size to this website.