POISONED WATER: How Rachel Levine tried to block the nasty truth about fluoridation’s devastating effect on childhood IQs

Covid showed us how corrupt the medical establishment has become not only in America but worldwide. Doctors know where their bread is buttered and rarely speak out of school or provide advice based on their own independent research. They will support almost any government health narrative if that’s what it takes to make sure the money continues to flow, even if it means violating their oath to “do no harm.”

Next in line for top honors in terms of corruption, after the biomedical-security complex, is the media.

People say the truth will always prevail, and I agree. But this is a lesson that governments never seem to learn, especially when they have a corrupt media willing to cover for their lies.

We see the government and media colluding to deceive the masses on vaccines (they’re safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective). We see them colluding on the phony climate change narrative, where to save the planet you’ve got to grow less food, exchange real meat for fake, eat bugs, curtail freedom of movement, digitize humanity and convert all power generation to the electric grid, which is already overtaxed. We see it with so-called “gun violence” — blame the tool not the evil people who misuse the tool. And the list goes on.

But nowhere has the government-media collusion to deceive been going on longer than when it comes to the deliberate poisoning of America’s municipal drinking water. They poison it right at the source, then tell you that it’s good for you. It builds strong teeth!

The final report of an exhaustive six-year study of fluoride neurotoxicity was blocked from public release by Biden appointee Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in May 2022, according to the Fluoride Action Network.

Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine

The exhaustive study, conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), included incontrovertible evidence that fluoride hinders the development of the brain in children who consume it at levels present in most public water systems.

But under an agreement reached in an ongoing lawsuit against the EPA, the report was finally made public on March 15 of this year with a table of contents. Included were comments from external peer-reviewers and internal HHS departments, along with responses from the National Toxicology Program.

The review considered all human studies of fluoride’s effect on the developing brain. Its conclusion confirmed and strengthened the findings from two earlier drafts released in 2019 and 2020. External peer-reviewers all agreed with the conclusion that prenatal and early life fluoride exposures can reduce IQ.

The report was issued in two parts, a monograph and a meta-analysis. The meta-analysis found that 52 of 55 studies found lower IQ with higher fluoride exposures, demonstrating remarkable consistency. Of the 19 studies rated higher quality, 18 found lowering of IQ. The meta-analysis could not detect any safe exposure, including at levels common from drinking fluoridated water.

Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show government agencies that promote fluoridation, most allied with dental interests, have tried to water down the report, according to a release by Fluoride Action Network.

In the excerpt from the March 15 press release below, the Fluoride Action Network specifically names “Rachel Levine,” a gender-confused man, as the government official who tried to block the truth from coming out on the havoc fluoride continues to wreak on children’s brains. It took a lawsuit to force this information from the secret files of the government. The release states:

When the NTP held firm, these agencies got HHS Assistant Administrator Rachel Levine to block its release. Only one historical example exists of an NTP report being blocked from release, a report on the carcinogenicity of asbestos-contaminated talc. Talc industry groups conducted an aggressive lobbying campaign, enlisting friendly congresspeople to intervene. FAN was able to force today’s release of the NTP report by using leverage from the ongoing lawsuit against the EPA.

Fluoridation defenders have falsely claimed draft versions of the report had been “rejected” by a National Academies committee. In fact, the committee recommended that NTP clarify their methods and reasoning for reaching their conclusions because the issue was considered so contentious. The NTP has done that in the report released today. There is now little question that a large body of scientific evidence supports a conclusion that fluoride can lower child’s IQ, including at exposure levels from fluoridated water.

With the release of this report, dental interests may have to rethink their denial of the evidence that fluoridation can reduce children’s IQ.

Dentists have for decades pressured their customers to use fluoridated toothpaste while lobbying for fluoridated drinking water, despite reams of evidence showing this is a toxic chemical that provides little if any benefit to dental health. Most common water filters do not remove fluoride and the ones that do are more expensive, but worth the money, especially if you have children under your care.

So, where does fluoride come from, anyway? It’s an industrial-waste byproduct of the mining industry, explains Frank Zelko, in an article for the Ohio State University website Origins.

Zelko writes:

“Highly toxic hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride gases are by-products of fertilizer production. Prior to the 1970s, these pollutants were vented into the atmosphere and gave central Florida some of the most noxious air pollution in the country. During the 1960s, however, complaints by farmers and ranchers eventually forced reluctant manufacturers to invest in pollution abatement scrubbers that converted toxic vapors into fluorosilicic acid (FSA), a dangerous but more containable liquid waste.”

Zelko further explains that the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) cautions that FSA, an inorganic fluoride compound, has dire health consequences for any worker that comes into contact with it.

“Breathing its fumes causes severe lung damage or death and an accidental splash on bare skin will lead to burning and excruciating pain. Fortunately, it can be contained in high-density cross-linked polyethylene storage tanks.”

It is in such tanks, Zelko notes, that fluorosilicic acid has for the past half century been transported from Florida fertilizer factories to water reservoirs throughout the United States.

“Once there, it is drip fed into drinking water. This is a practice that the American Dental Association and numerous scientists and public health officials describe as ‘the precise adjustment of the existing naturally occurring fluoride levels in drinking water to an optimal fluoride level … for the prevention of dental decay.’”

The Fluoride Action Network has a fact sheet on the toxicity of this chemical and the long fight to get it removed from public drinking water systems. Please share the fact sheet, and this article, with all your friends and family.

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21 thoughts on “POISONED WATER: How Rachel Levine tried to block the nasty truth about fluoridation’s devastating effect on childhood IQs”

  1. You can remove fluoride from water through distillation. There are various designs for distillation units, but my preference is a simple Solar still. A single pane of glass at an angle over a large tray of water all enclosed in a large box. The sun shines on a dark surface, heating the water, and the vapor cools and condenses on the glass. It then drips into a small gutter that collects the purified water and routes it to storage. The design is pretty simple, so I would recommend looking up Solar distillation on the web to see videos or instructions.


  2. Leo – “In the excerpt from the March 15 press release below, the Fluoride Action Network specifically names “Rachel Levine,” a gender-confused man, as the government official who tried to block the truth from coming out on the havoc fluoride continues to wreak on children’s brains.”

    I have to echo Veronica’s words, “Leo do you ever sleep?” You keep cranking out these amazing exposés of the realities we’re faced with at a rate that I can barely keep up with either!

    These words especially, “the havoc fluoride continues to wreak on children’s brains,” are so true. Anything that steals, kills or destroys is a good thing in the eyes of D.C./Davos, so of course they want the poison to continue. Everything they do is so ugly and evil. It’s especially heinous what they are doing to the unborn and children. But Satan hates innocence, and these people are of their father.

    More than ever we need to keep our eyes on the Lord.

    “If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.” (Colossians 3:1-4)

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  3. I wonder if this is why I have so many neurological problems? I am 60 years old and have lived in and around Detroit, Michigan my whole life. I drink a lot of tap water.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I grew up in the same area Dawn. My family moved north out to St. Clair County when I was 10 and we had a well on that property. I’m sorry about your health issues. It’s possible that fluoride could have played a role in bringing that on but I’m no doctor.

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  4. In the 1960’s, my parents fought tooth (no pun intended) and nail to keep fluoride out of the water. My dad, a hardware store owner, sold fluoride in the form of rat poison. According to studies more than fifty years ago, fluoride does not pass through he body, it builds up. As a result, there are countless side effects, none good. And there is always the unanswered question ~ why would dentists support something that could or would reduce their business dramatically?

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  5. Don’t worry about the poisoned water.
    Congress is getting ready, with no resistance at all from anyone R or D, to give all power over medical care over to the World Health Organization.
    The New World Order is alive and well, and moving forward like a freight train.
    Sad that nobody is resisting.

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  6. That map is interesting. A number of years ago I called my local water department to request that they stop fluoridating our water and was told that New York State mandates fluoridation. But according to the map, not all communities is NYS fluoridate. Which means either I was lied to or the person I spoke with had no idea what he was talking about.

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  7. Where I live they wanted to fluoridate the water and old man came up to speak and said that fluoride was just industrial waste product and nothing more and not to put it in the water.

    Thankfully they did not fluoridate the water. So yeah, speaking up does work sometimes.

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    1. Checking every morning to see if I have a new “Leo memo” has become my favorite thing to do, outside of spending time with the Lord and my hot tea. 😉 Even though most of what he has to share with us is not very encouraging (to the natural man) my soul rejoices to see Gods Word coming to pass!
      I can remember as a kindergartener the special “program” we got to participate in. Our “flouride” rinse was something the school offered to all children because (unknown to us kids) most of the families in our area “couldn’t afford dental care”. How kind of them. Ugh…
      So much evil. I have said my whole saved life (almost 30 years) that I believe if God would give us the insight to see all the wicked, evil things our “Gov’t” has done we would die from shock.

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  8. First and foremost, Rachel Levine does not exist. He is a figment of the imagination of a man suffering delusions.
    His names is Richard Levine. Calling Richard by any other name is simply playing into the devil’s plan to confuse and is leaving Richard trapped in this evil.
    “For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there (James 3:16)”.
    The most loving thing that can be done is to help Richard out of this trap. Use Richards real name and don’t be one of the ones leaving him tangled by the lies of this world.

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    1. Bob – “First and foremost, Rachel Levine does not exist. He is a figment of the imagination of a man suffering delusions…His names is Richard Levine.”

      Thanks, Bob, for having the courage to point out what is obvious, although it’s an unpardonable sin today to even think anything that runs counter to the narratives being fed to us.

      We’re all expected to bow our knees to the woke gods, play stupid, and pretend that what really isn’t, is (or what really is, isn’t).

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