When the house of cards comes toppling down…

As WWIII heats up, along with the prospect of a new world order, the wise will prepare to sustain themselves outside the system

Last week brought the bombshell news that the globalists are already preparing to launch their new one-world digital currency. They call it the Unicoin. It would seem that their chances of succeeding remain dubious as long as Russia and China are competing with plans for their own global economic domination.

We don’t yet know which version of the New World Order we will be living under — the U.S./NATO version or the Chinese/Russian version.

But whether we end up with a digital yuan, a digital Unicoin as advocated last week by the International Monetary Fund, or some other digital currency, the days of the U.S. fiat dollar being the world’s reserve currency appear numbered.

The war in Ukraine has ignited a global rebellion against the U.S.-led world order, which has been underpinned by the petro dollar since the end of World War II. But the U.S. government and its corporate media partners are doing their best to keep this global rebellion hidden from Americans and Europeans.

Ukraine is winning the war and everything will be fine, we’re told.

Meanwhile, the dollar is gradually being exposed as a sham currency that will ultimately be subject to a hasty, rudimentary burial as more and more nations realize it is fraudulent. A scam. The dollar is backed by nothing. The supposed power and reach of the U.S. government with Pax Americana was probably always overrated but at this point in history it’s going to be exposed as a laughing stock.

Since it was taken off the gold standard decades ago, most of what propped up the dollar was the illusion of a strong U.S. military that kept any rebellious nations in line. The U.S. spends more on its “defense” than the next 10 countries combined, and most of that money has gone into maintaining expensive overseas bases and CIA mischief around the world. The US controls about 750 bases in at least 80 countries. Couple that rambling military footprint with an abundance of U.S. natural resources, and the perceived geopolitical leadership of the U.S. government, and that’s what backs the dollar.

But that’s the problem. All of the above U.S. advantages are based more on perception than reality. All of these perceived pillars of American power are in rapid decline due to crazy amounts of debt, over $32 trillion at last count, and poor leadership.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the subject of mockery on Saudi Arabian TV. This would have never happened in the past. Even if they didn’t like us. They respected us. Not any more. Biden is a man who appoints the likes of Samuel Brinton and Rachel Levy to high government posts. How can anyone take him seriously?

Samuel Brinton was placed in charge of the nuclear waste division of the U.S. Department of Energy, until he started stealing ladies underwear from airports.

When it comes to natural resources, what good are they when our government continuously restricts the exploration, processing and use of so-called fossil fuels while subsidizing unreliable “renewables” like solar and wind turbines, the equipment for which is primarily made in China? When the solar panels outlast their approximately 15-year lifespans, they will present an environmental nightmare in terms of where and how to dispose of their highly toxic components. The wind mills chop up birds like hamburger meat. Yes, the whole “green energy” agenda pushed by Biden and his climate czar, John Kerry, is but another scam meant to exert ever-greater control over human behavior. They could care less about the environment.

The fierce U.S. military machine is also a mirage. It’s been reported that the U.S. military could not last more than a week in a war with China over Taiwan before running out of munitions, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Russia, on the other hand, has shown the ability to outproduce the U.S. in a war of attrition in Ukraine, where NATO countries appear unable to keep up with the war’s constant devouring of ammunition.

Check out the report from the CSIS highlighted in the 4-minute video below.

Wars are won and lost basically over three issues:

  • Weapons and ammunition,
  • Experience in using the weapons on the battlefield,
  • Access to cheap, reliable energy with which to fuel the tanks, armored vehicles, planes, etc.

If you look at the situation in Ukraine, Russia has the advantage in all three aspects of war.

The U.S. refuses to tap its vast resources out of a fake concern for the environment. Its soldiers have no real experience going up against a fighting force at the level of Russia, and U.S. factories no longer have the infrastructure in place to ramp up on a full war-time footing, churning out ammunition of all sizes on a mass scale.

At the helm of the U.S./NATO effort is Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, all proven incompetents. A betting man would go with Putin and his crew over Biden and his.

Russia also has the advantage in super weapons with its hypersonic missiles and its subs outfitted with Poseidon missiles able to cause a tsunami when fired under water at the U.S. coastline.

So Russia/China are winning World War III at both the economic level and the military level.

When that becomes even more evident than it already is, the dollar will be buried and the inflation we see now will be nothing compared to the hyper inflation that is coming.

But until then, look for a slow grinding down of the dollar’s value.

How to prepare for what’s coming

I have been preaching preparedness for nearly three years, with food, water and a means of self defense topping the list.

But one thing I haven’t talked much about is money.

What about your money? What will still have purchasing power in light of a dying dollar and rising inflation?

There are many opinions on this, and I am not a professional financial planner, so all I can do is tell you what I’ve decided.

If you’re like me and can’t afford land or rental houses, one of the most affordable hedges against inflation is to invest in pre-1964 silver coins. You can find these online, or at your local coin dealer and you can buy a little at a time. The coins do not have to be rare or “uncirculated” to have value because the melt value alone is worth more than the face value.

For example, a Ben Franklin half-dollar, minted from 1948 through 1963 with 90 percent silver, is still in circulation with a face value of 50 cents. But the melt value is now a little over $9 and these coins are regularly sold for $18 or more each, depending on condition.

A Washington quarter, minted from 1932 to 1964, also 90 percent silver, still has a face value of 25 cents but its melt value is $4.54 based on today’s spot silver price. You regularly see them sell for up to $7 or $8 apiece.

The Mercury dime, minted from 1916 to 1945, and the Roosevelt dime, minted from 1946 to 1964, are also 90 percent silver and worth many times their face value.

You can find out the melt values of all U.S. coins here.

Up until 1964 a dime, quarter, half dollar, silver dollar, still had at least 40 percent silver. But by 1971 no more silver was included in any U.S. coinage, even the vaunted “silver dollar” had all silver removed by 1971 under Richard Nixon. The pennies today are not even made of copper, they are mostly zinc with a thin copper coating. In other words, it’s fake money, just like the paper dollars are fake, our coins are fake, built on the perception that it’s real.

And that brings me to another separate but related issue. Our money still says “In God We Trust.” That’s also fake. So now we’re talking about fake money built on a fake foundation. This country hasn’t placed its trust in God in a long time. Prayer was removed from the public schools in 1962 with nary a peep from the American families who send their kids into these indoctrination centers.

America trusts in its military might and economic power, and those are now showing signs of breaking. All the world will soon watch in amazement as America goes down. The only question is: Will it go down in a heap of smoldering ashes or will it just gradually fade from international prominence?

Maybe after the entire house of cards topples over we can rebuild on an all-new foundation. An authentic one.

Never comply. Stay the course. Keep the faith. Our God is real. Theirs is fake.

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40 thoughts on “When the house of cards comes toppling down…”

  1. America is like a boxer up against the ropes taking blow after blow. Eventually she will fall. I think we are close too. Moral decay, inner city madness and lawlessness, selfish and uncontrollable youth, etc. When the economy crashes, I cannot imagine how terrible it will be here. Get out of the cities if you can while there is still time.


  2. Never in my 80 years would I have thought this is the way things are going to pan out. I’m from Australia…as a 10 year old our church preached & taught end time messages.. back then we thought someone would just drop a bomb, the born again Christians went up to be with Jesus!! Pandemics, banks closing, even banks don’t deal in cash anymore, often restaurants won’t accept cash… Wrongs right, Right is wrong, toilets now that is another subject, women’s sport, men’s sport…give me a break…a strong athlete male, now female can compete in women’s sport and win!
    Our God sits in Heaven & Laughts at the stupidity of the human race.
    In Australia today in New South Wales a large coal fired power station was switched off, they are going to blow it up.
    It supplied 75% of electricity! Madness. Germany are firing up their closed down coal fired power stations…Australia sends coal to China for their many coal fire power stations…yet, Australia supposed to been green with our emissions, factories are closing down everywhere, they cannot afford the high gas or electricity prices. Give me a break!
    Definition of Progress..Man’s Ability to Complicate Simplicity.
    I have this week purchased a generator to run a fridge plus other appliances .I have a wood fire pit…live in a retirement village….It is the prompting of Father God to be prepared, the Holy Spirit will lead & guide us without panic, & stress.
    Power was out for 12 hours today 20 kilometres down the road at another town!….70 years ago I would never had thought of having a generator, extra cash, canned food, powdered milk….The end of the world, and the coming of our Lord certainly is very different from the Bible Prophecy being taught back then.
    I thank the Lord for my Faith & Trust that I have, without it I would be a worried stressed out person
    Praise be to Father God…I’m safe in the arms of Jesus….Remembering only a Remnant will be saved….Image a large bolt of material….yards, metres on it, the bit left at the end is the remnant, goes into a remnant box, the left over piece of material….Folks that is us! The Remnant!!!
    Not the billions & billions of people saved in the Rapture…The Remnant…
    Favour & Blessings.
    Joybelle Australia

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    1. Excellent comment. Thank you, Joy, for sharing your many years of experience as a member of the Body of Christ. I agree many things are falling into place now in a way that was never taught by those 1970’s prophecy teachers.

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  3. Okay, time for my 3 cent’s worth!

    Several problems exist with the financial system that are just part of the way it works. For one thing, take the US and all the money in it that is legally ours. The amount of this $ is finite, not infinite. Picture a bag of beans, there are only so many beans in the bag and they have to go around to everyone in order for all to survive. With all the systems in place like banking and loans, they charge interest and even layers of interest exist. The credit and debit system in the ledger can go on theoretically forever, but not the beans. At some point there are no beans left to pay all the interest, a concept created out of thin air when there just aren’t that many beans in the bag collectively. Then you have the problem of work and pay. And yes, I am into what is fair. Suppose a working mom makes 1,000 beans a month. In order to work she needs to pay some sort of child care worker. So if they both need 1,000 beans a month to stay afloat, does the mom give all her 1,000 beans to the child care worker? If not, why not? Is her job less important than the mom’s job? There are so many of these stratified work situations where those on the lower rungs put in a full time job or as close to it as they can find, but don’t make enough money to live on. Business owners claim that they simply can’t afford to pay certain salaries or benefits and this can vary depending on how expensive health insurance is, etc. But the question comes down to: Who then gets to eat at the end of the work day? It is a problem. Yes, some are just being greedy. And yes, there is corruption at both ends of that problem. But often many just want to blame the victim in all of this. There are no easy answers.

    When it comes to gold and silver and other forms of liquid money it gets tricky again. Let’s get to bartering in the next paragraph. Aside from that, just take everything that is ‘in the system.’ That includes money in the bank in any form, investments, gold, silver, stocks, 401k plans, pension plans of any kind, insurance of any kind, and so on. I can see a total system crash coming where there is a blackout on all of this, and everything you had is now wiped out. Gone. No record of it at all. It could be a cyber attack or something else. If you can even go inside a bank, or get someone on the phone, (IF), and you have your paper documents to prove what you ‘have,’ they can simply claim that you withdrew it earlier and this record is outdated. I could have a deposit slip in one hand that states I have 5,000 dollars in the bank on that day. An hour later I go in and withdraw most of it and put it in a shoebox in my attic. I then go in and claim I still have 5,000 dollars in the account, showing the deposit slip, but the money is no longer in the account. Even if I didn’t withdraw it, they can say I did. They can do anything. As far as I’m concerned, whatever you have ‘in the system,’ you don’t have at all. They have it. And they can do anything they want with it. Don’t believe me eh? But it’s all too true.

    Bartering. Yes, whatever we do under the table is doable, so long as it is. If they don’t know, what can they do? With the surveillance system coming in more and more like in China with cameras all over, one must be a bit more careful. You can hide things and there are videos on good hiding places on youtube. Another option with bartering is just straight out trading goods. An ideal is if worst comes to worst and the power is out, being able to live as primitive as on Little House on the Prairie, or the Amish or the natives, etc. Natives did not use money but they traded goods and skills. If you can get a community together and each one has a backroom of his house set aside for this, that would be good. Some can have a ‘store’ of any sort of items, candles, food, soaps, housewares, etc. Others can perform a service such as a barber, a doctor, a seamstress, etc. You can come in with a good and leave with a haircut for instance. Who’s gonna know??? Wear a hat in and out if need be. It can just be a shelf with goods that is well hidden such as a revolving wall. No one can confiscate what they don’t know is there. Money is only a middle man to replace trust. We can’t eat money, we can’t do anything useful with it. It only says I have this much to claim because I did or gave that much. It is a note that says we are entitled to something such as sustenance after working when no one is there to vouch for us. It is a voucher so to speak. So we need to do as much of this as we can in regards to prepping. Farming, access to natural water sources, skills and goods and set up a community that can survive by itself and outside of the system. That is my best advice for any time we have left on this earth. If they confiscate property, which I think they will, then even this won’t work. One thing also is to buy now what you think you might need if things go primitive, whatever you can for your situation. Some water for sure, a canned food supply, first aid supplies, tools, housewares, cookware, blankets, clothes, good sturdy shoes, a bike, candles and matches, toiletries, scissors, make a list. Imagine you are in the depression already. What would come in handy? How would you do things? Even a horse would be great! A cow, some chickens…

    Well that is it for my brilliant financial advice!
    And I won’t even charge you guys for it!
    : D
    Not to forget, our God is still in the miracle business and God’s economy works differently than the worlds. The Bible says the early church had “all things in common.”


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  4. Nobody does anything to remove these mentally ill and even could well be considered psychopaths from power and we all suffer.

    If you can answer WHY you have your problem solved.


  5. It may be a good long while before the US loses its reserve currency status. It still has 60% of the global currency reserves. Reason—there is NO other country that has the reserve currency infrastructure that the US has developed for the last 200+ years. Such an infrastructure needs the following to operate: a rule of law regarding securities, a securities market, repo, primary dealers, clearance houses, etc. Only the US has this. It would take years for China and Russia to develop a similar reserve currency infrastructure (but they’re probably working on it). Reserve currency is not pallets of dollars sitting in a bank basement. Reserve currency is government bonds and treasury securities which finances our debt and it’s our debt that we sell through these securities around the globe. This is the currency held by central banks for major foreign exchange purposes. A concise definition I found online: “The purpose of a reserve currency is to maintain competitively priced exports, remain liquid in case of crisis, provide confidence for investors, pay external debts, afford capital to fund sectors of the economy and profit from diversified portfolios”. Usually the reserve currency is the mode of exchange between central banks. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/foreign-exchange-reserves.asp

    The question is how much longer will the creditor countries willing to buy our debt (that famously finances our wars on the 3rd world). For instance, if China decides to dump our debt that they bought from us and demand payment in gold, that would clean out every gold reserve we have (maybe even the gold in your teeth!). And we don’t know whether or not Ft. Knox has any gold to exchange, do we?

    What the US dollar and the BRICS are fighting over now for dominance is another kind of currency—payment currency or the mode of payment of goods and services. Globally, it had been almost exclusively the US dollar; but at the moment it’s becoming a basket of currencies, centered on the ruble and the yuan. The difference between reserve and payment currencies is explained in this short video featuring well-known investment banker, risk manager, financial lecturer Jim Rickards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE_UbFYgEu8 (His book “Currency Wars” is worth reading.)

    He explains CBDCs here (essentially a payment currency available to the general public) and why central banks are moving towards this. It’s a way for the government to capture the entire economy, private or public. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKqhGW0wYjQ

    If we’re going to a cashless society, no amount of gold or silver (real money) will help you (unless you privately—very privately–use it as barter). Remember in 1933, the Roosevelt administration made it illegal to own gold and so all that was confiscated back then. It was decades before anyone was allowed to buy gold on a legal market. The same would be done again, this times including your silver. So we need to think of how to trade in a cashless society. Ideas??

    For kicks, use this handy-dandy inflation calculator to monitor how your dollar purchasing power has declined since 1913 (the year the Federal Reserve Banking system was established). Input $1 and then January 1913, then March 2023. (data for April 2023 not yet available). One dollar in 1913 is worth $30.80 today. https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm


    1. “If we’re going to a cashless society, no amount of gold or silver (real money) will help you (unless you privately—very privately–use it as barter). “
      That’s exactly how I was thinking of using these junk silver (90 percent) coins. These cannot be confiscated like bars or bullion because unlike those, these coins are also legal tender.


      1. Sorry, Leo, but my grandfather remembered how US $20 gold coins were once legal tender until 1933. These got confiscated in that year. The silver coins were allowed but they were debased in 1965. But in a totally cashless society, even old silver coins may not be allowed as “legal tender”. No cash at all, that’s the point of digital currency control. It must be total.


      2. I get that. But purchases of these numismatic coins do not need to be reported to the government and so how will they confiscate what they don’t know you have? And I agree that in a cashless society all forms of fiat currency will be banned as an official medium of exchange but these coins could still be used for bartering with farmers in exchange for food or other goods or services. In any event, it sounds like you are down on precious metal coins of any type, and that’s entirely OK. Everyone has to do what they think is right for their particular situation. I was just sharing one of my personal strategies. It is by all means not my only strategy — just part of a multi-dimensional approach to the coming collapse.

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      3. This is how gold/silver confiscation can happen. Remember 1933 was the height of the Great Depression and after having suffered through it since 1929, many people were left desperately poor, having pawned off nearly all their valuables to eat. The gold confiscation act of 1933 was to bail out the Federal Reserve at the cost to everyone else. None of the gold coins in circulation before 1933 were reported as numismatics to the government at that time, as these were simply legal tender in very general circulation. Suddenly Gold coin became no longer legal tender, so what stores then could take them legally (like now as no store does)? So if you’re a poor farm hand with a hungry or homeless family and you had this shiny $20 gold piece you kept in a shoe box that you were commanded to exchange at the local bank for some dollar bills, you gave it up and willingly. And that’s how gold got confiscated. https://theconversation.com/how-the-us-government-seized-all-citizens-gold-in-1930s-138467

        We’re not in such a desperate situation just now. But when things transition over to digital, in the short term, old silver coin can still be traded for stuff but only if there are alternative markets that would accept them. Alternative markets (rather like black markets) are the key to free money survival, not the form of currency as such. Those markets would establish the currency of exchange, which could include old silver, gold, ammo, cigarettes, whatever. So I think we need to explore how to set up these alternative markets in our locales that can stay off the government radar. There are already farmer’s markets and co-ops, but these need to be greatly expanded to cover all kinds of merchandise, and run in secret if need be. We can’t rely on the normal trading economy that will be wholly digitized and surveilled

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      4. No cash at all in Socialism’s Orwellian ‘Digital Age’, that’s the point of the Marxist Beast’s digital currency control of Socialism’s digitally marked (SS#) chattel. From womb to tomb, Technocracy’s fascist control must be total!

        Every one of God’s dependent theocratic sheep [wise virgins] and the Devil’s independent democratic goats [foolish virgins] within the Good Shepherd’s mixed flock [Christ’s virgin Bride] are spiritually led to do their Master’s will is for their particular situation. The Devil’s (SS#) goats foolishly refuse to deny themselves, take up their cross, and come out of Socialism’s abominable Security System that provides Big Brother’s eugenic digital Unicoin. God’s digitally un-marked sheep obediently take up their daily cross and follow Jesus out of Socialism’s accursed Security System and into the ‘wilderness’ where they are lovingly nurtured with the heavenly manna.


      5. Leo: I think that those suggesting we purchase gold or silver also suggest we try to establish a community where the people are all geared to help each other when the country collapses. They suggest a bartering system will be the way to survive and it will be a combination of bartering a skill for another’s skill plus using silver and gold as payment and for purchasing.

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  6. Not sure about the value of coins, but I can tell you that a government desperate for money will tax land and rental houses that a population of people out of work will not be able to afford anyway and you will not be able to maintain them besides.
    The book of James says, “Come weep and howl, ye rich men of the earth.”


    1. Nobody’s talking about rich folks here. I was talking about low cost ways for people of average means to not lose everything. At some point that will likely happen anyway but there are ways to forestall the inevitable. And, no, the government doesn’t tax numismatic coins, at least not in the US and at least not yet!


      1. I believe that The rich men of the earth spoken of in the book of James are the globalists who are bringing about this oppressive system that is collapsing around us. James says that the rust and corruption of their riches will be a witness against them. They have taxed those riches away from the poverty of those of us who labor. He says the rust of those heaped up treasures will be a witness against those rich men of the earth.

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  7. Leo, You left out the part about making your silver Gamma ray proof.
    Sodom & Gomorrah USA doesn’t have a future or a prayer.
    The evil empire has been the leader in carving up tiny Israel to destroy it under the lie and delusion of peace with the followers of the false prophet.
    What the devious, corrupt, evil left and right little gods have been intending for Israel comes upon America Babylon.
    Jeremiah 51.
    Job 12:23

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    1. Marcel – “The evil empire has been the leader in carving up tiny Israel to destroy it under the lie and delusion of peace with the followers of the false prophet.”

      Not to mention the fact that this administration is also funding leftist protesters in Israel who are trying to take down Netanyahu, a leader duly elected by a majority of the people. It has the fingerprints of no. 44 all over it, since this is his third term, and he did everything he could during his previous terms to oppose him.


  8. Leo – “Its soldiers have no real experience going up against a fighting force at the level of Russia, and U.S. factories no longer have the infrastructure in place to ramp up on a full war-time footing, churning out ammunition of all sizes on a mass scale…At the helm of the U.S./NATO effort is Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, all proven incompetents. A betting man would go with Putin and his crew over Biden and his.”

    Like probably many of you, I come from a family of men and women who have served their country in every branch of the U.S. military, some of whom were in the frontlines of the battlefield. So I know the price they and other heroes in this country have paid and continue to pay.

    This current administration has done everything they can to reduce, indoctrinate and endanger our military members by imposing vaccine mandates and woke dictates. Austin and Milley are buffoons. They waste precious time and resources by placing more importance on CRT, DEI, proper gender pronouns, LGBTQ sensitivity training, and drag queen shows than upon tactics of warfare critical for maximum lethality in neutralizing an enemy. They are devoid of nobility of purpose, or the ability to build morale and inspire and uplift our troops to have the courage and determination they will need in the face of the worst circumstances. And now this administration has also depleted our weapons arsenal through the war in Ukraine.

    If you dare to let your mind go here, imagine what could have happened if our U.S. armed forces who fought and won against the tyranny of fascism in World War II had been similarly trained and with severely reduced munitions? And now that World War III could be looming on the horizon, how will our brave young soldiers fare if pitted against the armies of Russia or China who are brutal and hardened fighters well-trained in all methods of warfare, well supplied, and who care nothing about the social “norms” of a degenerate Western culture

    I call this treason.

    It’s only my faith in God that helps me from becoming too depressed or fearful when I see everything that’s happening in this country and around the world. He is on the throne, and I know that everyone will have to give an account of their lives and everything they’ve thought, said, and done. He sees all the machinations of those who are scurrying to and fro to nail together their one-world government, economy, and religion. But ultimately, every knee will bow to His Son.

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    1. I also have some members of my family who have served in local law enforcement, men and women, big city and small town.

      Our local law enforcement members are committed to serving our communities. They live with us. Their kids go to school with our kids, they go to the same churches, same stores, they care about the same issues as we do, and they put their lives on the line for us 24/7.

      This administration has done everything they can since they came into power to defund, demoralize, and endanger our local law enforcement while they enrich, enlarge and politicize our top federal law enforcement agencies. That, plus the appointment of liberal DA’s all across the country who are soft on crime has resulted in a complete disregard for and lack of fear of our men and women in uniform in the minds of criminals.

      It’s mostly our local police, sheriffs, and state troopers who are on the front lines of the domestic battle against drug cartels, violent felons here as well as those pouring through our southern and now northern borders, and leftist anarchist mobs who attack those in uniform and torch our cities. And the numbers of those who are being killed on duty as well as those who are leaving the force are at record levels.

      The lawlessness and complete disregard for human life now in this country is unbelievable.

      Michele Bachmann was right when she called out the leaders of this administration as “cruel monsters.” She also called them “lawless monsters.” Right on both counts.

      Jesus and Paul warned about this as one of the signs of the end times:

      “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

      “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.” (2 Thessalonians 2:7)

      But while we’re looking around us at the growing evil, we also need to be looking up.

      “…because your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)

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      1. The unrestrained demonic wickedness and lawlessness of Socialism’s dependent wards [chattel] that are enslaved and eternally secured within Harlot Babylon’s Pax Americana is prophesied in Revelation 17-18. The LORD Jesus and Paul clearly warned about this as the signs of Armageddon’s end times. That is why Christ’s virgin Bride hears Him urgently calling them out of [Sodom] Satan’s Socialistic Security System that has digitally marked (SS#) their captive souls:

        “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not be a democratic partner in her corporate sins and receive her plagues; for her sins (democratic crimes, transgressions) have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and crimes [for judgment]. Repay to her even as she has repaid others, and pay back [to her] double [her torment] in accordance with what she has done; in the cup [of sin and suffering] which she mixed, mix a double portion [of perfect justice] for her. To the degree that she glorified herself and reveled and gloated in her sensuality [living deliciously and luxuriously], to that same degree impose on her torment and anguish, and mourning and grief; for in her heart she boasts, ‘I SIT AS [Christ’s betrothed] QUEEN [on a utopian Judeo-Xian throne] AND I AM NOT A WIDOW, and will never, ever see mourning or experience grief.’ For this reason in a single day, her plagues (afflictions, calamities) will come, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire and completely consumed; for strong and powerful is the Lord God who judges her..


      2. Lew Rockwell article other day : only a tiny percentage of people are aware of what is happening, most focused on making ends meet, in their spare time entertain themselves. I say: very few read and keep up on anything of value, instead it’s corp. news, social media or celebrity/sports updates. TV shows are full of trash overall other than travel shows or educational. Family type shows I grew up with are no longer, LGBT is pushed with actors on weekly tv shows. Some business men/women in community know more than average, but afraid to speak out, several spoke out in church they said, and some pastors know what we know, but fear of man and losing income/job in any line of work is muzzling those in authority (pastors, teachers, financial advisors, drs, etc).

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      3. L.A. McDonough“…but fear of man and losing income/job in any line of work is muzzling those in authority (pastors, teachers, financial advisors, drs, etc).”

        Yes, an epidemic of cowardice that has paralyzed pastors, teachers, financial advisors, drs, etc. in the last half of the 20th century up to now.

        Somehow, the founders of this country and the colonialists who fought in the Revolutionary War weren’t infected with it, at least not enough to stop them from founding a Republic that we have now lost.


    2. Most socially-secured Americans come from a religious family of men and women, who in corporate patriotic worship, proudly pledge their whole-hearted allegiance in idolatrous service to the Orwellian democratic government of Old Glory’s sacred Masonic image. So I know the bloody price they and other sword-bearing heroes have paid in Harlot Babylon’s wicked Masonic nation and continue to pay in their patriotic delusion.


      1. John Shaphat – “So I know the bloody price they and other sword-bearing heroes have paid in Harlot Babylon’s wicked Masonic nation and continue to pay in their patriotic delusion.”

        At first I felt that your comment would not be worth replying to, since you are obviously ignorant of and therefore disregardful toward the sacrifices others have made on your behalf. But I changed my mind because although I don’t have a problem with someone mocking a system or its leaders that oppress, I take exception to someone mocking people who have had the nobility and courage to lay down their lives to fight against tyranny that would otherwise have totally enslaved you and others.

        I’m guessing you are probably in your 20s, a Generation Z’er who has absolutely no concept of the savagery, brutality, and insanity of war or its lingering effects upon the heroes who make it home. That you have had no family members who fought against Nazi Germany and their fanatical allies in the South Pacific or in successive wars against a new kind of enemy who doesn’t hesitate to blow themselves up while they are murdering and at the very least mutilating others. You would pee your pants, little boy, if you were ever faced with the type of enemies my family members and other military family members were up against, or had to endure the privation they went through.


      2. Anna says:
        April 18, 2023 at 4:23 am

        The religious spirit that posted the following judgment against John Shaphat is tested to reveal its source:

        You (John Shaphat) are obviously ignorant of and therefore disregardful toward the sacrifices others in Harlot America’s Socialistic Security System have made on your behalf. I don’t have a problem with someone mocking the Marxist Beast’s Socialistic Security System or its fascist leaders that eugenically oppress the socially-secured (SS#) chattel within the UN Global Village. But, I take exception to someone mocking Harlot Babylon’s/America’s digitally marked chattel who proudly have had Lucifer’s nobility NOT to obediently take up their daily cross of martyrdom and peacefully follow in Christ’s bloody footsteps. Instead, they take up the Judeo-Xian Whore’s bloody sword of civil warfare and vainly lay down their lives to fight against each other (i.e. North against the South, Left against The Right) in democratic Humanism’s schizophrenic tyranny that would otherwise have totally enslaved you and other socially-un-secured wise virgins in Christ’s theocratic Bride.

        I’m guessing you are probably in your 20s, a Generation Z’er who has absolutely no concept of the savagery, brutality, and insanity of war or its lingering effects upon the heroes (i.e. deluded military chattel enslaved within Harlot Babylon’s Socialistic Security System) who make it home. That you have had no family members who fought against Nazi Germany and their fanatical allies in the South Pacific or in successive wars against a new kind of enemy who doesn’t hesitate to blow themselves up while they are murdering and at the very least mutilating others. You would pee your pants, little boy, if you were ever faced with the type of enemies my family members and other military family members were up against or had to endure the privation they went through.

        Thank you dear Anna for the blessing of hearing your spiritual thoughts! John Shaphat is a 70-year-old ex-military member who, together with his two law enforcement brothers, followed in the patriotic footsteps of his father and grandfather. They bravely entered combat in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Desert Storm’s invasion of Iraq. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount awakened and regenerated John, not unlike Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, calling him out of Harlot Babylon’s military and Socialism’s idolatrous Security System. Obediently putting down Uncle Sam’s murderous militant sword, John took up his daily cross and joyfully followed in Christ’s peaceful footsteps leading out of Sodom’s ‘City of Destruction’ and into the socially-un-secured wilderness. When learning of John’s radically transformed life, his enraged father disowned him, hatefully casting him out of the family, and metaphorically had a funeral for him declaring him dead and buried to all the family members.

        You would pee your pants, little girl, if you had enemies who cast you into Nero’s Rome Colosseum to be eaten alive by lions or burned alive as a human torch. The wise virgins in Christ’s Bride (John Shaphat’s eternal family) joyfully suffer their daily cross of such persecution and courageously endure the privation they went through.

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      3. John Shaphat – “John Shaphat is a 70-year-old ex-military member who, together with his two law enforcement brothers, followed in the patriotic footsteps of his father and grandfather. They bravely entered combat in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Desert Storm’s invasion of Iraq.”

        Nice try, but I don’t buy it.

        None of my veteran or law enforcement family or those I know would be consistently spewing the juvenile verbage storms that you litter this site with as you stalk and mock others here. They especially would not be ridiculing and minimizing the sacrifices of those who fought alongside them and were killed in front of their eyes.

        As a matter of fact, I think I overestimated your age range and would now put you at the pre-pubescent developmental stage.

        Maybe in a few years you’ll be able to leave the kiddies’ little table and come join us grown-ups who come here for a mature, serious conversation.


  9. Harlot Babylon’s almighty dollar with its Masonic pyramid’s all-seeing eye, says “In God We Trust.” Socialism’s digitally-marked (SS#) American chattel Trust in Freemasonry’s all-seeing Angel of Light, the occult god of Neo-Babylon’s reset UN Global Village. So we’re talking about Harlot Babylon’s fake American money built on Socialism’s fake Masonic Constitutional foundation.

    Harlot Babylon’s Socialistically secured American patriots proudly trust in the military might of Socialism’s genocidal sword and its economic power. All the world will soon watch in amazement as the Harlot American super-power is suddenly raptured up in the mushroom clouds of nuclear holocaust as prophesied in Revelation 17-18. Why do so many Xian virgins in Christ’s Bride foolishly believe Harlot Babylon may gradually fade from international prominence? Maybe after America’s socially-secured house of cards topples over in the holocaust they can rebuild Freemasonry’s Whore on an all-new Humanistic foundation. An authentic one in the image of Satan, their real ‘god’ whom they trust.


  10. A Warning Against Loving Gold and Silver— for self-preservation

    Come now, you who are rich, weep and wail over the misery to come upon you. Your riches have rotted and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and consume your flesh like fire. You have hoarded treasure in the last days. James 5:1-3

    Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be conceited and not to put their hope in the uncertainty of wealth, but in God, who richly provides all things for us to enjoy. Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, and to be generous and ready to share, treasuring up for themselves a firm foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life. 1 Timothy 6:17–19


    1. Forest 9: I have passed on Leo’s articles/website and told friends to keep it in a folder for updates. I have a globalism folder for all the reset type info. inclhttps://alt-market.us/ and the economic ninja on you tube, Quayle, Hagmann report brighteon.

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  11. Take ALL of your money out of the bank. Convert it to SEEDS, PRESERVED FOOD & WATER STORAGE. The time will come when 1 potato will cost a wheelbarrow of gold & silver. You might also consider investing in LEAD.


    1. John P. : Money is auto deposited for those who are retired for: 401k retirement, SS, pensions (military, etc) bills have to be paid (utilities, rent or mortgage, insurance, internet, etc) working folks and most people have to live a structured life like always. Some working people have auto pay into their accts. Drawing money out of banks and stashing is fine. I have heard about prepping before y2k, but most of us cannot hunker down and isolate ourselves and at the same time live normal lives too with family and friends. Ammo will be worth more than silver and gold when chaos is all around (inflation off the rails).


      1. Yes, those auto deposits are problematic. Money that is rightfully mine but I have no say how I receive it. I keep a minimum in the bank to pay bills but have taken a lot out in cash (for what thats worth) and use the shoe box storage method!
        I am not sure any one way of prepping is THE right way. Leo has a lot of great suggestions. Not everything will work for everybody. Choices, we all have em.
        If the end goal is to preserve your life here on earth, you may want to reevaluate that. I don’t even know what normal is anymore but I do know that life goes on and I have to go to work and get supper when I come home. A million other things go with that too. I just keep walking and keep my eyes and ears open.
        Leo’s posting certainly help with that!

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