All the news that’s fit to pimp: Mockingbird corporate media no longer even pretends to be unbiased

Take it from me: I spent 28 years in the mainstream newspaper industry and the Poynter Institute was considered the Holy Grail of journalistic training. I can tell you from experience that at least 99 percent of working professional journalists live in a delusionary environment of their own making that clouds their thinking on almost every issue out there.

The excellent article by Chris Wright below is just one example of how journalists get brainwashed (in this case by the Poynter Institute) and don’t even know it, then spread their poisonous indoctrination on to their readers and viewers. And one of the most common ways in which they show their bias is through errors of omission — they ignore or downplay the most truthful, relevant news while playing up and sensationalizing the stories that fit their narrative or are simply sensational enough to distract their audience away from the really important news.

By Christopher Wright

Don’t believe everything you read.  Major media outlets have been caught over the years taking money to print propaganda and slant stories a certain way.  Among the paymasters are the Chinese Communist Party, left-wing foundations, super-rich Leftist George Soros, and the U.S. government. 

The U.S. government has paid journalists to shill for Obamacare, green jobs, and, most recently, COVID vaccines.  Now comes news the Biden administration paid the left-wing Poynter Institute another $23,500 to train journalists how to create supposedly “balanced and bias-free” journalism.  Or at least that’s the cover story.  The U.S. Agency for Global Media has previously paid Poynter for such training in the past.  In addition, the State Department has paid Poynter $360,000 over the years for this training. 

Poynter is funded by big Democrat donors like George Soros and Bill Gates.  They get their money’s worth.  Poynter started a “blacklist” of conservative news outlets it deemed “unreliable”.  Poynter was forced to retract the list after fierce criticism.  Poynter runs PolitiFact, the supposed fact-checking site that routinely attacks Republicans and conservatives.  It has had to retract numerous fact-checks, including one that called the now widely accepted lab leak coronavirus origin theory “ridiculous”.  So don’t believe everything you read in PolitiFact, either. 

Poynter has urged social media platforms to censor what it deems to be ‘misinformation’.  It parlayed that campaign into a $13.2 million grant from Google to Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network to help fight so-called “misinformation”.  There’s also PolitiFact’s arrangement to censor information on Facebook. 

All of this is uncomfortably close to the wide-ranging government censorship exercise – carried on with social media and left-wing advocacy group partners – now documented in multiple releases of the Twitter files and in the ongoing case Missouri and Louisiana brought against the Biden administration for censorship.  You can be assured whenever any of these people talk about ‘misinformation’, what they’re really talking about is their desire to censor all views they don’t like and to vanquish their political enemies.

The Poynter Institute is not the only journalistic enterprise shown in recent days to be pushing its political views.   To push the transgender narrative, NPR ridiculously claimed there is “limited scientific evidence” that men have a “physical advantage” over women in sports.  But biological transgender males have been trouncing real women in swimming, cycling, weight lifting, and track & field, and everybody knows it.  Moreover, females are getting hurt going up against males.  This injustice will not stand forever, NPR’s political views notwithstanding.

Untrustworthy mainstream media outlets have been so bad on other stories recently, they have been forced to issue retractions.  NPR wrongly reported Joe Biden’s son Beau died from injuries received in the military.  The New York Times and Rolling Stone – also left-wing outlets like NPR – issued corrections to stories they ran about FBI whistleblowers.   The Washington Post has issued a number of retractions recently, including the use of the terms ‘debunk’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ in a story criticizing Senator Tom Cotton for repeating the COVID lab leak theory, a theory now found credible by the Energy Department and the FBI.  MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had to admit she was less than precise when she claimed Ron DeSantis didn’t want slavery taught in schools. 

These people are so invested in getting their political enemies, they cut corners and misrepresent the facts.  Unfortunately, the media has been trending this way for years.  CNN kept running stories for two and a half years about the Trump/Russia collusion hoax when it knew there was nothing there.  And don’t forget Dan Rather, the CBS news anchor who was forced to resign in disgrace after running fake news about George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service.  Left-wing partisan hacks, all.   Just like Google News which skews its news curation to favor left-wing outlets, a recent study showed. 

American journalism has gone from claiming it is objective, to admitting its liberal bias, to conspiring with leftist-controlled government agencies and left-wing billionaires to weaponize its coverage and wage jihad against its political enemies.  Welcome to fascism, the combination of Big Government and Big Business.  If you still believe anything they write, all I can say is, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’ needs your help: We are in our spring fundraising period through end of April. Thank you so much all who have already given to support this independent journalistic site, as even $5 or $10 makes a difference. You may contribute via snail mail by sending c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card through GiveSendGo below.


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  1. If I could be President for 24 hours with no limitations the very FIRST thing I would do (believe me my list is long) would be to end all 501(c)3 tax exemptions. Should have been done a long time ago. G. Edward Griffin did an awesome interview years ago with the late Norman Dodd that exposed the corruption of the Tax Exempt organizations and that was back in the 1950’s under the Reese Commission on Tax Exempt Orgs. Thanks Leo for sharing Chris’s article. I still do not get your articles but I do listen to Brannon Howse nightly and whenever you are on with a new article it gets my attention to go look it up.


  2. As a Christian, I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me into ALL truth. Not just spiritual truth, but ALL truth.

    I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years and because of the Holy Spirit I can tell when I am being lied to and almost 100% of the information coming out of the Liberal media is nothing but lies……..ALL OF IT!!!

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    1. Russ – “As a Christian, I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me into ALL truth. Not just spiritual truth, but ALL truth.”

      Yes! Definitely, the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth as He performs the work of sanctification of the believer. When we become born again, He comes to live in us forever and is faithful to accomplish what He has begun.

      The Word of God is also important, because it should be the litmus test that we use for everything we see and hear. The problem is that many Christians aren’t getting enough of it. In a previous post, I complained about the fact that, although 27% of the Bible is prophecy, you rarely hear it from the pulpits. But we’re lucky to even hear much of the other 73%.

      A lot of churches shifted to seeker friendly strategies to overcome dwindling memberships. So they focus less on feeding their flocks with the scriptures, and more on tailoring their music and messages to appeal to the larger demographic groups of young people and working-age couples with families. So, instead of getting a full meal of the Word, we only get snacks.

      More than ever we need to rely on the Holy Spirit and do our own reading of the Word to be able to discern the truth in an age of deception.

      And I also would like to add that websites like this one, where the owner and his readers have some pretty decent analytical abilities, especially compared to other conservative/Christian websites, help us sharpen those abilities for detecting falsehood in what we hear or read.

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      1. Methods that have been used to bring in Christian culture.
        1. “Selling” Jesus with “seeker friendly” services like a commodity.
        2. Voting and activism to enforce outward Christian morality on the lost.
        3. Promoting the family and encouraging marrying earlier and having lots of babies.
        Notice what none of these strategies took into account? Saving the lost. Jesus said we were to evangelize and rescue the perishing. All three methods were fleshly. Including the attempt to “outbreed” the world instead of reducing the world and adding to the church simultaneously by winning the lost as Jesus told us.

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      2. Rachel – “Notice what none of these strategies took into account? Saving the lost. Jesus said we were to evangelize and rescue the perishing. All three methods were fleshly. Including the attempt to “outbreed” the world instead of reducing the world and adding to the church simultaneously by winning the lost as Jesus told us.”

        That is so true, Rachel! All the outward trappings of religion but not the spirit.

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      3. Thanks, Rachael, for listing the Luciferian methods used to implement the Georgia Guidestones’ Social Justice Gospel into the Angel of Light’s lukewarm Laodicean Church-State [Harlot Babylon]. The wise virgins in Christ’s Bride have been called out of Neo-Babylon’s 501(c)3 Laodicean Whore that has been hatefully vomited out in anathema from God’s mouth, [Revelation 3:16; 18:4]. Democracy’s antichrist spirit has religiously fomented Freemasonry’s interfaith revolution for licentious humanistic freedom and lawless ecumenical independence from the judicial Law of Jesus Christ’s holy theocratic gospel.


  3. Leo – “…a delusionary environment of their own making…”

    Definitely willful decisions they have made. Plus, they’ve been suckered by someone who uses deceit all the time and managed to delude one third of God’s angels into following him.

    Pretty powerful opiate that many will swallow when the son of perdition makes his appearance.

    That’s why Jesus warns us to guard ourselves from it. Look at all the apostasy in the church now.

    More than ever, we need to be praying for God’s wisdom and discernment, if we aren’t already doing that.

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    1. Leo – “If you still believe anything they write, all I can say is, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’”

      Unfortunately, millions are still drinking the cool aid because of the power they gave to the media. At some point, the MSM crossed the line from what journalism was intended to be – reporting the facts so people could decide for themselves – to not only feeding lies but manipulation of people’s feelings about those “facts.” They use all techniques, including emotionally charged words that influence one way or another.

      Propagandists know that they can’t just tell people what to think. They know they also have to tell them how they should feel about things, because emotions are a real hook. It’s not just thoughts that you intellectually ascribe to that influence what you do, it’s that plus the emotions that are stirred up by those thoughts. Anger and fear are probably the two strongest ones that motivate people to do what they do. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and all dictators and their propaganda machines have realized that.

      In our culture of convenience, where we have gotten so lazy that we want to take the shortest route possible in everything, we now are not only content to let the press tells us what to think, but in our conditioned repugnance toward having to exert any energy, we want them to tell us what we should be feeling as well, to the extent that the press can whip up our emotions either in favor of or against something or someone.

      In allowing journalism to devolve into sheer propaganda, a whole nation has given an entity the permission and power to be perceived as a legitimate authority that we need to constantly turn to in order to know what to think and how to feel. Almost like a god.

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      1. To continue on with this…

        Although the use of the media as a propaganda tool of a government is usually (but not exclusively) intended against its own population and psyops are a propaganda tool generally used by one government against another, a look at some of the statements online about psyops concerning objectives and techniques could be applied to biased journalism as well:

        “Help sway opinions and actions of foreign governments, groups, and individuals.”

        “Modern psyops tactics are the same as they have always been: the use of deception and persuasion to gain advantage over enemy forces.”

        “Carefully crafted scripts and photo-ops.”

        “…techniques used to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, and are used in order to induce confessions, or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator…

        “Seven psyops techniques: isolation, psychological triggering, scarcity, information control/lack of knowledge, repetition, new language.”

        Does “repetition” especially ring a bell? Tucker Carlson often enjoys showing one clip after another of the MSM network “stars” all mindlessly parroting the same phrase or sentences, which obviously shows that they all get their talking points from the same source.

        But it’s also a technique to get those words firmly entrenched in the minds of the audience, especially when the press attaches a negative emotional value to them. Stirring the pot of public opinion against something or someone.


      2. “Does “repetition” especially ring a bell? Tucker Carlson often enjoys showing one clip after another of the MSM network “stars” all mindlessly parroting the same phrase or sentences, which obviously shows that they all get their talking points from the same source.”
        Anna, it was exactly this type of example I had included in a video with this article but the platform hosting the video, Facebook, would not allow access from this site so I had to remove it.


      3. Leo – “Anna, it was exactly this type of example I had included in a video with this article but the platform hosting the video, Facebook, would not allow access from this site so I had to remove it.”

        I’m not on Facebook or any other social media like Twitter or whatever, but I wish I could have seen that video! They really started the censoring game in earnest after the 2020 elections and Jan. 6th. We can only expect it to get worse.

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      4. Looking at the use of the press as a propaganda tool by the ruling power in this country, I feel strongly that it has now reached a dangerous point. It is not only being used to influence a population one way or the other, it’s also being weaponized to sic one group upon another – namely, the progressive left against the conservative right. And it’s racheting up emotions to the extent that conservatives and Christians are not just being verbally attacked now, but physically as well, as most recently evidenced in the murders of innocent children and adults in the Christian school shooting by a trans woman.

        The mainstream media, federal government, educational system, corporate world, entertainment industry, (did I leave any out?) are now all echo chambers for one another mouthing essentially the same refrains that are shaping people’s minds and emotions against an entire demographic.

        I’m noticing a progression here. It started with censoring, which led to isolating, which then led to demonizing, then to dehumanizing (the latest I’ve heard us called is “cockroaches”), and now…


  4. Yes, I have been observing this for years now. The right gets censored, the left gets propagated. The truth gets labeled ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation,’ and the lies get blasted from the rooftops as if they were gospel truth. Not only that, but anyone who dares dissent from the party narrative gets vilified, demonized, demonitized, and labeled a domestic terrorist. The walls are closing in on the truth and its freedom of speech and expression more and more. One day it will be squeezed into complete suffocation. In old fashioned tyrannies it was just propaganda and penalizing dissent on paper but now we have it in every form of technology that the media comes in. I am finding I can say less and less on platforms of all kinds, one of which is Nextdoor, a neighborhood online network. It is run by leftists in San Francisco… small wonder.

    What we are also seeing now is the vilification of the victim and the victimization of the villain. Regular parents who don’t want their kids in shows at school with drag queens shoved in their faces, and all their gyrations at that, are dubbed ‘domestic terrorists’ and actual domestic terrorists who go shooting up children in school, such as the latest trans terrorist did, are labeled the victims. It is all opposite, backwards, and upside down. And if you dare offer another opinion…. you will get ambushed and violently attacked such as that female swimmer was recently (go watch the video on youtube, the Watchman channel, it was a couple of days ago and she was also on Fox news about it).

    We don’t need to guess what the future holds. All we need to do is access the pre written script. The play is predictable because history repeats itself. The devil knows what worked well before so he just pulls out the same playbook and does it all again. It happened under Hitler, under Stalin, and all the other tyrants in the tyrants hall of fame. But as it says, those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. And even if you are aware and would not do that, you can’t stop it either. It’s past the point of no return. But at least we can know what is coming around the corner. But I know, I know. They did not want to hear the Word of the Lord from the prophet Jeremiah either before Babylon invaded Israel, nor do they want to hear it today.

    Another saying: The ostrich burying its head in the sand did not make the coyote go away. It only made the timing he became lunch a surprise to the ostrich.

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    1. 2012 S&M Act ( also known as Smith-Mundt ) that joey’s boss, the kenyan o, signed into being is a great example of how lawlessness has been legalized, promoted and well paid.


      1. Did you hear about the 18,000 cows dying in Texas? Hmmmm.

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      2. 18,000 cattle in Texas

        One way or another, they sometimes let you know ahead of time what they intend for you.

        European farmers were curtailed in their efforts to feed people, while farmers and ranchers in this country were being squeezed by astronomical feed, fertilizer, and diesel fuel prices. Mysterious explosions or fires occurred one after another at food supply plants, “bird flu” outbreaks required destruction of millions of poultry. Over 10,000 cattle in Kansas died last year supposedly from the heat and now 18,000 head have perished in an explosion and fire in Texas.

        Meanwhile, Bill Gates quietly bought up massive amounts of agricultural land that could have been used to grow healthy food, while he’s producing lab grown meat, and a huge cricket-processing factory has opened in London, Ontario.

        Not just our food, but our health too. A training exercise for a pandemic was remarkably followed just several months later by an actual pandemic. A list was produced of fungal infections just months before news of two actual outbreaks.

        The latest one, which occurred among paper mill employees, was described as “a rare encounter,” and “the largest recorded outbreak” of blastomycosis in the country, with one infectious disease expert saying that outbreaks of this infection “are unusual,” and this outbreak “is extraordinary for its size.” Meanwhile, “the source of the infection has not been established.”

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  5. At least 99 percent of working professional journalists happily live in the delusionary-woke environment of the Marxist Beast’s Orwellian Global Village. They are willing to be the Beast’s digitally-marked (SS#) chattel that are enslaved, from cradle to grave, within Socialism’s eugenic Security System.


  6. This story is so timely, Leo! I just read one on Newsmax last night about the Poynter Institute, “Biden Picks Conservative Blacklister to Train Media.”

    And like you’ve pointed out in some of your other stories, the U.S. government has had their fingers in so many pies for decades.

    One quote from the Newsmax story:

    “…the State Department has paid Poynter $360,000 over a number of years to train journalists in Japan, Thailand, Turkey, and India,”

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  7. Leo, I also ordered a copy of Stealth Invasion recently! I haven’t been able to start it yet, but after I ordered it, I heard someone on Real America’s Voice recommend that people get a hold of your book. I’m hoping many will!
    Thank you for all you do! It is a public service!

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      1. Yes, it was Ben Bergquam…I don’t remember which show he was reporting on unfortunately…I watch throughout the day, but seems like it may have been Steve Gruber’s show! It was just last week.

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  8. When I clicked to watch the video, I got a screen message that the video is no longer available. Never mind. Your opening paragraph was enough. // May God save America ! Take care….

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  9. Where it said play video, it switched to Facebook but wouldn’t play it. I have Facebook but it still wouldn’t play.


    1. OK thanks for letting me know. I will remove it. Too bad because it showed how all the mainstream media were saying the exact same thing, even using the exact same language of “Be extra cautious when seeking out health information in the Twitterverse” regarding the clot shots after Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk.

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      1. Are you familiar with Dr Astrid Stuckelberger? She is a whistle blower from the WHO.  I found her on Stew Peter’s and Rumble.

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      2. Dr Astrid Stuckelberger is a whistle blower from the WHO and has good information. I found her on Stew Peter’s and Rumble. Also Dr Jane Ruby seems solid.


      1. I bought Stealth Invasion as soon as I learned Amazon removed it. It never made it into my queue and presently reading it. Quite informative. It’s a topic that I’m aware of. Of course, zero mainstream reporting, but what of importance is? Islam, communism, both totalitarianism. In the end, I believe that unless we squash both, Islam will win over other totalitarian movements due to the “God” factor.

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