Minneapolis Muslims want to blast Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding that mosques in Minneapolis be allowed to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer five times a day versus the already allotted three times a day.

Here is the local news report on the request.

According to a report by the RAIR Foundation, the Islamic call to prayer is intended to show “power and control over a country,” by declaring the “supremacy of Allah of Islam” and is considered a “warlike declaration.” 

The RAIR Foundation reports:

“The terror-tired group wants residents to not only hear the eardrum-shattering disturbance in the late mornings and afternoon but also in the early morning and evenings. For this to happen, the Islamic supremacists are demanding that the city’s noise ordinance rules be changed just for them.”

The news site BNI asked the audacious question:

“Considering that Muslims comprise only 3% of the population of Minneapolis, is it fair that the other 97% be subjected to this loud and offensive Muslim praying (audible from a 20-block radius) being blasted from high-powered amplifiers in some two dozen mosques five times a day, beginning at dawn and ending late at night?”

I can’t help but wonder the Minneapolis City Council’s position if a Christian church asked for the Lord’s Prayer to be blasted from speakerphones even once a day. My guess is they would not even dignify the request by placing it on their meeting agenda, let alone approve it.

The question nobody even raises is, how did Minneapolis get two dozen mosques? The answer is simple: Because of decades of refugee resettlements from mostly Somalia. In no way, shape or form has the exploding Muslim population occurred in Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia or any other state been an organic process. These parallel societies, almost like nations within nations, have been quietly set up in cities and towns across America by the U.S. State Department and its nine VOLAGs, or volunteer agencies.

The nine agencies that contract with the federal government to import refugees and thereby transform communities from Christian to Muslim include six with Christian-sounding names — the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Episcopal Migration Ministries, World Relief Corp. (an arm of the National Association of Evangelicals), and Church World Services, an arm of the World Council of Churches.

So when your city some day joins Minneapolis and seeks to blast the Islamic call to prayer from loudspeakers five times a day, you will know who is responsible. Don’t blame the Muslims. They’re just doing what Muslims do. The cultural transformation comes largely complements of liberal white Christian denominations.

There are other cultural norms in Muslim countries that don’t fit well in Western nations as well, like the taking of child brides, female genital mutilation, and even honor killings. All of these have been issues here in America where large resettlements exist, and you can read about them in my book, Stealth Invasion.

These types of culture-changing demands are exactly what I predicted in that book would happen if the U.S. and other Western nations continued to allow unfettered Muslim immigration. Of course, that’s why the book was recently banned by Amazon. You can still order it from BarnesAndNoble.com.

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45 thoughts on “Minneapolis Muslims want to blast Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day”

  1. Inclusive is the new exclusive. Would I be allowed to open my window and blast Metallica out of it at those times? Or does it come down to Inshallah?


    1. sk – “Would I be allowed to open my window and blast Metallica out of it at those times?”

      How about broadcasting lyrics from Ave Maria or Amazing Grace?

      Ring those clanging church bells several times a day?

      Latest update as of 4/16/23:

      “Minneapolis on Thursday became the first major American city to permit unfettered broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer, allowing the adhan to be heard over speakers five times a day, year-round.”



      1. Well they don’t call it submission for nothing, hence having to be reminded 5 days each day. The average person urinates 7-8 times each day, so the prayer call is running nearly neck and neck.

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  2. It’s pretty sad that they can’t remember what time that they are to pray. If they are so dedicated to believe why can’t they just use their alarm on their watch. It makes no sense to aggravate everyone around them just for a reminder to pray. USA coon sense if you have any.


    1. For anyone who’s interested in knowing a little more about CAIR, I did some browsing and found an older article: “FBI Cuts Ties With CAIR Following Terror Financing Trial,” by Joseph Abrams of Fox News, dated December 24, 2015.


      Some excerpts (keep in mind this was written in 2015):

      “The FBI is severing its once-close ties with the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, amid mounting evidence that it has links to a support network for Hamas.”

      “The agency has previously invited CAIR to give training sessions for agents and used it as a liaison with the American Muslim community. CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, attended a post-Sept. 11 meeting with then-FBI director Robert Mueller, and he met with other top brass as recently as 2006. But that was before Awad was shown to have participated in planning meetings with the Holy Land Foundation, five officials of which were convicted in December of funneling $12.4 million to Hamas.”

      There is also an older article on The Blaze by Jordan Schachtel, 5/8/2019, about a former FBI translator, Abdirizak Haji Raghe Wehelie, who was “charged with misleading investigators and obstructing a probe into Al-Shabaab,” an Islamic terrorist group “that operates in East Africa and controls territory in Somalia.”


      CAIR filed a lawsuit on Wehelie’s behalf against the Trump administration, arguing that “counterterrorism measures imposed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection amounted to ‘a kind of second-class citizenship.’”


  3. In the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, I’m assuming the residents of Minneapolis will also be hearing Christian hymns broadcast over loudspeakers 5 times a day, correct? In my small town, we hear church bells and a traditional hymn on the hour from our local Methodist church.

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  4. I wonder if, at any of these liberal Christian churches which are supporting the muslim 5x a day pray calls, ring bells to call Christians to worship. Think of the opportunity. They can ring bells at matins, lauds, compline etc and certainly for the Sunday liturgy. There are eight times throughout the liturgical day that Christians can ring their bells—so why don’t they??? https://breviary.net/hours.htm

    When I was little (65+ years ago), I used to hear the local parish church ring its bells. It was comforting to hear. Now I rarely hear church bells ring anywhere. Did the local atheist bullies complain and shut all that down through coercive municipal laws? Yes, and Christians accepted this.

    So if these liberals have spent their effort to ensure muslims call all their prayer calls, will they also take this equal rights opportunity to reinstate the ringing of bells?? Well, we know they won’t.

    But, leaving aside the paralyzing political correctness of the liberals, most Christians anyway have forgotten the reason for the ancient marking of the hours of prayer throughout the day and/or have completely eliminated the practice altogether. This is a great weakness of modern Christians and one reason why our culture is wholly secular. The reason for those liturgical “hours of prayer” was to redeem time itself, make it a sacred thing—just like space (as in a cathedral, an altar area) was designated as sacred to perform liturgies in. When we dumped this prayer practice, we no longer sacralize time., we no longer take it up into God’s kingdom. So we leave a spiritual vacuum by our neglect. The muslims have stepped into this vacuum and they will define time (as well as everything else) according to their lights.

    So if we want to win this battle against a false religion, we need to take back the world—its time and space—as we once did through the customs of the hours of prayer. And ring the bells to call the faithful to that task. Legal battles to forbid the muslims call to prayer will not fill the vacuum left by Christians unwilling to call themselves to prayer.


    1. Most church members of mainine churches don’t care if bells are rung at all, because they only go to church to make business deals and social interaction ( getting a foursome for bridge game or tennis/golf partners, etc.) Country churches ring bells on Sunday morn. Majority of churches in recent years quit evening services as people don’t show up.


    2. Kayjae – The reason for those liturgical “hours of prayer” was to redeem time itself, make it a sacred thing—just like space (as in a cathedral, an altar area) was designated as sacred to perform liturgies in.

      Well said! It would be wonderful to hear those bells ring again. But we can all still pray, and it can be any time or place we choose, where we can get alone with God. No one wants it more than Him, because He longs to spend time with His children.


      1. Anna–“But we can all still pray, and it can be any time or place we choose, where we can get alone with God.” This goes without saying. Of course we each can “get alone with God” and pray anytime.

        But that was not the point I was making. Once upon a time, Christians also prayed together (not alone)—publicly–at certain designated times. The ringing of the bells were calls to prayer for the whole Christian community and wherever they were, they stopped and prayed the prayer pertaining to that hour. It was the custom that helped to define the whole culture as Christian and reinforced Christian belief. But we have dropped the practice. That practice now found only in monastic settings where they still run through all eight cycles of daily prayer. We dropped many such practices, and in our misunderstanding of their purpose dismissed them merely “traditions of men”, as we allowed our culture to hollow out and secularize. Now we have clergy and laity adhere to the false religion of “diversity” and are willing to give away what’s left to alien and hostile religions.

        That’s the point—WE carelessly dropped much of what had publicly defined our culture as Christian, in favor of a lone-ranger, highly privatized, individually crafted religious expression. This left a secularized vacuum in the culture. Nature abhors a vacuum so something will rush in to fill that vacuum. Any wonder why the muslims are demanding their full cycle of public prayer? Or that satanists demand public displays of their beliefs? What’s to stop them really? Our court system which defends diversity? Any level of our very secular governments we could protest to? These institutions are hardly Christian, so why should we think they will defend us from alien religions and ideologies? The only effective thing to stop alien religions from invading us is a vibrant, deeply layered Christianity that is expressed as much publicly (as it once was) as it is privately.

        Yes, we all have our “closets” to pray alone to God in. But the committed secularists, communists for example, have said repeatedly that they support “freedom of religion” so long as Christianity is kept in that closet where it can “offend” no one. They don’t even want church buildings to be visible. It’s time we ourselves stopped being practical secularists and throwing away bits and pieces of our Christian culture, allowing hostile forces to fill the gaps we leave.

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      2. Kayjae – “…we allowed our culture to hollow out and secularize…It’s time we ourselves stopped being practical secularists and throwing away bits and pieces of our Christian culture, allowing hostile forces to fill the gaps we leave.”

        We’ve had a little help with the hollowing out and secularizing. It was the radical liberalism of John Dewey that, early on in the 20th century, started fundamentally changing our educational system to become a brainwashing tool of the progressive left. Generation after generation of graduates of that system have collectively molded every single sector of our society into what it is now.

        It has progressed largely unimpeded, because one of the distinguishing factors between capitalism and socialism is that most of us who prefer a free, capitalist society just want to be left alone to quietly raise our families and live out our lives. But the progressives are demonically driven by their ideology/religion and want to shove it down our throats. And since the majority of Christians and conservatives don’t have an aggression to match that, yes, we have allowed our culture to hollow out and secularize.

        I’ve been trying to think of practical ways to take back our way of life. One is writing my representatives in Washington on issues that are important to me as a believer. Even when I lived in a blue state, I still wrote to my Democrat Senators and Representatives, arguing with them until I was blue in the face. Now I’m in a red state and I write to and support our people in Washington when they fight for the lives of our unborn children as well as for our constitutional freedoms. All of us can do this – it just takes a few minutes to sit down at the computer and send off an email to their office. I still vote, too, and speak here on this website along with everyone else who is concerned about our freedoms being snatched away.

        Maybe it’s time people started asking the pastors of churches who have steeples and bells to begin ringing them again. If they’re opposed by local governments, then there are conservative groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom who can step up to help. Another one is the American Center for Law and Justice.

        Kayjae, I’m sure you can think of some other practical ways to help us start striking a blow for the religious liberty of the two major faiths in this country who are experiencing exponential rises in persecution.

        But I also realize that we are now living under tyranny in this country, and so more than ever we need to draw as close to our Lord as we can in prayer and reading His Word.


      3. Anna—Secularization started centuries before John Dewey. He was just one of many advocates of a collection of secularist ideas developed over centuries. He was specifically inspired by Charles Darwin. His religious background was Congregationalist, which has strong adherence to a “social gospel” with its man-centered solutions to human problems. He himself, in his later career, didn’t find any use for religion in his ideological construct of society, rather typical of intellectuals of his era. There were many secular philosophers before him that he certainly studied, and many of these promoted the trend toward secularism occurring in Christianity through many centuries.

        Perhaps you don’t quite understand what I’ve been saying or I’m not making myself clear. Regarding defending Christian liberty, you are applying secularist solutions to solve what is really a spiritual problem (like writing your government representatives, enlisting legal aid, voting, etc). All these are fine as far as they go and Christians should employ these means. But we should not ignore the fact that these are actually rear-guard legal actions to cover the continuing Christian retreat from the culture. We have put too much trust in our form of government, not realizing how basically antithetical it is to Christianity. Our Constitution (the law of the land) is very neutral towards religion. It simply allows our culture to be a rather chaotic religious free-for-all. Our Declaration of Independence (which is not the law of the land) does express in its preamble the concept that we have “natural rights” that come from our Creator, not from the state. But that’s as far as it goes to express any Christian concept. Our local laws had followed a vaguely Christian moral sense, but that’s quickly being subverted to paganism, such as enshrining abortion as a right, transgenderism, etc. Otherwise, our government is very secular, and because Christianity as a culture and moral force is disappearing fast, our government is increasingly disinterested in defending what it regards as outmoded Christian belief, morality and ethics, or world-view. Our government has no mandate to defend American secular public culture from Islam or any other competing non-Christian religion,

        The Christian progressive exile from culture is a spiritual problem that begins with us and how we “do” Christianity. Many Christians today, liberal or conservative, Protestant or Catholic, do not much remember, know much about, or much value Christian praxis (which defined Christian culture). Too many old Christian public and private practices were dropped for no good reason, except for disinterest or theological lack of understanding of their reason. Contemporary Christian art, architecture, music and literature lacks the quality and theological weight of past centuries that taught the Christian VISION of salvation to the world. Through its modes of worship and devotional praxis, Christianity was lived wholistically in public for all pagan nations to see, just like ancient Israel lived its faith in public for all pagan nations to see. It was a way of both missionizing and redeeming the world. One of those customs was public calls to prayer, the liturgical hours of prayer. As I said before, Christians dropped this venerable custom, leaving time itself unsanctified by prayers, leaving instead a spiritual vacuum. Islam (its prayer call was taken from ancient Christian practice) and other false religions and ideologies are stepping into the cultural vacuums we are leaving. Legal means to defend Christianity where Christianity continues to surrender or ignore its reason for being, culture and praxis will not ultimately promote or defend Christianity; it will only slightly delay its demise in the culture. We need to learn how to live like Christians again so that this nation will be under God again. Our ancestors knew how.


      4. Kayjae – “Secularization started centuries before John Dewey. He was just one of many advocates of a collection of secularist ideas developed over centuries…Regarding defending Christian liberty, you are applying secularist solutions to solve what is really a spiritual problem ..”

        Thank you for that information about secularization, Kayjae. I’m not a historian, so I am not familiar with how it has unfolded over the centuries, but I realize that everything has its roots.

        And I’m really glad that you brought up the point about this being “really a spiritual problem,” because that was an oversight on my part not to mention it in the first place. All of us who worship the one true God, whether we are born-again believers or angelic beings are servants of His. And just like the angels reflect His will, His glory, and His goodness in everything they say and do, so we are commanded to strive to do the same.

        We are to be salt and light in a decaying, dark world. So by applying what you call “secularist solutions” like advocating for the unborn, I am living out His command to “open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die,” which has the effect of not only possibly saving lives, but of giving glory to God in the sight of all the heavenly host as well as in the sight of Satan and all his demonic spirits.

        This really is a war not “against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places,” and “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” I believe the most powerful ones are prayer, fasting, and repentance.

        Real change begins within the human heart. That’s why Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you.” As believers, we can’t change an entire nation until each of us individually begins to cry out to Him and repent of our own sins, and only after that can we beseech Him on behalf of our entire country and repent as a nation.

        That’s why I believe these revivals springing up now and then are not having the desired effect of causing a wave of real change that would turn back the tide of evil in this country. There has to be a mass revival that consists of every one of us individually having a revival within our own hearts. This will give us the courage and boldness we need to stop this “Christian retreat” from the culture, speak out and take action. But until that happens, I believe this retreat will continue.

        We need leaders in the church to make a concerted effort to call for repentance on a massive scale from coast to coast, and unite the body of believers.

        But where are our leaders?


  5. If they get this I want Christmas music blasting five times a day from December 15 through January 5th.


  6. Leo – “The cultural transformation comes largely complements of liberal white Christian denominations.”

    Liberal white Christian denominations = apostate Church, our erstwhile brothers.

    “For it is not an enemy who reproaches me;
    Then I could bear it.
    Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me;
    Then I could hide from him.
    But it was you, a man my equal,
    My companion and my acquaintance.
    We took sweet counsel together,
    And walked to the house of God in the throng.” (Psalm 55:12-14)

    “Now brother will betray brother to death…” (Mark 13:12)


    1. Adding on to this – “Now brother will betray brother..”

      I found this excellent article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, “Revelation: $50 Million From Evangelical Organization Went to Hamas”:



    1. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the U.S. were brought here legally by our own government through the refugee program and other insane immigration programs.


    2. DAV & others: Other updated websites exposing stealth invasions ongoing: jihadwatch.org, centerforsecuritypolicy.org, gellerreport.com, etc Since there are so few adults opposing this invasion and open borders, absolutely nothing will get done. Church groups, the WCC, condone Muslim resettlements. There are so few able bodied patriots alive today since each generation has less and less patriots and young folks now are taught leftist indoctrination in gov. schools and universities. Prayer times in various cities cities can be 5am, 6am to 9pm, the early morn disrupts shift workers working late at nite and sleep till mid morning. We live near a hosp. hearing ambulances all hrs of the nite, this was not an issue when he was working shift work as we lived elsewhere before living in a retirement community. The call to prayer tho’ is satanic and annoying. We don’t have it in this city. EMT’s noise we can tolerate and used to it..


  7. Leo: This is no Suprise. FYI: We travel to Montana from Georgia once or twice a year. We will no longer make connecting flights via the Minneapolis airport due the culture and filth / uncleanliness —— it is FILTHY!!! Many years ago the airport was friendly & clean and easy to make connecting flights. Lee Norman

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  8. I don’t know, maybe genital mutilation is okay now. Isn’t that what they’re doing to our children? I remember when genital mutilation in African countries was condemned, but here in the US anything goes now.

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  9. See? This is exactly why I said what I said in that comment under the other article…. because I know that this is what it leads to… utter invasion and take over by the enemy. (See comment under article about the Orthodox in Ukraine.)


    1. That city and other cities with mosques seem to think the satanic call to prayer is “diversity” and a-ok.

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  10. This made me laugh. What time in morning would first one be? 6am? Wakes you up. Horrid evil noise. I recall that in Turkey. Bloody menace these imposters are. Stay in yer own country!

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  11. This story should be a huge wake-up call for anyone who believes in religious liberty in this country.

    Expect the Biden/Obama-ites and the mainstream media-ites to rise up in defense. And I’m sure that “some people did something” Ilhan Omar will say something.

    But the reason why I said this “should be” a wake-up call is because I have no illusions that some people would prefer to sleep.

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  12. Total noise pollution. Since when do people from other countries have more rights than Americans have. I have been in foreign cities where they do this, and it is very annoying and disturbing. However, they can do that in Muslim countries, but they do not have the right in the United States which was founded on Christian values and Traditions. Christians do not broadcast their message to any and all. Muslims in America have no more rights than anyone else. They chose to come here to take advantage of our hospitality and our freedom. This is more than annoying, it is insulting and very offensive. We Americans also have the constitutional rights to enjoy peace, quiet and property, /and WE have the right to be offended TOO! Nobody has more rights than anyone else. Muslims have no more rights than Christians. Homosexuals have no special rights over heterosexuals. This kind of thinking has gone way too far, and it is routinely done by totalitarian leftists to divide and distract. This is what it is all about.

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    1. Ed Charles -“Christians do not broadcast their message to any and all…Muslims have no more rights than Christians.”

      Maybe we shouldn’t be fussing about this after all.

      Because sometimes, those who have finally obtained the upper hand over others will allow a little leeway now and then.

      There is a hotly contested piece of religious real estate (about 36 acres) on the other side of the world, where for decades, one faith has restricted any expression of fervor by those of other persuasions.

      But, I just read an article that, as recently as last year, the latter have been thrown a small bone, provided their davening or “thank you Jesus” is discreet.


    2. Unfortunately you are totally wrong in your opinion. This country’s laws of equal religious rights have allowed this. Everyone has a right to express his opinion and religion. The problem in this is accepting those who practice a system of faith diametrically opposite of Christianity into your county who have absolutely no intent or interest in assimilating . Another reason for the vetting process for citizenship. Which has been completely dissolved. Whether you like it or not America is a conquered nation. The tragedy is Christians not jus the so called left have contributed to their own enslavement by COMPROMISE preached from the pulpit. What is it they say…Oh yes we must” COEXHIST” (using the symbols of each religion) . Well No, we were told by Jesus Christ NOT to be part of false worship AND the world. We were to be separate.
      So in the end disobeying our King and Redeemer we find ourselves in a very bad place.


    3. Ed: divide and conquere indeed, people focused on trivia this and that, not real issues. Most all protestant and Catholic churches apostate social centers, (members of the NCC/WCC) entertaining the congregants, not preaching Biblical sermons, not singing old hymns, seminaries watered down teaching. (do online several small churches out of my area w/ Biblical sermons) . Most people don’t care about this country or their future g’kids ongoing, who have no idea what is planned like agenda 2030, the WEF green agenda and over 80 percent lined up for covid bio weapon injections trusting TV news and hype from Fauci, local/state politicians, Trump and Biden ,etc. Politicians are sold out to globalism and patriots are few, voting won’t fix a thing. Ongoing no win wars for 78 years. I give it less than 18 mo. for UN troops controlling the streets and cg of gov. takes place.


    1. SZ: the 501c3 gov. controllers and leftist city gov. made rules for Catholic and protestant churches for no bell ringing in city limits, but ok for mosques to do their thing. Some conservative towns may allow it, country churches can.


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