NATO sending depleted uranium shells to Ukrainian military in major escalation

Scottish Baroness Annabel Goldie, a conservative deputy minister of defense in the government of the United Kingdom, has confirmed that the U.K. will be sending depleted uranium shells to the Ukrainian military for use against Russian forces.

In response to a parliamentary crossbench question from Lord Hylton on March 20, Goldie stated:

“Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armor-piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium. Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles.”

Depleted uranium is highly toxic to humans, leading to cancers, birth defects and other horrific outcomes. According to the journal Scientific American:

“Used as ammunition, it penetrates the thick steel encasing enemy tanks; used as armor, it protects troops against attack. And when it was used in the Gulf War and later during the Allied bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo, depleted uranium (DU) was hailed as the new silver bullet that would solve most of the military’s problems. After the end of Operation Allied Force, however, several Italian soldiers were diagnosed with leukemia. Politicians and the media soon forged a link between the disease and depleted uranium use. They further drew a parallel with Gulf War Syndrome, and in no time, depleted uranium became the Agent Orange of the Balkan conflict.”

This decision to send depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine did not go unnoticed by the Russians.

Vladimir Putin, while sitting next to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping during the two leaders’ summit Tuesday in Moscow, noted the statement by Goldie and said if this decision is acted upon, then Russia considers this the introduction of “nuclear material” into the conflict and “will be forced to react accordingly, bearing in mind that the collective West has already started to use weapons with a nuclear component.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova chimed in with the following statement:

“We consider the plans officially confirmed by the UK Department of Defense for the transfer of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine as a step fraught with a further escalation of the conflict. The British supply of weapons to Kiev, especially such sensitive species, leads to further destabilization of the situation and pushes the prospect of finding mutually acceptable interruptions. They are contrary to international law. The radioactivity, high toxicity and carcinogenicity of such weapons are well known. Among the consequences of using depleted uranium – the growth of oncological diseases among the population and the enormous environmental damage for the Ukrainian territory where it will be applied.

“The civilians of Serbia and Iraq, who still feel the impact of such actions, can tell about all of this. It is unlikely that the leadership of the UK itself, which was directly involved in these conflicts, forgot about it.”

Biden administration spokesman John Kirby dismissed the Russian concerns about depleted uranium as “a straw man” and, like the U.S. government has always done, he denied there are any negative health effects of depleted uranium. To do otherwise would be to admit that the U.S. poisoned thousands of its own troops in Iraq, as well as the Iraqi people.

A 2019 study documented the devastating impacts of depleted uranium on Iraqi children born with birth defects.

A U.S. soldier handles a depleted uranium armor-piercing shell in Iraq. Some U.S. tanks are even lined with depleted uranium in order to defend against armor-piercing shells. U.S. Department of Defense photo

The talks between Putin and Xi also prompted a swift rebuke from Washington.

Zero Hedge reports that the biggest takeaway from this meeting between the two “dear friends” was their pledging to shape a new world order and signing multiple pacts to that end on economic, technological, and strategic cooperation.

These were the words captured in a Reuters headline Wednesday: “China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin set their sights on shaping a new world order as the Chinese leader left Moscow, having made no direct support for Putin’s war in Ukraine during his two-day visit.”

To say there was “no direct support for Putin’s war in Ukraine” was disingenuous and presumptuous. We don’t know what was said behind closed doors.

The most important exchange between the two leaders may have come during the sendoff before Xi headed to the airport. This was clearly intended for Washington’s consumption and is the equivalent of Xi and Putin saying to Biden “chew on this.”

For the record Xi Jinping said: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together.”

Putin responded, “I agree.”

Make of it what you will, but the message seemed pretty clear. The U.S.-dominated post-World War II rules-based order is now on life support and there’s a new kid on the block ready to try out his wings. This world order, spanning 75 years, was based on the U.S. petrodollar being the world’s reserve currency, backed up by the strong U.S. economy and brute military might. Now, a fully matured, newly emboldened China-Russia alliance is rising up and pledging to do everything in their power to replace the U.S.-UK led Atlantic alliance as the biggest, toughest bully on the block. The days when the U.S. set the rules and the rest of the world followed are over — most Americans just haven’t been informed yet. And the likelihood of war coming to U.S. soil in the form of foreign troops is higher now than it’s ever been since the War of 1812.

Much of the fault for the U.S.’s demise, both economically and militarily, has to be laid at the feet of those who have been in control of the U.S. government for the last 60 years, but there is no doubt also a spiritual element to this transition to a new world order. America is a sinful society that has exported much filth and destruction to the nations in the form of abortion, pornography, humanistic values, etc., and it may just be that God has seen enough. He may use another wicked ruler to take us down.

If you look realistically at which entity has wielded the most control over the U.S. government since November 1963, there is no denying that it has been the CIA and related military-intelligence agencies.

Instead of focusing solely on national defense of the U.S. homeland and unbiased trade with all nations, the U.S. government operating under the influence of the empowered intel agencies chose to insert itself into the political and economic affairs of other countries, instigating revolutions and uprisings against leaders it didn’t like. When political and economic pressure didn’t work they often sent in troops, drones or manned aircraft to break that nation’s will and overthrow the government.

If the U.S. had been focused on national defense instead of international meddling, it would have taken a fraction of the cost and burden on taxpayers. Being the world’s policeman takes a lot more money than simply defending your home turf against foreign enemies.

As a result, there has been no country involved in as many wars and military operations against other nations as the U.S. over the past 75 years. America’s very identity in the world over this period has been wrapped up in its military prowess, making it many enemies.

The only question left to be settled now is how will the U.S. government respond to these new challenges to its global hegemony, where arguably the two most formidable militaries in the world have teamed up against it? It’s quickly running out of options to end the global uprising peacefully, but if there’s any possibility left of that happening, I think most of us would agree the U.S. ought to seize that opportunity and avoid a Third World War, which has the potential to be more deadly than the first two world wars combined.

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15 thoughts on “NATO sending depleted uranium shells to Ukrainian military in major escalation”

      1. Thanks Leo . This impassioned speech really touched my heart. I feel so sad right now for all those young men losing their lives.


  1. “Biden administration spokesman John Kirby dismissed the Russian concerns about depleted uranium as “a straw man”….the U.S. poisoned thousands of its own troops in Iraq, as well as the Iraqi people.”

    “Instead of focusing solely on national defense of the U.S. homeland and unbiased trade with all nations, the U.S. government operating under the influence of the empowered intel agencies chose to insert itself into the political and economic affairs of other countries, instigating revolutions and uprisings against leaders it didn’t like.”

    This article was a stunning revelation for me, because I had no idea that Washington had deployed depleted uranium in our military equipment during the Gulf War. I’d heard various explanations for the syndrome, including sarin, which was released during bombing of Iraqi chemical weapons storage and production facilities, and even one as esoteric as diet soda becoming harmful due to the desert sun breaking down aspartame into toxins.

    This business of the U.S. inserting itself “into the political and economic affairs of other countries, instigating revolutions and uprisings against leaders it didn’t like” is also on full display not only in the Ukranian war, but in the political protests taking place in Israel, supposedly against reform of the judiciary, because these are being funded by the Biden administration (as well as by other interests outside Israel).

    However, when the people of Iran tried to throw off the shackles of tyranny in their mass protests against the government for their brutal murder of Mahsa Amini, U.S. officials in this current administration merely offered tepid reprimands to Tehran. Couldn’t our intel, coupled with the vast financial resources of the U.S. government, have lent some muscle to the Iranian people’s efforts and sent that regime packing?

    It’s well known that Obama put a bulls-eye on Netanyahu’s back during his administration’s efforts to block the re-election of the prime minister. It’s also obvious that he did not have Israel’s best interests at heart as evidenced by those pallets of cash sent to the Ayatollahs and brokering the “deal” which, as it turned out, actually allowed Iran to secretly keep enriching uranium – an existential threat to Israel.

    If no. 44 and no. 46 are both players with the WEF, it also seems as if they are at least somewhat sympathetic to the regime in Tehran, whose strict, religious belief system finds the woke, liberal left values of the Western world absolutely repugnant and is therefore at odds with Davos and actually more aligned with Russia and China.

    It would appear, though, as if Klaus and his friends are not concerned with that or with letting someone continue to indulge in a personal vendetta to unseat one’s nemesis in Israel, provided they also continue to deliver on a campaign promise they had made to “fundamentally change” i.e., dethrone the U.S. as the global leader.


  2. I believe that the proxy war in Ukraine is designed to slowly disable Europe. So far there is an agreement which allows grain to be shipped out of Ukraine to Europe. But I believe that this latest development by the allies is an act of betrayal, designed to escalate tensions with the west and to give Russia the excuse to stop food exports for Europe from being shipped out of Ukraine.

    Christ has predicted famines before the end and I believe that much of those food shortages will be engineered by man.
    Jesus also said that there would be pestilences.
    As with the food shortages, I believe that much of the pestilences will have been engineered by man via the poison vaccines.

    “6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    8All these are the beginning of sorrows. ”
    (Mat. 24:6-8)

    This is just the beginning folks we need to strengthen ourselves for the future by righteous living before God.

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  3. Leo—you stated it all absolutely right (I’m afraid to say). I hope thousands read your latest article and wake up. I feel like we’re all on this airplane falling from the sky and we are doomed to ride it down. God have mercy.

    Russia and China are right to think that the UK’s (NATO) planned shipment of depleted uranium shells signal a huge escalation on our part toward nuclear war. People forget that the US was the first (and to date the only power) to use nukes on an enemy (Hiroshima/Nagasaki). Then later to use little nukes as depleted uranium on Serbia and Iraq. (I’ve seen pictures of the horrible birth defects and other sicknesses from that. It’s a war crime to use such weapons) Alex Christoferou of the Duran suggested today that since NATO is losing in Ukraine, they, in their desperation, will either put NATO boots on the grounds there or resort to “tactical nukes”. The depleted uranium, he suggested, shows an indication of our willingness to resort to tactical nukes, which the Russians, the Chinese see as leading to a full-out nuclear exchange.

    But our leadership seems incapable of grasping the import of the decision to send this kind of weapon to Ukraine. They seem incapable of rationality altogether—that’s what evil does. Makes one stupid and an agent of his own destruction. Problem is, our leadership will mindlessly (maybe deliberately and with malice?) take down all of western civilization in a puff of smoke. I wish the common man would understand what we all are about lose, and why we deserved the evil leaders we got. Our sins are that deep, but very many, being “woke”, don’t even have a conception of sin. To have that much would at least be a recognition of our fallen reality, but we have stuffed ourselves full of obscene illusions and lies of all kinds. And grew fat on them. That’s how pathetic we have become.

    God have mercy on us and save us before it’s too late. But the hour is very, very late.

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    1. @kayjae March 23, 2023 at 4:46 am

      “Problem is, our leadership will mindlessly (maybe deliberately and with malice?) take down all of western civilization”

      Hello Kayjae, I think this assessment is correct. I don’t think it will happen in a puff of smoke, but the politicians in the west are steadily dismantling the structures that once enabled western society to function.

      I believe that this is in preparation for the ‘great reset’.

      China and Russia already have an autocracy. But the western ideal of democracy is a hindrance to the NWO. and so western democracy must be destroyed.

      The best way to do this is to cut off the head of western society by corrupting it’s leadership so as to cause bad governance and the consequent mess which we see unfolding throughout western societies. The west is being destroyed from the inside.

      I believe that we are witnessing a war of ideals where eastern autocracy versus western democracy and Xi spoke with great confidence when he said
      “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together.”

      Was Xi referring to Hitler’s quest for his ideal of a world dictatorship which began 100 years ago on 30 January 1933, the date on which Hitler was made Chancellor in Germany.

      I think he was! in which case Xi’s conquest of the world has already begun.

      Earlier this month “Nearly 3,000 members of the National People’s Congress (NPC), voted unanimously in the Great Hall of the People for Mr Xi to be president in an election where there was no other candidate.”

      There was no other candidate and Xi has been voted in for another five years.

      So, those are just some of my opinions on what I think is unfolding.

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      1. The US has been at the forefront trampling Israel’s sovereignty using their phone peace 2 state final solution even pushing Satan’s agenda of a divided Jerusalem as a reward to the religion of terrorism follower’s of the false prophet.
        This evil agenda under the lie of peace spells America’s destruction.

        It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured.

        And in that day I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
        Zechariah 12

        Once God removes America from it’s bullying and meddling with Israel, those who looked to the worthless idol that has not won a war since WWII will seek God earnestly, desperately, with great, great seriousness.


      2. Anthony—When Xi Jinping spoke to Putin about to a major change in global relations from that which has ruled the globe for 100 years, he was very probably referring to the nationalist revolution in China in 1923 that was supported by the Soviet Union beginning in that year. Chinese history—eastern history—is what is important to them, not European (except in their reaction to European imperialism). Hitler becoming chancellor in 1933 (which was 90 years ago, not 100) is irrelevant.

        And I hope this all doesn’t come down to a shooting war between the West and the East, but our western elites act so irrationally, stupidly and with such little thought to consequences, anything is possible. They are using the pretext of war to cover their crimes at home.


      3. Hello Kayjae
        Thanks for the link. Yep! the nationalist revolution in China in 1923 is most likely what Xi was referring to.


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