My book ‘Stealth Invasion’ has just been banned by Amazon

I had been receiving emails over the last week or so asking me why my book, Stealth Invasion, is no longer available on Amazon.

I brushed them off at first, but the emails kept trickling in.

So this morning I picked up the phone and called the publisher, Post Hill Press, and left a message. Within a couple of hours the president of Post Hill called me back, very apologetically, and told me he had been meaning to call me but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. He said the strangest thing had happened. For the first time in the company’s 10 years of selling books on Amazon, it had two of its titles flagged and banned as “hate speech.”

One of those two books was mine. Amazon did not inform my publisher of the book banning nor did they give a reason, they just unilaterally banned it. No appeals process. No nothing. It was only after the publisher contacted them that they were given an explanation and then that explanation was passed on to me. That’s how Big Tech operates. They answer to no one. And if you don’t like it, tough. Welcome to 1984.

Stealth Invasion was a five-star reviewed book on Amazon with a total of 185 reviews. Of all those certified readers who took the time to review the book, there were only three who did not give it the highest rating of five stars, something that’s difficult to achieve.

When contacted and asked what was going on, here is what Amazon told my publisher about my book, Stealth Invasion.

Thanks for your continued patience while we looked into this further.

Our content Review team re-reviewed the title “Stealth Invasion” and determined that it includes content against our Content Guidelines. The primary purpose is to paint Muslim immigration to the US and Europe as treacherous, violent and as a weapon used by the Muslim Brotherhood to
change the US from inside.

For this reason, the team is upholding their decision.

Thank you,

Your feedback helps us improve our service.

Customer Service Specialist
Kindle Direct Publishing

My guess is that what happened is someone or some group with clout, and perhaps sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and its mission, contacted Amazon to complain about Stealth Invasion. Why else would Amazon ban a book they’ve had available on their site for six years, suddenly considering it in violation of their guidelines and pull it? If it was hate speech now why wasn’t it hate speech from 2017 through the end of 2022 and into early 2023?

The one-sentence descriptor Amazon gives for my book is actually quite accurate. Muslim immigration into the U.S. and Europe has become treacherous, it has resulted in violent attacks on Americans, and it is used as a weapon by the Muslim Brotherhood to change the U.S. from the inside. These three themes are all meticulously documented and footnoted in the book, all from open-source records like newspapers and websites and government documents that are available to everyone. For me to gather that data and present it in book form is now suddenly regarded as “hate speech.”

The one silver lining is that the book is still available at Barnes and Noble, and So if any of you still haven’t ordered a copy and want to find out what the technocrats at Amazon think is so dangerous for you to know, skip on over to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy while you still can. The research I present in this book is just as relevant today as when it was first published in 2017, and all of the trends explored in the book have only gotten worse since the advent of the Biden administration.

The great author and historian Robert Spencer wrote a very insightful article about this book banning.

Here’s some of what Spencer had to say:

“Hohmann’s book doesn’t advocate for any violence or vigilante action; it doesn’t call for or condone any illegality. But six years after its publication, Amazon has decided to refuse to sell it because it doesn’t conform to what the Left wants us to believe about Islam and immigration. The implications of this ban are obvious — and ominous.”

Spencer further observed:

“Amazon did not say that Stealth Invasion was packed with lies. It did not say that the book was inaccurate. It didn’t say it was advocating illegal activity. It didn’t even bother to offer any evidence that no Muslims who are treacherous and violent come to the United States and Europe, or to establish that the Muslim Brotherhood has no intention of changing the U.S. from within. In fact, the Brotherhood has the stated goal in America, according to a captured internal document, of ‘eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.’ What better way to do that than by favoring politicians who will allow the country to be inundated with unvetted migrants? Likewise, Amazon offered no reason why we shouldn’t be concerned that so many Muslims on terror watch lists are streaming across the border now.

“Nor did Amazon offer Hohmann or Post Hill any further opportunity to make their case or even establish that the book wasn’t doing anything but offering an entirely reasonable and readily justifiable analysis of what numerous people all across the political spectrum agree is a genuine problem. And that’s why their banning of Stealth Invasion is so dangerous. Amazon has just banned a book that calls for sane immigration controls, as opposed to the Biden regime’s border free-for-all. “

Thanks for all your support over the years, dear readers. I love you all and do not take a single one of you for granted who have read my book, read my articles, commented on and shared the articles, even donated to this site to support me in my full-time writing gig. I am beyond grateful. God bless. is 100 percent independent and reader-supported, not beholden to any corporate advertisers or sponsors. You can support me in my research and writing projects by offering a small contribution. My physical address is P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or you can donate via credit card below.


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45 thoughts on “My book ‘Stealth Invasion’ has just been banned by Amazon”

    1. Seems the WEF crowd have already taken this country (and others) down under their total rule. Friends realize this and said they have lost hope recently for their g’kids and other young folks who have a bleak future.

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      1. Maybe this is just before God fixes the broken world?
        I know that sounds stupid, but the wickedness has been festering for the longest time. Way before I was born. And I’m not young.
        Kiss the Son, lest He be angry.


  1. Hello Leo, here’s some extracts from an article I’ve just seen which you might find interesting:

    “Our government is preparing to monitor every word Americans say on the internet—the speech of journalists, politicians, religious organizations, advocacy groups, and even private citizens. Should those conversations conflict with the government’s viewpoint about what is in the best interests of our country and her citizens, that speech will be silenced.”

    “the DOD and other federal agencies are now paying for-profit public relations and communications firms to convert their technology into tools for the government to monitor speech on the internet.”

    Here’s a link for the entire article :

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    1. Not surprising. That people still think we live in a free country is astounding to me. They talk about Communist China and Russia as though they are some kind of special evil when our governments in the U.S. and U.K. and most of the rest of the formerly free world are now almost as bad. The only difference is one still proclaims to be “free” and “democratic.”

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      1. How can anyone possibly believe that after Lockdown? I get so frustrated with the well-meaning church leaders praising God in prayers “For letting us live in a free nation with all these wonderful liberties Thou hast blessed us with.”
        !!!???? What planet are those guys living on? Can willful naivete be a sin?

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    2. The Federalist is a great resource – thanks for the link, Anthony. I love many of the writers there. But this is nothing new to me. I’ve had no doubt that everything we say on our cellphones, landlines, and everything we write online is being monitored. Unfortunately, we have a government that is more concerned with going after innocent citizens who are merely its political enemies rather than going after diabolical enemies like the terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals pouring through our southern and northern borders.

      In addition to groups monitoring what WE express, I’ve also had concerns about groups using what THEY express to try to influence others or sway opinion, especially when it comes to trying to plant suggestions that would encourage violence or anti-semitism.

      While discretion should always govern passion, I’ve had to tamp down the volume level on my own anger when I make comments here so I won’t be too “outspoken.” Commenting on Christian forums like the one Leo provides is a cathartic way to express frustration, anger, and fear as well as connect with others. Paul tells us not to forsake the assembling of the saints, but there are many of us who don’t have local fellowships of other believers, so we watch Christian programming on TV and the internet and have meaningful dialogue with other believers online.

      I don’t know how much time any of us have left (only the Lord does), but I do feel it’s important to be salt and light while we can, express the truth of God’s Word and help others connect the dots between current events and how they fit into Bible prophecy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there, including Christians, who aren’t aware of just how closely the machinations of evil people exactly parallel what the Bible says will happen. So some might even be deceived into thinking that digital currency is a smart economic move, especially if the economy collapses and we need a solution.

      So Leo’s website with his articles that reveal the truth, as well as the comments by others provide a true service to others, and I’m hoping and praying that we will have the much-needed additional time to keep being salt and light to a world that is increasingly getting darker by the moment.

      Sorry to be so long-winded here, Anthony, but I just had to express what was on my heart!

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      1. I’ve quit trying to persuade so many. They enjoy wallowing their comfy cushy lives of denial. A lot have shown they’ll gladly bend the knee to the NWO while denying there’s anything weird or unholy going on.
        Traitors, cowards, fools and sell outs. It’s obvious why they are going along with Satan’s NWO. Most are the laptop class or work for Big pHarma or medical industries tied to that. “Good” money comes from working for those corrupt, despicable organizations. Churches love couples with MONEY. Who cares how the industry they work for made it? Got to be “woke” to kiss up to the Right People with all that wealth and power and prestige. Grrr.
        They made their choice. They are hopeless. Let them go where they go.
        I will no longer warn or correct any of them.


      2. I understand your frustration, Rachel, in trying to get people to admit or even comprehend the truth. Satan is a great deceiver. He was able to persuade one-third of the angels to follow him – beings who are vastly superior to humans in intellect and strength, so you can see how people are easy targets.

        But I do think it’s really great that you’re using your gifts of writing and keen analysis in offering your observations on Leo’s website. By doing that, you not only echo but help amplify his own revelation of truth and exposure of lies. So you both are being light and salt to a blind, perverse generation!

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      3. A lot of people disobeyed God’s Word by religiously observing lockdown and don’t even know it. They showed they don’t care about their neighbors who lost everything or died alone in nursing homes or from untreated cancer or suicide. They don’t continue to assemble if Caesar Nero says it will give them the flu. Caesar will save their physical lives. And the physical life is the only kind that matters–according to this mindset.


  2. Thank you for letting me know. I ordered your book today from Barnes and Noble.

    Praying God’s best for you and your family.

    Blessings, Evevon Power


  3. Leo, I’m sorry to hear about that, but not surprised, given the climate we live in now. Did order it through B&N.

    If enough of us complain to Amazon, do you think that will help or make any difference? For instance, I heard that Newsmax got restored to DirectTV, and I believe it’s because enough people spoke out.

    Also, I’ve started reading your earliest stories here and have really been enjoying them as well as these latest ones!


    1. Soros and the other WEF members fund them all. But the problem (for Big Tech) is they still need numbers of viewers and users to brainwash. I’m thinking of cancelling my Amazon account. At least for selling. Worth noting, they insist you hold a bank account with one of the Dirty Half Dozen that Catherine Austin Fitts warns against.


  4. I am Praying for You Leo Hohmann! ! Boycott Amazon Now!!

    Shalom Aleichem and Mazel Tov Everyone!! 💕

    I Love 💕 you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because 💕 HE LOVED EVERYONE FIRST 💕!! Praise Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday!!


    Love 💕 Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


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  5. Great book. Question: Are Organic food factories being destroyed more often than GMO ones? Since they are going after the food, maybe it would be good to know.


  6. On, my Google search shows Stealth Invasion with a stellar 4.8-star rating (out of 5) based on 183 reviews. But when I click the link, I get “SORRY, we couldn’t find that page.” Sorry? Jeff Bezos isn’t sorry, he’s an evil schmuck/censor/coward and should be sent to live in Saudi Arabia as punishment for his crimes. This is outrageous and disgusting.

    On, Stealth Invasion has a 4.31-star rating, which is an extremely high score for that website. One reviewer commented: “I wish a copy could be given to every member of Congress, it is an eye-opening work.” Another reviewer said the book is “Critical to our survival in America. Buy this book and study it.” etc. etc.

    The stench I’m getting is the fire from the book-burning in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”. Maybe the idiot Bezos will ban that classic too.

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  7. If I am doing it right (with my preschool computer skills), here is the text of the Email I just sent to my friends :

    Please be aware that Leo Hohmann’s excellent book, “Stealth Invasion” is NO LONGER available through Amazon. However, you can still go to Barnes & Noble. “Back in the days”…. “your Zelda’s” older brother, Marty (Manasha), would have kept & sold copies of the book —– even if he did NOT agree with the content. He was, what is now referred to as, a liberal Democrat = according to the OLD definition…… But, that is another story…

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  8. Eradicating the communist operating system will become a life and death struggle from here out. And telling the truth about the Islamic death cult is not allowed under the barbaric sharia law.

    Read what is happening in Europe with the Muslim invasion here:


  9. Leo, sounds like the same censorship treatment given to old testament prophets…you dont like the message, throw the messenger into the muddy cistern. But God is looking and seeing Leo. Praise the Lord we serve a mighty God

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  10. I know it is truth, I have been on the Jihad Watch website for years. Sorry this happened.

    Leo, the darkness is descending upon the globe. At the latest WEF meeting they said that ‘hate speech’ laws are coming to America. So many people think that it could never happen here, we have the Constitution by golly! They see it begin and the attitude changes to, ‘we will fight it, and we will win!’ Maybe the resistance works for a time. But sooner or later the tyranny closes in. They may call me a doom and gloomer, but it is closing in. The walls of it are closing in all around. We see it all over, in so many ways. Some hide their faces from it. But it’s still there. The beast is not going to go away. Am I saying just roll over and play dead? By all means no! But the beast system is here and ready to go. I watch these things on many fronts so I can navigate through life, and it spared me many headaches. I will resist it to my dying day. But I also know it will bring about my dying day, and bring it sooner rather than later.

    A lot of sites and channels warn to ‘be prepared!’ for this and for that. But you can only prep so much, and you can only be ready for WW3 so much, and so on. The best way to be ‘prepared’ is to come to terms with the fate of the world, the country, and our lives.

    So it was with every tyranny. All of a sudden it’s not okay, it goes ‘against the rules,’ it violates some new edict. New pogroms pop up. It doesn’t make sense, it never will make sense. If we expect it to, we must examine ourselves. How could it make sense? It is against human rights and everything good. Does that ever stop the tyrants? Of course not. Only this time it is global and there will be nowhere to escape to.

    It might be a dose full of doom and gloom, but it is a dose of reality that we need to come to terms with. The truth, any truth, is now ‘misinformation.’ The ‘truth speak’ department has spoken, it is final, no questions are allowed in a dictatorship. Their narrative is the only ‘truth’ that is allowed to be published.
    Have a nice day and the door is slammed in your face. It is the new normal. I know. I’m sorry. I am sorry for all the young people full of hopes and dreams. But we are that generation.

    Thank you for all you have done in the good fight Leo!
    Be blessed

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  11. ….’Big Thick’ Leo is perhaps a more apt assignation than ‘Big Tech’ …ultimately they are the arbiters of their own undoing…and that when it occurs shall be nothing short of spectacular!…then the truth shall be truly let loose…and its magnificent resonances shall everywhere abound!…

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  12. Thanks for this update on the commie left’s attack on free speech. I’ll be buying the book at Barnes & Noble – they include free shipping for the book. Keep up the good works. Very disappointed the Damnocrats have that much influence over Amazon and/or that Amazon simply chose to ban your book. Velkome to Amerika, Comrade …!

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    1. One of the few things that cheers me up is thinking about how much those who have applauded this totalitarian nightmare will suffer and die pretty soon. A just reward for their evil ways. They have no idea what horrors await them. And the vast majority have brought this on themselves by their veneration of evil people just because of riches and fame. We will also be murdered but they will not enjoy what awaits them. If they survive. The WEF doesn’t like their despicable sycophants who lined up for the clot shot and cursed us either. If they don’t die as guinea pigs, they’ll be dehumanized chattel in pods. After losing all their possessions. Choices have consequences after all.
      Heartless and brainless. They do literally anything a TV celebrity tells them to. Even betray family and friends. Cold.


      1. I know how you feel. Since Biden has been in the White House, my anger has often reached the boiling point.

        The continual, relentless attacks of this administration especially upon the most innocent and vulnerable – our unborn children and those little ones being indoctrinated in the schools by policies of perversion that groom them to be prey – can lead me to absolutely hate these demonically driven tyrants.

        That’s why I struggle so much with our Lord’s command to “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.” I would much rather beat up my enemies first, THEN pray for them (for salvation only – not blessing). Or not even pray for their salvation at all.

        And every time I read the Book of Jonah, I am still solidly with that prophet even though he disobeyed God initially by not preaching repentance to the Ninevites. It’s totally understandable that he would not want a group of people who had brutalized his own to escape judgment.

        But I’m stuck with that commandment. Honestly, I still don’t “pray” for my enemies. It’s not at the top of my list. So I may get a little scolding at the Bema Seat of Christ and even smell some hay, wood, and stubble burning behind me as I’m standing there facing Jesus.

        It’s hard for me to believe that God actually loves these people. It’s even hard for me to grasp what is the “width and length and depth and height” of His love for me. That kind of love is almost humanly impossible to fathom.

        But what little I know of that love leads me to realize that, even though I relish the idea of the just punishment of those who are so hateful, twisted, and cruel, the loss of even these types of people who He wanted to love for eternity must always cause great anguish and sorrow in the heart of our God.

        Frankly, I don’t think any of us will be able to bear to see the grief on His face when people who’ve rejected the salvation He’s offered them are sent into the lake of fire for eternity at His great white throne judgment.

        It’s only thinking about that which motivates me to leave Gospel tracts in public places now and then. Plus, try to channel my anger through comments I write on this forum in the hope that those, along with yours, Leo’s, and others will help some readers to wake up. But as I said, I still don’t pray for those in power.

        So, I just wanted to share with you, Rachel, that I am going through the same feelings and sometimes they even leave me feeling depressed and robbed of my joy.

        If anyone here is struggling with what I obviously am, and has some helpful suggestions or most of all, scriptures, with how to deal with this, I would appreciate hearing them!

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  13. Outrageous of course, but not shocked.

    I will tweet about it – hopefully you’ll pick up some sales.

    I’m glad I bought all the copies I did.


    div dir=”ltr”>Every sing

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  14. Wow, Leo!! it just shows what a threat your book is because it’s the absolute truth and it was so exceedingly well documented! I’m so sorry as I know this may hurt financially. This most certainly is not the United States of America anymore.

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  15. Two things I advise every Indie journalist to look into. A small printing press that can be run manually (you can assemble one for under $300) and a ham radio. If the license is too much, look for an old CB radio.


    1. You’d better learn more about what’s happening in the spiritual world. Now that the Fourth Horse disaster has begun, there will soon be an economic crisis, World War III, plague, and zombies around the world.


    2. The upcoming crisis will definitely exceed the range that you can bear, and if you do not unite with the Lord Jesus in your soul, you will basically not be able to cope with this crisis.

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