U.S. proxy war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s freedom and everything to do with regime change in Moscow

Washington is nearing the point of no return in its drive to create a globalized net-zero, carbon-free slave state

I am going to start off by saying, I’m not at all interested in what happens with the drama surrounding Donald Trump.

Trump was built for this. He seems to thrive on it. But don’t take the bait.

Instead of being drawn into this distraction, I am laser focused on what matters: Preparing for the collapsing U.S. banking system, the collapsing U.S. dollar, the continued march toward World War III and the coming persecution of all those who refuse to join the globalists’ technetronic beast system built on digital currency and digital IDs.

War sometimes makes strange bedfellows.

I recently found myself in the awkward position of agreeing with a University of Chicago professor. It’s not often I agree with a University of Chicago professor, nor would he agree with much that I have to say.

I don’t know anything about his background, but if Professor John Mearsheimer read my recent Substack posts about the U.S.-Russia proxy war in Ukraine, he would likely find more than a little common ground.

Listen to what Mearsheimer says in the below video:

Mearsheimer is spot on in his analysis. I would only add one caveat. Ukraine will not be the only loser in this war. The United States of America will also have its comeuppance. Everyone around the world will finally see that the emperor has no clothes. That the entity in Washington people refer to as the federal government had no problem sacrificing an entire nation, Ukraine, all for its self-centered scheme of trying to deal a black eye to an old foe, Russia.

There are two rules of warfare: All wars are fought over resources. And all wars begin as economic wars before they escalate into shooting wars.

The war between Russia/China and the U.S./NATO is nearing the point where it will shift from economic to kinetic.

What is the goal of Western globalists in trying to take down Russia? It’s becoming more clear by the day that their goal is not to protect Ukraine from the Russian boogieman because if that was really their concern, there were ways to accomplish that diplomatically that were never even tried.

But what did they do? They flooded Ukraine with weapons, they waged the most intense form of economic warfare on Russia that the world has ever seen, they have declared Putin a war criminal, and when all of this backfires they will ultimately have to put American lives on the line if they really want to defeat Putin. Ukrainians are excellent fighters but they simply do not have enough manpower to sustain a continued artillery war with Russia.

For an update on the proxy war, Col. Douglas MacGregor breaks it down in easy to understand terms below. It’s the best 20 minutes of time you will invest all week by listening to him.

The U.S. goal is regime change in Russia and has been from the start. That will end in utter failure unless the U.S. plunges all the way into this war which, as the professor says, is most likely not going to happen although I wouldn’t rule it out.

Here is my theory as to why the U.S. and the West picked up that stick, as described by Professor Mearsheimer, and “poked the bear in the eye.”

The regime in Washington thought it could bring down Putin by waging economic war against his country with the most severe sanctions ever levied against a nation in history. They thought they could cut off Putin’s revenues by applying crippling sanctions and sabotaging his Nord Stream natural-gas pipeline into Europe. At the same time, they found a hireling in Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, who willingly offered up his people like sheep to a slaughter by taking on the formidable Russian military.

But now both of those strategies are failing.

The Russia economy contracted less than 3 percent in 2022 and is forecast to actually grow a little in 2023. The sanctions have not only failed but failed miserably, to the point of backfiring. Now it’s the U.S. economy that’s teetering on collapse, with mounting bank failures threatening to unleash a crap storm of economic misery. There’s no way the American government can continue to throw money at Ukraine while putting up hundreds of billions as a backstop to failing banks. Something has to give.

The U.S. has $32 trillion in debt, which has surpassed 100 percent of its gross domestic product and is forecast to reach as high as 120 percent of GDP next year, something no nation can survive.

Russia’s debt to GDP ratio is a paltry 16 percent, according to the IMF, plus it has China as an economic backstop.

With such low debt, Russia was able to not only weather the initial storm of the Western sanctions, but to then actually turn the tables and use the sanctions to its advantage through skillful diplomacy with China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others. They now sell enough oil and gas to China and India to make up for what’s not being sold to Europe.

In the meantime, Russia’s factories have gone to a fulltime war footing and are running wide open making weapons and munitions, while the West is struggling to keep Ukraine supplied with weapons and munitions. We simply don’t have the industrial capacity anymore, since we outsourced that capacity years ago to Mexico, China and the Far East.

So the U.S.’s attempt at economic war against Russia is shaping up to be an epic fail.

As that becomes increasingly obvious to even the dodo brains in Washington, they will find themselves at a crossroads with a set of choices, both of which are fraught with risks.

Option number one: Give Putin what he wanted all along, which is control over the Russian-speaking portions of eastern Ukraine and a guarantee that Ukraine will not be armed by the West nor encouraged to join the Western alliance, NATO. The risk here is that the U.S. looks weak and more of its allies peel off and join the BRICS nations, the petro dollar collapses and the U.S. becomes a second-rate power.

Option number two: Go all in to defeat Putin militarily in Ukraine by doing whatever it takes, up to and including the insertion of U.S. troops and air power. This will almost certainly lead to China exploiting the U.S. inability to fight a two-front war by invading Taiwan, while Iran may do the same and attack Israel. Nuclear war is the ultimate risk in this option.

Either choice is likely to leave the U.S. exposed as economically and militarily much weaker than most nations thought possible.

The U.S. has already lost the confidence of many formerly friendly nations and if it shows weakness against Putin, the rest of them may be tempted to bail. Even NATO itself could burst apart at the seams.

So, they may do the unthinkable and actually put U.S. boots on the ground, or at least offer air cover to the Ukrainians with U.S. warplanes.

This all leads to the trillion dollar question: Why is the U.S. and NATO so intent on driving Putin to his demise?

Remember our first rule of warfare – that all wars are fought over resources – and I think you have your answer.

Western globalists envision a technocratic one-world system where everyone is monitored and scored on their carbon footprint, their use of resources.

In order to do that, they must remove from the market all sources of reliable, cheap energy, which boils down to coal, oil and gas.

Since taking over Russia from the feckless Boris Yeltsin, Mr. Putin has embarked on a rebuilding effort aimed at restoring Russian dominance over its immediate neighborhood but the U.S. grudge with Putin is even bigger than that.

The U.S. and European powers have committed to a global plan that requires all nations to transition from oil/coal/gas as the foundation of their economies to a so-called “net zero” economy where no nation is allowed to thrive on cheap fossil fuels, other than of course China, to which they’ve outsourced our industrial base. In order to be successful, the misery must be spread around the globe. Why do you think U.S. relations have also soured with Saudi Arabia? It’s because the Saudis, like Putin, still want to sell their only real resource, oil, at a price of their choosing.

Putin wants to continue selling cheap oil and gas to Europe and China. That’s a direct threat to Western hegemony and the petro dollar, because how does the U.S. and its allies compete with cheap oil and gas when they’re relying on more expensive and less reliable wind and solar? If that’s allowed the petro dollar goes caput.

In short, the globalists’ Great Reset and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals can’t be fully implemented as long as Putin is out there selling Russia’s vast natural resources to whomever Putin wishes at whatever prices Putin wants to charge.

So keep your eyes off the drama queen Trump, who will continue to be a domestic lightning rod for the dividing and conquering of America, and a convenient source of distraction that the globalists use to keep us passive and ignorant as to what is really going on. They could have lodged these silly charges against Trump at any time, but ask yourself, why did they wait till now?

Stay focused instead on Washington’s next chess move to counter Putin’s so-far successful strategy to put a fly in the ointment of the New World Order sustainable development scam, which if successful will result in you owning nothing and learning to like it. You will be forced to make your next car an electric vehicle that you will be “allowed” to charge only at certain times determined by the technocrats who control the increasingly limited power grid, which they envision being powered less and less by cheap, reliable “fossil fuels” and more by expensive, unreliable wind and solar.

Even with the current amount of fossil fuels, there is not enough capacity to power everyone’s electric cars. Imagine if all the gas cars were to be phased out over the next 10 years like the globalists want, and your only choice was an electric car that you can only plug in a limited number of times per month. You lose your freedom of movement. The same thing goes with their plan to phase out gas stoves and appliances. Everyone will be dependent on the increasingly weakened electric grid. Most of us would be relegated to a 19th century lifestyle in the country, or forced into stack-and-pack 15-minute cities where we can catch the subway and walk or ride a bike to everything we need, with the government’s watchful eye on us 24/7.

This is what’s at stake. I’m not saying Putin is some paragon of Christian virtue. He is not. What I am saying is, this war is being fought over the future of global economics. When the dust settles, those economics will reach down and touch every one of us and determine our lifestyle. And it’s through economics that the globalists intend to make us their slaves. That’s why David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger initially referred to their new world order as a “new international economic order,” because they knew that economics drives politics, not the other way around.

Keep preparing – mentally, physically and spiritually. God is watching. He will expose all the lies in due time.

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33 thoughts on “U.S. proxy war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s freedom and everything to do with regime change in Moscow”

  1. This is another great analysis by Leo and it vividly exposes the true history of the West’s interactions with Russia, which led to the war in Ukraine. Poking the bear is always sure to backfire.

    A recent Newsmax article (“US Military Warning of Russian Nuke Subs Off Coasts”) quotes U.S. Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, leader of the Northern Command and NORAD:

    “They just moved subs, their first [Severodvinsk submarine] into the Pacific,” VanHerck warned last October. “Another is out in the Mediterranean right now, and another that’s out on its way into the Atlantic. That will be a persistent, proximate threat capable of carrying a significant number of land-attack cruise missiles that can threaten our homeland.”

    In addition to the recent destruction of an American drone by two Russian fighter jets over the Black Sea, Russia has violated a four-year-old agreement with the U.S. by flying fighter planes over a U.S. base in Syria almost daily this month. Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich, commander of air operations there said in an interview with NBC News:

    “They’re regularly flying directly overhead of our units, and I’ve defined directly overhead as within about a mile, no more than a mile offset one side or the other, while we’ve got forces right there on the ground at ATG…So, it’s an uncomfortable situation.”

    As Leo makes clear in this story as well as his recent other articles, neither Russia nor ally China are onboard with the Western (Davos) vision of world government.

    Last year’s announcement by Putin and Xi of their mutual conception for governance, which would include “transformation of the global governance architecture and world order,” was bolstered by the meeting between the two this week.

    A Washington Examiner article from February 2022 (“China and Russia Plan for New World Order”) includes this insightful quote from Stefanie Babst, former NATO chief strategic policy analyst:

    “What they propose or rather suggest is a new world order, isn’t it? They have not left out a single policy issue…The prime addressee sits in the White House, with the main message being, ‘F*** you. We are the future, and you are the past.'”

    But there are others in this Sino-Russian coalition. Wherever mothership China goes, little ship North Korea is sure to follow. And Iran has been supplying drones and other weapons and ammunition to Russia for the Ukraine war. Moreover, Iran, Russia, and Turkey have recently formed their own alliance.

    Iran has always been upfront about their intentions against Israel, but one expert is saying they may also have their sights set on others, as well:



  2. ‘Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together,’ Xi told Putin via his interpreter – words sure to set alarm bells ringing in the West.

    ‘Please, take care, dear friend,’ he added, gripping Putin’s hand warmly before being waved off by the Russian despot, who bid Xi a ‘safe journey’.

    This is an extract from a news article I read this morning which shows a very warm exchange between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin as the Chinese president ended his visit to Russia.

    So, change is coming and it will be dictated by China and Russia. The western economies are being crippled by the war in Ukraine, mass immigration, and the collapse of principles which any society must have to function properly.

    Also the health, housing and financial infrastructures are collapsing. The most lethal of the Covid vaccines was rolled out in the west thanks to our dear friend Donald Trump who bankrolled the Pfizer vaccine.

    There can be economic reasons for starting a war but wars have been fought to advance an ideology. The crusades and the Roman Catholic inquisition would be examples.

    Right now the ideology which has served the west well is in tatters.

    I think that we are headed into a war based primarily on ideology. The current destruction of the western economies and ideologies is a means to an end.

    I believe that China and Russia will advance communism as a part of the ‘global reset’ ideology, which in turn may serve the man of sin and a world government followed by a ‘new age’ where there will be an upsurge of demonic activity.

    I believe that political leaders such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are all ‘globalist’ puppets being used to usher in the ‘global reset’ although they may not even be aware of the ‘new age’ which is the devil’s agenda.

    I believe that this generation will see the revealing of the man of sin.
    If so, then we must be careful to see current events in the context of the the greater narrative.

    Just some of my opinions for what they are worth.


  3. The War in the Ukraine has been nothing but one Huge….money laundering scheme. The Gay Blade Actor joke of a President Zelensky comes over here and gives a lame brain speech and Washington sends him home with Billions….


  4. Remember when Victoria Newland, (US State Dept under President OSHITSTAIN) spilled the beans on open mic that the US State Dept, in concert with NAZl $0R0S, spent $5 billion to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine, and tried to install a REAL NAZl government on Russia’s border. (Remember, 20 million Russians died in WW2 at the hands of REAL NAZl’s) They all got the honeypot gas deals for their role in $0R0S’s madness. Then the SAME people blame Russia for “Russian aggression” in protecting their people in Crimea… Now Russia is certainly no angel, but the OSHITSTAIN state department was 100% in the wrong there, and set US / Russian relations back 50 years with that stunt; thereby, GREATLY diminishing the national security of the United States of America. The OSHITSTAIN administration is administration in its entirety should be Tried for treason and Conspiracy to commit Treason for its actions in Ukriane. Now do you WONDER why they are fighting against PRESIDENT TRUMP so much? Perhaps because PRESIDENT TRUMP is exposing this treason racket in the wide open so everyone can see. Oh, and haters, don’t bother trying to argue my points, they are FACTS… FACTS available to anyone who dares do the research, and I will not entertain any conspiracy theories to the contrary.


    1. FACTS. Trump is a globalist too.
      Watch him here with Klaus Schwab. The guy is as an imposter. They’re in THE club and we’re not part of it. America is gone. Trump is playing his part to try to cause the civil unrest that the globalists want to happen. They’re stoking it.

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    2. Remember the chants “Lock her up, Drain the Swamp”
      It was all a scam, Not 1 lawless creep in the Obama led coup against Trump faced justice.
      Ask yourself ; Why did ‘smart Trump’ hire Jammy the weasel Comey’s twin Christopher Wray to head FBI and Bill the buzzard Barr to halt any accountability and arrests of the RICO Obama criminals who promised to change America.
      “We would have healed America Babylon but she is not healed” Jeremiah 51

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  5. WAR makes me physically sick! I cannot fathom the purpose of war except how the Bible explains it that Satan controls the government’s through the evil hearts of men. The numbers are human beings! I just have no words…all my life we have been at war with someone. I am weary of it. MARANATHA MARANATHA !!!

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  6. It’s all about weakening and destroying the USA. Kissinger and others made it clear that they cannot have their global dictatorship as long as a powerful USA maintains a constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms.

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  7. A few years ago, our small group was visited by the head of civilian security in the United States, who told us that they had noticed our free energy project and wished us all success. We had already created test models, including a 6 kilowatt unit, which would supply free energy to anyone in the world. We also were offered up to $750 million to continue our pursuit to release free energy to the common man. Unfortunately the CTO lost his head, tried to go all out with a 150 kilowatt unit for apartment complexes but was unable to do the final resonance tuning and he used up the $1.5 million investment monies.

    Why am I sharing this? Because several inventors have already tapped into the fact that free energy exists and we don’t need to be bound by carbon credits, or the electrical grid and they did create working units. We created 4.

    It boils down to a control issue, and it has been so disgusting to see certain elements exploit humanity and continue to dish out false information ad infinitum.
    When historians write about the latter half of the 20th century and the first half of the 21st, they will note the extremely selfish leaders (such as WEF) who caused incredible harm to all mankind.

    Selfishness hurts everyone. I am hoping that we might have truly loving leaders.


    1. These leaders have always been of their Father The Devil and of their Father they will do. The Almighty has turned them over for this.


  8. Leo, I will send this out after I watch the 20 minute video. But I have a question or rather more in the form of thoughts but kind of a question… I’m still curious: if the whole thing is about western hegemony underneath the WEF and that’s why they got to get rid of Putin, and if they really cared about green energy, why the heck aren’t they going after China with the same full force?

    My answer: Because Russia is a great tool in the global predators hands to wipe out America and they will use both Russia and China if they need to. This whole thing was a game. I think Putin is in on it with the WEF, they made a deal and his country is doing great!! Additionally Russia and China are going to help each other, enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the only ones suffering through this are —yes Ukraine was sacrificed— AND America (and Europe) is being bled dry of weapons, money, food, energy, water supply, and standing in the world… everything… the global predators have succeeded with their minions in the WH , and Europe, over several several years. This was the ultimate goal, the prize : wipe out western civilization, the western countries that could’ve resisted the predators, with Russia and China as their tools… later they’ll have issues subjecting them (and the Muslim world )—well the beast will —but he’s going to take out three of the 10 regional dictators/kings.

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  9. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AsSiI7CK89oF/

    So true your article Leo! This link if you will allow, clearly summarizes some of the Globalists agenda the world is running headlong into. WW3 is quite likely and will only be limited such as to achieve their purposes. Our voice is but a warning to any which will listen.
    Our God will speak loudly upon return and put an end to the nonsense and debauchery forthcoming!

    Continued Thanks for your work 😃

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  10. Good article Leo. I believe every word. Seems to me that we have players in Washington, DC and in the states that desires the destruction of the US. And are working towards those ends. No doubt here that the traitors in the states and in DC will use the misery and suffering of the people as justification to gain more authority and control over our lives. And if destroying the country and the economy will make that happen. Our godless leaders don’t care. They will more likely be flocking to their stock-piled underground bunkers while the masses fight amongst each other and fend for themselves if it comes to that.

    Some of us have heard about the plan to place UN “peace-keeping” troops on American soil to quell civil unrest as the US collapses into anarchy. May the blessings and the wisdom of of God, and the wisdom of people such as Professor Meirshiemer prevail over the world in these dark and perilous times.

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    1. Those blue-helmet bastards are already HERE in the U.S. my friends. Guys seriously We are in EXTREME PERIL!!! Why do you think they want to take our guns so, so badly?

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      1. I had heard the blue boys were already in the US years ago waiting for their activation orders. I’m sure all of the US traitors in gov’t will be safely tucked away somewhere should their evil plans for US citizens come to pass.

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  11. Spot on, Leo. You covered nearly all the bases very well.

    Now add to this the coming “derivatives” market collapse that the media is mum about. Our top banks hold trillions of dollar worth of these gambling chips and if this market collapses—that will take out the banking system and bankrupt everyone on the planet. (So are these banks truly “too big to fail”??) https://www.unz.com/article/the-looming-quadrillion-dollar-derivatives-tsunami/

    The global banking industry has been terribly corrupted by central banks and their political servants. Our Federal Reserve has steadily looted the dollar of its value with fiat currency since 1913. It was supposed to guard against bank collapses such as what occurred in 1907, but it didn’t avert the Great Depression or any of the other major bank collapses since. It just kicks the can down the road. In addition many of the protective Depression-era legislation, such as the important Glass-Steagal Act that separated commercial banking from speculative investment banking, is now gone through all the waves of de-regulation.. But really how can anyone expect the banksters, with the help of their syncophant politicos, to honestly regulate themselves??? Why have we gotten convinced that our banking system, our fiat currency (based on no commodity of worth), and our constant inflation is something normal?? Economist Michael Hudson explains the damage our financial system does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvm9qrXhqf8

    And could it be that some banks have been laundering money for cartel criminal activities? (which is one way for banks to get liquidity). This happened back in the 1980s with the BCCI collapse (the Bush family had some ties with that…). What is going on now and what does this add to the growing financial debacle?? https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/03/no_author/silicon-valley-bank-trump-the-cartel-drug-money-bank/

    Our fiat banking system has been used to finance our many wars and color revolutions through the decades. It has weaponized itself against 3rd world countries through the IMF (which looted many countries, like Argentina, unwise enough to get loans through them). The many sanctions our banking system has applied to 3rd world nations who refuse to comply with the NWO, often confiscated their deposits with US banks and other assets is simply theft, not “sanctions”. The rest of the world has seen how this was applied to them and now to a major power like Russia, but Russia has shown itself to be relatively impervious to our “sanctions”. So this encourages the Global South who have suffered under US/UK/EU financial tyranny. That Saudi Arabia has turned toward the BRICS was a HUGE rebellion against western domination. We went to war with Saddam Hussein for daring to sell his oil in a “basket of currencies” rather than the petrodollar. Even Saudi Arabia back then quietly expressed some interest in this basket of currencies to sell their oil, but did not dare try. That was then, it’s a whole new day now and the dollar will soon lose its global reserve status. All that debt we exported around the world will come home to roost among us.

    This growing conflict and progressive defeat of Western domination is really a deepening of the twilight of Western imperialism of former days. History takes a long time to unwind major trends, so we are in the last days of a long era. The old colonial imperialism of UK/Europe collapsed after WWI and particularly after WWII, with the many independence movement that were spawned from those times. The US inherited much of the UK and French imperial colonies and the wars associated with them (like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan), but that has mostly run its militarily disastrous courses, but glutted its financial imperialism. Now that too is unraveling with the Russian-Ukrainian war provoked by the West, but in the West we have the WORST leadership in history guiding us through this growing debacle. https://rumble.com/v2dnauj-new-atlas-live-banking-crisis-dedollarization-and-us-wars.html

    So hang on for the ride. We live in “interesting times”.

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  12. 22There’s the sound of war in the land and enormous devastation. 23How the hammer of the whole earth has been broken and shattered into pieces! How Babylon has become a wasteland among the nations! 24You set a trap for others, Babylon, but you yourself were caught in it unaware; you have been found and captured because you have defied the LORD.”
    Jeremiah 50:22;24

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  13. yes; the intentional socialistist ploy …to distract…from what really is going down as our are wide open yet cannot clearly see

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    1. You are absolutely right, but it’s not just about economics, it’s also about culture. The West’s elites detest Russian Orthodox Christian traditional culture and Chinese Confucian ‘mandate of heaven’ traditional culture. Not only do they detest it, they know that a woke West culture cannot possibly compete with it, even if they dropped Agenda 2030. So they would have to give up on their brave new world entirely. On top of all that, the West’s elites know that a key part of their population fully understands that COVID was a planned attack on the masses.

      They have a way out because they have such strong domestic control, but it would require them to surrender a 100-year old cherished plan for the world.


  14. I think it is a mistake to believe that Putin is opposed to the New World Order. I reckon that the war in Ukraine is a NWO tactic designed to expedite the roll out of the ‘global reset’.

    Both Putin and Zelensky have been trained by Klaus Schwab to be global leaders and I believe that they are both playing to the same script.

    The scandemic has shown how we are in a time when world leaders are working together in obedience to the NWO agenda.

    I believe that the Ukraine war has been designed to drain the resources of the west and that it will absorb western munitions and finances whilst flooding Europe with refugees.

    I don’t see a nuclear war happening because I don’t believe that the super nations are out to destroy each other. Instead, they are out to destroy democracy and liberty which is why the west is going to endure increasing upheaval in the future.

    So, these are just some of my opinions for what they are worth

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    1. I agree with much of what you say, including the fact that nuclear war is the last option they want to pick up. But I do not buy the part about Putin being a stooge of the WEF just because he graduated from the Young Leaders program 20 years ago. A lot has changed in the geopolitical dynamic over those 20 years. I’ve heard this same argument about Putin a stooge of Schwab’s till I’m blue in the face from those on the right. It bears no resemblance to current reality but it does play right into the hands of the neocon warmongers.


      1. The best way to understand geopolitics is through the lens of the dugin decarvalho debate. The evil enemy is the three legged stool of western plutocrats, sinosoviet (styling themselves “Eurasia”), and Islam.

        Remember, Putin is former? Kgb and they pulled this “sinosoviet split” thing before. Why you trust Russia when it is so in bed with China is anybody’s guess. That’s how we got detente in the seventies with Nixon pingpong bringing us detente and (our own) factory destruction. Then we had the faked death of communism (read Golitsyn) with (second most) prolife president ever (Reagan) fake clobbering Gorbachev.

        Communism did not die, it is allied with the western mercantilists and Islam in a bid to totalize. We are watching Kabuki theater with these false rivalries.

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      2. I don’t trust any of them. They are all evil, but evil with the most existential ability to harm us is that evil which currently is in control of our own government in Washington.

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      3. If Russia is in “bed” with China now, thank our leadership for pushing Russia there with the idiotic sanctions. Putin originally wanted Russia much more allied with the West, even applied for NATO membership (which was brusquely refused). What can a Russian leader think when he hears a steady cacophony for the last 30 years from US leadership that the US intends to take apart Russia??


      4. See my comment above about the three legged stool cited in the dugin de carvalho debate.

        Remember, Putin is former? Kgb and they pulled this “sinosoviet split” thing before. Why you trust Russia when it is so in bed with China is anybody’s guess. That’s how we got detente in the seventies with Nixon pingpong bringing us detente and (our own) factory destruction. Then we had the faked death of communism (read Golitsyn) with (second most) prolife president ever (Reagan) fake clobbering Gorbachev.

        Communism did not die, it is allied with the western mercantilists and Islam in a bid to totalize. We are watching Kabuki theater with these false rivalries.


      5. Hello Leo my gut instinct tells me that Schwab and his globalist leaders have joined a club which they can never leave.


      6. Spot on. Leo. Putin is first of all, a Russian, and Russia (not the Soviet Union) is what he is defending.


    2. “I don’t see a nuclear war happening because I don’t believe that the super nations are out to destroy each other.”

      You forget the inherent evil nature of those who created these weapons. They made them to use them and just as the first Sodom & Gomorrah’s utter destruction happened, we in abomination america have arrived to our end.
      God will use His right judgment on the USA to get everyone’s attention.

      Ping Pong Diplomacy 1971 Prez Nixon R- and every US prez after him.
      THE stupid, suicidal, corrupt, evil empire that ditched the God who made us GREAT and helped to make China what it is today, our destroyer !


  15. This article makes more sense than everything else in the “Soap Opera” news (including most conservative sources) combined…. Who remembers an old Soap Opera : “As the World Turns….. ” ? The Holy Bible tells us what to expect and how to live….. Therefore, we should NOT FEAR.

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    1. makes nations great, and destroys them;
      he enlarges nations, and disperses them.
      24 He deprives the leaders of the earth of their reason;
      he makes them wander in a trackless waste.
      25 They grope in darkness with no light;
      he makes them stagger like drunkards.
      From Job12

      The whole chapter was an eye opener for me, and those headed off the cliff are willingly blind to.
      Politics are a dead end, a worthless idol.

      Sodom & Gomorrah USA- It’s days are numbered.

      Flee from Babylon!

      Run for your lives!
      Do not be destroyed because of her sins.
      It is time for the Lord’s vengeance;
      he will repay her what she deserves.
      7 Babylon was a gold cup in the Lord’s hand;
      she made the whole earth drunk.
      The nations drank her wine;
      therefore they have now gone mad.
      8 Babylon will suddenly fall and be broken.
      Wail over her!
      Get balm for her pain;
      perhaps she can be healed.
      9 “‘We would have healed Babylon,
      but she cannot be healed;
      JEREMIAH 51


      False hope, delusion Trump failed to heal the evil empire.The handwriting is on the wall.

      Those who trust in man and ignore God are cursed – Jeremiah 17:5



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