Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies, Part 2: Beware of false messiahs offering false solutions

If 2022 was the year many people woke up and took notice of the problems we are facing, the enemies we are up against and just how pervasive they are, then 2023 will be the year those people start to look for answers. In some cases, demand answers.

That’s a very dangerous position in which to find ourselves.

Waking up and seeing reality for what it is, that’s a good thing.

But if we then turn to the wrong person or entity to fight our battles, haven’t we still been deceived?

The last time we did this, the so-called “white hats” failed to deliver and failed to complete their mission. They were outgunned and overmatched at every turn. They left us in a worse position than when we started. It’s easy to write them off as fake, and maybe they were, but more than likely they simply weren’t up to the task. They were more about sound than substance. But oh my how they looked so enticing with their style, flash and fury.

In Part 1 of this series, I explained how these white hats were fighting with cannon volleys and taking pot shots at the enemy’s flank, which caused the enemy to stand up, take notice, and switch quickly into hand-to-hand combat mode. There was no plan on how to counter the enemy’s attacks at that level. But we the people trusted these white hats anyway. We were desperate for a leader. A human leader.

The enemy not only had its street fighters willing to conduct hand-to-hand combat. It also had its information warriors in place, skilled in the art of subterfuge, to keep the masses confused and misdirected.

They had spun a brilliant false narrative, and they realized they had a limited time where they would be in complete control of that false narrative, using it to influence the minds of the masses. Their narrative started to fall apart in the waning weeks of 2022. Fewer and fewer people believe the Big Lie about “safe and effective.”

According to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, now think Covid “vaccines” may be to blame for the many unexplained sudden deaths, and more than a quarter believe the shots killed someone they know personally.

The collapse of a Buffalo Bills player during a high-profile Monday Night Football game on January 2, will further erode the numbers of Americans who continue to believe the Big Lie.

So you can see that our work has paid some dividends in terms of exposing the lies of the globalist blood-suckers who populate the positions of power in governments, media outlets, medicine, and the entire corporate infrastructure of the Western world.

Fewer Americans no doubt also still believe that we are sending endless billions to Ukraine because we care about the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

Fewer believe that elections are still free and fair in the formerly free Western world.

All of these lies are being exposed.

We Westerners are fond of saying government should follow the “will of the people.” This is the basis of our “democracy.” But this idea of “democracy” is in itself a deceptive Western construct. The American founders sought to come up with a system that guards against the mine fields of democracy, but over time the enemy has successfully been able to circumvent all of those safeguards.

Why is democracy so dangerous? Because democracy runs on the art of creating majorities to the detriment of minorities. Governments and those who control them have mastered the art of creating mind-controlling propaganda messaging. This messaging, originating from the intelligence agencies and funneled through the mainstream corporate media and social media platforms, is capable of actually manufacturing the will of the people. The government and its corporate partners at Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can skillfully create majorities on any given issue using modern technology and psychological chicanery (research the Twitter Files, MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird, just for starters).

False narratives fully ripened give rise to a hive mind or mass formation psychosis. Anyone who resists and refuses to join the hive is singled out as an enemy of the state.

The people may eventually see through the lies and break out of the hive, like they are finally starting to do with the fake vaccines and fake elections, but at that point it’s usually too late. The damage has been done. Billions were injected. Millions have been killed, incapacitated, or made weak with faltering immune systems. Political leaders who are nothing but stooges of the World Economic Forum have been installed at the top of every nation (Brazil was the latest to fall).

Why did people take the bait and join the hive? Because they put their trust in a false messiah offering false solutions — solutions designed to prop up a false kingdom that is the beast system.

Jesus warned in Matthew 24 that in the end times there will arise many false teachers, false prophets and false christs. That doesn’t necessarily mean every false christ will actually claim to be Jesus Christ. NO. That’s how most Christians interpret that scripture but they are not seeing the half of it.

There always have been false christs, so for Jesus to point us to this truth when asked about the end times, that tells us there will be even more false christs than usual as we near the end of human history. And these false christs will become more adept, more fantastical, more believable. To the point where, if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived.

Why is that? Why is deception so powerful in the world today?

To answer that question, we have to think like a globalist predator conspiring, under the influence of Lucifer, to take over the world. Satan is the Father of Lies and a master conspirator. That’s what defined him from the moment he left the good graces of his position as an angel of light and decided he’d rather be the master of his own dark kingdom. He “conspired,” the Bible says, to rebel against God and convinced a third of the angels in heaven to join his plot.

Now that we’ve established Satan as the lead conspirator in the effort to deceive first the angels and then the human race to accept his counterfeit one-world kingdom of darkness, we move to tactics.

If you have moved your conspiratorial plot against humanity to its final stages, introducing chaos and mayhem from countless angles, you need to keep the people distracted while you are erecting the parameters of the prison you are building around your enemy’s camp. The last thing you want is for your enemy to A: wake up to the fact they are under assault and; and B: look to the Creator of the Universe as the source of their hope and salvation. You need them to, for the most part, stay asleep as long as possible. Ah, but some will inevitably wake up, and you have a plan for them as well.

Give them a false hope. A false messiah. And make him a very salty, very energetic, very attention-grabbing man. Flashy. Verbose. A man of the world offering worldly answers. Almost like a magician, he is capable of pulling rabbits out of hats. When the enemy has him seemingly surrounded, make your false messiah the type of man who can escape out of a sealed aquarium of rising water, and slither out of a box being sawn in half.

“Yes!” the devil muses to himself, a sly grin breaking out across his demonic countenance. “My false messiah will be a Houdini!”

“Right when this false messiah looks like he’s going down for good, I will raise him up again. That will keep their focus, even in this day of short attention spans, this false messiah of my creation will have them spellbound, mesmerized!”

When people ask what this false messiah has actually accomplished in terms of saving saving the world, people will scratch their heads and hesitate for a second, only to snap back, “Oh you’ll see! Trust the plan.”

So, it’s not enough to see the enemy clearly.

You may realize the truth about the enemy and are aware of the entire diabolical nature of his plans. You’ve decided to cast all aside and meet him in the open field, eyeball to eyeball in hand-to-hand combat.

But what does this profit you if you’re following the wrong field general in the midst of battle?

You may be looking to a general who has part of the plan, but he isn’t in tune with the Author of all plans, the Master Planner.

When the battles are far off, or when you’re still taking pot shots at the enemy’s flank, some degree of flawed leadership can be tolerated and overcome.

But when you’re in hand-to-hand combat, even a tiny mistake in decision making looms large, and will most likely result in catastrophic losses.

Again, I ask, who are you following for your plan as the enemy closes in and the battlefield shrinks?

Jesus addressed this question. He said to beware of “blind guides.”

Blind guides lead their followers off a cliff.

Joe Christian may say he has his eyes on Jesus and knows He is the only real solution, yet he will continuously cast his gaze on that flashy, attention-getting false messiah.

Please don’t interpret this article to apply to any one particular false messiah. There are many out there right now, positioning themselves to exploit the topsy turvy events that await in 2023. We look at them with hope in our eyes. Stop it.

Hope is a wonderful thing. An essential thing for human sustenance.

Where you go wrong is when you invest in a false source of hope.

Maybe you have to be emptied of all hope before you can find your focus on the true source of hope.

Here’s where I’m at. The republic has fallen. America is gone. The United States of America is even more gone. What’s left is a highly fractured cesspool, a smoldering dung heap sending up nauseating stench into the heavenly realms.

God must be irritated, if it were possible for Him to be irritated, by the stench getting stuck in His nostrils every time He looks down at America and the West.

The fall of Babylon is imminent.

We must reconcile that in our minds and grapple with what that will mean for each one of us on an individual and family level.

Whether that fall will take on a literal form with ballistic missiles or an asteroid slamming into Babylon Central, I don’t know.

Whether it’s a literal burning or a figurative burning, the Bible seems to indicate that when the fire comes it will be fairly sudden and catch people off guard.

It could be a horrific act of war, an economic implosion or both. It could simply be the slow burn of collapse under the weight of financial and moral bankruptcy. Whatever it is that’s coming, we will all feel it, no matter where we reside in the formerly free Western world. But we needn’t go over the cliff to which the world’s false messiahs are herding us.

Let’s not be caught off guard. Let’s pray we can pry ourselves out of Babylon, before it goes down. is 100 percent reader supported and exists for one reason, to provide an independent perspective that you won’t find in the mainstream corporate media or even in most of the conservative media. If you value this perspective, please consider a contribution of any size, which may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below. Thanks!


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84 thoughts on “Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies, Part 2: Beware of false messiahs offering false solutions”

  1. “The republic has fallen. America is gone…we can pry ourselves out of Babylon, before it goes down.”

    Sorry to have to say that those are sweet words to [finally] read because they encapsule ultimate reality.

    As it used to be said, “I feel much better since I gave up hope.”

    Having hope for America is beating one’s head against the wall.

    “Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him” (1 Kings 19:18).

    “Therefore, go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

    “Abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

    “Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:22).

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  2. Hello Leo,
    Here’s an extract from an article about Christian nationalism. It lists the dangers which can result from a misguided sense of nationalism.

    I think it’s a good guide for any Christian who believes in nationalism so that they don’t get misled or exploited by political wolves such as D. Trump.


    1. We wrap the gospel in the American flag (or any national or state flag).

    2. We equate our country with the Kingdom of God.

    3. We confuse patriotism with spirituality.

    4. We compromise our ethics to keep our party (or leader) in power.

    5. Our church/denomination/ministry becomes an appendage of a political party.

    6. We put more trust in earthly methods than in spiritual methods.

    7. We marry the cause of Christ to the cause of a political party (or leader) as if they were one and the same.

    8. We become as vulgar and rude as the candidates we follow.

    9. We look to the White House or any branch of government in any nation more than to God.

    10. We make a human being into a political savior.

    11. We equate loyalty to God (which should be unconditional) with loyalty to a party or political leader (which should be conditional).

    12. Our prayers and our prophecies become politically partisan.”

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    1. Good points Anthony.
      I’ve heard David Knight say similar things.
      He’s as patriotic as they come but warns against using religion as a political force. Christianity loses its true power when that happens. Take the Crusades for example.


  3. Revelation 22:15 (NIV) Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
    Rev. 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolators and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

    Everywhere we see vileness, the occult, paganism, and unchastity flaunted openly. Murder is winked at–or “shouted out” if you killed your unborn baby. And people are okay with nonstop LYING. What really sticks in my head is “Who loves and practices falsehood.” I hate all the lies and can’t get away from them. Just turning them off for myself doesn’t work since so many others buy them.


    1. Rachel–I think we all here are sick of the lies and dismayed by the vileness, the resurgence of the occult, of paganism, and the sexual sins of all kinds. It is all indicative of a global societal collapse in slow motion. God is letting all the sinfulness that has piled up over many years, even centuries, to come to this denouement, to drop like an overripe fruit.

      When sins had piled up like this in the Israelite kingdoms of the Old Testament, prophets were sent to warn the people and of course, most then didn’t listen. Most had listened to lies and went deeper into sin. Ridiculed or killed their prophets. When that nation’s sinfulness was full to the brim and overflowing, then it was taken off into exile–first by the Assyrians (these northern tribes never returned), and later by the Babylonians, and only a fraction of these exiles returned to rebuild the wall of and their Temple. But, even so, all this would lead to the 1st coming of Christ, who came to a nation during a time when it was occupied by an oppressive pagan nation that would destroy Israel and its Temple a generation later. Because that generation failed yet again and would crucify their Messiah. Really stunning course of events, yet His Church was born out that atmosphere, creating a new civilization (as Israel once did) and went on to raise the stakes as to what the destiny of man shall be. Which also traveled its own rocky road through history since that time.

      Now in the lateness of the hour, our generation experiences how weak Christianity has become to confront this radically secularized (another label for anti-christ) culture in its rapidly progressing degradation. A shameful time for us all. Evil forces, like sharks, imagine they see “blood in the water” and increasingly Christianity is blamed for every woke sin (like racism, sexism, anti-abortion, etc) that anti-christ-ism can throw at us, forgetting that it was Christianity that had freed pagan societies from the sins that had enslaved the entire world in a anti-humanity, demonic thrall. I’m sure we haven’t seen the worst yet; consider how the German Christians failed so miserably to confront the paganism and demonic forces of Nazi Germany. But will we be as weak as they were? That remains to be seen. So what must each of us do? Pray. Fast. No matter what happens and how many run towards the Anti-Christ, we must hold firm and “work while it is day for the night cometh”. Work to make sure each of us stay strong spiritually, be very discerning and shore up our faltering faith. Know what you believe and hold to it. And there are always somebody out there that wants to hear the truth. I see a number of young people, who can feel the darkness closing around them and some are wanting to find a way out. Be alert for those people. A mission field, for sure.

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  4. “Revelation isn’t hard to understand, it’s just hard to believe” – Dr. Henry Morris
    John said “I heard” 28 times (4×7)
    “I saw or looked or beheld” 49 times
    (7×7) So…. John in total demonstrated that he was an eyewitness 77 times! (11×7)
    The conclusion of God’s word is certain.
    How is it that so called Christians hope then for this lost world to continue rather than for Messiah to return and to reign?
    How is it that so called Christians are so ignorant of Christian history as well?
    The rapture must happen before tribulations? Are you that poorly instructed?
    Just what is going to be worse than being burned alive or getting eaten by lions?
    Answer: getting vomited out by Messiah for being worthless salt. Now that is worse!

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    1. @ Hananiah Azariah Mishael January 6, 2023 at 7:44 am

      Hello Hananiah

      You say:
      “How is it that so called Christians hope then for this lost world to continue rather than for Messiah to return and to reign?”

      I say:
      As a true Christian I do NOT hope for this lost world to continue. I believe the words of Peter when he says :
      “10But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

      11Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

      12Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

      13Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

      So, I am looking for for new heavens and a new earth, according to God’s promise.

      You say:
      “How is it that so called Christians are so ignorant of Christian history as well?”

      I say:
      Christian history shows that the Christian church has always gone through tribulation, from the martyrdom of Stephen to this present day where Christians are being persecuted and martyred in Nigeria and other countries. Christians are being martyred on a daily basis. Did you know that most of the apostles were martyred.
      Consider the persecution of the church during the reign of Nero and then you might like to consider the millions of Christians who were tortured and martyred during the inquisition.

      You say:
      “The rapture must happen before tribulations? ”

      I say:
      There is NO pretribulation rapture mentioned in the bible. Christ has said that the rapture will happen AFTER the great tribulation.
      I challenge you to show me in the bible where it says that there will be a pretribulation rapture.

      You say:
      “Just what is going to be worse than being burned alive or getting eaten by lions?
      Answer: getting vomited out by Messiah for being worthless salt. Now that is worse!”

      I say:
      A false testimony is like worthless salt and is of no use to God. Those who advocate a pretribulation rapture, bear a false testimony and are NOT witnesses to God’s truth.
      A true Christian abides in God’s truth as taught by Christ and his apostles and does not have his ears tickled by the lies of men which are contrary to the bible.

      You have been conned by a candy coated fairy tale. Your testimony is false and is contrary to the clear teaching of Christ and his apostles.

      I will be happy to discuss this important subject with you if you wish.


  5. Great follow up article. Sadly, you’re sadly 100% accurate. Speaking the fall of Babylon, everyone look up the sick, freemason, Luciferian Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, and look at the carvings made in 1997 — they clearly prophesizing/scripting the destruction of NYC. It’s coming.

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  6. Hello Leo we need to be careful about how we define ‘false Christs’

    To find out what Jesus is referring to in Mat 24, we must first look at the question that was put to him.

    Here’s what his disciples asked him:

    “3And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

    With regard to the question about his coming, Jesus urges caution because he knows that Satan will create a false coming of Christ.

    Jesus says :

    “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

    Jesus goes on to elaborate on the activity which will accompany this false coming of Christ. He says that it will happen at the time that the abomination of desolation is seen standing in the holy place.

    Jesus is addressing a time when Satan will create a coming of the false Christ. It will be a time of huge spiritual activity with false miracles.

    There have been people claiming to be Christ in the past but they were powerless and had no credibility and were not able to deceive the masses and wouldn’t even come close to being able to deceive Christ’s elect, if it were possible.

    But there is an age coming which will be declared to be an age of Christ consciousness, an age of spiritual awakening whereby people will discover amazing spiritual potential, albeit a demonic spirituality.

    This has been predicted by Christ and is described by ‘new agers’ as the ‘great awakening’.

    Christ consciousness will prevail over the whole planet and there will be many who believe that they have achieved Christhood and who will perform signs and wonders to prove it.
    The new agers believe that every man has in himself the potential to become a Christ. The ‘new agers’ don’t accept that Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE true Christ.

    This is what Jesus is referring to when he says MANY will come in his name.

    For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

    Jesus goes on to describe the age of the false Christ and what to watch out for:

    “23Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    25Behold, I have told you before.

    26Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.”

    After describing the false coming of Christ, Jesus then describes His TRUE coming in verses 27-31,

    Jesus has gone into great detail so that the true Christian can discern between the TRUE coming of Christ and the FALSE coming of Christ.

    The false coming of Christ will be, the great awakening of Christ consciousness which will flood the world. It is this false coming of Christ which would deceive even Christ’s elect if that were possible.

    In preparation for the coming of the false Christ, Satan has put a huge effort into deceiving the apostate church as to the timing of Jesus Christs return. Satan has altered the sequence of events which precede Jesus Christs coming, and has caused the apostate church to put their hope in a false manifestation of Christ contrary to what Jesus has clearly described in Mathew 24.

    The pretribulation rapture is a part of this deception which causes those who believe in it to focus their hope on a false coming of Christ which they believe will precede the true physical coming of Christ.
    This has given them a wrong focus and has left them open to the great delusion which will come upon the earth when the man of sin is revealed.

    Jesus describes His own TRUE coming when He says:

    “27For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    28For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

    29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

    30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    31And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

    This is the only coming of Christ and the only rapture that we should be looking for lest we be deceived by the man of sin and the great delusion which will come upon the earth.

    We must be careful not to confuse current events with Satan’s ‘new age’ which is when many false Christs will be active as people are awakened to a demonic ‘Christ consciousness’ . This ‘new age’ will be the time of the great tribulation of Christ’s elect saints.

    I believe that the current events are the beginning of the “beginning of sorrows” which will lead up to Satan’s offer of a solution to the unfolding world crisis when he introduces the new spiritual age.

    This new spiritual age will be a time of relative peace and where ‘new agers’ believe that they will restore the earth and create harmony with the universe. But for Christ’s elect saints it will be the time of the ‘great tribulation.’

    So, that is my understanding of Christ’s teaching and how I believe events will unfold.

    To say that current world leaders are the false Christs mentioned by Jesus in Mathew 24, is misleading and is blurring Christ’s description of how events will unfold and what lies ahead.

    We need to be careful about how we use Christ’s words so that we do not get confused. In these times of deception.

    We must be diligent to be true and faithful witnesses for God’s truth.


    1. Jesus says :
      “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Anthony William needs to be careful about how he uses Christ’s words so that he does not confuse the foolish virgins around him. In this Orwellian Digital Age of Humanism’s Social Justice Gospel deception.

      According to AuW-unibokk’s distorted amillenial understanding of Christ’s teaching of how events will unfold: to say that current Christian world leaders who minister in Christ’s name (i.e. the Pope, Joseph Smith, Oral Roberts, David Wilkerson, Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, etc.) are the false Christs mentioned by Jesus in Mathew 24, is misleading and is blurring Christ’s description of how events will unfold and what lies ahead.


      1. @john shaphat January 4, 2023 at 3:51 pm

        As I’ve said before I do not call myself A-millennial, Pre-millennial or post millennial.

        Perhaps I should point out to you that your list of “current Christian world leaders” is inaccurate because four out of the five people you’ve described as “current world leaders” are in fact dead.

        John, you need to grow up and stop trolling people who are genuinely seeking God’s truth.

        If you cant speak the truth then you should remain quiet and stop hindering other people’s comments with your lies.


  7. I seem to feel your feelings. Because I feel the weakness of your soul. So you need to pray to Jesus Christ to let Jesus add strength to you.


    1. @ hi2584733592020 January 4, 2023 at 8:53 am

      You say:
      “I seem to feel your feelings.”

      I say:
      What a pathetic vague statement. And then based on this vague assumption you go on to make a negative remark about the state of my soul.

      This is pseudo spirituality on your part. You need to get real.


      1. Anthony— this person (hi2584…) did not address that comment to you. His comment was posted before your first one according to the time stamp and many of us saw it yesterday. It appears to be mistakenly posted out of position as it was re-posted again to the correct position to directly reply to someone else here.

        In addition, I gather from his previous comments that he seems to be a non-native English speaker. His otherwise fluent use of English somewhat reflects this in the syntax. However, I clearly understood he was expressing sympathy with Rachel who was discouraged, not advocating New Age thinking.

        Don’t be so quick to stomp on someone with both feet to set him “straight.” It wasn’t warranted and your tone was unnecessarily dismissive, even mean. Be more careful.


      2. @ Kayjae January 4, 2023 at 1:59 pm

        Hello Kayjae, I hastily overreacted to @ hi2584733592020 January 4, 2023 at 8:53 am., and you are right to correct my behaviour. I will apologise to hi2584733592020

        It would be helpful if people would say who their comment is addressed to. This would help avoid a lot of confusion, IMO.

        Comments often drift out of their intended destination which is why I usually specify who and what comment I am responding to in order to avoid confusion.


      3. @ ivorygull January 6, 2023 at 10:13 pm

        Just a thought. Hi2584733592020 may be someone whose native language is not English.

        Thanks ivirygull, you could be right. Kayjae also made this observation.


    2. @ hi2584733592020 January 4, 2023 at 8:53 am.

      Sorry for my angry outburst.

      I thought your comment was aimed at me and I couldn’t see why you would say such a thing in response to my comment @Anthony William
      January 4, 2023 at 9:46 am.

      I thought you were insulting me and so I retaliated.

      Kayjae told me that your comment was actually a reply to Rachel and was not intended for me.

      You were in fact being kind and supportive to Rachel, so please ignore my rash comment and may God bless you for your kindness and good intentions towards Rachel.

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  8. The distrust, estrangement and lack of communication between people will become one of the most serious problems in this era. This has separated many people and left them at a loss in times of crisis.

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  9. I am confused by the time stamps of peoples comments. Some are 1/4/2023 and at past 2am. My current time is 9:43 pacific standard time, are they in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?


  10. That is exactly where the cabal is at right now. Creating disasters all over just to have a reason to rush in with all their pre planned ‘solutions.’ And there will be a price. And their control is clamping down more and more with each ‘solution.’ Every area of the world is in trouble, the economy, the food supply, the climate issues and natural catastrophes, wars, race wars, all manner of strife in fact, poverty, illness, and the hot bed of tension around Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Ah, but wait, what is up his sleeve? The Abraham accords, probably a 7-year peace treaty included, the ‘House of Abraham’, the climate lockdowns, the one world religion, government, economy, cbdc, vaxxes, and endless false messiahs with the main one on top. He will give them all what they want, at the cost of your soul. The narrative is dangling in front of our noses.

    So many place their false hopes in these men of ‘human potential’ and their counterfeit solutions. One aspect of all this will be putting one’s trust in man instead of God. Did you guys know that 6 is the number of man, and 7 of God? It all plays out in these end times. The statue of Daniel 3, the image of the beast, it is all a monument erected to the potential of ‘man.’ There are so many symbolic things I could write a book. But this is about man…. without God. Man will sit in the temple and declare himself ‘god,’ and claim to be worthy of worship and demand it. (2 Thess. 2). Pantheism is another connection to all of this; nature and ‘man is god’, secular humanism, atheism, man having ‘unlimited potential’, AI transhumanism, etc. We have to have our eyes on Jesus and the gospel, THAT is the only solution!

    Now as for false hopes again…. I have run into another thing that is prevalent on the web right now so it is related. But background first. I got saved in 1988, heard sermons all over all the time. Yes, the predominant view of the rapture was pre trib but they mentioned other views such as mid, post, pre wrath, etc. and there was no blood spilt over it. But the climate now is such that if you do not agree with pre trib, you are vilified to no end by the talking heads of today in the church world and online ministries. It is no longer ‘agree to disagree’ and ‘not an issue to divide over,’ and so on, but now you are labeled as ‘of the devil,’ and of ‘taking their hope away’ aka security blanket, and all sorts of evil is spoken of against you! I have just run into many of these cases just over the last few days. No matter how lovingly I try to point out the obvious and back it up with scripture and sources such as sermons explaining it in detail, no, I am still lumped with someone who is ‘trying to steal their hope’ or something like that. This is all another example of what this article is about. My reply?

    Hope is only as good as the object that hope is put in. If something is the truth, then by golly, I want to know about it! I have nothing to fear from the truth. Truth does not contradict itself. It is a title of Jesus also. John 14; 6. We should not want deception, no matter how comforting it may feel. It is not real. If something is not the case, we are not ‘taking their hope away’ but rather taking their delusion away! It will do them no good if it is not the case. We can try and warn them not to jump off that cliff, but they are so sure there is water to plunge into when there are only sharp and edgy boulders. But who are we to ‘steal their hope’ after all? Why don’t they see that when the rapture happens, that is when it happens? No matter the timing God ordained for it? Wanting it to be sooner won’t make it sooner. Wanting it to be tonight won’t make it so. But the danger is that no one is prepared for suffering because they think that is a clause of it, oh, pretrib implies that it will come before suffering hits us, and that we are somehow entitled to escape suffering, while the whole of church history included persecution! Even if it were pre trib, none of that other stuff is guaranteed. In the end it boils down to this; they hope for an escape from any form of suffering to come, the pre trib is their best ‘ticket’ and thus they hope in that, and don’t you dare try to pry their security blanket away from them! As the saying goes, “Don’t confuse me with the facts!” As the days get darker… and we are still here… and the 7-year treaty is signed… and we are still here… and so on, the faith of many who hold to pre trib will be shaken. That is the danger. I try to look out for their souls but no one appreciates it. They idolize it as if it were another false messiah. It is not the true Messiah that they love and want, but the idea of escape. If they truly loved Him, they would be willing to suffer and be martyred for Him. But it is all about them and their comfort. If they would read about the ‘Blessed Hope’, what would they read?

    Let’s see…..
    “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.” Titus 2; 11-14

    The focus is on verse 13; “looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of … Jesus Christ…”
    So according to that passage, just what exactly is our blessed hope? Do you read anything in there about a pre trib rapture? No. Because it is not in there despite the fact that they use this verse all the time, like many others, to support it, when it simply isn’t in there. The timing issue aside, according to this verse it could be anything, just what exactly is our blessed hope? It is the Return of Jesus, His glorious appearing, whenever that is! It is SO important to not read things into bible verses, but they do it all the time.
    Be on guard.

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    1. Hello Blandina
      Here is my understanding of Titus 2:13
      “13Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;”

      I believe the “blessed hope” Paul is referring to, is the hope of eternal life as mentioned by Paul, in chapter 1 at the beginning of his letter to Titus where he says:

      “2In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;”

      This hope of eternal life is fulfilled at the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, which is why I believe that Paul mentions both in the same sentence.
      Paul mentions the hope of eternal life again in his closing comments in chapter 3:

      “7That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

      I hope you find this helpful as you testify to the true coming of Jesus Christ and the true rapture of his elect saints as described by Christ in Mathew 24:29-31


    2. Well said, 1blandina!

      John Bunyan’s wise Christian Pilgrim did NOT lukewarmly stay sitting on the fence and ‘agree to disagree’ with deluded Xians (foolish virgins) within the democratic City of Destruction’s harlot Laodicean Church. The digitally-marked souls of pre-trib chattel have willingly become dependent welfare wards that are happily held captive and enslaved within Socialism’s Fourth Reich Security System of the Marxist Beast.

      Socially Secured pre-trib Xians resemble cattle with their owner’s digital name stapled to their ear. Contently chewing their cud, these mindless beasts fatten up in the comfortable ‘security’ of the slaughterhouse feedlot. Oblivious to the holocaust that awaits their numbered souls, they are analogous to the Third Reich’s Jews who were corralled, numbered, showered, and thrown into Auschwitz’s ovens.


      1. Thank you, it is good to know I do have others in my camp. I know I do but it is good to hear from them. What I see is that they want to keep that delusion. You cannot take hope away if something isn’t real anyway. If it is, then it is, if it isn’t, then it isn’t. And if it isn’t, then what good is the hope? But what they are saying is they want to keep their comfortable delusion, don’t rustle their feathers. All I do is share the clear Bible verses and pose the argument, and they get angry! My question is; are they angry at the facts? Or at me for bringing the facts to them? They just want it to be the way they want it to be, no matter what. They are not ready or willing to suffer what is ahead. With each passing day we see it getting closer. And we are still here. And they argue all the more for their position. And they hold onto that security blanket with every ounce of strength in them. And they get angrier and angrier. It’s like they don’t want to admit it, but it looks like our camp is right and theirs is not. It threatens a core comfort zone and they lash out in a primal way. That is what I am seeing.

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  11. “The fall of Babylon is eminent”
    Indeed it is …… America has no corner on Christianity …… we have been played as a pawn by the demonic horde and they are very large and resourceful ……
    Prayer and fasting Jesus said ….. the remnant must be this voice crying out to our Lord and urging others to see the Light and deliverance He offers.

    We must be eagerly at work now and at His return. Our spiritual duty is to bring about converts and thus change, which will fight the onslaught of the enemies attack both civically and amongst our corporate body as a whole. Teaching the full Word and council of God.

    Tribulation Saints as such shall receive our rewards!!
    Thanks Leo for these articles calling us to battle…….!


  12. This is to Rachel Nichols.

    I read a lot of your comments here over the last little while. You are active here, and you have lots of good things to say. I believe you love the Lord, but at times you also seem despondent, ready to give up. I apologize if I am missing the mark. I’ve felt the need to say something, but everything I’ve thought of would probably sound trite. I don’t want to minimize what you are feeling or going through.

    Except I will say this: Go back to Adam and Eve. Give the Lord what they didn’t – your trust. Trust Him. It doesn’t matter what happens here. Doesn’t matter what we endure. Doesn’t matter if ours is the last generation or not. It doesn’t matter what happens to me. I trust in Him. Always. No matter what. I am ready to live, I’m ready to die. I trust in Him. He is a rewarder of them that seek Him and He will by no means pardon the guilty. I believe Him because He said it.

    Well, there I go anyway.

    When I feel the way I think you do, I read Psalm 73. I think Asaph felt exactly like you do right now. I pray that your faith does not fail.

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  13. I really don’t think we’re going to get out of this. It’s very far gone. We are captured by a very corrupted political and governmental system, by our increasing debasing currency, by our corrupted corporatist medical system, by our profane and lying media and education system. So much has become “Babylonized” So just like the ancient Judaeans were taken off to Babylon for 70 years, so we are on the way to an exile. Just like so many of the German Christians during the Nazi era caved in to the system and suffering massive devastation in war for their sins, so it’s likely many of us will be. Just like the Russian Orthodox were subjected to and nearly exterminated by the communists for 80 years, so may we be. I could go on with examples from history. It seems like every nation in history has to go through some kind of fall and cleansing–sometimes multiples times. Now it’s our turn. Maybe we need to read the book of Daniel again and learn to become like him and Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego.

    Now we must also think not only for ourselves and how we will survive with our faith intact, but for the next generations. When the exile of the Jews finally ended, only a small minority returned to Jerusalem to rebuild its walls. Why was that? Because most of those who had grown up in Babylon forgot Jerusalem or were never taught about it. So they stayed in Babylon. Some had stayed true Jews even there; but others conformed to the prevailing culture and forgot they were Jews. Our culture is a mess primarily because previous generations and our own generation didn’t hand on the faith. Tolerated the increasingly profane and nihilistic atmosphere. We had forgotten much or poorly understood the things of God. Didn’t form a culture of faith or maintain the Christian culture that had been handed down, but instead allowed everything to become radically secularized. I inquired into the faith background of my parents, grandparents–going back a long way–and found nearly all of them had little or no commitment to Christianity. Didn’t go to church (that is still the case). Never talked about God or felt the need to. They just lived like everyone else the usual daily life, and then died off, one by one. They had a vaguely Christianized funeral at a corporate funeral home that cheapened the whole affair. That says a lot right there how debased our Christian culture and practices are.

    The book of Daniel is what we need to study now. Studying that why we shouldn’t eat the king’s meat, shouldn’t bow before his image, and despite any secularist diktat that forbids the practice–we should always face God and pray to the King of Kings, and Lord or Lords–anyway. And face the furnace and the lions if we must for our adherence to God, whether he delivers us from the flames or the jaws or not. Get ready to be a Daniel.

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      1. Here I don’t agree. A Buddhist or Hindu believes this world will become a nothingness. But when God created this world, he called it good. He created humanity and said this was very good. He will not let Satan utterly destroy it or us. Never. God took on our very flesh in his incarnation and through that act, our humanity is sitting at His right hand through Christ. Forever.

        Satan can try to destroy everything and us, but Satan is not God. He’s a dog on a leash.

        There is a future. Tough times doesn’t erase that. Do not despair. Daniel didn’t and he lived during a time when his country and temple were destroy–the whole Jewish identity taken captive into Babylon. But the story didn’t stop there; neither will ours.

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      2. Remember Daniel and the patriarch Joseph (Jacob’s son) and Job. I know that those men lived during a different time and place from ours. I’m sure there was less world-wide human drama during their time on earth too. However, God has not changed. Hold on in knowing that God will deliver in His timing and in His way. I’m not saying to ignore or pretend that the problems and circumstances don’t exist. However, if we don’t give our minds a break from concentrating on all that’s wrong in the world and in our lives. The troubles and the problems may start to seem like they are more powerful than God and His promises. I will end with these scriptures, which everyone who wants to be victorious in this world through Christ would do best to meditate on: Romans Chapter 8:31-39 and Phillipians Chapter 4:4-13 to name a few.

        If we focus on the problems. It will surely rob believers in Christ of peace, hope and joy. I lived the first seven years of my Christian life living in fear and worry. Didn’t change a thing or solve any problems for anyone in the world. If a Christian can’t have hope or be happy until everything is as perfect as it can get in this world. We will live lives of fear, discontentment, hopelessness, misery and emotional defeat until we get to heaven. Let’s not let the physical battles cause us to lose the spiritual battles of the mind and the human spirit.

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      3. I seem to feel your feelings. Because I feel the fragility of your soul. So you need to pray to Jesus Christ to let Jesus add strength to you.


      4. Thank you. Let me clarify my statement. By “everything coming to an end” I mean everything visible in the world as it exists now. The end “of the world as we know it.”
        I know God has promised better things, but I can’t see them. All my eyes can see right now is the end of everything. Like a terminal illness for humanity.
        It’s a long dark tunnel ahead and I can’t make out any light at the end. Not saying it isn’t there. I’ve just gone blind most likely.

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    1. I hate to break it to All of you, but Leo is Right. There are in Fact 2 sides fighting for control. The evil ‘Cabal’, and the ‘White Hats’. Both claim to have our future best interests at hand, though really are moving Everyone to a Global Economy and Governance. Both will present a Digital based currency platform, and claim that it will bring stability, peace and freedom. It’s the required controll, and the brand of Spiritualism that is the problem! Neither offer True Honor and Glory to GOD, or HIS son Jesus. This is the Only Way, Truth and Life we need to seek.
      My unique journey has Christian roots(firm), but has brought me around ppl in this coming change. They all claim the High Ground position, but to often Add to,or Take Away from the Truth of GOD’S Word. It is powerful, and attractive to see this kind of movement, and be called a Patriot. There are Many things hidden from us that are Soon to be Revealed, and Quite Shocking! Yes Brewer55, several supposedly dead ppl are Still Alive, and working on Big things to see, including John Jr. (I’ve met him). No, Elvis really is Gone.
      What we know, is to Follow Christ in all things, lean Not on your understanding if it Separates from THE WORD. Look as we witness Prophecy Fulfilled before our very eyes. This is Not Time for Bench Warmers, or Inclusive Spiritualism. We Must Stand on HIS Words of Truth and Power, being guided by the Holy Spirit. The Battle ahead might Already be in your Homes, Work and Family. Soon it will be impossible to sit in the middle, as the fence is taken away. Stand and Proclaim The Gospel where you are, like you Know where Your Going! No compromise to the Word of The Lord


    2. On the subject of exile and Babylon, this short youtube study of this issue using Biblical typology is very interesting and should give us hope. (Listen carefully he talks fast). It explores what exile is in the Old Testament and how this affected the Gentile world. Then discusses the return from exile (a new Exodus) as “preparatory” for the coming of the Messiah”. So our exile (whatever it might bring), may well be “preparatory” for the 2nd Coming and redemption.

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      1. Dear Kayjae, one can go to the settings on most youtube videos and slow the speed to .75 which makes it easier to listen. Hope this helps.

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      2. Thanks Renee–I had forgotten all about that option! You can do a custom setting on that too. .85 was just right for this speaker.


      3. The exile of the wise virgins (a new Exodus of Christ’s Bride), in obedience to the Bridegroom’s Revelation 18:4 commandment, is “preparatory” for the coming of the Messiah”. So our exile OUT of Socialism’s abominable Security System (whatever it might bring), may well be “preparatory” for the 2nd Coming and redemption.


  14. Thank you for speaking the truth, Leo. As a follower of Christ, the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and discernment, while others are blind. Now, more than ever, the church need to study Gods word, especially prophecy, and be prepared, ready. I remind myself daily that God is sovereign and in control. Each day we are closer to the establishment of His Kingdom, Amen. Jesus said that we are not to be fearful, but to stand firm in our faith. There is blessed hope for us. It’s hard to witness the chaos and wickedness, and there is no earthly savior. But all this wickedness will fall away in the end, and we will experience an eternity of joy and peace. My prayers are for your protection and steadfastness. God bless

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  15. Every single word of this.

    I’ve read no one else who sees this for what it really is, especially for believers in our Lord Jesus who keep looking at false messiahs. Many are waking up, but merely waking up is NOT ENOUGH, as you said. Having eyes wide open but looking in the wrong direction for hope, for salvation, is just as bad, maybe in some ways worse, than being asleep.

    I know you were not talking *only* about Trump, but I have to mention that my oldest daughter is fully caught up in the QANON garbage. When she talks about it, she acts like the old AMWAY meetings: you don’t know what the “great business idea” is until you get to the meeting. She begins by asking you if you want to know the “real truth” about what’s going on. She “trusts the plan” all the way and nothing fazes her. Even Trump’s efforts to bring the covid gene therapy drugs to Americans was his 4-D chess move to prevent WW3 or some other catastrophic event.

    It has divided many family members, pitting them one against another. And, ultimately, unless she fully awakens and stumbles out of the twilight zone, she risks being just as lost as those who push the covid injections.

    Praying for all.

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      1. Me too. I get “othered” by some I used to believe were more solid. Most just try to shut me down, calling me a “loon” so I stopped trying. “Ephraim is joined to idols. Let him alone.”

        That’s one of the very few positive things about the whole covid debacle: I got to see first hand from my own family who would sell me down the river, all for the government asking.


      2. Ron, remember the verse where Jesus said that a man’s foes would be those of his own household? Matthew 10:36. I thought about that verse when I read this comment from Rachael. And if that isn’t enough. There are several people in the world who have the resources and the political authority to do good and be a blessing to humanity. And yet we see opposite behavior from these people. I’ve noticed too that some people in positions of authority of some sort that the world should be able to trust, are the least trustworthy.

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    1. I have a friend who is like your daughter. Trusting the plan…no matter how many dates, come and go, trust the plan. “If Trump had not rolled out the jab, we would all still be in lockdown” and other such garbage. They believe that JFK jr. is still alive, in hiding (all these years) and is Trump’s VP!

      They are just part of the cult of Trump, like all the other cults out there now, and in the past.

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  16. I’ve become very lazy over the past 2 years. Before getting a project underway, I look at what’s going on in the world and think, Why bother? It makes no difference what we do. It will be what it will be.
    Seeing these Biblical prophecies coming true doesn’t make me happy. It terrifies and discourages me. About as wonderful as Stage 4 bone cancer. It will get you to Heaven too.


    1. Rachel—Despair doesn’t get anyone to heaven. So don’t go there. And a lot of people die of Stage 4 cancers and other bad things—but death is no automatic ticket to heaven, either. Don’t trust in death. It will be cast into the lake of fire along with Hades.

      Really, the conflicts and catastrophes narrated in the Book of Revelation describe the history of the world since Cain and Abel. Nothing new—it’s almost been the normal state of affairs. Many anti-christs, many beast systems. But you and I have not suffered warfare or famine in our lifetime. We haven’t been rounded up, stuffed in cattle cars and sent to a death camp or gulag (I’ve met some who had been and they did go on with life afterwards). Life always goes on and you and I have had it good, compared to many places and eras. Look at the blessings you concretely received throughout your whole life, not your fears, which are mostly imaginations of what might be. Have you ever read “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom? She and her sister actually went through all that you fear, yet she and her sister did not despair and give up. But they learned faith and spread it to other sufferers, and even to their persecutors. When my sister read that book on a whim years ago, she told me “it was like a chink of light appeared and I suddenly saw how much darkness I had been sitting in”. That transforming light is what we should absorb from the stories of martyrs.

      But why don’t you read past chapter 18 of Revelation? All the way to the end of that book? Does the last chapter look like utter defeat and an annihilation of life? Not at all—it’s the most beautifully triumphant ending to any story. Meditate on those ending chapters (and the beginning chapters). It’s our destiny that will go from glory to glory. That book is actually about the revelation of the Person of Jesus Christ as the culmination of history and the threshold of eternity, not just what happens at the End Times.

      Whatever happens in our future, we each have our part to play in propagating the Kingdom to come, regardless of our circumstances. That’s an OPPORTUNITY, not an occasion to become paralyzed in anxiety and dread. And make up your mind to trust God for his mercy, no matter what. Always pray.

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    2. Hello Rachel

      I find your honesty refreshing. If you are feeling low or discouraged, your not afraid to say so.

      You say :

      ” Why bother? It makes no difference what we do. It will be what it will be.”

      I say :
      You may not change what has been predicted for this world but your salvation and ongoing sanctification is very important. What you do will affect you and your relationship with Christ not to mention storing up treasure in heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt.

      This world is a crucible where our faith is tested and approved to the glory of Jesus Christ.

      It is a crucible where your soul is tested and refined just like silver when it is refined through exposure to heat.

      Traditionally, a silversmith used to heat up silver until it went molten in order to burn away any impurities. He knew the silver was pure when he could see his face reflected in the molten silver.
      Like wise Christ exposes us to pressure in the crucible of this world so that our soul is tested and purified until it begins to show his reflection more and more as we abide in God’s truth.

      Peter says to the faithful:

      “Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:” (1st Peter 1:22)

      So, Rachel we will be tested in the coming days but just remember that it will be all worth while in the end. Don’t lose heart.

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  17. Great article Leo! I agree America is done. No great revival no reprieve, we are in it for the long haul. What I would like to impart to encourage those feeling despair over the destruction of America…it HAS to happen for Jesus final steps to come to fruition. Don’t despair but realize the end of America is the beginnings of our long awaited return home. LOOK UP your deliverance is near even at the doors! Hold on keep striving forward keep in the race soon so very soon we will receive those crowns awaiting us. Persevere till the end. We ALL can do it if we encourage one another. Remember we won’t be tested beyond what the first century Christians endured Mighty angels are watching us Let’s give them and our future KING cause to rejoice!
    May God bless each of you in this next year. Have courage our King conquered this world and He will help us do that also!
    BTW my “white hat” Has always been Jesus “crown of gold”.
    One last aside… I believe we have a testing of our faith before us in how we show Christian love. It may not seem like it but forgiving those deceived and loving them as Jesus would while they succumb to the vaxx death shots, being compassionate to family and friends will do much more to bringing them to our King than bitterness because they wouldn’t listen.
    Could that bring revival ? I don’t know but it’s possible. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants to Satan and his minions!

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    1. Suffering and death are all I can imagine. I wish it were over.
      I know nothing of Heaven. I’ve never been there. This is the only world I’ve ever known.
      Forgive and be kind is good. What Jesus demands.


      1. My sweet Rachel the bible speaks of heaven. Read Isiah and Revelation especially Revelation because it is ALL about Jesus. Rev 22 is a promise to YOU! ALL tears will be wiped from our eyes by the very One who loves us and gave His all Jesus. NO MORE DEATH PAIN SUFFERING OF ANY KIND. Read about the priestly duties in Leviticus that is a foreshadow of our job. Minus the sacrifices. There is much in the Bible about heaven. I have a suggestion for you. Download eSword bible program. It is completely free and in the search tab above Bible type in “heaven” and just see how many scriptures it shows.
        much love sweetie keep strong. LadyTess aka Rhonda Shaw

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  18. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

    Galatians 6.

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  19. Happy New Years Leo! Good post. Sad but true. It is certainly wise to not hope or look for a human savior. I’ve learned to let the sweet talk and never fulfilled promises flow through my ears and straight into hell where they belong. I know to look up and look into my bible to be delivered from troubles and evil. And no where else. Amen.

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  20. I agree with the very strong similarities of The Patriot” to what we see today. Why did the British really stop and end the “War for Independence” only to restart it as the War of 1812. It was and is always over money, a synonym for power. W e are always fighting the world banisters. Let’s stay focused. It may be kinetic at times to continually distract us.


  21. Amen, Leo! Thanks for your insightful, godly admonishment. The Good Shepherd’s beloved flock of sheep will NOT be foolishly caught off guard. For they unceasingly pray for His daily guidance that leads them OUT of Babylon enslavement, and into the nurturing freedom of the ‘wilderness’.

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  22. What a great follow-up to the earlier article. I’m with you on where we are at. My daily prayers are for wisdom and discernment and to always be seeking the truth, and doing my small part in furthering His Kingdom. Some days it is one step forward, two steps back and other days the opposite.
    Anyway, I hope you are back to full health, Leo.

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      1. Do you think God will hold the most sinful and vile accountable, Leo? From what I see they’re winning and laughing at the simpletons they betrayed. From how ancient Pelosi, Soros and most of the others look I guess they’re immortal too. Lol
        The ones who led this nation astray are not being punished or judged by God or held accountable for any of their sins. They never were in the past. I guess they will. Eventually.

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      2. Yes, at a time and place of the Lord’s choosing. They will be held to account. Whether that is in this world or the next, they will be called to give an account. You can count on that Rachel.

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