Putin calling up 300,000 fresh troops, warns ‘I’m not bluffing’ about nuking the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin just let the world know he is serious about crushing Ukraine and protecting his nation’s borders against any Western response.

The war has been fought against Ukraine knowing all along that it would spark a wider war if it did not end quickly.

Well, it has not ended quickly. And now an escalating war of words seems to be morphing into a direct clash between the superpowers — the U.S.-led NATO against Russia-China-India-Iran-North Korea, et al. There’s a good chance Turkey, a key NATO member, will switch over and side with Russia in this coming war.

Putin announced Wednesday he is calling up hundreds of thousands of military reservists in what he called a “partial mobilization.”

Putin said the West wants to “destroy” Russia, and he simply won’t allow that to happen.

And, he didn’t stop there. Putin said it’s “not a bluff” to use “all means” to protect Russian territory from Western aggression.

Now, the world waits for Washington’s response. Will they send M-1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine? Will they send medium or long-range missiles? Troops?

Will this be the October surprise that everyone is anticipating from a regime that knows its days are numbered?

What happens if World War III breaks out before Election Day on November 8?

Sending troops or any type of offensive weaponry to Ukraine at this point would escalate things to the point of guaranteeing a massive Russian response. And that response will likely involve nuclear weapons, either tactical or theater or even intercontinental nuclear strikes. The latter would most likely involve a hypersonic missile taking out key U.S. silos and/or military bases.

If Putin uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the U.S. will retaliate with “a devastating strike” against Russia’s military, the United States Army’s former European commander said in a carefully worded warning Wednesday

Retired US Army General Ben Hodges responded by saying its “unlikely” Putin will order a nuclear strike upon Ukraine, but he warned that if he does, the U.S. could obliterate Russian military bases in Crimea. 

The assumption that Putin would use his nukes against Ukraine seems like poor strategy. Why would he nuke his neighbor, the nation filled with Russian speakers and whose fertile farmland he covets, when his real enemy is the U.S. and NATO?

If he uses nukes at all he’s going to deliver a kill shot into the heart of his enemy, the United States of America.

One of Putin’s ideological allies, ultra-nationalist Alexander Dugin, actually stated that we are “on the brink of World War III, which the West is pushing for.”

Dugin writes:

Russia is at war with the collective West, with NATO and its allies (though not with all of them: Turkey and Greece have their own position and some European countries, primarily but not only France and Italy, do not want to actively participate in a war with Russia). Yet, the threat of a third world war is getting closer and closer.

Dugin states that, “Open Satanism and outright racism flourish in Ukraine, and the West only supports them,” adding that, “We are dealing with what the Orthodox elders call the ‘civilization of the Antichrist’. Russia’s role is therefore to unite believers of different faiths in this decisive battle.”

Dugin urges his countrymen to “not wait for the world enemy to destroy your home, kill your husband, son or daughter… At some point it will be too late. God forbid we live to see such a moment.”

Dugin concludes with a raw rallying cry:

“The enemy offensive in the Kharkiv region is just that: the beginning of a real war of the West against us.

“The West demonstrates its intention to start a war of annihilation against us – the third world war. We must bring together all our deepest national potential to repel this attack. With all means: thought, military force, economy, culture, art, internal mobilisation of all state structures and each of us.”

Regardless of whether you accept Dugin’s claim that Russia is the righteous one in this war, you cannot refute his description of the morally bankrupt West.

According to the late military analyst Dr. Peter Pry, Russia’s nuclear advantage is such that it could use a first strike to render a U.S. response basically futile. The Russian war strategy has always been predicated on the idea that a nuclear war is winnable.

There are reports Putin has already started arresting Russians who protest his partial mobilization. The man is serious. I get the feeling Biden is just playing around, poking the bear a little harder each time as instructed by his globalist handlers. That will be tantamount to playing with fire. Nuclear fire.

At the same time Putin was announcing Wednesday his call up of more troops, Biden was at the U.N. delivering a scathing beat down of Putin.

Biden said in his U.N. speech that the U.S. is not looking for conflict with China. But he did not say that about Russia. Is this the conflict his regime wants?

Do Biden’s handlers not know that conflict with Russia almost certainly means conflict with China as well? Certainly Biden’s handlers are aware that the two nations, Russia and China, signed a military cooperation pact last year. Why are they pretending like only one half of that alliance is our enemy? That will backfire on the U.S. big time. Maybe that’s been the plan all along, to poke and prod the bear until he lashes out, then the U.S. puts up a meek defense before ultimately surrendering to China.

It’s important to note that Russia has only mobilized its reservists three times in modern history – that was in the lead up to World War I in July 1914, World War II in June 1941, and now against NATO on Sept. 21, 2022.

Putin announced the partial mobilization during a rare televised address on Wednesday.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, speaking at a press conference, said the numbers of fresh recruits would be around 300,000. He said the reason for the partial call to arms was, as Putin explained in his address, because Russia is “now confronted with the military potential of NATO and a number of other unfriendly countries” in Ukraine.

While Russia is mobilizing, Biden is not acting like a president preparing for a major war with the very superpower he’s been publicly bashing and chastising. He has downsized the U.S. Army, kicking out about 10 percent of the soldiers and making it impossible to recruit new ones by requiring them to take experimental mRNA jabs. Many of the soldiers who have taken the jabs are now getting sick.

Biden has also opened up the Southern border and allowed more than 4 million illegal border crossings to occur since January 2021, many of them are men of military age, potential sleeper cells that Russia-China-Iran will be able to activate at a time of their choosing to attack Americans.

Todd Bensman, author of Border Wars and a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, stated in a Sept. 20 interview with Brannon Howse that the number of illegal migrants on the FBI terrorist watchlist apprehended at the border in fiscal 2022 has soared 400 percent. This data comes directly from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s own website.

2.15 million illegals have crossed into the U.S. in the first 11 months of the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

“So we will probably end up with 2.5 million by the end of September,” Bensman said. And that’s just the ones who have been apprehended by Border Patrol officers. It doesn’t include those who slipped through undetected.

There’s a category of illegal migrants classified as “other,” which includes people from terrorist-harboring countries like Somali, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Sudan. More than 93,000 “others” came through illegally in 2022, according to Bensman. Turkey, a terrorist sponsoring country, delivered 13,000 to the U.S. this year, up from 1,600 last year.

“Bad guys know our southern border is open, it’s vulnerable,” Bensman told Howse.

This has actually been going on since the 1990s and it really ramped up in the early 2000s, not only in terms of illegal crossings into America from people in countries that hate us, but also legal transfers of millions of refugees from the same bad-actor countries. This was the topic of my 2017 book, Stealth Invasion, which is more pertinent today than when it was written.

Bensman also spoke to the Daily Mail, which summarized his comments as follows:

  • US Customs and Border Protection caught 78 migrants on the FBI’s terror watch trying to illegally cross the US-Mexico border this year. That’s five-fold increase from last year, which saw a record-high 15. 
  • Todd Bensman puts the blame on Joe Biden, who put an end to a Trump-era policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.
  • By allowing these migrants to enter the U.S., Bensman said terrorists have sought out opportunities to take advantage of the chaotic borders to sneak in.
  • The US has already allowed two migrants on the terror watchlist to slip through the cracks earlier this year.

At the same time he’s opened the border, Biden has also drawn down the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to the lowest levels since the days of President Jimmy Carter.

All of this adds up to create an extremely dangerous situation should the U.S. go to war with Russia-China.

And while Russia and China are mobilizing, Biden said at the U.N. that the U.S. is focused not on fighting Russia-China, but on fighting “climate change.”

No, this regime is not acting like a government would act if it knew world war was likely to occur in the next six to 12 months or even two years from now.

You would be dropping the vax mandates, dropping the self-destructive fixation on climate change, ramping up domestic energy production that would be needed to fight the war, and you would be sealing off the borders so enemy combatants couldn’t enter.

But instead, the Biden regime concentrates not on foreign enemy combatants slipping across the border but on “domestic extremists” (i.e. Trump supporters) and moms attending school board meetings. These domestic “extremists” are the biggest threat to the republic, he says, not the military might of China-Russia.

We, the United States, could not be more ill-prepared for war with Russia-China than we are right now. We are extremely vulnerable and I would not be surprised if the Biden regime is actively working for the other side. I find it difficult to believe that any administration not sold out to the enemy would be doing the opposite of everything a legitimate government would be doing if it knew war with an opposing superpower was on the near horizon.

It would appear judgment is coming to America. Prepare accordingly. Get your house in order, physically, mentally and spiritually. War is coming. And the U.S. military isn’t going to ride to your rescue.

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  1. Dear Leo.
    What I would like to share with you and your audience now may not directly relate to the string of posts, but I don’t know how to post it otherwise. I am finding it very important and relevant to current domestic and worldwide situation and worth reading and possibly discussing.

    It is a letter dated 27 September 2022 from Carlo Maria Vigano, Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio.

    Thanks Bob


    on the current political situation in Italy

    The new political situation that emerges from the recent elections confirms the common feeling of the electorate that some were able to grasp in advance. After two years of disturbing violations of the most elementary rights, and after two governments that have shown us that they are simply obeying the orders of supranational entities who act against the interests of Italy and the Italian people, the vote that has brought into power the so-called Center-Right led by the political party Fratelli d’Italia has unequivocally expressed support for a precise political line that goes far beyond the modest proposals of the program of the coalition parties.

    This is evident above all from the fact that within this alliance there has been a redistribution of consensus in favor of that party that has been instinctively deemed worthy of the vote as the only opposition party. A very moderate opposition, but still an opposition, more in the perception of the average citizen than in reality.

    The so-called “anti-system” parties, fragmented and convinced that they could overcome the 3% barrier that would have permitted them sitting in Parliament, have about one million voters when taken all together. This is due both to the decision – by no means a coincidence – of the resigning Government to convene the Electoral Rallies in the middle of summer; as well as to the very low visibility granted to them by the mainstream media; and to the lack of consistency of their program, whose credibility and feasibility seemed unconvinced and therefore destined to the dispersion of the vote.

    Another hard-hearted guest is the abstentionist party, which stands at around 36%, but which sees within itself different and opposite motivations difficult to reduce to simply a generic “dissent.” It is therefore completely out of place, in my opinion, to want to connote abstention politically, attributing its representation in phantom non-voting parties, precisely because the choice not to go to the polls also implies the choice of not having any political representation. Certainly, most of the abstainers express the will not to accept taking part in a game, so to speak, in which the rules are decided by others. But to these must also be added those who do not vote due to trivial disinterest, or more simply – and this seems to me to be the case of the majority – because they are disgusted by a political class that has proven to be unworthy and corrupt beyond words. In this, Fratelli d’Italia was partly saved because it had the caution to remain in the opposition, often inert or complicit, but at least officially outside the Draghi government.

    On the other hand, the Partito Democratico [PD], the emblem of the radical chic Left that has never been sufficiently abhorred, and which has replaced the class struggle against the bosses with the struggle between those who are poor fueled by the globalist elite, has not been saved either. The Italian Dems have combined the worst of communist collectivism with the worst of consumer liberalism, in the name of an agenda that benefits the high finance lobby using emergencies like pandemics, energy crises and wars with the sole purpose of destroying the traditional social fabric. Not that the other parties present together with the PD in the last government were better: the blow suffered in the elections by Lega, Forza Italia and other minor parties is directly proportional to the ways in they have betrayed those who have voted for them. And if the absolute inconsistency of Luigi Di Maio was definitively sanctioned by his lack of re-election, it is clear that Giuseppe Conte was able to benefit from the incentive – at the limit of the exchange vote – of the citizenship income: his demonstrated ineptitude did not change the voting intentions of a bevy of far from disinterested clients.

    Many of the votes lost by the PD have poured into Fratelli d’Italia, and this further confirms the expectations of those who have chosen the right-wing of Giorgia Meloni not for what it is, but for what it potentially can be; not for what she has said it will do, but for what everyone actually expects she to do. A Meloni who defends those sound basic principles of civil coexistence, palely inspired by the Social Doctrine of the Church, but which Italians are not willing to give up: protection of the natural family, respect for life, security and the fight against illegal immigration, an end to gender and LGBTQ+ indoctrination for minors, freedom of enterprise, the presence of the State in strategic assets, a greater weight in European affairs and – God willing! – the exit from the euro and the return to national sovereignty. In short, Meloni is expected to behave like the leader of a moderate right-wing party, tendentially conservative, moderately sovereigntist. Nothing extreme – certainly not extreme right – in spite of the alarmist proclamations of the Left; but at least not aligned with a NATO-prone Atlanticism or the suicidal Europeanism that characterized the action of the Draghi government, nor elected out of ideological fury against the destruction of civilization, culture, religion, and the identity of the Italian people.

    According to some observers, the new movements – either deliberately or simply allowing themselves be used by the system – have merely formed a fictitious opposition, making them prefer the logic of “holding their noses” by voting for Fratelli d’Italia. But in truth there are actually two fictitious oppositions: one internal to the system, Atlanticist and pro-European, and one external and divided into various parties, nominally anti-European and anti-Atlanticist, but composed of characters with a past that is inconsistent, to say the least, with the new programs. Many candidates of these anti-system movements were certainly honest people, largely homines novi, but it is undeniable that their presence has failed to convince those who consider it urgent not only to give a signal of strong discontent, but to see this discontent translate in the short term into incisive and determined government actions that remedy the disasters of the two previous legislatures. Lega and Forza Italia have had a significant hemorrhage of voters, in my opinion motivated by the prostration of their leaders and key figures on the pandemic narrative and the Ukrainian crisis: Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi decided to obey the European Union, the WHO, NATO and the diktats of their World Economic Forum puppet masters. An evil choice, as we have seen, which has been severely punished at the polls, but which remains largely shared also by Giorgia Meloni, who is a member of the Aspen Institute (which is part of the Rockefeller Foundation) and is openly Atlanticist and pro-European.

    In essence, the disconnect between voters and elected representatives, between citizens and the political class, has been repeated in the form of “desire,” so to speak, attributing to Fratelli d’Italia a role that the party itself has declared for weeks that it does not want to assume, since it does not intend to question either the policies of the European Union or the aims of NATO and the American deep state. It is as if the average Italian had decided to vote for Meloni despite her being openly in continuity with the Draghi agenda, as if to force her hand so that – by virtue of an overwhelming majority – she gets bold and takes those steps that until the eve of the Elections she promised not to take. And just as there are some who fear that Meloni will behave “like a fascist” and who for this reason cry out for the democratic emergency threatening expatriation, so there are many – certainly all the voters of Fratelli d’Italia – who hope and pray that she acts as an Italian, as a patriot, and as a Christian. And that they will be know how to overlook the fact that in order to get to the Palazzo Chigi [the see of the PM] she gave reassurances that in reality she could deny in fact. It remains to be seen whether the first woman Prime Minister will be able to distinguish herself from her predecessors or if she will prefer to bow to the deep state and continue the betrayal of Italian people.

    On the other hand, if the democratic vote must sanction those who represent the will of the sovereign people, Meloni herself cannot fail to take into account the fact that her voters demand radical choices from her, and that they consider her pre-election moderation simply as a strategic move to reassure “the markets.” Choices that even many members of Lega and Forza Italia would look upon favorably, beyond the vaccine or warmongering zeal of this or that parliamentarian or governor.

    Salvini’s own words of remorse – just a few days before the vote – regarding the approval of lockdowns and the vaccine obligation, betray his awareness that the deliberate suicide of these parties by their leaders has been badly digested by the grassroots. The same thing is happening in Fratelli d’Italia, where Meloni’s position on sending arms to Ukraine and on sanctions against the Russian Federation is not shared by one part of her party, both because it is blatantly self-defeating and because it is based on the false supposition that the international interlocutors will remain the same, without any significant changes. It is not absolutely certain that the Democrats will retain power in the US mid-term elections in November, or that the investigations of Special Counsel John Durham will not involve Biden and his family, along with other Democrat politicians, in the scandals that are now emerging in the American mainstream. And it is not certain that the interventionist policy of the European Union and NATO in Ukraine will remain unchanged in the face of evidence of the repeated bombardments by Zelensky against the civilians in Donbass and the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine, in the face of the success of referendums calling for annexation by Russia, and the way that sanctions [against Russia] have been a total disaster for European countries. Finally, the contiguity of the Biden administration with Kiev could lead to a chain reaction of changes, in which Biden sees the precarious electoral consensus he enjoys further eroded, making support for the puppet government desired by Victoria Nuland cease and consequently allowing for peace negotiations which until now have been stubbornly hindered by Washington. And given President Trump’s political clout and his declared hostility to the American deep state, a peacemaking deal would certainly be closer and more enduring if he were to return to the White House.

    We know that today’s politicians do not have the gift of honoring the commitments they have made to their electorate. Nonetheless, can we reasonably think that the next Prime Minister will want to review her pro-Atlantic and European positions, returning to role of being the true right-wing alternative to the hegemony of ordoliberalism and the woke left? In this case, it would be the voters who would benefit from it, and those who saw themselves “betrayed” would have no right to claim the violation of Italy’s pacts of submission to the European Commission, since they had no right to stipulate them in the first place. The “betrayal” of the powers hostile to Italy would be a virtuous action, since it would restore the sovereignty that has been usurped by the elite. Conversely, obeying the elite and not following the interests of the Nation would be an act of betrayal by the new government against those who have voted it into power. If the elite can be expected to boycott Italy (by means of spreads, interest rates, withdrawal of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan [PNRR]…) it is to be feared that the people, betrayed for the umpteenth time, in a condition of growing poverty and the deliberate persecution of businesses and workers, will barricade and protest as a result of their exasperation, something that we see the first signs of in other countries. In evaluating the costs and benefits, I want to hope that the Meloni government will not want to be complicit in this subversive operation which damages our country.

    It is difficult to believe that the financial oligarchy has not taken this possibility into account. It is easier to believe that it was precisely in order to manage the exit strategy and contain the damage both on the front of the pandemic and vaccine fraud as well as on the front of the Great Reset, the digital transition and the green emergency that is strongly desired by the World Economic Forum (for ideological reasons) and by China (for economic reasons).

    It seems to me that many people are becoming aware of the very serious coup d’état that is being carried out by supranational powers, capable of interfering with a heavy hand with the activities of governments and international bodies. The world of business and work is beginning to understand the deliberate action of destruction of the national economic fabric that has been carried out first by Covid and then by the war in Ukraine. Every decision, every rule, every decree imposed by Draghi – with or without a parliamentary vote – has been deliberately chosen in order to cause the greatest damage possible for citizens, for companies, for employees, for pensioners, and for students. Anything that would have avoided deaths, full hospitals, closed businesses and increases in unemployment has been scientifically excluded, carrying out instead whatever action would be most devastating, in blatant contrast to the announced goals. Today we see thousands of companies which consume vast amount of energy destined to suspend production or completely close down because the outgoing Draghi government does not intend to stop the scandalous speculation of [Italian multinational oil company] ENI on the price of energy that it also pays for at prices that are ten times lower. The market is being allowed to reign unchallenged, so that the Amsterdam stock exchange can destroy the economy of nations, disproportionately enrich multinational corporations, and serve the interests of the elite that is pressing for the establishment of a technological dictatorship in compliance with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. An agenda that, today, is the object of indoctrination in the schools beginning in the elementary grades, and which ties PNRR funding to reforms and new unsustainable spending cuts.

    If the globalist narrative is beginning to show signs of abating, especially among the classes that are normally the most influenced by the mainstream, those who hold power – real power, I mean – have probably already prepared for the next scenario, and are organizing a plan to sacrifice the scapegoats who, inevitably, the crowd will want to see on the chopping block. It will thus get rid of those inconvenient accomplices who are no longer useful, satisfying the people’s thirst for justice and even presenting themselves in the role of savior and moral authority. The chosen victims will clearly be the most zealous apostles of the psychopandemic, the “virostars” [fake celebrity virologists] in conflicts of interest, some institutional representatives and perhaps a few “philanthropists” whom by condemnation the elite could also eliminate as their most annoying competitors. And it is not to be excluded that Bergoglio himself, the endorser of gene serums and the high priest of neo-pagan globalism, will fall victim to the execration of Catholics, who are tired of being treated as enemies, just as citizens are exasperated by the hostility of their rulers.

    Giorgia Meloni is, for the moment, a potential prime minister. She is such for those who expect Fratelli d’Italia to be the voice of that true and motivated dissent against the entire political class, and that as such acts with strength and determination without allowing itself to be intimidated. She is a potential prime minister for those who have decided to grant her the trust that others have repeatedly disappointed and betrayed. This is an irrational gesture, motivated by growing concern for the fate of the nation and by the idea that an overwhelming majority in Parliament can give the new government certainty of action to make strong choices, for which it will obtain support from the electorate, to which it must respond as an expression of the will of the people. She is a potential prime minister because the two preceding prime ministers were anything but leaders, since they were simply the serving boys for Ursula Von der Leyen, Klaus Schwab or Joe Biden. If Giorgia Meloni really wants to be prime minister in actuality and not only potentially, she must first of all stand up against those who have not been elected by anyone and yet presume the power of giving stamps of political presentability to democratically elected heads of government whenever they find themselves in very serious conflicts of interests, beginning with Ursula’s text messages to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla [negotiating a megadeal for vaccines], continuing with the membership of world leaders in the World Economic Forum and concluding with Biden’s involvement in the financing of NASA biolabs in Ukraine and in the affairs of the main energy company in Kiev.

    Italy is a nation that can recover, as it has always done in the past, if she learns how to recover the pride of her true identity, her true history, and her true destiny in the plans of Providence. For decades, the Italian people have suffered as a result of decisions taken elsewhere, which have brought them nothing but damage and humiliation. The moment has come to raise our heads, to reject with disdain the “resilience” that requires us to be beaten without reacting. The dystopian world of globalism must be rejected and fought against not only for our own sakes, but also for the sake of our children, to whom each of us wants to leave a peaceful future with solid economic prospects for raising a family, without feeling marginalized or criminalized because we do not accept resigning ourselves to subversive plans that have been made by those who want to make us eat insects and force us into slavery, with the sole purpose of making us poor and controlling us in every aspect of our daily lives.

    But this – I say this as a Pastor, addressing myself in particular to Catholics – will be possible only if Italians recognize that the justice, peace, and prosperity of a Nation can be obtained only where Christ reigns, where His law is observed, and where the common good is placed ahead of personal profit and the thirst for power. Let us turn to the Lord, and the Lord will know how to reward our faithfulness. Let us turn with confidence to Mary Most Holy, our Heavenly Mother, asking her to intercede with Her Son for our beloved Italy.

    + Carlo Maria Vigano

    Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio

    27 September 2022

    Ss. Cosmæ et Damiani, Martyrum

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    1. My country, China, is also about to go to war with Taiwan. He is not liked by others. He is always stubborn. He and other members of the Communist Party connive at it. Capitalists squeeze employees. Chinese civilians are half dead when they go to school. It is not easy to get a college diploma, but also to be squeezed by Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Ren Zhengfei and other capitalists after work. Our situation is very bad and dark. We have no welfare and no security. The bottom people will only keep their inherent thinking. Their thinking is rigid. They only think that going to school and finding a job are the only way out, and they are ignorant of the immediate danger. And no one resists.


  2. It is the West who have threatened Russia with Nuclear war – not the other way around.
    In his speech, Putin said:
    Nuclear blackmail has also been deployed. We are not only talking about the Western-sponsored bombing of the Zaporozhie nuclear power plant, which threatens to cause a nuclear catastrophe, but also about the statements of certain high representatives of the leading NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons – against Russia.
    I would like to remind those who make such statements about Russia that our country also has various means of defense, some of which are more advanced than those of the NATO countries. If our territorial integrity is threatened, we will of course use all the means at our disposal to defend Russia and our people. This is not a bluff.
    Full text of speech:

    So, he did not actually directly threaten anyone with nuclear war – he simply said – if they attack us, we will defend ourselves by all the means at our disposal.

    I learned a long time ago that Western media and Government propaganda could not be trusted. They have lied about the Israel/Palestinian conflict, they have lied about the covid fraud and the deadly ‘vaccine’ and they are lying about the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

    It is important to know that the conflict between the Kiev Regime and the Eastern Regions of Donetsk and Lugansk has been going on for 8 years, since the US engineered Coup of 2014. At that time, an anti-Russian government with strong Nazi elements was installed and they have conducted a barbaric civil war against the Ethnic Russian/Russian Speaking people of Eastern Ukraine – who voted in a referendum to become autonomous regions, following the coup. Well over 14,000 civilians have been killed. The Ukrainian Military / Nazi Battalions deliberately shell civilians and civilian infrastructure, schools, hospitals, churches, theatres, villages, towns and cities.
    As Putin said in his speech: ‘The descendants of the Banderists and Nazi punishers are killing people, torturing, imprisoning, settling scores, slaughtering and torturing civilians.’

    I know this is true, as I have seen dozens of interviews with the people who have lived under this terror. I have seen photos and videos of dismembered bodies of men, women and children, who have been the victims of Ukrainian shelling including cluster ammunition containing little metal arrows and metal balls and Butterfly mines, which explode when someone stands on them. I have seen the body of a woman in a school basement in Mariupol, tortured and murdered – with a swastika painted on her stomach in her own blood. The Azov Nazi Battalion had its headquarters in Mariupol.

    The Ukrainian Military/Nazi Battalions have habitually used the civilian population as human shields, installing tanks between apartment blocks, beside homes and schools and taking over civilian homes, from which they target the Russian DPR Forces, knowing that the Russian side will not deliberately attack civilians. Most of the destruction of the cities and towns has been caused by the Ukrainian side, who shell areas they retreat from and set fire to homes.
    All of the ‘atrocities’ that I know about, for which Russian troops have been blamed, have actually been carried out by the Ukrainian Nationalists.

    The people are desperate for Russia to help them, and this is indeed why the Special Military Operation was launched on February 24th this year. The people of the Donbass asked Russia to intervene directly.

    Russia launched the SMO for three reasons: to demilitarise and de-nazify Ukraine and to rescue/aid the people of the Donbass who have lived under what amounts to genocide for these 8 years.

    Most of the fighting in the Donbass since the SMO began, has not been between the Russian Military and the Ukrainian Military, but between the Donbass Militias and the Ukrainian Military. The Militias have done the infantry fighting; the Russians have given them artillery support, air support, intelligence and command and control. They have been severely limited in how they operate by the terms of the SMO.

    There are 150,000 Russian troops involved in operations in Ukraine.
    There were 340,000 in the Ukrainian Military at the start of the SMO.
    The Ukrainian Military are armed, trained and financed by NATO. The US, EU and UK have given the Kiev Regime billions of dollars/euros/pounds in lethal ‘aid’ – and these weapons are being used to kill civilians.

    In Kerson Region, in the south – it was the Russian Military who were deployed, and during the recent Offensive, the Ukrainians suffered terrible losses, whilst gaining nothing.
    The Russians have occupied large areas of the Kharkov Region, in the North-East, but recently withdrew from that area. They wanted to concentrate on the Donbass / Kherson border.
    When Ukrainian Soldiers began their recent Kharkov offensive, hailed as a great sucess for Ukraine and a monumental defeat for Russia, they were going into undefended territory. The Russians then bombarded them with artillery from their new positions.
    Wherever Ukrainian Troops have fought Russian Troops – they have come off badly.

    In 2014, 85% of the population of the Donbass voted to join the Russian federation and no-one paid any attention.
    Now new Referendums have been requested. The voting is taking place from September 23rd -27th. It is likely that the people will overwhelmingly support joining Russia. The results of the Referendum will be sent to the Duma, the Duma will vote to incorporate these territories into Russia, Putin will sign the relevant law, and they will become part of Russia possibly before the end of September.
    At that point, these territories will be part of Russia and Russia will be committed to defending them. If Ukraine attacks these territories – they will be attacking Russian territory and Russia will respond accordingly, as is their right under the UN Charter.
    The SMO will no longer be in effect once these Regions are part of Russia. Until now, the Russian Military has been assisting the Donbass Militias, but that will now change.
    The 300,000 reservists in the Russian Military – are all reservist contract soldiers, not conscripts. They will receive a short refresher training.
    The Western Governments are making up all kinds of stories about Putin panicking; but it is they who are panicking. This has not happened overnight: it must have been in the works for a month or two.

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      1. There are two Americas. The elitists and the minions who serve them. And the real American people. The middle class. The commoners the Democrats who claim to champion the “poor” and “workers” openly despise and threaten. I don’t care if Putin drops a bomb on DC. Our own leaders and CEO’s of our wealthiest corporations have declared war on us. All our institutions want us dead. This is scary to contemplate,

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    1. Daily it becomes more and more clear that the collective West especially the US wants a war of obliteration with Russia. It is the criminals leading our government that is using Ukraine as a dagger against Russia and forcing it to fight a useless war until it is utterly destroyed. It is our officials threatening nuclear war against Russia. It is widely suspected that the US sabotaged the Nordstream pipeline to make sure Germany will not negotiate with Russia for natural gas. This was an unprecedented terrorist attack which can only push the world closer to WWIII. This present administration is the most evil, dangerous, reckless and irresponsible in US history. Ashamed to have to say that our own government is the real enemy to true American patriot s and to mankind. I never thought our country could sink so low morally and ethically on the international stage (not to mention what’ it’s doing domestically). Judgment day coming for us if this continues and we all are made complicit in this evil administration’s crimes.

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      1. My country, China, is also about to go to war with Taiwan. Xi Jin Ping He is not liked by others. He is always stubborn. He and other members of the Communist Party connive at it. Capitalists squeeze employees. Chinese civilians are half dead when they go to school. It is not easy to get a college diploma, but also to be squeezed by Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Ren Zhengfei and other capitalists after work. Our situation is very bad and dark. We have no welfare and no security. The bottom people will only keep their inherent thinking. Their thinking is rigid. They only think that going to school and finding a job are the only way out, and they are ignorant of the immediate danger. And no one resists.


  3. Hello Leo
    I don’t see any reference to America in biblical eschatology. I believe that’s because the time is coming when America will cease to be an independent superpower and will cease to dominate over future world events. It will become an extension of a new homogenous world government and will lose its individual identity.

    The American government is a Trojan horse and is fighting a stealth war against the American people in order to break them down so that America can be assimilated into the NWO.

    The first act of modern warfare is to breakdown the infrastructure of the country you are about to invade. This is exactly what the American government is doing. They are pitting the American people against each other with their polarisation of left versus right politics. They are displacing the work force with foreign migrants. They are using a powerful stealth weapon, i.e., the poison vaxx, which will injure and cause the slow death of many Americans.

    Anti-personnel land mines are designed to injure and not to immediately kill a soldier. The idea is that a wounded soldier places much more stress on the remaining soldiers and slows them down and weakens their resolve.

    The poison vax cocktails have the same effect on many people and are being used to cripple the health service and the American workforce. This destructive weapon will become more evident in the winter months, as has been the case in Australia and will continue to do its damage during the coming years. The damage done by the poison jabs will be explained away by ‘long Covid’ etc.

    I believe that the banter between Biden and Putin is just choreography designed to inflame people’s anger and fear in the same way that Trump was pitted against the Chinese.

    I believe that Putin and Biden are working for the same global elites and are acting as a cloak for the global reset agenda. But I believe that for this agenda to succeed it is necessary to scupper the American democratic process through medical emergencies, food shortages, and fuel shortages.

    I don’t see a nuclear war happening because radiation is indiscriminate and becomes airborne where it can affect even the elites themselves. Nobody wins a modern nuclear war when there are so many countries equipped with nuclear weapons.
    The vaxx on the other hand is a precision weapon and the payload/cocktail can be selective depending on the person/s being targeted.

    There has been a massive influx of migrants into America. I believe that this is designed to fragment any social cohesion that exists which will help to further fragment what’s left of American democracy.

    So, these are just some of my opinions for what they are worth.

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    1. I agree they don’t prefer the nuclear option and that it would be the last option. But Putin is a wildcard. He is not under their control. He could also explode an EMP in the upper atmosphere to avoid the radiation to which you referred.


      1. Hello Leo, I personally think that Putin is following orders and playing the role of a religious conservative just like Trump. I see Putin as a very intelligent and competent politician, but sadly he has been through the Klaus Schwab school for global leaders.

        With regard to nuclear explosions:

        ” In an air burst, the fireball never touches the ground, and radioactivity rises into the stratosphere. This reduces local fallout but enhances global fallout. ”

        So, it is too indiscriminate in my view.

        But there is the option of using a non-nuclear EMP bomb.

        However, if they want to cause chaos electronically there is also the option of a massive cyber-attack. Schwab has warned about the likelihood of a comprehensive cyber-attack in the future. So, I think that this will be the weapon of choice.

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      2. I just happened to send this contacts to remind them to get alternative source heat in case it happens this winter. When “they” say they are going to do something it is a guarantee they WILL do it!


      3. It is baffling that the U.S. is so pushed to meddle in affairs of other nations and their squabbles every chance they get. Many on both sides are killed and nothing the U.S. does is beneficial. All voluntary military is a choice, but drafting men is enslavement. If Ukraininas or Russians want to fight for their country it is none of our business to meddle. In 77 yrs the U.S. has never won a war. Men died in vain.

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    2. Absolutely correct analysis and. The Putin/
      Biden spectacle, the Ukraine/EU drama, the plague are just episodes of the same mind game directed by the same suspects to create a desired illusion and distraction. And to dismantle civilization as we know it.. All I can add to it is that for the same reason they will not use nukes they will never use a real and deadly “bio-weaponized” germ: those things are incontrollable and they would not be able to escape the consequences themselves, as anybody else. Today’s warfare is information, knowledge and perception game. They are masters of it, because they own and control every aspect of global existence. They just need us, the 98% to acquiesce to their plans to be able to achieve their goal. Without our consent and cooperation they are unable to get to the next stage. So let’s start with ourselves individually and see what happens.

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      1. Hello robal2

        I think the covid 19 virus doesn’t exist which is why they had to hijack the Flu and relabel it.
        Like you, I don’t see them releasing a deadly “bio-weaponized” germ,
        into the air.
        I believe, however that the jabs contain a variety of cocktails which can be selected in order to achieve the desired results. I believe that it can be used to compromise the immune system of those who receive it and will cause them to succumb to existing viruses such as the Flu etc. due the cytokine storm effect as stated by Professor Dolores Cahill and others.
        Along with this the vaccine causes myocarditis and other illnesses which are not contagious.

        But I believe that the jab contents vary and therefore its effects on people will vary.

        The fake Covid pandemic was just a ruse to frighten people into taking the poison jab, in my opinion.

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      2. As I said before, you are spot on and I do agree with everything you are saying. The fake vax are the real weapon sold to majority of population as the only solution to the problems they created. The virus is a total hoax, has never been proven to exist, and it’s based on a computer modeling. It has all the attributes of common cold/influenza characteristics. Forget Wuhan lab, forget gain of function, forget bio-weapons. Smokes and mirrors.
        It’s totally fake but blown out of proportion by official narrative enforced by the apparatus of totalitarian coersion and propaganda in order to bring about more fear and total control over population. Why?
        To scare people shitless and bring even the biggest septics to the point of going with the crowd, the majority, even if it doesn’t make any sense. What for? To make them consent and willingly take the real virus, the real bioweapon, the real population decimator in short and long term: THE FAKE VACCINES.
        Of course they are poison, of course they kill and maim people in millions worldwide and of course it is just a beginning, because they are long range (term) missiles.
        But the real reason is to mess up with human DNA in order to create a future “new human”, physically internet connected and totally controlled. There has been tons of books and writings by the famous and less famous in the span of last century who were never kidding about the long standing plans and agendas.
        There is a Swedish study done recently which proves without a doubt that mRNA fake vaccines interfere and change native human DNA forever. And this is just the beginning, the sequels and many of them will play in theaters near you when everyone on the globus gets this first portion of the poison. As the psychopathic self-proclaimed professor and philosopher Harare put it in his “prophetic” words: “the human is now a hackable animal”.

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      3. ‘The fake Covid pandemic was just a ruse to frighten people into taking the poison jab, in my opinion.”

        To use a pop culture phrase; Pass ‘Go” and collect $100.00″


      4. “They just need us, the 98% to acquiesce to their plans to be able to achieve their goal. Without our consent and cooperation they are unable to get to the next stage. So let’s start with ourselves individually and see what happens.”

        Might need them to take their noses out of their phones for awhile.


    3. elfmom55 September 22, 2022 at 9:21 pm

      Hello elfmom thanks for uploading the video. That’s the very video I was referring to in my comment.

      Yep, it looks like Klaus is setting the narrative for a future event, planned by him and his cronies.

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      1. @robal2 September 22, 2022 at 11:08 pm

        Thanks robal for the link.

        I remember watching this video before and like you, I am convinced that the Covid vaxx cocktail is a crucial component for transhumanism.

        I think Schwab and Harari are a good barometer of what is planned by the global elites.

        Schwab says in the video:

        “The difference of this fourth industrial revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing it changes YOU! if you take genetic editing eh! just as an example. It is YOU who are changed and of course this has a big impact on your identity.

        The interviewer nails it when he says:

        “You are changing what it means to be human”

        Schwab doesn’t deny this but seems more concerned that “It raises manifold questions on the ethical but even legal eh! implications”

        He goes on to say that they would be preparing for this when they would meet in Davos.

        I agree that they are messing with human DNA in order to create a future “new human”, physically internet connected and totally controlled.

        The fake vaccine is an integral part of this, and I believe it is what Schwab is referring to when he says it “changes YOU”

        Previous industrial revolutions changed how people did their work. The changes were external but now the technology will be in people’s biology “changing what it means to be human”

        That is what Schwab and his cronies have planned for the human race according to my understanding.

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      2. Thank you for the link to David Icke. I haven’t listened to him for a long time. WOW! At the very end of his video it shows how he knew in 2015 what and why about Russia and Ukraine and where this is all going and he was RIGHT! Makes me want to get his book.


      3. You are welcome elfmom55.
        If w wish I can send add some, I have many more and they are all great and very relevant


  4. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US/NATO has been trying to take apart the Russian Federation and break it into a dozen or more little countries for domination and exploitation by the West. Before us, it was the UK pursuing that policy since the fall of Tsar Nicholas II and even today their media is rabidly anti-Russian during this Ukrainian conflict Our neocon and neoliberal leaders have explicitly stated their destroy-Russia goal for years, so how else are the Russians to interpret our actions and attitudes except that we mean to annihilate them as a nation and a people? Putin, in his latest speech, did not exaggerate the threat he and Russia generally perceives from the West. To them, we appear to be no different from the invading forces of the Teutonic Knights, Napoleon or Hitler in past history, all examples as to why Russia cannot trust the West.

    And our use of the Ukraine as a dagger against Russia? We toppled the Ukrainian government in 2014 in one of our many color revolutions our black ops conduct around the world for sport. Biden and his depraved son have long profited from the money laundering and other corruption there, which is why today billions of dollars are flowing there every other week for the futile Ukrainian war effort. We arm and train the Ukrainian Nazis who are the ones doing the atrocities there against fellow Ukrainians wanting to escape the war or remain neutral. (Recently one member of the Nazi Azov brigade was even honored at Disneyworld. That sure shows our moral blindness.). Our alliance with the Ukrainian Nazis is especially alarming to Russia which lost 20 million people in their last war with Nazis. Does our leadership not understand what a visceral dread Russia has of Nazis? Or are we now the Nazis?

    The high-tech weaponry we ship there must be manned by trained personnel so mercenaries (Western foreign troops) are directly deployed in the fray. So it’s becoming obvious that this war is not Russia against Ukraine but the US/NATO/EU against Russia. The Ukrainians were ready to negotiate peace with Russia this past March to end hostilities but UK’s Boris Johnson flew there post haste to stop peace moves and keep the war going. Since then the Ukrainians have sacrificed thousands of their men in useless operations and costly counterattacks, accomplishing nothing except to allow the West to push the process closer to WWIII, “fighting to the last Ukrainian.” A more immoral and idiotic policy I cannot imagine.

    I wish I could believe our Western leadership was made of the best and the brightest to maintain world peace but it is abundantly clear what hypocritical liars, lawless idiots, greedy and blood thirsty bastards they really are. Russian leadership has proven to be brilliant in countering our stupid self-destructive sanctions (which promises to put the EU in a serious deep freeze this winter and famine next spring). The world is dividing into 2 hostile camps. More and more nations, fed up with Western arrogance and imperialism, are joining the Russian/China alliance while the West is acting as if we’re still calling all the shots everywhere. But the West has overplayed its hand and stupidly committing suicide. And the rest of the world knows it and waiting for our fall.

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    1. I’ve read recently that the Germans are now buying Russian gas from China. But now the Germans are paying much higher prices for their gas


  5. I want to Edit my comment / Reply above to- ”
    “God , and I believe the word GOD is His Title Not His Name or another Title is -Holy Father but His Name (which has been hidden) YahWeh or Yah-Hu-Veh isn’t going to hand over to His Son Yahshua or Yah Hushua or Jesus and His Bride an inheritance of a smoking, Radiation-filled burning smoking pile of fiery rubble and billions and billions of bloody dead bodies. There will be quite a few but unless these days be shortened No flesh would be saved. There’s the key, the days being shortened. NO RAPTURES!….I don’t believe that, but God YHWH did Promise to Protect His People (Psalm 91)….
    We have to Above All be Saved and Believe in Jesus Christ / Yahshua, and Believe and Trust upon Him. Death will be required at some point as NOONE gets into Heaven in these evil corrupt suits of flesh we are currently in.
    No body knows the exact details in which are about to come upon this earth except God Almighty YHWH Above.
    “To be absent of the body is to be present with The Lord.”


  6. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The white horse and rider have ridden and entered. Next is the red horse (war) and the black horse (economic collapse). The beast system rises out of the ashes. Soon after that, they come after us as it says in Matthew 24. Almost no one in the church is prepared for that. Even though all the signs are lining up. Everyone keeps telling them that the rapture is around the corner, but it is at the end, just before the final wrath falls worldwide. Who is ready to suffer and die for Jesus? My guess: 1%. And that is the problem, regardless of when they think the rapture will take place. The church should have been ready, has no excuse, that is our calling. To carry our cross daily. All too many could only carry their cell phone daily, their remote control, their beer even. While the church was sleeping, the beast has set up house, invaded the church, and is ready to unleash the one world government, economy, and religion. It’s all in place. Any minute now.

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    1. It would appear as close; although we can’t say when. If, perhaps enough were to amend their lives it might be averted but then again, how many are willing/ It’s such an amoral society.


      1. Thanks for the blog. Precisely why I quit attending catholic celebrations some time ago. I think it was right after Benedict to Francis mafia style pathetic transition and initiation.


    2. The Church, at least the Roman-Catholic one not only was sleeping throughout the corona hoax, it actually took an active role in strengthening and legitimizing of all the lies of the process. At least higher hierarchy with Vatican at the frontline.

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      1. Protestant church splits over covid shots, for example: an anti vaccine pastor spoke out, pro shot people left and went elsewhere. Or pastor pushing shots (hyping them) people left, some never went stayed home and found sermons online. Some home church w/ family.


    3. While the church was sleeping, the beast has set up house, invaded the church,

      I don’t know what church you are talking about but I don’t think the true church of the living God that is Jesus Christ was sleeping but doing what they have been called to do . Preach the word , pray , worship , gather together, to which the church I attend never stopped even during the scamdemic . As far as the horseman of the apocalypse no one really knows for sure . There have been men conquering , wars famine since the beginning of time . I’m sure they were saying the same in 1939-45 when Stalin was killing his own people and another wanted to totally eliminate a whole human race . I know people from those times , where you had to go house to house begging for a piece of bread just to survive . Disease was rampant , people being frozen alive in winter . I am not denying that things look bleak today , I agree we are entering a time that we have never seen before , but so were they back then and back then before that . I choose to look up because I believe my savior is drawing near. I will end with this quote from scripture , But God …

      Eccl: 10:14 No one really knows what is going to happen , no one can predict the future .
      Eccl: 11:5 Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God who does all things .

      Blessings !

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  7. I’m reading the article, thinking: I wonder how big a deal this really is, the mobilization of 300k reservists. Then I read this:

    “It’s important to note that Russia has only mobilized its reservists three times in modern history – that was in the lead up to World War I in July 1914, World War II in June 1941, and now against NATO on Sept. 21, 2022.”

    Well, ok. That cannot be good. It would seem, judging things merely from a historical perspective, that we are definitely not moving toward a resolution of the war, but much more of it, and much more of the world involved.

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    1. It’s not only Russia’s military, which has a huge potential. They are coming in lockstep with China and North Korea, which is evidently becoming more and more visible on world theater stage. Their military is a million soldiers strong plus nukes. And hard to predict who else. South Korea which is increasingly resembling North in their social transformation?
      They are actually more threat to USA than Russia which is more concerned with Western Europe.

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  8. Pretty scary stuff that unfortunately makes complete sense. I have a wife & one year old daughter & to have that scenario looming really saddens me. I just trust & rely on the Lord our God. Praise you Jesus!!! Thank you Leo…

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    1. Hello Spraga. My heart goes out to young parents like you, in this crazy world. Try not to get too preoccupied with what’s going on so that you can cherish this very special time with your daughter.

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  9. All going as planned for the Globalists and how incredibly fortunate they are having a brain-dead dirty-drawers in the White House!
    I don’t believe YahWeh God and His angels (Malakim) are going to allow an All-Out Nuclear War to completely annihilate the entire planet. … But it’s going o get powerful close!


      1. God and I believe that is His Title or Holy Father but His Name (which has been hidden) YahWeh or Yah-Hu-Veh isn’t going to hand over to His Son Yahshua or Yah Hushua or Jesusand His Bride an inheritance of a smoking, Radiation-filled burning smoking pile of fiery rubble and billions and billions of bloody dead bodies. There will be quite a few but unless these days be shortened No flesh would be saved. There’s the key, the days being shortened. NO RAPTURES!….I don’t believe that, but God YHWH did Promise to Protect His People (Psalm 91)….
        We have to Above All be Saved and Believe in Jesus Christ / Yahshua, and Believe and Trust upon Him. Death will be required at some point as NOONE gets into Heaven in these evil corrupt suits of flesh we are currently in.
        No body knows the exact details in which are about to come upon this earth except God Almighty YHWH Above.
        “To be absent of the body is to be present with The Lord.”


      2. @kgazin September 22, 2022 at 1:52 am

        Hello kgazin

        There will be a rapture but it won’t take place until after the great tribulation.

        “29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

        30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

        31And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” (Mathew 24:29-31)

        It is at this time that the dead in Christ are raised and the Christians living on earth will be raptured whereupon all of us will be given glorified bodies, so that we can be united with Christ who is now glorified in heaven.

        “16For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

        17Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1st Thessalonians 4:16-17)

        I agree with your opinion that God isn’t going to hand over to His Son Jesus and His Bride an inheritance of a smoking, Radiation-filled burning smoking pile of fiery rubble and billions and billions of bloody dead bodies.

        That is why Peter says :

        10 “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

        11Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

        12Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

        13Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

        So, we will be with Christ while this world gets burned up, after which we will live with Him in a new world that hasn’t been ruined by war or polluted with chemicals and radiation etc.

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  10. In June 2020, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) and then-Prince Charles (“Charles”) launched The Great Reset. In an article announcing its launch, Klaus Schwab wrote that “all aspects of our societies and economies” must be “revamped,” from education to social contracts and working conditions. “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed … In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

    Charles said: “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this [coronavirus] crisis — its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change … It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again.”

    Shortly after the launch, The Hill wrote: “Although many details about The Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets in Davos in January 2021, the general principles of the plan are clear: The world needs massive new government programs and far-reaching policies … Or put another way, we need a form of socialism.”

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  11. Please. President Putin never used the word nuclear. Not. Once. In. His. Address. He did tell NATO warmongers that he is not bluffing. And he’s not. He never does.

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    1. Just curious, Putin’s words were, “We will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.” What part of nuclear do you believe wasn’t included in his threat?

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      1. He. Never. Used. The. Word. Nuclear. Learn to read, Bob. He also didn’t say “chemical and biological weapons” or “thermobaric weapons.” Despite what the ever-mendacious American media say, it’s important to first listen and then report accurately what world leaders actually said. Let the pubic then decide what his or her words may or may not imply.


    2. And good for him. This was brought on by the coup in 2014 in which Obama/Biden forced out a Russia friendly regime in favor the the flunky government they have, now, which is merely a proxy for the US/NATO, as I understand it. Pains me to think that the US is really the ‘bad guy’ in this scenario but I believe that is the case. They want Putin out as I see it because he is an obstacle to their twisted agendas, not unlike Trump was in 2020.


  12. “Maybe that’s been the plan all along, to poke and prod the bear until he lashes out, then the U.S. puts up a meek defense before ultimately surrendering to China.”

    Of course that’s the plan. Likes you also said “I find it difficult to believe that any administration not sold out to the enemy would be doing the opposite of everything a legitimate government would be doing if it knew war with an opposing superpower was on the near horizon.”

    We are under God’s judgment. He uses wicked rulers (our own administration) and enemy nations to bring His judgment upon the nations who have rejected Him. For anyone who doesn’t believe this I recommend you go read 1 and 2 Kings to understand what God does when He brings about judgment. (Of course there is plenty of evidence of this in the NT as well, where God punishes the Jews by destroying Jerusalem and the temple and scattering them all over the world, for the rejection of their promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.)

    Our list of sins is long and growing even more egregious by the day! Our biggest crimes against God are legalized abortion, even up to and after birth, same sex marriage, openly targeting our children with transgenderism, ‘legalizing’ and mandating transhumanism, apostasy in our churches and flagrantly rejecting God and His laws in our political arena, education system, courts and law enforcement, and embracing occultism, idolatry, magic, New Ageism and the like in every aspect of our society, including our entertainment and health industries. This list is longer than what is here, and I’ve stated them from worst to least worse, which is extremely dire when occultism, idolatry, and magic are at the bottom of the pile.

    O’Biden is perfectly willing to destroy our nation and sacrifice us to our enemies to bring about the globalist agenda. I wonder which of these Useful Idiots will remain when the smoke clears.

    Frankly, I expected what is now happening to have happened sooner than Autumn of 2022. CLEARLY, God has been holding all things together, to bring as many as possible to repentance and saving faith, before it comes crashing down.

    There is only one way out, His name is Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Holy One of Israel, our Savior and Lord. If you don’t know Him, may you find Him now.

    Here is how to be saved in the Lord: turn in genuine repentance (turning to God instead of continuing to reject or ignore Him), confess your sins (admit that you are a sinner and confess that to God), understand that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). and acknowledge to God that you are unable to pay that debt, and believe that Jesus Christ paid your death sentence for you on the cross and finally, believe that Jesus is the only Way God has established by which humans may be saved from the consequences of their sin and rebellion.

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    1. The problem is that we people of spiritual worldview are making the same error over and over again. We are always expecting some external forces be it Christ, Virgin Mary, Guardian angel or God Almighty to come from the sky, preferably on a white horse, with a punishing sword and will do the job for us sinners and save us. And we will repent and be good guys from now on. That has been the programmed teaching across all Christian based religions. It’s always some long neglected god, or saint, or angel who will take care of us in times of turmoil. But guess what, it’s us who have to take responsibility for our lives and, pardon my language, our fuckups.
      Our Father and guardian has been helping us for a long time putting in front of us, in plain sight warnings, prophecies and visions to warn us but it is us who trade it off for cheap.
      So now in times of trial, we ourselves must take our future into our own hands and act in our own defense. He is still watching us and protecting and sending us overabundance of tips and messages but it is us who have to act. He ain’t coming down from heavens in Hollywood style, for sure not on a white horse.

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      1. Wow, that comment is definitely not in any way, shape, or form, Biblical.
        Instead it sounds a lot like a speech made by Gene Hackman in the old movie The Poseidon Adventure.

        You might go back and read the Exodus, the book of Joshua, the stories in Genesis, and the accounts of Gideon, Samson, Elijah and Elisha, Daniel, and too many others to count. Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim is the God of Miracles. He is not a go do-it-yourself God. What He does ask for is exclusive worship of Him, complete faith in Him, a commitment to know Him as He has revealed Himself and obedience.


    2. Here are many prophecy’s re: Amerika and there is a column re: China and Russia also. I strongly believe this woman is hearing from God. I also believe these are some of the last warnings we will be given. I rarely listen to or read what “prophets” say as there are far more false one’s than real one’s.
      Also, I wish I could “like” your comment 100 times Robin!
      The Masters Voice Prophecy Blog

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  13. No surprise, just continuation of the same agenda of bringing the Chinese system closer to the western civilization and eventually replacing the so called democracy with communist style centralized autocracy.
    Long time in the working, in lockstep. Final destination: one world governance and new order under the all seeing eye of the UN. Same people and same powers, same agenda dating back to the beginning of twentieth century (to say at least), same predictive programming. But first the old order and societal structure has to be dismantled. And that’s where wars, famine and financial collapse come in handy.
    Big Shake is just around the corner, unfortunately.

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  14. The west. Also known as the deep state/harlot/woman/rcc that rides the beast system. Rev.17 says she will be destroyed and burned with fire by the 7th head on the beast. Destroyed and burned with fire sounds a lot like what a nuke would do.
    Even so… maranatha!!

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  15. These immigrants are brought here for a reason. They are all military age young males and some females who do not care about anything except to obey the organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party. The Dems aren’t worried about the election. It’s all fixed. Pelosi’s coming back with a majority and the criminal syndicate that masquerades as the Democratic Party will have a majority in the Senate to push through all their gun grabbing, court stuffing, money printing, gender changing, climate hoax bills they can conceive of. If you oppose them they’ll frame and jail or kill you. They have their army. and they will come after anyone the Dems point at. Moving them to a military base is very convenient as they can begin their training, arming and organizing. Are we going to let the Commiecrats get away with it? I really do not see any effective opposition other than a bunch of yelling,pulling of hair, and ceaseless debate.

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  16. As far as I’m concerned, the USA is already dead. But nobody will admit it.
    The right wingers are betting on the voting system–even those who don’t worship Trump.
    The leftists aren’t even thinking about it because the MSM is silent. Even the loudest progressives are only cheering on the way things are because they imagine their comfort and convenience won’t be disrupted–as they follow the destruction of the far right MAGA extremists by smartphone from Starbucks.
    Denial abounds. Few know how bad all scenarios of our future are. Sigh.
    We need to think quit thinking nationally. Think locally and tribally. Give up on taking back our federal government.
    Looks like it’s set to self-destruct anyhow.
    Our nation is dead. I’ve already mourned my country.
    We need to form micro systems to cling to for survival.

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    1. We need to cling to Christ and the Cross alone, not survivalist strategies. No where does the Bible tell us to prep and tribalize. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make responsible plans and have provisions on hand but the survivalist mentality is secular, not remotely Biblical.

      The Bible has made very clear, almost no one is going to survive what is coming, and who in their right minds would want to?! If we are saved in Jesus Christ, we are assured that where we are going is far better than whatever remains here.

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      1. Preparing for lean times is sinful? Indolence is a virtue? You say godly folks should do nothing but roll over passively and wait. And mooch off your neighbors because of your own improvidence when the stuff hits the fan and you’re still here.
        Paul talked about this behavior in 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15. He did NOT praise them for their faith.
        By the way, I realize death will likely happen. But there are little children near me. I am trying to organize so they may not die of starvation. But YOU think we should just passively let them kill or capture these little ones as well as us without even trying to find ways to survive? I disagree.
        Even in ancient Rome they hid in catacombs. This required some planning and effort.

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      2. Ah yes, indeed, I encouraged Christians to do nothing. I advocated for indolence and said that we should mooch off our neighbors and passively wait. I also encouraged Christians to allow their little ones to be killed, or starve. Clearly you were able to read between the lines and knew what I actually meant to say. Forgive me.


      3. “We need to cling to Christ and the Cross ALONE, NOT SURVIVALIST STRATEGIES. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to prep…”
        “Survivalist mentality is…not remotely Biblical.”


      4. Joseph was called to prepare Egypt in order to preserve the Jews for the future so God could bring the Messiah through His people. The point of Revelation is clear; there’s going to be no stopping what is coming, and ultimately no surviving it, except for a small remnant, likely mostly located in Petra. The only future beyond the Tribulation is the Kingdom.

        AGAIN, I did not in any way say not to make provisions for sustenance, in fact I said, and believe the opposite. We are strongly instructed to not fear, but to trust in the Lord, and believe what He has told us in His word. I hear a whole lot of fear coming from hard core preppers. It’d be interesting to see how unselfish these same people might be when they have unsaved, starving strangers, begging at their doors.

        In Revelation 6 it’s clear it will be impossible to prepare, to hide out in caves and bunkers to escape the coming wrath. Right now, our preparation should be mostly focused on the spiritual realm, to witness to others and to be ready to approach His throne knowing that we are completely safe from His wrath. Our security is eternal.


      5. Robinlinaz Me and friends are stocking canned meats, soups, and misc. (cleaning supplies, and laundry soap, etc) to save money as prices increase. This is just common sense. Watching grocery ads also. Some are going to extreme tho’ and I don’t have the space plus I don’t can food or dehydrate (been there done that for y2k era). There are no food shortages in local grocery stores here.

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      6. I’m going to be controversial here and ask the question.

        Should we share our food with unbelievers who have not prepared when we simply don’t have enough to share with so many. And sharing our food would not save them and us it would simply deplete our resources where we would all die.
        It’s a bit like a non -swimmer jumping into a river to save a drowning person. Both will drown. The non-swimmer would be out of his depth and would do better to not jump in so that at least one less life is lost.

        The scripture that keeps popping into my mind is the ten virgins. The wise virgins looked after themselves knowing that they might need all of their supply of oil for their lanterns.
        This was a selfish act but it was a SENSIBLE act.

        When I think of young families. Should the father risk giving away food that he has painstakingly stored for his family? If he were to give out a little food then the word might get out and his supplies would most likely be stolen.

        Surely his priority is to save his family and spare them from drowning with the unbelievers who have not prepared.

        So, here’s the question:
        Is there a time when Christians should be selfish and not waste their limited resources on unbelievers who have allowed themselves to be deluded.

        Here’s my answer:
        If we look at what the early Christians did when there was famine in Judea, we see that the church sent relief to the BRETHREN / SAINTS in Judea
        Acts 11:29
        “Then the disciples, every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren which dwelt in Judaea:”
        Romans 15:25-26
        25But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints.
        26For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor saints which are at Jerusalem.

        So, we see that the early Christians focussed their charity on the brethren/saints. They didn’t spread their resources too thin which would have been a waste.
        When Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy food, did he subsequently squander the provisions so that his family was left to starve. The evidence suggests that he did NOT, since he and his dependants survived the famine and subsequently moved to Egypt.

        So, the conclusion I draw from this, is that the time is coming when Christians will have to prioritize and focus on the welfare of themselves and their families and perhaps other Christians where possible.

        That is just my opinion. I would be interested in hearing the opinion of others on this matter

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    2. Trump sold us out by pushing the Big Pharma’s dead jab that will kill millions in time and running from a stolen election. He’s one of them and sad to see so many people ‘believing’ he will safe us. He had his chance. People put their ‘hope and faith’ in the wrong places. Jesus in the answer…

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    3. Voting is useless, this nation is under control of globalist cartels (UN, WEF, EU. etc) in many countries world wide incl. the E.U. and middle east , Latin America, etc. It will never be the way it was since covid vaccines and restrictions on people, incl businesses folding several years ago. Borders wide open w/ military age men entering, who will be used for UN troops and round ups. Now 15% inflation and beginning of a housing collapse. Working people w/ 401k’s in stocks will lose big time and have to keep working. Inflation is also hurting retirees with less savings.. There will be less to pass down to heirs.

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      1. There will be nothing to pass to heirs. The globalists will seize it all as far as currency goes. BTW, if they start rounding us up as you say (it is likely) why on earth would you be worrying about retirement?

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    4. Very well stated Rachel and very true. Those who survive, and someone has to, will only achieve it through self reliance, local support of likeminded minds and micro systems tribalism.
      Nobody says to the believers not to pray and put faith in what they believe in, but even the deepest faith and devotion will not put food on the table. Historically never has. Individual civil disobedience to the tyranny and loyalty towards those who have the courage and self-esteem to stay in it has been the only way to weigh the scales towards hope.
      Procrastination, denunciation and cooperation in the hope of self-benefit are always abundand in times of danger and very much encouraged by inciting forces. They rarely protect for a long time though and, as a rule, turn against proponents of these procedures.
      This fact has been confirmed historically many times during the building of previous multitude of tyrannies.

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      1. Rachel: I havebeen retired since 2009, people working or retired want to leave something to heirs -this is normal. Giving food to door knockers: don’t answer door you may have a gun in your face. Food stored is for immediate family not the lazy ones that expect handouts. During civil unrest, smart people don’t open door to strangers. Neighbors can barter items.

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      2. I agree this is normal, Laura Ann. It’s wrong to take what you and other people have worked hard all your lives to earn. Stealing is wicked. Which is why I am 100% opposed to communism.
        But lack of retirement funds won’t matter if we’re killed in death camps. No inheritance for children is still not as bad as seeing them dead or enslaved. Just pointing out priorities. And how various frightening scenarios cancel out others.
        I also agree that the ants have the right to defend their hill against the grasshoppers. Metaphorically speaking.

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  17. Unlike our American oligarchs, if Russian elites and Politburo have any remaining sensibilities, they will toast Putin and feed him to the palace Koi!


    1. You don’t get it. WE have violated ALL of our treaties with Putin. What “they” are not telling you is that Putin is encouraging marriage, has built thousands of Christian churches in Russia, encourages higher birth rates, and is basically a conservative. The New World Order, which gives Bit’em his marching orders, hates Putin because he is a nationalist who believes in his country’s sovereignty and independence from outsiders who are trying to make the WORLD their private property to do with as they please, as well as all of the inhabitants. He’s not a perfect person, but he’s not the same guy he was decades ago. He is now his own man, he cares deeply about his country and its people, and the welfare of each…you know, like Trump does….which is WHY the NWO is trying to destroy him. That little rat in Ukraine needs to stop fostering Satanism, pedophilia, human trafficking, Nazism, and the killing of his own people….and giving permission for the US to build dozens of bio-warfare labs on the border of Russia-Ukraine, a broken promise by us to Russia. What would YOU do if the bullies on the block have you backed into an impossible corner?

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