FBI Whistleblower: Child sexual-abuse cases ‘no longer a priority’ for federal law enforcement agency

September 20, 2022

Congressman Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said Monday a whistleblower has come forward exposing how the FBI is manipulating cases related to the January 6 Capitol riot to create “the illusion” that domestic violent extremism is a widespread problem in the United States.

The Ohio congressman said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by former President Trump and retained by the Biden administration, that the “manipulative case-file practice” was being conducted by the FBI’s Washington field office.

Jordan said the FBI’s pivot is coming at the expense of other serious crimes, most notably the investigation of child sexual exploitation.

Jordan writes:

“The whistleblower disclosed that the FBI is sacrificing its other important federal law-enforcement duties to pursue January 6 investigations. The whistleblower recalled, for example, being told that child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”

Jordan further explains:

“The  FBI’s case categorization creates the illusion that threats from DVE (Domestic Violent Extremism) are present in jurisdictions across the nation, when in reality they all stem from the same related investigation concerning the actions at the Capitol on January 6. Such an artificial case categorization scheme allows FBI leadership to misleadingly point to ‘significant’ increases in DVE threats nationwide.”

Jordan said the whistleblower’s description is “consistent with disclosures we have received from other whistleblowers that high-ranking FBI officials — including a senior Washington Field Office official — are pressing front-line agents to categorize cases as DVE matters to fit a political narrative.”

Just the News reports that the bizarre shift in the FBI’s focus comes as the Biden administration tries to make the case that supporters of Donald Trump are creating a crisis of extremism in the United States, a case he made in his widely criticized “Soul of America” speech in Philadelphia on Sept. 1.

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7 thoughts on “FBI Whistleblower: Child sexual-abuse cases ‘no longer a priority’ for federal law enforcement agency”

  1. Let’s not forget that too many in the medical fields and hospital administrator’s who are mutilating the bodies of our children for huge profits under the cover of the Satanic ideology of gender dysphoria are worse criminals than those in the FBI who have no interest in stopping child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.


  2. For the last 20 to 30 years, Demonrats, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Big Tech, LYING Liberal media have colluded to destroy America from within.


  3. Local/city police and county sheriffs need to make the arrests for this crime, they do in my area. Many times the parent or both parents are on drugs and CPS takes the kid and places in foster care or group homes.


  4. Thanks Leo! Well, what does one expect from a Pedo-President? We now live in a world where right is wrong and good is bad. but questioning it is extreme! When it involves Children then you’d better believe GOD Above is watching and He’s NOT going to put up with this for long and the inadequate response from parents not looking into the perversions going on & being taught to their kids in schools! Antifa bringing guns out in the streets defending Drag Queen Parades for children.. and Perverse teachers in schools saying it’s normal to desire sex with small kids…etc…
    But in the end it says “And a Child shall lead them’ Jesus Christ may very well be returning sooner for these children!


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