Forget about Biden, Trudeau, Macron and the rest of the WEF’s puppet politicians: It’s the system that rules us and the system that must be broken

There has been so much written about Joe Biden’s September 1 “Soul of a Nation” speech that I have resisted the urge to weigh in.

In a nutshell, Biden declared all MAGA Republicans to be enemies of the state, and seemed to be nudging America in the direction of one-party rule, which is essentially what we already have. It’s called the “uniparty.”

My concern is that people’s attention is too focused on Biden and Trump and not enough on the sweeping global transformation that is going on, and speeches like the one Biden delivered on September 1 are meant to keep us distracted and diverted.

The globalists are in their final stages of a plan to push the U.S. and the world into a new digital system that’s designed for near 100 percent compliance. “No person will be left behind,” as promised by the United Nations Agenda 2030 documents.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you must not lose sight of the fact that Biden is nothing but a puppet on a string mouthing words that were meant to divide.

I say this as a person who is no Trump cheerleader. I fell out with Trump the first time I heard him brag about being the catalyst for the greatest medical genocide project in human history.

But hating Biden is kind of like hating the cashier at your local big box store because you don’t like the store’s return policy.

His controllers, the upper-echelon globalists, know they can’t take down the most powerful and wealthy country in the world unless it can be divided up along racial, political, social and religious lines. They will purposely create crises like the border debacle, violent crime waves and mass shootings, then use the media to gaslight the public on each side of that issue.

In reality, the problem would have never existed if they, the globalist predators, hadn’t flung open the borders and hadn’t funded prosecutors who refuse to prosecute violent offenders to the full extent of the law.

But if your goal is to destroy a nation, you know you must first destroy its social cohesion.

They look at how you stand on these controversies of their own creation and then assign you to one of two teams. Team Biden and Team Trump.

It just makes things so much easier for them when our eyes are diverted onto these two divisive puppets.

I’m still not sure if Trump is a willing puppet or if he simply fell into the role, but he is a puppet. If he were an actual president, exercising all of the powers invested in that office for four years, he would have fired all of the globalists on his team, or never hired them in the first place. But he surrounded himself with guys like Bill Barr as attorney general, Christopher Wray as FBI director, his own son-in-law Jared Kushner, General Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other globalists.

Within 72 hours last week, these two puppets, Biden and Trump, had mutually declared each other to be enemies of the state. This is a first in American history. Never before have the nation’s two leading political figures declared each other to be not just wrong, but criminally culpable enemy combatants deserving of the gallows.

So the globalists are masters at manipulating public opinion through a roster of puppet politicians who are largely hated by their own national populations. Men like Biden, Trudeau in Canada, Mario Draghi in Italy, Emmanuel Macron in France, Mark Rutte in the Netherlands, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, they are all puppets of the World Economic Forum, which serves as puppet master.

The strength of the globalist system right now is that it really has no human face to which its opponents can rally against. It has national puppets, but this is a global system with no visible global leader, at least not yet. The closest thing to that would be Klaus Schwab but most average Joes still don’t know who he is. And even if they do, they’re not going to take him seriously because he’s too old and almost cartoonish in his villainous style of delivery.

The tyranny coming at us from so many angles is difficult to pinpoint because it is baked into a system that is supported by both of the two puppet political parties in the United States. They can rail against each other all they want but regardless of party they are, with few exceptions, all propped up by the same system that runs through Silicon Valley, Big Pharma, the intel agencies and the military-industrial-biomedical establishment.

This system can best be described as global technocracy.

Technocracy is the science of social engineering which results in a rule by “experts.” Technocrats hate politicians. Is it any wonder that they are making them look bad all over the world right now?

They want us to hate our political office holders, lose faith in the electoral system based on the voting machines they supply us, and they want us to see them as the saviors. The software engineers, unelected bureaucrats, scientists, those are the white hats riding to the rescue. Politicians can be changed out like used washrags but technocrats provide the permanent foundation, the glue that holds the liberal world order together. Trust them, we’re told. Trust the science! It was this religious fervor that went to Dr. Fauci’s head during Covid and led him to declare himself above questioning, boasting “I am the science!”

In this system, the anointed ones transcend us mere mortals and demand our submission.

Never mind that it was these very experts, the mostly nameless, faceless technocrats, who designed the system of oppression based on endless boosters, lockdowns by fiat and digital biopasses required for entry into public spaces.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how the systemic tyranny of technocracy reaches out to touch us in much more subtle ways, because if you can’t identify and reject the many small incursions, you will never have the courage to reject the big ones.

Nearly 23,000 Colorado customers with smart meters enrolled in the “AC rewards program” to get money back on their utility bills, but in return they give up control over their home thermostat. As is usually the case in these programs, they were asked to sacrifice a little of their personal autonomy for the “greater good,” and being obedient stooges of the liberal world order, they jumped at the chance.

Anything to save the planet, right?

The tools of technocracy almost always come with a dual purpose. One good. One entirely evil. In this case, conservation is a good thing. We shouldn’t be wasteful. But there’s always a catch.

Take a look at the brief news report below:

This is how these programs start. They begin as voluntary, with an incentive offered, usually a discount or rebate of some type, and it later becomes punitive.

One gentleman interviewed by the local news station said “this is not what we signed up for.”

But that’s exactly what he signed up for. This is what they want everybody subjected to under the Great Reset and the radical climate agenda being foisted upon the world by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Larry Fink and the rest of the globalist predator class.

Another example came to me this week from a friend who drives a 2022 Ford F-150 pickup truck. He was driving along the road one day when up flashed a message on the dashcam screen, which said “You are tired. Please stop and rest.”

He said all he did was yawn. That was enough to trigger the command from the artificial intelligence programmed into his truck.

I researched the F-150 model and, sure enough, that model is equipped with what Ford calls the Driver Alert System. It says this feature can be turned off but at what point will newer models have no “off” switch for this feature?

Probably by 2026. That’s when the Biden administration has, as part of its $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, mandated that all new vehicles be outfitted with a remote kill switch. Then, after two or three warnings, if you don’t heed the command given to you by your vehicle’s A.I., then the AI system will be programmed to flip the kill switch and immobilize your vehicle.

This is what life in a full-blown technocracy will look like.

No control over your home thermostat. No control over your vehicle. No control over your own bodily autonomy, as you will be forced to get your 15th Covid booster shot, your annual flu shot, your pneumonia shot, etc., and if you cannot show proof that you are “up to date on your shots,” then you will be banned from working a job, entering a restaurant or pub, the ballpark, and grocery store. You could even have your bank account frozen.

Listen to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking to his citizenry like they are children in the below video… make sure you’re “up to date on your shots,” he scolds them, or we will have to lock you down again!

Notice that figure Trudeau threw out there, 90 percent. I don’t think that was a random figure. I think that’s what they need to achieve in order to implement the Great Reset.

So don’t get too distracted by Biden’s latest infuriating speech or Trudeau’s inflammatory arrogance. That’s just meant to take your eyes off the real enemy.

The enemy is the system. Opt out of it at every point where it touches your life and you will remain independently free of an A.I.-driven global system that seeks to enslave.

They can only close the deal on this beast system if enough people walk into it voluntarily. They seem to be shooting for 90 percent. If they can get to 90 percent compliance, they figure they can deal with the remaining 10 percent by offering them very harsh terms – join the system or get hauled off to the reeducation camps.

The good news is, this fight isn’t over folks. They are not even close to 90 percent compliance. The bad news is that they will pull out all the stops to get there. That means the continual gaslighting, dividing, inciting, prodding, punishing the good and rewarding the evil throughout society.

Jesus said that in the last days it will be “like the days of Noah,” where the dominant culture focuses on nothing but evil continuously. And those devout Christians who identify and rebuke the wicked ones will themselves be labeled as evil.

This will call for spiritual strength of endurance like we’ve never needed before.

It’s time to get serious. Let’s not let any buffoonish politician distract us with bizarre rhetoric, hateful imagery or anything else. It’s game time. We can’t afford to be distracted. We must be laser focused on resisting the globalist system at all of its many pressure points.

Shop with local independent retailers, buy meat, eggs and produce from local farmers, use cash as much as possible, cancel Netflix, Disney and other subscriptions with “woke” entities that corrupt our youth. Reject masking and vaxxing. Get your money out of these massive money-management firms like BlackRock, Vanguard and Statestreet. Don’t buy an electric vehicle. Keep eating meat. These are all things we can do that will short-circuit the system.

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135 thoughts on “Forget about Biden, Trudeau, Macron and the rest of the WEF’s puppet politicians: It’s the system that rules us and the system that must be broken”

  1. “The strength of the globalist system right now is that it really has no human face to which its opponents can rally against. It has national puppets, but this is a global system with no visible global leader, at least not yet. The closest thing to that would be Klaus Schwab but most average Joes still don’t know who he is.”
    Not. The closest thing is Rockefeller-Rothchild-King Charles 3.


  2. The events just keep coming, no? Like the tennis ball machine put on fast speed.

    Just a few thoughts….

    Those who accuse us of being tyrants are only doing so based on the fact that we won’t comply with their tyranny.
    Those calling us fascists are the ones who want to do the dictating, and we refuse.
    Those calling us extremists are pointing at us from the other extreme of the political spectrum.
    Those systematically dismantling our very democracy itself are the same ones accusing us of threatening it.
    Those calling us racists if we are white are doing so prematurely based on the color of our skin, making them the racists by definition, not us.
    The ones accusing us of ‘misinformation’ are the ones spewing it, and censoring us, robbing us of our Constitutional right to freedom of speech, all while promoting and brainwashing the masses with their propaganda lies.
    If you don’t agree with their script and narrative, you are labeled a dissenter and slapped with some penalty, such as banishment from social media. If you don’t relinquish total control to them of what you do, what you allow into your body, what you say, even what you think, then they label you as ‘the bad guy.’
    All while dubbing you as the dictators, tyrants, and fascists.
    The same dictatorship operation is following the same pattern, only the actual dictators have changed. Along with their style of uniform, flags, and background stage set. It’s the same game, only the chess pieces have changed over to the next round. All the dictators of the past have names we all know, or are at least familiar with to a point. But the style of their tyrannies are more or less the same. We are seeing history repeat the cycle. If you can’t criticize them, or what they say, or are punished for questioning it, it is tyranny. If it looks like a duck…. as the saying goes. Freedom of speech is the most fundamental of rights holding any democracy in place, as its very bedrock, and the other values follow. Once people are afraid to speak out, and fear has taken over, the dictator has won and democracy has been destroyed and defeated by evil in that time and place. Of tyrannies, this will be the grand finale of them all. When we read history books about the Holocaust, we know the familiar dictators. But the masses who complied with them and survived? Unknown to us. And the few heroes who stood up and defied the tyranny? So few we can count them in one breath. Though they may have perished from this world, and paid for their boldness with their lives, their names have not perished. Instead of being a compliant nobody, be a heroic Niemoller, or a valiant Bonhoeffer! History is about to take place once again. We need to be on the right side of that line. Not for fame nor fortune, not for acclaim or even sweet victory. Even if we know we won’t win, we will die, and society won’t win, but be overthrown by tyranny, we must still be on the right side of that line. Why? Simply because it is the right thing to do.

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  3. A tidbit Leo: About three weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the owner of a locally owned independent grocer, stating that I would now mainly shop his store instead of WM due to my concern of being ‘shut down’ for refusal to ‘comply’. You would think he’d be turning cartwheels to hear from someone pledging such loyalty, but no, all I hear is crickets.

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  4. You are full of shit Leo. Trump is 1 man. There are 4000 spots to fill when you take the office. McConnell screwed him every way he could. The FBI, CIA, NSA, etc are all Corrupt. The Courts are ALL corrupt. I don’t agree with his stance on the jab either, but that’s it. The election was STOLEN. YOU try to sell some conspiracy that President Trump is the real problem as much as Biden is. Your argument is weak. We always have one person vs another in Politics. It doesn’t mean Trump is the Devil.


    1. Fine. Then what you are saying is, it’s impossible for any president to do what Trump said he would do, which was “drain the swamp.” If that’s the case, then why does Trump want so desperately to go back into that totally deep-state controlled office?

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      1. And why is it so important to get Trump back in if he’s that powerless? Please remember the lockdown cruelty began under his administration. Either he could have stopped it and didn’t or he was powerless against the Deep State. It’s what happens when you put all your hopes in one fallen man.

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    2. Hello FL
      You admit to not agreeing with Trump’s stance on the jab.

      Trump’s stance on the jab should be enough to make any sane person realise that Trump is a shill. He expedited the roll out of the jab and continued to encourage his followers to get jabbed with the poison cocktail even after leaving office. How many deaths has he caused by expediting and financing the roll out of the poison jab?

      “Former U.S. President Donald Trump released a statement saying that he hopes “everyone remembers” that he was responsible for the “beautiful” COVID-19 vaccine shot.”

      He also expedited the roll out of 5G technology.

      But his supporters will continue to make excuses for him. Their blind allegiance is akin to the supporters of Adolf Hitler. Trump is a master manipulator of his followers. He uses divisive tactics and mass hysteria to control his ‘cult’ followers.
      Those who can’t see the techniques he’s using, end up under his control.

      Trump and Biden are two sides of the same NWO coin. No matter who you vote for, you will lose. Trump and Biden are both using their positions to push the poison jab and to polarise the American people in order to break down American society. Trump’s role is to manipulate the conservative right and Biden’s role is to manipulate the liberal left.

      If Trump was so badly treated when he was in office, then surely, he would not want to run again for presidency. But just like the Bushes he is using the republican party to serve the NWO agenda. This is the agenda that Trump truly serves. Whether in office or out of office Trump remains a faithful servant to the Satanic NWO, as can be seen by his active promotion of the poison jab.
      By their fruits you shall know them.

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      1. By their fruits you shall know them: The Alien-Pilgrim’s Progress from this Satanic World to God’s Beloved World which is to Come

        In obedience to God’s Revelation 18:4 commandment, John Bunyan’s persecuted Faithful and Christian Pilgrims take up their cross of vicious persecution and flee out of Socialism’s Harlot (501c3) Church-State within the Marxist Beast’s global “City of Destruction”. God forbid they should glory in anything except the powerful Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, upon which the world’s global “City of Destruction” is crucified to them, and they are crucified to the world’s Socialistically Secured UN Global Village. Faithful and Christian Pilgrims obediently became digitally unmarked, socially un-secured “aliens” who are briefly passing through Satan’s technocratic UN-World Health Organization, therefore, the LORD their God will remove from them ALL sickness. For He promised not to lay upon them any of the terrible incurable diseases the children of Israel knew in Egypt, but He will inflict them on all the foolish ‘christians’ in the City of Destruction’s Socially Secured Church, who hatefully persecute you. Deuteronomy 7:15

        The ‘christians’ in the City of Destruction’s (501c3) harlot Church have foolishly refused to obey God’s sanctifying Revelation 18:4 commandment. Therefore they eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner and are guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. For they idolatrously eat and drink judgment on themselves, as did the incurable diseased king Asa, who persecuted God’s saints and died in the impotent hands of his idolized physicians. That is why the digitally-marked souls of many Socially Secured (SS#) foolish virgins among Christ’s Bride are weak, sickly, and die from COVID, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all the malignant incurable diseases of ‘Sodom/Egypt’.


    3. Filthy Liberals–your opinion would be more respected if you would refrain from hateful and aggressive foul-mouthness to express your disagreement. There is NO reason for the indecency–you only show that you lack self=restraint, very much like the “filthy liberals” you detest that you took as your moniker. If you want to tout Trump as the savior of our nation, at the very least you should conduct yourself in a civil manner as if a civil and great society is really what you want. It begins with you, so “rise” to the occasion, instead of sinking lower.

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      1. WEF puppet politicians (both parties) are filthy liberal rags, new ones get in office, get tainted with corruption, then used “rags” (dead or voted out of ofc) are tossed as used dirty rags, incl heads of state. Cycle repeats- which makes voting utterly useless for those aware that technocrats are pushing and end run into globalist enslavement. There are no two parties hasn’t been in many decades, uniparty is globalist

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    4. No Filthy Liberals, Leo is not FOS. Leo like still far too few conscientious human beings sees through the multilayer of deception and lies.
      And he even has guts and integrity to voice it, which is absolutely essential if we as humanity want to stand a chance. If there were many more voices like Leo no tyranny of tiny 1% would be able to manipulate the overwhelming 99% of population to advance their agenda.
      Only by creating false statements and flags such as “conspiracy theory” they can steer perceptions of the masses away from undesired for them opinions.
      The term “conspiracy theory” used without a any context left and right was coined in the sixties by the CIA to discredit any part of society looking into possibility of secret plot to assassinate John Kennedy.
      Since they, the CIA were the usual suspects, they coined the term and they, as you are saying yourself, are deeply corrupt and dishonest it doesn’t make much sense to use their own terminology to undermine Leo’s right and true claim about Biden/Trump chess pawn plays. Besides I don’t think that this issue is at the core of Leo’s insightful essay.

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  5. The theme of the article is spot on. There has to be an awareness or better yet a focus on the people/systems instead of the useless ideologies that have us chasing our tails in futility.

    But let me get this straight. There are many of you that believe that in 2016, Trump was selected over a corrupt Hillary because he could do a better job at helping to usher in the destruction of the world by the corrupt system?

    You actually believe that Beelzebub chose Trump to help the world see behind Satan’s own curtain of wickedness and evil? Do you think that this new insight into darkness, (that Trump has helped usher in) which has opened the eyes of hundreds of millions of people to the workings of satanic men, is designed to help a house divided stand.

    This is madness. But it is par for the course for the believer (which is the most powerful entity on the planet) that is still confused by the solutions to the state of the world that has happened on their watch.

    You only see two choices, either Lucifer hired Trump or that The Trinity sat this prayer session out. I contend that the third option is where we point our power towards in unison.


  6. “Israel, God’s prophetic time piece.” Two points need emphasizing: (1) God makes an absolute distinction between the house of Judah, and the house of Israel. (Ten tribes.) There is a “remnant of Judah” currently in the nation that decided to call itself Israel. (After the land?) They are not biblical Israel; despite popular teaching. In Zephaniah 2; God states that “before the Day of the Lord’s anger; he will draw a ‘remnant of Judah’ ” back to their ancient home. Not Israel. Judah. Search the scripture; Judah and Israel are separate entities; with different histories/prophecies/politics. The majority of Jacob’s descendants are not “Jews.”

    Excluding intermarriage/proselytes; (i.e. religious “Jews” practicing Talmudic Judaism; only very loosely based in the Pentateuch)–Judahite referred only to descendants of Jacob’s fourth son–Judah. (Judahites.) The members of the ten tribes–Dan/Reuben/Ephraim/Assur/Simeon; etc were known as Danites/Reubenites/Ephraimites/Assurites/Simeonites. Jesus was born into the tribe of Judah. Therefore; he was a Judahite. He could not simultaneously be a Danite; or a Reubenite.

    Biblically; logically, and genetically–A Danite could not be a Judahite. Therefore; not a Jew. With the exception of the “on loan to Judah” tribe of Benjamin, and the civil servant Levites–The other ten tribes were not Jews. ONLY Judahites were eventually known as Jews. Notwithstanding future residents of Judea, and non-Israelite groups who decided to “become Jews.” (For example; see the Book of Esther.) In the Old Testament; Judahite is a tribal identity. Period.

    “Be a Berean”: The ten tribes of the house of Israel–Pre and post exile–Were never called Jews. Because….They weren’t. Reiterating; Only Judahites were Jews. (Obviously; a shortened form of Judahite.) We could have called the Danites “Dans.” Same thing. The Old Testament places a great deal of emphasis on the ten tribes. They have not disappeared! God promised that–after their exile–they would multiply like fish. (Or; “Sand of the sea.”) In the “last days” Ephraim and Manasseh’s non-Judahite descendants would form a (non-Jewish) “Nation, and company of nations.” (Read Genesis; chapters 48 and 49.) Abraham was to become the father (ancestor/sperma/progenitor) of “many nations.” Plural. Not the father of “many churches.” The latter day group of blood related nations–with a common ancestry–would be characterized by power; great wealth, great blessings, and choice countries. They would be world dominant; world powers. (Until they turned their collective backs on God.)

    Second point: God’s (Mid-East) prophetic timepiece is primarily the city of Jerusalem. He would make Jerusalem a cup of trembling. We know from scripture that a successful attempt will be made to divide his land–Which won’t end well for the players involved. Ezekiel informs us that Gog and Magog will attempt to invade the “mountains of Israel.” Mountains; in context; means nations of the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel–“Dwelling without bars or gates.” That literally means “dwelling carelessly; weak; unprepared for a sudden attack.” They will be caught by surprise. “Have you come to take a spoil?” There is one communist nation in the world that is desperately in need of large land masses/abundant natural resources/water. That nation is now teamed up with Russia, and Iran. In the same period of the invasion; The prophets also tell us that there will be an attack on the tiny Judah nation. The God of Israel; Lord of the descendants of all twelve tribes will supernaturally intervene, and almost totally destroy their forces.


  7. The BEAST of Rev 11 is in early stages of forming. Ten countries will reign a short time with the coming Antichrist and False Prophet, along with what resembled a leopard (Germany),
    feet of a bear (Russia) and mouth like that of a lion (Great Britain).
    Satan is power behind them all.


    1. The feet of a Bear are symbolic for standing your ground with power. The leopard has long been the symbol of treachery with its spotted camo pelt. The lion’s mouth produces a roar useful for catching prey by paralyzing them with fear so they can’t run.


  8. I can’t believe you let the mentally ill rule you. I just find it amazing. Amazing you let a couple hundred people uckf you over.

    If so, you deserve it. Methinks you are trying to save your life when you’ll just lose it because you are afraid.


  9. Okay I have to vent somewhere, it might as well be here. I visit a lot of websites and youtube channels and end up in a lot of comment sections online. Over the years I have noticed such a decline in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc. to the point that it is an atrocity. I don’t mean to be ‘critical,’ and yes I know there are people out there with disabilities like dyslexia, etc. But it seems that it is most of the population now by the looks of these comments I read all over. I have a hard time not laughing and I know I’m a stickler for details, but it’s reached a level that reminds me of the tower of babel. But if you dare point it out, and I mean obvious errors that are blaringly huge and make all the difference, such as ‘worship’ and ‘warship,’ oh, how dare you, you meanie, and after all, no one is ‘poiffect’! : D Lol ! But it’s reached such a level of butchery and dictional massacre now and it’s every comment section, every other comment, etc. and I just can’t stomach it anymore! Ah. Okay. I feel better now. Thank you for the opportunity to release that pent up frustration. I do take creative license with language at times, and yes, that is a different thing. ; )

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    1. Believe me 1blandina, you are not alone in your rant! It’s almost as if the assault upon proper language in general, including everything mentioned in your comments, is being carried out with willful intent. One would think that in this age of spell check and auto-correct, amongst other resources at our disposal, literally available at our fingertips and at almost lightning speed I might add, these “mistakes” would be a relic of the past. However, in all actuality it has gotten far worse which is an indictment upon our educational system first and foremost, but also upon parents who refuse to have a vested interest in their child’s life as well as the dumbing down of society through text messaging, email, et al under the guise of convenience or efficiency, when it’s really just intellectual apathy – which can, and does bleed into other areas of one’s life. Of my most prominent pet peeves in this arena, their/there/they’re and when to use “I” or “me”.

      Thanks to you for bringing the subject matter forward which created an avenue for me to vent as well! Cheers!

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    2. This by design 1blandina. We are in the midst of formation, whether we agree with it or not, of a dystopian Orwellian “one government, one party, one religion world” where “newspeak” is an official language of Oceania. In order to control thoughts and perceptions of the masses there has to be invented a new language, simple and mechanistic but at the same time direct and self-sufficient. Although the newspeak is a fictional language the entire chapter in “1984” is devoted to the linguistic technicality of its construction and formation. Indeed it took over 50 years to almost perfect it and there were stages in developing of newspeak. The first stage was to erase, litter and deform all the richness, multilevelness and ambiguity of the old, natural language. And we are in this process deeply and globally. This is what the messaging and emailing crap has been invented for. What do you need the form, grammar and complexity of English, or any other established language for, if you can replace it with ever growing number of abbreviations and new phrases supported by increasing plenitude of memes and symbols, however barbaric they are. It will not take longer than a generation and a half to erase the meaning of many words and sentences with wich people used to independently communicate their thoughts and emotions. Moreover, even carry out their own thought processes. And that’s were we are being taken globally. The deplorable state of modern languages ​​is completed by the fact of almost nonexistent interest in classic books reading in generations 1990s and up, or as I call them Generation Chip.

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      1. 90% adults (maybe more or less) are so dumbed down, don’t know there is a globalist cabal controlling most countries in the world now, agenda 2030 or the WEF/UN dictators pushing technocratic enslavement w/ digital currency. They think voting still matters. Most church pastors and civic org. and local politicians remain silent, too cowardly to speak out and inform. Politicians don’t fix anything, only make things worse. Politicial scandals ongoing.

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    3. 1blandina,

      It is okay to vent. I hope that you will take a minute to walk with those you are venting about.

      Many people have learning disabilities. It was a struggle for them in school, in life and embarrassing. Do you know what it’s like to struggle to find words, communicate and compose letters. Try looking up the spelling in a dictionary,
      Due to learning disabilities you can’t find it. Most frustrating is knowing there is something wrong, but had no Knowledge you had a learning disability until you were in your late 50’s.

      You spent hours and thousands of dollars trying to get help, but you didn’t know what for. The books you bought, the hours in courses. To no avail.

      It would be like visiting another country and not knowing the language.

      I wrote numbers backwards, read from books where the words jumped around on me.

      The dear Lord saw my struggles and gave me other gifts that helped me in life and with a career to support myself.

      Maybe you could reach out to someone struggling with a learning disability and kindly help them.

      Children have really suffered the past couple years since Covid. We’ve all noticed children are falling further behind
      In their education. If you reach out and help just one person, it could change their whole life.

      I know I’ve butchered this reply.

      Many blessings are sent your way. We need to stop for a moment and walk in someone else’s shoes. So many people are struggling and just need a hug, smile or act of kindness.

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      1. Sounds so empathetic, also pathetic. Quit making excuses for others and instead promote strength and fortitude. People have to buck up and become strong, show them how then watch them grow!


      2. If it were an exception I could overlook it. But it is the norm now. That is not okay. The average person does not have such disabilities statistically speaking. It is a bell curve with special needs at one end. I have seen that for the most part it is laziness, sloppy language, and lack of care to learn it right and do better. There is even a battle against ‘getting it right’ on any subject in school, another attack on what they call western civilization or ‘whiteness.’ “There is no right answer” is what they want on all fronts. Sometimes there is not, and sometimes there is. Math is one of the areas, among others, where there is a right answer. We could argue all day, but the bottom line is that if we cannot effectively communicate, society will collapse. It seems we are about at the breaking point where western civilization will crumble due to the lack of ability to communicate correctly. It is one of the pillars we need. It is not only grammar and diction, but actually listening to what the other person is saying without making false assumptions, imposing one’s own meanings, second guessing, jumping to conclusions, and even false accusations and logical errors. No matter how clear you may be, the other person gets it wrong, or they were not clear so you got it wrong due to them and they blame you, and on it goes. We need to communicate clearly, and we need to truly listen. Without these skills, the bridge does not work.

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    4. You made some errors. You use this one “” to quote and not ths ‘ ‘. You also don’t have to put a comma before “but”. They use to use a lot of commas before but I notice now (in the English syntax) it does not seem to be required anymor.


  10. About 50 years ago, I had a professor of ancient history who was a very brilliant and learned man, fluent in numerous languages, including several ancient ones. One day in class, he said something that stuck with me ever since: “Civilizations don’t fall because of natural disasters, Many times earthquakes or volcanoes wipe out a city, but afterwards the people rebuild on the very same spot of the disaster, even right on the fault line No–what makes civilization fall is constant wars, corruption, lack of confidence and most of all, lawlessness. These things make it nearly impossible to plant crops, run a business, raise families. There is no future in such chaotic conditions, which creates hopelessness, and in time the civilization is abandoned. We are responsible on whether civilization can endure.”

    My professor had practical experience of the collapse of his civilization. Being Jewish, he was born into the rich Yiddish culture in Poland and Lithuania when that culture was at its height. His young manhood was spent watching it being ground into total extinction by the immoral Nazis and Communists, who had destroyed also his family.

    We didn’t get to this dark moment suddenly. It was centuries in the making, with all the wars and revolutions and tumult. A person would have to be blind and totally ignorant to not see that the world is now at a huge turning point, and the future looks bleak. IF-through the centuries–we, as a civilization, had been a righteous people, not given to all manner of sin, perhaps our leaders today would be worthy men, and not the demonic criminals that lead us now. We get the leaders we deserve and upon reading the Old Testament one can see plenty of examples of how an unrighteous people reap to themselves evil leaders who led them even further into the abyss, thence to God’s reproach and Judgment. We are at that moment now.

    And yet, if we wish to break free of this, we must overcome evil, starting with the evil within ourselves. It is the ultimate “come to Jesus” moment. And although we call ourselves Christians, there is always something to repent of, to cleanse our hearts of, to reorder our existence Godward in earnest. Now is the time.

    I offer this homily on “Responding to the New World Order” by my favorite preacher. He is Orthodox (as I am). His short message is spot on.

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  11. “This system can best be described as global technocracy.” Bingo! I see it as a city on the edge of a cliff. The globalist bulldozers push the city over the cliff. “Now,” they say, “we can build back better!” as they rub their hands in glee. Yes, a Global Technocracy with no politicians and very few people on the planet. They tried it back in the 1930s, but not enough people went along with the idea. Now they have enough megalomaniacs and enough sheeple to push forward. The only way I see to stop it is an electrical grid down situation for about a year. How else are you going to wake enough people up and get their attention?


    1. Yes, I agree with this message. Something has to happen between now and the 13th of December to allow Biden to bring in his CBDC and to make the people accept it. You wrote a serious newsletter Leo and everybody got onto writing and punctuation – the brain span is very limited these days.
      I thought in the beginning that Trump might be innocent but now I know he’s not because his son is very much against the jab and Trump is still bragging and boasting about it even though it’s wiping out thousands upon thousands.
      I heard a good while ago that he was indebted to one of the big boys – don’t know how true that is but the only one that can be trusted these days is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is coming very soon for anyone who is interested in going to heaven (alive) for seven years for the wedding feast of the Lamb while the Lord pours out his wrath on a Christ rejecting people on the Earth.

      Get ready – time is short!!


      1. Um, I haven’t said a boo about anyone’s grammar of punctuation. Please don’t put words into my mouth and then accuse folks on this site of having a limited brain span. Thank you.


      2. You are absolutely correct and I am sorry – but I wasn’t talking about you – I was talking about the comments on your article – but I shouldn’t have said that – please forgive me.


      3. @ Watching and waiting for him September 11, 2022 at 3:38 pm

        The bible doesn’t mention a pretribulation rapture, nor does it mention a ‘seven year’ feast of the lamb. Where did you pick up these strange ideas?

        Jesus says that he will return AFTER the great tribulation. This is when the rapture happens, and it is at this time that Christ will judge the nations.

        According to Jesus, it will be like the day when Lot was rescued from Sodom by the angels on the very same day that God poured out His wrath on that city.

        So, the rapture happens on the day of wrath and not before.

        Christians need to be prepared to go through the great tribulation which I believe will happen during this generation. We are not told how long the great tribulation will last, despite what many commentators say.

        I hope you find this helpful.

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  12. Did Trump really say this or just a paraphrase?
    “I fell out with Trump the first time I heard him brag about being the catalyst for the greatest medical genocide project in human history.”
    If so, where can I find evidence that I can use?


    1. This was a paraphrase but he has made these boastings on literally countless occasions, too many to count. Just type into your favorite search engine something like “Trump takes credit for saving millions through Covid vaccines” and you will see what I mean.

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  13. You are so right about them wanting you to have your pneumonia shots, flu shots, whatever injections they want you to have.

    Here’s what happened to me at my local Walmart in NC earlier this week…

    I go to pick up my wife’s Rx. I was not given the meds until I spoke with the pharmacist. Pharmacist showed me a vaccine record for my wife. She has never had a shingles vax or flu vax at Walmart, yet they had a record showing that she was “late” for her vaccines this year. Pharmacist said she needed those vaxxes, specifically for shingles and flu. Wife has never had shingles or flu, so far as a know.

    I told the pharmacist that we don’t do vaccines. The pharmacist demanded to know “why” we were refusing them. I told her we have personal reasons and those reasons were none of her business.

    Since I am in the health care field and I have taught many HIPAA classes, and since I considered this a gross violation of HIPAA medical privacy, I called Walmart corporate and told them what happened. I wanted to know how Walmart was able to obtain medical records completely unrelated to the Rx my wife was getting. Was our medical provider giving Walmart this info? Or was Walmart accessing data bases on the public in general?

    I notified Walmart that if they were violating HIPAA laws, there could very likely be a class action lawsuit being filed against them, since it was becoming obvious to me that Walmart is mining medical data on perhaps millions of people . Corporate was apologetic, and said they would never ask about our vaccine status again. The next day, the pharmacist I dealt with earlier called me up, apologized profusely (most likely scared crapless for her job) said that Walmart takes medical information violations “very seriously” and that they would flag our records so they would never ask about our vaccine status again.

    However, the pharmacist also told me that although she could agree with me “a little” about my concerns, it was perfectly legal for Walmart to access the “general public’s vaccine records” because it was a matter of “safety” since they could not offer any vaccine without knowing if/when we had our last one. I told both the pharmacist and corporate that they might have some legal loophole to access the general public’s protected health information but it was most definitely NOT ethical to do so. HIPAA is not about protecting the “general public’s” medical information, but the individual. I told Walmart they had no right to violate the individual’s right to medical privacy on the basis of marketing vaccines to the general public at large.

    Walmart has apparently been engaging in this practice for some years, but they’ve stepped it up big time since covid. I can tell you, from what I’ve been told by Walmart associates, corporate, and the pharmacists themselves, that Walmart likely has vax records on every single person whose prescriptions they fill, whether or not they ever actually gave you a vaccine. They kept trying to justify it by saying they can’t offer vaccines without knowing our history in order to “safely” give them. I countered by saying that since Walmart had NEVER given me nor my wife any injection whatsoever, by what right do they freely access, maintain, and copy our medical records so they can upsell those vaccines when all I want to do is pick up an oral medication?

    One amazing irony in all of this is that the original lawsuit that led to HIPAA laws happened when a pharmacy divulged HIV status information about one of their patients to the guy’s ex-wife. The days of HIPAA privacy rights to PHI (protected health information) are gone. If a multinational corporation wants medical information on you, they will get it, no matter what you sign. And if you do sign anything, they will use it as an excuse to gain access to any information they want by saying that your records are necessary for them to conduct their health-related business.

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  14. I was revealed by the holy spirit the deception that was in trump. I spoke it to many of my friends. I saw how so many who call themselves by the anointing that was on Jesus, the Christ, the anointed of God, follow so eagerly after a man that was not a man of god, but a man who was given to the demonic, called, “Christians”, can in the last days, so easily fall from Christ and give themselves over to the son of Satan. All who gave themselves over to Trump so radically, did so because they were worshippers of Baal, who was the God of prosperity. All Americans bowed before him because we became do much richer in the goods of this world. Because of their greed, they fell for his charm and elequent words. They were never words about the kingdom of God, but we’re only words of making America great again, which is not at all what we his people should ever be concerned with. There is only one nation that God is devoted to giving the power of the Holy Spirit unto, which is the very power of God himself, which no one or anything can compare to, and that is the true believers in Jesus Christ, the Son of God Almighty. For as Peter tells us, “We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, who shall bring forth the praises of him, who has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. We, the born of the spirit believers, baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit, are the nation of God, from all peoples of all the world. Yes, there is a purpose of Israel in all this, and they were brought back a their own nation as a sign of the end time days, and by their coming back, they will have the opportunity to all receive their Messiah, Jesus, as the promised one. But yet still, we are a nation of God, all people of all nations, that are to pray Jesus back into this world, that peace may be established on earth forever and ever.
    Oh, and I have a testimony on the masks mandates. I worked at UPS supply chain solutions, and they tried to enforce us all to wear our masks. I refused, but they never came against me. I told them I would not because I trusted in the power of God over my life, and they could not force me to go against my belief. I feel they left me alone mostly because by God’s grace, I was one of their top employees, so they let me be. Praise God. I did say worked, for I just retired two weeks ago. Praise God. Now I free to go to whomever, where ever he leads me

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    1. I support Trump. Does this mean I warship him! Of course, not. I only worship one God, The Lord Jesus Christ! Do I want to see the United States turn from current downfall yes. I believe in Making and keeping America great. But that does not mean I warship it as my God. I hate what this country is going through and would like to see it change but I also read my Bible and I know how it ends.

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    1. Charles is a GLOBALIST in the first order. One thing also that people (Christians) are not seeing is that poor, poor Vlad Zelinskyy is ALSO a member of the Klaus Schwab YOUNG GLOBALIST school. He cannot be trusted. He is rising to “fame” at an alarming rate of time. Watch out for anyone that does that, like, say…YUVAL NOAH HARRARI??? This is a very deliberate time we are living in and we must ALL be diligent and stay in the Word, fast and pray, and use the wisdom that the Holy Spirit gives us. What Leo said below is truth. These people play for keeps!


      1. Rachel,

        You are correct about the British Royals losing the appeal and power they have had.

        Unfortunately, the new King Charles has been highly active with the WEF for decades and plays a great role and support regarding The Great Reset.

        Many prayers sent to citizens and those in power in UK.

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    2. King Charles is very “woke”. I don’t expect much good from him and I understand most Brits don’t like him primarily because of how he treated Diana. His current wife will indeed be queen.


    3. She should never have been queen. Her great uncle, Edward VIII, was the legitimate king but was forced to abdicate to his brother, George V, because he wanted no part in a war with Germany. (Neither did Hitler want war with England). The establishment historians will tell you it was because he married an American, but that is specious. Another thing you probably won’t hear is that Prince Philip’s sisters were not allowed into England for the wedding of their little brother because they were married to “evil Germans.” The irony in this is that all thee husbands were also relatives of the UK royal family. Elizabeth and Philip were second and third cousins. Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, (even that name was forced to be Anglicized to Mountbatten which is the surname Harry and his children use in America) may have been “crazy” but she was a devout Christian and is buried at Gethsemane, Mount of Olives alongside her aunt, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna.
      Queen Elizabeth’s mother was dead set against the marriage because Philip wasn’t “English.” Well neither was her husband. She called him “the Hun.”
      But it is plainly stated in Genesis; 49:10 “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah” (Germany)


  15. Great and thoughtful article Leo.
    We are so close to the totalitarian technocracy’s event horizon as never before. Once we cross it it’s game over for humanity as we know it. Only individual but fully conscious “civil disobedience” en masse can save us from something irreversible: complete dependency, slavery and inevitable creating of new humanity based on trans humanism and “internet of everything”.
    As for Trump I totally agree. His famous “drain the swamp” has always been just a cliche. If he really wasn’t subservient to WEF technocratic crowd why wouldn’t he pardone the real anti Agenda warriors such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? He had plenty opportunities to do that.
    Plus the other red flags. Will never vote for him again. I doubt if I ever vote again anyway.

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    1. People that joined the MAGA cult are obsessed w/Trump and get angry if anyone mentions what you just did or draining the swamp and pardoning the Jan 6th men in jail while still in office. They idolize him as infallible it is liek people looking to the pope as infallible.

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      1. If you think that 75 million of your fellow Americans who voted for the only alternative to the baby-murdering candidate belong to a cult, then you drank the cool-aide last week.


      2. Not true at all! I voted for Trump as an anti-Clinton vote. He had to be better than her and it would stave off their momentum toward the Global Totalitarianism they were obviously headed for. Few if any “worship” Trump. They just see him as the lesser evil as we have to so often do in our recent elections. Was he a perfect President? Of course not! There has not ever been a perfect President! I, however was very pleasantly surprised at many things he did AS promised; unlike MOST politicians today. So, let’s not get carried away with speculating on Trump. He was better than the other choices and he probably still is. I am willing to admit things I don’t like about the man but that doesn’t mean anyone worships him. True followers of Christ worship Jesus Christ and Him alone but they also use civic duty to elect the best offered candidates. This world is not our home but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help the world know the Truth.

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    2. Robal, its not game over for all of humanity. its game over for the devil. his days and the days of the beast (and his system) and his false prophet are numbered to 7 years. Maranatha. Hold Fast to Jesus.


  16. Thanks very much, Leo! Unfortunately, the Deep State realizes that folks are waking up and will pull the Nuclear War lever soon.


  17. Thank you for your insightful and informative article. I agree with you that too much media focus is given to Biden versus Trump, cultural Marxist (euphemistically called “democracy”) push for “uniparty” national control, and way too little emphasis on the greater threat: transformative globalist agenda. Their agenda has been progressing steadily since the early 20th century, and like you said is now near completion.

    I applaud your assessment that both Biden and Trump are political puppets in terms of globalist aims. Biden, ever so willingly, and put into power with a stolen election, and Trump, perhaps not obviously so willingly, but there is much evidence to prove his usefulness to globalists despite the corruption, avarice, despotic dealings with a deep state swamp he failed to fully drain. Like you, I’m unsure if he was “permitted” to drain it, but surviving political swamp creatures certainly made his tenure difficult and lavished with opposition.

    I first became suspicious of Trump’s leanings long before the COVID pandemic, when as a candidate, his avuncular visit with Henry Kissinger (CFR and WEF) was announced in May of 2016. It was clear to me then that despite the media coverage of the possibility of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, Trump was the “chosen” one. What followed with all of the impeachments, and investigations were really to keep our eyes on national politics and not on what the globalists were scheming and advancing in the background.

    I personally believe that Trump’s promotion of religious liberty, wedded to Christian patriotism and Constitutional rights, was politically self-serving. Trump’s eclectic 70-member White House “Sanhedrin,” or “faith advisory board” is an example. I suspect that this had a prominent effect on collecting conservative Christian votes in the 2020 election. On the prospect of Trump seeking a 2024 presedential run, the media is already reporting a re-convening of the FAB. Paula White, the self-proclaimed heretic-in-charge and Trump’s closest faith advisor, was reported to have led him to Christ in 2017. Sure, the church did benefit from an unprecedented season of respite, relative “peace, “national support,” and should have aggressively used it as an opportunity to advance the gospel, but the backlash was one of violent protests and much worse. Again, what the globalists were scheming was in the background.

    Like you, I am not particularly a Trump fan, and certainly not a supporter of the Democratic Party. I would not classify myself as a Republican RINO “never Trumper,” nor an independent to which my vote would either be lost or turned to support Biden. His cavalier, braggadocios, prideful attitude, and his inability to incessantly tweet his opinions were not presidential, and did not in any way model Christian virtues he claimed to embrace.

    President Trump may have been privy to globalist intent to use the “unprecedented opportunity” to advance the globalist agenda with the coronavirus pandemic, and its “solutions.”

    There is evidence that the Moderna mRNA COVID19 genetic therapy shot (not a true vaccine) was already patented in September 2016 (with extension in January 2018), long before the “Event 201” table top exercise in August 2019. The fact that DARPA and NIH were involved in its development is particularly troubling and suspicious. This early development and patenting of the vaccine “years earlier by two university scientists” along with NIH’s involvement prior to the pandemic is also borne out in the current patent fights between Moderna and Pfizer.
    That means that “Operation Warp Speed” announced by Trump in May 2020 to start the “race for a vaccine” was a sham. Moderna already had their vaccine in the wings before the pandemic hit in November 2019, and the lockdowns started in March 2020. Pfizer, who is the front company for the CCP-owned German BioNTech, Jannsen (Johnson and Johnson), and others such as Sinopharm, Sinovac (both Chinese-based and WHO-backed) Novavax, Nuvaxovid (Novartis), Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Vidprevtyn (Sanofi and GlaxoSimthKline) all jumped on the pharmaceutical company government enrichment program afterward. Engaging the automotive industry to make ventilators without use of the DPA is also suspicious considering that intubated COVID patients have a greater than 80% mortality rate.

    I tend to believe that America actually has two “fifth column” movements in progress: our own “deep state,” which is predominantly cultural Marxist, and also a globalist one that is using and cooperating with the “deep state” column to a point and for a season, but will ultimately dominate and destroy it along with our nation. It is ironic that the globalist “fifth column,” once it comes fully to power, will be dominated by the future Antichrist with three of its ten regions being plucked out and eliminated (Dan. 7:19-22).

    The lack of press coverage about the economic and political collapse of nations around the world due to WEF/UN environmental goal encroachments is astounding. And that is, of course, all by design. We cannot fight or oppose what they believe we don’t know, but sadly the truth of what they’re doing is available, but many will not believe it even if it is the truth. Like KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov said decades ago about systematically demoralized people, “A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell him nothing, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. …he will refuse to believe it… That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.”

    The globalist elites may wish to control the world, and can only do so when America’s power and influences are greatly lessened or removed, but the real control of the world will be manifested through control of the Middle East and its resources, and specifically control of the nation of Israel, God’s prophetic time piece. Predictably, on cue, Biden and his Democratic, UN, and WEF handlers sought to reverse course of any progress that Trump achieved during his presidency. Biden’s nascent visit in July as president did much more harm than good, not only for the United States, but also for any possibility of averting future Middle East conflict. Trump’s unveiling of the “Deal of the Century” on January 28, 2020 with Netanyahu at his side assured Trump’s demise as president by once again offering a “peace” plan based on a two-state divided land proposal. It wasn’t even an original plan. It was a regurgitated 1970 Yigal Allon plan with concessions and modifications that would ensure future Palestinian conflicts and weaken Israel.

    Your statement about the strength of the globalist system having no human face to which its opponents can rally against is so true, But it also seems to be true that the groups from which they come are curiously and harmoniously lock stepped. They’re all in agreement and moving along a predetermined course. It is as though there is a hidden and faceless power above it all, diligently at work and kept out of view.

    It is indeed a time to get serious, and in defiantly living as free citizens against tyranny while we can, it is also time to prepare for harder times ahead.


    Candidate Trump’s Avuncular Visit With Henry Kissinger (CFR/WEF)

    Trump’s Eclectic “Sanhedrin” 70-member “faith advisory board”

    And reconvening for potential White House run in 2024

    Paula White Led Trump to Christ

    Patent for Moderna mRNA vaccine granted in Sep 2016, and continuation in January 2018 in time for Event 201 August 2019

    Click to access US9868692.pdf

    “messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines against COVID-19 was actually patented years earlier by two university scientists.”

    Use auto industry to make ventilators without DPA

    “Deal of the Century” Jared Kushner and MBS friendship/understanding
    Regurgitation of 1970 (Yigal) Allon Plan, Abrahamic Accords

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    1. Trump is a victim of his ego. He has some really good ideas, but he surrounds himself with fools. His daughter and her husband, Jared, are poisonous. He also had as his “Pastor”, PAULA WHITE, of the MIKE MURDOCH school of rip-off every vulnerable Christian until you are stinking rich! I saw her, and others of horrible reputation, praying over him, and it sent chills down my spine. The idea that that woman was his main spiritual advisor was what went wrong with his administration. He played us. We trusted him to do what he said he would do and he played us. I am so disappointed and disheartened, he turned into a politician right before our eyes.

      Yes, the world (and America) is looking for a Savior. He can be found a breath away. His Name is Jesus, Yeshua, and He loves us. He became one of us, Emmanuel, (God with us). What a treasure we have in Him. Remember, NOTHING happens on this planet WITHOUT God fully knowing, AND allowing. We have to get that drilled into our heads and hearts. God is WITH us and FOR us. We will escape this horror by way of rapture, He is faithful to His Word! God bless all, stay the course, finish the race!!!

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    2. The hidden and faceless power of the Marxist Beast’s transformative globalist agenda is diligently at work and kept out of view. The Orwellian Digital Age is indeed a time for Christian Pilgrim’s unbelieving wife and Socially Secured family members, who foolishly refused to follow him out of Sodom’s global “City of Destruction”, to carnal-mindedly get serious! Remembering Lot’s apostate wife they should be defiantly living within Socialism’s democratically Secured Global Village as free digitally-marked UN citizens against Satan’s demonic tyranny while they physically can, it is also time for them to prepare for harder times ahead.


  18. I once had a neighbor with a sign on his front that had a pistol pointed in your face. It said, “Forget the dog; beware of the owner.


  19. I guess it was Trump’s plan to be the most hated man in history besides our Lord and Saviour. Trump has his character flaws so did David; he hammered the status quote by pointing out how we got to this point in America’s history. Trump upset the apple cart that was making our politicians millionaires. President Trump didn’t become president with a list of good guys and bad actors; he learn on the fly and still learning. A temperament like Trump is needed to call out the deep bedded corruption in Washington on both sides of the aisle.


    1. Robert, if the man hasn’t learned by now how to discern the difference between a globalist deep-stater and an independent critical thinker who believes in putting America first, then he’s beyond hope. Those are skills you either have or don’t have by the time you’re 70-plus years old.

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      1. Trump hired who he hired to expose who they really are. If Trump had not used some of these people people would not have known whose side they are on.
        Read TRUMPACOLYPSE by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson. God chose an imperfect man to stop the global elite.


      2. Personally (and politically) I have very little faith & confidence & assurance in Trump’s (so-called) “leadership”.
        This is what the LORD says:
        “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind,
        who makes the flesh his strength [Hebrew arm]
        and turns his heart from the LORD.” (Jeremiah 17:5)

        “O LORD, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know that cursed is he that puts his trust in the arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is he that puts his trust in man or makes flesh his arm.”

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  20. You are quite correct about the opposition being broader than the political front people. Even within our borders, many if not most of the corporations were the enforcers for half-wit (at best) policies; financial grabbing was more of an incentive, I’m sure. The individual was to be bossed and squeezed.

    You are also correct about the powers not having a face one can see: I call it a focal point, but that’s semantics. I almost prefer absolute monarchy with a small advisory cabinet. The answer to “Who is responsible?” is quite clear, as opposed to venal politicians pointing at each other. Freedom? Really? That was a long time ago.

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  21. All right out of The Satanic Luciferian Kabbalist….Ayan Rand play book Atlas Shrugged.
    The Worlds a Stage. The Psychopathic Politicians Entertainers Banksters Producer Directors Corporate Owners their CEOs and so forth are all the Actors and Frontmen.
    Humanity is being played folks. Think about the beguiling Serpent in the Garden. He did not make Eve do anything against her will. He enticed her through the lust of the eyes and flesh and the pride of life.
    Have nothing to do with any of this rhetoric. The ping pong Game going back and forth between Biden and Trump is a big fat set up and don’t fall for it.
    Jesus said if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. Mathew 24:24
    Folks we must be vigilant in these Times.
    Believe no one but the Word of God who is Jesus Christ. He is….the written Word who became flesh who thought it not robbery to be equal with the Father.

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    1. Reminds me. A surprising number of Christians embrace Ayn Rand now. She was right to condemn collectivism. but teaching that selfishness is a great virtue and people should make their own rules are nothing like the teachings of scripture. Rand mocked Christianity and frequently committed adultery with younger men she invited for discussions at her husband’s home.
      I guess conservatives praise her just to spite the liberals. SMH. Capitalism is a great economic system but a horrible religion.
      A lot of reactionary lunacy on both sides. Searching the Bible is the best plan for Christian living.

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  22. Trump is def controlled opposition. The fact he brags about that horrible shot, and kept and hired so many rats is all the proof I need. It’s a big evil club, and we thankfully aren’t in it.

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    1. he is just another liar ,and even in his own close family there are traitors like his daughter and son in law kushner.


    2. Brandon, did you see his last rally? He did NOT mention the SHOT at all!!! I think they (HIS handlers) finally got through to him that we (Christians) are NOT in support of that evil endeavor. Now in all fairness, I really don’t think that he knew that he was going to be played. Dr. Birx came out in her book and outright said that she LIED to Trump AND America!! And then there’s Lord Fauci, Mr. Science himself, who deliberately set up the world with some of the most evil and vile diseases, by way of vaccine, in all of history! Dr. Mengila had NOTHING on Fauci. And again, Jared was “tapped” to roll out the vaccine in “record” time. His $75 tell-all book is chock-full of his antics AGAINST the administration. He has always been evil in my book. His wife, Trump’s own daughter, got him to release all these “prisoners”, many of whom SHOULD be serving a life sentence! He goes ahead and releases them! She was complaining after they left office, that all of her and Jared’s “Hollywood” elite friends wouldn’t talk to them anymore because of her dad! Boo-hoo!! These people put on a big front, but I don’t trust them. I am only happy that Trump put the Embassy in Jersalem, gave back the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria to Israel, and he shined a light on the “fake news” and the “swamp”. Unfortunately, he ended up falling into the swamp and turning into a fire breathing alligator!


      1. Both Bannon and Kushner worked under Trump. Transhumanism is a thing.
        If you can stomach the comments below the article, you’ll find an amazing inability to connect the dots. Both Republicans and Democrats just yammer about how evil the other side is and how getting “our guy” into the WH will save the world. Though I guess the Democrats are confused now that “their guy” is in charge now and things are still bad.

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  23. Thank you for this excellent written article. “Technocracy” a new word for me sounds like”Democracy”. It took me a while to figure out. A local state paid pandemic promoting Doctor has repeated on the radio “ get the shots, this Covid will “ find you”. Is he God? No but these “technocrats” want you to treat them and believe them, like they are God. Are you going to follow them like sheep walking along the path, or are you going to stay with Jesus Christ, the real Saviour? The technocrats are men. They will fail. Jesus Christ is the Lord, trust in Him, only.

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  24. Thank you, Leo. This is very well written so that even I can understand it. 🙂 And you are correct in your analysis of the global, political situation.
    I will be sharing this with friends and family. Most, sadly, will not listen, let alone read this article, even the Christians among them.

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      1. Really good informative article will send out to friends. Most people are afew cards short of a deck on knowing anything (or accepting as truth) on the globalist plan. Most are so self absorbed and nihilist, stuck to cell phones and social media every chance they get incl. 3am loo breaks. Most are in denial even if given websites to read. I have dropped people from my social contacts only have a handful now. No time for mental slackers or those focused on puppet politicians.


  25. Small correction, this “system” we are currently living under is the “Harlot”, “Mystery Babylon” and it “will be drunk on the blood of the saints”.
    The “beast system” led by the anti-christ (which is coming) will destroy the harlot system and many will be deceived into thinking the beast system is good because it destroyed the harlot.

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    1. Great point Knight Owl. I can see this post-WWII liberal world order is the equivalent of what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon — it is based out of London and New York and runs through Geneva and Brussels and Davos and it is in the process of falling even now. When it is completely destroyed the western world will be in a panic and then in steps the new system and most likely the antichrist to pick up the pieces.


      1. Thanks for the reply, Leo. It’s more like I’m comparing and contrasting the (present day) Babylon the Great political-economic-legal macro system with the (soon to come) Beast system.


    2. Not so sure about that.
      Re-read Revelation 17-18.
      Who laments the fall of Babylon?
      The kings of the earth and mighty merchants of the earth. Prime ministers, presidents, men like Bourlas, Bezos and Zuckerberg.
      Who rejoices over the fall of Babylon?
      The people of God.
      The Beast has already risen from the sea and Babylon is riding on its back. The technocrats will get what they want when they destroy the Great Harlot. But it will not turn out as they planned.
      Remember the fable of the goose who laid golden eggs?

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  26. Leo, You rite gud…( jk ) your prose are professional and well couched.
    The answer you seek : whom is calling the shots ? For even you realize that Klaus Schwab is but a tool of someone above him, someone desperate to hide in plain sight. But who ?

    Here’s the crux, Biblical prophecy tells you the answer you seek… but before you go and dig in do yourself a favor and learn of ‘ Chiastic Structures ‘. For without this knowledge it is impossible to interpret the prophetic correctly. I know because I myself misinterpreted it for twenty + years until ‘ Click ‘ I learned of Chiasms and wow did it all , and I do mean IT ALL fall into place making sense.

    No journey in learning is ever appreciated nearly as much as the one one takes on one’s own efforts.

    Happy prophetic trails.

    Ps. Reach out if you’ve questions.


  27. I’m here in Colorado. Got an email from Xcel energy last month. They want to install “smart gas meters” the only way to not have it put in is to call and opt out. A few each month to opt out. People so blindly follow orders for the sake of peace and safety and to save a couple dollars. Called and opted out. This one world beast system is forming right before our eyes. “The curtain won’t go up until the stage is set and every player is on their mark.” The rapture is soon. Everyone. God bless and may we be a people continually about the Lords work.

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  28. This morning when I woke up, God gave me a similar message. Mine was more focused on the civil war they’re trying to foment. All the attacks on Trump who is also one of their puppets is to try to goad his followers into not just resisting but violence which would give then an excuse for the coming tyranny.
    The other thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is Cain and Abel. Cain killed 25% of the world population because he thought he knew better than God. These evils want to kill 90%.

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    1. So then he went and got married? To who? Where did the city he went to come from? This article is about being yourself, a lot of questions in the bible. End up with more questions just thinking for oneself.


      1. Hello Kate
        That’s a fair question and you are right to ask it provided that you actually want to know the answer to your question.

        Adam and Eve had many children
        What we need to remember is that the bible is focussed on the people who are being spoken about and does not mention by name all the other children who were born to Adam and Eve at that time.
        For example, Cain’s wife is only mentioned when she bares a son named Enoch.

        Genesis 5:4

        “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:”

        It’s obvious that Adam and Eve had other children, but it’s only the children who are relevant to the narrative that are mentioned by name.

        Genesis 5:4

        “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:”

        We are told that Adam and Eve had other children, but it’s only the children who are relevant to the narrative that are mentioned by name.

        In the same way, when Luke records the genealogy of Jesus Christ, he only mentions the names of those who are relevant to Christ’s genealogy.

        You can see from the bible verse that Adam had other sons and daughters but apart from Cain and Abel, only Seth is mentioned by name.

        The reason why Seth’s name is mentioned is because Christ’s lineage is traced back to Seth, so for that reason we need to know his name.
        Cain was disgraced and so the line of succession for Christ would be through Seth instead of Cain.

        25 “And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.”

        Cain’s concern was about the future. As the human population would continue to grow there would be an increased threat to his life.
        It’s also worth noting that men lived longer, then and many would have had more than one wife who in turn would have had many children so the human population would have grown at a very fast rate.

        Just to clarify, Cain didn’t escape to a city.
        The bible says that he built a city. He escaped to the land of Nod, and he built a city there. We’re not talking about the huge modern cities of today. But we are talking about a more permanent settlement as opposed to living in tents etc.
        So, I hope this comment is helpful.

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  29. Thank you Leo.

    I urge everyone to share Leo’s article with as many as possible. God is trying to wake up the world to call upon Him. A rigged election will not solve the problems we face. There is evil at every level of society. Proverbs says my people perish for lack of knowledge. God is using Leo and other ministries to bring the truth . With the truth and faith vs fear, we can overcome the lies and hopelessness this fallen world shoves in our face. If you seek God , you will find Him and find yourself on an ark ( Christ) that will protect you when God shuts the door and raptures His church and brings judgement on an unbelieving world.

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  30. As usual you have hit the “nail (squarely) on the head.” So many good, salient points I can’t choose just one to comment on. Thank you for your vigilance to unveil the heinous systematic destruction coming our way.

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  31. Leo,

    Thanks again for a great article. As for my personal experience with this tyranny, I was pressured at my place of employment to take the vaccine. It started with sternly written emails from our HR department, which implied termination without compliance, all the while requiring mandatory weekly testing. If you popped positive, it was mandatory that you take leave, which had to be taken from your sick leave bank. Others that tested positive were given free time off until they were better, without any of their sick leave being affected. Thankfully they eventually offered a religious exemption, which to my surprise was approved. Only me and two others refused the shot. I quickly realized that all of this was about money. Once Biden threatened to withhold Federal funding to companies, they immediately snapped to attention.

    Looking back on all of this is like a vague dream, or nightmare. It is amazing how all talk of the vaccines, testing, masks, etc. have just disappeared here at my work and nationally. I do know this is only the beginning. They are not going to give up.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Steve and for standing strong. One of only three in your entire company, wow. This is exactly why they will come back with the high pressure at some point, because they know it works! Hopefully you and the other two can be an example of how to face down this evil monster and put it back in its box. Resistance, repentance and prayer are the only ways to defeat thus, if the Lord wills.

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  32. Reblogged this on Heeearing With Heart and commented:
    “… hating Biden is kind of like hating the cashier at your local big box store because you don’t like the store’s return policy.
    [ … ] the globalists are masters at manipulating public opinion through a roster of puppet politicians who are largely hated by their own national populations. Men like Biden, Trudeau in Canada, Mario Draghi in Italy, Emmanuel Macron in France, Mark Rutte in the Netherlands, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, they are all puppets of the World Economic Forum, which serves as puppet master. The strength of the globalist system right now is that it really has no human face to which its opponents can rally against. It has national puppets, but this is a global system with no visible global leader, at least not yet.
    [ … ] Listen to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking to his citizenry like they are children in the below video… make sure you’re “up to date on your shots,” he scolds them, or we will have to lock you down again!
    [ … ] So don’t get too distracted by Biden’s latest infuriating speech or Trudeau’s inflammatory arrogance. That’s just meant to take your eyes off the real enemy.
    [ … ] Jesus said that in the last days it will be “like the days of Noah,” where the dominant culture focuses on nothing but evil continuously. And those devout Christians who identify and rebuke the wicked ones will themselves be labeled as evil. This will call for spiritual strength of endurance like we’ve never needed before. It’s time to get serious. Let’s not let any buffoonish politician distract us with bizarre rhetoric, hateful imagery or anything else. It’s game time. We can’t afford to be distracted. We must be laser focused on resisting the globalist system at all of its many pressure points.” — Leo Hohmann

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  33. Thanks Leo! I knew Biden’s ferocious blabber was going to distract & divide! His name calling and accusations which really did / does seem threatening were words written on a teleprompter for him to read. There again shows he is a doddering old puppet. The fight of Right / Left & Trump and Biden is really this ‘Beast-Anti-Christ System VS us, especially those of us with a microscopic shred of decency left and some Christian morals and believe in Jesus Christ!
    We whom have Him know we have Life beyond this evil period of existence!

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    1. Look Anne Heche and how she supposedly died. Very suspicious! Imagine if all the sudden your car accelerated to the max and you had no way of shutting it down. We’re going to see this happen more and more especially once EVs and other controllable vehicles can be remotely controlled.

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  34. On Xcel’s VP of Customer Solutions comment, “It’s a voluntary program, let’s remember that this is something customers choose to be a part of.”
    In other words, don’t blame us, it was your choice, and if you didn’t read the fine print that’s not our problem.
    Remember, the big print giveth, and the small print taketh away.

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  35. It’s a controlled demolition of all aspects of society. We can and should resist, even if just out of principle. In the overall picture it won’t change anything, it may delay it though. Bible prophecy is inevitable and the beast system is here, just tightening a few more screws and ironing out a few more kinks. They can call me what they want, but that’s what the Bible says, so their argument is with God’s Word, not me. No one listened to Jeremiah either, with all the ‘doom and gloom’ talk, but guess what? He was right. He heard from God and delivered the message as given, and it came to pass; doomy and gloomy as that was. I resist, I refuse the jab, I took all the $ out that I could for practical purposes leaving some in, don’t have any ‘alexa’ AI style stuff other than my modem but what can you do if you want internet? I get the word out all I can.
    I spread God’s Word all I can too. The main word of advice I have for Christians is this: If you are not ready to die for Jesus today, then you are not ready. Period. For what is coming. I try to keep it simple. Get right with the Lord while there is still time. We can only prepare so much and it only goes so far materially. Sooner or later they will come for us, and then all that will matter is what our standing is with God, and what have we done for Jesus lately? Are we spiritually healthy enough to be martyrs for the faith? Next stop is standing before His throne. What will all of that other stuff matter then? While we still have breath in our lungs, let’s do something proactive about that now!
    God bless!

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  36. “I say this as a person who is no Trump cheerleader. I fell out with Trump the first time I heard him brag about being the catalyst for the greatest medical genocide project in human history.”

    Same here, and he gets worse and worse. Pride in the jab, which is incomprehensibly dangerous?! And his recent statements last week, fueling the fires of a civil war, had to be intentional. Trump is not a stupid man. Same with all of his ‘stupid’ hires. He isn’t that stupid. Nothing he says now can convince me otherwise.

    We are in for a fight but we already know how it’s going to unfold, and we know who has already won the war. Maranatha!

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    1. robinnlinaz: Spouse and I are cynical now days on all politicians and no longer vote in any election because of local and state scandals past and present, incl two state governors one went to jail for bribery, other one adultery and resigned. Also knowing this country has been sold out to WEF style agendas and gain of function (our taxes) for more bio weapons ongoing. Any one running for office must abide to globalist guidlines here and overseas countries. No politician is qualified to push shots or any medical treatments on the public; they are not MD’s. This incl state governors and city mayors.

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      1. I still vote, not that I think it makes any difference. But I was raised to believe that voting is a right and an obligation. God is Sovereign.


  37. Dear Leo Hohmann,

    Thank you for keeping me on your Emailing list. I just now watched your interview with Brannon Howse on Lindell TV = from my little ” grandmother nest” in the Golan Heights, Israel. I agree with your article.


    Take care…..

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  38. With the clot shots, the resistance in this country was about 30%. 50% in red areas. 10-15% in blue. It’s a safe bet that the blue areas would fall first.
    According to Revelation 6, the Four Horsemen kill a fourth of the world’s population. The Malthusian global cult want to wipe out something closer to half.
    The damage they do will be great–but limited. No storm lasts forever.

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    1. More bio weapons ahead (gain of function). The 1918 flu virus taken off frozen bodies who died of it, in Alaska was taken to a lab and researched. Ebola and small pox , others in labs. They want to depopulate and release more diseases.


      1. First I’ve heard of this although it doesn’t surprise me with what I’ve read and watched over the last two years. My wife went in for procedure to have her pacemaker checked when l overheard a man behind me telling a friend that the upper part of his heart wasn’t working properly and the doctors had no idea what the problem was. I asked if he’d had the vaccine to which he replied, “yes, of course”. I said something about all the people who’ve died over the past year from heart related problems caused by the vaccine. He hadn’t heard anything about it. He the started talking to the friend telling him about selling his tractor for more money than he’d paid for it 15 years ago. This guy was a farmer and probably a conservative. People just don’t want to hear it. They trust the experts.

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