NYU School of Law Report: Global Digital ID System ‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’

I have repeatedly warned that the two things the globalists must get people to accept before they can fully implement their Great Reset (aka New World Order) are a global digital money system to replace the current fiat currencies and a globally recognized digital ID system to replace the cards in our wallets.

Yes, ladies and gents, the Fourth Reich is rising.

Once these two things are in place — digital money and digital IDs — we will have reached the point of no return. The long coveted one-world beast system will be cemented in place. Nobody will be able to buy or sell without “showing your digital papers.” This is what Covid was all about, getting rid of the dirty money (cash) and plastic ID cards, and getting people to accept a digital ID, which will start out as a digital health passport with your own individually assigned QR code.

French President Emmanuel Macron, the poster boy for the World Economic Forum and its evil schemes to control the world, recently tried to re-introduce that nation’s digital Covid pass. He met with a resounding defeat in the French Parliament last week. That was a huge victory for we the people but the globalists are going to make another big push to get the nations to accept the global ID system they have already invested billions of dollars to bring about. Its purpose is to digitize every human being with a QR code and tie that data point in with their bank accounts and the coming new digital money system.

Once the cash money and physical ID cards are gone, so goes what’s left of our economic privacy, our freedom of movement, freedom of speech, and right on down the line to total tyranny. We will own nothing, have no privacy and learn to like it, or else.

The article below updates us on the drive to get every man, woman and child on planet Earth registered with a digital ID tied to the one-world economic system. It is based on a surprising report out of New York University, of all places.

New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has issued a chilling warning about the potential dangers to human rights posed by the push for digital identity.

By Derrick Broze

In mid-June, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, a “hub for human rights study” at New York University (NYU) School of Law, issued a 100-page report detailing the growing dangers of a reliance on digital identity around the world. The report, titled Paving a Digital Road to Hell?, examines the role of the World Bank and other international networks which have been promoting the use of digital ID in recent years.

The report notes that the World Bank has been “energetically promoting biometric and other digital ID systems that are increasingly linked to large-scale human rights violations, especially in the Global South.” 

The researchers warn that digital identity schemes “promoted in the name of development and inclusion, might be achieving neither.” Despite ostensibly good intentions on the part of some promoting these systems, they “may well be paving a digital road to hell.”

The press release for the report notes (emphasis added):

“Governments around the world have been investing heavily in digital identification systems, often with biometric components (digital ID). The rapid proliferation of such systems is driven by a new development consensus, packaged and promoted by key global actors like the World Bank, but also by governments, foundations, vendors and consulting firms.

The report states that many of the digital identity schemes are taking inspiration from the Aadhaar system in India. This specific digital ID model has prioritized digital ID as an “economic identity,” according to the report. 

“The goal of such systems is primarily to establish ‘uniqueness’ of individuals, commonly with the help of biometric technologies,” the release states. This in turn allows for bringing in impoverished people from the “informal” or “counter-economy” to the formal economy. This also has the effect of “unlocking” their behavioral data that can then be used by governments and other parties.

The report also notes that the Executive Chairman of the influential ID4Africa, a platform where African governments and major companies in the digital ID market meet, noted at the 2022 Annual Meeting in June that digital ID is no longer about identity alone but,

“enables and interacts with authentication platforms, payments systems, digital signatures, data sharing, KYC systems, consent management and sectoral delivery platforms.”

(NOTE FROM LEO: The key word above, note, is PAYMENTS SYSTEMS. That’s what this is really all about, linking your ID to your ability to pay for goods and services)

The report details how the promoters of the new digital/economic identity model often evade “difficult questions” about the legal status and rights of those being registered. Despite promises of inclusion and flourishing digital economies, digital ID systems have “consistently failed to deliver on these promises in real-world situations, especially for the most marginalized.” The Aadhaar system itself has been criticized for severe and large-scale human rights violations.

In fact, the report finds that the evidence indicates it is the small group of companies and governments who stand to benefit most from these systems.

“After all, where digital ID systems have tended to excel is in generating lucrative contracts for biometrics companies and enhancing the surveillance and migration-control capabilities of governments.”

Who is Driving the Push to Digital Identity?

The authors of the report also call for a “more clearly developed notion of ‘who’ are the most relevant actors driving this agenda and ‘what’ are the key concepts that should be contested and reimagined.” They say that much can be learned by focusing on the actions of the World Bank Group, and “more specifically its ID4D Initiative, as a central node in a more extensive global network of digital ID promotion.”

In 2014, the World Bank launched the Identification for Development (ID4D) program with the aim of solving the problem of a lack of identity for much of the so-called “developing world.” The World Bank is funding digital biometric ID programs in Mexico, pushing digital ID in poorer countries with the ostensible goal of providing legal identity to the 1.1 billion people who do not currently have one.

This program was started with a “catalytic investment” from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network, as well as various governments. The report notes:

“We have noted that the World Bank and its ID4D Initiative do not stand alone in pursuing the digital ID agenda. They exist within a global network of organizations and individuals. This includes donor governments like the United Kingdom, the United States and France; global foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and Omidyar Network; tech-savvy governments such as in India and Estonia; the UN system, including the members of the UN-Legal Identity Agenda Task Force; regional development banks, including the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank; private biometrics corporations like Idemia, Thales, and Gemalto; card companies such as MasterCard; new networks such as the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) and ID4Africa; and numerous other global organizations”

Many of the governments and companies listed above are also partners with the World Economic Forum, the proponents of “The Great Reset.” The Gates Foundation is likely more well known to regular readers, but the Omidyar Network should also raise red flags. The Omidyar Network was set up by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Pam Omidyar. To learn more about the history of Omidyar and his co-opting of the Snowden leaks via his ownership of The Interceptread these investigations.

Interestingly, the NYU report states that proponents of this digital identity future have “cloaked this new paradigm in the language of human rights and inclusion, arguing that such systems will help to achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals.”

As I reported in my previous investigation, Exposing the “Digital ID is a Human Right” Scamthe push towards a digital identity has its roots in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked objectives adopted by the United Nations in 2015 with the ostensible goal of ending poverty, protecting the planet, and spreading peace and prosperity to all people by 2030.

The SDGs were part of a larger resolution known as the 2030 Agenda, or Agenda 2030, with the stated purpose of fighting climate change. While the United Nations SDGs and Agenda 2030 are often touted as a tool for establishing healthy multilateral relationships between nations, in truth, they are based in a deeper agenda to monitor, control, and direct all life on the planet.

The UN and the World Economic Forum have regularly promoted the idea of a digital identity as a necessity for life in the 2020s.

It’s clear that this effort to strong-arm the world into accepting digital identity programs is part of a larger push towards biometrics, a track-and-trace society, and, eventually, tools like Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Read the entire article by Derrick Broze

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35 thoughts on “NYU School of Law Report: Global Digital ID System ‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’”

  1. Rachel Nichols says:
    July 23, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    RE: “No wonder the Beast System will only last 42 months.”

    Daniel 2:29- In 604 BC Babylon’s king dreamed that he had been divinely anointed to be the gold head of the Beast’s abominable image. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream ended with the coming of the Lord Jesus to destroy the 2631-year reign of Lucifer’s 7-headed Beast System.


  2. Thank you Leo for being a watchman! The world is groaning for Jesus Return, soon the luciferian globalists will be reading their scripts saying “ peace and safety” and sudden destruction will come upon them. They write executive orders/ statutes to frame their injustice as Psalm 94:20 reads, and God is laughing in heaven. Psalm 94: 23 is Gods promise twice That He will wipe them out.

    Stand firm on the rock of Jesus Christ, He is “ our Ark “ from the coming wrath for an unbelieving world!

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  3. So incongruous how desperate people are to avoid death. They take any and every pharmakia offered.
    Yet prophecy tells us that the day is coming when people will yearn for death and will not be able to die.

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    1. Already WELL BEYOND that point, but I’m banking on the Rapture. Besides, we’re supposed to “endure”, just no word on how long, dang it all… :/


      1. Matthew 10:22
        “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”
        The end is the last day when Jesus will return in power and glory whereupon He will send His angels to gather His elect. This is the rapture and it wont happen until after the great tribulation. There will not be a pretribulation rapture.

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      2. Getting beheaded is a pretty painless way to die. Seems the global cult was behind this for over two centuries. (French Revolution and Reign of Terror.)
        And a Rapture is just a painless form of death by vaporization for all practical purposes. But starvation, war, bioweapons are long and nasty. But you’ll wind up in Heaven whether or not you get raptured or die by any method under the sun.


  4. As I see it one thing is clear. The forces of totalitarian evil are selling their endless list of products—digital currency and ID, vaccines, green agendas, socialized medicine and government handouts as great benefits. A real Vanity Fair they offer. And too many of us are actively buying or accepting it, even Christians. We have had generations used to comforts of all kinds and 24/7 entertainment. We are isolated from each other in our endless pursuit of happiness. Our friendships have become virtual, not real, so people have become fundamentally lonely, yet remain stubbornly unwilling to move outside themselves. Any slight degree of suffering is regarded with the greatest alarm and the prospect of persecution fills us with despair. We are fundamentally fearful. We have lived a life of illusion and are very prey to delusion.

    Most churches in the West never teach how to worship God or to pray or about the martyrs but rather about “social justice” or some form of self actualization. “Fellowship” is the coffee klatch variety, having little of the sacrificial love that characterized that of the early Christians. Christiandom has never been weaker than now and that is our fault.

    Whatever comes at us in the future is likely to be either genocidal or enslaving or both but it’ll be through a system that will offer us “convenience” or “safety” or more comforts or possessions. It will be irresistible to the unwary. If we want to resist this subtle totalitarianism we have to be prepared to give up our life as we’ve known it, give up everything that made it comfortable and predictable and secure. Maybe Life itself. In private contemplations and prayer let each be honest with himself and ask—what are you willing to die for? Exactly what do you believe in that should never be compromised? Now is the time for everyone to figure this out—our dried food stores and survivalist preparation only delays the day of our personal reckoning. True resistance to evil is only possible if we are willing to suffer whatever it takes to stand against it. So we should first prepare our hearts to accept the cost. And yes, I’m telling this to myself as well.

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    1. Kayjae:
      July 20, 2022 at 4:06 pm

      AMEN, Kayjae! True resistance to evil is only possible if we (wise virgins in Christ’s holy Bride) obediently take up our daily cross and are willing to suffer whatever it takes to stand against it. So we should first, as Christ’s cross-carrying martyrs, prepare our hearts to accept the cost.

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  5. Sigh. Too many acronyms. “[E]nables and interacts with authentication platforms, payments systems, digital signatures, data sharing, KYC systems….” Not familiar w/ the acronym; “KYC” stands for “Know Your Client.” Pretty hard to guess. Puzzled; had to look it up. Google to the rescue.


  6. Who produced an idolized, sacred image of Jesus, and does it radiate His omnipotent Holy Spirit?


  7. Hello Leo
    I reckon that we will soon see a series of massive cyber attacks across the world. The modes operandum of the elites is to bring order out of chaos. The scenario I envisage is a massive assault on peoples on line identity including financial and medical records. Bank accounts will be emptied medical records will be sabotaged etc.

    The response to this will be to initiate a ‘Global Reset’ which will be touted as a new beginning with a more equitable distribution of wealth. They will roll out a digital identity which they promise will be totally secure because it will be stored in a persons own body with each person having their own unique code.
    People will be given a limited amount of credit at the governments discretion so that everybody will be indebted to the government. The government will take ownership of everything which people once owned and will deem all property to be communal and which can be redistributed or allocated as AI deems fit.

    With no individual ownership the government will be in total control. The allocation of credit can be raised or lowered depending on a persons value to the system and of course whether or not they comply with government edicts and vaccination programs etc.

    PEOPLE WILL BE THE NEW CURRENCY. A person will be dispensable and disposable as their value drops due to old age or illness etc.

    These are just some of my expectations with regard to the New World Order.

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    1. Anthony William:
      July 19, 2022 at 7:25 am

      AMEN. Anthony, thanks for sharing this Biblical-inspired warning, that you have envisaged of the Marxist Beast’s massive assault on Socialism’s digitally-marked (SS#) peoples on line identity including financial and medical records. Lucifer’s Marxist Global Village will take ownership of everything which Socialism’s ‘secured’ people once owned and will deem all property to be communal and which can be redistributed or allocated as the AI Social Justice Department deems fit. Socialism’s merchandised PEOPLE WILL BE THE NEW CURRENCY. A dependent ward of the Beast’s Marxist State will be dispensable and disposable as their value drops due to old age, illness, etc.

      …the digitally-identified merchandise of cattle and sheep, horses and chariots (i.e. motorized vehicles), and the bodies and souls of men. Revelation 18:12-13

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      1. Hello Leo
        No, I’ve never read ‘Brave New World?’ Huxley must have had great foresight to see this coming. Maybe he had inside information like George Orwell who was inducted into the ‘Golden Dawn’ movement and was horrified by their plans for America.

        It’s worth noting that the ‘Golden Dawn’ was a ‘new age’ movement which included Alister Crowley in it’s membership. The ‘new age’ movement has infiltrated the apostate church today and for me it poses a greater terror than the physical aspects of the ‘global reset’.

        It’s also concerning that some of the people who are raising awareness to the ‘global reset’ agenda are at the same time, embracing the ‘new age’ which will in fact be a spiritual dystopia and not the spiritual utopia which they espouse. They see the current chaos as a necessary evil to usher in an age of spiritual enlightenment where ‘Christ consciousness’ will abound because they wrongly believe that Christ is in everybody just waiting to be discovered.

        I believe that the spiritual dystopia will be a far greater evil than the physical aspects of the ‘global reset’

        When I remember Christ’s caution regarding the future He expresses great concern about the spiritual manifestations which will happen in the end days and warms us against being deceived by the many false Christ’s and false signs and wonders which will be manifest.

        In addition to us preparing ourselves for the physical dystopia, we should also be preparing ourselves for the spiritual dystopia. We should be grounding ourselves in the word of God so that we are not fooled or persuaded by the very convincing spiritual phenomena which will accompany the ‘new (demonic) age’ which is to come.

        So these are just some of my thoughts concerning the future.

        P.S. Perhaps , some day, you could write an article exposing the ‘new age’ movement for the demonic movement that it really is. Christians need to be warned of this fast growing movement and it’s dangers.

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      2. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/07/no_author/the-promise-of-pleasure-or-the-threat-of-pain-reflections-on-brave-new-world-and-nineteen-eighty-four-and-the-future-of-life-on-earth/

        In his novel, Brave New World, Huxley invented a world in which soma assuaged our pesky human woes. But at least in his story, taking it was optional. Now, there are people in the real world suggesting it be mandatory and covert, giving rise to a whole new thing, a combined “herd-poisoning” and “boot-on-the-face” takedown of humanity not even envisioned by Orwell or Huxley. And this is not a story. It’s reality. And if it’s allowed to go on it’s not going to end well.

        To that end, should anything like a “compulsory and covert” administration of a moral bioenhancement be administered somehow—dumped into public water supplies, genetically engineered into in our food, sprayed on us from planes like crop dusters—we would be force-fed to accept a lie that could very well kill us. Which is what the soulless robots sneering down upon us plebes from their Pyramid of Evil called the World Economic Forum are trying to do, anyway. Why not narcotize us into embracing their agenda to eliminate that last drop of resistance in our freedom-loving blood in every last one of us? It’s the covidian cult’s ultimate wet dream come true.

        In a follow-up to his Brave New World, Huxley published in Time magazine in 1958 a long and alarming essay titled “Brave New World Revisited.” In that essay, he wrote about the possible, if not likely, end of democracy not only here in the United States but everywhere else it had managed to take root and flourish. The cause of death would be due to a population overcome by what he called “herd-poisoning.” He wrote: “Like alcohol, herd-poison is an active, extraverted drug. The crowd-intoxicated individual escapes from responsibility, intelligence and morality into a kind of frantic, animal mindlessness.”


    1. Very important now more than ever is choosing companions wisely, eliminating people that are not solid or standing up for righteousness and Biblical values. Even if it means cutting out relatives and long time friends in your circle. The covid crisis caused people to break ties with others over values and ethics.

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      1. Well said Laura. Bad company corrupts. We must not allow ourselves to be compromised or misled. We must be selfish and preserve our souls in this time of decadence and delusion lest we be carried away with the tide of evil that is prevailing over the world.

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  8. I recall reading some years back about social credit scores in China and all the stuff about that. It talked about how it targets Christians and any dissenters. I don’t know how they survive it at all. But they mentioned the government going out and raiding homes of suspected Christians and finding items that point to their faith, in this case it was pictures of Jesus, and threatening to lower their credit score if they did not take them down from their own homes. I don’t know if it went on to say what responses they met this with. But the reactions are usually the same ones along a spectrum, regardless of the context. I think of the early Christians in the Mediterranean who were constantly threatened if they did not ‘make a sacrifice’ to some false god, or do some act of homage to a caesar, or bow in some way to something they should not. In today’s society the items bowed to have been replaced, but the concept is the same. “Will you deny Jesus by such and such an action, or will you publicly stand and confess Him even if it costs you everything?” That is the question of our lives. Will we cave, or will we be loyal to the Lord? Will we carry our cross daily as we are called to to, or will we cower to spare the things in our life, even our life itself? Should anything come above God in our life? As always, the responses fell along a spectrum. I strive daily to fall on the extreme end of the spectrum that will lay my life down for Jesus at any given moment.
    It is a discipline. Most can’t even give up one simple vice, what will they do when they can no longer purchase such vices? Well upon reading about that story, I headed down to the Christian bookstore and bought myself a calendar with pictures of Jesus on. I separated the pages of the calendar with a staple remover and cut the single pages out separately. Then I proceeded to hang up every single picture of Jesus in my own room. The chances of them coming and searching my place for this was slim to none as I don’t live in China. But, I would have done it in China too. And, I did it for all of those Christians in China who did it and suffered for it, as persecution makes the church grow. What mattered to me was that I was ready. Whether a search team was coming or not, and I’m sure one day they will be, I declared Who my loyalty was to and I was ready. The more pictures of Jesus plastering my wall like wall paper for them to see one day, the better!

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    1. Which false Jesus allowed himself to be made into an idolatrous image that is plastered on someone’s wall? The Jesus Christ of the Mormons, or of the Jehovah Witnesses, or of the Moslems, or of the Roman Pontiff’s, or of Sedona’s woke New Agers, or of…?


  9. Here’s a question–how will the drug cartels and black-market arms cartels operate in this digital ID environment? How will they do their underhanded deals and stay anonymous, paying or getting paid with what kind of currency? I can’t imagine them wanting to be a part of this very techy system which would not allow for false or secret identity. Over the years, quite a few major big banks have been laundering drug money for the cartels and other criminal organizations. And sophisticated drug dealers game the Federal discount window to their advantage. Will this continue under different rules or updated accommodations? How will this black market operate under this new system or will it operate outside of it using what kind of monetary exchange that allows privacy of transactions? Because if they can operate outside the digital ID hell, maybe dissidents can, too. Just wondering.


    1. What I see happening, which is happening already, is that they will simply legalize everything. Every drug, every vice, every sin, even prostitution, pedophilia, and every form of perversion will be legalized in the beast system, so that’s how they will solve that problem. All the things they do in the darkness, such as sex trafficking of little children on pedo island, will be paid for legally. We are already moving in that direction fast with legalization of drugs in some states, any drugs, and drag queens grooming toddlers at ‘story hours,’ teaching them about gender confusion. They are already talking about legalizing that kind of sex. The world is getting evil at an accelerated rate, so I would not be surprised at this turn of events.

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      1. You are absolutely right 1blandina, their plans are obvious. Good is evil and evil is good in their reprobate minds.
        Our Lord said the world will be as in the days of Noah before His return. The Bible describes this time in Genesis 6:5 – “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” We aren’t there quite yet, but that is the direction we are rapidly headed.
        We have fallen so far in 18 months as to be unrecognizable, what will it be like in January of 2024?! I shudder to think of it.
        Not only will every evil be legal, but we can be confident that all good things will be outlawed or forgotten or dangerous. No charity, no Pro-Life Centers, no church worship ( Christians will have to go underground), no helping our fellow man because the dangers will be too high…all of the shootings and attacks are becoming so commonplace that many just watch them happen now without offering aid. Police departments?! Forget it, what would be the point?! Lawlessness will abound.
        And considering the prophesied death toll of the first half of the Tribulation, due to wars, pestilence, famine and wild animals…human life will literally have no value. We can’t really imagine how radically different life will become, we have no reference point in America, that is for sure.


      2. Great comment 1blandina and right on, Here in Canada the first thing to be legalized was pot and it didn’t take long for Monsieur Trudeau to say it is ok to have small quantities of cocaine and heroine . So that’s seems like the road they are going down the one you portrayed. Romans 1 .

        Lord help us

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      3. Today’s “crimes” may be eventually legalized but put under the direct control of the government–so a drug addict can get his fix directly from a government clinic rather than from a black market dealer. Abortion was once generally illegal, when it was legalized, these operated under some government oversight (presumably to ensure safety which often they ignored because eugenics was the real government agenda).

        We can see that government these days is not interested in maintaining societal morality or defending its laws, but much more interested in getting their cut, usually accomplished through “taxes”, (like cigarette and alcohol taxes). I can’t imagine the criminal class wanting to see everything legalized, which is why most of the opposition to legalizing drug or alcohol use is often opposed by the criminal elements. Legalization takes away their huge profits. Unless, of course, there is a merger between between criminal cartels and government, which happens with fair regularity. Even when that happens, the criminal class would still want stay under the surveillance radar in their transactions. So it remains an interesting question as to how they would accomplish this, given the push for digital ID globally.


    2. Thru the bartering system. People need to form bartering networks in their community with close friends. Cash, gold and silver will become worthless. Food, hand tools, guns, ammo and household items will be traded. Garden supplies and garden tools, livestock, crops incl.


    3. They become elected …connected. Even Nancy Pelosi has been caught with insider trading. They operate above the law.


  10. Well, Leo, the truth that needs to be shouted loud and clear, heard by us all is in these few words of the report:

    ” . . . in truth, they are based in a deeper agenda to monitor, control, and direct all life on the planet.”

    Let us all the world over who Believe in Heavenly Father, who follow The Way keep Praying and never stop while doing what we are Guided to do. Nothing these villains have beats Prayer and the Will of Father for us.

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  11. I am beyond grateful to read the Bible in one hand while I read the world news in the other. ONLY GOD could accurately tell us the End from the Beginning. All the details and hundreds of prophecies He has provided us makes His plans irrefutable, and the truth undeniable. He has told us what He will do, and He WILL do it.

    If I become anxious about what I see unfolding, as I know about the terrible Tribulation ahead, I can rest in His promises and what our lives will be like with Jesus. An eternity in Heaven is worth the small price we might pay on earth.


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    1. The LORD commands:
      “Come out of her, My people,
      so that you will not share in her sins
      or contract any of her plagues.
      For her sins are piled up to heaven,
      and God has remembered her iniquities.” Revelation 18:4

      If you virgins in Christ’s Bride carefully keep His Gospel’s commandment, then the LORD your God will remove from you all sickness. He will not lay upon you any of the terrible diseases the children of Israel knew in Egypt, but He will inflict them on all fools who hate you. Deuteronomy 7:15

      God graciously drew me to repent, in obedience to Christ’s Revelation 18:4 commandment, and has truly set me free! He has liberated me from being a dependent ward that is digitally marked and held captive within Socialism’s eugenic Security System. The Lord forbids me from receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters of Socialism’s Big Pharma because He miraculously gives me immunity to the pandemic. Since the release of China’s Wuhan virus, God has kept my open face unmasked and has kept my daily servitude to Him to prosperously proceed, unabated. In stark contrast, the harlot (501c3) Laodicean Churches around me were forced to shut their doors because many of their members, who are vaccinated, boosted, masked, and Socially Secured, were infecting each other with China’s Wu-virus. Many foolish virgins in Christ’s Bride have refused to obey His sanctifying commandment. Therefore they eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner and are guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. For they foolishly eat and drink judgment on themselves. That is why many Socially Secured (SS#) virgins among the Bride of Christ are weak, sickly, and die from COVID, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all the malignant diseases of ‘Egypt’.

      If you virgins in Christ’s Bride are not careful to obey His holy commandment, then the LORD your God will bring upon you and your descendants extraordinary disasters, severe and lasting plagues, and terrible and chronic sicknesses. He will afflict you again with all the diseases you dreaded in Egypt, and they will cling to you, until you are destroyed. Because you foolishly would not obey the voice of the LORD your God. Deuteronomy 28:58


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