Is Sri Lanka leading the way into the New World Order? Or is it showing us the way out?

July 9, 2022

I don’t believe any single country is the “model” for the New World Order because so many countries are neck deep in Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum-driven madness that’s referred to as the Great Reset.

But Sri Lanka is certainly one nation to watch. Its corrupt puppet politicians, just like those in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S. and Europe, have been in a race to the finish line of Schwab’s dystopian global technocracy, which is the final destination, a truly dark place of total surveillance and soul-crushing control over all human activity.

All resisters will be dealt with harshly as we’ve seen from the J6 protest here in America and the truckers’ uprising in Canada.

But maybe, just maybe, the resisters in some of these countries will find a way to tap into the fury that is rising up among the people and throw off their shackles.

It will be interesting to watch Sri Lanka as it seems things may be coming to a head there faster than anywhere else.

Since this spring, people on the island nation formerly known as Ceylon have been dealing with gas shortages, power outages, high inflation, food riots, and runs on the banks. I have sources inside the country feeding me information, so this is not third-hand information, it is straight from the native people living through what is an intensifying powder keg.

As early as May 9, my source told me of spreading food riots and “people are killing each other on the streets.” This led to curfews and planned power outages.

Since then it’s only gotten worse.

Today, there are reports that protesters have breached the Temple Trees, which is the official residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Then they stormed the president’s office, watch below.

Sri Lankans also broke into the gates of the country’s central bank.

Why is this happening?

The nation has been driven into bankruptcy by its corrupt leaders. People have been left without fuel and food. They have had enough and many are at their breaking point, a point at which you realize you have nothing to lose by going on the offense against the gangsters who have destroyed your country.

Here’s another video where they have breached the president’s residence demanding his resignation.

I heard from my most trusted source today inside Sri Lanka, who said people were coming to Colombo, the capital, to participate in these mass protests. Many came packed into cargo containers because almost all of the buses and passenger trains have run out of fuel.

Some walked up to 100 kilometers to participate in the protests in Colombo.

Here are pictures the Sri Lankan citizen sent me of the people who were lucky enough to get on the limited number of buses that still had fuel.

“Please write an article of our country’s situation,” my Sri Lankan friend asked me. “This is probably the start of everything for other countries through the Great Reset. Our PM Ranil is a Freemason and a member of the WEF.”

We have reports today that Sri Lankan President Rajapakse is fleeing the nation aboard a naval vessel.

I asked my source about this.

“Yes it happened. We all saw it on TV,” was the reply. “We don’t know where the president is right now.”

What about the prime minister, Ranil, I asked. He is the notorious Masonic traitor and disciple of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.

“Ranil is saying he will resign once a national government is formed,” I was told, although this is being taken with a large grain of salt by Sri Lankan citizens who have lost patience with Ranil and don’t believe a word he says.

Ranil reportedly signed an agreement with the WEF in 2016 that placed him under the wing of the globalists. He is a puppet politician (sound familiar, Canadians, Americans, Europeans?) who does not answer to his citizens. He answers to foreign entities in London, New York, Brussels and Davos.

We have unearthed a video of Ranil speaking at the WEF in 2016 (see below), where he refers to a bailout from the IMF and pledges his fealty to the globalists under a “restructured” economy.

At around the 7-minute mark of this video (see below), a Chinese reporter asks the Sri Lankan PM about his country’s role in the WEF-facilitated “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and how China fits into that plan. In his answer, Ranil displays his willingness to pimp his country out to the Chinese Communist Party, offering “large infrastructure projects funded by the Chinese government.” This includes giving the Chinese communists rights to develop a port city in Sri Lanka.

Ranil said he would also like to see Chinese investments in his country, which of course always come with a price tag, in the form of influence over government policies favorable to the Chinese. That’s exactly how it’s worked in the United States, where U.S. politicians, business oligarchs and media outlets get paid handsomely to sell out their country’s working-class citizens.

In the above video, Ranil states:

“Infrastructure development alone is not sufficient. Now we are discussing Chinese investment… and the Chinese government has also decided that some of its manufacturing industries should move out, and Sri Lanka seems to be one of the locations for the industries to move out. So we are looking for the Chinese participation in the logistics hub of Sri Lanka as well as further investments in the real estate sector.”

So everything is in flux. The world is on fire. Protests are heating up. But until I see the puppet politicians being hauled out of their offices and palaces in handcuffs, I am cautious not to get too optimistic. I remain skeptical that the network of global predators are losing control of the power structures they have taken over through stealth and subterfuge over the last 100 years.

“Who is like the beast and who can fight against it?” the apostle John asks in the 13th chapter of Revelation. If we are living in the end times, this just might be the beast system that takes over the world. In which case, we await our King who will arrive shortly on the scene, at which time every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. is 100 percent reader supported. If you would like to help us stay online and grow, please consider a donation of any size, which may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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41 thoughts on “Is Sri Lanka leading the way into the New World Order? Or is it showing us the way out?”

    1. *Ad hominem.
      The comments made by people with that attitude are not found in the Bible. That’s true enough. But they are found all over YouTube or Substack.


  1. Sri Lanka vs America.
    It takes a backbone to live free. The Sri Lankans have one. Americans do not. They are cowards. They will do nothing but crawl on their bellies and whine, no matter how bad it gets. They are so stupid they actually praise the police who have spent the last several years despriving them of their freedom in the harshest ways imaginable. They wore the mask and dutifully obeyed orders for house arrest. Now they allow their children to be given poison called covid vax, after seeing how many adults have already died. They even willingly give over their youngest children to to perverted child molestors who dress as women. They wouldn’t even back the man they put into office. They laid down and did nothing as the election was stolen, and they will do nothing now. Spineless, gutless, they deserve everything that’s about to happen to them.

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    1. Charles Smith says:
      July 10, 2022 at 2:42 pm

      It takes the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to graciously lead His obedient Bride’s wise virgins into eternal freedom, out of the demonic plague-infected darkness of the Fourth Reich’s abominable Social Security System. The Socially-Secured virgins in Christ’s Bride are digitally-marked cowards. They foolishly love the temporal life-giving comfort found in the Marxist Beast’s eugenic Security System.


    2. What part of America? Among other things it’s becoming abundantly clear that there are two Americas. Part of it might as well be Australia. (Mostly urban/blue states.) The rest acts more like the people of Tanzania. (Tends to be rural and/or red.) I think we should look to them as examples of how to handle this situation. It looks like it’s already too late for Sri Lanka.
      Protests don’t work except for morale boosting and networking. Quiet but massive, decentralized non-compliance is the key. For instance, instead of protesting mask mandates at the state capital, just urge like minded anti maskers to quit wearing them around town. Leave a store when asked but tell them you won’t be back as long as masks are required. Patronize mask free establishments. When a police man asks you to wear a mask, say, “Yes, officer. I’ve got one in my pocket/purse.” Then move on quickly.
      If enough do this the police will give up trying to enforce it. And the governor will ignore it or withdraw the mandate just to save face. Or the lack thereof.


  2. I forgot, one more thing and it pertains to the rapture.
    I do recall that phenomenon of there being a tragedy, like a massive natural catastrophe; and a typical response by Christians to comment and call out things like; “Hallelujah! Maranatha! Jesus is coming back soon! We’re out of here baby!” Like wow, that’s all they see in it. All these people die or lose their homes in the 3rd world and the church is jumping up and down for joy because it’s a sign of the end times and they assume also that the rapture is a whole lot closer, and that is all they care about. A few alternative, and more appropriate reactions would be: 1) Pray for those affected. 2) Pray that anyone under judgment would be convicted of their sin and repent. 3) Pray that the event would open people’s eyes to the end times, coming judgment, and the need to repent and get saved. 4) Examine ourselves as well. 5) It’s not pre trib anyway, but it still could be a long way off regardless and occupy till He does come. I have found that response so heartless, merciless, and borderline sadistical. Yes, some introspection would do them some good!

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    1. That is why it was invented [ Darby/Scofield and the Secret Six ] to keep christians sitting on thrir hands.


      1. Moat churches today are social clubs and don’t preach prophecy or much else BIblically, mostly social justice w/ some Bible ref. thrown in. Most are gate keepers for globalism, incl the So. Bapt. churches focused on pretrib.

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  3. Thank you for this article. Yes, indeed, Sri Lanka has been a target of the New World Order evil one-world agenda of the globalist elites. Their key puppet is Milinda Moragoda, a WEF Young Global Leader who has been manipulating Ranil Wickramasinghe (who was appointed as PM recently in the most bizarre manner) and many key politicians. Now they have (through organisations such as the think tank Pathfinders) and duped professional bodies such as the Bar Association of Sri Lanka full control of the country. This is not good but most people have no idea that they are being led to destruction. They have got rid of the nationalist leaders (they made their mistakes too but they have been blown out of proportion and false allegations have been made against the conservative Mahinda Rajapaksa- by the Annonymous hacker group etc – which are also arms of the NWO). The New World Order is also promoting the Tamil separatist movement to maintain political and social instability. A lot of that activity is happening through the captured Catholic church. Thankfully good people within the Catholic church are shouting from the roof tops and we must listen:
    NWO must be defeated to protect free human society everywhere.
    It appears that the former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was targeted by the NWO. He was trying to bring a nationalist conservative system back.


  4. I get tired of the subtle jabs at God as if it were somehow His fault. Humanity has its fate due to the choice made by man in the Garden of Eden, inspired by satan. So when looking for a place to put the blame for all the suffering, it’s not at God’s feet, but the devil’s and the freewill choice made by man, and every man at that. The evil will get punished proportionately, so not to worry that it hasn’t happened in our miniscule lifetimes. And we all suffer woes, so let us not become whiners over trivial matters. So those who this applies to can put their finite brains to rest on such issues. Thanks much.
    The West is ripe for persecution due to the lack of the church doing its job, and a people will reap what they sow. It all serves a purpose and I’m not worried about that. I don’t fear what any human can do to me and I know I will die in His time in the way I’m supposed to.
    So like or don’t like my comment, I could not care less.
    I know what truth is and am not afraid of whatever is around the next corner.
    See you all in the next post!

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  5. Great analysis Leo. Lately I hear the terms “The Fourth Turning” and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. I’m not real clear on what that means but I definitely understand “The Fourth Beast.”

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  6. Rachel Nichols says:
    July 10, 2022 at 12:29 am

    RE: Evil cultures cause ‘innocents’ to suffer. So does their collapse as I read in Jeremiah and other OT prophets.

    Also: The Lord Bridegroom causes the wise virgins in His Bride to deny themselves by daily taking up and suffering their cross. But far be it from me to boast [in anything or anyone], except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world (i.e. Socialism’s abominable global Security System). Galatians 6:14

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  7. But then again, these National leaders who are selling out their own people to Kraut Schwab, Soros, Gates and others wouldn’t have been believed if he had tried to warn the people in 2016. Even today, if you try to warn people, they just call you a conspiracy theorist.

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    1. If the words, “disinformation”, “misinformation”, and/or “conspiracy theory” are used by mainstream media, government, a business or entity, or an individual — to attack someone —– then you know for absolute certain that they are AGENDA-DRIVEN. Attacking people instead of debating the issues is, at best, a diversion from truths and all, no exceptions, are agenda-driven.

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  8. Appreciate you trying to give a clearer picture of the situation by employing multiple sources in the country. As someone who was born and raised in Sri Lanka, I can confirm that you are receiving the true facts about how people over there feel, compared to the so called journalists who has written about this situation before.
    People over there are rioting because what the government put them through by following the WEF’s orders. The riots were started by the Marxist JVP with the popular support of the frustrated citizens, but it cleverly got hijacked by the UNP activists, and ultimately bringing Ranil into power.
    Even though one political party has lost power, the other political party which acquired power also is equally influenced by the WEF.
    Therefore I do not see an end to the death spiral that the country has been pushed into.
    From my viewpoint, the only path for salvation (temporary) for the Sri Lanka is to be taken over either by the Marxists or by the military establishment so people may be able to elect new faces to power someday.

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    1. Ronnie, please don’t wish for a Marxist or a military rule for Sri Lanka. They are oppressive. New World Order is a fascist rule by the richest and most powerful people of the world – they call themselves “elites” (please listen carefully to World Economic Forum lectures), and they they are godly to even genetically engineer humanity to control us like a flock of sheep. This is the reality of the NWO operating through the WEF, IMF, WB and various UN agencies (WHO in particular) and countless private entities. The same people who own and operate the financial system, Big Tech and Big Pharma run these organisations for their ultimate agenda.
      It is time for Sri Lankans to realise the value of their ancient system where the kings ruled the nation according to the “Dasa Raja Dharma” (10 guidelines for good governance from Buddhist teachings) and strive to revive that system that got destroyed by many waves of Indian invasions and 3 waves of European invasions over the last 500 years. Unfortunately regaining independence didn’t really happen because the West still controlled our political affairs a lot of the time.


      1. Further to my comment above, if one would like to know the ancient 10 Buddhist guidelines for rulers that the Sri Lankan kings observed for millennia;
        1. Be liberal and avoid selfishness.2. Maintain a high moral values avoiding sinful thought/action.3. Be prepared to sacrifice one’s own pleasure for the well-being of the subjects.4. Be honest and truthful.5. Maintain absolute integrity of character.6. Be kind and gentle.7. Lead a simple life for the subjects to emulate.8. Be free from hatred of any kind.9. Exercise non-violence and practise patience.10. Respect public opinion to promote peace and harmony.

        Lost of moral values and principles is the root cause of this present day evil.


      2. Daya:
        July 10, 2022 at 7:46 am

        RE: The ancient 10th Buddhist guideline for rulers that the Sri Lankan kings observed for millennia; 10. Compromisingly respect the ruling power of the majority’s public opinion to promote the ‘Broadway’ of Democracy’s lukewarm Laodicean peace and its Humanist harmony.

        Willful ignorance and rejection of the sharply divisive ‘Narrow Way’ gospel commandments in Jesus Christ’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is the root cause of the powerful demonic delusion that emanates from the Marxist Beast’s democratic Social Gospel. Therefore, the UN Global Village fearfully quakes in mindless confusion over the Georgia Guidestones’ announcement of Armeggedon’s eugenic implementation.


  9. I am not old. But I wish I had not lived to see this cursed time. We are helpless in the face of such overwhelming evil.
    The shadows of Technocracy terrify me more than death itself. There is no purpose to being here and nothing to be done. My hope is that my health is so poor I won’t last long once Evil has won.
    If you knew technocrats as I do, you too would live in fear. They will torture and torture us lower human beings in exquisitely invasive, sadistic manners to create suffering most people only have experienced in nightmares,
    Eventually Jesus will finally pull a Deux Ex Machina once everything good and innocent has been crushed beyond remedy and Evil has reigned supreme for Who knows how long? The people doing the bulk of the evil have never been punished by God before. Only those less guilty. He seems fine with letting evil triumph in our culture as it has for over 50 years.
    7 years or 42 months or 2600 days? Maybe each describes a portion of the Hell-on-Earth God has consigned us to? Or maybe the numbers are merely symbols and signify a much, much longer time.
    Some believers will chide me for lack of faith. They take ghoulish delight in the current human suffering and all the increased suffering and death awaiting humanity once the Satanic Globalists whom these self-described Christians are routing for. To bring on their “Rapture” so they can go straight from their comfy suburbanite homes to laugh exultantly at the suffering and death while eating popcorn on a cloud.)
    I wonder if they have a friend dying slowly of terminal cancer do they say, “Yay! Lucky you to have stage 4 cancer. You’re in for a real treat since soon you’re gon’na see Jesus. Hallelujah!” And yell and shame them for “lack of faith” when they weep?
    I wish I were already beyond this. Death is as good as rapture in my book. I envy my friend who died of pneumonia back in 2021. I can’t imagine anything good or hopeful even though I believe in some abstraction of some eventual Heaven. Probably disembodied and abstract and too strange for us humans. Though less painful than Hell or what this world will be as soon as Satan has triumphed completely.
    Only horrible terrors spring to mind. My experiences with this kind of people for over 25 years. My worst nightmare is coming true.

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    1. A lot of times I feel the same as you Rachel. Scared of the unknown and what these satanists have planned for us and how I’m going to protect my family, and sad because our country is gone, and 99% of Americans refuse to see. I’ve come to the conclusion that my family and I most likely won’t survive. I don’t think you have lack of faith. Anyone that knows what they have planned would feel the same, at one point or another. No one is getting raptured before going through major hardship and suffering, and having their faith tested. I think God is allowing us to reap what we have sown – we’ve cared so much about easy money and gaining material wealth as a society that we’ve allowed these politicians to become evil and corrupt, and we’ve turned from our Christian morals and ethics, and remain silent. And we still are. Part of being a father means sometimes watching and allowing your children to stumble and fall, so they see and learn from the errors of their ways. I think that’s what God is doing now. He’s waiting for us to see, and then come back to Him. Some will, but the majority probably won’t. But He knows all our names, and He put us here, at this time, in this place, for a reason…

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      1. He is waiting for everyone to have a chance to repent. The devil has made a sort of error in revealing himself so plainly. A formerly atheist friend of mine has returned to Christianity because of the supernatural evil she sees in the UK.

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    2. Some of us older Christians have already gone through the torture in our life but worse because it came from other Christians. Communist ideas have now permeated the Church so much that even the most zealous for God are tainted with these ideas but refuse to see it. E.g. Feminism, career women destroying Christian marriages & stopping men getting married etc. For me I see no hope except for destruction, as there is always a calamity/persecution before revival, so in the long run it would be good if these unrepentant people are taken out of the way. I do not blame atheist, satanists or unbelievers for the evil happening in Christian countries but blame Christians, who about 100 years ago started flirting with worldly philosophies because they were bored with the simplicity that is in Christ. In those times the Churches had clout & if an evil idea arose the Churches would preach on it & the public would get aroused to fight against the evil. The opposite happened. Now you are probably thinking that innocent people are going to suffer. Well we were also innocent and keeping the status quo is not beneficial. Cancer needs to be cut out whatever the cost.


    3. Not true Christians Rachel, I feel your pain..just got done crying over all of this EVIL & the suffering of innocent people & babies & children. It’s all so much to bear & even know..the depths of satanic pure wickedness. I can hardly endure either. I’m determined to continue to do my best to trust in our beloved Savour Jesus. May He bless and comfort you and strengthen & protect you Rachel. In Jesus, Christy


    4. I think your friends who believe in a pre-trib rapture are in for a disappointment. Pre Tribulation rapture doctrine never existed until Masonic preachers in the late 19th century created it by cobbling together several unrelated Bible passages. The Book of Revelation states very plainly that Christians are going to be here for the first part of it, not God’s actual wrath which comes toward the end, and suffer unimaginable persecution with the final result being actual beheadings. The clever creation of this doctrine was done generations in advance to cause complacency in the Church. It’s worked very well hasn’t it? Everything happening now was planned and orchestrated in this fashion. THEY have thought of everything possible to undermine us, generations in advance, and implemented it while Christians became increasingly complacent over generations. There is a site called Bibliography Pleyedes which is a vast, free archive of much of the most valuable alternative articles and research available online. They have archived a whole lot of research into who these phony preachers really are and, more importantly, exactly where the money propping them up came from. Always follow the money! As an example the LeHay’s of “Left Behind” fame were heavily funded by none other than Reverand Moon of Moonies cult fame. Moon is strongly believed by researchers to be a pawn and operative of the global elite. He alone funded untold millions to many evangelical preachers and their organizations. This goes on and on with very questionable donors providing the funding for these people pushing questionable doctrines like the “prosperity gospel” and others. THEY have been on the move to undermine Christianity for more than a century while the Church grew more and more complacent. Is where we are now any surprise really? Very eloquently written post above by the way. I hope and pray you find some peace. It’s now in very short supply for everyone stuck on this planet now.


      1. Spell check flipped Biblioteca Pleyedes to Bibliography in the post above. Spell check is more trouble than good for people who can actually spell.


      2. This is going to be just my speculation about Reverend Moon and what his place in all this actually was since he was clearly one of the people “all up in it” back in his day. I believe he performed what is known in the jargon as a “beta test” to see how far his many thousands, if not millions, of followers world wide could be pushed in their beliefs without breaking away. I believe Scientology is likely like this as well as Jim Jones. The data from these exercises is no doubt extremely valuable for people planning a coming world wide mega cult. Essentially this is what the Bible describes. Reverend Moon was able to eventually declare himself God and most of his followers did not break away. Sound familiar?


      3. “The Book of Revelation states very plainly that Christians are going to be here for the first part of it, not God’s actual wrath which comes toward the end, and suffer unimaginable persecution with the final result being actual beheadings.”

        I would respectfully disagree. The 10 virgins in Jesus parable are all people who will be saved, but after looking at how Galilean weddings were performed it appears that the 5 wise virgins are people who truly are Christians and are taken in a pre-Trib Rapture, and the 5 foolish virgins are people who have been to church, “know” a lot about Christianity, yet are not actually Christians at the time of the Rapture but pretenders.

        When they realize they have been left behind and will not participate in The Marriage Supper of the Lamb but will have to wait for Jesus to “open the doors” when He returns at the end of the Tribulation, they will panic and repent, becoming truly followers of Christ. The apostate world is asleep in their beds and cares not (Galilean weddings occurred at night and the following party lasted days). These who fully embrace Christ too late for the Rapture but still before death will be hunted and killed during the Tribulation.

        There simply can’t be a mid- or post-Trib Rapture. I used to believe in a post-Trib Rapture myself, thinking “Well, God’s let us be screwed over and suffer since the dawn of time, why not again?”

        I abandoned this and truly believe in a pre-Trib Rapture now for several reasons. The primary reason is that the Rapture IS taught in the Bible, not an addition from the 19th century or whatever. Jesus also VERY clearly states that NOBODY but God the Father knows the day or the hour, thus making a mid-/post-Trib Rapture impossible. When the Antichrist is revealed by making a pact with Israel, the Tribulation starts: count 3 1/2 years forward for the middle of the Tribulation, 7 years for the end. So we would know, in direct violation of Jesus’ assertion.

        The second reason is that God isn’t “saving” us from the world’s evil and corruption directly, just like He never has except in miraculous (and by definition rare) cases. God *is* holding back the worst of the pain: the Rider of Famine is basically quoting half a loaf of bread selling for $120 (one days wages assumed as $15/hour for 8 hours, so 15*8 = 120). We’re not there yet nor will WE be.

        The thing is that God is consistent, and no, He hasn’t typically delivered His followers from all evil occurrences in the world, ever. But the Rapture delivering us from the Tribulation period is NOT God taking His followers away from suffering at the hands of Evil with a capital E, but mirroring His actions in saving Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah and *His own Judgement and Wrath*.

        The Rapture occurs simply because if the whole world becomes Sodom and Gomorrah (as it is and will be), then there is nowhere for “Lot” to go but up. Just don’t get caught up in the cares of this world and forget to long for the Rapture, turning back in longing sure didn’t do much for Lot’s wife!


  10. Who is like the Marxist beast and who enslaved within Socialism’s Security System can fight against the social eugenic mandate of its Georgia Guidestones?


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