Will electing Republicans in November save America and Western civilization from the brink of collapse?

‘Come out of her my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.’ Revelation 18:4

June 7, 2022

We hear a lot of talk about how the key to “taking back our country” lies in voting and more aggressive political activism, and that we stand on the precipice of defeating the evil if we can just get enough folks to vote the right way.

While I agree voting makes up a vital part of our civic responsibility, the political process alone will never pull Western civilization back from the brink of collapse. It’s too late for that and I will attempt to explain why.

Look no further than the previous administration, when the folks with R’s next to their names had full control of both the Congress and the White House for two years and the White House for four years. The wall was never completed. Two of the three appointments made to the U.S. Supreme Court were moderates, not conservatives, and Operation Warp Speed brought us a set of toxic “vaccines” which every major employer tried to force into the arms of their employees.

The FBI and DOJ were still run by life-long members of the deep state, the Departments of Education, Energy, Labor, Commerce, HHS, CDC, DHS, EPA, IRS, Federal Reserve Bank, and ATF all remained fully intact and even grew in many cases.

Trump told us he would never mandate the poison death shots and that sounded good. By saying this, however, Trump showed a fundamental lack of understanding of the way tyranny works in the 21st century. It’s not just the elected politicians or even unelected bureaucrats who can pressure us to do things against our will and violate our bodily autonomy. No, it’s the corporate bullies who sign our paychecks and who censor our speech on the Internet who control the world. Unless you’re willing to take them on, and few Republicans are, then you are missing a massive piece of the puzzle and not protecting the people from tyranny at all.

We saw how when Trump actually got something right, like pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accords, it didn’t really matter because the blue states and Democrat-run cities, along with the corporations, said they would follow the global climate agenda anyway. They have their ESG scores to worry about, you know.

We saw how cities across America looked to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, George Soros and the World Economic Forum as their leaders, not Trump or the White House or his Republican Congress.

Schwab’s worldwide network is built on the forging of what he calls public-private partnerships, or PPPs. This is a cleverly evil system, because even when the reins of government get temporarily placed in the hands of a conservative majority like they did in 2016 in the U.S., little progress toward restoring the Constitutional Republic is made because all of the corporations, universities, academia and media are working in concert to destabilize, disorient and distort everything in such a way that the elected Republicans never control the narrative getting to the people. This leads to all kinds of divisions and certain Republicans wilt under the pressure, backing away from what they know is the right thing to do. At best we end up with a few executive orders that can easily be overturned as soon as the political winds shift back to the Democrats.

We saw how even the top military brass didn’t respect Trump.

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, went so far as to call up his counterpart in Communist China and tell him that if Trump ever tried to do something detrimental to China he, Milley, would pick up the phone and give China a “heads up” so they could prepare for whatever move Trump was about to make. In normal times such action would result in an immediate charge of treason. These aren’t normal times.

We also saw how the various federal agencies, stacked with Obama appointees, conspired to refuse to implement any Trump policies they didn’t like. The senior executive officers in these agencies stalled, lied, cheated, and deceived their way through the four-year term of Trump.

QUESTION: If Trump didn’t have full control over the U.S. military and if he did not have full control over the federal bureaucracy, was he actually a real president in possession of all of the constitutional authority invested in that office? I am not sure of the answer to that question but it’s definitely worth pondering because it could apply to the next Republican president, whoever he is, just the same as it did to Trump.

So our problem is this: When we do take back “power” as many in the GOP are predicting will happen in November, what will we do with it?

Will we still be left with Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell in charge of the House and Senate? Would that be the same Kevin McCarthy who rejoiced when Trump was banned from Twitter and privately wished that Twitter and Facebook would ban more conservative voices? Or the same Kevin McCarthy who Trump just endorsed for another term in Congress?

Then, what if Trump gets back in the White House in 2024? Will he suddenly have the cooperation needed from Congress to build the wall? Will he suddenly see the light on the killer vaccines and the corporate usurpation of political power? Will he suddenly have the gumption to fire the traitors like General Milley and FBI Director Christopher Wray, their entire staffs and everyone who carried out their orders?

I’m going to be brutally honest: Our side still thinks in terms of elections, Congress and the presidency.

The other side, having allied itself with a global cabal that has taken over all of the major institutions in the nations, including every major corporation in the private sector, has moved beyond elections. They have spent the last 60 years getting their people entrenched in key positions of power, to the point where they have built up strongholds for Satan within the nations. They have their minions entrenched at the city, state and county levels as well as at the national and global levels.

One of the speakers at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos last month said that 90 percent of the world’s large corporations are on board with the demonic WEF agenda known as ESGs — a social scoring system of Environmental, Social and Government standards established by global elites like Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, who also sits on the board of the WEF.

These big corporations have agreed to apply pressure on the smaller companies they do business with to adopt the same set of godless principles, which include the net-zero carbon agenda, the transgenderization of our children, gun control, digital money, global digital citizenship, forced vaccines, transhumanism, the whole nine yards. That means if you don’t submit to this agenda as a small or medium-sized company, then these larger companies won’t do business with you.

What president can stop this? What Congress could stop this? Do you really think Kevin McCarthy is up to the task of taking on this kind of raw power? Please.

So when “our people” get elected to Congress, the White House and even the state legislatures, we all jump up and down on election night in a victory dance. We all sit back and relax. But these poor hapless souls we just elected are left to deal with the permanently entrenched administrative state and its corporate partners.

Because this evil is global and not just national, I believe we are looking at the early stages of the beast system described in Revelation 13: “Who is like the Beast and who can make war against it?”

This beast’s tendrils are found everywhere. Not only in the government but in the K-12 schools, in the colleges, in the media, in the workplace, and, sadly, in 90 percent of the churches.

So what is the answer? If we can’t vote our way back to a constitutional republic, then what is the answer?

The Bible provides the answer.

In Matthew chapters 24 and 25, Jesus speaks to those of us alive in today’s world.

He warned in the 24th chapter that the end-times beast system would be marked by two very important characteristics – deception and a brutal persecution of believers. In the 25th chapter he provided instructions on how we should live in these times, keeping oil in our lamps and not letting our lights go out, staying vigilant, watching and waiting.

Then in Revelation we get more instruction, telling us to “endure till the end.”

Enduring means resisting the evil coming at us from all directions.

Whether this is the end-times beast we are about to encounter or whether it’s just another pretender that will come and go, either way we know we cannot, must not submit to it.

We still must resist it for one simple reason. It’s evil.

  • If we are told to get an injection of genetically modified mRNA instructing our bodies to create a toxic spike protein, we say no.
  • If we are told to wear masks over our faces, we say no.
  • If we are told to take a fraudulent PCR test, we say no.
  • If we are told to put a “health” app on our phone to track our whereabouts, we say no.
  • If we are told that Disney World is a great spot to bring the kids for a family vacation, we look at their track record of supporting evil and we say no. The same goes for Disney videos, films, games, apparel, etc.
  • If we are told that it’s better to use digital money than cash, we say no.
  • If we are told electric cars are better than gas-fueled cars, we say no.
  • If we are told plant-based protein and synthetic lab-grown meat are better than actual meat, we say no.
  • If we are told to trust the science, we say no, only if the science lines up with God’s word and common sense.
  • If we are told to trust the algorithms, we say no.
  • If we are told to invest in a 401K that offers no control over what companies we are investing in, we say no.
  • If we are told to turn in our weapons of self defense and depend on the police to protect us, we say no.
  • If our child is being taught to question his or her gender, we say no, and remove our child from said school.
  • If our child wants to attend a Godless university, we say no (or at least say no to paying for his Godless college education).
  • If our corporate bosses try to force us to support “Pride Month” or any other event celebrating a lifestyle that goes against God’s word, we say no, even if it means losing that job and finding another.

I could go on, but you get my point. These are real-life decisions that we face every day that determine the direction our lives will take and therefore the direction of our nation and our world. We’ve ceded too much power and control to the wrong people.

There’s no time left for making wrong decisions. The globalist predator class represented by those in attendance at Davos has revealed its real agenda, which involves mass depopulation and a system of total surveillance over all human activity. They have entered their final stage of implementing the Great Reset (aka New World Order), and we can no longer afford to be ignorantly supporting their systemically evil institutions. Former allegiances that we exalted as little gods, including our university alma maters, the military, our favorite entertainment providers, must all be dropped and we must gird up our loins and recommit our lives to the one true God.

What good does it do us if we take over Congress, the White House and every state legislature in the land but we still support the entrenched beast system by obeying its godless dictates and sending it our hard-earned money?

The beast will only be defeated by God Almighty. When it’s time for it to rise, God will let it rise. In the meantime, we must listen to His voice. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

His voice is the only voice we are beholden to.

The voice I’m hearing right now is whispering from Revelation 18:4: “Come out of her my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

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  1. I am so blessed and thankful for this article Leo and with many of the comments. Oh may many people read and digest this, your perspective.
    The 2 party system was always a device of Satan. Long ago there was an antiMasonic party but it failed. Nicolaitans (dominators of the people) have had the upper hand since the time of Constantine and this was only briefly escaped in our country and a few others.
    The Amish are under their Bishops but they do have some very powerful beliefs. Rejecting politics, they maintain large disciplined families so that they multiply and flourish amazingly. They carefully protect their own identity against pollutions. They are no threat to others. They knew better than to take any of the injurious vaccines. They rejected TV, etc etc.
    Now if only they also were free from Nicolaitanism. Even so, how greatly must Rome and all other tyrants hate them!

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  2. Hi I must not have submitted this comment properly (a day ago) which is too all readers, but starts with response to Rachel regarding her comment about focusing on individual souls.

    Amen, Rachel. That’s where our focus should be, saving those we can while there is still time.

    For all, how many are seeing that this could be the FIRST SEAL–and if not–why not, Biblically? Even if you are a pre-tribber this could be the case, as it would only indicate the official beginning of birth pangs…

    First point, in the Olivet discourse when the disciples asked Jesus what would be the sign(s) of the end and His coming (however that question was worded), altho He also gave info on the destruction of the temple and 70ad, when it came to the end, He essentially spoke first of birth pangs, and then of the tribulation and end. So why havent we considered that Revelation also may include birth pangs?

    I’m now looking at birth pangs as being the events which lead into/set up the iron beast and antichrist’s reign and system.

    Covid is the first ever truly WORLDWIDE takeover (and has obviously moved us a huge stride towards the new world order, and is part of it’s agenda. So, first seal:

    White horseman goes out conquering and to conquer. White meaning he/his actions are good–or much more likely– APPEAR to be good/for a good cause. (“Saving people from a terrible disease”)
    Carries a bow; the Greek word is literally “toxon”. It developed into our modern word toxin in about 3/4’s of the world’s languages, where that greek word is quite ‘recognizable’ to us (toxin, toksin, toxina in Spanish). This was not arbitrary, but was because they put poison on the arrow tips in warfare during Biblical times.

    Further, while I wondered can a “virus” be properly thought of as a “toxin”, besides the argument yes, given its lab development–there’s no question that the ‘immunizations’ are toxins.

    He’s given a crown. A handful of doctors (or really the powers behind them) have been given a crown/rulership over the whole world (and corona happens to mean crown).

    There’s no aspect of the first seal that doesn’t “fit”.

    Also, besides going out conquering and to conquer (most likely more than one event), while it’s the first seal -it’s not actually called that in the greek. In the greek it’s “one of the seven seals”. So I’m thinking it might even overlap the 2nd or 3rd seal (again, be more than one event).

    And if it IS the first seal, then aren’t they also setting us up for the 2nd? (Nation against nation, ethnos group against ethnos group… wars and rumors of wars)

    Finally there’s this “odd” etymology of the greek word “toxon” in the Strong’s, ‘the simplest of fabrics’ (the etymology of the word Before its use in the first century A.D.?) Which some connect to the masks –but that may be far fetched and I haven’t researched nor understand… (Also, part of toxon’s ‘root’ interestingly means “birthed”(?)).

    I’d love to hear feedback…

    I personally think there’s some time left (over 10 years before the peace treaty??), but I think it really is starting. That the official ‘birth pangs’ have started…

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    1. 2030 is the date they have set. But they’re really getting impatient.
      I don’t know. Not in any hard, fixed way.
      It feels as if the world is dying.


      1. Yeah it’s amazing how much darker it feels. Although I visited Coeur D’lene last month and it felt like “normal life” from back in the 70’s or something! I live in Socal… Truthfully us Christians tend to be overly focused on the end times too (and ‘daily horror headline show’)… I’m much better than I was for a while, but still have a hard time staying focused on GOD and His purposes… I tend towards “thorny soil” of late, burdened by the cares of life. I really get the challenge of “keeping our lamps full of oil” lately, since life has gotten tougher, and there’s an ‘addictive nature’ to watching the evil take over (and for me, worrying about provision; which with ALL God’s done for me for so many decades, is truly a sin and I need to lay down my life (“again”) and just FOLLOW and FOCUS on Him!

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  3. Hi I submitted a long comment (at the time, Rachel’s June 9th 2:45am was the most recent post).

    I don’t know why it didn’t show up…
    Admin was it not permitted for some reason? Val Hadley rosecalerie40 at yahoo was-is my email. (Could typing of special characters mess acceptance up?) Thank you!


    1. I just perused the comments thinking maybe I missed yours but did not see one anywhere other than this one and another with your personal login user name.


      1. I think it happened because sometimes I’m logged in and sometimes not (don’t know what this is based on; usually I click one of your emails to get “in”). … But when I’m not logged in a try to make a comment, someone “receives” it (because it will warn me I’ve already submitted that if I try again), but it has me fill in my email (as an alternative to logging in thru WordPress, facebook icons I’m now noticing… So I’ll just make sure I’m logged in thru wordpress first and I THINK it will work now :-)) Thanks for your WORK fighting for Truth!!


  4. These sentiments are all too common for the Western Christians (WC). To be brief. I’ll have to paint with a broad brush. Most WC have never been taught to fight (using the power of God) in their God’s name, for their God (see the battle between David and Goliath). We have been taught to try to achieve What do you think you’re here for? What do you think you’re supposed to be doing in the meantime? You point the power of God at the schools, the crime, the politico and all the manifestations of sin that are in your purview. Anything else is nothing but a false sense of piety. Instead we are taught to stay in our closets, clutching our bibles like some sort of get out of rapture free card. Also, most WC think the rapture is coming right on time, like after supper or after a good night sleep. Certainly before things get sticky for them here in America. They believe that the rapture is on a WC/American timeline, where previously persecuted and martyred saints in other parts of the world, (with their get out of rapture free cards), are not even thought of. Don’t think you are righteous when you see the Sin/fight but want to continue watching Netflix or Sports. You are not holy when the battle/ Sin rages and all you think you’re supposed to do is go to church and get the kids ready everyday. Do you believe in the power of God or not? If you do then act like you do.

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  5. Nothing we do this November will matter. Even if the elections are not rigged and new blood goes to DC, there will still be too many holdovers to de rail anything good. Besides that the deep state is way too deep and powerful.
    Elections and Trump [who would be worse than the first time] are not the answer. At this point in out existence, which is waning in a hurry, the ONLY answer is to rely on God in Christ to get us through until He returns for his faithful remnant.

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  6. Also, they make an idol out of these things, like political leaders, they look to them as saviors to ‘save the day,’ the country, and so on.
    And I am seeing more and more people beginning to scratch their heads as they look at all the end times prophesies being fulfilled and lining up, and wondering why we are ‘still here’ and becoming disappointed and stuff over it. Of course that will only get worse. Many were fooled by date setters claiming this past Pentecost was ‘it.’ And here we sit.
    Just for the record, I am a conservative, I just don’t have any faith in any of the political parties we see today, they are all controlled.

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  7. Spot on!!!!!
    I was never one who had faith in politics, more on that later. But I cringe when I read prominent people talking about this election or that mindset.
    Some examples:
    “Yes, they want WW3 with nukes…. in order to distract from the mid term elections.”
    Gag! Folks, there are bigger things going on in end times prophecy other than your dear ‘mid term elections.’
    “The elections are coming up. If we win, that will fix everything.” The beast will go back into its box. ‘Normal’ will come back skipping through the daisy fields. Mayberry will be saved from the villainous evil fog that has engulfed it. Sleeping beauty will wake up. Superman can now go back to being a clerk and get married. Dream on.
    And one of my personal favorites: “A NeW CoNseRvaTive eRa iS RISING!” Followed by gleeful grin.
    Oh really? On what planet would that be happening???

    None of that ever fooled me for a second. Even as a young lady, I knew how corrupt politics was. I never enshrined either party as both had flaws. Over the years I was only proven right over and again. I see through all of this hype. To top that off, both parties are two sides of the same coin, the puppet strings of which are pulled from the same puppet master. Anyone ever wonder why Trump pushes the vax? All just a big coincidence? Nope. It all makes sense if you follow the clues. They put in who they want to play a role for certain purposes, even if it’s to get the masses to love to hate the right wingers even more, etc.

    Folks, we are in the throes of the end times events. There is no turning back. It’s all going to come to pass just as it says it will, and we are in that time. WE are the saints who will be martyred for our stand. And I’m running into the storm and not away from it. Exactly, we can’t vote our way out of end times prophecy. You can’t wish them away because you still have plans on the drawing board. Jesus said to ‘watch and pray’ so that we would know the times and seasons and not be caught off guard like many are now.

    Then I hear people say things like; “When we rebuild.” “We must put civilization back together again after this mess is over.” “We will overthrow them and then we can go on with our lives.” The only thing that will happen is the global cabal will take over, the AC will rule for three and a half years, the mark will be implemented, God’s judgments will fall, and sudden destruction will come like a flood and take them all away. We will be persecuted and killed for His Namesake. Once all are dead, God will set up the throne judgments and set up His kingdom, as He has every right to do. So there is no going back to a thing called ‘normal.’ Like…. ever.

    On another frontline, I am hearing talk of invasion by China and Russia and it lines up with dreams some have been having about such events over the last few years. I would not doubt it. A nation that rallies with feverish passion to keep baby murder legal while threatening its opponents with violence, and puts on drag queen shows that are as vile as they can get and bringing children to them, should not be surprised that after abandoning God they are given over to their enemies and dragged off to the modern ‘Babylon’ in chains. Just something else that might be an obstacle to ‘normal’ ever coming back…..

    So, what should we do? Be prepared to count the cost of following Jesus all the way to the cross. And bring as many others with you as you can. There is nothing more important.

    Be blessed!

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    1. There have been two Americas for a long time. Ironically the ones who are the most evil are getting away with this. Only those who protest the evil are suffering. But that is changing. Lots of the evil are dropping dead of the poison they worship.
      Death and destruction are all that await us.


  8. Spot on, Leo. Every word you said is the unvarnished truth. We must stand firm with Christ, keeping faith in Him and put no trust in “princes and the sons of men”. We must recognize all the ways our corrupted culture is trying to persuade us into becoming godless atheists ruled by our own laziness, lusts, fear, anger and greed and expel these evil influences out of our lives, if we have any hope to effectively resist the enticements and threats of the Beast system and protect our children from this. Resistance to evil begins within ourselves.

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  9. Spot on Leo, first time commenter here.
    The left|right political paradigm is used to pit us against each other. It is two sides of the same coin. Globalists are steering the uninformed folks and Spiritually dead folks into communistic servitude. May humanity wake up quickly and discern our times and situation?? I have doubt because the remnant is indeed small !!

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  10. Thank you, Leo, for sharing your timely message with us. Yes, our Answer is and always will be Our Father. Isaiah 58:9 tells us: Then shalt thou call, and Father shall answer; thou shalt cry and Father shall say, Here I Am. We may Believe and Trust this no matter what the wicked say and do. And look how long the wicked are, have been, at their schemes and plots to take over our Gift of Earth and kill us too. As Father Wills us be, we are still
    here. . . . I Pray Father Blesses you and keeps you safe–and us all.

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  11. And dont forget Mr. Trump wanted 5 billion to secure the border wall and he was denied this money. but now they are sending over 40 billion to corrupt Ukraine ,8x the amount needed for this country border security, that’s how corrupt many politicians are, they want to destroy this country from within


  12. I forgot to mention, Great article!! You are always an essential source of inspiration and of hope, analyzing the situation with fearsome clarity. I used to think the invaluable Paul Craig Roberts was overly pessimistic with his predictions of imminent nuclear war, but as US/UK/NATO keeps sending long-range missiles and other weapons to Ukraine, I’d say P.C.R. is dead-on accurate, my own guess is there’s maybe a 50-50 chance of full-scale nuclear war engineered by the globalist elite with OBiden as their puppet. “But hey, don’t bother me, gotta watch Johnny Schlepp & Amber Absurd.” The population is numbed, numbed-down, dumbed-down. No visible anti-war movement.


  13. Thank you for your article. I’m glad others are seeing this. We must keep our eyes, minds and hearts focused on Jesus at all times. Our faith is and will be tested in ways we have not experienced in this country. I pray everyone is preparing for God’s plan and not their own version of it. I’m not going to debate the various rapture scenarios but we need to be prepared for things to manifest in a very challenging and harsh way. God will protect those who truly walk with Christ, but we MUST walk in love and obedience TO HIM! Not our flesh. The only part of your article I disagree with is the last list of “No’s” (even though most of them are likely the decision I would make). Any decision that we make MUST be made with God’s counsel and through prayer. There aren’t enough saying this. Promoting any type of rebellion is a slippery slope. Think Judah being exiled ultimately by God via Babylon. Those who rebelled and didn’t go into captivity didn’t fare well. Each individual MUST look to God first and not man even if they are Christian. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD, and turn away from evil.” Proverbs 3:5-7, 1 Peter, 2, Matthew 6:33 May God bless you all.


    1. Thanks Holly. To be clear, I am promoting peaceful civil disobedience to ungodly rules and edicts. If that is “rebellion” then yes I am a rebel. But I am not advocating any sort of armed uprising whatsoever. In fact I think that would play right into the hands of those who hate us.

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    2. Some thoughts:
      Fear Not.
      For those who are believers, “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10.

      Do Not Speculate.
      We don’t know when Christ will return, (“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”).
      And it’s not our place to predict it. ‘He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority.”’ Acts 1:6,7.

      We should be aware of events that are happening, but not get distracted by speculation that will get us nowhere.
      Rather, be ready. “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect” Matt 24:44.
      • Pray more fervently.
      • Be salt and light in the world.
      • Share the gospel where possible.


  14. The U.S. Uni-Party comes in two similar flavors. Both the DemocideRats and the RepoCons uniformly support: (1) the genocidal “vaccination” campaign with its harmful, often lethal genetic cocktails that have been proven to be a total failure, yield Negative Efficacy, weaken immune systems, and were proven unnecessary from the outset of the scamdemic; (2) the US/NATO War Against Russia via proxy Ukraine—a totally avoidable, US-engineered war which aims to weaken both Russia and Europe while creating famine globally and advancing the globalists’ Great Reset agenda.

    Both halves of the U.S. Uni-Party consist of Congresspersons and other politicos who get major funding (ie, bribes, graft) from the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the war/armaments industry. Hence their servile support for (1) and (2) above. Some RepubliCons may resist or reject certain covid mandates and argue for making the bioweapon killshots voluntary, but that’s all. Trump, a mass murderer through his Warp Speed clot-shot program, has deep financial ties to the Vaccine Deep State.

    We need a political awakening and a spiritual awakening on many levels, or there is no future. The wicked, corrupt Biden is playing crapshoot with nuclear annihilation while the “liberal”-controlled media remains silent and the people are comatose, as if stupefied by their spike-protein injections or by the zillions of toxic spike-protein fragments floating in the air. Bill Gates’s father, a eugenicist and depopulation advocate, supported research on “self-spreading vaccines”, and now the psychopath Gates is fulfilling his father’s wet dream with bioweapons that spread disease and foster more-infectious viral variants in direct proportion to their use in country after country.

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    1. I have one correction to make to your otherwise fine analysis. Don’t give up on the GOP, just throw out the infiltrators. The GOP platform has been kept pure enough to (eventually) abolish abortion, even though Trump had tried to impose rape exceptions on it…the platform committee thankfully refused! We must insist candidates SUPPORT the platform, which Trump and so many other termites do not (his prolife patter notwithstanding). The GOP was FORMED to abolish slavery, and its adherence to “created equal” gives the similar promissory note to abolish slavery. Stay with it and throw the pirates off the ship!


      1. Err, should read “The GOP was FORMED to abolish slavery, and its adherence to “created equal” gives the similar promissory note to abolish abortion.”

        Stay with the GOP platform!


    2. I read your post with great interest. Can you give me information on how Trump has deep financial ties to the Vaccine Deep State? I don’t doubt it; I want to know for sure.


  15. I have a strong feeling that all this election hope is moot. I don’t think there will be any elections this Fall. The globalists are desperate to keep their momentum going and will do what’s necessary to stop this pesky election.

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  16. Your article hits the nail on the head. Unless God raises up a group of politicians that stand for His Truth we will continue down the Hosea Road; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4:6) “.
    As it is now, we are living out Romans 1, “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen (Romans 1:24-25)”.
    The future on earth looks bleak, but our future in heaven looks promising!


  17. Jo matter what the election results are this mid term, The US is already destroyed and we just do not know it yet. There will be a One World Order, but the US will not lead it. The Fascists have actually taken over with advanced technology in the Cloud, and are advancing fast. The New world Order will be governed from Brussels.


  18. Leo,
    I greatly appreciate your articles and always look forward to them.
    The myriad of scriptural warnings to us makes more and more sense as the days are closing on us.
    It is becoming so clear now how these days are going to overtake us like a flood or catch us unaware like a thief. We will be kept from that hour as others who have gone before through the lion’s den, the fiery furnace, the Hebrews in the land of Goshen during the plagues – even as God has always delivered his faithful.
    How grievous it is to see how the church of America has adopted the same spirit as Peter when he rebuked Jesus for prophesying about his betrayal, suffering and death.
    We too must be prepared for the same. When did persecution and suffering leave our gospel? How many times are the martyred saints referred to in the Revelation?
    Nowhere in scripture do we escape.
    Jesus said:
    Be ready!
    Do not be deceived!
    He that overcomes…
    and This is the perseverance and endurance of the saints!!!

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    1. We should all have expected the APOSTACY (2 Thessalonians 2:3). It’s been going on for quite a while and is now full steam ahead.

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  19. Leo,

    Every doubt that I have had concerning global events, every intuition that I have had concerning the political system, and every action that I thought we needed to take to win have been put to pen in an eloquent manner by you.

    What does winning look like? Taking care of our families, helping others through the coming troubles, standing firm in our principles, and trusting in Jesus Christ. Then we rebuild….

    You are His soldier of truth. Thank you and God bless you.

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  20. Thank You Leo , one of your best . You are being a true watchman as in Ezekiel 33 :5 Since he heard the sound of the trumpet but ignored the warning his blood will be on his own hands. This is what every born again believer of Jesus Christ should be doing , warning of the coming storm .
    One only needs to read 1st and 2nd Kings or Chronicles to see what happens when a country chooses not to follow the way of God . God has given the world ample time to repent and turn from its ways , but it has rejected His teaching and commandments . I think we haven’t seen a true man of god in power in the US or Canada in well over a hundred years . Some may have claimed to have been believers but never really took the steps of bringing the people to repentance . I believe as well we are months away from the great tribulation that will come upon the whole earth . God will not be mocked much longer .
    Let us pray, pray , pray and pray some more . He will guide us as He has promised to never leave us . Like you said, My sheep will hear My voice . He who has an ear let him hear . Thank God for Jesus Christ our redeemer He is coming for us .

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  21. You are spot-on, again, Leo. The entire culture of America has been brain washed (dumbed down) to the point that we are probable beyond the tipping —— no matter who is at the helm. All of our institutions, (education, corporate, MSM/entertainment, military, gov’t) have been taught pro-socialism and anti-constitution for decades. In addition, objective history is not allowed. To quote Karl Marx: “The first battlefield is the rewriting on history.”

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  22. Not much we can do when everyone is taught the communist BS from the time they first go to school until they retire from the work force its all you hear.When its time then shall the end come


  23. Another great article! I’m done with Trump, and Republicans, and I wish most other people would wake up and be done with them too. When Trump spoke for 6+ months about how the 2020 election was going to be stolen, watched it happen in real time, and did absolutely nothing to stop it with the power of the presidency, and the people, behind him, I realized then I have to stop looking towards men or man to ‘save’ us, or even completing the simple task of just doing what is right. I think it was a lesson from God I should only be looking towards Him. Trump continues to spout about how great the vaccine is – that’s a very big problem that most of his supporters seem to ignore. There was an article on Steve Quayles website about Trump’s truth social suspending Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s account. Why would anyone continue supporting this person? His daughter Ivanka is a graduate of the WEF young leaders. Don Jr., at a rally, said something along the lines of, “What has Jesus done for you?”
    Our elections were STOLEN, what about this can most people not comprehend? Evil is in the foundations of the Earth, you can see it everywhere. I’ve been trying to warn and talk to my family about what’s been happening and going to happen, and in not so many words I’m basically told I’m a weird freak. There’s definitely a spell on people, and they can not and will not see what’s happening right in front of them. Nobody is voting their way out of anything.

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    1. The elections were stolen from the American people, but I believe Trump had already decided to “take a dive” as boxers call it. Trump is not the godly saint or hero Clay Clark and others make him out to be. So sick of Q-Anon and the rest.

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      1. Me too. I think it’s hard for most people to face the reality that our republic is gone and the government is a behemoth the people have no control over, and we, as a society, allowed it to happen.

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  24. Thank you Leo, this is what my son’s see and have been sharing with me also. They went is made to begin the persecution of the Saints. Stand firm and heed our Saviors warnings in Matt 24…be ready.
    God Bless and keep you and continue to give you His insight to share.

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  25. I need to warn fellow Christians where I live. Happily, my church is decentralized and will drop its tax-exempt status. We have been prepared since gay marriage was made legal.
    I keep telling my family how things are. When what I say is proven true, they only nod a little and continue.
    I always have been the oddball eccentric who failed at life. No doubt this plays a part. Frustrating how I can understand what others can’t.
    Even those in the know remain in denial. Quit thinking in terms of nation or culture. Think about individual souls. Jesus died for those.

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    1. Rachel,

      I can relate to being thought of as a loser, though having done everything right that is in my power to do and having done so consistently all of my life. Looking forward to ruling and reigning with you while we serve in Jesus’ Millenial Kingdom! 2 Timothy 2:11-13


    1. Don’t you suspect that the Abraham Accords are just the lead up to the seven year covenant of antichrist?


  26. 💥I have been writing on this since 2019. Those who follow and understand eschatology see the writing on the wall. I have been telling people since early 2019 that I felt the Holy Spirit telling me it was our last Presidential election for America. I seen everything being set up – GOD & SATAN are moving key players into position…. it is nothing new for God to used wicked “Kings” to do His work in fullfilling prophecy.
    Satan also knows his time is nearing where he will get to reign on earth.
    I am one who strongly believes that Jesus will return in the clouds and call home His bride BEFORE SATAN starts his reign & God delivers HIS WRATH towards all who denied Jesus as their Savior and lived in sinful disobedience to GOD.
    🖤 We are in the days of Noah & Lot!! People living their lives without a care, ignoring the need to repent and look to God. Deceptions are rampant and Satan’s influence is high … moral decline has invaded.
    I believe 2022 or early next year will be when Jesus calls His bride home.
    I also believe this will occur around when nuclear weapons are used.


    1. You don’t need a gift of prophecy to see what’s happening. A bunch of powerful, creepy people are forcing global totalitarianism upon the populace. They have books on Amazon and videos on YouTube.

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      1. Exactly right, Rachel. All one needs to do is pay attention and take them at their word. It’s amazing though how many people, even when confronted with the words of these monsters, still don’t understand or take seriously the gravity of what is going down.

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    2. Some think the midterms won’t happen even if they do there are to many leftist republicans (rinos) in congress incl McConnell (senate minority leader). We quit voting it is a circus and useless at this point.


  27. Many years ago when I worked at the University of Washington, Seattle they entered into a PPP. And it just didn’t smell right. Mike

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  28. You are absolutely correct! My trust is in Jesus…not any politician! Anyone wanting to avoid the Beast system, needs to make peace with God now through His son. We are on the edge of the Tribulation.

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    1. Besides, even republican politicians are compromised and vote left. So few patriot politicians that it won’t matter if we vote or not. The masses 90 percent or more just don’t care what happens and will comply with anything gov. mandates, incl gun grabs and families separated. Nihilism has taken over. The few that stand up will protect their family and form local bartering networks. Crime of all types is now increasing will turn into anarchy or civil war. Military leaders are traitors or they would have restored leadership and removed traitors in gov. bynow.


      1. “Military leaders are traitors or they would have restored leadership and removed traitors in gov. bynow.” If you knew or understood the constitution you would not have made that statement.
        From a 37 year veteran


  29. Yes, Leo. As much as I want to believe something can be done, the present “elected”
    officials only occupy offices to advance the globalist agenda and keep the uninformed and initiated masses in an opiate state of mind much like the populace in “Brave New World”.
    I just can’t bring myself to be in cooperation with political and citizen action groups. (as well intentioned they may be). The situation in these groups are a few believers in Christ Jesus, but are made up primarily of those who regard not the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. When push comes to shove, a true believer will most likely stay focused on Christ even to the end of his life. An unbeliever has no eternal hope, so will in all probability betray their family and friends. It is best to try to reach people for Christ in order to provide an eternal hope in their lives. “I know the thoughts I have for you. Thoughts of peace and not of evil, for I have for you an expected end”. Jeremiah 17:9

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  30. In a word, no. Deception is fundamental to their Luciferian plan, and convincing the unaware into believing there is a way out of what is coming. This is how Satan is managing to get so much done before collapse comes. They’ve been working toward this since the flood, they know the time is now.

    But God’s sovereign will is working it toward good for all of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. All will be well, very soon.

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    1. Mr Hohmann I must commend your superior intellect for your bible-based opinions which don’t believe the senseless swaddle of endless right wing conspiracy theories…I am a Democratic bible based believer who believes in biblical values and social justice and equality… moderate in other words..I have been so turned- off and weary of the left-right red-blue bible thumpers who believe there is no redeeming value in the blue and that the red are high and lifted up…I think we should ask God about that…its called self-righteousness. NO POLITICAL PARTY can reverse the inevitable one world coming order that is rapidly approaching…God has His Plan in motion and all we can do is try to rescue nonbelievers and stave off the perpetual evil taking over America.
      Thank you for being a voice of reason.
      Too many Trump Thumpers in America…He is no saint.

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      1. I agree. No election result is going to change the course we are on. God’s plan is going full steam and no human action(s) will stop that. Our number one focus must be the lost. Bring them to Christ. We must help populate God’s kingdom, not hell.


      2. So you support the political party that supports the killing of both unborn and born babies? Before you say that’s not true, check out California’s AB 2223 which will allow for the perinatal death of an infant, defined as up to 28 days post birth, without any investigation or punishment. It’s supported by the California Democratic Party, it will pass our state senate and be signed into law by our governor.

        The Republican Party is not perfect. However, as a party and the party platform does not support killing of the above. God does have a plan. But he also requires believers to stand for the right causes and against evil.

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      3. OK, so here’s the problem. Social justice is mis-defined. It is not social justice to take money from the taxpayer and use it for purposes that violate his beliefs. It is not social justice to allow so-called “doctors” to axe-murder the tiniest defenseless children just because they live within their mother’s body. Nor is it equality to take from the productive and give to the slothful. By supporting Democrats, if you do, you support theft at gunpoint to give money to strangers in violation of biblical principles that we are to help our fellow man IN PERSON, WITH LOVE, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. When is the last time a taxpayer even got to meet the person he ALLEGEDLY helped by being robbed at gunpoint? You don’t pay your taxes, you go to prison. How is that social justice? Please think about this. Republicans are far from perfect, but at least they stand up for the right of mothers and babies to be legally protected from abortionists!


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