Local Globalism: How cities are being used to create digital slaves to the coming beast system

June 5, 2022

The Rutherford Institute, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based civil liberties organization, has sent a letter to the City of Houston, Texas, requesting it revoke a recently adopted ordinance that forces private businesses to spy on Americans and make the surveillance footage available to police.

Cities are engaging in these types of devious maneuvers all across America, Canada, Europe and the rest of the formerly free world. They are, unknowingly, taking baby steps toward building a globalized police state that will fit seamlessly into the beast system being developed by the World Economic Forum and its network of politicians, entertainers, false religious leaders, nonprofits and corporate cronies.

You never hear about these under-the-radar- maneuvers that are happening at the local level by clueless local politicians who actually think they are doing a good thing, in the name of fighting crime. Everyone wants safer cities, right?

Indeed, violent crime is out of control. But much of it is being encouraged by the moral chaos taught in our schools and in violent video games, films, etc., not to mention the Soros-funded urban prosecutors who refuse to fully prosecute some of the worst violent offenders. If they were concerned about fighting crime, they also would not leave national borders open to every gang member and terrorist in the world.

We must not allow our leaders to drive us into authoritarianism in a dishonest attempt to “protect” us from the crime waves that they themselves are causing, even as they are trying to disarm us and delegitimize the Second Amendment. If they really cared about making our streets and neighborhoods safer they would not be trying to take away people’s means of defending themselves. They know police are incapable of getting to the scene of every crime in time to prevent it, no matter how many surveillance cameras are feeding real-time footage into police departments.

So what’s the real reason for installing wall to wall, 24/7 digital facetime with their cameras, facial recognition software, retina scanners and other digital gadgetry they refer to as “tools” in their crime-fighting arsenals?

To answer that question, we have to connect some dots and ask some hard questions.

Despite having all these new “tools” at their disposal, have cities seen problems with violent crime getting better or worse?

When a mainstream corporate media outlet does report on these issues it’s just one city adopting an ordinance like Houston’s. They don’t tell you that all major cities are rolling out this technology and that China is the international leader in turning its cities into 24/7 surveillance societies. Nor do they tell you that the elitist billionaires are making a lot of money selling this technology to cities, and that those same globalist elites are championing China as the “smartest,” most technologically savvy nation when it comes to making citizens feel safer, even as they are getting less free and less safe.

It’s your classic Hegelian dialectic. Open the borders, greatly reduce efforts to prosecute violent offenders, and strip away the means of self-defense from law-abiding citizens, all of which makes them feel extremely vulnerable and unsafe. Then play the savior by offering the solution of installing and using human surveillance technology, ostensibly to catch criminals before they act.

Unless you live in a very small town, you should assume that surveillance technology is being installed in your city. The Fourth Industrial Revolution that Klaus Schwab talks so much about advocates taking this surveillance to the next level, by linking up with the human body and creating an Internet of Bodies or IoB.

We already have the Internet of Things. The final frontier is the Internet of Bodies. Talk of putting 5G and 6G technology “under the skin” is all the rage among the World Economic Forum globalist predators.

They also love to brag about their newly acquired ability of “hacking” human beings.

Listen to Yuval Noah Harari, the chief advisor to the World Economic Forum, in the below video. It’s 7 minutes long but if you even watch the first 2 minutes you will see where they are heading with this invasive technology. Harari says the fields of computer science and biotechnology are about to merge (could that be the real reason for their obsession with “vaccines”).

When the world goes to the next stage of wireless networks, 6G, people will no longer use cellphones, the CEO of Nokia said at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos last month.

Why? They won’t need them. Everything they need for 24/7 digital connectivity will be either worn on the body or placed “under the skin,” said Pekka Lundmark of Nokia.

He added that in the 6G era, we can expect very high-quality holograms. A hologram is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image, according to the Holo Center, which adds that the term “hologram” can refer to both the encoded material and the resulting image.

In the video below, watch the Nokia CEO making his bold predictions about the coming age of transhumanism:

RAIR Foundation reports that, as part of his Davos speech, Lundmark said that sixth-generation networks will appear on the commercial market by 2030. He also noted that the smartphone would soon cease to be humanity’s most ubiquitous digital gadget.

The businessman said he believes people will begin to abandon cellphones in favor of more “convenient” devices by 2030. He was referring to smart glasses, goggles, watches and other devices that people will wear on their person.

This is how oppression of the masses occurs in the 21st century — government working in partnership with corporations to create a society of digital slaves. It’s the Chinese model of technocracy, a system some have described as “state capitalism” but the Davos crowd calls it “stakeholder capitalism.” I call it the beast system.

They are building this beast system in layers using public-private partnerships or PPPs. Humanity, for the time being, appears completely beguiled by this system of digital surveillance that will eventually enslave them, if it hasn’t already. This may be the greatest of all end-times deceptions. The same device that makes your life easier also has the ability to steal your free will, your ability to think critically, your very soul.

So be aware. You are being watched in Orwellian fashion. And the trendline, with each new “upgrade” to your phone, your tablet and your digitized “healthcare” is moving you toward more surveillance, not less. Their goal is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to know where you are and what you are doing at all times. Oh, and what are you thinking at any given moment? That’s also something they desperately want to know, and they are working on technology that will hand that data over to their sweaty little authoritarian hands. Technocrats know that information is power and they have an unquenchable thirst for more of your personal data.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft is just one company positioning itself to exploit this technology. Microsoft filed for a patent in 2019, under patent number 060606, in which a person could be awarded digital money for performing tasks that will be monitored and transmitted by a microchip embedded in a “device” that can be worn on the body. It could just as easily be inserted under the skin.

Of course this technology is never promoted by calling attention to its invasive nature. It’s promoted as the key to a “safer, more inclusive, more just, more equitable and more sustainable society.” If anyone uses that terminology you know where they are coming from. They are either useful idiots, pawns, or deceivers. Do not trust them for a second.

“Sustainability,” for these globalist control-freaks, means a planet with far fewer human beings and those humans who manage to survive the “kill phase” of the Great Reset, will be forced to submit to 24/7 monitoring of their movement, their diet, their medical treatments, activities, and even their thoughts. Most people will submit to this without giving it a second thought. Many already are, with all of their wearable iPhone watches, implanted medical devices sending their information back to a centralized computer, Alexa performing tasks on command, robotic vacuum cleaners and appliances, etc. Transhumanism here we come. Beware the Beast.

Read the press release from the Rutherford Institute regarding City of Houston’s forced surveillance program.

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38 thoughts on “Local Globalism: How cities are being used to create digital slaves to the coming beast system”

  1. Reblogged this on Heeearing With Heart and commented:
    “Of course this technology is never promoted by calling attention to its invasive nature. It’s promoted as the key to a “safer, more inclusive, more just, more equitable and more sustainable society.” If anyone uses that terminology you know where they are coming from. They are either useful idiots, pawns, or deceivers. Do not trust them for a second.”


  2. Excellent article and research, Leo! I’ve been busy doing different things and this kind of got buried… I read it this afternoon and took the time to watch the short videos —really creepy —and I’m going to send it out as soon as I get a chance to screenshot for some people who otherwise may not read it.

    God have mercy on your children!

    And blessings to you ,Leo!

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  3. Rachel Nichols says:
    June 7, 2022 at 4:21 pm

    RE: I believe our (harlot) nation is doomed. But you are 100% wrong that it will cause the technocrats (of the Beast’s ten horns) any suffering. They will get away with it and reap untold riches while killing most of the rest and laughing.

    The Scarlet Woman reigns as the UN Super Power and is royally enthroned upon the back of the Marxist Beast. She represents the Wall Street oligarchy of Judaeo-Xian capitalism. America’s wealthy oligarchy is in tears when the ten horns of the Beast’s anti-capitalist technocracy suddenly destroys her in a nuclear holocaust. Marxism’s demonic technocrats hate capitalistic Christians, Jews, and their Bible. They WANT to bring America down as revealed in their sacred Georgia Guidestones. Then, they will be able to set up the Beast’s sacred Guidestones trans-human image that is worshipped throughout Lucifer’s woke Global Village (see Daniel 3:3). They will celebrate that. Not weep.


  4. There are three options to remain free: Military honoring their oath, by removing traitors in gov. and restoring constitution, or civil war, or surrender to enslavement and genocide. Military action has come and gone, won’t happen now. Where are patriot alpha men of fighting age today?? Mostly beta wimpy men w/ skinny arms in younger generations. We are in final phase of crack down and genocide. 90% of people apathetic, self absorbed nihilists. Few friends like minded.


  5. Please research #ARPAH
    Biden just gave green light under NIH working with Xavier Becerra/ Sec of Health & Human Services.
    Bio Medical and health studies
    All advanced with little or no notice.
    Progressive change is here warp speed. Please read at Great Game India emails you can get .
    ARPA-H or DARPA for health
    Advanced Research Projects Agency


    1. Warp speed to be sure. Some Globalist/New Age/Luciferians have used the term “accelerationism.” The closer it gets the more it speeds up – like birth pains!
      God says: “Do not be afraid of sudden terror
      or of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes,
      for the LORD will be your confidence
      and will keep your foot from being caught” (Proverbs 3:25-26)
      “Caught,” or trapped; snared, as if by the evil one. We may suffer or die but we don’t have to get sucked into the enemy’s strategies/wiles.

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  6. Satan controls the Beast and the Beast system and he always wanted to be Yahweh. He mimics Yahweh in almost every way…..his antichrist mimics Christ….Satan mimic Yahweh the Father. Now he needs to mimic the Holy Spirit. What does the Holy Spirit do? He lives inside the believer. He knows the inner thoughts and can direct the sanctification of the believer. He can interpret the Word to the believer. (Romans 8:26-27 “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”)

    Satan only knows how to mimic. He is unable to create ex-nihilo. He will fall to the returning Christ. It is written.

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  7. Leo Hohmann is a brilliant political analyst. His ability to process information and decode globalism’s war on America is stunning. Hohmann understands and exposes the surveillance motivations and consequences of the globalist “convenience” trap. BUYER BEWARE!!

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  8. My banking app was just recently ‘updated’ as ‘digital,’ and now to log in to the app, it wants you to use your fingerprint or facial recognition. They give you the option of skipping it, for now. I’m just waiting for it to become mandatory. I also read that Mastercard is creating a way to identify customers by their heartbeat. Everything is going bio digital, and like the article pointed out, it’s already been here. Reading this article reminded me of someone’s dream I read about- where at a time in the future, the dreamer walked into a store, and every customer inside was staring at him because they all knew he wasn’t ‘connected;’ they couldn’t read his mind. And he knew his life was in danger. They want everyone to be connected to this hive-mind, AI, beast technology.

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    1. Right. It’s creepier than the worst sci-fi movie. And I see that move all the time.
      First, it’s ‘the latest thing’ that everyone should want.
      It may be free or cost money depending on what makes it more desired.
      Second, it’s one of many options that are mainstream.
      Third, it rises in popularity, or claimed popularity, and becomes the preferred method we use by those in power.
      Somewhere along the way it changes either into becoming free or costing money and then more money as time goes on.
      Fourth, it becomes inconvenient to use any other method, even though they are still available.
      Fifth, it becomes mandatory and the only method offered.
      By now the public has adjusted to it pretty much so we are the last hold outs left and seen as the odd ones out, the rebels, etc. Public peer pressure has ushered most into compliance with the desired method.
      Paying by check has become one of these, it costs quite a bit to purchase a new set of checks, some places don’t take checks, etc. The vaccines are another huge example. We see it all the time with many things. I did not get a cell phone for as long as I could and there was always a gasp about not having what we never had before anyway. The list goes on.

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      1. I agree with you 100%. The stuff these satanists have planned I think is worse than anyone could fathom. Some of the wireless carrier providers will stop 3G in a month or so and force 4G, and then it’ll be 5G and so on and so on. Your comment explains it all.

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    2. LivefreeorDie:
      June 6, 2022 at 12:30 am

      Everything in Neo-Babel’s Humanistic Global Village is going bio digital, as the Marxist Beast digitally marks deluded human souls and holds them captive within Socialism’s abominable Security System. And, like the article pointed out, it’s already been here for nearly a century. Thanks to FDR, John Dewey, and America’s apostate founding fathers who were humanistically ‘enlightened’ within Lucifer’s sacred Masonic Temple. Democracy’s diabolical Angel of Light is making merchandise of digitally-marked human souls who are ‘connected’ to Socialism’s trans-human hive-mind and AI technocracy.


    3. Get a credit union for banking. I assume Chase, Bank of Amer. or Wells F. (worst banks) would do something like that. I don’t use apps and only a cheap flip phone $9. mo trac phone for emerg.


    1. Best to refuse to use smart phones, flip phones good for brief calling or emergencies (car won’t start, etc.)


  9. With the technology available, technocrats can inject your body with nanoprobes to monitor every organ including the brain. When the image of a State Official appeared on the screen if the part of the brain associated with “religious zealotry” did not show enough activity the technocrat hackers could have these same tiny machines turn on the vital organs, causing the person to die.

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    1. Right, and stuff like that is right around the corner. Which is why I thank God that I never had children, as much as I wanted at least ten kids when I was young. For years I thank Him daily that I don’t have to worry about that. Be glad. Though they may scoff, they need to read Matthew 24, which yes, is for us. And the gulag archipelago. These things are happening now in places of the world. Norway for one. China is another, and there are many more. Yes, it happens to Christians. And our nation has departed from God and I would not be surprised if the Babylonian invasion came as punishment to us as well, from another direction, and don’t think for a hot second folks, that they did not separate children from their parents. I shudder at the thought, but Jesus said to watch and pray that we may discern the times, and alas, most have not.

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      1. We chose also to be child free and now as I am into retirement and contacted some old friends they also chose it, I know at lease a doz. women past breeding age who did likewise incl casual neighbors. Some had medical issues that could be passed down incl us. Am glad because the young have no future to live a normal life like boomers and gen. x did. Most of us are retirees. Many younger people that choose this lifestyle can find partners who agree and more today are seeing what we see, incl. the expenses involved.


    2. Rachel, that scenario puts me in mind of the third Mission Impossible where Keri Russell is rescued by the crew and as they finally get in the helicopter to flee destruction, Tom is speaking to her and suddenly she goes silent and her eye goes weird and we’re told she had an implant in her that when set off, exploded in her brain and kills her; their rescue was in vain.

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      1. I believe our nation is doomed. But you are 100% wrong that it will cause the technocrats any suffering. They will get away with it and reap untold riches while killing most of the rest and laughing. All misery and death will be confined almost entirely to the innocent for who knows how long.
        Till some distant day Jesus finally pulls a deux ex machina and blasts whatever the technocrats left into eternal oblivion.


      2. Try this on for size: The great whore appears to be the worldwide syncretistic amalgamated pagan Babylonian Nimrod-initiated goddess (Semiramis) worshipping spiritual coexist prostitute mystical demonic religion spearheaded for some while now by the Papacy. “She” rides, i.e., influences with spiritual wickedness not by governing, all the seven successive political beast powers of all times, that is, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and “not yet come” (Rev. 17:10).


  10. Thank you for posting the details of the evil creepy plans they have for us. By their definition, a lot of us are useless eaters in many different ways so we will likely be near the head of the line for extermination. I love what Apostle Paul said, that our goal should be to glorify God whether in life or in death. It looks like we may be face-to-face with this truth sooner rather than later.

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    1. Probably sooner, like a ton of bricks (Matthew 24:39; 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3). Most people including professing Christians haven’t the foggiest notion what’s going on…

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      1. Churches under the 501c3 are gov. controlled and muzzled so they can get a tax exemption. Pastors refuse to speak out on issues because churches have turned into social clubs, businesses and preach social justice. Many are quitting all denominations and home church or meet w/ friends.

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      1. When “Babylon” falls the rulers and merchants of the earth lament loudly. Not sure what the Scarlet Woman represents but all the oligarchy in tears sounds like its destruction must be a good thing.

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  11. I wish I could find the video, but it contains an old film clip from some wealthy Malthusian speculating about how wonderful ushering in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be when it finally happens. Very creepy.

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  12. Thanks for this article! I’ve noticed, locally, that cameras are being placed in our wilderness areas, usually consisting of the name conservation and we’ve had local articles complaining that people are targeting them and smashing them. Talk about secret invasion of privacy. Of course, the reasons given are always connected to environmental or conservatory research and documentation, which is plausible, but I find that secretive plans/ops are almost always based on some kernel of legitimacy so that no one is suspect of the true and insidious agendas to control and spy on us. I’ve found that the whole 411 investigations of disappearances in the wilderness and sudden increase in more meat-eating beasts coming closer to civilian populations go hand-in-hand with trying to keep people out of the woods through fear and trepidation. The reports on the cameras could just be a py-op to make people afraid of going there to hide or live, in the case of some of our homeless. You can tell what is the truth, by stepping back and seeing a bigger picture and then asking yourself, now why would anyone want to discourage people from going into the woods, then I remember the true story made into the 2008 movie, “Defiance” where Jews hid out for years and saved many lives from the Nazis death squads. This is why they want us all tagged and tracked. Don’t get jabbed and don’t carry your phone and drive an older vehicle until they’re outlawed. And, always be prepared to live in the woods. ❤

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