Israel joins U.S. in plan to hand over sovereignty to United Nations World Health Organization

Globalism is a demonic spirit that has infected every nation, even those least likely to realize a single long-term benefit from it. That would include the United States and Israel. Both of these nations were much stronger when they relied on their own people for manufacturing, supply chains and military protection of secure borders.

But Israel has now agreed to join the U.S. in a diabolical plan to hand over sovereignty on matters of “public health emergencies” to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

Israeli leaders apparently have short memories.

Just three years ago, in May 2019, the WHO passed a resolution accusing Israel of perpetuating a “public health crisis” in the Palestinian territories.

In 2019, a nation accused of having a public health emergency still had the right to disagree with the WHO’s assessment and tell that global body to go pound sand.

That right still exists but is hanging by a thread.

If the U.S.-sponsored amendments to the International Health Regulations get passed by a majority of the 194 WHO member states next week at the WHO’s World Health Assembly in Geneva, the new rules will go into effect in six months, which is in November. And unless the amendments get watered down or removed at the last minute, the signatories will cede their sovereignty over who gets the final word on declaring public health emergencies to the WHO. The current leadership of the U.S., the E.U., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now Israel all think this would be a good idea, as do quite a few other nations.

The flag of the U.N. World Health Organization

The U.S. and Israel are weak and growing weaker because they are led by usurpers, global predators — not real national leaders looking out for the interests of their citizens.

Globalists have waged war on the family, the individual, and the nations for well over 100 years, convincing them they didn’t need God and to submit to the man-centered beast system they’ve been erecting, one layer at a time.

The nations are now as ripe as apples in autumn, almost ready to fall off the branch, before they can be plucked up and hauled off for processing by ferocious predators, wolves pretending to be sheep. The globalist usurpers have entered their final phase of destruction before the Great Reset, and only the spiritually prepared will have the strength to cling to the branch (Jesus Christ) and endure until the time when the usurpers, the kings and queens of this counterfeit kingdom, are destroyed and the real King comes for His people.

The below article by Adam Berkowitz of Israel 365 News is brilliant in its depth of understanding. Berkowitz did at least find one politician in Israel who sees this upcoming vote in Geneva for what it is, a power play for global governance. I’m still looking for that one politician to emerge in America.


In four days, the World Health Organization will vote on resolutions that will give them emergency powers over any country they choose. The Biden administration initiated the measures but kept them under wraps until just a few weeks ago when the vote was a foregone conclusion. It was recently revealed that Israel fell into lockstep, backing the measure, though one exceptional politician has become the voice of reason in a government that has run amok.

The World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Health Organization’s (WHO) governing legislative body, will be voting on Provisional agenda item 16.2 in Geneva on May 22. The agenda, described by the WHO under the headline “Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies,” the new agenda would give them the power to unilaterally declare a health emergency in any country, thereby giving them emergency powers. The Biden administration gave these proposed amendments to the WHO on January 18. No one knew this until April 12, less than a month ago. If passed, the resolutions will go into effect in November. 

These amendments will empower WHO’s Director-General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation. The Director-General will be able to declare these health crises based merely on his personal opinion or consideration that there is a potential or possible threat to other nations.

These regulations are a “binding instrument of international law.” UN member states can be required by law to obey or acquiesce to them. Under the new regulations, WHO will not be required to consult with the identified nation beforehand to “verify” the event before taking action. 

In a covert manner similar to what happened in the US, the Israeli government intends to support Provisional agenda item 16.2  as well. The only politician willing to speak out against joining in is Moshe Feiglin.

Feiglin is a veteran of Israeli politics and the leader of the Zehut Party. A former member of Likud, he headed the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction within the party and represented Likud in the Knesset between 2013 and 2015. Defined as a libertarian, he is a thoughtful ideologue. At the same time, he has put his ideas into action and led nationwide acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

“This agenda has already been decided,” Feiglin told Israel365 News. “There won’t be any debate or decision process. What has been discussed and said already is only the tip of the iceberg. The actual decision will be far more extreme in removing the rights of the individuals. This decision has nothing to do with world health, and if you read the resolution itself, it is clear that it deals exclusively with the transfer of power. It sidesteps entirely any democratic process.”

“Throughout history, any successful power grab is aided by silence from the people who have the most to lose. Even if they are aware of what is happening. They tell themselves that it really won’t affect them, that the world will not change. The people want to believe the lie.”

“This is entirely a war of beliefs, an agenda to create a new world order of globalism. This is the belief in progressivism versus the belief in God. Progressivism wants to turn Man into God, replacing the Creator, claiming that the world is a result of chance and happenstance and that Creation is made-up.”

On the website Israel TomorrowFeiglin described the new agenda as “a totalitarian world revolution that abolishes the whole principle of human freedom.”

“Among other things, the organization will get the right to manage and control the movement of people, imprison them, and restrict them in any way they choose, to demand that they undergo such and other treatments,” he wrote. “The WHO will supervise all objects, facilities, and equipment: suitcases, containers, buildings, bags, etc., and collect information of any kind they want, all under the heading of an international emergency – which will now be solely at their discretion. And to be precise – at the discretion of only one person – the organization’s secretary-general.”

Feiglin noted that Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Meirav Elon Shachar, is expected to vote in favor of the resolution, which will bring Israel into the agreement without any discussion in the Israeli legislature and, thus far, without any mention in the Israeli media.

“In fact, this absurd situation already exists in practice,” Feiglin wrote. “Almost all countries in the world have acted in accordance with WHO policy in the last two years, even though this was ostensibly only a recommendation.”

Feiglin noted that the WHO had generated significant conflicts of interest, most recently when Pfizer corporation, which produced the COVID vaccine, made a significant contribution to the Ministry of Health and its workers’ organization. Pfizer funded the campaign of Dr. Sharon Elroy Price to be the head of the ministry’s public health services division. She then went on to be a powerful advocate for vaccinating Israeli children.

Several larger pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, make significant contributions to the WHO.

In this manner, Feiglin noted, major decisions relinquishing the rights of individuals and even countries are made, giving these rights to unelected officials and company shareholders.

Feiglin explained this process in theological terms:

“In the last decade, humanity has entered the violent phase of the postmodern era. In the Age of Enlightenment, humanity experienced the expulsion of God from the public space, restricting Him in the private space.”

“In this postmodern age, we are experiencing postmodern naivety that grants everyone their own truth, destroying the naive belief that leaves room for the assumption of objective existential reality (i.e., God),  replacing it with a violent progressiveness that leaves no room for any truth other than that of the rule of power.”

“It is a revolution that abolishes all of the constructs of human identity, whether it is sexual identity, family identity, or national identity. Globalism claims that human identity is created by men and does not originate in God (who they claim does not exist). God-given identities are evil, in this postmodern age, put in place to enslave women, blacks, LGBT people, and the like.”

“National patriotism becomes primitiveness. We are all rushing towards the global identity and see it as a liberating identity. Journalists do not need to be warned, and, in fact, there is no need to silence journalists. They do this naturally, out of the progressive consciousness from which they operate. Members of the Knesset – if they had known what was happening – would also not have pointed a finger. After realizing that this was an American proposal, they would have understood that this was happening anyway. They understood that opposition to blocking Israel’s support and joining this move would mark them as enemies of progress, deniers of plagues, and the like.:”

Feiglin noted that, ironically, nationalism is returning due to the conflict in Ukraine in a process that points toward global war.

“It seems that humanity will feel the peace of mind of these two sticks, both of the overt national war and the sophisticated progressive one. In a short time, the masks, tests, closures, shots, and other global coercion games will return – and at the same time, we will find ourselves fighting on more fronts – internal and external. We have to fight to maintain zeal, both for our identity and our personal freedom, and for our identity, our national freedom – at the same time.”

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  1. My advice to you is to block him from your face book and don’t explain why. Don’t allow him to engage you in any conversation whatsoever If in doubt then keep him out.
    If you are not at peace then that is reason enough to block this person.

    Be decisive and don’t worry. Once you cease communication with this person then you should be fine.


    1. I am fine, thank precious, it is just this one thing, it does not mean I am not at peace, gosh these days one has to be close to the Lord and at peace to even survive. I will do that tomorrow but now is bedtime. Thanks. XX


      1. Don’t worry, I won’t ever bother you again. I’ve done nothing but attempt to engage you for a respectful discussion. You’ve made this into a homeland security issue. I was wrong to have even contacted you.


      2. Sweetheart, I am not even American so do not have a clue what it is you mean, however, when the Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment to more than one person and those people do not even know each other and live thousands of miles apart, then I had better listen. If you have taken offence then you need to have it out with Him, not me, I am just obeying Him.


  2. Julia Pomeroy @ May 23, 2022 at 8:12 pm

    Hello Julia I agree with your decision not to Email this person called Brent. His comment has a luring tone that doesn’t sit right with me. You are right to be cautious.


    1. Thank you, we will see how it goes, at last, after many years I am beginning to know when it is the Holy Spirit is speaking to me! The glory is if he turns out to actually be questionable, Facebook offers the glorious facility of blocking.


      1. Yes, his page has very, very little on it and there is no mention of Jesus st all which causes me continued concern.


  3. Julia Pomeroy @ May 23, 2022 at 12:52 pm
    It’s there in various media sources from The Financial Times to the Daily Mail if you bothered to check.
    Hey Julia, you need to cop on to yourself and GROW UP !


    1. I do, do I, strangely enough I have often found that it is the infantile who say this to somebody, usually a great deal more adult than them, with whom they are in disagreement. Sorry to disappoint you but my next birthday will be my 80th so excuse me if I do not exactly rush towards it, I prefer to be raptured! What a shame you had to be so nasty, as you can be quite nice but, it would seem, this is not a constant.


  4. Treason – The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance. The crime of trying or helping to overthrow the government of the criminal’s own country or cause its defeat in war.

    By international law NATO troops could land in the United States, just like they did in Canada, and enforce medical lockdowns or other enforcement relating to a health crisis.

    These troops would have greater jurisdiction than our military or police. They would be required to comply like the rest of us.

    The WHO will pass this measure. That’s not the end of the battle but the beginning. Wait until they try it. The pushback by the American people will be overwhelming. I will not comply.


    1. God bless you sweetheart for your faith in the American people, I fear it is badly placed and not just with the Americans either.


      1. And yours is badly placed in modern Israel—the present day very secularist Israel that is willingly giving up its sovereignty to the WHO and had forced its citizens to take those dangerous Pfizer jabs. Yeah—that nation that no one should ever question according to the usual fundamentalist reading of the Bible. You smeared my remark about the Israel lobby in the US as “anti-Semitic” making the usual mistake of confusing anti-semitism with anti-Zionism. May be news to you but not all Jews support Zionism and see it instead as racism and the modern state of Israel as an aberration. Some Christians don’t see the difference and get fooled by Darbyist interpretations and opportunist neocon political and media spins. This unquestioned attitude led my nation by the nose into many Middle Eastern nastiness that we had no business being in and caused massive blowback, like 9/11 and led us into 2 wars. So We took out Iraq to protect Israel and that led to ISIS which massacred thousands of Christians. So God approves?? MY POINT so you don’t miss it is the US has been giving up its sovereignty to numerous foreign entities—the Israel lobby is extremely powerful and a well-known one. For “diversity” sake I also add to the list of foreign interference the very powerful Saudi lobby, the Brit lobby (since WWI-you all maneuvered us into WWI), now the Ukrainian lobby that wants us to go nuclear, DAVOS, China, and Mexican drug cartels control our southern border. We’re in great shape thanks to all these folks. Our treasury, our foreign policy and our military already belongs to foreign pressure lobbies to do their bidding so if we lose our sovereignty to the WHO, it’s because we’ve been giving it up all along. And it’s time we recognized that and kick ALL of these lobbies out.


      2. Excuse me? My faith is firmly placed in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, only unique (monogenes – one-of-a-kind) Son of Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and Saviour of all who put their faith/trust/belief in Him and in His life, death and bodily resurrection, to suggest that my ‘faith’ is placed elsewhere is a calumny. At no point did I suggest that the Jewish nation is perfect, I am well aware of their transgressions as I am aware of my own – I take it you do not transgress. And, as I said previously, God has not withdrawn His covenant He has with them nor will He because the Tribulation will be for the salvation of the Jewish nation. God always, always keeps His Word.


      3. PS I could not think of there being any gain in my reading your rant so I chose not to, the little bit I did read was enough to assure me it was not written in the spirit that Jesus would have liked you to write.


  5. I can’t help but wonder:

    “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast”.

    Revelation 17: 12-13


  6. Well, whadya know !!
    “Belgium become first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine: Anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks and doctors warn of ‘significant rise’ in UK cases !


    1. New development on the monkey pox :-

      “EU health chiefs tell nations to prepare vaccination strategies amid scramble to contain tropical virus – as Denmark becomes 16th country to be struck down”

      This was so predictable.


      1. I am frantically scratching my head and trying to figure out why it is I should believe this post and your previous one – at no stage has it occurred to you to back up your assertions with sources.


  7. @ Julia Pomeroy May 22, 2022 at 7:27 am

    Hello Julia
    So, on your recommendation I’ve just read an article by Robert Malone. One point in the article that stood out for me was the following :-

    ” In my opinion, the 119 Million dollar smallpox vaccine purchase which was just authorized by the US HHS and Biden administration represents an unnecessary and unwarranted expense, unless there are data showing that the current strain is significantly different from the historic predecessor strains within this clade.”

    Here, doctor Malone is not excluding the possibility of a strain that could be “significantly different” from previous strains. So we could be looking at a new, more lethal strain which has been engineered in a laboratory.

    I’m surprised that Robert Malone didn’t consider, in his article, the probable damage to the immune system of those who’ve been vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine. I’m thinking of antibody dependant enhancement which I remember him mentioning in relation C19 vaccine recipients being subsequently exposed to exposure to a Corona virus. Professor Dolores Cahill mentioned that EDH need not be restricted to just Corona viruses depending on what the C19 vaccine actually contains.

    Since we don’t know all of what’s actually in the C19 vaccine then it’s possible that many of the vaccinated community have been primed to suffer a severe reaction to the monkey pox.

    It seems obvious to me that they are gearing up for another pandemic of their own making. I believe that it will be a genuine virus but I think it will have more impact on the C19 vaccinated community, in particular those who have received a given vaccine cocktail.
    This would be a more targeted approach since the elites have some people in the world who will be of service to them. It would be unprofitable for the elite if, for instance, all scientists were to succumb to a deadly virus.

    So these are just some of my thoughts on the subject based on what I see unfolding. If being informed means being a little bit scared, then so be it. It is better than putting one’s head in the sand, don’t you think ?

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    1. Please forgive me if I do not follow through on this, I am, at present, recovering from an operation and am suffering from tiredness a good deal of the time which, I know, will wear off but not just yet. This in no way is a comment on what you have said.


      1. Hi Julia. I’m Brent. I would like to engage you on a topic from a prior post of yours. I believe the Bible is Gods Holy word and I’m not looking for an argument. I think you’d be very surprised/interested by what I’ve to say.
        Email me at

        I hope to hear back from you


      2. If you wish to communicate with me you are going to have to find a better way to do it than that, as I am particularly paranoid these days, it has a lot to do with the fact that I am now in my 80th year and somewhat vulnerable, although I do thank God for my beloved husband who protects me and my glorious Lord. Try finding me on Facebook if you need to, but I will not be emailing you, sorry. This is upon the advice of my spouse.


      3. Ok. Fair enough. I understand. I tried to find you on Facebook but there are numerous Julia Pomeroy. I need a hint/clue which one is you.


      4. I had hoped to copy the black and white picture on my FB page but not a chance. It is of a toddler holding a picture of a clown and she is sat in a child’s seat. I was not aware of how many there were with my name.


  8. .Hello Leo, I’ve just been reading an article about an exercise centred around a monkey pox scenario similar to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic exercise which was carried out in Davos just before the Covid 19 pandemic was announced in China.

    Here’s an extract from the article :-

    ”A group called the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference in March 2021 to engage in an exercise simulating how the world would react to an outbreak of monkeypox.

    The World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, both the Chinese and American CDCs, and other major organizations participated in the event.

    NTI is a nonprofit co-founded by Ted Turner and the Munich Security Conference is an annual meeting on international security policy held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1963.

    In a creepy video produced for the exercise, a news reporter describes a monkeypox virus engineered by biological terrorists to resist vaccines.

    “Poor oversight and gaps in global governance leave us vulnerable to catastrophic biological threats,” the fictional video tells viewers.

    The video pushes the narrative that nations taking “early and decisive action” were able to minimize the harm done by the virus.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is also referred to as the group in charge of the response to the virus in the exercise.

    Now, just one year later, the WHO is looking to take control over public health measures in several countries and the globalist group has called for an emergency meeting over a real monkeypox outbreak.”

    The first case of monkeypox during the fake pandemic exercise was found on May 15, 2022.

    In reality, the WHO confirmed its first cases of actual monkeypox on May 13 and 15 of 2022.

    Since it was first discovered in 1958, there has never been a monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa until the exact week the simulation predicted.”

    I find it interesting that the monkey pox outbreak is being announced just before the meeting in Geneva which is soon to take place. I reckon they will use the monkey pox scenario to expedite the ” 13 amendments to the existing International Health Regulations or IHRs. ” which you’ve mentioned.

    I reckon the monkey pox will become a genuine pandemic and will be used as a catalyst for severe restrictions and to increase the medical tyranny being unleashed on the world, not to mention more vaccine mandates.

    The accuracy of the simulation’s prediction with regard to the timing of the outbreak suggests that it is being engineered by the elites.

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      1. Then you need to read what Robert Malone says as well and stop scaring the sheep.


    1. At this juncture then it would be good if people would read Robert Malone’s report on this. This virus truly is nothing to fret about, he gives us the history and simply describes what it does and how effective it is in mutating etc. This truly is a non-starter. – That is as long as you use common sense. I regularly receive emails from Mr Malone and the one about the monkeypox arrived a couple of days ago.


  9. I have been a frequent visitor to israel365news for a couple of years, yet today I cannot connect to their site.


  10. Thank you Leo that is priceless information you have given us, I only wish we were in full agreement about what happens to the Bride of Christ and when.
    However I have not read the details anywhere else which you have supplied us with and for that
    I am truly grateful.

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  11. note this.

    should the quacks at the WHO declare a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC pronounced FAKE) all trade and tourism with that country can be SHUT DOWN if that country does not comply with any measure that the WHO dictates for the FAKE.

    also, the WHO can mandate THE SAME DOSAGES for any age, gender, height, weight or ethnicity of any citizen of any country, regardless of their health and existing conditions – whether they have an allergy to an ingredient or existing treatments that conflict with the actions of existing treatment protocols.


    any other treatment protocols that the WHO does not approve will be banned – even if they have a better outcome in all cases.


    1. Is that not what has been happening throughout the world these last two years, or have I been sleeping?


  12. NO law including the international law supersedes the US constitution for American citizens. These folks can all go straight to hell. BY the way Franklin Graham Kirk Cameron and whomever else you choose to belittle here are not running the USA. A pervert named Biden is the stand in for an African national named Obama.


    1. Obama is on his third term and Biden is his puppet. Politicians are compromised and corrupt taking bribes and grant money for their state or local gov. to vote left. America has been conquered by the globalists and few even understand the W.E.F. agendas incl agenda 2030 and the depopulation plan.

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    2. “A pervert named Biden is the stand in for an African national named Obama.” –You’re right, much evidence indicates that Barry Soetoro (aka “Obama”) was born in Kenya and still holds Indonesian citizenship which was required for him to attend Islamist-oriented schools in Indonesia when he was around 5 or 8 (I forget) and fervently recited his Muslim prayers. When Barry Soetoro returned to the US with his CIA-agent mother Stanley Ann Dunham, he should have applied for US citizenship before age 18 but did not do so. Obama/Soetoro—a CIA creation from the get-go—is a usurper in a number of ways. I also mostly agree with you that he’s one of the main puppet-masters pulling the strings of “Joe Biden”, along with Biden’s globalist handlers. IMHO, Obama was the most evil and destructive US president of all time, until “Joe Biden” came along. Obama exudes evil, yet deluded “liberals” lap him up, undoubtedly because of the Democrats’ playing of the race card, a favorite Democrat tool right up to today’s insane wokeism, critical race theory, etc. The Short-Form Birth Certificate which Obama/Soetoro proudly displayed on his Presidential campaign website, to dispel “rumors” of his ineligibility, was full of black rectangles blocking out all the crucial information. In some states, a Short-Form Birth Certificate can’t be used to get a driver’s license or to get married, yet the Lie Machine (NYT/CNN/WSJ etc.) touted this worthless document and his equally phony subsequent “birth certificates” to get him elected. America is built upon lie upon lie upon lie, and now the House Of Lies appears to be collapsing with a karmic vengeance.


      1. Anyone else remember Obama’s “CHANGE” posters all over during his run for president? I saw several of those driving around one day and thought “People better be careful what they ask for, change can be bad as well as good…”


  13. Im not a numbers guy but it odd that resolution 16.2 adds up to 9 or 333. These bastards love their symbology.


    1. over 90% of the population in the US are more concerned about celebrities in general, social media, texting, and various sports activities, bridge clubs and other social activites. They don’t give a hoot about much else except maybe local community gossip, new places to dine, etc. They have no inkling what globalism is, or why economy off the rails, or who is who of the elite players (Claus Scwab, Gates, Rothchilds, etc.), that Obama is in his third term, or agenda 2030/WEF control freaks.


  14. Israel is a puppet of the US. No different than NATO, Europe, Australia, UK, South Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and others. We are about to get our comeuppance when Russia, China, Iran, North Korea & India unite and saunter across our borders after Russia hits us with a space-based 100 megaton EMP. Count on it.

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    1. Or rather the US has been a puppet of Israel. They have a very very powerful lobby in our halls of Congress in our government, aided by high ranking Jews in academia, top US corporations and federal bureaucracy, and Christian Zionists who demand our foreign policy must suit Israel. Seems like they use the American army as their proxy in the Middle East, Iraq being a case in point.


      1. And antisemitism rears its ugly head – nice one! I have a feeling God might not be ‘at one’ with you on the issue of the Jews as I have never heard of Him reneging His covenant He has with them after He had put Abram to sleep thereby ensuring only He needed to keep it as He knew His chosen people would break it, if committed to it! But, hey, what do I know, I only know His Word and have been reading it from cover to covere regularly for the last 46+ years, I could be wrong!


  15. Yes, it’s all lining up, and it must continue to do so. It’s no coincidence that all these things are lining up, all the prophesies are falling into place. At this point, it’s not like 99 of the 100 will be in place and that last 1 will not be, so that this will all go back to normal, the beast will be tamed and go back into his cage on his own, and all the dark clouds looming on the horizon will suddenly clear up and so on, and folks can go back to worrying about remodeling the kitchen again because that is, after all, the goal. Right? Wrong. The waters are turning red, the sky and moon also. The day is upon us. It’s not for nothing that Jesus told us to ‘watch and pray.’ For those of us who have been obeying, we knew just like I did. We navigated and planned accordingly. I know this is it. And I continue to do the same as I have been doing, just being lead by Him day by day. I travelled light, and it has made all the difference. The baby head hunters are also baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, I could die a martyr in church any day. One of the last things I say may well be, even upon threat of death, and we can never deny Jesus, nor would I ever,……. “Christian. Until death. And without apology!”

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    1. Some people then could do with becoming a lot more conversant with that dusty, old book theymhave on their shelf – it is known as the Bible.


  16. Dear Leo, I am afraid all of the NATO countries will also give there sovereignty over because it is part of the plan by the World Economic Forum to unite us under the Antichrist in a one world global government…the train has already left the station and is running amuck…the Bible guarantees this WILL happen, either now or a not too distant future..don’t worry, JESUS IS COMING FOR HIS SAINTS !!🥳🥳

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  17. A quote from Senator Pat Toomey regarding our inquiry to him regarding this matter: “The Biden administration has publicly stated that while it will take part in negotiations, it will ultimately oppose a binding treaty.”


    1. Two separate issues. Sounds like Toomey, like so many, I’d confusing the two. One is a proposed pandemic treaty, which hasn’t even been drafted yet and is forecast to be ready by 2024, and the other more urgent matter is the 13 amendments to the existing International Health Regulations or IHRs. It is these radically changed IHRs that will be voted on next week at the International Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.


      1. Dear Leo, you write “I’m still looking for that one politician to emerge in America.”
        Maybe the poseurs like Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson or that sold-out covid-“vaccine”-pusher Donald Trump, a mass murderer, will squeak or peep or say something about this horrifying development. Ron DeSantis?

        Meanwhile, all the ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’, the Covidian Cult members, the masked morons, the faithful readers of the New York Times and swallowers of the Mainstream Media have a little problem… For two years they shouted “Conspiracy theory!” with anger and mockery at anyone who pointed out the globalist oligarchy’s plans for a NWO and Great Reset. Well, here it is in black-and-white, right on their doorstep, right in their faces. They must develop new lies to ward off cognitive dissonance, or look the other way.

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    2. And, of course, it is well known that the Biden administration never lie, oh dear me, no! (English cynicism!)


  18. Dear Leo,
    Thank-you for this important information. Feiglin is spot on and I will be looking him up. The enemy’s covert method of hiding from the people continues and broadens. I wouldn’t know any of these details if not for your writing this piece. Us Bible believers know where this is going and things will only get worse. People will deceive each other and be deceived humanity will wax worse and like you said only the ones clinging to The Branch will understand. You might think I’m kidding but your writing skills hold my attention long enough for me to read your entire pieces every time. I can only think of one other who can do that, Patrick Wood. God bess you and all those you love,
    Your friend in Christ Veronica

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  19. Great article. Wish it wasn’t so. May we followers of Christ Yeshua have the wisdom and discernment that only He can give

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  20. Weird how Franklin Graham, Jerry Jenkins, Kirk Cameron and the rest remain clueless. They never thought the NWO would be launched through a health crisis. Lots of Christians have been sadly naive about how evil Big Pharma has become.
    “First they came for the mentally ill…”

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      1. Living in a Greek speaking nation had its uses, and I note that pastors Jack Hibbs and J D Farag – both Calvary Chapel guys – have both been quick to ensure their flock are aware of the originsl meaning of pharmakia.


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