Canada’s House of Commons votes overwhelmingly to approve Trudeau’s transition to a police state in compliance with WEF’s ‘new normal’

And just like that, Canada flipped into a full-blown tyrannical regime. It wasn’t just Trudeau who flipped. Parliament’s House of Commons voted 185-151 Monday night to support his actions, basically institutionalizing the destruction of all protests and free speech. The U.S. will soon be receiving refugees seeking asylum from Trudeau and his gang of henchmen.” – Patrick Wood, editor of Technocracy.News.

The lower house of the Canadian Parliament voted last night, Feb. 21, to rubber stamp what amounts to the most egregious move into totalitarianism witnessed by any Western nation since World War II, and they did it quickly, with less than three hours of debate, as if it was a routine spending bill. They did not even put a time limit on their approval of Trudeau’s invoking of the Emergencies Act. They gave him a blank check for the continued terrorizing of Canadian citizens for as long as he desires.

It’s no coincidence that Joe Biden just renewed the national emergency status in the United States. He did it by executive fiat. No need for a ceremonial vote of Congress here.

What’s happened over the last few days in Canada is coming soon to the U.S. It’s all in the cards. And who holds all the cards right now? They appear to be in the hands of the same global cabal that finances and therefore controls the world’s largest armies, the same global cabal that can dispatch hordes of those faceless, unidentifiable, black-clad police thugs you see beating people mercilessly in the streets of Ottawa and Paris. Yeah, those guys. They will be in Washington, D.C., before you can bat an eye. They’re waiting for the U.S. truckers. Bank on it.

This cabal is hidden from public view. It has no face. About the closest thing we have to a face right now is Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, which is supported with money from billionaires like Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink and other oppressors of the people. While Schwab is not the man at the top of the globalist food chain, his WEF is a key organizational facilitator and it has the backing of the world’s wealthiest families, the British Crown, the Biden puppet regime controlled by the U.S. deep state, and every regime in the formerly free Western world. All of them have been installed for the current task at hand, which is to trigger the Great Reset.

This reset involves the digitization of money and a new global control grid that is backed by digital health passports tied to a new global ID system. This is the beast system being implemented right before our eyes. It’s evil to the core and biblical in scope. No person will be left behind by this system but some of us will reject it and try to survive outside of it. We will be able to do that if we work together, trust God and don’t walk into the traps laid by the global predators, who want us to become violent and out of control. As Jesus said, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. I’m not saying we don’t have the right to defend our families from a direct physical assault but short of that we must stay peaceful and just refuse to enter their system, refuse their mark of identification, refuse their digital papers and just don’t enter any place of business that requires it.

For those of you who live in cities like New York and San Francisco, where the passports have been implemented, don’t even get take-out food from any restaurant that denies your entry to sit down and be served without papers.

We are living in a very dangerous point in human history, but nothing can happen that God does not allow to happen. This cabal of global predators has launched the final stage of their takeover while everyone’s eyes are focused on Russia and the Ukraine.

Check out the article below from Breitbart News.

By Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart

The Canadian Parliament voted Monday night to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act by a vote of 185 for and 151 against.

Trudeau invoked the Act, an unprecedented move, last week claiming it necessary to dispel peaceful protests linked to the Freedom Convoy movement, which is demanding an end to civil rights violations by the Trudeau government allegedly necessary to fight the Chinese coronavirus. At press time on Monday, no active Freedom Convoy protests exist anywhere in Canada.

The motion to uphold the invocation of emergency powers by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed in a vote in the Canadian House of Commons on Monday, with the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and other allies garnering 181 votes for the motion.

The motion was opposed by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the separatist Bloc Quebecois (BQ) and their allies, who voted against it with 151 votes.

The passing of the measure in the House of Commons is the first step toward confirming the use of the Act, which grants the government significant powers.

The Emergencies Act was invoked for the first time in Canadian history to halt Freedom Convoy protests across the country, which included blockades of border crossings in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta, although all of the border blockades ended before the Emergencies Act was formally invoked last week.

Instead, the Act was largely used to clear protests in Canada’s capital Ottawa over the weekend and was used to freeze the bank accounts of those linked to the protest. It was also used to force tow truck companies to remove trucks in Ottawa occupying the area around the parliament buildings after the government had trouble hiring tow truckers previously, as many allegedly refused.

Earlier in the day on Monday, Trudeau defended his continued use of the Emergencies Act, despite the fact all of the protests had been cleared or had ended prior to its invocation.

“This state of emergency is not over. There continue to be real concerns about the coming days,” Trudeau said and added, “People [are] out there indicating that they are ready to blockade, to continue their illegal occupations to disrupt Canadians’ lives. We feel that this measure needs to remain in place.”

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43 thoughts on “Canada’s House of Commons votes overwhelmingly to approve Trudeau’s transition to a police state in compliance with WEF’s ‘new normal’”

  1. Leo,

    I do believe you are correct in your strategy to disrupt their goals. We cannot expect to fight those in power with physical force. Although, some may point to Afghanistan as an example of a much less equiped people fighting back against the odds of much more powerful enemies. Still, I think executing non-violent means are the best way to resist, at least until it becomes a self defense situation.

    I think it has become apparent that we will need to form a type of parallel society. One that is based on a barter system. It seems that those in rural communities could make this most successful, but it could be done anywhere really.

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    1. Guns are useful at fighting off roving bands or intimidating Antifa if it plans to wage a fiery but “mostly peaceful” riot in your red town. But the bureaucrats issuing these orders remain hidden. They have a bottomless supply of money and bribable minions at their disposal. Why we cannot shoot our way out of this.
      A doctor “just following orders” can kill your mother using standard care. How innocent is he? God knows. And shooting up hospitals won’t stop the madness. For the trigger-happy hot heads who keep blabbing about watering the tree of liberty. (Most just keyboard warriors. Which is good.) Saying, “Australians should have kept their guns.”
      More like they should have stood by their mates. My town is open and none of our guns played a role. Partly because we’re a red state. But we support local businesses so all 8 remained solvent during lockdown.
      Real solidarity is key. Working together quietly. Living as peacefully as possible with all around us. Bolstering churches and families. Order and stability are big threats to the Reset cult.

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      1. Rachel–This is really good common sense. I too get impatient with those who beat their chests and say “we can shoot our way out of this”. No, we can’t. We are not organized into a trained army anywhere, whereas the other side certainly will deploy the military, including tanks and drones, if they want to make a brutal example and put the fear in everyone. Just look at what happened to Randy Weaver, the Branch Davidians and other protestors whom the feds suppressed violently. Portrayed by the government and the media as dangerous subversives, the feds came after them with full military firepower. When Randy Weaver refused to be recruited by the feds to spy on a militant group, the feds decided to punish him by invading his home, killing his wife and teen-aged son and wounding Weaver. The Branch Davidians were an unconventional religious cult, but the local sheriff said they had done nothing illegal to bring the feds down on them. The media painted them as dangerous and so when they were massacred by the feds and the survivors buried in prisons, nobody cried for them. I too had believed the media at that time, but after seeing this video, I saw what really happened, who was really at fault. We have to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Gandhi used Christian non-violence to make the British leave. The culturally Christian British were shamed by their violence and oppressive tactics. With anti-Christian globalists, I would guess they cannot be shamed, but they can be nonviolently resisted with Christian wisdom, intelligence and a lot of courage.

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    2. You are right about the barter system and building a parallel society. As for Afghanistan, you must remember that this was a war our government never intended to win. If they really want to crush a population, they more than likely have the ability to do it, probably using weapons they never even rolled out in Afghanistan.

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  2. “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for the day of your redemption drawers nigh.”
    We live in an age when we see the things unfolding that prophets have foretold. I believe that all of us are right where God intended for us to be, and right at the moment He would have us here. Pray that the Lord will reveal what it is that He would have you doing, so that you can be aligned with His divine plan for you. Sanctify yourselves so that you might fulfill His purposes. Remember, the closer you live to the Lord Jesus, the more like Him you become. God bless!

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    1. Amen, Joe:- Sanctify yourselves, in obedience to His Revelation 18:4 commandment, so that you might fulfill His foreordained purposes. Remember, the closer you live in faithful obedience to the Lord Jesus’ holy commandments, the more like Him the Holy Spirit conforms you. God bless!

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  3. So what happened on the big 2/22/22?
    The rollout of the “cannot buy or sell” that is proof of the end times prophecies. While the vote happened the night(?) before, no doubt that the banks etc. took that as the green light to establish their programs of financial tyranny. And not just Canada’s either. The trigger has been pulled, the real war began. Overwhelming majority of clergy and those who follow them (rather than the Spirit) will continue clinging to pretrib, once saved always saved (by raising hands and repeating a prayer) and anti-negativism (denial of reality- 2 Thess chapt 2). While the sweep of the fire hasn’t reached them yet, they will double down on their brain washed positivism.
    I’m amused by those who say: “I wasn’t a conspiracy theorist and/ or antivaxxer before now, so that makes me a more credible spokesperson!” Really? Because one hadn’t either had the discernment or done your homework, that’s expertise? Even James Corbett is actually a late comer but he is light years ahead of the “OhmyGod! Look what’s happening-ers!” Perhaps it might be wise to realize that decades of warnings have been made and that yes! this is culmination, not initiating. The ending, not the start, and certainly not anomalous. Matt 16:24

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    1. Thank you, Hananiah, for your insightful comment. Having refused to be digital-marked and identified with Socialism’s Security Number, I cannot obtain a banking account or a credit card. Therefore I am unable to buy and sell in the global village’s cashless digital e-commerce. The Marxist Beast’s SS# / SIN# allows Socialism’s secured ‘chattel’ to obtain a passport, driver’s license, banking account, business license, Medicare welfare, etc.


  4. I worry what the FBI/CIA have planned for the U.S. Truck Convoy.
    I worry about a run on the banks. Not near enough cash to cover.
    I worry about the supply chain, especially now that the truckers are off fighting wars, or in concentration camps
    You can almost feel the noose closing, the trap folding around you. Do we have enough time for elections? I don’t think so.
    Covid Data for Oregon. – Last month we had 6.8% of total state deaths attributed to Covid, as cases fell dramatically. 8.3% the previous month. Contrast to just over 5% pre vaccine. If you total covid deaths + excess deaths we are now averaging almost 19% post vaccine rollout. We are on track to make the Wuhan-Vaccine the #1 killer in Oregon. No media coverage whatsoever.

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    1. What does the US convoy hope to accomplish?
      If it’s making their voices heard let them avoid Washington and meet in Tallahassee or Austin. Or only spend fifteen minutes honking and disappoint the swamp by pulling out immediately. Doners to the convoy should contribute cash or gift cards in person or through someone they trust offline.
      Our only real hope for freedom requires a parallel economy. Organizing in a patriot friendly area to figure out circumnavigating supply chain breakdowns would be much more useful than mere protests no tyrant will listen to.
      But hotheads who grew up on Rambo and other Hollywood action nonsense prefer exciting solutions to practical ones.

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  5. One nasty tactic used by globalist dictators to suppress protest is financial deplatforming. This tactic has been recently used against Mike Lindell (of My Pillow) and on a huge scale against the Canadian truckers. It’s been in used for quite a while against political opponents. What US laws protect from financial deplatforming and if there are any, why aren’t these being enforced? Because if this doesn’t stop, this government/banker theft will be used against us all. (And if we’re forced to use digital currencies, financial deplatforming will be used to destroy anyone not submissive enough to the powers-that-ought-not-to-be.


  6. Thanks Leo! “I hear those trucks a commin, commin round the bend and I aint seen the sunshine since I don’t know when” I’m in Arizona and I’m approx. 145 miles S.E of Kingman where the Fleet of Brave Truckers will spend their first night.
    11 Eleven days on this adventure..ugh huh! Maybe it’s just a coincidence, and Nothin to worry about. So, what should we be doing? Stocking up, Locking up, putting up extra security fence , barbed wire, (I have 300 ft of NATO razor wire too, if I feel we need it!…. Are we supposed to. .Hold still while they kill us?
    We are getting close to the 9th hour .. “MY GOD! MY GOD!.. WHY HATH THOUT FORSAKEN THEE?”


  7. What a truly wicked world we live in. If Canadians move to the U.S. they will surely face the same tyranny here. This is a worldwide move by corrupt governments and is designed to usher in the anti christ.We must be close to the rapture. To think that we will soon be snatched from this earth is my only hope and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

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    1. Thanks. Posted your message at Moonbattery & will be sending it out to all in my e-address book. People need to know.


  8. Very, very scary. But what is more scary is that the majority don’t even see the dangers of approving the Emergencies Act, and still feel this is for their benefit. You’re fine, as long as you are in agreement with the state. BTW, I’m in Ottawa and have been there every weekend the truckers were here, and I’ve never seen more unity, more love, strangers hugging each other, than during those few days.

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    1. So much denial as to how bad things are. No one acknowledges what’s going on.
      I think they don’t want to know. But this will only get more killed. Or worse.
      Both sides of the political aisle–meaning commoners with alleged votes–are in deadly denial.
      The sad thing is we could maximize our chances at saving lives and souls. IF WE ACKNOWLEDGED THE PROBLEM.
      For those who harumph and say, “Saving lives is carnal. We should only care about spiritual things,” remember the ten Boom family. Physical things can be used to achieve spiritual ends. Don’t go neo-Platonic on me. Proponents of such dualism usually don’t bother trying to live by it. Generally, they do not lead ascetic lives.

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      1. Yes Rachel, It ‘Angrivates” (I like that word) Anger + Aggravating that my family is asleep or sometimes like One Eye starts to open but as my Older-1/2 Sister she prefers to keep on looking at Cute Kitty Kat & Puppy dog pics and ‘Daily-Pass-On-jokes and of course Daily Recipes!…FaceMetabook and looking at family and friends pics and talking about grandsons poppin out babies lie a microwave oven!…. She thinks the Truckers are bad people! “They Should Roll-Up their sleeves and Do As Their Told!”….. She has been Tripple vaxxed and braindead on CNN.


  9. I know people who moved to Canada a few years ago because they want to flee from what they believed was impending tyranny in the U.S.

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh?

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  10. May be the reawakening of the separatist movement in Quebec and the fleeing of white Canadians to the northern US spurring a secession movement here given our unsolvable racial problems. Don’t count American truckers out. They won’t be steamrolled by any federal force.

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      1. I watched the vote last night in disbelief , yet not surprised, and had all the same thought you just shared in your post. It still can get voted down in the senate on Wednesday and I know a lot of people today calling their senators . Your so right on the racial terms this has nothing to do with it . Right or left ,black or white this is about survival . This is why I go back to the letter sent out by 16 Governors and 2 Premiers , there will be a coming together of like minded people in Canada and the US like never before . The Lord has been with us , He is with us , and He Has said he will never forsake us Heb; 13:5 the day of reckoning is coming . Even so come Lord Jesus . Amen and Amen
        Blessings to all

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      2. I understand your POV, but there are many who believe that a free country includes freedom of association and there’s a percentage of those who see it in racial terms. That’s the reality and the question will be how splintered any secession movement will be. Freedom is a vague term (as demonstrated throughout much of the Constitution and Bill of Rights), and those who have a solid identity are likely the ones who will lead a lasting movement.


    1. Our irreconcilable differences are ideological. Not racial.
      My BFF is black. We have always gotten along and loved each other as sisters in Christ.
      She has left Christianity and bought into the NWO religion without even knowing it. I pray she’ll wake up. But her joining the globalist cult has led to our rupture. Our skin tones haven’t changed. Beliefs have.
      If she comes to her senses, I’d love to have her join us outside of Babylon.

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  11. If anyone is foolish enough to have funds or assets in any Canadian bank, financial institution, trust, insurance company or any fund they need to withdraw them immediately. If they can do it to the truckers and their donors they can do it to anyone. A run on Canadian banks will be great payback against Trudeau and collapse his wobbly government. BTW, I found a great site to make anonymous donations.Go to and check them out.


  12. Leo, have you ever read That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis? We are going through what his “fantasy” novel describes.
    I believe the WEF and WHO and UN are not getting their orders from humans. Those in the Inner Circle get instructions from mediums or are themselves mediums.
    David Icke talks about “lizard people” and other silly things. These are not life forms as we know it.
    This behavior issuing from the very top of the world makes sense once you realize the motives are not about money nor a greener earth. Those at the very top want to kill and torture as many as possible. But the biggest victory of all is the corruption of the individual. As many as possible. Then their torment will be unending.
    Their time is short, and they know it.

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    1. I prefer the term “Fallen Angels” and demons. Jonathan Kleck thinks We’re ALL Fallen Angels. David Icke is good, but his Spirituality and little to no faith in Jesus Christ is his downfall.

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