The Great Unmasking: Globalism’s finest hour is upon us

What you are seeing transpire in Canada is tragic, sad and infuriating.

We’ve seen an elderly woman on a walker being trampled by cops on horseback (see video below).

We’ve seen peaceful protesters arrested. We’ve seen citizen journalists doing nothing but recording what’s happening being beaten like animals.

As I write this, I’m watching a livestream in which a female journalist from Rebel News is writhing on the ground in pain after she was clubbed on the head with batons and shot in the leg with a teargas cannister.

We’ve seen police take an axe to the door of an RV – then arrested the man who owned it. His vehicle was towed and confiscated. 

We’ve seen good, patriotic Canadians have their bank accounts frozen, their drivers’ licenses revoked, their insurance canceled, all by a lawless government in the pocket of the global predators at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

According to Schwab’s latest estimate, nearly half of Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet has graduated from his Young Global Leaders school where they learn how to be good globalists lacking in all compassion for their own people. Watch Schwab brag about this in the 1-minute clip below:

“What we are really proud of,” says Schwab, “is we penetrate the cabinets.”

It’s true in Canada, Argentina and France, he added.

So they are happy to financially rape and destroy the lives of their own citizens, not because such action is legal, but just because they can. They have the banks and the insurance companies at their disposal.

We’ve seen them unload pepper spray on peaceful crowds, just because they can.

The discipline these protesters have shown to remain peaceful in the face of thuggish police trying to provoke them to violence is a testament to their character.

Trudeau wants nothing more than to have his own January 6 moment, where he can claim there was a “violent insurgency” and a “threat to our democracy,” as his U.S. comrades have achieved.

Again, we should not be surprised by Trudeau playing the tyrant.

His family has a history of adoration for tyrants.

According to Mark Milke, a Calgary columnist and author of four books, the Trudeau family comes by it honestly. (See Trudeau Family’s Love of Tyrants: Political blind spots are inevitable when you have warm thoughts for oppressors, February 28, 2018, MacLean’s, by Mark Milke)

Milke writes:

“Back in the summer of 2006, Pierre Trudeau’s youngest son, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau wrote a fawning  happy 80th birthday column in the Toronto Star in praise of then Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  The piece included tributes such as how the revolutionary leader was a ‘great adventurer…a great scientific mind,’ someone whose ‘intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found.’

“Castro, Trudeau claimed, was ‘an expert on genetics, on automobile combustion engines, on stock markets, on everything.’  Alexandre pressed upon his readers to analyze Castro in ‘psychoanalytical terms,’ to think of Cubans as children and Castro their father. Trudeau then fondly recalled his late brother, Michel, who when they were young kids complained to their mother that he had fewer friends than his brothers.  Margaret Trudeau replied that unlike his brothers, Michel ‘had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.’”

Milke goes on to explain how Pierre Trudeau’s other son, Justin, has a strange fascination with the Chinese Communist Party’s way of doing things.

He doesn’t mention it, but he was no doubt aware of the bizarre statement by Justin Trudeau, captured on video below.

Despite Trudeau’s treachery and his admiration for tyrants, you have to really admire these Canadian protesters. They are disciplined, clever and wily. And it’s no longer just truck drivers. Trudeau has managed to awaken Canada’s sleeping giant.

Trudeau says these Canadians are holding an “unlawful demonstration.”

Really? There has not been a single incident of violence. And Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms explicitly gives citizens the right to assemble in peaceful protest.

They use words like “occupation” and “blockade.” There was a couple of blockades of bridges but those were cleared days ago. I’ve yet to see anything resembling an “occupation.” Complete lies.

What’s next? Will they close down all of the livestreams before they roll in the tanks like the Chinese did at Tiananmen Square? Will Trudeau unleash a false flag attack and blame it on the peaceful protesters?

As sad and disgusting of a display as this is, we should not be surprised, not given the leadership that has been installed in that country and every other country in the formerly free world. We know who these “leaders” are beholden to and for whom they work.

The cops might be the biggest surprise, because they aren’t typically paid big salaries and yet they are willing to whore themselves out to the New World Order elites.

These don’t look like ordinary city cops. They have no names or badge numbers on their uniforms and their faces are covered. Makes you wonder if some might be imports from other countries.

What we are seeing is the great unmasking of the global beast system. It is being revealed in all its brutality right before our eyes.

Never forget what you saw this week in Ottawa, lest you be surprised and caught off guard when it comes to a city or town near you. Do you think the police in your city or town would act any different in a similar situation?

Police today are brainwashed to have an “us against them” mentality. They swore an oath to protect the Constitution, to serve and protect the community, but based on what we see happening in Ottawa, the overwhelming majority of them serve the one who signs their paychecks.

How can you live with yourselves, police officers? I can just imagine coming home at night and your wife asks how your day went.

“Oh I beat up a couple of old ladies and a female journalist but other than that it was fairly routine. What’s for dinner?”

These are sick people on the streets decked out in riot gear. Anyone who would obey the illegal commands of a pathetic puppet soy boy like Justin Trudeau, who is doing the bidding of Klaus Schwab and the global predator elites with the World Economic Forum, is either a fool or an evil doer.

On Friday, the government commandeered the tow trucks of private tow companies, stripped them of the company logos and license plates, then started hauling the big trucks out of the city.

But guess what? The Canadian people aren’t backing down. Trucks or no trucks, they are flooding into downtown Ottawa today and tonight (Saturday, February 19). They say they’re not going away.

They are singing “O Canada” and don’t look a bit intimidated by the two-bit tyrant.

So what’s your next move, soy boy?

Do you really think you can hold onto your absolute power after you’ve ticked off this many freedom-loving Canadians?

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  1. Dozens of Ontario Trucking Businesses Shut Down Following Freedom Convoy Protests

    The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has reportedly shut down 39 trucking businesses for their part in the Freedom Convoy protests. (Truck News)

    Another 27 seizure orders were issued outside of the province, which effectively bans operators from using a commercial vehicle in Ontario.

    “In an effort to preserve future police investigations into the illegal occupation in Ottawa, the ministry will not release the names of affected businesses at this time,” a ministry spokesperson said.
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    1. Did anyone for a second believe the Canadian Parliament is any less globalists-controlled than Trudeau himself?


    1. My readers know exactly what it is PJ. I’ve been reporting on it since it was announced by the WEF in July 2020. I advise any new readers to go through the archives of this site where they will find a wealth of information on the reset and the people who are pushing it or passively cooperating with it — which includes every industry, every major institution and most 501c3 churches.

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  2. Just think what the reaction would be if that woman was an illegal alien at the border and these U.N. thugs were border patrol agents. It would be a huge scandal with many in congress calling for an immediate halt to the brutality.


  3. Leo, TURDOH can only do this with JAGMEET SINGH supplying votes. Trudeau is in a Minority Govt. With only a 1/3 (Turd) of the votes. EXPOSE JAGMEET SINGH. JAGMEET is a really DUMB Sikh Supremacist. His speech supplying the votes to Trudeau was pathetic. “Yes, crush the truckers with this law, but do not use it on Environazis, BLM or anyone else we like”


  4. Let’s hope Parliament is as stunned and outraged as we are (the collective, conservative majority of North America); let’s hope Parliament, with a resounding “vote of no confidence,” dethrones this idiot!

    Trudeau takes his cues from Australia and Biden, and given the tyrant’s knee on the neck, Aussie death (societal) may yet be pending! Trudeau is obviously empowered and emboldened by this and views his heavy-handed actions as righteous, at least on the Klaus Schwab scorecard!

    Parliament must deliver a “vote of no confidence” and discharge this despot, then install a genuine “Citizen First, Canada First” Prime Minister! Once the dust has settled, Trudeau’s China connections must also be investigated (perhaps there’s a laptop to be found)!

    This be clear witness that our Second Amendment is absolutely essential and morally justified; we bear arms for more than just skeet and trap shoots on the weekend!

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  5. So who are these cops? orthodox jews in NY are leaving NY city in front of possible attack same as they did 9-11. I read someone from atlantic council set up the go fund me. speculation is canadian martial law could clear way for attack from chinese via canada. reports microwave weapons used by police on australians.


  6. Reblogged this on Heeearing With Heart and commented:
    Just(inT) because you can…
    doesn’t mean your militarized goons should!!! 🇨🇦✝️🙏

    “What we are seeing is the great unmasking of the global beast system. It is being revealed in all its brutality right before our eyes.”


  7. Leo , as usual your reporting is spot on. The world is preparing for their leader, and more and more are turning to The leader , Our Father God and our Savior Jesus Christ! Watch Leo this week on Jan Markell on rumble or They are watchmen!

    I encourage all to read Psalm 2, 37, and 94 and stand on the promises of God. The Lord is a strong tower and a refuge in times of trouble. Ask, seek, knock and we will see the power of God together and one prayer at a time!

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  8. Hi Leo I watched the video and it was awful. How could those mounted police abuse their fellow citizens like that. So much to do about stupid mask!! I of course it isn’t really about the mask , good article Leo

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  9. I find it very difficult to believe that all these police are really police. Maybe military. Why isn’t the government doing anything to stop Trudeaus illegal tantrum? He should be arrested for treason and yet typical of governments no one steps up to stop him. All of them should be fired for allowing Trudeau to do this. Stop talking and take some action. They are complicit.

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    1. Yup. Out of control thugs. However, I think these could be mercenary cops brought in from somewhere other than Canada. These cops yesterday and today bear no resemblance to the cops who were on the streets of Ottawa a week ago. They were conversing with the protesters and fairly respectful. These a militarized goons.

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  10. This news item is not making front page on the news sites in the States or even on the main page of Reuters. Maybe they are tired of it and have moved on? Nearly all the mainstream media is reporting this incident (on their secondary webpages) almost word-for-word this same story “Canadian Police clear Parliament streets”, making the protestors look like the aggressors. Once again the bad guys are controlling the narrative. How will the Canadian truckers get the upper hand on the narrative? Eventually their movement will lose steam and get increasingly ignored, unless they can get control of the narrative and keep it alive. In a dictatorship such as the Soviet Union, there was the samizdat press, which by today’s standards was a primitive publishing apparatus to distribute dissident writing. In Nazi Germany, it was college kids distributing flyers around the country or an elderly couple placing 3×5 index cards in public places condemning the Nazi regime (nearly all the cards were gathered up and destroyed by the Gestapo). Every revolution must control the communication centers if they want to win, but these truckers do not and neither do the rest of us. The globalist cabal cannot be allow to control the narrative or write the history. How to do this more effectively with the media now available (which is so much greater than what the samizdat press or anti-Nazi protestors ever had)? Is the alternative internet and other media outlets enough? And are these vulnerable to shutdown by the powers that ought not to be? .


    1. Yes, I believe we in the alternative media are enough to crush their false narratives and bring them down. The legacy media’s ratings have all plummeted to record lows as more people realize they’ve been lied to for years. Meanwhile, despite censorship and shadow banning my readership continues to grow and I’m sure other truth-telling sites are growing as well. But the fact that the “powers that ought not to be” could shut us down any day is a real concern.

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  11. I thought this was interesting , I have never seen this before Canadian premiers along with 16 governors send letter to Ottawa , Most and I say most of the Canadian patriots are from the western provinces, I think most of those governors were from red states . Are the true patriots joining hands with a new country or is this just something for the cameras

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  12. I watched in horror and wept at these demonic sociopathic brainwashed thugs brandishing their Global Reset line, moving inch by inch with sticks, tear gas, intimidation, guns, snorting laughter and violence against innocent Canadians who had in just three weeks given the City of Ottawa , and all the Canadian families standing in freezing weather waving flags, offering food, support, smiles and cheers of thanks beside the roads the truckers traversed – a precious gift .. . . of remembering what our Creator has given us which no man can take away. . . The gift of choice. The devil has made it clear. His time is short. He wants control over your thoughts, your lives, your organs, your blood, bones and your children. He is a liar. A murderer. He only comes to kill, steal and destroy. But Yahshua came to give live and that more abundantly. Remember the Ten Commandments. Ex. 20 start there. Fear Yahwah – the sound of your breath and your heartbeat – for the fear of Yahwah is the beginning of wisdom, We are not fighting flesh and blood, but demons that have entered into men and woman – who will be destroyed in a burning guilt for every , lest they repent. There is always hope, but we must cry out to our maker, much like Hezekiah and Jehosophat and Daniel and others who have gone before us. As Leo has written, this is the unmasking of the global demonic beast. and Trudeau, as a dictator and Communist hired the hacker to get into Go Fund Me, and now the fascists are in control of the banks. They want complete control. like China. No one can buy or sell without their QR Mark on their ” cell” phone and the deadly graphene oxide of the injection. It’s demonic at the core. We must remember that we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of the Testimony. That word IS living still. Christ (Yahwahahua) was and is that word. Cry with me for his help in this hour.

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    1. Not necessarily a phone app. Bill Gates has a “vaccine” waiting in the wings. You can press it down onto your own skin, so its needles engrave an indelible patch in your hand or forehead. His company Microsoft also took out an international patent for a kind of cryptocurrency that somehow monitors bodily activity. Chosen patent number? WO2020060606

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    2. Some beautiful things I had not hoped to see in Canada:
      People praying in large groups in the streets.
      People singing “Amazing Grace” in public,
      I only visited Canada a couple times for brief vacations. Pretty cool, even tempered, and agreeable as a people. Taken to an extreme this can be the sin of the lukewarm Revelation warns us about.


  13. Since Trudeau had publically expressed in 2013 his admiration for the dictatorship of Communist China, and even invited Chinese troops into Canada for military exercises, maybe he is getting tips from them on how to conduct Canada’s own Tianamen Square maneuvers. Or could those masked police be Chinese?? Remember the Chinese government suppressed the students in Tianamen Square using troops from distant provinces. Favorite tactic of dictators to ensure loyalty from police/troop units during a suppression of a local population.

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  14. Thanks Leo! I share your anger and frustration and fear. I thought that lots of these events would have already happened back in boy boosh & Dick chainsaw days, but it was a warm up and it took time to set up. This time it’s clear as the nose on your face but with some people (family members) they cannot see past the nose on their face! .. “Woe to those whom cling on to this world and life and shall LOSE it…
    But “For those who are willing to give up their life for My Namesake and for Righteousness … Shall Find It!”…. ( I know I’m not quoting that verse correctly but you know.) Demons Tru-dough (and you’d better believe he’s getting some Real $ dough from Soros / Gates / Schwab /Buffett/ Rockefellers -etc.)
    These demons and those willfully carrying out their unrighteous , Illegal orders WILL Have Hell to pay! … We Do have a right to Defend Ourselves and Our Families !
    (And sometimes a good defense is being ready to give an offence!
    May Jesus Christ / Yahshua Return soon!

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  15. Thank you Leo for your update on Canada. It is really dreadful and far removed from the way that any leadership should behave. Every malicious behaviour imaginable is happening now and all at the behest of the WEF, Schwab and co. We certainly never expected to live in such days. Sadly they have shown their true colours and there is no doubt in my mind that they will answer to God for all of this.

    On the other side the demonstrators have behaved impeccably. We may not see any resolution of this here on earth but we have no doubt that a just God will sort this out. Let us urge all to respond to the call of God on their lives and support these dear folk if we are able.

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  16. Despite Trudeau’s intense loyalty toward his globalist bosses, I have a feeling they may decide to cut their losses and let him fall into disgrace. Forced to resign, perhaps. Maybe sacked. Maybe even arrested and prosecuted through the legal system.

    Who knows? It may have been the ruling elite’s plan all along. They’re a crafty bunch, those globalists. Should Trudeau go down, I would be suspicious of the politicians succeed him. But of course I didn’t have to tell anyone here that.

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    1. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, the globalists deliberately chose national leaders who would look weak and pathetic. They thought this would help the battered, impoverished, sickly nations welcome them as saviors at the end.
      I wonder if Trudeau and Macron even know they were installed just because of how weak and stupid they look. If an angry, violent mob stormed into the home/office of one of his puppet dictators I don’t see Schwab losing any sleep over it.
      Not a warm hearted, genial guy. His eyes look like they belong in a fish, amphibian, or reptile. His cool, creepy voice is actually scarier than recordings of the Fuhrer. Uncanny.

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      1. Rachel, in a video panel discussion with Dr. Judy Mikovits and JD Rucker about six months ago, I said the exact same thing, that the globalists installed obviously weak, loathsome and pathetic leaders in every western nation for a reason, so they could set the stage for the antichrist to be hailed as the savior of the world. I think the video is on this site under “media appearances.”

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      2. Leo, I’m not sure Schwab is not the Beast/Antichrist. We always were assured he would be charming, handsome and charismatic but all the Bible really says is he’s good at deception and powerful.
        We have all these assumptions–influenced by western pop culture as well as Darby and Scofield. But evil is really pretty banal. Nothing intrinsically beautiful or charming or clever about it. Lies Hollywood taught us.


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