Message to ruling elites: Your time is up, you no longer have the consent of the governed, you must resign from all positions of authority, now

Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau is getting an up-close-and-personal view of the ‘fringe minority’ …but will he stop hiding under his bed and take a look at it?

What’s transpired over the weekend in Canada is unique in history. I can’t think of anything this potentially transformational, not even the Polish uprising that kicked off the shackles of Soviet communism and touched off the beginning of the collapse of that system’s hold over the whole of Eastern Europe.

I am so proud of Canada. God often chooses the least-expected persons to lead his people out of bondage — Joseph was a house slave and David was a poor shepherd. So I guess it makes sense that he would choose the least-expected nation. Canada, that nation that has lived in the shadow of the American superpower for over two centuries, rose up strong at the moment when the world was looking for some group of people to show them the way out of this tyrannical trap.

It looked like the trap door had slammed shut, but the Canadian truckers refused to bow. They refused to submit to their arrogant prime minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, who mocked them on the eve of the convoy’s arrival at the Capital in Ottawa. He said they represented a “small fringe minority” with “views that are unacceptable,” as if he gets to define what is acceptable to think and not think.

The Truckers’ “Freedom Convoy” that has arrived in Ottawa has now touched off an international movement — watch out Mr. Biden, you’re next.

Take a look at the sights and sounds of a nation that has taken back its freedom and its constitutional right to self-governance.

Yes, there is always the chance that the globalist elites could launch a false-flag operation similar to Jan. 6 and use their media lackeys to turn public sentiment against the freedom-fighting truckers and their supporters. If that doesn’t work, they might launch a Third World War, thinking that will surely get the heat off of their puppet politicians. But right now, it’s not looking good for them. They would be much better off resigning their positions and joining Trudeau in hiding.

You see, people embrace freedom and they flourish whenever freedom prevails. But many were beginning to forget what freedom felt like. Even before Covid, Western governments had been ever so gradually making their societies less free. Once people get a taste of that beautiful breeze of freedom blowing through their hair, they will never want to go back to the “safe and secure,” the germaphobic, Christophobic, truthaphobic “new normal” being crafted by the establishment throughout the formerly free world.

Thank you Canadian truckers for reminding us what freedom feels like.

Regardless of what happens next, there is no turning back the clock on the fact that the long-awaited resistance is now underway. Courage is contagious and we now have an army of courageous people liberated from their fear by what started as a few hundred truck drivers.

Someone had to break through the mass formation hypnosis. The truckers stepped up.

Sure, there will be some poor suckers who choose to continue believing their puppet masters, but they are no longer relevant.

The people taking action are the ones in control of the narrative now.

It doesn’t matter that this revolution is going untelevised. In fact, that may be a good thing. That’s confirmation that the corrupt media were in on the attempted usurpation of our freedoms, our precious way of life, from the very beginning. Those who weren’t in on it, jumped on board soon enough and never looked back. Never sought the truth amid the lies.

But you can only stop reality from being real for so long. Saturday, January 29, and Sunday, January 30, mark the beginning of the end for the globalist ruling elites’ effort to lure us into voluntarily marching into their digital gas chambers.

They may still conquer us, but they’re going to have to do it the hard way now. We aren’t taking the bait and willingly getting on the boxcars that take us to their hell-bound metaverse. We have made new friends with like-minded critical thinkers who value freedom above the illusion of temporary safety. We are working together now.

Let’s not stop with what the heroic truckers have accomplished this weekend in Canada.

Let’s take this international and ride it all the way home, back to the free world, the one we knew pre-Covid and the one we knew even more intimately pre-9/11.

Let’s not stop fighting until every last one of the perpetrators of the false narrative has resigned in shame, starting with the heads of state in every nation that took part in this fraud — the lockdowns, the mask mandates, the vax mandates and the most vicious scheme of all, the vaccine passports.

That includes everyone in the healthcare bureaucracy starting with Dr. Fauci who pushed this killer injection. Resign.

That includes every hospital CEO who fired nurses for not getting the jab. Resign.

That includes everyone in the media, from the largest corporate-owned cable TV outlet to the smallest small-town newspaper that pushed the narrative well into 2021 after they should have known better. Get out of the way. Resign. We are never going to believe anything you ever report, again.

They need to leave their jobs and never go back into the news business because they gave up on journalism a long time ago and embraced propaganda. They lied to us for two years. That was more than enough time to figure out that they were being lied to by Fauci and the other “experts,” but they continued telling the lies fed to them from the top down, starting with the U.N. World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. These are corrupt, power-hungry institutions led by international criminals, but our news media and our doctors listened to them and obeyed.

Even when their consciences had to give them pause, they continued to push the Remdesivir, the ventilators and the death shots.

Fauci must be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity. The same goes for the heads of the U.N. World Health Organization, Bill Gates and the top officers of the major Big Pharma players.

Let that sink in, Fauci. If it’s possible, you are worse than Dr. Mengele.

Thank you to the truckers of Canada, our neighbor to the north, for doing what no other group would do. You got out of your comfort zone and did something.

If there is one song that sums up what’s taken place this weekend, and what’s possible going forward, it is this one by Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis. Yes, “We’ve been dancing with the devil way too long.”

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138 thoughts on “Message to ruling elites: Your time is up, you no longer have the consent of the governed, you must resign from all positions of authority, now”

  1. Your choice Anthony. You’ll probably keep your word.
    We’ll see if Julia/Chris keeps her word this time.
    (As a fiction writer I know the importance of not having all the characters I invent sound alike.)
    The whole idea of an ecumenical movement is not to have a tiny little echo chamber. The Church of Christ–which I attend–started through one on the frontier in the 19th century. We have been called a cult for choosing the Bible over Calvinism when the two seem to conflict.
    If Leo wanted to kiss up to the Roman Catholic Church he should be writing buttery pieces praising Pope Francis. The real power and prestige remains with the Vatican. Not with a bishop who has been cast out.
    Leo has also written pieces Orthodox Jews and other nonchristians. Being interviewed or quoted here is not the same as being granted church membership or called upon to preach in his church.
    God bless.

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    1. Frank M says: February 20, 2022, at 1:47 pm

      “Oh and I forgot… about Lucifer’s apostate Judaeo-Xian Whore that sits, Socialistically secured, upon the back of the Marxist UN Beast (Revelation17-18). There is a group of the Whore’s Pentecostal protesters, bewitched by Toronto Blessing’s Angel of Light, that marched around parliament in Ottawa for seven days, blowing the shofar. God forbid that Ottawa’s Orwellian walls come falling down. For this is the evil, strong delusion that God promised to send upon Lucifer’s licentious, freedom-loving Whore. When you alien, Christian Pilgrims see evil in everything the Beast’s Whore is doing, you can never see the good things that her Clergy’s sheepskin-covered wolves have accomplished in antichrist’s digital name.


  2. Oh and I forgot there was a group marching around parliamentin Ottawa for seven days and then blowing the schofar , God forbid if those walls come down , this might be something evil as well


  3. Anthony William:
    February 6, 2022, at 3:08 pm

    Thank you, Anthony, for your well-invested time in researching the Angel of Light’s self-righteous ministers and their ‘miraculous’ revivals. You bring God’s penetrating light of Truth that dispels the darkness of strong demonic delusion within Masonic Babylon’s (501c3) Harlot Church. Evan Roberts obituary in Freemasonry’s Western Mail summed up his demonic career thus: “He was a man who had experienced strange things. In his youth, he had seemed to hold the nation in the palms of his hands.”


    1. Thanks John

      The obituary says a lot. He was certainly a man who experienced “strange things.”

      Yep! the ministers in the apostate church fit the description given by Paul in (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15)

      13 “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

      14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

      15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

      We mustn’t be fooled by Satan’s false light and the false preachers who pose as Christ’s ministers.

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      1. Well, I guess we didn’t read the same articles or see the same videos. There are churches alive still today that were planted from the Welsh revival. When you start hearing of men no longer going to the Tavern and giving their entire paycheque to their wives who were trying to put food on the table in a corrupted time of history . When we see no more need of law enforcement because there was no crime . When you see neighbor helping neighbor in time of need . When you see people wanting to stay at church until the early hours of the morning . Yup I guess these aren’t good things . Wow you two need to get off of your perch and stop looking for the black speck on the perfect white sheet of paper . I guess there were strange things going on when water came out of the rock , or when they were overwhelmed with quail ( scenes from a horror movie) around the camp oh and I forgot about the manna . Right, food floating down from heaven how evil . The Nile being turned to blood , oooh , frogs overtaking a city this was definitely diabolical. A king turned into a jackass and eating grass now that’s something. Oh young Samuel hearing the Lord voice , did he really hmmm I don’t know . Oh right and then there was Pentecost all those drunkards trying to preach a sermon , but you know what it worked and many got saved . Jesus casting out demons , that is definitely not from God . And I could write a book on this . If you weren’t there you don’t know simply put . God can do what He wants to when He wants to do it , He see’s the heart and no one else , Wow you know what He May even you truckers. God forbid .
        Blessings to all.

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  4. Thank you for your article – “Message to ruling elites: Your time is up, you no longer have the consent of the governed, you must resign from all positions of authority, now”.
    Precise and to the truth‼️

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  5. Very admirable, but I’m afraid the global elite will bring their next crisis that will sadly make everyone forget this protest. The purposeful controlled destruction will continue and soon include WW3 as you mentioned in the article. Bible prophecy WILL be fulfilled as you and most of your readers know.

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    1. Hello Stephen

      It looks like your prediction is coming true.
      I just read an article this morning about a new HIV variant.

      ” New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands: Highly infectious variant makes people ill twice as quickly and has been spotted in at least 109 people
      VB variant has infected 109 people, the majority of whom are in the Netherlands
      The strain damages the immune system twice as fast as other variants of virus ”
      I suspect that it is VAIDS i.e., Vaccine Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.

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  6. I disagree. If the Lord is with them, they will make a difference and they have the support of many!! I pray every area follows their courage. Stand up and have Faith in God!!


  7. @ Frank M February 1, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    Yes Frank you have a point when you say “but we do not know for sure this is it”
    Sincere Christians have preached that the end is near through the generations. They were sincere but they were sincerely wrong. I can imagine what many Christians may have thought when Hitler came on the scene.

    So we don’t know for sure. You are correct in what you say.

    But when you say “Thank you Father for the miracles we will see in the coming weeks, ” I think that you are being a bit presumptuous as if it’s a certainty that you will see miracles in the coming weeks and the danger is that this could lead to great disappointment should miracles not happen.

    You say:
    “what about Sodom & Gomorrah did God not hold off because of Abraham’s pleading”

    My answer:
    That very scene went through my mind today as I was thinking about these things. The difference in this case though was that there was no written prophecy concerning the outcome of this event so Abraham acted on his feelings.
    Of course, we know that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the end, according to the will of God.

    So it’s not wrong to hope for a favourable outcome, as you say. I am just a bit cautious not to be over optimistic.

    Frank you have helped me to have a more considered view of events so I humbly thank you for sharing your insight.

    I pray that God will bless you abundantly.


      1. Thanks John, I made the same mistake a few times when I copied and pasted the name and date, the word “says” just automatically pops up out of nowhere. It was only after then that I realised that it can be confusing so I changed it. 😃

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    1. Amen ! and to you as well.

      on a side note; check out the welsh revival of 1904 -05 if you haven’t already . Evan Roberts asked the Lord for a 100,000 souls, over 200,000 converts and many lived to tell the tale up till not too long ago. He has done it before and He can do it again. Glorify yourself Lord one more time .

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      1. Hello Frank Thanks for the reference. I thought it prudent to read up on the Welsh revival before commenting. So here is what I discovered:

        According to what I’ve read the phenomena experienced by Ewan Roberts and his followers were similar to what has been experienced by those in the Toronto blessing movement.

        I believe that the manifestations being experienced in the name of the Toronto blessing and the false Pentecostal movement are the work of demons and not the work of God.

        This would include being drunk in the spirit , slain in the spirit and other phenomena such as people falling to ground in convulsions, contortions and fits, uncontrollable laughter, people making animal noises i.e., barking like a dog, hissing like a snake, braying like a donkey, and crowing like a rooster. I believe that these manifestations are demonic.

        I believe that these phenomena are indicators of a counterfeit revival. I believe that people who experience such phenomena are actually dancing with demons.

        Another noticeable thing is the absence of sound teaching and doctrine at these meetings. It was the same in the Welsh revival.

        “There was no pattern or structure how the meeting will take place many times Evan will sit quietly at the pulpit and would say only few words; but they waited for the God’s Holy Spirit to lead the meeting so they would sing some hymns and pray the meeting lasted till 4.30 a.m. next morning”

        ” Supernatural physical manifestations such as holy laughter, falling under the power of the Spirit, shaking, etc., have occurred outside of Pentecostal and charismatic circles among holiness and evangelical movements in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, hence, both prior to and simultaneously with the Pentecostal movement.”

        here’s another quote which describes counterfeit manifestations which were experienced in the Welsh Revival:

        “movements in the body, pleasant thrills, touches, as glow as of fire in different parts of the body, or sensations of cold, or shakings and tremblings. ”

        Those experiences sound very much like the raising of the Kundalini which happens to those practising Kundalini yoga. The raising of the Kundalini, which I believe is actually a demonic energy, can lead to serious spiritual and psychological problems.

        It’s interesting that Ewan Roberts suffered disabling depression not long after his participation in the Welsh Revival.

        Another noticeable thing is the absence of sound teaching and doctrine at Pentecostal/Toronto blessing meetings. It was the same in the Welsh and Azuzu Street revival.

        Here are two quotes about how meetings proceeded

        Quote (1)
        “The meetings broke with the conventional and bypassed the traditional – often the ministers just sat down, unable to preach or even to understand the phenomena that took over their usually sedate churches and chapels – and the mighty move of God that impacted them was a manifestation of love and power which completely transformed thousands of lives. The Revival rapidly spread all over Wales, as churches “caught the fire” and the Spirit moved throughout the land, in great power. News of dramatic conversions, confession of sin, and songs of joy spread rapidly.”

        I remember one of the ministers from the original Toronto Airport Vineyard Church, saying that when the Toronto blessing began, he didn’t understand what was happening so he just went along with it.

        Quote (2)
        “Objections based on the Bible and systematic theology were insolently rejected,” for Pentecostals argued: “We do not need to investigate whether it is biblical to speak of a baptism of the Spirit and a new experience of Pentecost, for we can see all around us men and women, and not only individuals, who can testify from their own blessed experience that there is such a thing.”[357] In line with the Welsh holiness revival’s repudiation of the mink d, logic, and systematic theology, Pentecostals taught: “We need no more theology or theory. Let the devil have them. . . . Away with such foolish bondage! Follow your Heart!”[358] Although Pentecostal founders knew that “many ‘winds of doctrine’ blew at Azuza Street” and there were “intrusion[s] of spiritualists and mediums into their midst,” nonetheless it was clear to the charismatics that the work was a real “revival [and] the beginning of a historic awakening.”[359] The international impact of the Welsh holiness revival, as the source of European Pentecostalism, was truly profound.”

        The Welsh revival sparked the Azuza Street revival which went on to spark the world revival.

        “Not only was the Welsh holiness revival the spark of Pentecostalism in Britain and on the European continent, but it was central to the rise of American Pentecostalism also. The Azuza Street Mission, where “the Pentecostal movement ignited,”[360] was “regarded by Pentecostal publicists as the place of origin of the world-wide Pentecostal movements,” was established ”

        So, having read up on the Welsh revival as espoused by Ewan Roberts and the manifestations that accompanied it, I consider it to be fake and a precursor to what is happening today in the apostate church.

        I would urge anyone who is a member of a fake pentecostalist church to flee from the devils fire.

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    2. RE: But when you say “Thank you, Father, for the miracles we will see in the coming weeks, ” I think that you are being a bit presumptuous as if it’s a certainty that you will see miracles in the coming weeks and the danger is that this could lead to great disappointment should miracles not happen.

      Frank and Anthony,
      By faith in the Good Shepherd’s promised daily provisions, when He jealously called me out of Socialism’s idolatrous security system, I have for over thirty years been experiencing His amazing miracles that continuously preserve me. Don’t be afraid to flee out of the Marxist Beast’s humanistic security system, and like Christian Pilgrim, begin trusting in the loving care within Christ’s kingdom security.


  8. It’s great to see so many people who haven’t lost heart and are fighting for justice.
    But in ‘Event 201’ they have planned for these kind of scenarios and Klaus Schwab has said that a return to the old normal is a fantasy which will never happen. Any who wants to know the plans of the global reset agenda should keep a close eye on Klaus Schwab.

    Also, I’ve read today that they are developing a new digestible Covid pill with almost double the payload of the RNA injected vaccine.
    “The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine holds around 30 micrograms of mRNA in comparison to the new pills that carry 50 micrograms per capsule.”

    I suspect they will use the trucker protest as a catalyst to vilify the truckers and turn public sentiment against them. As many truckers as there are, they are still a very small minority in a country with a very high vaccination rate. I know that American truckers joined in but ultimately the Canadian truckers are a brave minority and the public will soon become intolerant with the chaos.

    There will be toing and froing but the agenda roll out has been carefully planned to wear people down and reel them in .

    Here’s an interesting article which uses deep sea fishing as an analogy for the tactics being employed to usher in the ‘Global Rest’

    The author, Todd Hayden is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology.

    So here’s the article;
    Deep Sea Fishing
    by Todd Hayden

    “Every good fisherman knows that reeling in a big fish takes skill and conscious intention. One of the first things they learn is that you can’t just crank in the big guy with one effortless winding up of the line.

    It takes finesse, a dance of sorts. While always keeping a steady line, you bring them in slowly, with the primary focus on wearing them out, almost hypnotizing them into compliance.

    A popular fishing website HUK says this about the process:

    Remember that too much tension can snap the line and when large fish decide to make a run for it, the worst thing you can do is try to keep them in place. By fighting their runs, all you are doing is increasing the chances that your line will break and your prize will get away. Instead, set the drag so the fish can take out line while still tiring itself. This will wear down the fish; eventually their runs will get shorter, less violent, and less frequent.”

    Hmmm. Sounds a bit too close for comfort, eh?

    I am afraid I am not all that excited about the current hoopla regarding our apparent victory over the mainstream narrative. I simply don’t believe it entirely.

    We’ve made a run, so to speak, maybe have gotten too rowdy, too powerful, and we are being given a bit of slack so we don’t break the line.

    This run is not being executed only by the folks on our side of the fence, but by the sheep as well. We are ALL tired, we are all ready to get out of this mess and call it a day.

    It seems like a sensible tactic on their part—to let out a little line, but still keeping us hooked and apparently still in their control.

    All this euphoria about us finally winning the battle and that the narrative is finally crumbling indicates to me that we may be getting lost in the weeds of apparent success and the hook and line is still, in reality, firmly embedded in our flesh, only to suddenly reel us in again, after a dizzying and disorienting taste of freedom. I don’t like it.

    Most everyone is familiar with the 1950’s Harvard experiment conducted by a rather soulless Curt Richter. Rats were placed in a tank where they had to frantically tread water to survive. Typically they lasted only 15 minutes or so before giving up, sinking, and subsequently drowning.

    A second set of experiments showed that if the rats were saved right before their demise, dried off and given a little respite, and then again returned to the tank of water, they could tread, and stay alive, for up to 60 hours.

    They called this the “hope experiment,” which is relevant to the current happenings.

    To maintain the narrative, people must maintain some sort of hope. When we are about to throw in the towel we are given a little slack in the line, and when the pressure hits again—with a new variant, a new virus, or, in a radical right turn, a nuclear war threat — we can sustain our loyalty, and ultimate compliance, believing we will not drown but will be saved at the last minute by our surrogate parents and archetypal “protectors.”

    These tactics work in different ways with the masses on opposing sides of the fence. The sheep need the slack when they are about to throw in the towel of compliance. The rest of us are not about to throw in the towel, but are about to gain greater potential of harm to the narrative—they respond to both situations with the same tactic, but with different results depending on where you sit in this whole mess.

    This “hope experiment” reminds me of BF Skinner’s work (also a psychology research scientist of Harvard fame — many also believed Skinner has very little soul). His work with pigeons pressing levers to get food led him to conclude that a type of “uncertainty principle” affected animals, and thus people. If the food was dispensed at variable intervals, the pigeons went nuts, pecking the lever incessantly.

    There was no rhyme or reason when the reward would come, therefore the pecking never stopped.

    You can see how this psychology is relevant here (and yes, as much as I hate to admit this, behavioral science is indeed real, it doesn’t give answers to all questions, but humans, at times, do indeed behave like rats and pigeons).

    If something is given, taken away, given again, taken away again, at what seems to be for irrational and unpredictable reasons, you create craziness: variable intervals of tension and release. Good way to mess around with people’s heads.

    It seems what we are seeing now with the seeming turning of the mainstream narrative is too calculated, too fast, too easy, and simply not as deep as it needs to be to declare victory.

    Where are the arrests and prosecutions of government officials or Big Pharma officials? Where is the accountability of the thousands who have been injured by the vaccines? Where is the admission that this all was a horrible attempt to create a New World Order? — A Great Reset?

    The allies in World War II had to literally LEVEL Germany before those bastards gave up. I don’t think this “victory” is going to be this easy.

    James Corbett, of “The Corbett Report” put it succinctly recently on his program “New World Next Week”. Corbett said:

    This isn’t the kill shot, literally or metaphorically, this is the first salvo in a years long, decades long, process of re-engineering the governing principle of society into the biosecurity state, and this is just about re-laying the infrastructure.”

    Corbett goes on to say there is likely much more to come, another virus even more deadly and scary, for example, and that everything is now all geared up and ready for the next horrifying event.

    So maybe Covid IS finished. It has possibly been tapped out. Maybe it didn’t make the full mark that was expected, maybe it wasn’t deadly enough, or maybe the variants didn’t propel the boosters forward as expected. Maybe the vaccine wasn’t intended to be such a dud.

    Or, maybe it all worked out exactly as planned.

    Regardless, they did make a rather substantial move. At the very least they have been successful in normalizing nearly every major goal they had set.

    The goals such as digital passports, social credit scoring, digital currency, and blind, stupefying, sheep-like compliance, to name just a few, maybe are not as deeply ensconced in the day to day operation of society as they had expected, but these concepts certainly are normalized now as active probabilities in the minds of the masses (and some of them, such as “blind stupefying sheep-like compliance”, are well established).

    It will take much less future effort to drop them into place, fully functioning.

    Hannah Arendt, one of the past century’s most incredible heroes of truth, said in her seminal work The Origins of Totalitarianism:

    A mixture of gullibility and cynicism had been an outstanding characteristic of mob mentality before it became an everyday phenomenon of masses. In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true.

    The mixture in itself was remarkable enough, because it spelled the end of the illusion that gullibility was a weakness of unsuspecting primitive souls and cynicism the vice of superior and refined minds. Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow.

    The totalitarian mass leaders based their propaganda on the correct psychological assumption that, under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in cynicism; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.

    Although I do not believe that the masses see everything as a lie, I do believe if it were proven to be a lie, it would have nearly no impact. I have not heard yet from the sheep side any sort of eating of humble pie.

    All this that is happening is seen as “business as usual” from the sheep…maybe some things have come to light that were just not known before (according to them), but they see this as a victory of their own — they have beat Covid by wearing masks, locking down, vilifying the nasty unvaccinated.

    The “I told you sos” from our side of the fence are falling on deaf years. “The crazies on the Right have beaten up the hero-god Fauci, but he is still the hero-god to most.”

    As Arendt so deftly points out, the sheep continue to “admire their leaders for their superior tactical cleverness” as a result of any “backing down and changing the narrative” as we believe Fauci has exhibited in our own interpretation.

    Yes, some have “flipped” so to speak. Maybe many have. But this is where the fishing analogy comes to light.

    The powers that be see the sheep taking a run, albeit maybe a small one, but a run nonetheless, they are hearing the masses grumbling about the efficacy of the vaccines, the pointlessness of taking the booster — the weariness of lockdowns, masks, and social restrictions.

    They say, “maybe it is time to give them a little slack…to let them have a bit of a rest…before we reel them in for the final scoop into the net, the flop into the bucket… and the trip to the taxidermist”. So some of them started to flip (run) and the narrative shifts to give them slack.

    All that being said, I don’t think much has changed in sheep-ville.

    Certainly, most normies have never bought into what is to be found in the depths of the rabbit hole that imply a greater horror above the levels of government, viruses, and vaccines (as James Corbett points out). Few see a problem with digital currency, loss of constitutional freedoms, social credit, vaccine passports or the like.

    The agenda in this overarching echelon of control can, as it stands now, continue unfettered, Covid or no Covid.

    From this perspective, we’ve really won nothing at all. Can we call anything a victory as long as Fauci and his NIAID, NIH, HHS, FDA and CDC compatriots and minions remain standing?

    As long as the smear campaign to eliminate effective and inexpensive treatments continues? As long as vaccines are mandated or even just recommended without informed consent?

    Can we declare any sort of victory as long as people continue to suffer from vaccine injury and are not even accounted for?

    Can we really believe the narrative is crumbling when the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against constitution and humanity are not brought to justice?

    Can we sleep easy under the false euphoria of victory as long as tens of thousands of medical doctors and researchers and scientists go on being persecuted through the loss of careers and reputation and free speech?

    I could go on and on.

    No, we are not even beginning to see this narrative “crumble” until quite a bit more evidence is brought to light that this just isn’t another tactic in this ongoing agenda.

    But…maybe I am wrong. Maybe it just takes a little time to kill all of the hydra’s heads. Just killing one won’t do it, they will just grow back, but maybe we have just killed one or two heads and it will take time to go all the way through them, killing them all.

    Maybe the Trucker’s Convoy, the Boris Johnson announcements in the UK, the US Supreme Court ruling are indeed signs of the agenda crumbling, a few of the many hydra heads being lopped off by the swords of justice and sane thinking.

    I don’t want to give up hope, but I do think at the very least we must continue to be wary, with swords continually drawn and always at the ready.”

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    1. Anthony , you know I love you brother and have a great respect for your knowledge of scripture, but it’s time to put away the depressing articles , I’m tired of hearing from everyone it’s over this is it let’s go hide in our caves . I will not… because But God …. the parting of the Red Sea , the slaying of the giant , warriors like Joshua , Caleb , Gideon , Paul , and on and on and on .We have the Victory through Christ the battle is over it was won at Calvary. Onward Christian soldiers begin to declare victory in the name of Jesus , God will not move until He see us crying out to Him, He is the same yesterday today and forever He is for us who can stand against . Rise up Church !
      Do you not believe God can expose all of this and bring them to justice , stop being our own enemies. My God is greater than these minions. It’s taking truckers to show the church how to take stand . Thank you Father for the miracles we will see in the coming weeks, Let your Name be glorified once more Jesus send your Holy Spirit and awaken your children in Jesus name .
      Amen ! Amen ! Amen ! Hallelujah to King of Kings Show us your Glory Father.

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      1. @ Frank M February 1, 2022 at 3:37 pm

        Hello Frank. I believe that you speak with a pure heart and a zeal for God.

        You’ve hit on a topic which I have been thinking about, i.e., how should a Christian pray in regard to what’s happening. My views are based on the understanding that that this generation will see the great tribulation followed by the return of Jesus Christ.

        If what’s happening is foreordained by God, should we be praying that it will not happen. If God has declared in his word that tribulation must come as a precursor to the glorious return of Jesus Christ are we asking God to delay this glorious event which we are told that we should look for and hasten unto? Should we be kicking the can further down the road for the sake of a temporary comfort ?

        Peter says that we should be “Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? (2 Peter 3:12 )

        Paul says “we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. (Romans 8:23 )

        So tribulation must happen in order for us to arrive at the “day of God”

        Misplaced hope can lead to great disappointment especially in these dark Times.
        Yes our hope is in God but our hope should be an obedient hope which is subject to the will of God.

        I believe that as Christians we ought to be facing up to reality which is in fact, the opposite to hiding.
        We mustn’t spread a false hope because it will ruin our credibility as witnesses to the truth should those hopes not be realised.

        So how should we pray. I believe that I should pray for myself and the brethren that God will give us the strength to endure what is to come and that he will strengthen our faith. I pray for families with young children that God will ease their suffering.

        But I wont be praying against what Christ and the apostles have foretold. If Jesus Christ has told us in advance what events must happen before He returns then it is inevitable that these events will happen. ” See, I have told you beforehand.” (Mat 24:25)

        I can understand how you feel but the prediction of Christ is a caution for us to prepare for the inevitable.

        So that’s my humble opinion on the matter.

        May God strengthen our faith in these dark times.

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    2. Anthony William says:
      February 1, 2022, at 1:10 pm

      A mixed flock of sheep and goats are cared for within the divine security of Christ’s sheepfold. The Devil’s digitally-marked and eugenically jabbed goats, that have crept in among Christ’s digitally-un-marked and un-jabbed sheep, are ‘hooked and will be reeled out of God’s sheepfold’s eternal security. For the Marxist Beast will reel them in for the final scoop into the net, the flop into the bucket of Socialism’s abominable Security System… and the trip to the taxidermist”.

      Socialism’s Orwellian goals such as digital passports, social credit scoring, digital currency, and blind, stupefying, goat-like compliance that are not yet deeply ensconced in the day-to-day operation of Satan’s UN Global Village. But these Marxist concepts certainly are normalized now as active life-saving probabilities in the carnal minds of the socially-secured masses (and some of them, such as “blind stupefying goat-like compliance”, are well established).


      1. Anthony I agree , but we do not know for sure this is it , the believer should always have hope, what about Sodom & Gomorrah did God not hold off because of Abraham’s pleading , what about Ninevah, I hear what you are saying , ultimately it is Gods will that will prevail , His will is that none perish and he chooses to use the true church for that . Regardless of which way we pray , Its time to pray . Like 18:18 I will plead for more souls . Machine gun preacher .
        Blessings my friend , may His wonderful Holy Spirit lead us in these days


      2. Hello John

        If I could make a suggestion.

        When you are mentioning me in the heading it would be better to erase the word “says” because it confuses your comment with me.

        A better way in my opinion is like this :

        @ Anthony William February 1, 2022, at 1:10 pm

        I hope this helps.

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    3. The war is far from over. But at least the good guys are FINALLY beginning to fight a battle instead of just standing around and being beaten.
      A big problem is it’s not just all the major governments of the world. All the major institutions have declared war on humanity.
      I’m less surprised than most. Forcing people to become test subjects by using threats of imprisonment or withdrawal of financial support is nothing new.
      Remember the Murphy Bill from 2016? Probably not.

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      1. @ Rachel Nicholls February 1, 2022 at 4:32 pm

        Hello Rachel, my opinion has been and still is, that information is the greatest tool in this war. The enemy knows this, which is why they have gone to such lengths to suppress what they call disinformation. They discussed this in Event 201 where they discussed how they should deal with what they call misinformation and disinformation.

        We can see how Neil Young and Joni Mitchel have been used to supress the popularity of the Joe Rogan show and to vilify him.

        I’m not saying that people should not protest but I am saying that in the case of the truckers the impact of their efforts will be short lived because so many of the Canadian population are pro vaxxers. and will usually look for the easy route rather than question what the popular media is saying to them.

        The best way to change public opinion is to give them information in an effort to counteract the false information being pumped into their living rooms and into their smart phones 24/7. You should check out the communication section from Event 201 where you will see them discussing how to involve various partners and institutions in order to push the narrative.

        That’s why forums like this one are so important because they help to counteract the false narrative and they enable us to keep up with what’s really going on and to support each other.

        Then where possible we can share that info with others or even give them some links of web sites where they can access proper information.

        So, of course we should resist the evil tyranny and call out their lies. But I feel that there is an inevitability as to the faith of man in these times which we cannot prevent. The various components in the covid vaccine are already at work in the vaccinated community and are probably affecting their critical thinking ability in conjunction with the 5G technology.

        If the time has come and the stage is being set for the man of sin then man is in such a fallen state that he will believe the lies and succumb to delusion and those of us upholding the truth will become more and more marginalised and excluded from society as they move inexorably toward the dystopia that awaits them.

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      2. I’m really upset by how so many are overly eager to write off the innocent souls who were deceived into taking the jab as irredeemable. As though they ENJOY the thought of everyone, even their friends and family being eternally damned.
        As bad as the Covid cultists are to celebrate the unvaxxed dying, they are merely ghouls. To celebrate the eternal damnation of souls is worse…it’s demonic.
        If you don’t have this attitude don’t take this rant personally. God knows your heart.

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      3. @ Rachel Nicholls February 1, 2022 at 9:50 pm

        Hello Rachel I never said that those who received the vaccination are irredeemable. In fact I said somewhere that many who took the vaccination in the early days did so not knowing how dangerous it was.

        I also said that Dr. Robert Malone took the vaccine having read the scientific literature which had been published at the time which claimed that the scientists had managed to come up with the technology that would prevent the spike protein from breaking away from the host cell.

        This proved to be a false claim.

        Dr. Robert Malone is a hero even though he has received two doses of the Moderna vaccine and I am sure there are many others like him.

        On this forum I have promoted his video where he addressed the Jewish council in New York warning them of the dangers of the vaccine. This led them to lead them to issue an edict to the Jewish community concerning the dangers of Covid vaccine the covid vaccine.

        You have made a serious assertion about me which is untrue. You address me as being one of those people of whom you say
        “As though they ENJOY the thought of everyone, even their friends and family being eternally damned.”

        This a contemptable attack on my character and I expect an apology from you.

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      4. I would apologize if I had made this accusation about you.
        My final sentence reads, “If you don’t have this attitude don’t take this personally. God knows your heart.”
        A rant about those who have. Very stressed by my family. All vaxxed and convinced I’m nuts Insisting everything is fine.
        I want them to be saved and they believe nothing I say.


    4. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – how on earth did Christians cope before Jung and Freud came on the scene? They coped by reading the Word of God. I have friends who are trained Christian Counsellors and in their training they took on board all this humanistic tosh and they have found the most effective treatment is the Word of God. “For the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, even penetrating as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12. Never forget, if he can manage it, the enemy of our souls will never directly lie he will just twist things a little such as “Did God really say . . . . .?

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  9. Madness to put so much faith in Canadians. Canada’s maybe the furthest left country in the Western world. Canadians are born hoping for a government job; wokeism goes down without a burp. In fact that’s one of the amusing differences between the antivaxers of the US and Canada. In the US antivaxing’s associated with the right while virtualy everybody demonstrating in Canada (with the exception of the Ezra Levant crew) is politically far left. The only conservative party in Canada–the People’s Party– does not have one seat because there are no conservatives in Canada. After the truckers put on a good natured show and go home you won’t hear anything unless China or somebody puts them up to something again.


  10. You know they will never resign. Try asking Hitler that. You KNOW what needs to be done. The only thing they understand is the end of a barrel. Just ask King George that and thank the men that did show him the end of a barrel.


    1. Governments may come and go, whether through resignation or revolution, but until we pay attention to the ruling elite themselves, not a whole lot is going to change.

      p.s. Justin Trudeau and his fellow politicians are not part of the ruling elite. Not even close. Low level minions. Bootlickers.

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      1. I hear what you’re saying Lynn. But these minions represent the public face of the ruling elites and do their bidding. The rulers themselves stay hidden in the background but we know who they are for the most part and need to stop giving them our money (i.e. big banks and multinational corporations).

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    2. I hope you’re wrong, Lethal, for all our sake. There are some examples in history where there have been bloodless overthrows of tyrannical regimes. Look at Poland, for instance.

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      1. Leo, The Swiss and European truckers need to head to Davos for this to end. And maybe they will. I see the US truckers are already organizing for their convoy to DC. “digital gas chambers”,,, well said! I’m using that Leo.


  11. That little girl is adorable. Looks like my daughter (22) did at 4 or 5. Better keep her safely in Canada, FAR AWAY from President Poopy-Pants Hair-Sniffer.

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  12. Thank You Leo! All I know for sure is that God and His people WILL WIN in the end!
    These evil demon-pukes behind all of this Plan_demic-Scam_demic and the nudging of other Countries into a war and everything else will I say WILL be brought down hard and fast!… GOD said it First and His Word IS TRUTH!…. I however cannot help but to feel “They’re” Not going to give up or surrender just yet. 2022-2025…. Jesus Christ (Yahshua) IS THE ONLY ANSWER !

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  13. Thank you, Leo, for this insightful post. Father always knows whom to choose as leaders–and does it at the time Father deems best. As we all continue to resist evil, not comply, we join with The Canadian Truckers who are showing what leaders do: Stand for their people. Thank you again, Leo, for your excellent reportage. I continue to Pray that Father Blesses you and keeps you safe. I also Pray for The Canadian Truckers and for all of us here and the world over.

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  14. Good morning Joy

    Yes, it is very incredible for sure but it must happen to make sure this tyranny is rejected. Thankfully these trucker began the “outward” resistance.


    David Kliewer

    5916 Bestview Way Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    719 598 3536 (O) 719 357 9210


  15. Great article. Very encouraging.

    Did the ruling elite see this coming? If not, they at least saw the possibility with their computer AI systems and thickly bespectacled minions constantly hammering away at predicting the various possible scenarios.

    Either way, they undoubtedly have more cards to play in their hand in anticipation. So what’s it going to be, Mr. Global? It’s your turn…


  16. “Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.”
    Alexander Haig
    Wow, nice guy! In 1973 Haig became the youngest 4 star general ever. His meteoric career continued as he became Secretary of State under Reagan. His was the Chief of Staff under Nixon and Ford.
    It’s the military that takes an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Haig was the type of guy that moved up the ladder. You and I can’t arrest Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates. The military can. Do you think today’s generals are different? No one’s been arrested yet.
    “Give me control over a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes the laws.”
    Mayer Amshell Rothchild
    When the Jewish international bankers established the Fed, it gave them the power to buy out any and all that are needed for the New World Order. They own the military and unless these generals are willing to give up their paychecks, pensions, and yacht parties they are invited to, there will be no arrests.
    I admire the truckers but without help from the military , at some point they will have to go home and pay their taxes.
    Proverbs 29:2
    “When the righteous increase the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

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    1. The military is under the command of the globalist entity in Washington that people refer to as the “US government.” Thus, the military is NEVER going to come to our rescue. The whole purpose of our military right now is to protect the interests of global corporations, not the interests of the American people. That’s why you see the military posturing for war on Ukraine’s border right now while leaving our border wide open to military age men from 150-plus nations.

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    2. And, for your information, all international bankers are not Jewish. Nor are all of the other globalist players. Is Bill Gates Jewish? Is Fauci Jewish? What about the Bush and Clinton crime families? Are they Jewish? The Ford family? The Rockefellers? No, I don’t think so. No ethnic or religious group has a monopoly on evil.

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      1. Leo,
        Thank you for replying. Not all international bankers are Jewish. However, the Fed is owned by 9 Jewish families. This can be researched. Below them are of course many tentacles.
        It’s like 9/11. There are many players but astute research shows Israhell as the main offender. All wars are banker wars and 9/11 opened the floodgates to the war on terror that basically eradicated Israhell’s enemies.
        Look how after 20 years few realize that there were dancing Israelis arrested and not dancing Muslims.
        People like Gates Fauci and the Clintons are puppets of the wizards behind the curtain. Their job is to be in the public eye as the enemy, yet they are only the foot soldiers.


      2. Sorry but I am a firm believer that the racialization of any problem is a ruse meant to oversimplify, divide and conquer. Evil resides just below the surface in all of humanity. To pin all the world’s problems on one race or ethnic group is unwise and, in my opinion, unbiblical.

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    3. I see. Your only problem with the NWO is the ethnicity of the global predators.
      You prefer your uber mensch overlords be of sound stock. Mit die bleu Eyen und die blondes Haar? Ja?
      Not to fear. There are a number of Aryans in on this international effort to usher in this nightmare dystopia. That should set your thoroughbred mind at ease.

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  17. History may be about to repeat itself. Remember what happened to all the elites in France during their revolution from 1789 – 1799. I think a Bastille Day is in order to free the political prisoners of the 01/06 “mostly peaceful” protest.


    1. We don’t preach violence on this site David but thanks for your historical perspective. We do believe in the right to DEFEND the innocent against violence, wherever it may come from.

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  18. Remember the Biden statement re any militia would need F-16s and nukes? Remember Waco Texas? Nova Scotia has issued yet another mandate (directive) making it illegal to even assemble along highways in support of the truckers; fines of $10K to $100K for violations.

    How’s about this: truckers do this legally, get tested per Federal requirements, but refuse to deliver/receive anything from/to Ottawa, maybe the whole of Quebec! Let Trudeau get out there (in the cold) and do a man’s work for a change! Likewise, American trucker’s do not violate the law in USA, but refuse to deliver/receive anything from/to any blue states! Biden is already an experienced trucker; he can take care of the consequences. Hopefully Newsom is still trainable . . .


    1. PJ, there is no law requiring people to get an experimental “vaccine” and even if there was it would be illegal and unconstitutional because it violates the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code, which requires informed consent for any experimental medical treatment and bars any form of coercion whatsoever to take said treatment, is what forms the basis of our federal Emergency Use Authorization laws.

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  19. What is an absolutely amazing blessing is that this was done without any violence, no guns, no knives, no fists, just determination and a belief that what they were doing was right.Those who call on Americans to take up arms and rise up and fight are wrong, this is not what God is about. We have just seen what God is about. And how amazing to hear a woman at the end of her talk speak out 2 Chronicles 7:14. This all occured because some Christians took this verse to heart and prayed.

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  20. I was a trucker for 44 years. Started when I was 24. Ran 51 states & Canada for 10 years. I’ve been on every interstate highway in the USA more times than I can count and have many stories I could tell. Been across at Detroit and Buffalo. Always quick into CAN. Wait in line for an hour coming back. Truckers are definitely a group that knows how to stick together.

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  21. I’m only about 1/4 way through the article. Yes, some doctors obey the globalists because their careers are on the line. Many, if not most of those guys have families to support. I have a feeling their choice was either “here, take this money and shut up” or we’ll ruin you. Tough choice.


    1. Can I recommend you listen to JD Farag’s Prophecy Update (he is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Church, Kaneohe, Hawaii,) from yesterday. He has a couple of links all to do with the latest money-making scheme by some hospitals. Did you know that the phrase ‘breain death’ was invented by medics in order to be able to harvest organs because you cannot harvest them once the owner of them is dead? Here are the links he shares, his website is very simply
      – Video, Whistleblower: Hospitals Killing For Organs, “This is Absolutely Evil And A
      Crime Against Humanity!”
      – Video, “Dr. Byrne – Jaw-dropping Discussion with one of the Founders of Neonatal/
      Perinatal Medicine”

      – Jan Markell resources, two-part broadcast with Twila Brase and attorney Marjorie
      – Jan Markell resource, PDF:

      Click to access V4_1-COVID-19-Quick-RefGuide-FINAL-.pdf


  22. We say to Canada when you starve to death as a result of General Strike and no food or water or meats/ Then you join resistance and follow freedom lovers. V for Vandita


  23. The government simply ignores “demands” like this one. Nobody will stop them so we ought to stop whining about it. As long as Americans continue to accept this Democrat dystopia…we kind of deserve what we get.

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  24. Leo,
    This truck rally is pivotal for breaking through the MSM cognitive dissonance.

    More Canadians and Americans are waking up every day. They realize that there is a need to seek freedom from medical tyranny. Regardless of how many jabs people have received, they are seeing the jabs are not safe and do not provide immunity. Natural immunity combined with known off label treatments are proven to be very safe and effective.

    The mandates are exposing the globalist’s agenda to spread fear and intimidation for a virus with a survival rate > 99.9% for most ages!

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  25. Watching his half-brother’s interview decrying everything about the guy and what he’s done to Canada. Their mother called Kyle “So not woke” ha!:

    This HAD to happen, in a sense, to really WAKE people up to how bad the so-called ‘leaders’ have become in their tyrannical behavior. It’s like several hundred Fuehrers worldwide, and tens of millions of ‘camp guards’ willingly going along with it – in the hopes of being favored in the ‘New World Odor’.

    And apparently he’s no longer hiding under his bed, but has ‘left his bunker’. While Kyle thinks he’s at their Harrington Lake property, others have reported seeing him in Tofino (with some amusing speculations he’ll be waiting for a CCP sub to take him to his masters), so access to a West coast beach is à propos :

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  26. 😂 that’s the best one all day, 2.3 million people , lot of trucks couldn’t get in there is a Saskatchewan Convoy heading to Quebec City along with another convoy from Quebec. 🙏

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  27. It is interesting to see who the real heroes in society are. It wasn’t a Hollywood actor. It wasn’t a famous athlete. (with maybe a couple exceptions. It wasn’t white collar workers. It wasn’t business leaders. And unfortunately it wasn’t for the most part, emergency workers or health care professionals, although their voices are starting to weigh in. It wasn’t church leaders and it wasn’t Donald Trump.
    Blue collar workers are still the backbone of this country. Overtaxed and undervalued, and still getting up and doing it again every day. That’s what modern day warriors do.
    I think that all western countries will back off of mandates soon. But don’t think for a second the elitists will stop or declare defeat. They are going to shift their tactics, while going full speed ahead on implementing their surveillance state control structure.

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    1. Look for CLIMATE CHANGE laws, as the latest, and least reported, volcano will fit directly into their plan for world domination. They have used covid for all its’ worth, and even though I believe the deaths due to the vaccines are still to be counted, they will move forward – only they will go on to bigger and more FEROCIOUS things like climate change. We all know that according to the Scriptures, God is in control of climate. His word states in Genesis that He sets the seasons, the months, days, and years and only HE can stop the times! Satan will try during the Tribulation, but he does not have that kind of power! Glory be to God!!! Maranantha!!


  28. Leo, you’re a great writer and on the right side of history. I even read what you write in the ‘comment’ section ~ you are spot on! You wisely discourage armed aggression (so as not to be lured into a snare by the tyrants), but rather encourage people to stand up, show up, resist, refuse, and never back down. You are making a difference, Leo, and I love you! 💕

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    1. Thank you dear McKaila! And yes, that is exactly the strategy for victory over this particular enemy! They wish for us to turn violent so they can bring out the troops and crush us! People power is most effective when we resolutely disobey their illegal orders but remain non violent.

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  29. Good story, Leo.
    I hope this is a sign that many people everywhere will one day be of this mind in solidarity: that we do not consent, and any contract with government that we have entered into, giving the appearance of consent, was entered under duress and without prejudice.
    Always remember, although there are some lawless people who need to be governed, because they are aggressors who deprive others of their natural rights through killing, stealing and destroying, even so, there is no more efficient means known to man of killing, stealing and destroying than government.


    1. They want us to feel alone [ isolated ]. We are not alone.

      Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world [ system ].

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  30. Leo this is the most encouraging piece I’ve read in over a year. Praise God for strong men and women who are willing to take a stand for all if us. I am fed up to my gizzard with politicians “calling out” the evils and enumerating them like a broken record. Yes something can be done and we the people are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦

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  31. As a Canadian and most important a free individual in this world. I want to take the time to Thank our Southern Neighbours for all the love and support. As each of of you throw your support behind us. The Resistance for Freedom grows. These are freedoms our forefathers fought wars for so our children would have a better future. I have never felt closer to our American neighbours brothers and sisters, They tried to divide all us this convoy in Canada is for all Freedom fighters of this world it shows we stand with one voice. We the People have the power. Love from British Columbia, Canada

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    1. Perfectly stated Ken. I’m sure there are millions in Canada that recognize this…and thank you Leo for ALL your great articles….From another Canadian in British Columbia. POINT: “The Narrative is The Virus – Truth is The Cure”
      Dick Leppky, Chase, BC

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    2. Great words Ken , seeing a convoy of truckers and regular folk bring a country together is priceless . Something a politician like Trudeau could never do .
      Blessings from Quebec

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    3. Ken, thanks for the warm thoughts about us Americans. I live in the Pacific NW. My appreciation and love for the people of your great country has only grown stronger. Canadians are great! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us.

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    4. Please be aware not all of us are from the US either, but other European nations! Even, I bow my head in shame at this, those who are English!!!


    5. After a long time, I am once more proud to be a Canadian. The trucker Freedom Fighters are leading the way. Praise God there are still some people of integrity in this country.


  32. This is thrilling—people fighting bloodlessly for their freedom are joyful!

    As you say, Leo, even if they win in the end, they will have to do it the hard way. And we know that’s not what they want because it forces them to remove their masks so we can see what they truly are.

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  33. I think the great thing that has really helped the Covid mandate resistance movement has been the recent publication of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book. “The Real Anthony Fauci”. That blew off the cover on him, corrupt federal bureaucracy and Big Pharma. Not to mention heroic doctors like Dr Peter McCollough and Dr Robert Malone. There are still many decent and brave people in this country

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  34. The worse thing is the police and military used to enforce government rule over the citizens. They think they must obey the authority over them instead of protecting the citizens for whom they work. Police and soldiers have to refuse to do the dirty work for evil governments. Say no to the boss when they want you to do harm to your fellow countrymen. If it costs you a job, there are other jobs. You have to live with the choices you make. Integrity and honesty matter.

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  35. We have to get busy trying these cretins in military tribunals as soon as possible. Just saying. When my family and those around us who have gotten the jab start to die we will have to deal with more than just all the suffering we are experiencing today. Be Blessed.

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  36. So proud of all the truckers taking part in the Canada fight against tyranny by government. From city plow trucks to farm tractors to all the people lining the roads. Even truckers in other countries are voicing support for you Canada. Nothing like watching real men moved to action in the role of protection they are designed to take.

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      1. I sent a stirring video of the convoy to my sister. Truth speaking to power. Something she had supported and participated in during the past. Since she had finished her daily dose of the Koolade she managed to reply that I was “breathtakingly arrogant” and I “insulted her intelligence”. I told her to look in the mirror. But she lives 4,000 miles away and is easy to ignore.

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  37. My heart bursts with gladness!!! Encouraging words, Leo!! May the lying dogs (apologies to dogs) be crushed in their own snares. I have been following & reading so many comments and sincere prayers, it’s powerful in unity against the tyrannies. Hallelujah!!
    On the “homefront”, I am shocked not one person has heard of this movement!?! THEY HAVE NOW!!

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  38. How do you say “chickensh#” in French? TRUDEAU. “Fringe minority,” indeed! I think he knows what happened in Romania, Christmas 1989. This can go down only one way. Tyrants are cowards at heart.


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  39. HAHAHA,YOUR LEADERS ARE LAUGHING THEIR HEAD OFF AT YOU,UNTILL you start hanging them ,they could care less what you say or do..THEY”LL unleash the military on you like BARACK OBAMA DID the pople at the FARM in alpena mich.THE US MILITARY dropped a tactical nuke on them ,it killed 900 women and children,NO A PEEP out of the american cowards,their death went bUNNOTICED by everyone just like yours will be,and HUNDREDS of patriots arestill in prison in washington DC..ON BOGAS CHARGES..they’ll all die in prison and NO ONE WILL LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THEM…COWARDS do not deserve freedom..


      1. We don’t need to break out the weapons Harvey. We just need to get off our backsides and tell them their jig is up. We will not comply with ANY of their mandates and we want their resignations. We need all truckers and the rest of America to descend on Washington just like our friends in Canada have done. We can leave our guns at home. There is no army on earth that is going to attack a million or more peaceful American truckers and their supporters standing in the Capital demanding resignations. If they do attempt something that stupid, then the farmers and factory workers will have a plan B to have the truckers’ backs.

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      2. I agree Leo, and all of this in -25 degree celsius weather .no complaints at all farmers converting their barns into dining halls to feed the truckers and letting them park on their land . I’ve heard it many times in the past two days God is in this. I know people who were there and they said it was electric. Great article again 👍
        Exodus 3 :7 I have heard the cries of my people. Amen Praise God

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      3. So many haters over this Leo. I am very disappointed in these “christians”? The Scriptures teach that whatever is NOT of faith is fear. We must NEVER give up standing for righteousness! Very little armor here.


  40. Leo, thanks for covering this major story. We don’t know the final outcome but I love seeing this level of resistance to the satanic plan. I think it threw the globalists a major curve ball when ‘quiet and compliant’ Canada became the country to lead the way for the rest of us. It is exciting to see.

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    1. Oooh boy! Do you ever have it wrong. First thing parliament did after an incredibly long summer recess was rush back for a few days, open the illegal border port, pass law penalyizing any poor moke who warns anybody that changing gender might not be the kettle of laughs its cracked up to be, jump for joy when all parties agreed, then, thakfully retire back to their cottages again. This present anomaly is something like a BLM rally–an organized round-up where the poor players strut and fret their nonsense across the stage and then are heard no more. Frankly the Canadian response to Covid is so messed up that nothing it concedes to could upset its program anyway.


      1. I’m following the thing on YouTube and Rumble. Despite measures taken to shut down their accounts and puts nails in the road, the convoy and many others have turned Ottawa into a parking lot. They have accumulated enough money to camp there for 2 years and are prepared to stay for the long haul. According to JustinCredibleTV.
        Canada has been full of lukewarm Laodiceans and (mostly) nice secular citizens.
        “Religion is a nice thing to have, eh? So long as you are polite and don’t cause trouble.”
        I’ve noticed a lot of videos and posts by Canadians praying to God. I’m praying too. Maybe this global nightmare is what humanity needs. Especially in the West.

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      2. I agree totally with that insight Rachel. Western society, really across all demographics, has become too comfortable with its secularism. We need a shaking and I believe it’s coming. What we’ve seen so far is really nothing that will prepare folks for what’s coming.

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      3. 1) never underestimate the will of the people, especially when you know your doing the right thing
        2)) never underestimate an army of people backed up by God fearing and praying individuals, prayers are going out around the world , let this be the beginning of a Revival to the likes we have never seen before.

        Hallelujah to the Lamb of God , let us all join in praying that we would see God move in a mighty way across North America. Oh yea of little faith .


    1. I’m sorry but this is way too little, too late. I wouldn’t bank on it, not even an inflated Canadian dollar. In few weeks it’ll be, ‘what truckers, where, why… let’s go to McDonalds’ after our fourth booster, don’t forget your masks’. After about two years!!! This is it???

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      1. gus:
        January 30, 2022 at 11:38 pm

        Thanks, gus. Canadian truckers are NOT going to overthrow God’s irrevocable mandate for Satan to destroy the great Judeo-Xian whore, as prophesied in Revelation 17! In one hour Satan’s unrestrained Marxist UN Beast will uproot and destroy the United States of Mystery Babylon’s New World Order. Many digitally-marked human souls, within Socialism’s global Security System, have rebelled against Christ’s command in Revelation 18:4. Therefore they will suffer eternal destruction under the strong delusion of Marxism’s Orwellian utopia.


      2. Leo, the Lord really knew how to rain on the jeering crowds that paraded around Noah’s closed-door ark.


      3. Well you may be right, then again, maybe not. Right now this is peaceful and I hope it stays that way. History shows us the alternatives.

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      4. Well I sure hope you are wrong. Jump in, do something, write, make it happen. This could be our last chance.


      5. I disagree. If the Lord is with them, they will make a difference and they have the support of many!! I pray every area follows their courage. Stand up and have Faith in God!!


    2. Never did have the consent of the governed – if the people knew these governments have been frauds for a long time they might have stepped up.

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    3. Fantastic article Leo. The quiet complicit Media, how true. Yes it was much better they stayed silent and proved to the whole world how they played the most integral part in this whole scam from day one, pushing propaganda and lies upon lies upon lies. People of the world unite. God Bless the Truckers!

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