Being ‘woke’ is a virtue but waking up is a threat

By Deborah DeGroff

Attorney General Merrick Garland was grilled last month about his now infamous memo labeling parents who voice their concerns at school board meetings as terrorists. No contrition, no regrets, no apologies, and no rescinding his epistle.

Why is Garland digging in his heels? Could it be that after the myriad decades of gradually shaping and molding the worldviews of Americans through public education, our citizens are beginning to read the handwriting on the wall?

Could it be that parents are waking up while there is still an opportunity to jump out of the FROG POT?

Have the puppet masters overplayed their hand?

Tragically, we usually do end up playing into their hands. Maybe they already knew parents would finally rise up, or perhaps this took them by surprise. Whether the domestic terrorist label was waiting in the wings for such a time as this, or whether it was in quick response to an issue they needed to squelch, it is now on the table. Only time will tell if this comes back to bite them.

Concerned parents have always voiced their opinions at school meetings. A sad excuse for a math curriculum may not be illegal, but a parent still has the right to object to it. In the matter of library books, it makes no difference whether it is lawful to have these books in the school libraries or not. The issue is that these parents have the right to object and voice their displeasure — sometimes passionately.

Quoting the content of some of these books has alarmed the public. Few realized that their children were being deliberately sexualized in the schoolhouse. Some parents were aware of the comprehensive sex education being forced upon their children in lieu of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, but had no idea about the books that either established or reinforced these teachings.

As expected, the experts with the lengthy pedigrees are already out in full force explaining that these parents are not bright enough to understand the educational value of such smut.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.” Public schools are a perfect illustration of this.

Hold the puppet masters’ feet to the fire. Do not allow a celebrity scandal or even a natural disaster to make this disappear . . . but, DO NOT lose sight of what the PMs were trying to silence in the first place — parents who were effectively announcing to the world what the children are being taught and exposed to in the schoolhouse.


Let’s back up for a moment:

A restraining order was placed on God, Himself, in the schoolhouse in the 1960s. Parents were still allowed in — as long as they were making cupcakes for the school parties, grading papers for the teachers, and chaperoning dances and field trips.

New, state-of-the-art school buildings were being built all over this nation. The outside looked great, but was anyone paying attention to what was going on in the inside? What was being taught? Equally important, what were the children not being taught?

The love for God, family, and country was being replaced with a worship of Mother Earth, the village, and globalism. It took a considerable amount of time to plant these seeds and keep them watered, weeded, and cultivated. No worries. Just get the kiddies into pre-school programs. It’s so much easier to start the conditioning when they are younger.

While children were developing this distaste for their native country, there was less available time left to learn their academic subjects. Why were children purposefully being dumbed down? As you see the sovereignty of our nation being stripped away and a global reset on the horizon, you can bet that attitudes, values, and behaviors were systematically modified in classrooms across America.

Before the arrival of the internet and social media, the concerns parents brought before their local school boards seldom spread outside of that locale. Those parents were either patronized or ostracized, whichever was more effective in the given situation. The outcome was the same and the dumbing down and indoctrination continued. Business as usual.

Filthy books in school libraries are not a present-day phenomenon, either. They have been in the school libraries for decades. Teaching Critical Race Theory is more recent. They probably would have gotten away with that, too, if they hadn’t told the parents that it didn’t exist. There is still a matter of human nature and humans don’t like it when they are blatantly lied to — especially when it involves their own children.

Children are apt to bond with the characters in the books they read. They get caught up in the drama of the protagonist, and unknowingly accept ideas that they would not normally entertain. If you’ve ever watched Escape from Alcatraz, you know how this works, because you remember which side of the law you were cheering.

Children’s books have come a long way since the ’70s when Judy Blume’s main character, Katherine, was introduced to “Ralph,” her boyfriend’s penis. Katherine’s first sexual intercourse experience was disappointing, but with practice, “I came right before Michael and as I did, I made noises, just like my mother.” (Forever, by Judy Blume. Pocket Books, page 150)

Masturbation, orgasms, birth control, and abortion were standard fare in the content of these “mature” books for young adults of the ’70s. Significantly, there was usually some puppy love involved in these relationships.

By the ’80s, these themes had trickled down to books for juvenile readers. Not with the types of encounters listed previously, as that was not permitted in books for children in this age range. In Norma Klein’s, Robbie and the Leap Year Blues (1981), eleven-year-old Robbie’s divorced mom is dating Tracie’s father. Robbie tells Tracy that her father doesn’t sleep over at their house. Tracy responds, “Well, maybe they’re just sort of dating. . . . Mom only lets the important ones sleep over.”

Robbie’s friend, Thor, tells him that he and Penny have taken their clothes off in front of each other. In another passage, Thor shows Robbie pictures his older brother developed of his naked girlfriend in various positions.

A mock wedding was even held in this book for pre-teens. “No one says obey anymore. That sounds like a dog. . . . “ (Robbie and the Leap Year Blues, by Norma Klein, page 50)

Meanwhile, the young adult books of the ’80s were becoming more graphic or edgy. In the 1985 book, Give and Take, Norma Klein introduced an 18-year-old-character who donates his sperm twice a week. In 1989, Weetzie Bat, by Francesca Lia Block, was published. Weetzie goes home with a stranger who used handcuffs on her . . . The next morning she wakes up wincing, even though she was still drunk. Her homosexual best friend went home with someone he met at a video booth in a sex store that same night.

Heather Has Two Mommies was published in 1989 and Daddy’s Roommate in 1991. Daddy’s Roommate is for children from 4-8, while Heather Has Two Mommies is for ages 3-7.

It’s Perfectly Normal, by Robie Harris, was first published in 1994. A new edition was released in May of 2021 that follows the 10th-, 15th-, and 20th-anniversary editions. This book for children ages 10 and up is porn for pre-teens. If you are unfamiliar with this book, just do a search for “It’s Perfectly Normal book images.”

By the 2000s, it seemed to be necessary to include every detail of sexual activity. Oral sex, homosexual and transgender sex, teacher-student sex, hook-ups, and various deviant sexual encounters set the tone for young adult fiction. No puppy love necessary.

Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, published 5 books by Jason Myers between 2007 and 2014. These books are Exit Here, The Mission, Dead End, Run the Game, and Blazed. Reading any one of these books will make all the others read at School Board meetings pale in comparison. Run the Game contains over 1,300 f-words and 900 other “choice” words. Those 2,000 words are not the worst part of this book.

In 2016, The V-Word: True Stories about First-Time sex, by Amber J. Keyser, was also published under the Simon Pulse imprint. The front book flap reads:

The V-Word pulls back the sheets on sex. Queer and straight. Relished and regretted. Funny and exhilarating. The seventeen women in this book . . . write about first-time sex-hot, meaningful, cringe-worthy, gross, forgettable, magnificent, empowering, and transformative. Whether you’re diving in or whether you’re waiting, we hope these stories will help you chart your own course.

One such story is between two girls:

 “. . . I sit up and wipe her salty liquid taste from my chin. A hair tickles the back of my throat. I pull it out and stare at—it’s proof that I’m a lesbian. I kinda want to keep it.” (The V-Word by Amber J. Keyser, page 96)

If I had to write an article listing the salacious content of children’s books, there would be no end. Why are these books being published for minors in the first place? How are publishers getting away with this? Assuredly, there is plenty of vulgar material made available to minors that parents could be bringing up at school meetings.

There is more bad news, however. The crude, lewd, erotic, and titillating passages in young adult books entice the children to read them, but is anyone paying attention to the other subtle and not-so-subtle messages in these books that are changing your children’s values, attitudes, and beliefs? This would be a good time to begin looking between the covers of your children’s books.


Merrick Garland and the puppet masters he serves are coming in for the kill. They are terrified that parents will expose what has been happening in the schoolhouse. They are lying to you. Your schools are not “schools of excellence” or “blue ribbon schools.” They are indoctrination centers.

Expose them . . . but get your children out.

Deborah DeGroff is a Christian mother, wife, researcher and writer. She is author of Between the Covers: What’s Inside a Children’s Book?  and her website is is 100 percent reader supported. Please consider a donation of any size to keep us up and running. You may send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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10 thoughts on “Being ‘woke’ is a virtue but waking up is a threat”

  1. Very well written piece! I’m enjoying your blog.
    The idea that U.S. Attorney General is going after regular people who expose the public school curriculum (via Stasi lists, FBI swat teams and trumped up charges) should anger and scare the hell out of Americans. The left have degenerated into the very thing they accuse everyone they disagree with as: Nazis. Who would think that the FBI in 2021 would resemble the Gestapo? People need to expose and fight back against all of this!


  2. The books may be recent, but sex in schools isn’t. 45 years ago when the government school was teaching sex education, parents were able to pull their children out of the class. We were the only parents who did. A lot of the kids came up to me and said that they wished their parents had pulled them out, too. After that I home schooled our children.


  3. The system is rotten.
    Now is a great time for the church to truly break away. Quit flirting with the world.
    Form a society within a society. Society outside is collapsing. If the church had more cohesion and unity of purpose we would be drawing many at this time of history.
    Too much denial. Too much trying to be best buddies with God’s enemy. This world.

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  4. Contrast the contents of this commentary with the beautiful morality statute (ignored but still part of our Education law) that was enacted in my state before society became so jaded and corrupt.

    §1221. Teaching of virtue and morality
    Instructors of youth in public or private institutions shall use their best endeavors to impress on the minds of the children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of morality and justice and a sacred regard for truth; love of country, humanity and a universal benevolence; the great principles of humanity as illustrated by kindness to birds and animals and regard for all factors which contribute to the well-being of man; industry and frugality; chastity, moderation and temperance; and all other virtues which ornament human society; and to lead those under their care, as their ages and capacities admit, into a particular understanding of the tendency of such virtues to preserve and perfect a republican constitution, secure the blessings of liberty and to promote their future happiness.

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    1. We live in such a filthy corrupt world that I no like recognize it as even human. Satan has taken control of the minds of people and they no longer have a concept of wrong. Surely Jesus must be coming soon. It seems that man has now far exceeded Sodom and Gomorrah and the violence of Noah’s day.


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