Aaron Rodgers: Did he know something other athletes didn’t? The mysterious cases of young, super-fit people being struck down by cardiac arrest

I opened my Yahoo account today and was greeted by the following top-of-the-page news headline:

“Aaron Rodgers spreads misinformation”

I clicked on it. It was a news story by the vaunted New York Times that read like an editorial — a propaganda piece so twisted it would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

When I clicked the headline it took me to a second headline: “Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers.”

The article had this to say about Rodgers, the star quarterback for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers who recently admitted in an interview he has not been injected with the Covid serum:

“Rodgers justified his decision to not get vaccinated by speaking out against the highly effective vaccines and spewing a stream of misinformation and junk science. Medical professionals were disheartened not just because it will make it harder for them to persuade adults to get vaccinated, but because they are also starting to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds.”

Highly effective? Really? Is that why you need one every six months to ward off the virus?

But the article gets even more grotesque:

“‘When you’re a celebrity, you are given a platform,’ said Dr. Paul A. Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. ‘When you choose to do what Aaron Rodgers is doing, which is to use the platform to put out misinformation that could cause people to make bad decisions for themselves or their children, then you have done harm.'”

Rodgers, who is up there with Tom Brady and other superstars at the top of his profession, has committed the unforgiveable sin. He told a reporter that he chose, after much research, not to get the injection that is being forced on every man, woman and child by the U.S. government-media-biomedical complex, which in recent months has morphed into a vaccine-obsessed military Gestapo apparatus the likes of which has never been seen.

And it’s not just in America but worldwide. People in Israel, Australia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and many other countries are being barred from shops, offices and grocery stores unless they can show their digital papers, proving they are up to date on their shots.

Rodgers, like every young athlete in the U.S., has every reason to be suspicious of the Trump/Biden death serum.

Watch the video below showing super-fit athletes in their teens, 20s and 30s from around the world who have been killed or maimed by this serum. Let me warn you: It will break your heart.

There’s a huge spike in these kind of incidents since, well, since the injections started being mandated for young athletes, and the media can’t seem to figure out why. Most of them involve some level of cardiac arrest. It’s a mystery no major media outlet seems curious enough to investigate.

An independent writer/blogger in the United Kingdom has started keeping a list of young, healthy, super-fit athletes who are known to have suffered sudden health issues or death.

A German researcher, Christine Singhof, is also compiling a growing list.

Such tragic deaths of young athletes did not used to be met with stony silence from the media.

In 1986, a 22-year-old University of Maryland basketball star named Len Bias died suddenly of cardiac arrest. It was big news and dominated the airwaves for weeks. The media asked all kinds of questions, demanding to know the young man’s medical history, which showed no prior incidents of heart problems. An autopsy was conducted and discovered that Bias had done a round of extremely potent cocaine shortly before having a massive heart attack. Mystery solved.

Today’s “journalists” have no such curiosity. You won’t see them performing any similar due diligence in a quest to get to the bottom of why so many young athletes are dying or suffering debilitating cardiac problems. That’s because the big corporate media companies have over the last decade or so weeded out all the true journalism professionals. What’s left are dishonest quacks who are either too lazy or too bought off to report what’s really going on in the world. They’ve decided to sleep through what could be the beginnings of a genocide, global in scope.

The politicians are just as guilty as the journalists.

One of the few members of Congress who cares about this issue is Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, which incidentally is the same state where Aaron Rodgers lives and plays for the Green Bay Packers. Johnson held a hearing this summer in which he heard testimony from the vaccine injured and their families. Among them was a mother of a healthy, vibrant 12-year-old girl who lost her ability to walk after receiving the jab. A father testified in a more recent hearing of his healthy 16-year-old son who died shortly after getting injected.

Perhaps Rodgers watched some of that testimony. We don’t know. Wherever Rodgers got his information, he did what every American has the right to do. He made his decision based on what he believes is best for his personal health situation. Anyone who could look him in the eye and say that’s wrong or evil or part of a “misinformation” campaign, isn’t worth talking to, listening to, or even acknowledging other than to call them out for the liars and con artists that they are.

Rodgers joins the ranks of rap artist Nicki Minaj and NBA basketball star Kyrie Irving as celebrity enemies of the state, having had the audacity to question the narrative being promoted by the corporate-owned, state-run media hacks posing as journalists.

Rodgers has a large following and has been found to hold dissident views. That makes him a danger to the biosecurity state that has been running a military psy-op built around Covid since February 2020. He must be put down, his reputation smeared.

This is a continuation of how the government-media-biomedical complex has acted since the beginning of this so-called pandemic. They moved quickly to isolate and punish any independent thought that challenges their lockstep narrative — that unless we remain masked up, shot up and socially distanced, forever, we’re all going to die of Covid. Fear breeds fealty. They must continue the fear.

The strategy to punish dissenters was laid out at Event 201, a conference held in New York in October 2019, three months before anyone heard about Covid. That conference was co-sponsored by the Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum with attendees from NBC News, the CDC, WHO and the Chinese CDC. The CIA also had a representative at that meeting, Avril Haines, who has since become director of national intelligence in the Biden administration.

Listen, in the second video below, to what Haines said in 2019 about “misinformation” and how it must be put down:

Aaron Rodgers had no idea the hornet’s nest he was stepping into. Or maybe he did. Advertising sponsors are now dropping him like he’s got the plague. One of them, Prevea Health of Wisconsin, announced Saturday it was ending its relationship with Rodgers because hedefended his decision to remain unvaccinated.” State Farm defended Rodgers’ right to make his own choices but ad-counter services showed a small fraction of the normal number of State Farm ads featuring Rodgers aired during Sunday’s games.

These corporate bullies, and that includes the media, are sending a message to everyone, starting with the rich and famous and moving on down to the rank and file Americans.

The message goes something like this: Speak against this vaccine and we will crush you. We will smear you. You won’t be able to work a job or speak your opinions. Why, by the time we’re done with you, you won’t even be able to buy groceries, keep your driver’s license, or get medical treatment of any kind. We are the beast and you are our prey. Get used to it. We own you.

Professional athletes typically get cut a lot of slack by the media.

Henry Ruggs III, former member of the Las Vegas Raiders, crashed his corvette into a 23-year-old woman’s car and killed her. No big deal. No crime of the century type coverage. In fact, if you Google it, some of the headlines about Ruggs sound almost sympathetic. “Former Alabama teammates of Henry Ruggs III trying to cope with fatal accident,” reads one headline from MSN.com Cope? Accident? Really guys? This was someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, and Ruggs ran her over while drunk.

Former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has been accused of 22 sexual assaults against women, but, like Ruggs, he gets straight up news coverage, no loaded words or editorial opining in what are supposed to be news reports.

Enter Aaron Rodgers and, just like they did to basketball star Kyrie Irving, the rules change. He gets treated like a mass murderer by the New York Times, ESPN, Yahoo News and the other fake-news outlets.

Because they didn’t like his personal medical choice, these cockroaches descended on him like angry demons. They are literally freaking out over the audacity of this man, this reprobate. He’s spreading the dreaded “M” word. Misinformation. Ready the gallows. Sharpen the knives.

Let’s be clear. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t spreading anything. He wasn’t trying to influence anyone else’s decision about the injections. He was trying to stay alive. He did his research and found that he was allergic to a certain ingredient in the mRNA shots and he didn’t want the J&J shot because of concerns it could impact fertility. Horror of horrors, the man wants to have kids – another crime to the climate-change fanatics like Bill Gates and Al Gore who think the earth is being destroyed by too many humans. Oh wait a minute, Gates also happens to be the world’s biggest pusher of vaccines, but nothing to look into there, right?

Contrary to what the CDC and the paid-off “fact checkers” from Google say, there have been studies showing that the spike proteins delivered by these shots do not stay in the shoulder muscle but get into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, collecting in the female ovaries and male testes. That means they could damage fertility.

Outside of Senator Johnson, nobody in government has shown any interest in the mass casualties being caused by these shots. Mention the VAERS numbers [nearly 20,000 deaths and 1 million injuries] and they label you as a lunatic, even though before Covid it was widely known that incidents of adverse reactions to vaccines were grossly under-reported to the government’s VAERS system, not over reported.

Those who don’t do their own research and instead listen to the corrupt CDC, the FDA and the Soros-Gates-Rockefeller funded fact-checkers, risk being the next statistic to be swept under the rug.

It doesn’t matter if you keel over during a ballgame, like the young people in the above video, or die in your sleep, your death or injury will never be tied to the injection. There will be no autopsy. No media questions.

Rodgers did the right thing. He has final say over what goes into his body and nobody is allowed to violate that sacred territory, not in a society that purports to be free.

Rodgers’ crime was he chose to do his own research and to think for himself, rather than be dictated to by some outside authority which hasn’t earned his trust.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday that people who “spread misinformation” about Covid injections and dare to disparage his product are “criminals” and should be treated as such.

The Gateway Pundit called it correctly, “Translation: The vaccine holdouts are costing him money so he’s going to use his platform to attack Americans exercising their rights.”

Aaron Rodgers, please stand your ground. We need more Americans like you, from all walks of life, to fight this tyranny. If that doesn’t happen, we will become Australia, where people’s bank accounts and homes are being seized for violating government Covid rules, and where you can be jailed for speaking your opinion if it doesn’t square with the official narrative of the government-media-biomedical complex.

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44 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers: Did he know something other athletes didn’t? The mysterious cases of young, super-fit people being struck down by cardiac arrest”

  1. Here’s why young conditioned athletes are dropping like flies and will continue to do so… not only professional but novice athletes as well.

    The spike proteins from the Covid jab are running around in the blood stream causing mayhem… literally scratching and tearing up the endothelial lining of blood vessels. An athlete is a super blood pumper and because their blood is pumping so much harder and faster than, let’s say a couch potato, the damage is compounded exponentially to their bodies. Tears, blood clots from clumping, blocked capillaries, aneurysms, etc. are the result. This will only get worse as time passes. SPIKE PROTEINS from the shots is the problem!


    1. Fauci, the social engineer, has gone on record saying people need to quit attending massive events in stadiums and theaters. With enough athletes dead or disabled he should get his wish.
      The globalists are taking down the airline industries too.
      Amazing how stupid people are. “After I get this shot I can meet loved ones, go to ball games, travel.”
      Phrases like New Normal go in one ear–out the other.


    2. Horrible scenes in Real Madrid’s Champions League tie as another player collapses on pitch
      I’ve just been reading this on an MSM site

      ” horrifying trend in football continued on Wednesday night when Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore collapsed during the Champions League tie against Real Madrid.

      © Provided by Extra.ie
      The winger went down holding his chest in the 77th minute of the group stage contest in Moldova.

      The 26-year-old was turning around after the ball had gone out for a throw-in before clutching his chest and falling to the turf.

      Traore could been seen breathing but the team medics quickly rushed onto the field to give him treatment.

      Thankfully, he could be seen communicating with the medical staff before being helped to his feet and brought to the dressing room.

      The incident took place near the touchline and the medics were quickly able to give the Sheriff star the treatment he needed.

      Sheffield United’s John Fleck had to be taken to hospital after a serious medical issue during Tuesday’s win over Reading.

      Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero is currently out indefinitely after being forced off with chest pains during a 1-1 draw with Alaves last month.

      This summer also saw the horrific scenes involving Denmark’s Christian Eriksen, who suffered a cardiac arrest during the group stage match against Finland.

      The former Tottenham star has seen recovered but he is no longer permitted to play with his club Inter in Italy after a ruling by medical authorities.


  2. @ Benjamin Golan
    November 11, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    Trump is well aware of what he is doing. He’s had more than enough time to reconsider his stance on promoting the Covid jab, but continues to push it on his enthralled followers. His handlers are using him to weaken the resolve of the conservatives and persuade them to take the poison. You need to stop making excuses for him and instead, acknowledge the facts.

    When Leo pointed out the facts to you, you became angry and abusive. This shows that you are in denial and unable to support your stance through rational debate.. Your argument doesn’t stand up to scrutiny so you throw insults and run away with your tail between your legs.

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  3. @ rw
    November 11, 2021 at 1:31 pm
    I believe that you are a patriot, blinded by loyalty. You are the sort of person that will succumb to Trump’s manipulation. Trump is a Hitler type figure exploiting nationalism in order to coerce his followers by playing one group against another, i.e., America versus the Chinese, the left versus the right. He is using that tension and fear to stir up division, causing a polarisation in American politics. This mass hysteria causes people like you to align yourself with Trump and exclude someone who opposes him, however logical their argument might be.

    When Leo pointed out the facts to you, then you become angry and abusive. This shows that you are in denial, unable to support your stance through rational debate.
    You say that you think Trump needs better advice –” from people like Peter Navarro and Robert Malone, both of whom have disavowed the kind of mass vaccination we are seeing being pushed now.”
    If they’ve disavowed mass vaccination, as you say, then surely Trump is aware of their views.

    Whatever the reason for his intransigence, the bottom line is that people are being killed and seriously injured by the vaccine which Trump funded and continues to push. That is inexcusable.

    Trump is a drug pusher just like Biden. They are both pushing the agenda of the elite and big pharma. Trump and Biden are in fact, Cov-stapo comrades, marching under the same vaccine banner, serving the ‘Great Reset’ agenda. They are two sides of a tossed coin and no matter which side you call, you lose.

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    1. @ rw
      November 11, 2021 at 1:31 pm

      My sincere apologies. Sentences six and seven were meant for Benjamin Golansays: and not you. Leo could you please delete those sentences and restore order. Thanks.


  4. A little humor:

    The New York Times, one of the most visible newspapers in the country, last week used vaccination rhetoric as reasoning for getting vaccinated against Covid-19 without evidence.

    “When you’re The New York Times, you are given a platform,” said Dr. Paul Ime Fulofchit, the director of the Vaccine Misinformation Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “When you choose to do what The New York Times is doing, which is to use their platform to put out misinformation that could cause people to make bad decisions for themselves or their children, then you have done harm.”

    The lasting damage from The Times stance, though, cannot be measured in dollars or papers sold. Vaccination rates in the newsroom are high. Masks are still worn because employees are very paranoid without justification . Nearly every staff member who is around other staff members is vaccinated, but many are stressed out at the unvaccinated and are needing therapy in large numbers.

    Dr. William Dootchbag, a vaccine expert (so called) at Vanderbilt University added, “The vaccines are actually unsafe and stunningly ineffective. Look at how short lived they have been, I mean come on now a “vaccine” runs out of effectiveness in 6 months”?

    Dr. O’ Snowjob said that he “cringed” when he heard that The Times had been mostly freaked out without justification, especially given how many people in New York have already had three shots.

    “Within the community where The Times puts out propaganda, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve healthy immune systems but it’s going to be an uphill battle”.


  5. Hello Leo I would strongly recommend that everybody view Dr. Robert Malone’s presentation in this link, https://renz-law.com/vaccine-risks-for-children/ during which he anwers questions about the vaccine. It is a brilliant and informative presentation.
    @ 1:25.50 Dr. Malone begins referring to what I believe is happening to the athletes in the video you posted, where athletes are suffering from sudden cardiac deaths. Dr. Malone talks about how the vaccine causes scarring of the heart, stating that these scars don’t heal and can in the future cause aberrant electrical rhythms causing sudden cardiac death. He says that myocarditis hospitalisations are just the tip of the iceberg and that many people are suffering from myocarditis unknowingly because their injuries have not reached clinical level. But, he says that scarring of the heart is never trivial,
    He says that a reason for vaccine hesitancy among the athletic community is because the top athletes are heavily monitored and the monitors show a ten to fifteen per cent drop in the athlete’s body capabilities, after taking the vaccine.

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  6. Another excellent article, Leo. You dare go where almost no others will go . Just as we need people like Rodgers to take a stand against this tyranny , we need you to defend the truth . Thank you for the depth and quality of what you write.


  7. To veriify the veracity of the editors of the NYT ask them if they have been mRNA jabbed and their families?


  8. @ Rachel Nichols
    November 10, 2021 at 3:13 pm+

    Hello Rachel
    I’ve just watched your video and I have to say *WELL DONE*. The psychiatric angle you explored, helps explain so much of what’s going on these days, as humanity is being psychologically manipulated and coerced and dehumanised in preparation for the transhumanist ‘Human 2.’ era. as envisaged by Klaus Schwab.
    I look forward to seeing your next video.

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  9. Regardinh the big concert tragedy, the 1st thing many mokes did was blame the deaths on vaccines, ignoring the fact that, by their own admission, a huge percentage of the attendees had toxic mixtures of social drugs, topped off with alcohol running through their veins in huge concentrations. Odd (but predictable) how, following in the footsteps of the hated Leftists, right wing websites are pushing their own myopic narratives. There are many roads and shades to Marxism.


      1. Feel free to disagree with me. I suspect the concert tragedy was not caused by the jabs, but the drugs and (above all) the demonic activities they had practiced beforehand.


    1. But 11 heart attacks in a group of teenagers and young adults? Can you name another concert where this has happened? And doesn’t it fit the pattern we’ve seen elsewhere?

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      1. @ rw
        November 11, 2021 at 1:35 pm

        You may be correct, but I think It’s unlikely that so many young people would have fatal heart attacks in the one place at the same time because of the jab.. It hasn’t happened at other gigs, sports events etc;, I think that someone was probably selling some dodgy drugs at the gig.

        Those who died from heart failure may have taken pills with too much active ingredient in them causing them to overdose without realising it, .But in such a scenario, a heart that has been weakened by the vaxx would be less able to cope with an overdose. So it may be a combination of both. I think an experienced medic would check to see if and what drugs may have been taken in a situation like that. I reckon there will be an autopsy to see what went wrong with their hearts.


  10. Trump/Biden death serum? No, this is more accurately the O’Biden death serum since it was in the works during Obama’s reign. Trump was duped, and I can’t see how he would have had any idea. If you maybe paid attention to what occurred over the past 6 years maybe you would realize that. I’m being very diplomatic about your ludicrous claim, so can it.


    1. With all due respect, Sir, Trump not only launched the mass vax program but he continues to tout it today as one of the greatest achievements of his presidency. That doesn’t sound like a man who was “duped.”

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      1. Everyone who defends it is “duped” by definition. Ironically, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s wife long resisted taking it, finally relented, and reportedly yesterday died from it.


      2. I want to reply to the next comment by eckbach, but there was no reply area there. I was reading a comment by someone on All News Pipeline earlier, and he said when he did further research, that the statement that Pfizer CEO’s wife died after taking the vaccine was not true. I read months ago that the employees of Pfizer and other involved pharmaceuticals did not have to take those shots. I would assume that the same rule might also apply to their immediate families, too.


      3. Wow, I guess you haven’t the reading and comprehension skills required to have a rational debate. These are the traits of a democrat or leftist. Trump has pissed me off on several occasions, but this cannot be laid on him. He made a huge error in judgement and was duped and many of have been by Fauci, the CDC, and NIH. I’ve dealt with the NIH in the past yeas ago, but now they are out of control. Please don’t respond, I’m not interested in debating anyone with this level of idiocy. If Trump doubles down and continues to support these vaccines, then he has no future in politics or the presidency which was stolen from him.


      4. What are you talking about? He’s already doubled down. If he had admitted he was duped and started telling people to not get the injections I would be the first one to forgive and move on. But he has never done that. In fact quite the opposite!

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    2. Trump actively promotes the Covid 19 jab which he funded when he was president. Trump was booed at his own rally in Alabama on the 22nd of August this year for telling his supporters to take the vaccine.
      I believe that he is a puppet being used for controlled opposition.
      It’s also worth noting that it was Trump who expedited the roll out of 5G technology.

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      1. I don’t think he’s a puppet being used, he’s just being thick-headed about this – after all, the guy is a supreme egotist. (Which doesn’t mean I won’t vote for him again.) I think he needs better advice – from people like Peter Navarro and Robert Malone, both of whom have disavowed the kind of mass vaccination we are seeing being pushed now.

        I think people should realize that there’s an important psychological dimension to this that goes beyond intentional malevolence, things like ego-defense, motivated reasoning and the like. After all we’ve seen social hysterias before – I don’t think the European Witch Craze was all about money and power (although like the present hysterias it was indirectly about power).


  11. @Rachel Nichols
    November 10, 2021 at 5:23 am
    Hello Rachel would it be possible to post a link for your blog, again. I would love to see your video on transhumanism.

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  12. Here’s an extract from an article I read, the other day…

    On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.
    The Rabbinical Court is part of the Israeli legal system and determines laws that reflect the teachings of the Torah. A ruling by the Rabbinical courts is considered God’s law and is strictly followed by the Jewish community. The importance of this decision cannot be understated on its ultimate effect on Jewish children and young adults throughout the world.

    After hours of testimony on October 26th, 2021 by medical experts, lawyers, and scientists, the Rabbinical court made their decree which sent shock waves throughout the world. The decision stated:

    “It is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this injection to children, adolescents, young men or women; even if it means that they will not be permitted by the government to attend yeshiva or seminary or to study abroad, etc. It is an explicit obligation to protest against this mandate, and anyone who can prevent the injection from being forced upon our youth must do so, forthrightly and emphatically.”

    Further the court forbid pregnant woman and all healthy adults who are of child-bearing age,

    “Much harm appears to be caused to pregnant women as a result of the injection (possibly due to the antibodies that the body develops against the protein called Syncytin‐1, or from the SM102, or from the micro blood clots caused by the injection. The common denominator here is that it is harmful for a pregnant woman, and that it may be considered a violation of the prohibition of sterilization or preventing fertility). As such, it is forbidden for them to take this injection. Included in this are all healthy adults who are of child‐bearing age – they too should stay away from the said injection.”

    The decision also addressed older adults and that further clarification needs to be made. But they specifically determined that “it is best to err on the side of caution”.
    “Therefore – it is best to err on the side of caution and abstain from taking the injection, rather than endangering one’s life by performing an action that can engender immediate and direct harm. Especially since there are other medical treatments that work, as mentioned, and that are not harmful.”

    The other major part of this decision is in regard to promoting or influencing anyone from straying from this decree. Specifically it states:
    “assisting or enabling a person to violate a transgression – includes verbal encouragement, offering monetary incentives or other bribes, verbal pressure or actual threats, to coerce employees, etc., to receive the mRNA.”

    I believe that this is a huge development and an act of divine intervention. It will once again cause division between devout, God fearing Jews , and the forces of evil. I believe that God is using this crises to separate the wheat from the chafe among the Christian and Jewish communities and setting us against the demonic forces which are prevalent in the world today.

    I believe that both Christians and Jews will suffer increased persecution and exclusion as this evil gains momentum. Just like what happened during the inquisition when both Christians and Jews suffered for not complying with the forces of evil, led by the Roman Catholic church.

    The more I consider what is coming upon the world, the more I realise that human strength will not be sufficient to get us through. God has always tested His people and now it’s our turn. It’s a time to cling unto God through prayer and focussing on God through fasting and abstinence. In this way we wrestle with God in order to seize the prize, i.e., a faith that is strong enough to endure to the end.
    Let God be our strength.

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    1. I was able to find nothing on this rabbinical court ruling. To the contrary I did find some articles by different rabbinical courts mandating vaccines for anyone wanting to enter synagogues. Where was the article you cited published? Do you have a link?


      1. @ Dextersays:
        November 10, 2021 at 6:44 pm

        Hello Dexter

        Here is a link for the full transcript of the Official translation of the Halachic delineation and there are also videos of testimonies by Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Mc Cullough.

        Just copy and paste this link into your search window;


        Let me know what you think.


  13. I have a Brighteon channel, Leo. And I’m posting my recent video about transhumanism on my blog.
    The technocrats seem to have left a blueprint to how they will achieve their end. They did it, using human “lab rats” no one would care about.
    The eugenicists/technocrats did this with the Holocaust. I owe a lot of my information to Dr. Peter Breggin. (His advice saved my life.)

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  14. Aaron Rodgers: Did he know something other athletes didn’t? November 10, 2021

    RE: Aaron Rodgers, please democratically stand your sacred ‘Constitutional’ ground. We need more Socialistically-Secured Americans like you, from all religious/irreligious walks of life, to hold the founding father’s Masonic line.

    If that doesn’t happen, Uncle Sam’s harlot Laodicean church-state will become the Fourth Reich’s Australia, where people’s bank accounts and homes are being seized for violating Covid rules of Socialism’s Security System, and where you can be jailed for speaking your opinion if it doesn’t square with the official narrative of the Marxist Beast’s government-media-biomedical complex.

    The first woe: the jab of the scorpion tailed locust that demonically torment digitally-marked wards of the Beast’s Social Security System for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them. Revelation 9:5-12


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