Internet of Bodies: Using CRISPR gene editing to electrically connect with and control humanity

The article below, from the journal Bioengineering, concludes, “similar to how DNA based vaccines are being electroporated into the human body to fight Covid-19, we may expect that electrogenetic promoter circuits will be inserted into human cells to open a new modality of bioelectronic signaling.”

As Patrick Wood of Technocracy.News points out, the ultimate hacking of the human body will be “electrogenetics,” where human DNA can be selectively switched on and off by electronic signals.

By Naren Bhokisham

Just like Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Bodies (IoB) refers to access and control of the human body via the internet. Here, we detail how CRISPR can be used to electrically connect with the genome and as a proof of concept display control over transcriptional informational networks inside E. coli and Salmonella.

Technology has played a transformative role in our lives and its impact on human health is never felt more than in the current times of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

In this scenario, development of autonomous health sensing and actuating systems, also referred to as closed loop systems that ‘sense’ and ‘act’ towards a biological condition (Kovatchev et al., 2009; Berényi et al., 2012), can play a critical role in addressing health crises of the future. Successful adoption of electronic closed loop human health systems is dependent on the development of new methods for biological actuation which has so far been limited to the century old neural stimulation and optogenetics.

Recent advances in the field of biological actuation stems from synthetic biology where our group and others have reported gene circuits that respond to electric signals with expression of specific gene of interests (Weber et al., 2008; Tschirhart et al., 2017; Krawczyk et al., 2020). In a prior publication, our group had detailed a redox-based bacterial promoter SoxS that responds to specific electrochemical signals that can be generated via an external electrode.

Using this promoter, specific transgenes of interests can be expressed in bacteria in response to programmed electric stimuli. In this work, we have taken the next logical leap for this technology, that is, using electric signals to connect and control transcriptional networks in the genome of the cells (Bhokisham et al., 2020).

To aid in our pursuit, we exploited the CRISPR technology that provides the means to target any specific target in the genome. Specifically, we used the dCas9 based transcriptional activator to electrically activate and repress select genes of interests.

Firstly, we integrated the CRISPR system with the SoxR based electro responsive promoter, optimized various components involved in the CRISPR system to make a tunable and inducible system. In this way, using CRISPR we electrically activated LasI, an autoinducer-1 (AI-1) synthase resulting in generation of AI-1, a quorum sensing mediator (Fig. 2 and 3).

Later, we repurposed the CRISPR activator to simultaneously repress select genes as well. Since the electrochemical stimuli that drives the  SoxS promoter also induces oxidative stress, bacterial cells activate intrinsic stress defense responses to attenuate the electrical stimuli. We used the repurposed CRISPR activator to repress the activation of oxidative stress defenses in E. coli and S. enterica, thus leading to enhanced output from the electrical stimuli responsive promoter (Fig 4).

When placed in the context of the complex spatio-temporal signal gradients at the bioelectronic interface, cells with repressed oxidative stress defenses displayed more aligned responses in relation to the external signal gradients (Fig. 5).

This concept of silencing certain elements in the genome in order to maintain better congruence with external environments is nature inspired and found in embryogenesis and yeast as well (Yu et al., 2008; Paulsen et al.,2011).

Read the entire story at Bioengineering.

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24 thoughts on “Internet of Bodies: Using CRISPR gene editing to electrically connect with and control humanity”

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  2. From memory the Antichrist doesn’t necessarily have to be revealed to have the mark mandated. As for dispensationalism, its rubbish. There isn’t a fanciful rapture whisking us away to safety.


  3. I’ve wondered for a long time why there is such a tremendous push for 5G to be available throughout America?
    I wondered if the graphene oxide that is part of the Covid “vaccine” will respond to 5G?
    I’ve wondered WHY so many popular movies (and TV shows) are produced about catastrophic events that somehow produce Zombified men and women?
    Authorities have said that there is no graphene oxide in the Covid “vaccines” and yet numerous articles tout the efficiency of graphene oxide used in IV/IM medications as part of a delivery system.
    I’ve wondered why so many people never question authority, whether political, medical or religious, and blindly follow whatever is said because some “expert” says so?


  4. If the author is messing with people in this troubling time, I pray they will be relegated to the chaff pile and burn in hell for eternity. It is not nice to mess with people!


    1. If you check out the WEF, the World Economic Forum’s official website you will see the CEO, Klaus Schwab clearly state his intentions to fuse people’s bodies with technology.

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  5. This article sheds light on why the devils of the world are mandating that everyone take the covid jabs and boosters. Covid injections never had anything to do with improving human health as many have been deceived into believing. People are being coerced and tricked into signing up to become transhumans, cyborgs or whatever people are called who merge their bodies and minds with the devil’s technologies. This whole set-up is leading to the mark of the beast system. The ability or the inability to buy and sell is what gives it away. The nanobot containing needleless patch (quantum dot technology) when placed on the skin can travel anywhere in the body I hear. So the nanobots or whatever else is being delivered from the needleless patch can find its way to the forehead or the right hand. It’s possible that the synthetic spike protein from the covid jabs may land in the forehead or right hand too. Just saying.


    1. You speak of The Mark.

      While I’m glad you said “will LEAD to it”, many are concerned that the shot IS The Mark. To them I say this ;

      It is not currently happening YET, as:
      1) the Antichrist has not made himself known
      to the world yet. The Mark comes 3.5
      years after The Tribulation starts, and we
      need the A/C for that to happen.
      2) At the time when people are considering
      taking The Mark, there will be angels
      flying overhead preaching The Gospel and
      WARNING them not to take it, as taking it
      will lead to eternal punishment from God.

      Accept Jesus as your Personal Saviour NOW, as time is short!!


      1. Do you really believe they will advertise this as the mark of the beast?
        Deception will be the key , by the great deceiver himself .


      2. What if Dispensationalism is wrong? People trust that theological scheme like they do the vaccine narrative, and it may not be true. Biblically, where do you get the notion that “angels will be overhead to declare the Gospel?” That’s what we are called to do; I hope you are doing so! No matter your argument, we CAN TRUST Jesus in new birth (Jn 3).

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    1. So, if I understand correctly, the CRISPR technology reduces the body’s resistance to external electronic signals whilst at the same time amplifying those signals, meaning that the signals can be effective over a longer distance. Seems to me that this will serve as an ideal conduit for 5G signalling.
      Has anybody out there wondered how the Musk and Bezos satellites fit into all of this ?


      1. Yes, it’s there satalites which will be raining down the frequency waves to activate the Nano, when the trouble starts, they will converse on those areas and start radiating, just gives them access pretty much everywhere, which is not covered by ariels, just weapons is my opinion.


  6. As much as I feel that I’m an educated person, I’m still waiting for the layman’s version of the article to slap me in the face with the brutal understanding and clarity needed to tell me anything different than our Over Lords are going to control us via the Virus/Jabs etc.


    1. magnumgirlsays:
      November 1, 2021 at 8:26 pm
      If you click on the ‘ Bioengineering’ link at the bottom of the article, you will find a diagram which is much easier to understand.

      What I understand from reading this article is that the CRISPR technology reduces the bodies ability to resist electronic signals whilst at the same time causing the body to enhance those signals. In other words, when the CRISPR technology is put into a persons body it causes the body to become more able to receive signals from external sources.

      So it could be used to make 5G signals enter the body more easily by overriding the bodies natural defences to external electronic signals.

      Our brain uses electronic signals to control our body’s physical functions. Our body’s chemistry has a natural built in resistance to external electronic energy in order to prevent the brains electronic signals from being disrupted/confused.

      The CRISPR technology supresses this built in defence system so that external signals can more easily gain access to our internal signalling system making it possible for our brain and body to be controlled by people such as Klaus Schwab.

      They can use this technology to interfere with our thought processes. They can selectively switch on/off various signals that pass through the brain and body. They can transform the body into a conduit/antenna for enabling them to control our thoughts, emotions and movements.
      People who are connected to this technology will become transhuman and can be controlled by those who own the technology.

      So if we allow them to put CRISPR into our bodies via a hypodermic syringe etc., then we have crossed a rubicon where our mental and physical integrity have been compromised and we become slaves subject to those who control the technology.
      I believe that the covid jab is being used to alter people’s biology in order to convert their bioelectronic signalling system and fuse it with outside electronic systems controlled by Klaus Schwab and his cronies.

      I believe that we have entered the third world war which is a bioelectronic war where people will be conquered by a combination of injections and electro magnetic frequencies. The ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is actually a planned takeover of humanity by the evil elite in a bid to create ‘Human 2’

      So that’s my understanding of the article and where I believe this is all heading.
      I hope you find this helpful.

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      1. Anthony William says:
        November 2, 2021 at 6:46 am

        Satan uses paranormal demonic powers to interfere with the carnal-minded thought processes of humanistic souls who are his deluded spawn. Demons insidiously switch on/off various sensual signals that pass through the brain and body, enabling them to control their thoughts, emotions, and movements. Humanists who are dependent wards within the Marxist Beast’s Socialistic Security System are bewitched and have crossed the Rubicon into Armageddon’s Orwellian Digital Age. Digitally marked (SS#) and demonically constrained, their mental and physical integrity are enslaved to the Satanic tyranny of the ‘fourth Reich’s supernatural Humanist revolution’.


      2. Thanks for the explanation! Basically what I was afraid of…..the MNRA technology would allow folks like Gates, Schwab, et al, to use biological weapons to do their sick evolutionary bidding.

        God help us……Talk to everyone you can and explain why vaccines are NOT NECESSARY…..go to America’s Frontline Doctors and EDUCATE YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!!! Use Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, and other recommended prophylactics. The Only thing Killing us is THE JAB!!!


      3. Has anyone else wondered why the elites would want to kill off the Sheep, only to be left having to deal with all of us remaining SHEEPDOGS?????

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    2. magnumgirl says:
      November 4, 2021 at 1:07 am

      Ravenous wolves clothed in bloody SHEEPskins (i.e. Satan’s elite DOGS) indiscriminately love to devour God’s dependent Sheep together with the devil’s independent Goats. Has anyone else wondered why the elites on Judgment Day will be standing at the left hand of Christ’s throne as He righteously deals with all of us remaining SHEEPDOGS?????


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