Watch Sen. Josh Hawley’s epic confrontation with Biden lackey over DOJ’s threats to ‘silence and intimidate’ parents voicing concerns about their children’s education

A U.S. Senator took the Biden administration to task Tuesday during a Senate hearing into a memorandum that the Department of Justice issued Monday, Oct. 4, that seems to threaten parents and discourage them from showing up at local school board meetings to express their concerns about what their children are being taught.

Parents nationwide have been turning out en masse to voice concerns to their local boards of education about sexualized books in the schools, curricula promoting racial hatred, gender confusion, pedophilia and all manner of filth.

That has caught the attention of federal law enforcement agencies.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO, questioned Lisa Monaco, deputy attorney general of the United States, during a hearing on the controversial, some say intimidating, memorandum that was issued Oct. 4 by her boss at the Justice Department, Mr. Merrick Garland.

Senator Josh Hawley, R-MO, grilled deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco and delivered a stunning rebuke to the Biden administration’s “weaponization of federal agencies” against Americans. Watch the video below.

Read the full memorandum. Read the DOJ’s Oct. 5 press release about the one-page memorandum.

Sen. Josh Hawley said the Biden administration has moved with lightning speed since taking office on Jan. 21 to politicize and “weaponize” the DOJ against the American people.

“Practically every day brings new reports about this administration weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to go after political opponents,” Hawley said in an Oct. 5 Senate hearing. “Frankly I don’t think we have seen anything like it in American history. For those of us who missed the McCarthy era, I guess this president is intent on bringing it to us. But with new force and new power and new urgency unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

Watch Hawley’s impassioned grilling of Monaco in the 5-minute video below. It’s perhaps the most damning and daring indictment of the current DOJ tactics you will ever hear on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Rest assured this clip won’t be played on the nightly newscast of any mainstream outlet or reported in any local newspaper.

Monaco continuously tries to misrepresent the content and context of the memo. She says the memo is strictly about violence and threats of violence, when the memo clearly goes much further than that, making vague references to “harassment and intimidation.” Hawley tried to get Monaco to define her terms. Where is the line over which one crosses from “spirited debate” at a school board meeting into “harassment?” She never answers that question.

“At local school board meetings, parents waiting, sometimes waiting for hours to express concerns about critical race theory, or the masking of their students, particularly young children, is that in and of itself harassment and intimidation?

“I think we can agree that violence should not be condoned, looked away in any way, swept under the rug at all. But harassment and intimidation? What do those terms mean in the context of a local school board meeting? In the context of the First Amendment, we talk about the chill, the chilled speech. IF this isn’t a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings, for their elected school boards, I don’t know what is. I’m not aware of anything like this in history. We’re talking about the FBI. You’re using the FBI to intervene in school board meetings. That’s extraordinary.

“Tell me where the line is with parents expressing their concerns, where parents waiting for hours in these school board meetings, we’ve all seen the videos, this happened in my state, parents have waited for hours, sometimes the school board meetings have been ended before they can speak because the school board doesn’t want to hear it, and now the parents are being told that if they wait and express their views they can be investigated for intimidation?”

Monaco again sidesteps the question and rambles on about threats and violence.

“All I can say is this is truly extraordinary. I think you know it is,” Hawley shot back, adding:

“It’s unprecedented, you can’t point to a single incidence where anything like this has happened before. And I think parents across this country are going to be stunned to learn [about it]. Stunned, that they show up at a local school board meeting, by the way, where they have the right to appear and be heard, where they have the right to say something about their children’s education, where they have the right to vote, and you are attempting to intimidate them, you are attempting to silence them. You are attempting to interfere with their rights as parents and, yes, with their rights as voters. This is wrong, and dangerous. I can’t believe that an attorney general of the United States is engaging in this kind of conduct, and frankly, I can’t believe that you are sitting here today, defending it. I intend to get answers to these questions. You won’t answer my questions, I’m going to get answers to these questions. Mr. Chairman we need to have a hearing on this subject, we need to hear from the attorney general himself. He needs to come here, take the oath, and sit there and answer questions. We have never before seen anything else like this in our country’s history. And frankly, I want to say, I think it is dangerous, dangerous precedent.” was one of the first to warn, months ago, that “they are coming for your children.”

The mask is now off. Thanks to Sen. Hawley, the truth has been exposed on the floor of the U.S. Senate. There are no more excuses for any parent to keep their children in a public school. If you do, you are sending them to an institution that now has federal backing to dismiss any meaningful expression of opinions on how or what that institution should be teaching the children. And if you do express your opinions, you are opening yourself up to criminal prosecution.

They make the rules. You must sit down and obey. Sound familiar?

Think of how the Trump/Biden “vaccine” program has been rolled out. It happened at warp speed, the people were given zero information on what was actually in it, how it might affect their health, if or how it might actually work. All we were told was that it was “safe and effective,” and to sit down and roll up our sleeves for the “greater good” of society. Months later and millions of injections into the program, the CDC and Fauci admit this injection only offers three to six months of “protection” before it starts to “wane” and you then need another “booster” to keep your now compromised immune system working at a fraction of the strength offered by natural immunity.

Anyone who questions the brute force with which the Trump/Biden magic serum has been rolled out is labeled a conspiracy theorist, an extremist and a half-baked purveyor of “misinformation.” This continues, despite the growing number of casualties from this poison death shot.

Don’t separate the issues. They are all related. America is being systematically deconstructed from the inside out and the outside in, from the top down and the bottom up.

Biden is just the front man for a China-compromised, technocratic, global communist revolution [think Great Reset and its ‘build back better’ mantrayou will own nothing and be happy] that claims the raw use of naked power over every individual on the planet.

The number-one target of every communist revolution in history has been God and traditional religion. The second target is the family. That’s why they always come for your children first. Then they come for you, the parents. Before they can do that, they must play tricks with the language to brand you – as an extremist, a domestic terrorist, a threat to society and “democracy.” This DOJ memo is a declaration of war on every parent, every grandparent, who asserts their constitutional rights at a local public board meeting, which is the very foundation of democracy in action. It’s game on from here. Things will only get more interesting.

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22 thoughts on “Watch Sen. Josh Hawley’s epic confrontation with Biden lackey over DOJ’s threats to ‘silence and intimidate’ parents voicing concerns about their children’s education”

  1. It is shocking and appalling what radical globalist are doing to our country. In a upcoming vote it appears Senator Blunt may go full turn coat against the American people. The blackmail being used against Blunt can only be deduced as it is difficult to understand what could make a Senator turn traitor against We The People. Notice he never speaks out against the egregious acts of tyranny being committed against citizens. The organization below has been instrumental toward reestablishing and safeguarding that which is dear. You can read about it there.


  2. Apparently, the USA Inc., “Christian Community” thinking is superior to the example of Ancient Israel!
    Ezekiel 8:14
    Then he brought me to the door of the gate of
    the LORD’S house
    which was toward the north;
    and, behold,
    there sat women
    The gift that keeps on taking!)
    Just before Ancient Israel was carried away to Babylon Captivity!
    Their Rebellion invited them!
    Galatians 6:7
    Be not deceived;God is not mocked:
    for whatsoever a man soweth,
    that shall he also reap.


  3. They want Our children! Didn’t Obummer once say at a UN meeting or whatever –
    “Americans aren’t able to think for themselves, that’s where we come in and make decisions for them”……. These wicked “Pizza-Gate” Satanists, Pedophile, Mass-Murderers are deliberately breaking us down (or trying) emotionally , physically, spiritually , financially and now to take ahold of our children and Vax them and control their minds and fill them with twisted, sick , perverted ideas! We had Better Stand UP and put a STOP to this and perhaps take our kids out of school!
    These Truly Are The Last Days!


  4. It really is unprecedented to have Federal law enforcement agencies playing an active roll in perceived threats at local levels. There are plenty of state and local agencies to handle any such “true” criminal threats to the public should they arise. Usually, it’s the local agencies that request assistance from the Feds when they do not have manpower or the technology that would expedite an investigation. If they are to play an active roll initiating, then that raises red flags.


  5. No we have not ever experienced this in our country! This is Communist intimidation! I know it would be vert difficult for some, but I wish all the parents would pull all their children OUT of public schools & homeschool or private school! If school system has NO ONE to rule over, SHUT THEM DOWN! Take away all the taxation, money rhey receive! Take back OUR power!


  6. And Garland seems to have a significant conflict of interest regarding propagandizing CRT in public schools which probably accounts for his sudden and very heavy handed attempt to suppress parental protests against it. Is there any department in our government that’s not a part of a crime syndicate or run by Soviet swine???

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  7. Mao Tse Tung was a plant set up by the globalists. They’ve been running China like a tight ship, same as every nation of consequence. The globalists want the masses to believe China’s government is independent. And for the most part they’ve succeeded.


  8. Sadly, Hawley’s reply doesn’t seem as “epic” when one considers that the Biden tyrants, the DOJ, and the school boards will ignore Hawley and continue to indoctrinate our kids and to punish dissenters. As time passes the punishments will be more swift, more severe and for smaller infractions.

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  9. I like Josh Hawley however, live every other senate hearing they can yell, scream, accuse, etc., and yet nothing every comes of it. Nothing…nada…nyet!

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  10. Leo……Merrick Garland’s daughter Rebecca is married to Alexander “Xan” Newman Tanner. Tanner is the co-founder and President of Panorama Education which is a far left resource for SEL and they openly talks about America as a systemically racist country (CRT talk). CRT will be incorported into many SEL programs that were heavily pushed in to our school system under ESSA. Now do we see why Mr. Garland is calling parents out as domestic terrorists. BTW…..Facebook is an investor in Panorama.

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  11. The irony is the globalists plan on getting rid of the public school system as we know it. They plan on drastically downsizing the pink haired, child-hating commies. The learning process will be entirely by screen (in their Scared New World.) This means instead of a class of 30, one “educator” could teach at least 300. 100 by a Zoom device for 2-3 hours a day. Even more if they use lots of prerecorded sessions.
    Of course Christians will never be part of this New Abnormal. But the Marxists will. Wait till they find out it isn’t communism they have ushered in. But it’s oppressive totalitarianism so maybe they’ll be pleased.
    (Not a defense of Communism or Fascism. Just pointing out this is a new incarnation of tyranny using different methods than either. With tools to acquire almost limitless control on a scale never before seen in the history of mankind.)

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    1. Yes. I’m guessing that a lot of people who think they’re in the in crowd who gets to rule the world will find themselves disposable. And I’m also guessing that the final power struggle (if it gets that far) will be between the Klaus Schwab globalists and the Chinese Communists.

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      1. Peter Breggin believes the Chinese would win. I’m not so sure.
        I don’t believe God will let Babel 2.0 last because He doesn’t like blasphemy or this sadistic oppression of the meek. Like the Tower of Babel their building project (chain of smart cities around the globe) will go uncompleted as He breaks their alliance so they turn on one another. Destroying all they hold dear in the process.
        They will own everything (for a short time)–and wail as they watch it go up in smoke. The governments and global predators. Mighty merchants of the earth.
        They will own everything and be very unhappy.

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