Are you prepared to live as the new ‘undocumented’?

Andrew Wiggins is one of a handful of NBA basketball players who publicly rejected the vaccine mandate – show your papers or you can’t play, at least not in certain stadiums in communist-run cities like New York and San Francisco.

Wiggins applied for a religious exemption and was denied by his employer, the NBA and Golden State Warriors, whose home games are played in the leftist/globalist haven of San Francisco.

This is what leftists/globalists do.

They bully, intimidate, and dangle financial incentives in front of your face. If you reject their communist and/or fascist demands, they cancel you. They preach tolerance but have never practiced tolerance a day in their lives.

And so Wiggins caved under the pressure. The state-run media has rolled out many of the league’s legends, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to slander and make fun of the players who are holding out against taking the experimental mRNA gene-therapy injections.

Andrew Wiggins had his application for a religious exemption rejected by the NBA and has now received the Covid gene-therapy shot.

O’Neal saved his worst criticism not for Wiggins but for Kyrie Irving, a star player for the Brooklyn Nets who remains unvaccinated.

O’Neal said if he was a teammate of Irving’s he’d go to management and tell them to get Irving “up out of here…Get his ass up out of here.”

If O’Neal was a real man, he would have said “Whoever owns the Brooklyn Nets, get him up out of here.”

But no, he went after a fellow athlete, Irving, who is standing on principle and who is aware of the U.S. government’s history of experimenting on young black men. Maybe O’Neal, Jabbar and these other bootlicking NBA legends should research the Tuskegee Alabama syphilis experiments, which the CDC conducted on black soldiers from 1932 to 1972 [more than 100 died].

Kyrie Irving, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, remains one of the few NBA vaccine refusniks and has been roundly criticized by basketball legends such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal.

In the end, Wiggins decided he simply could not give up half his salary. As Yahoo Sports reports, Facing huge financial hit, NBA player gets Covid vaccine.

Wiggins buckled under the pressure. He was one of the last few unvaccinated players playing for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, the league’s three teams in cities that are requiring every professional athlete to be vaccinated before they can ply their trade on a basketball court, football field, hockey rink or baseball diamond.

It has been reported earlier that Wiggins was standing strong on principle, that he was willing to lose $8.9 million, which is about half his annual salary.

But on Sunday, Yahoo Sports reports Wiggins caved and got vaccinated.

I hope it works out for him. I really do. I pray he doesn’t get myocarditis [inflammation of the heart], brain fog or any of the other health issues that this injection is causing for men his age, including death.

But this young man just turned his back on his religious convictions because he apparently couldn’t conceive of himself living on a paltry $9 million a year. He had to have the other $9 million. Like the rest of his teammates, he showed he could be bought for 30 pieces of silver.

Now some undoubtedly had no religious beliefs and maybe they believed the lies of Anthony Fauci who says everyone needs to get this shot in order to save humanity, despite the fact that a young athlete in his 20s has virtually zero chance of ever dying from Covid.

But Wiggins knew the shot was not good for him. He held out almost until the beginning of the NBA season, then caved.

I can understand the ignorant ones, the mind-controlled ones, submitting to the shots. And there will be continuous shots. No one-and-done when it comes to the Covid injections, which is why they don’t even qualify as vaccines. Have you ever heard of a vaccine in need of a “booster” every six months?

Millions of us can’t be bought. We have done our research. We have counted the cost, and we will fight to the end for freedom — freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of bodily integrity.

We will not be any man’s slave.

No employer, no government, no corporate entity will ever be allowed to get inside of our heads and make us do something we know we will regret later.

I warned my readers months ago that this is where things were heading. That the ultimate cancelation was still yet to come. Now it’s here. We must resolve to stay strong.

We are the new undocumented.

Illegal immigrants pour across the border without worry of being tested or shot in the arm with a needle carrying an unknown foreign substance.

But we who have worked our entire lives in this country, obeyed its laws, paid its taxes, we are no longer afforded the right to make our own medical decisions.

Some have said we are being treated like second-class citizens, but it’s worse than that.

We are not treated like citizens at all.

Second class citizens are forced to the back of the bus.

Non-citizens aren’t allowed on the bus.

Second-class citizens are given inferior medical treatment.

Non-citizens are refused all medical treatment.

Second-class citizens are charged higher interest for loans and mortgages.

Non-citizens are denied loans and mortgages.

Second-class citizens aren’t allowed into the best universities.

Non-citizens aren’t allowed into any universities.

Second-class citizens don’t get the best jobs.

Non-citizens don’t get any jobs.

This is where America and the rest of the formerly “free world” are heading.

We see it being rolled out in Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and just a little slower in the United States.

We must prepare our minds for that day.

Are you ready to live as the new “undocumented?”

Many of these denials of basic rights have already occurred in the U.S., including a university education. A healthcare job. A career in law enforcement, fire fighting, even jobs that don’t require people to come into an office or mingle with the public. They’re all falling by the wayside to those who refuse the experimental gene therapy that has killed at least 15,000, according to the government’s own records, and likely a lot more.

Air travel will be the next thing to be denied to the un-injected. Medical care is already being denied in many areas, at least the type of medical care you could count on when you went into a hospital pre-Covid.

We must form networks of like-minded thinkers who can barter and help take care of each other. We must “come out” of Babylon and its new normal.

There is still no law on the books that was ever passed by Congress that says companies of 100 or more employees must fire their workers unless they take the experimental serum. Joe Biden issued this edict in his now infamous Sept. 9 speech but there is no law requiring it, no OSHA rule enforcing it. And yet, corporations are obeying it. Biden said it and it became law in the demented, un-American minds of the fascist corporate CEOs.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of free America. The land of the free and home of the brave has been taken over by tyrants.

But while America is no longer free, that doesn’t mean we stop living as free individuals.

We still make our own choices.

The choices get harder but, once made, we still own them.

When Andrew Wiggins is a grandfather some day, if he lives long enough to be a grandfather, he will be asked by his grandchildren what he was doing when America became communist.

Wiggins will have to tell them he chose the money over his country. is 100 percent reader supported. We do not receive any corporate ads or sponsorships and are not beholden to any corporate, pharmaceutical or government interests. Donations of any size are appreciated and may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264.

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59 thoughts on “Are you prepared to live as the new ‘undocumented’?”

  1. You mention we need to come together… I’m ready to fight! How do I begin getting like minded individuals together across my state (Colorado) and/or nation?
    Have a group of myself and about 25 coworkers are fighting our employer (state of Colorado). It’s going to be a hard, long fight.

    Any ideas from anywhere or anyone on how to unite?


  2. I received the vaccine for “family” reasons and I will leave it at that, BUT I FULLY SUPPORT those who chose otherwise.
    We need vaxed Patriots to stand with the un-vaxed and refuse to participate in any business, etc. that requires a “passport” – even though we are not officially banned. This is likely to be hard, but then defending liberty has never been a cake walk. If a friend, neighbor, or family member of mine is banned, I will carry part of the yoke even though I don’t need to legally. I could see this as having a great impact, but it takes many to pull the load.


      Glad you can see that this isn’t about the vaccine at all. You just made me realize how much they have segregated the vx and unvx by the fact that your statement truly shocked me. It warmed my heart. 🇺🇸❤🤍💙 Let’s fight! How to unite?


    1. True but the tragedy with pride and arrogance is an inability to accept there is any other possibility than total victory. As we can see in scripture this was the devil’s downfall in the first place and it looks as though he has not learned his lesson. However never forget he is God’s devil!


  3. In some ways I tend to agree with Steve Bannon that we’re such a large majority that if we push back, they can’t possibly pull this off. Especially since they’re losing support by the millisecond while they seem to be in competition with themselves to come up with more obscene and outrageous policies. (And they’re also cowards, BTW – e.g. the hysteria over Jan 6 isn’t just feigned.) On the other hand, organization is ‘everything’, and these guys know how to organize as well as how to take over institutions and use them for their own purposes. And they’re also fiendishly determined. So I don’t know how this thing will go, but it’s impossible to believe it can’t be stopped.


    1. But surely you don’t think that we are the ones that have to do all this, does not God come into your line of think at all? After all He is letting this happen for a reason and do you really believe He is going to let down His Son’s Bride – that is if you are part of His Son’s Bride, if you aren’t I don’t know how you can possibly be coping, I could not.

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      1. @Julia Pomeroy. I do not believe that God will let us down. But we are told to work together. We are not told to throw our hands into the air and do nothing. We are co-workers with Christ bearing witness to the truth.
        For this reason the world hates us and that hatred will grow as events unfold. The bride of Christ will be subject to great tribulation in the future. In fact Christians are presently being murdered because of their faith in many counties around the world.
        Christians have always gone through persecution and tribulation. I suggest that you read up on Christian martyrs through history, from saint Stephen onwards. Christians were set on fire to illuminate Nero’s garden. they were eaten alive. They were wrapped in skins and fed to dogs etc., You should read about the ‘Inquisition’ where millions of Christians were tortured and murdered by the Roman Catholic church
        These martyrs were not let down by God. Their faith was tested and approved to the glory of Jesus Christ. Their reward is in heaven, a reward far greater than the human mind can imagine.
        You seem to think that the bride of Christ is exempt from tribulation but that is patently not the case. If your faith is based on that false assumption then you are not in the truth. It is through tribulation that our faith is tested and approved to the glory of Jesus Christ.

        p.s. You still haven’t answered my question. Please share with us what you get by visiting this site?

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      2. When I saw your first comment – it was just after midnight where I live – therefore because I have a life outside of my laptop that was the earliest I saw it, I thought about what you had asked and I find that if I put somethiing on the ‘back burner’ of my mind and do not think about it, an answer will come, it was a good question to ponder on, so to speak. So I continued to look at my emails and, lo and behold, there was another comment from you with a demand, no less, that I reply to your question in your previous comment, which I had only just read. It was at that moment I removed my consideration from the ‘back burner’ and binned it. I will not be pushed by anybody, even God, in all His love and wisdom, has never pushed me, what makes you think you can but then I can only assume that patience is not your strong suit despite it being part of the fruit of the Spirit as per Galatians 5:22-23
        What is even more ironic I was going to post this comment to you there and then but my internet provider was offline for some maintenance – apparently – this I found incredibly funny under the circumstances. It is now 12.15pm 6th October, where I live and here is your reply, enjoy!
        PS I am still a work in progress as far as ‘grace’ is concerned, being somewhat plain spoken!


    2. As I’ve said on few replies, how do we unite? I’m ready to fight for my country and my great grandchildren’s freedom.
      About to lose my job( work for state of Colorado) so I’ll have a lot of free time!


  4. Have you noticed that whenever you tell a vaccine Covidian cult person about all the people flowing in over the southern border who don’t have to get vax’d and probably are bringing in all sorts of other diseases, they say nothing. You hear crickets. But they cheer when it comes to forcing people to show their health status just to get or keep a job now. They don’t get that this is the next phase of the march to totalitarianism. The masks and lockdowns were the 1st volley. Now we’re in phase 2 and the Covidian cult people are jumping in with both feet. I don’t have much faith in getting any relief if these mandates get challenged at the Supreme Court. Prepare for the ratchet to be tightened even more.

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      1. @ Julia Pomeroy.
        I did not dismiss the Bible. I am saying that Christians need to be aware of the evil tricks and lies that are being uses to trick people into taking the Covid jab etc., and that there is more trickery ahead. I find this site and others like it, informative and helpful, shedding light on future developments and I am therefore keeping some helpful comments stored in ‘word pad’ for future reference, should these sites be shut down.

        As Christians we are called to support each other and keep each other from straying. The church is the living body of Christ and is a testimony against the evil in the world. So in addition to the Bible we have the Holy Spirit in us reproving the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:. (John 14)

        We encourage each other and warn each other when danger is afoot. So as evil presents itself in different ways, we keep each other safe by sharing information on the changing events. We are inter dependant and rely on each other. This is the way God works. This is the way the church works.

        When Jesus Christ judges the nations He will consider what we have done to help each other. You will see this in Mathew 25.
        The reason I visit this site is for information and support and to support others by sharing my understanding of events.
        So I’m wondering why you visit this site. Maybe you might share with us, what it is, that you get from visiting this site?

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  5. Christians in many countries have enjoyed dual citizenship, so to speak. Our eternal home is heaven, our temporal dwelling is earth. It seems our earthly citizenship is being revoked, but that is just as Jesus said it would be. He made this world & everything in it yet the unregenerate leaders of government & religion rejected Him. He told us we could expect the same, so here we are; smack-dab in the middle of the separation of the wheat & the tares. Jesus said in that parable in Matthew that the world was a field in which He sowed good seed which are the children of the kingdom of God, after awhile, the devil sowed his evil seed who are described as tares.
    All over the world, there is a separation. This is a time to pursue Truth, we cannot compromise with evil to promote ‘unity’.

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    1. I wonder how many are aware of what tares look like and why the ‘owner of the field’ would not let his workers remove the tares? Firstly, as they are growing side by side it is impossible to tell the difference between them until they are fully grown, even then it needs ‘experts’ to be able to tell the difference and separate them. The other thing is tares do not have any nutritional value whatsoever. I find it fascinating that Jesus used these two ‘crops’ for such a parable. However the particular harvest you are referring to is at the end of the age and it is the angels who harvest it, they are the ‘experts’, we are not the harvesters and it is not yet happening. See Matthew 13 – best read the whole chapter because you then get to read the parable and then Jesus explains it to the disciples.

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  6. Thank you, Leo, for this post. It is sad to watch, hear of ones, for whatever their reasons, choosing evil over good. But those of us who Believe and Trust in Heavenly Father go on standing and resisting every wicked scheme of villains to coerce us to bow to them. Sites like yours are important, and I thank you for continuing to bring us your insightful coverage. All of us Believers, and other good folks, know this: We win. The new Heaven and new Earth are on the way, and I especially love it that Father and Messiah are there (Rev 21: 1-4) and are all the Light (Rev 21: 23, 25) we’ll ever need. Just imagine, there is no night–only Light and from Father Whose Commandments we live by and from The Way, Our Messiah. . . . Heavenly Father Bless you, Leo, and keep you safe. Also, I Pray Father Blesses all of us at your site–and the world over– who resist evil as The Holy Spirit Guides us to from where we are.

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    1. Actually if you read the Book of Revelation you will see that the Ndw Heaven and the New Earth do NOT appear until AFTER Jesus’ thousand year reign and as that has not started yet and will not for at least another seven years and probably more, we have a while to wait! However the challenge is where will the Bride of Christ be during those thousand years, on the earth or in heaven?


  7. My husband and I have been living the life some of you still have to experience since 1st August. Thank God we are retired so, at the moment, we have our pensions. However we are completely banned from all medical establishments and all commerical venues which can house more thsn ten people, including staff. We are, in effect, non-people, or non-citizens. All our groceries have to be ordered online and they are delivered to us, ironically in innumerable plastic bags which are not supposed to be available any more. We could not even enter an aiport, let alone catch a plane – the only way off this island! Our neighbours used to speak to us but now they avoid us and what friends we had have all scuttled back to the UK. We are now having to learn a particular scripture which we would rattle off but which was only relevant to us in a cerebral way: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 but there are similar scriptures all over the Bible. We western Christians have had it so good up to now! It is time to, in effect, put our money where our mouths are and this, I believe, is part of God’s judgment upon His own house, that and the fact that a vast majority of churches submitted and closed their doors for months which was utterly disgraceful!

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    1. Foolish-virgin Christians (i.e. religious tares, goats), whose souls are Socialistically Secured within Harlot Babylon’s lukewarm Laodicean church/state, have had it so good up to now! The strong delusion of Marxism’s Humanistic Social Gospel and its Great Fabian Reset is part of God’s judgment upon the Judaeo-Xian Angel of Light’s utopian American Dream. The fact that a vast majority of Uncle Sam’s apostate (501c3) Laodicean churches submitted to the Beast’s digitally-marked jab and closed their doors for months is utterly demonic! Revelation 18:4


      1. What? Is there a chance you could put that into English? I have a fe4ling this is something to do with American (501c3) was the clue but I don’t live there and, I am told in the Word of God I have the mind of Christ and last time I read His Word and spoke to Him (prayed) He did not sound at all foolish! By the way I have been married for 53 years and have two children so there is no way I am a virgin! Just sayin’


      1. Thank you, by the way has anybody else noticed it is impossible to access Facebook? I know many people say nasty things about it, however, as a missionary with friends scattered across the world I have found it a wonderful tool. And right now I miss it! But then I am very, very picky what appears on my page.


    2. Hi Julia,

      Just wondering where you live if you don’t mind me asking? I admire the strength God has given you and your husband and how you lean upon his word.

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      1. It’s a small Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean close to the coasts of Syria and Turkey and is known as Cyprus. It is known as Kittim in the Bible! About a third of it is illegally occupied by, mostly, military Anatolian Turks! And has been since 1979, although the ‘war’ was in 1974. Where I live – Nicosia – is the only other capital city in the world which is divided by legal and illegal occupiers!
        I believe the EU has been using it as a proving ground for that which is starting to happen elsewhere but happened here on 1st August with no mention of anything changing any time soon. Alas because we found Greek too difficult to learn, although we know the opinion of many of the Greek Cypriots (it’s a load of rubbish), we cannot find out what, if anything is being done surreptitiously. We just know that many completely disagree with the shots and are keeping their heads down. Mind you this country is very corrupt – this is the last vestiges of when it was occupied by the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire for 400 years where corruption, of course, was rife and the Greek Cypriots were seriously suppressed! I am sure we could buy a fake ‘passport’ thing but that would be lying and I do not believe God wants us to do that.


      1. Leo, thank you for bringing us this article and staying strong. At first I thought I would read Wiggins would sit out from basketball. But then the story took some strange turns. I was shocked that he could still play if he took a penalty that would involve him losing half his pay. I really like the way you wrote about all the twist. There is nothing the globalist would like better than to sweep cv19 under the rug and have only their narrative covered. Though I do not have especially strong ties as to what is happening in the medical underworld I heard some minorish reports that some doctors are breaking from the dominant hospital systems. We desperately need this to help provide for alternatives.


  8. I believe that, eventually, sites like this will be banned from the internet. I have been copying quotes and saving them to word so that in the future when I am isolated from you guys, I will still have something to read which will help keep me focussed and strong.

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    1. I think you will find the most powerful stuff to read now and in the future is the Word of God. In fact I do not just think this i KNOW it.

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      1. You are stating the obvious, But when sites like this are banned we will be starved of many truths and challenges to the Covid conspiracy and it’s perpetrators. During this time we will have to contend with lies and propaganda in the mainstream media and hatred from the general public. In such a hostile and ignorant climate of opinion there will be huge pressure on people to accept and conform. With no sites like this to challenge the false narrative, I fear that people will be swayed and conform.
        Thanks to sites like this, we have fresh updates and feedback from other comments on the site. I may not agree with everything that’s said here, but there is a lot of truth which I feel is lacking from the mainstream media.
        So while we have the opportunity, I would recommend storing the relevant info for future reference and to help us remember the lies that were pushed on the general population so that we don’t lose sight of what’s behind the Covid agenda.
        Christians don’t only read the Bible. We have to also be informed about the current threats that face us so that we are prepared to face them.
        A shout out to Leo for his efforts to combat the lies and trickery that is going on behind the scenes.
        Please tell me Julia. Why do you visit this site?


      2. When you think about it then, if we take things from your perspective, it is an absolute miracle that the baby church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ever got off the ground – to mix metaphors. But then didn’t they rely on the Holy Spirit to guide them, we are told He will lead us into all truth and He has many gifts which could be helpful when you are living under occupation by an enemy occupier which had designed the worst way to kill anybody ever? All they had was the Torah and the epistles as they came through, oh, yes, I forgot those are not essential, knowing what was happening right then to their world was the essential thing and quite how did they do that?
        Come to think of it it is a flipping (English slang which bears no association with a similar, but, filthy swear word) miracle Ian and I are surviving. We do not have a clue what is happening in Cyprus, the one English language newspaper available online is full of nothing but trivia and, despite three years of really hard work we have never mastered the Greek language sufficiently well to be able to find out what it is most people are saying. Also in other newspapers from other countries Cyprus does not exactly figure at all! All we have to guide us here is the Bible – well waddya know!
        Do not be so dismissive of the Word of God people have died just because they possessed one page of it in places like China so it is viewed as very powerful by those who hate Jesus Christ. In fact there are many scriptures which refer to the power which is in God’s Word Vis: Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16; Romans 10:17; Romans 1:16; James 1:22; etc.
        I thank God every day that I have His Word and through it I can learn more about Him because in the knowing more about Him I learn to trust Him even further to the point where it truly does not matter what might happen tomorrow or any other day after that, He has told me, in effect, that life is one day at a time and HE HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN. And all this without knowing what is going on in the rest of Cyprus!
        I trust you get the point? And, yes, I am seriously perturbed that anybody would be so dismissive of God’s powerful Word. It is the only trustworthy thing we have, even clerics of all shades are still sinful human beings.

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  9. Ooohhhh Leo,
    What is there to say? It is almost so bad that I am almost about to throw my hands up in the air. BUT GOD!!!
    He alone is our HOPE. As the evil one senses victory as he directs his puppets he has forgotten his God.
    Yes beloved Christian, our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth has not for one millisecond been taken off guard.
    I am certain of Him and I am blessed by those who connect together with us and one day we shall see Him and you beloved IN HIM face to face!
    Therefore we who are alive and trust IN HIM who remain shall proclaim Him until He calls us up to our Home where He is. Maranatha Lord Jesus please come quickly!

    Lord Jesus please strengthen Leo and his family and all who follow You. AMEN

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  10. Even our Coast Guard are forcing their chaplains to record in detail pages long questions to find weaknesses in a request for religious exemption. You would hope to find trust and confidentiality in a chaplain. “Nothing short of an inquisition.” Sept. 28 Family Research Council.

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  11. Rejecting this and getting “canceled” may have earthly benefits. Seems globalists prefer “canceling” to violent methods because they are few in number and cowardly (usually) old men. They are evil but operate differently than the fascist Nazis who operated differently from the Communists.
    Dangers of the jab aside, please copy-and-paste this to see what the NWO has in store for its loyal subjects. (There will be no citizens.) humansarefree dot com 2021/09/ world-economic-forum-dystopian-video dot html
    Who would want to “live” that way? Please don’t waste time envying the jabbed! Better be killed by the technocrats’ drones.
    It will be primitive. They probably will try to hunt us down. But at least we can go unmasked and interact with each other. We can worship God in the real world. The children will play and learn normally. If we succeed in growing food it will be better than what the NWO serfs get. Though less plentiful.
    Wonder who will sacrifice comfort and ease to worship God and love their neighbor. “Love thy neighbor” does not mean mentally reducing him to a carrier of contagious diseases.
    I’m old and alone, but geographically this is a decent place to try. And like-minded neighbors to red pill. Or already red-pilled.
    Know why they want to make a list of our names? They already have the jabbed listed in the NWO database.
    We are already outside their System. Remember that this is a GOOD thing. Especially for Christians.
    Freedom or Free Stuff? Assuming we have a choice. But how many will choose the latter if we do?

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    1. I’ll remain free!! I’m close to my death, as it is known by the world, but I know that I will soon experience meeting our Lord Jesus!!
      I pray that we all repent and prepare for the judgment of God. We can’t stop what’s coming!!

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      1. The only judgment those who are disciples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is when we meet Him at His judgment seat known as the Bema Seat but there He will not be judging us because we have passed from judgment to life, He will be judging that which we have done for Him.
        Those who are no Jesus’ disciples will not face God and His Great White Throne judgment until after the thousand ye ar reign of Jesus on the earth – so they will have plenty of time to repent, that is if they survive the Tribulation which is drawing ever closer with each day that passes.


  12. We digitally-marked, Socialistically Secured American patriots must ecumenically form networks of like-minded humanist thinkers, as Uncle Sam’s Masonic founding fathers, who can barter and help take care of each other. We must “come out” of Fabian Babylon’s UN Global Village and its new Orwellian normal. Welcome to the Demon-cratic end of Freemasonry’s licentiously ‘free’ Harlot America. Freemasonry’s occult land of the free and home of the brave has been taken over by Marxism’s Fabian tyrants.


      1. Most likely the high-dollar premier athletes are being given placebo shots. They can’t have those guys dying while millions watch.


      1. Beloved holy Saints, UNITED in the body of Christ, put away the bloody sword and take-up
        your daily cross of martyrdom! Be strong in the Lord Jesus of Nazareth and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s Orwellian schemes. For our struggle is NOT against flesh and blood, but against Socialism’s demonic rulers, against the strong Humanist delusion of Freemasonry’s ’sacred’ American Constitution, against the Marxist powers of this accursed world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.… The night is nearly over; the day has drawn near. So let us lay aside Democracy’s demonic deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light…, in truthful speech and in the power of God; with the weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left…Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the evil Digital Age of Demon-cratic Socialism comes, you will be able to stand your ground against Satan’s Fourth Reich, and having done everything in obedience to God’s holy will, to triumphantly stand unmarked by the Beast’s abominable Social Security Number. Be a follower of Faithful and Christian Pilgrims who obediently took up their cross and fled out of Sodom’s Socially-Secured ‘The City of Destruction’.


      2. RE: buckfiden5280 Let’s fight! How do we unite? I’m ready to fight for my country (i.e. America—Freemasonry’s Great Babylonian Whore) and for my great grandchildren’s licentious, democratic, carnal-minded freedom. About to lose my job (Socially-Secured worker for the state of Colorado) so I’ll have a lot of Socialism’s free time!


    1. RE: Julia PomerOy—“Beginning”! God has been judging His house for the last almost two years.

      No Julia, God has always judged and disciplined His beloved household for over 4000 years. For it is time for divisive judgment to begin with God’s holy household; and if it begins with us in Christ’s virgin Bride (I.e. killing the Devil’s tares-Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-11), what will the outcome be for those tares (i.e. foolish virgins in Christ’s holy Bride) who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17


    1. How about the unvacxed stop paying taxes and payroll like the “illegals” they too make money and don’t pay taxes. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s use their rules on them!! Racists!!!


      1. I wish we could get people to stick together like that.
        I’m thinking that we are seeing the beginning of the judgment of God.
        It’s time to repent and get ready!!


      2. Wish it was that easy. I’m an employee not employer and as such I have as much say about not paying taxes as I do with how the taxes I’m robbed of get to be spent.


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