Will America go full Nazi? Next line to be crossed will be to deny medical treatment to the unvaxxed

‘This is an unprecedented horror show’

As the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1, I recall people posting comments on social media along the lines of … “Good riddance to 2020! No matter what happens in 2021 it could not be worse than 2020!”

At the time, I remember thinking: Hmm… What if 2020 was just a taste of what’s to come in 2021?

Fast-forward to August 2021 and I can guarantee many are wishing they could run back in time.

Here we are staring at another potential lockdown, and tensions are rising as people are being forced out of jobs because they won’t take an experimental injection. Medical treatments that a few months ago were considered private are suddenly everybody’s business.

The progressive elites who run our institutions started by threatening people’s jobs and academic careers, and now they’re moving on to forcing people to “show their medical papers” before they can enter restaurants, shows, ballgames, gyms, etc. Joe Biden, CNN’s Don Lemon, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and others have said businesses should not allow the unvaxxed to enter any store or work any job, period.

Don’t expect them to stop there.

The next step will be to deny medical care to the sick and dying unless they first concede to the injection.

How do I know this?

Because of the way the medical industry, under the spell of Big Pharma, is acting with regard to this very unique serum. It’s so special, we’re told that, unlike any previous vaccine in history, it must be injected into every person on the planet.

When’s the last time you saw state medical boards threatening to pull a doctor’s license simply because he disagreed with some “guidelines” coming down from the CDC or the WHO about how to treat his patients?

The answer is NEVER. But it’s happening now.

“This is an unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history,” said Dr. Roger Hodkinson, the renowned Canadian pathologist, during the “Stop the Shot” conference livestreamed Aug. 4 by America’s Frontline Doctors and LifeSite News.

Watch entire Stop the Shot conference

My advice? Do not rule out anything, no matter how nefarious, from the international cabal that has hijacked our medical establishment. They have already proven themselves to be ruthless. Stone cold killers.

The next step is to deny medical treatment to sick people who refuse their needle.

According to Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based public-interest law firm, the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center is already threatening to do just that to Bernard LaPierre of Worcester.

This 37-year-old father of three young boys has been waiting two years for a kidney transplant and recently found out his wife appears to be a match.

But UMass Memorial reportedly refuses to perform his lifesaving transplant unless he first gets the experimental injection. They’ve allowed for no alternative, no number of tests or duration of quarantine as a substitute.

LaPierre faces a horrifying choice that no human being anywhere, let alone in America, should have to make.

“Either this father of three refuses the kidney, and could die, or he takes the jab, and could die—or become disabled,” said Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, which is providing free legal help for LaPierre.

“This shot has resulted in over a half-million adverse reactions in only seven months,” Staver said. “Reported deaths from the shots are now at 11,940. No vaccine or Emergency Use Authorization drug in history compares to the number of adverse events or deaths from the COVID shots.”

Staver believes America is facing a test that is infinitely more serious than if you do or don’t like the shots.

We are all standing in the Valley of Decision. We are all Bernard LaPierre.

What’s next?

Will the federal bureaucrats running Medicare threaten to withhold treatment to our senior citizens who have not been marked on their arms by the Covid needle?

Will Medicaid withhold treatment to indigent Americans who don’t want to be marked on the arm by the Covid needle?

Things seem to be moving very fast toward a totalitarian state with backing from the entire corporate world and the mainstream corporate media.

Biden first ordered employees of the Veterans Administration to get the shots. Then he ordered several million federal employees to take them.

Biden’s politicized Department of Justice issued a shameful memo last month stating the federal EUA law’s requirement of an “option to accept or refuse” does not mean you actually have the option to refuse.

“This memo will result in huge numbers of people being terminated from their jobs, and many who succumb to this lawless edict could die or be injured,” Staver said.

No human being should be forcibly injected with any drug, regardless of its safety record, against their will. Not in any country that claims to be free.

No father should be forced to take the jab in order to undergo a lifesaving transplant.

“Our team is immersed in pleas for help from people like Bernard LaPierre,” Staver said. “To give you a glimpse of the magnitude of need, our website and phone lines were so flooded with calls begging for help that the sheer volume bogged down our server! Although our server capacity is large, we are making it even larger to handle the volume.”

Here are just a few examples of the heart-wrenching pleas coming into Liberty Counsel.

  • My daughter is in her fourth year of medical school with $400,000 in debt. She will not be able to graduate without getting this injection. Signed, a “stressed” mother.
  •  I am 2-3 years away from retirement. If I don’t take this shot, I will lose everything: my paycheck, my housing and my retirement.
  • A one-income family employed by Veterans Affairs is refusing the jab. They wrote “We are a family of six. … We want to have a backup legal plan in place.” There are more than 400,000 VA employees.
  • A large religious hospital with 14,000 employees is denying all “moral objections” as a path for workers to get an exemption to this shot. At this point, 66% of their staff is objecting to taking the injection. They are asking for our help.
  • One nurse wrote, “I feel like I have been stripped of my freedom to decide what I do or don’t want to put in my body. … I simply want to work and care for people like I always have without being shamed and not be forced to put something in my body. … I am running out of time.”
  • “I’ve been a correctional peace officer for the prison system for 16 years. I’m four years away from retirement, and I absolutely won’t take the vaccine, so I’m afraid I might lose my job over this.”
  • “I work for NASA as a federal employee. … I do NOT want to take the vaccine. What should I do?”

“We are serving as many as we can to opt out of receiving the shot … while developing creative ideas to help millions more,” Staver said. I’m asking you to help us help these precious people. I am deeply burdened to help these people preserve freedom and protect life.”

We are all standing before our God in the Valley of Decision. America and all of the formerly free nations of the world are teetering on the precipice of totalitarianism.

If you can withhold care from a sick man for refusing a shot, if you can take a man’s livelihood away and deny him the ability to feed his children for refusing an injection, then you can do anything to anyone, for whatever reason.

We stand in the Valley of Decision: On one side we see Him, full of power and glory and righteous authority. On the other side we see the filthy gods of this world, reeking of unrighteous, counterfeit authority, whispering in our ears, telling us to ignore the one true God and do what they tell us is best for our bodies, the very Temples of the Holy Spirit.

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52 thoughts on “Will America go full Nazi? Next line to be crossed will be to deny medical treatment to the unvaxxed”

  1. I am looking for a place to get a vax card for me and my family, will never succumb to the Nazi jab squad!


  2. I have a bit of interesting and alarming information. My workplace is slowly moving toward mandatory vaccination, which I will not be taking part in. However, for now, I am required to test once per week, having not received the shot. Anyway, my first test results came via an encrypted email. The company or authority sending the results was called, “Global Medical Response”. That sent chills up my spine when I read it. Folks it’s getting real.


  3. Thank you, Leo, for your unrelenting work that so benefits us. You are a Light–and from my home state too. I pray Heavenly Father Blesses you and keeps you safe. I pray for us all everywhere and especially for that dad being denied medical help because he refuses the bioweapon shot. Heavenly Father sees what Believers, followers of The Way–and good people the world over–are living through. And in the time Father chooses, we’ll experience Blessings for standing firm, holding on to our Faith, not bowing to evil at us. You’re part of our Blessing right now as you work to keep us informed in these trying times. Thank you.

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  4. “Biden first ordered employees of the Veterans Administration to get the shots.” Isn’t that interesting. Once again we treat vets and those who assist them like pieces of crap. “Support our troops” indeed…


  5. I loved your comment, especially your reference to Ezekiel 33 – this the Lord spoke to my husband and I many, many years ago now. We have just had a glorious time sharing the Lord with my podiatrist and his twin sister, let us pray seeds have been sown.


  6. It is not only the USA but all of the world will be over_run. Just look at how horrible it is in Australia. That jackboots will soon be everywhere.


  7. Thank you Frank M, for sharing this very real and very relevant story about your father in law. We have been warned, both from history and by the many Watchmen on the Wall. I was quite moved by this story and we are seeing some similar events unfolding even now!
    Thank you so much for this article, Leo! I rarely comment but I share your articles with many. You put yourself at risk to warn and educate others. As I’ve often said, it’s usually the Watchman that takes the first arrow. May we all be Watchmen and raise our collective voices to continue to sound the alarm! But may we also raise our voices and praise the One Who deserves all praise honor and glory! Our King is coming and He will bring His bride to Himself!
    Saints, continue to pray for the salvation of the lost. Yes, these times are very dark and we do see the coming storm. It will be the worst time this world will ever know, through the evils committed by the antichrist and his kingdom followers. By God’s Grace, that time will be shortened, or no one could persevere.
    Yes, the Restrainer (mentioned above) the Holy Spirit will be removed during that time…But the Bible tells us that many will come to a knowledge of Truth during that horrific seven years of Judgement.
    Plant seeds, speak Truth, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, AND….Look up, for our redemption draws nigh/near!


  8. Evil thuggery is absolutely correct ! How far will it go no one knows for sure. My father in-law was living in Poland 1940 when the Soviet army showed up at his door . A boy of ten years old and his parents they had 10 minutes to pack their belongings, put on a train and off to Siberia in -50 degrees weather . His father died on that trip and was thrown off the train like a piece of meat . The people who lived that evil can smell what is going on today .He passed away last July 2020. In April he warned my wife and I things don’t smell to good . Long story short I don’t think we are anywhere near what some went through in WW2 or any war for that fact . Could it get that way again absolutely without a doubt , history always repeats. The Bible warns us of a time near the end when things will not be so good . I am trusting my Saviour and pray He will give me strength to to do whatever He calls me to do or not to do . I know Him personally , He is my Lord and King . Oh to hear those words , well done good and faithful servant . Blessings to all in the name of Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords .😊

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    1. Frank M you are so correct. We know that Jesus is for us and that He is coming for us.
      As Lyn said Jesus Christ of Nazareth has already told us that He will protect us. May He bless and encourage you whilst we keep Watch for Him and encourage others to come to accept Him, by faith in Him a nd thus saved as we are. Maranatha

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    2. I think we are at the fork in the road here in America. Things could take a very bad turn quickly if we do not stop this tyranny.


      1. I will also say that I am not getting the vaccine. For now my work is allowing me to be tested once a week, which I am not ok with either. Anyway, what I found interesting is that my results were sent via a secure email entitled, “Global Medical Response”. That sent some chills up my spine.


  9. Thank You Leo!
    Things seem to be accelerating at a Warp Speed (where have I heard that before?)
    I’m very concerned and trying to maintain faith, but it’s not easy!
    I have tried to wake up Family , Friends & Neighbors but I might as well go to a deserted Island and talk to the coconuts!
    I look after my elderly Mom and the future really concerns me and we Both are on Social Security, and she needs to keep taking her Prescription Medicine.
    I also feel that the Grocery Stores will be refusing NON-V’d people?
    I will NOT have a 12 inch Q-tip rammed up my nose And I WILL NOT take the Gates/Fauci needle And I won’t allow them to get near my mom.
    I also have our property fenced/ locked and NOBODY gets to our front or back door without my approval.
    Thank You for listening!

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    1. I can feel the pain in your keystrokes my friend. We are in a situation not unlike your own. We can all relate. Just know you are not alone. Together we will make our stand for truth and common decency against the evil thuggery that is the global reset! They think they own us so they are treating us like their property. God will deal with them in His timing and it’s not going to be pretty.


  10. I am being refused eye surgery because I won’t have this experimental substance injected in my body. This tyranny has crossed the line and is full blown Nazi.

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  11. Leo, spot on once more.
    I can hardly keep up with all of your posts.
    There is no doubt about the extent of the restriction. They extend to the medical needs.
    I have been diagnosed as having prostate cancer and the Hospital will currently not allow any person without a Safe pass or rapid test access. I shall never have a experimental unproved procedure jabbed into my arm. Especially as I am over 99% likely to recover from the false Wuhan virus.

    My wife is currently not allowed to attend the Ophthalmic optician clinic on Friday.

    The restrictions are increasing and the discrimination has begun.

    There is simply ONE answer = we shall keep our eyes upon Jesus for He alone is able. Jude 22 and Titus 2 v13.

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  12. You can always find another job. You can never find another life. The vax is death incarnate. Give it 2 or 3 years and the UN-vaxxed will be the only ones still living. We will own the planet. What was that quote from Revelations? Something to the effect of ” But he that shall persevere to the end, the same shall be saved. ” or something like that. Choose life.

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  13. It’s already being done at least in some states.
    Many of us can’t wear masks. Here in Oregon since last year …. there has been a continuous requirement for masks in the medical fields.

    The VA requires the blue Chinese mask to be worn up over the nose for patients. I have not been seen there since 2019. I have had to continue waiting for an exam for a claim since 2019. I am now fighting to get my eyes checked, trying to locate a place that will see me. ADA laws are being ignored.


    24yr U.S ARMY ret 🇺🇲

    OIF Combat veteran



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  14. Leo you nailed it son. Never has there been so much propaganda about taking the shot as what is going on day and night, on and on. There has to be something big behind this whole covid. It will show it’s ugly face. God help us
    You are working your head off Leo and dad and I are so proud of you❤️

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. This is from a govt site NIH to be exact. It is only an excerpt so there is more info & references at the link.
      Pubmed: Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease
      [ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33113270/ ]
      Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.
      Conclusions drawn from the study and clinical implications: The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.

      (Research subject meaning anyone taking the experimental/exterminating concoction injection or soon to be nasal spray that may be given when you don’t even realize you are getting it. DM)

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  15. You have a choice to make. Right or wrong. ONLY YOU can decide. But if I were you I would NEVER take that shot because there is no pandemic. A plandemeic but not a pandemic. That’s TWO different things.

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  16. Thank you Leo for all the work you do on the articles you have written recently.
    Dr. Mercola to delete ALL his content tomorrow due to “dark times” for freedom/Criticizing scientists like Fauci could soon become ‘hate crime’
    Courtesy Vlad Tepes Blog
    Dr. Mercola was ringingly endorsed by Dr. Roger Hodkinson as being of excellent scientific and medical value.

    Those who know how to back up and download materials may want to dedicate some time to grabbing his archive. Ill try and find that and post it here when I do.
    No doubt this is not voluntary despite his putting a brite face on it. Listen to or watch the whole thing NOW as it will no doubt be disappeared soon. Wonder what he was threatened with.
    See article sent last nite “Criticizing scientists like Fauci could soon become ‘hate crime’
    A new article in a scientific journal is lobbying for criticism of scientists, specifically President Biden’s COVID adviser Anthony Fauci, to be labeled as “hate.”
    The National Pulse explains the article authored by Peter Hotez, sometimes a guest on legacy media outlets, called to “extend federal hate-crime protections” to scientists facing criticism.

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    1. Fauci is NOT a ‘scientist’. He’s a mass murderer and should be treated as such. He makes Mengele look like a Sunday school teacher.

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      1. True.
        He however is currently in favour with those in power. They want an evil man to spout evil and he fits perfectly. We concentrate on fauci not on those who encourage his insanity. His ravings deflects from the harrisbiden regime that is enforcing all that facui says should be done. I know I am not saying it as eloquently as Leo has.

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  17. Mirrors on the ceiling
    the pink champagne on ice
    and she said, We are all just prisoners here
    of our own device
    And in the master’s chambers
    they gathered for the feast
    they stab it with their steely knives
    but they just can’t kill the beast
    Last thing I remember, I was
    headed for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    to the place I was before
    Relax said the Nightman
    we are programmed to receive
    you can check out any time you like
    but you can never leave.

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  18. And now ya know that the murderous Abortion advocates catch cry “My Body My Choice” was a complete and utter lie.
    Just to give you an indication of the power of the propaganda…..I was at the grocers yesterday. I wasn’t wearing a mask for exemption reasons. I never wear one but the girl behind the checkout who I know quite well and wasn’t wearing a mask herself last week started grilling me about why I wasn’t wearing one in a very confronting way.
    She actually picked up a mask and tried to tie it on my face but I stopped her.
    I said to her “My Body My Choice” and she started to argue with me. I told her “if its good enough argument for a woman to remove her unborn baby from her body then its good enough for me to remove the mask.”
    She then told me “Thats completely different”
    and I asked “why?”
    She said “because Abortion doesn’t affect anyone else!”
    I said “REALLY?
    what about the baby?”
    then she realised what she had just said.
    I told her ” at least Im not killing anyone”
    You should have seen the look on her face. Had no idea. She was stumped.
    Thats the power of insane propaganda and how This is already causing division in public life and little despot tyrants thinking they can impose their will onto you.
    Its only going to get worse.
    We have very wicked leaders. The media are complicit. The depths of it are gobsmacking.

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    1. I also remember how when AIDS came on the scene and it became obvious that aside from needle sharing, it could only be passed sexually. All you had to do to keep AIDS–and a bunch of other diseases–under control was not to have sex with people. The same people encouraging the New Abnormal threw screaming hissy fits at the notion of any restricting on sex partners.
      Now these same people argue we have no right to normal social lives–or breathe in public.


  19. Thank you Leo for your steadfast research and keeping us informed. As most truth is somber these days, I stand on the promises of God including tPsalm 94 , Psalm 2, and Psalm 73 , Psalms where God speaks of His Justice. The Lord knows and He will bring Justice at the right time.

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  20. The Holy Spirit quickened my spirit last year that it would come to this point. I prayed that I would have the courage to stand for Jesus against this demonic assault. I know that my social security and Medicare will be taken. In 70 years, the Lord has always provided. I will live in a tent with Jesus before I now to these evil ones. Praying for your work which is really a ministry. I will keep this young father in my prayers and all who are facing a decision that is heartbreaking. He knows the number of hairs on each of our heads. May the peace of God that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind.

    PS: Man your spiritual battlestations dear brothers and sisters.

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  21. Hello:I would first like to extend my appreciation for all that you do, please know that it is much appreciated. Secondly, I would like to apprise you and your organization of a video that I just received today, pertaining to the inability of a governmental medical establishment in Canada to provide valid evidence in a court of law that the so-called Covid-19 virus actually exists. If this is indeed true, it may prove to be of valuable assistance in support of any court case lodged or projected to be lodged within the U.S. legal system. Here is the pertinent information relative to said video. Posted on August 04, 2021 Awakening Channel — No Proof The Virus Exists. Canada’s Gov Has Not Been Able to Prove it in a Court Case The Case Has Escalated To The Queen… 20-Minute Video Presentation https://new.awakeningchannel.com/no-prove-the-virus-exists-canadas-gov-has-not-been-able-to-prove-it-a-court-case/ Hope this information proves to be helpful, it surely was enlightening to me. Kindest Regards,Judd

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    1. Thank you so much for that, it certainly trumps the over 8 megabytes of information we have accumulated over the last `18 months.


    2. Jigg that is incredible what I have been looking for for the last two Years. I have sent it to everyone on my email list and so am about to loose some ”friends” – again!!!

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