World Economic Forum announces creation of Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’

WEF partners with Big Tech and governments to police Internet, encourage ‘coordinated action’ against unauthorized voices deemed ‘harmful’ to collective psyche

The World Economic Forum announced June 29 it will initiate a new “public-private partnership” with Big Tech and governments around the world to identify and uproot all opinions from the Internet that it considers “harmful.”

The WEF is one of those elitist organizations that wields enormous influence over the elected leaders of Western nations but which almost nobody in the general population has heard of.

Its members are internationalist corporate honchos and technocrats who meet once a year in Davos with the stated goal of working to “shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

It made a big splash last year with its highly touted “Great Reset,” which promises to use the pandemic as an “opportunity” to crash the world’s dollar-based, capitalist economic system and “build back better” under a more socialist and globally integrated system that mirrors the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals for Sustainable Development.

Any politician you hear using the term “build back better” [Biden-Harris-Trudeau-Johnson repeat this mantra daily] you know has drunk the poisonous Kool-Aid of the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab [pictured below].

Schwab’s latest venture is the so-called “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that consists of execs from Big Tech and government officials with the goal of creating a “global framework” for regulating speech on the Internet, wiping it of so-called “harmful content.”

[I could not help but think of the Committee of Public Safety that conducted the reign of terror during the French Revolution.]

And who gets to define what’s “harmful”? Why, the global coalition set up by the elitist WEF of course!

The harmful” content targeted by this Global Coalition for Digital Safety you can bet will be tailor made to entrap those who stand for limited government, traditional values and individual freedom. Those of us who still believe in such things will not be included in the WEF’s definition of “inclusive,” “equality” or “diversity.”

“The Global Coalition for Digital Safety is a public private platform for global, multi stakeholder cooperation to develop innovations and advance collaborations that tackle harmful content and conduct online,” states the WEF on its website.

Microsoft immediately announced it was on board with the WEF’s plan to squelch free speech on the Internet.

Chief digital safety officer for Microsoft Courtney Gregoire stated:

“Technology offers tools to learn, play, connect, and contribute to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. But digital safety harms remain a threat to these possibilities. As the World Economic Forum is uniquely positioned to accelerate the public-private collaboration needed to advance digital safety globally, Microsoft is eager to participate and help build whole-of-society solutions to this whole-of-society problem.”

Facebook also seems excited to get started on finding new ways to groom users to start thinking about turning in their friends for committing wrongthink. The social media giant has begun sending cryptic messages to some users that read as follows:

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?”

See screenshot below that one user received from Facebook today, July 1, and sent to this reporter.

This program fits perfectly with the rhetoric coming out of Washington since Biden claimed the presidency.

Biden and his attorney general, Merrick Garland, take every opportunity to talk about “extremists” on the right being the “biggest threat to our democracy.” This is a classic propaganda technique used to turn public sentiment against a targeted demographic. The Nazis perfected this, using the media to blame all of Germany’s problems on Jews before they actually started rounding them up and making them disappear.

The next phase in this evil plan is to encourage Americans to turn each other in to the online thought police. What happens next, after one has been reported to Facebook, Google or Microsoft? Will the tech giants turn those accused of thought crimes by their online “friends” and “followers” over to Biden’s politicized FBI? This is exactly how it works in China.

Readers of this blog know that China is the model being touted by those who believe in the Great Reset. Now their plans are right out in the open on the World Economic Forum website with this announcement of their Global Coalition for Digital Safety.

The WEF states:

“With the growing challenge to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online, there is an urgent need for more deliberate global coordination to improve digital safety.

“The Global Coalition for Digital Safety aims to accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle harmful content online and will serve to exchange best practices for new online safety regulation, take coordinated action to reduce the risk of online harms, and drive forward collaboration on programs to enhance digital media literacy.”

In the above quote, notice how sneakily the WEF lumps spreaders of “health misinformation” – that would be anyone who expresses reticence about experimental mass vaccination programs, COVID lockdowns, mandatory mask wearing, etc. – in with violent extremists, terrorists and child traffickers. How clever.

The WEF has the audacity to claim its coalition will be “impartial” in policing the Internet. This is the same organization run by Schwab, who openly states that the pandemic should be exploited as a “unique window of opportunity” to fundamentally change the way the people live, work, do business and fit into society.

“The Forum is uniquely positioned to leverage its impartial platform and convening power to drive public-private cooperation amongst key stakeholders focused on improving safety online,” the WEF states in its release about the new coalition.

The WEF sets itself up as the global arbiter that defines terms like “harmful content” and “misinformation.” It also laments the fact that encrypted social media channels like Telegram and Signal are able to allow users to communicate free of censorship and spying.

Here are its recommendations for “key focus areas that now require coordinated action” by governments and their Big Tech allies:

1. Share Best Practices on Safety Standards: Exchange knowledge on policies and practices for improving online safety, considering content policies, remedies, transparency reports, use of data, and new technologies

2. Address Balance of Privacy and Safety: Share best practices on addressing the growing tension between privacy and safety as harmful content on encrypted channels risks evading detection

3. Market Competition: Drive better alignment between regulations focused on safety and competition to foster market innovation and enable consumer choice

4. Cross-Jurisdictional Content Cooperation: Enable action on content that spans jurisdictions and requires greater coordination amongst countries (e.g. content created in one county but causing harm in another)

5. Definitional Alignment: Support work on consistent definitions for content categories, such as self-harm and cyber-bullying to enable standardized enforcement, reporting, and measurement across regions.

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that Big Tech social-media platforms, in league with global power elites, defined for us what is allowed and not allowed to be said on the Internet.

Posts that challenge the official narrative about the virus and the best way to respond to it were immediately censored, either tagged with warnings meant to discredit the posts or removed all together.

The most typical reason for such censorship was that these posts “violated community standards,” which consist of mysterious, vaguely worded legalese that nobody reads.

Big Tech corporations are also increasingly working in concert with governments around the world, including in the U.S. and the ruling Chinese Communist Party in China, to regulate what people are allowed to see on the Internet.

But all of this control over the free flow of information is not enough for some of the global power elites.

Now they are ready to take their Gestapo tactics to the next level.

They want to turn us against each other.

Don’t let them do it.

Now is the time for all freedom-loving patriots in nations across the world to wake up, rise up, recognize these tactics as divisive and anti-human, and unite against this pernicious group of global predators.

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58 thoughts on “World Economic Forum announces creation of Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’”

  1. So well articulated Leo.
    It is amazing that so many people fail to recognise that God has been warning the nations of the world for the last 2000 years .
    In the last 50 years most nations have completely turned their back on God and booted Him out of every arena of life.
    I was astonished as I watched this contrived crisis close the majority of church gatherings.
    This has been the penultimate attack upon mankind by the evil one.

    It is very significant that it commenced after the vile attacks upon Donald Trump finally had him removed from office via a false election. God’s devil, satan has been permitted to carry out this attack and I trust that we all realise God is in control and not taken by surprise.

    All that Leo has been sharing supports this and we await the call from our Lord Jesus Christ ”come up here”!!!


  2. Lifesite News has a recent article about the WEF meddlers figuring out ways to get the “vaccine hesitant” to agree to get jabbed. This just makes me more determined not. Whatever is in that needle cannot be good if the Fourth Reich demands I take it.
    Funny how little those guys know about how humans think besides propaganda and mass marketing ads. Even the people who fall for that have more depth than the sleezy death merchants realize.
    A big failing with technocrats is they can’t figure out what really makes humans tick. They despise people too much. When we don’t fall for the mass hypnosis for one reason or another they get frustrated. Even surprised.
    We are fearfully and wonderfully made. And the human spirit is impossible to kill.
    That said, I’d love to see a Pfizer Covid vaccine ad with Klaus Schwab touting the product for the masses.


  3. Jun 1, 2021 A New Global Tax Agenda | Jobs Reset Summit 2021 by The World Economic Forum

    After decades of a ‘race to the bottom’, major economies are now backing a global minimum tax estimated to bring in $100 billion in new revenue annually. How can international tax reform contribute to a more equitable economic recovery?


  4. Klaus Schaub can have this world (for a season) I’m leaving (for awhile) with Jesus, my Lord and Savior. When we return, those who chose to reject the Word of God will be on their knees declaring, “Wait! What? I heard, but I was convinced or chose not to believe.” Please, call on the Lord today! He will hear you. Repent and believe that Jesus is the Son of God; the Creator of all things. Read the Bible…this perfect book will change your heart and give you the truth you need to understand what’s happening in this wicked world. Here’s your choice: leave this evil world (very soon) and live in peace for eternity, or stay behind with Klaus, and die in eternal misery.

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  5. It has been very interesting reading this in that every so often a little box would appear on the bottom right hand side of the screen with the word ‘follow’ and a few dots. I have reached that point of paranoia that there is no chance of me ever clicking on it!
    Thank you Leo for this blog and for all your blogs, I am now beginning to wonder how much longer you will be able to post them! XXX

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  6. Good article Leo, can we trust people to stick together, we saw how people acted over this virus, wearing the masks. I see old men still covering up their faces. Sickening.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. George Orwell’s 1984 and Atlas Shrugged coming to pass. I cancelled all social media. Thank you Leo for propelling the Truth.

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  7. That does it. I’m canceling Zuckerberg tonight. They can take down Gab and staple a mask to my face and lock me in my home forever. But they can’t make me use their platforms!
    These people are idiots to think people like us will willingly use their services to be spied upon. I’m ditching my bugged phone–I mean my smart phone–too.
    Setting up my new blog without Bill Genocide’s software either.
    Cancel Big Tech.

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  8. I just read that 36% of conservatives polled believe that the cancel culture online is useful in calling people to account.

    If that many conservatives are on board with this, we are in seriously deep doodoo.

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  9. We’re going to need a hundred miles of rope just to hang the traitors in Big Tech let alone the politicians…guess I’m on a list anyway.

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    1. True, but it goes way beyond Big Tech.
      We are in the realm of Big everything, aka the new Hydra.

      Big Tech is not an entity of it’s own, it has larger entities behind it, supporting it.
      The new Hydra has many heads, Big Tech being only one.
      Take a look at the largest shareholders of the largest Big Tech firms (using search tools like fintel, Edgar, etc.), you’ll find the largest asset management firms & Big Banks, like Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity, Invesco, Wellington, Geode, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, BOA, et al.
      Those firms also similarly largely exist as the largest shareholders of the largest “competing” corporations, in most every single industry.
      Big Ag, Big Chem, Big Energy, Big Oil, Big Food, Big Utility, Big Auto, Big Media, etc.
      These are the many heads of that Hydra.
      There is no true market competition anymore, as the largest corporations are largely owned by this Cartel of large asset managers/Big Banks.
      They are the driving force behind that Hydra.
      Attempts at severing any one head of that Hyrda, like Big Tech, are fruitless, as the many other heads continue to support that Hydra, as that severed head regenerates (i.e. by trying to break up Big Tech, the same largest institutional investors will simply buy up those other smaller fragmented companies).

      Plus, these largest asset management firms & Big Banks largely exist as the largest shareholders/investors of each other.
      SEC 13d/f/g filings prove this.

      Worse, most people have become most completely dependent on the heads of that Hydra.
      Most people work for corporations or companies that are owned or controlled by those asset management firms/Big Banks.
      Most people rely on investments, in lieu of greater pay, to increase their net worths. Investments that are in funds that are controlled by these firms.
      Most people are reliant on their energy products, food products, consumer products, clothing, shelter (rent & mortgages), etc.
      So, most everyone is supporting the same monstrous Hydra that is actively devouring them.
      Feeding the beast.

      There are massive power & profit motives behind growing levels of dependency.
      And most people have become most wholly dependent on many heads of this monstrous Hydra.

      We desperately need a new D.I.Y. attitude & movement.
      We desperately need a new & better Enlightenment (not “woke” style, but genuine realization that ALL human rights, liberties, freedoms, justice, etc., that all people are created equal and rights are NOT scaled based on wealth). An illumination of the mind, of reason, logic, compassion, humanism, etc.

      Francesco Petrarca (aka Petrarch) in the Middle Ages wrote of what he saw as the “Darkness” instituted by the highly-powerful Church, a Church that controlled way too much wealth, power & influence.
      He is considered the originator of the concept of the Dark Ages (i.e. lacking the “light” of equal rights, humanism, knowledge, etc.).

      I charge that we are currently living in the Dark Ages of the 21st Century.
      We have returned to a feudalistic model, where one can really only survive if they exist most solely to support the heads of that monstrous Hydra.

      It’s far past time to kill that monstrous Hydra.
      Talk – Action = 0.

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      1. Sean thanks for this thoughtful and informed comment. I have also referred to our current digital era as “a new Dark Age” in several previous articles. This Dark Age is dominated by global predators who serve in overlapping organizations as you so brilliantly explained. I have also referred to this multi-headed monster as a global “beast system” that seeks to murder, enslave and kill the individual spirit wherever it exists. That’s why I truly believe that the only long term solution is going to be spiritual because, in the physical world, the beast holds all the cards. This beast will meet its demise at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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      2. “And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not grasp it.” John 1:5 – glory be to God. Nor will it ever, if you are in total darkness and you light a candle it is the darkness which retreats not the light.

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      3. Great response, Sean! This is the truth. The Beast controls almost ever aspect of modern life, from the news, Hollywood, social media, banking, government, financial markets and industries of all types, and made it so we have to support it or lose our pensions and maybe in the future bank accounts. I think if people don’t see that we need to move off the grid on on their own land to be self-sufficient, with like communities, we are going to be swallowed up in the tsunami that is coming.


      4. Crumbs! I take it you are not a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth then? Otherwise I would recommend you re-assess how big God actually is!

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      5. The main problem about that comment was man putting himself above God. I think a scientific community just wanted to be the one to tell us what to think and do what they want to people to enforce that—and here we are. The difference is Christ created one of those institutions, though in the simpler form of a persecuted brotherhood of what would later be called “bishops”. They would teach freedom is to do what though ought. They liberated those who were considered property of others, including kids and women of men from propertyhood; the Enlightenment has new human property, like the mentally ill, and taught doing what one can and wills. See where that got us. The Church was still right in that day; it’s people were not always.


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