Beware the double-masking double-crossers: In the new techno-dictatorship, ‘science’ equals control

At what point do we stop calling ourselves a ‘free country’?

After all that’s transpired over the past year, after all the official lies have been exposed, it’s astonishing to see how many Americans still walk around like obedient drones, masked up, distanced, distrusting, avoiding eye contact, rarely cracking a smile.

Why bother smiling at your neighbor? Such expressions of humanity are no longer visible in Chairman Biden’s lawless, jobless and joyless America.

The mask edicts – they are not laws they are edicts – are now so ubiquitous and so oppressive that one U.S. senator is warning they may never be lifted.

“They will never relent. These people are never gonna let you not wear a mask,” said Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, in a recent interview.

Paul, who is also a medical doctor, is calling for a mask rebellion. I wish he had found his voice earlier but we must heed his words of warning.

“I promise you,” Paul said, “you will never get out from the mask because they’re saying that even after all are vaccinated, we don’t know, you still might catch it a little bit, you still might transmit it, even after everybody’s vaccinated. So don’t listen to these people.”

QUESTION: Why did we ever listen to “these people?”

One of these people, Dr. Anthony Fauci, keeps upping the ante. He now tells us we really need to wear two masks if we want to stay safe out there in the big, bad, scary world.

Have any of these “experts” looked at this new dystopian world they’ve cultivated and asked themselves if this is the type of society they want their children to see as normal? In 12 months these people have transformed the world in ways Barack Obama could not accomplish in eight years.

These people, who are they? They are secular-humanist, they are globalist, they are elitists who despise the common man. They are elitists because they clearly have the ears of corrupt politicians and enjoy the full support of a media establishment that long ago gave up on journalism and turned to propaganda. It turns out fear sells more than rational thought and journalistic curiosity. They spent four years trying to make people afraid of Donald Trump and one year using a virus to scare them into submission to a new social order that demands complete submission in the name of “science.”

Climate change and coronavirus are merely the tools. Turning the world upside down is the goal. Your freedom and your middle-class lifestyle are the target.

That’s why John Kerry, the newly ordained climate czar, can sit there and say with a straight face “I don’t understand the opposition” to the climate agenda even as his boss, Chairman Biden, eliminates tens of thousands of energy jobs with the stroke of his pen, throwing once-prosperous American families into financial chaos.

The agenda being driven by the virus and climate alarmists serves the interests not only of billionaires like Kerry but also China. The United States was economically subservient to China for years until Trump, who knew that a nation can only be dominated economically for so long before it is also dominated geo-politically and militarily.

As we’ve seen over the last year, when “these people” feel empowered, they will continue to move the goalposts, a little at a time, until every last vestige of the old order – led by America as the home of the free and land of the brave – is gone.

Their goal now is to intimidate the free and crush the brave. Will they succeed? Only if we let them.

Resistance starts with taking back your children because, if you don’t, their minds will quickly be captured by the elitist authoritarians posing as teachers, journalists, political leaders, bureaucrats, even pastors.

Following is my attempt to view the current dystopian world through the eyes of a fictional child named Johnny.

Every authority figure in Johnny’s life is telling him to cover his face. His parents put him and his siblings in masks to go to the store, to school, to church.

“Mommy, can I go outside and play with my friends?” asks the energetic 8-year-year-old.

“Only if you wear your mask, dear, and make sure your friends cover their faces too!”

“Oh mom, do I have to?”

“Yes, it’s the right thing to do. Masks keep you safe. Dr. Fauci says so!”

Mommy never stops to think that she is telling Johnny to do something quite unnatural and has never been done before. For the first time in human history, every person a child sees outside of their immediate family has their face covered.

Well, almost everyone.

As Fauci and all the important people say, those who show their faces are inconsiderate, mean and dangerous. Actually they could be murderers. Now is not the time to ask questions but to “do what you’re told,” Fauci said [this is fact not fiction].

Johnny watches the adults in his life do what they’re told.

His parents. His teachers. Coaches. Pastors. The older kids. They’re all following the orders.

Those few who don’t conform to the “new normal” are branded in the media and sometimes by their own friends and family as troublemakers and conspiracy theorists. Mommy says they’re selfish, hateful, mean-spirited good-for-nothings. Chairman Biden calls them “extremists.” And if they committed the added sin of voting for his opponent, they are “domestic terrorists.”

Nobody wants to be one of those people.

As 2021 wears on, economic hardship sets in. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been canceled by executive fiat in Chairman Biden’s war on climate change, followed up with a newly declared war on domestic terrorism. Cities, states and counties across the country start to implement rolling blackouts to conserve energy and the federal government is phasing in a new “per mile” fuel tax on all vehicles.

Johnny’s dad got laid off from his job at the coal mine. He spends one day each week waiting in line at the local soup kitchen and food pantry. He buys government-surplus cheese, which he pays for with his universal basic income provided by the government. Gasoline is $5 a gallon and rising. Dad had to sell the family’s two cars. Johnny’s mom takes public transportation to work.

Three years into the new administration, the vaccine that was rolled out on a “voluntary” basis begins running out of volunteers. It was developed and promoted by the same “experts” in science who the media said we should listen to about mask-wearing.

Johnny, now 11, is watching closely. All the same authority figures who demanded people wear the mask are now demanding they get their annual injection. To refuse makes you one of the domestic terrorists, who are the target of another round of mocking and belittling in the media and attacks by antifa mobs. Many of these folks who call themselves patriots woke up one day to find their bank accounts had been frozen by government order.

“Yes, dear, those are the white nationalists our president warned us about,” mom whispers in Johnny’s ear as they stand in line waiting for the chronically late public bus transportation. “Don’t associate with them. Trust me, things will never get better in this country if we listen to those people.”

“But mom, weren’t things better before Biden?” Johnny asks. His mother shoots a grim look at her son, which he immediately recognized as a rebuke. He lowers his eyes in shame. He committed thought crime.

They stop for lunch at a fast-food place and mom again has to explain why the greeter at the door would not let the couple in front of them enter. They could not show the required papers or have their arm scanned.

“Those damn white supremacists,” mom mumbles under her breath. “They probably voted for that evil man who tried to undermine our democracy – thank God 81 million Americans had the good sense to vote him out. We won’t use his name but you know who I am talking about, right Johnny?”

“Yes mom. I know. The MAGA man.”

Johnny thought how he wished those white nationalists would just go away so dad could get his job back, they could ride in the family car instead of walking to the bus stop, and everything would be good again.

Johnny’s 14 now and starting to think about life after high school.

If you don’t submit to a lifelong series of injections that Bill Gates says are needed to “update” your body’s immunity to viruses, you aren’t allowed to enter college or the workforce.

People are getting turned away at airports, train stations, restaurants and stores if they show up without the proper proof of vaccination, something called a “digital ID passport.” Having one means they can scan your arm when you enter a venue. It’s real convenient and people are getting used to it, just like they did the mask back in 2020. We hear on the news that Congress just passed a bill requiring digital passports to renew your driver’s license and receive medical care. People getting Social Security checks and universal basic income also must show their digital ID passports.

Johnny is 16 now and Kamala Harris is well into her second term. The Democrats win all the big elections, usually in a landslide, because everyone knows they have the plan to save the planet from climate change and creeps like Donald Trump [oops, another thought crime!]. No one asks why Democrats no longer lose key elections that would swing the balance of power back in a conservative direction. If you question it, or ask for a forensic inspection of the voting machines used by all 50 states, you are “crossing the line into inciting violence,” says the U.S. Attorney General’s Office.

We’re also not allowed to criticize China because everyone knows they represent the best form of democracy, perfectly suited to confronting the global problems posed by climate change and a host of new deadly viruses. In fact, Chairwoman Harris has just renewed for the fifth time the national state of emergency that allows her to bypass the Bill of Rights. Thank God for her foresight!

The smartest experts in and outside of government are quoted daily on Fox News and CNN saying the remaining dissidents, the ones who voted for that man whose name we aren’t allowed to say, have become a cancer that needs to be removed from society.

Freezing their bank accounts, firing them from their jobs and wiping them from social-media platforms has still not accomplished the intended goal of protecting us from their dangerous, intolerant worldview. Can you believe these traitors want us to go back to marriage being confined to one man and one woman? Do they really think people in the 21st century will believe their non-scientific, archaic ideas about their being only two genders, boys and girls, created in the image of God? Insane!

Countless numbers of these troublemakers started to disappear a few years ago but as soon as we thought we were rid of them, more would appear and need to be dealt with. Nobody knows exactly where they are taken but we hear rumors about camps where FBI agents help them learn the difference between facts and conspiracy theories.

Johnny’s high school social-studies teacher says extermination would be the most efficient solution. Johnny has personally turned in several of his friends’ parents to the authorities, earning many extra-credit points from his teacher that will translate into grants for college.

As long as these terrorists are living among us, says Chairwoman Harris, we can’t have a peaceful, thriving democracy like China has. Armed troops stand guard over every federal building and state Capitol, all of which are now surrounded by razor-wire fences.

As Johnny gets into his late teens and then his college years, he rarely sees evidence that the domestic terrorists even exist but the government remains vigilant. Bibles, a favorite tool of the terrorists, have been banned by all reputable online sites but they’re still available on the dark web and in the dusty backrooms of old-fashioned bookstores.

Everyone in college agrees with everyone else. Everyone is happy. Nobody questions anything and nobody has to defend their beliefs any longer in the face of annoying questions from those ignorant, flag-waving white nationalist, Bible-quoting terrorist Christians. We are all global citizens now. None of us owns anything. We rent what we need. The planet has been saved, and we’re so much happier than our parents and grandparents were. If we’re unsure about something, we just look at our phone and it tells us what to think.

Some folks are getting their phone apps downloaded directly into their brains. They call it transhumanism and it’s really cool, making everything so much more convenient, safe and secure. What could be cooler than becoming one with the Internet, connected 24/7, even in your sleep? Johnny, due to his good grades and high social score, is at the top of the waiting list to have this procedure done on his brain.

The white nationalist Christian terrorists, may Allah damn them all to hell, were also cleansed years ago from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Gab, Clouthub and Telegram balked but they were quickly removed. Thank God we no longer have to worry about our emotions being triggered by those racist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic, white nationalist, religious extremists. In fact, most of life, including church services, is conducted online and monitored continuously in real time by our government-approved fact checkers, who are highly trained in identifying and rooting out misinformation and conspiracy theories. Only top graduates of the John Brennan School of Groupthink make it onto this prestigious panel of fact-checkers.

Once in a while we hear about a fellow student having some kind of mental breakdown, a relapse of sorts, where they curse the day they became one with the Internet and beg for it to be removed from their brain. Their doctor just prescribes a pill and, shazam, within hours they’re happy again!

All is well in the new globalized and techno-supervised America.

But just when everyone thought we were in the clear, small hand-written signs started appearing on telephone poles and on the walls of public restrooms: “Are you tired of life in the one-world anti-Christ system? Do you remember what it was like to live free in one nation under God? Join us in the underground Church and hear the truth about how you can regain your humanity through faith in Jesus Christ.”

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25 thoughts on “Beware the double-masking double-crossers: In the new techno-dictatorship, ‘science’ equals control”

  1. Masked or not, the little boy wouldn’t have been allowed to play with friends. “Social” distancing required at all times.
    Glad I have friends willing to meet with me still.
    Few realize these changes are meant to be permanent. They keep mentioning the Spanish Flu and saying these measures are normal during a dangerous pandemic and soon we will be able to live again. Not if we wait for Fauci’s permission.
    Thank God my church and its leaders are waking up to the evil at work. We have let fear run our lives. As if we didn’t believe in the Resurrection and thought this life was all there was and we must look to Nero for immortality.

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  2. Who gave Fauci the platform, who put him on TV everyday, who puffed him up, who exhorted the people to listen to him? Trump.
    Trump is not the Savior; Jesus is.
    I’m an old lady; I’m sad for my children and grandchildren.
    I just reread 1984 and Brave New World – amazing the prescience.
    And yet the U.S. was really an anomaly in world history. We were amazingly blessed and spoiled.

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  3. Leo, you are spot-on. Your article reminds me of Kitty Werthman’s article about “America being the greatest country in the world” and her personal history of Austria in the late 1930′ and early 1940’s. [Google her to validate.] Anyone who cannot see the direction the USA is headed, especially after the past 2 elections (Nov & Jan), is either not paying attention —- or, they were educated (indoctrinated) in our “gum-met” schools.
    ’nuff for now.


  4. Dr. Fauci and his Medical Inquisition of double mask “suffocation”. A Jesuit looking to usher in a modern day Spanish Inquisition. Biden is the political Pope. The Counter-Reformation is in full swing hiding behind its mask! Come Lord Jesus.

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  5. Looks like you saw the movie “Agenda 21.” Reminded me of that movie. Very frightening. I wish you had a mechanism for us to forward this to other folks. I have some sisters who really need to see this.


    1. Hi Bob. No I have not seen that movie but I would like to. Is it on YouTube? As for this article, you can easily send it to anyone via email or text. Just copy the URL at the top of your browser and then paste it into your email or text message. God bless.


  6. I’m not surprised at the politicians, military industrial complex, or the civil “servants” – they always have the obsessive desire for power and money. But what surprises me are the amount of young allegedly educated people who have turned into sheep and lemmings. Our biggest hurdle in restoring the Republic isn’t the government (their extremely defensive posture gives away their fear), nor is it the dying media, or even the Technocrats. No, some of our neighbors, friends, and family seem happy to transform this once free country into something very dark and oppressive. They’ve had 4 years of psychological brain warping and we simply don’t have the time to undo the damage.


    1. “They’ve had 4 years of psychological brain warping and we simply don’t have the time to undo the damage.” In other words you have believed all the tripe and lies about the former President of the United States Donald Trump. Oh, you poor thing, how do you sleep at nights?


  7. A couple verses that encouraged me this morning:

    YOU [are] my hiding place; YOU will preserve me from trouble; YOU will compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. (Psalm 32:7)

    Let the saints be joyful in glory; Let them sing aloud on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand, To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples; To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute on them the written judgment— This honor have all His saints. Praise the Lord! (Psalm 149:5-9)

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  8. Heavy sigh…. Looks like you have the beginnings of an Orwellian sequel. I find it more difficult to read dystopian novels recently because all we need to do is open our eyes and look around, the story is being written before our very eyes. If only people would just open their eyes…their spiritual eyes and really see!
    And yes Jodie, Pray! And encourage. And support! We need to support those writers/speakers/teachers and preachers who are sounding the alarm and giving the clarion call. These “watchmen” on the Wall are the Bonhoeffers, the Neimollers, the Jeremiahs of this time…of this season. We can’t leave them to stand alone. We need to support and share and be a collective voice. (See: White Rose or Edelweiss movement in nazi Germany).

    I thank you for the ending of your story sketch, Leo. Hope was left in Pandora’s box. And even greater, we have hope in our hearts in Jesus Christ for those who believe in His Name. May we be the light and salt this dying world needs. His promises are True and His Word pierces through bone and marrow to the very soul. And brings Life! Hope springs eternal!
    Look up! Be encouraged! Take Courage and speak Truth!

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  9. I have now read the article, which is very creepy but, no doubt, could, potentially, be ‘prophetic’. A couple of things, first, I thank God I am in my late seventies so am not likely to be around much longer, please God. I do not live in the States or the UK but in a country where ‘siga-siga’ (slowly-slowly) is a way of life and, lastly, I truly believe all Jesus Christ’s disciples will have been removed before it becomes as dystopian as you have envisaged.
    By the way it is pretty obvious that you are familiar with George Orwell and Aldous Huxley dspite their writings being 80+ years old or so!

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    1. I too am in my 70’s and pray for the future of my grandchildren. I know I will probably not be around for the above article and I am thankful for that, not because I will escape it but b/c it would be hard to see my great grandchildren’s minds corrupted with such evil.
      But my hope is in Jesus and He will take care of them. I am not a quiet person and at my age I am somewhat of a radical and some of my G Children look at me with despair ” poor old nanny is losing it” No I am not, I lived thru freedom for more than 70 yrs, I know no other way, so yes I am outspoken and I don’t care!
      I have read Orwell and Huxley and Larry Abraham. In 1970 I read “None dare call it conspiracy” about a NWO but every one thought I was a crackpot!! Well here’s mud in their face! Good luck everyone.


      1. In one way, although this will sound very odd, I have no concern for my twin grandsons as they are very physically handicapped but are both loved, deeply, by their parents and by the Lord Jesus Christ, so I have absolutely no worries about their destiny, neither do I have to worry that they will be brainwashed. This also means I will never have great grandchildren but then I have never had any dynastic pretensions.
        However for grandparents, and great grandparents who do not have this challenge I seriously feel for you and cannot imagine what you must be going through as you work this out with the Lord. By the way I think we would find out we are very alike as both my beloved and I have always spoken out for truth and against whatever the current lies are. We are also blessed in that both our children came to know Jesus when very young and, now in their late 40s they have never backslidden, in fact our son preaches at his fellowship on a fairly regular basis.
        Because I am English I studied Orwell and Huxley at school (in the 1950s) and I have never forgotten Orwell’s books in particular, because of my love for horses, what happened to Boxer really broke my heart. And then in 1984 the hero’s girfriend was called Julia and I have never forgotten how they got him to betray her totally by threatening him with the one thing he most feared – rats and, again, to this day, I ‘hear’ him saying – “Give them to Julia, give them to Julia!”


  10. I’ll get round to reading your article in a moment but I just wanted to encourage people, especially with your comment about smiling. My beloved and I do not wear masks, we wear face shields and wherever we shop it is as though people are desperate for us to arrive, they all seem to light up, I know this sounds incredibly egocentric but, it isn’t, you see the Holy Spirit is within us and He has kept us so close to Jesus Christ of Nazareth these last 11 months or so that we have remained in perfect peace. As a result it seems to permeate around us somehow, and, of course, we are usually smiling all the time. We have very little Greek language but we have enough to say ‘hello’ and to enquire after people’s health. I doubt very much that the shop assistants are aware of what is going on but we walk into the shop and all the faces are grim (at least the eyes are) when we leave their eyes are dancing again. So this is a very long-winded way to encourage all those who are disciples of the Lord Jesus to remember Who it is Who is with them, Who it is Who gives them peace, love and joy and so when you are out and about, just ‘be’ the people God has called you to be, you have no idea who you might bless by doing that. We have had shopkeepers say some lovely things to us about how they wish all their customers were like us and, wherever possible, we speak about Jesus, not to tell people it is not us but Jesus within they are responding to as I doubt they would understand that but we do tell them what Jesus has done for us and can do for them, of course this is with the shopkeepers who speak English. So my precious brothers and sisters in Christ, smile, it will be apparent even if only your eyes are visible, smile and see what God will do!

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  11. “Kerry, the newly ordained climate czar, can sit there and say with a straight face “I don’t understand the opposition””

    Ask your private jet, John. Or ask China, the world’s largest emitter of CO2, who keeps increasing their emissions and you don’t say anything about it.


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