When demons conspire to take over a nation …there’s only one option

Yesterday, Dec. 21, was the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, and at day’s end, in the black of night, a light appeared in the southwest sky.

Some called it the Bethlehem Star, a perfect alignment of planets that only occurs every 800 years. It penetrated the darkness of 2020 at a time when we all needed a sign that heaven hears our cries. Who doesn’t feel the weight of this Dark Winter, brought to us by those princes of darkness – Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, Biden, Clinton, Obama, Trudeau, Fauci and their brethren in the CCP?

These oppressors promise us they will not let up with their COVID deception in 2021.

No, they plan to double down until all is destroyed.

This must happen so they can launch what they call the Great Reset, a grand plan to “build it back better,” as they say.

This is a Tower of Babel moment, writ large.

The builders envision a complete reordering of society – the economic system and the entire social order – affecting every facet of your life, your work, your child’s education, entertainment, how you travel from one point to another, even how you are allowed to practice your religious faith. You will have no say in this grand redesign of the global order. No, it’s not up for a vote.

Klaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum and one of the main pushers of the Great Reset, has publicly stated that COVID-19 presents the “narrow window of opportunity” that elites have been waiting for to launch the plan.

No one will be able to hide from it. “No person will be left behind” promises the United Nations, which is cooperating with the WEF, the Vatican, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and most of the world’s governments to bring it about.

Laughably, the folks at the New York Times labeled the Great Reset a “conspiracy theory.” They take us for fools.

The forces of darkness call everything they want to keep hidden from the masses a conspiracy theory. Why? Because it’s just vague enough to be impossible to deny. How does one prove he or she is not a conspiracy theorist?

It’s just another clever lie.

One could make the argument that the oppression we feel right now hits us so strongly because it’s hard to live in a society where so many lies are accepted by so many as truth.

The left never debates the facts anymore, they just label you a conspiracy theorist. Just shut up and “do what you’re told,” says Dr. Fauci, who continuously mocks Americans who persist in believing they have individual rights under the U.S. Constitution. To believe such fantasies makes you “literally a murderer,” says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, one of many governors being played like pawns by the global crime families.

These global reseters have a clearly defined agenda, a conspiracy. On the one hand they brag about their plans for us, without once consulting us, while on the other hand they denigrate those who call them out on their deceptive sugar-coating of what amounts to a global power grab. We are not “conspiracy theorists,” as much as we are whistleblowers, blowing the whistle on their conspiracy.

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary traces the word “conspire” to the Latin term com spirare or “to breathe, more at spirit.” So you see there is something spiritually driven at the core of every conspiracy, which Webster defines as follows:

“Plot. Contrive; to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end. Scheme. To act in harmony.”

Luciferian conspiracies

To truly understand evil, you must understand the nature of conspiracies because evil people never tell their intended victims the truth about their plots. They will leak out partial truths but they always withhold the big truth, which if known would ensure the plot’s failure.

Now, if God is Truth and wants His people to “walk in the truth,” then Satan is the opposite. He wants as many people as possible to be shielded from truth and walk in falsehood.

Satan was described from the beginning as “the most crafty” of the beasts. He used clever lies to entice the first humans into doing something he knew would harm them. When his victims believed the lie, Satan pulled off the world’s first successful conspiracy.

By their nature, conspiracies are Luciferian, because the real agenda lies cloaked in darkness.

Every communist revolution throughout history has been conspiratorial and therefore Luciferian. They use deception to win power. Once in power, their lies are exposed but it’s too late. They use their power to brutally repress their enemies.

Communists typically launch their revolutions in a time of crisis. The crisis is used to distract from the details behind their fake revolutionary promises. When the Soviets took over Russia, they promised “bread and peace” during a time when the Russian people were war weary, beaten down by the ravages of World War I. Many people had lost loved ones. Many more had lost their means of making a living. They were hungry and desperate.

This is what’s going on right now in the world, with the Great Reset waiting in the wings. They are using the COVID virus to shut down people’s businesses and jobs, pushing them into poverty.

We have a Luciferian cabal that is trying to use this crisis, a virus unleashed on the world by their comrades in communist China, to bring the world to its knees. When we are sufficiently beaten down, they will launch a new economic system that enslaves the vast majority of people on the planet.

Communist revolutions have been going on since the French Revolution, but they have always been conducted on the national level. The Great Reset is the first time in history that a communist revolution has been attempted at the global level. And it won’t be pure communism, it will be modeled after China’s variation on the theme. Some call it state capitalism, where the state picks the private enterprises it wants to partner with and dooms the others to forced impoverishment.

This impoverishment is already taking shape under the COVID rules, where Walmart, Amazon and Costco, along with other big-box stores are favored while small businesses are forced to close or operate under impossible conditions.

Whether this conspiracy – it’s no longer a theory at this point – is successful or not could very well be determined by whether the United States joins in. If Donald Trump stays in office, that’s a non-starter. Trump delivered two speeches last year, one before the United Nations and the other before the World Economic Forum, in which he set aside all ambiguity as to where he stands. He told the globalists to basically go to hell. “The future does not belong to globalists. It belongs to patriots,” he said. His America-first philosophy is the antipathy of the globalist Great Reset.

Like Barak Obama before him, Joe Biden is totally on board with the Great Reset. He speaks its language and he has appointed cabinet members who are 100 percent aligned with the goals of the Davos crowd at the World Economic Forum.

The epic struggle in which we are engaged has nothing to do with Trump and Biden but everything to do with the two visions for the future that these men represent.

So, if the dueling forces of good and evil are embodied in these two men, we should know what to expect in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Unless one side concedes, we are heading for a clash of worldviews.

Time for an exorcism?

Even if Trump’s America-first, God and country vision prevails, it’s not going to be easy. It will happen with much pain, almost like an exorcism of demons from a possessed human body. Why? Because this is a spiritual battle. Demons don’t leave without a fight.

In fact, a Catholic priest, Fr. Chad Ripperger, who specializes in spiritual warfare and exorcisms, made some interesting comparisons in a recent video presentation,

Ripperger says the conspirators trying to rope the world into a Great Reset are “basically in league with Satan. They believe the same things that he does. They want the same goals. I think what we’re seeing is, there’s some stark comparisons between what I see in the behavior of some of these people and what I see in a session.”

When Ripperger speaks of a “session,” he is speaking about an exorcism.

“For example, right now, things are leading up to a crescendo,” he explains. “And that’s what you tend to see right before a person has been liberated. So there’s this buildup of the diabolic manifestation that becomes much more drastic, much more open, much more out there, sometimes even more preternatural right towards the end, and then the person is actually liberated.”

If America is to be liberated from the globalists and communists who make up the deep state, Ripperger sees the same process playing out as a man being liberated from the demons that torment him.

“Once Satan thinks he has the upper hand, he presses it all the more. He doesn’t wait, he doesn’t take his time, he will in certain circumstances take his time but once he thinks he has control over a situation he’s going to drive it until he gets ultimately what he wants,” the priest said.

He went on to explain that many of the people in politics and business who are being used by Satan right now are involved in horrific sins, things like human trafficking and using people in the most depraved ways.

“And I think that’s slowly starting to come out.  If you read about it, it’s in the public record about some of the behavior of some of the people that have been the most vociferous during this time frame, and it reminds me a lot of how the demons themselves, when they get caught in something, or their shame gets revealed in something they have committed, they sometimes become very vociferous and very angry about it and try to push the envelope even more,” Ripperger said.

“Once their sin is revealed and people see it, then what they do is, they’ll try to create a distraction onto something else,” he continued. “So one of the things an exorcist has to constantly be on guard about during a session is, when you start getting to a certain point where the demons actually, where you’re starting to gain certain control over them or you’re starting to get somewhere in the session where it looks like he’s going to start telling you some information, he’ll actually start doing things to distract you or he’ll dig into the person, the demons.”

[FACT: When Hillary Clinton was caught sending compromising emails over a private server, she concocted the Russia hoax against President Trump, in an attempt to deflect attention away from her own guilt. This was revealed in personal notes from former CIA chief John Brennan that were declassified in October.]

Another deceptive trick of demonic forces is to “claim victory” before the victory is actually in hand.

“The other thing that’s very common is, claiming that they are victorious or that they’ve already won when they really haven’t yet, or that they actually have rights, or that there’s certain things that they have that other people can’t take away from them. So it’s very similar to a lot of things we’re actually seeing, on their [evil] side.”

Ripperger also commented on what he sees happening on the other side, among those aligning themselves with the forces of light.

“As for those on our side, on the side of the angels, people who actually want things that are best for this country, I think there is in the minds of people a feeling of vulnerability right now. That’s because people recognize that the checks-and-balance system in our country has essentially broken down, meaning people in one part of the government are just doing whatever they want. We’ve seen mayors setting aside constitutional rights of citizens so the actual checks and balances are broken down.”

This collapsing of the rule of law creates mounting anger among the people who want to see America’s crime families brought to justice.

“There’s kind of a slow burn with people in a sense that people are angry at systemic crime,” he said. “Certain families who are just systematically getting away with crime year after year and nothing is ever done about it.

“How much evidence do you need when the public sector knows ten times more than what it takes to get people convicted in a court?” he said. “You wonder what is it going to take for certain people to be put away for their crimes, especially when the crimes involve tremendous damage, basically treason, selling out the country and things of that sort.”

Demoralizing the people of God

People got their hopes up that the Supreme Court would step in and rule against the evil ones, the thieves, only to see them dashed. Again, Ripperger sees a parallel to the exorcism.

“That demoralization is precisely what you see when demons are attacking people. One of the things we have to do when people are possessed, is constantly get their focus back on God. Don’t let the demons drag your focus into the stuff that you’re suffering and the things that you’re dealing with, keep your focus, because that’s when things start to go downhill. It’s also one of those things that the shift in the focus is what the demons are always trying to get us to do, and to be demoralized.”

Efforts at demoralization are evident in the way certain mayors, governors and members of Congress brow beat the people to stay home for Christmas in compliance with draconian COVID rules while they themselves disregard these rules and in some cases even brag about how they flaunt such rules.

“Demons are liars so never believe them. My concern is the people on the other side are being used to make us feel demoralized and distracting us so we lose our focus.”

Prayer is a must, he said, when engaged in this kind of spiritual warfare.

“There’s a reaction from the demons; they get more angry when we respond to God’s grace and begin to rise up in prayer.

“They take everything personal. That’s how demons function. That boils down to the fact that, demons are narcissistic, that’s pretty much the description of demons and that’s the description of communists. The riots. It was all perceived. The actual facts showed they weren’t in the right, but when we rise up in prayer that means God will answer our prayers, you just have to be very persistent. But the demons know that if you are praying what they are working for will get stripped from them, and that’s why they get so angry, they get really irritated that you are even fighting against them. Demons are typical bullies just like these other people are — once you rise up against them they’re basically cowards and they flee.”

So stay prayed up, don’t lose hope, stay focused on the hope of hopes, Jesus Christ. Wise men were led to Him by that Bethlehem star 2,000 years ago, the same star which re-appeared this week. Right when we needed it.

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37 thoughts on “When demons conspire to take over a nation …there’s only one option”

  1. New to this forum and I came here at the recommendation of Pastor Thomas Hughes of 412 Church, San Jacinto California.

    The Grand Conspiracy against God’s creation continues, unabated. Just as it was in Eden, and continued at Babel, so now we see the headlong rush into darkness, lead by those who have “seen the true light.”

    Our adversary, the accuser, masquerades as an angel of light. He also prowls about ever searching for those whom he may devour. I submit that the “illuminati” along with their minions, are hell bent (literally) to see the thing through. They will stop at nothing and for no one to see their goal of global supremacy achieved.

    So, I also submit that we ought to focus our attention and energies towards the salvation of souls. God’s eschatological time piece in NOT the man in the White House. It’s Israel.

    Yes, I am offended at the deliberate betrayal of our republic. As a combat veteran I am loathe to even look upon anyone in political office knowing their complicity in all this. My fleshly nature is ready to shed blood to restore the republic. My soul says, No. This is not your fight. Our fight is NOT against flesh and blood.

    If God is in the process of judging America, it is well deserved. 3M plus children murdered in the womb. Rampant witchcraft. Child sex trafficking. Rampant drug legalization. Persecution of the people of God. Yes. If God must and IS judging the US, so, I don’t expect that He will apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, Nazi Germany, Persia, Rome or any other man made empire that extolls sin as a virtue.

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  2. 10 years ago I came under extreme Demonic attack, I thought I could fight it off with prayer and quoting Bible verses, nope, no success, one night an evil female demon attempted to possess me with two other spirits, the Holy Spirit within me repelled them and I was so frightened I called a church and two minsters came over and prayed with me, now I’ve been free for the last 10 years, I would compare this experience to what the world is going through, we must unite in Prayer, the alternative is death and destruction.

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  3. I don’t need any delusional rhetoric in my life either. We are told to turn away from such people in 2 Timothy Chapter 3. While the world governments have people preoccupied with 1 viral infection. There are tons of falsehoods being told that are keeping people sick and deceived. In my opinion. Delusions are as contagious as communicable viruses and diseases.

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  4. Yes, it’s all about taking down the only nation “under God”. Why don’t they say these things about the great reset and “build back better” to Russia, China, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc.?

    Why is it only US that has to do this?

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  5. yes…you are pretty spot on….

    the conflict is between lucifer and satan. and ppl dont understand..while they are indeed enemies…the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

    a friend of mine made this quick video to explain the contents of the document referenced below.

    thank you for your time…Remain Blessed.


    An Act Of Silence is a channeled document that is dedicated to the Truth. It explains the process and stages of ” demonic possession” by someone who has experienced it. The Vessel had reached final Purification 8-9 months prior to the writing of this document. The words presented in the document are not to be changed and it is free of charge to download.

    document described in video

    Click to access thedocument_standinginmylight-compressed.pdf



  6. There are those who know the Lord who because they want things easy and the way they have been who unknowingly are in league with the demons. I have two friends who have cut off contact with me because they don’t want to have to think and seek the Lord are not heeding his warning about the last days! “Do not be deceived”

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    1. Oh my it is way too easy to be an absolutist on this, especially as neither you nor those who disagree wih you can prove you are lying, but I do think you are, perhaps not deliberately, but you are stil not speaking truth. Perhaps you can back up your absolutist statement with some facts and figures hmm?


      1. Just told you the facts, as far as figures go, the US government has been at war with other nations for 90% of its existence and has murdered hundreds of millions.


      2. …Well, gee, there is that Masonic connection thing there, isn’t there? As in, the fact that George Washington, John Adams, & several others were all Masons…? If you’re unfamiliar with the Lodge — or their ‘secret rites & services’ — You may want to do some investigation re: Masonry & the Founding Fathers. Just a suggestion.


      3. Right at this moment the Lord is reminding me of His grace as this is something I do not seem to possess when reading comments such as yours. One of my mother’s boyfriends was a 33rd degree mason and was not averse to trying to get me to be part of his coterie, so one way and another I know about them first hand so to speak and have also done a deal of research about them. I have also read Tom Horn’s books on this issue too.
        With regard to the Founding Fathers I am neither American nor do I live in America so see little point in your suggestion, preferring to listen to those teachers who majaor in on the positive side of them all.
        However the thing which does concern me is that your god seems a little small, what do you think?


      4. Perhaps you are a Dispensationalist Christian and are blinded by false doctrines. #1 the federal government has spent millions promoting abortion across the globe. #2 for 19 years we have been in Afghanistan and every year the harvestable hectares of opium have been going up. Globalresearch.ca estimates 2017 crop to be worth $717 billion. There is no superhighways or seaports,, so how does that product make it out of country? The US military is in charge of the airspace. #3 The US government was involved in deposing the president of Bolivia because he wanted to harvest the lithium reserves in his country slowly and with his people which was unacceptable to the international bankers.
        And #4 the topic of this article which is the theft of an entire election to facilitate the vacating of our constitutional rights. The CIA, the fbi, the nsa, and the whole of our Congress are in on this grand fraud. God is allowing this because most have abandoned the truth of the gospel and the fear of God. Consider II Thessalonians 2 and ponder our fate. Merry Christmas


      5. Oh dear you have a need to put me in a box, don ‘t you, sorry that does not work for me. I am a born-again, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christian and those are the only boxes you can put me in.
        On top of which I am neither American nor do I live in America so really why should you having troops in wherever be of any concern to me? Considering abortions were occurring long before
        Roe-v-Wade (did you know the lady has now recanted?) in the UK, they started in 1967 what on earth makes you think anybody believes that the great US of A is responsible for abortions occurring all over the world. There have been abortions as long as there has been mankind, it is just, these days, they are legal in many countries, more’s the pity.
        Basically I do not have a clue why you are having a go at me, I supposde you have some point but it escapes me entirely.


      6. I had been under the impression that only Christians were commenting on this blog but it would seem not if you can blaspheme so freely. Please go and argue with one of your own kind, my life is too short to battle with an unbeliever. I would far rathere be preaching the gospel to those who are hungry to know the things of God.


    2. While it is far too simplistic to state the whole of “U.S. Government has always been a Satanic Cult” — obviously there have been many faithful & committed Christians active & prominent in our National Govt’s history since the Founding of this Country (and long before) == there is no getting around the fact the demonic influences have also always been at work within the system; constantly working to undermine & oppose God’s Sovereign Plan & Purpose for this Nation. Yes there ARE many demonic entities at work in American government & politics; just as in any other aspect & segment of the culture… But to call the entire system a Satanic Cult? As one old English Professor was fond of saying, “that would be what they call a ‘Glittering Generality'”

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  7. Howdy,
    If you go to one of the left’s forums, the delusion there is so powerful. They REALLY believe their lies. But, there is a power behind it. Ive seen people who I had normally thought were ‘well balanced’…then they come under the delusion of the left. Its like there is no hope for them anymore. They take the Left’s ‘truth’ as THE truth.
    Because it is such a powerful delusion, its best to stay away from them.
    At least thats what I think

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  8. Yes, you nailed down, and articulated, the thoughts and perceptions of many of us who have been paying attention. Keep on keepin’ on.


  9. Leo, Great Christmas message!! Father Altman, Father saltier, Bishop Strickland, Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Burke, they are the remnant who are terrorizing Satan today.

    Have you ever read “Be Wise As Serpents” by Fritz? I am re-reading it for a second time today while sitting alongside a massive Brazilian river.

    Click to access be_wise_as_serpents.pdf

    God bless you and your family. You are an inspiration to lots of folks, a light in a dark tunnel. Yet, we shall prevail!

    Best, John

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  10. The best analysis of what we are dealing with Leo..Merry Christmas to you.. I hope to hear you on Kate Dalley’s show again soon..Mike Seal

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      1. I don’t think the ‘elite’ have been waiting for the plandemic, they engineered it! As for nobody being left behind, actually billions will be left behind when Jesus takes His Bride home.
        I gave up reading your post though after we had received a great deal of advice on exorcism. For me the Bible is so very clear and we do not need to ‘gain control’ over a demon, we cannot anyway, but Jesus can and it is to Him we look and in His authority we work, therefore, we do not bother to find out the name of it (after all the devil, therefore his minions, is the father of lies) we just tell it to go. We have not gained control of it, Jesus has and it is only Jesus Who can do that. We have met people who were so full of themselves and all the casting out of demons they had done snd we could see they were heading for a massive fall. Whereas God has used the both of us many times in this form of ministry without any singing or dancing or boasting for that matter. Fancy boasting about something ‘yoyu’ have done when it was not ‘you’ who did it but Jesus. Without Jesus we can do nothing it is for Him, in Him and through Him that we are ever successful in any spiritual battle.


  11. Their so-called “Great Re-set” is a euphemism for Satanic Domination of all economic, political, social, & cultural world systems. This is nothing new; it’s been in the works since before God kicked Adam out of Eden. It’s just taken the enemy this long to construct the evil infrastructure & systems to fully implement his agenda. Fortunately we know he has already been defeated; at the Cross of Calvary. So fear not, for while we may needs be to suffer for a little while longer, Jesus Christ has overcome Satan’s dark domain. So no matter what the enemy may throw our way in 2021 & beyond, the battle is already won; the Victory is already ours.

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    1. Please let’s not allow this to be the opiate of the masses. We’ve seen this before, as per historic examples in this very article, and it has killed hundreds of millions of people. This evil plan requires ACTION to oppose it. Prayer is great, but it must go hand in hand with an action plan to back it up. Pray, prepare and FIGHT!

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      1. Sweet lady, this is not a battle against flesh and blood this is a spiritual war which is becoming more vicious the closer we get to the Tribulation. Read what Paul says in his second letter to the Sweet lady do you not know this is not a carnal war, this is a spiritual war which is taking place, not only in the heavenlies but also here on the earth, therefore we need to use ‘spiritual weapons’ in our ‘fight’. These people are mostly totally unaware of the way the devil is using them. Please consider what Paul says in his second letter to the church in Corinth, chapter 10 verses 1 to 5: “Now I, Paul, myself urge you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ—I who am meek when face to face with you, but bold toward you when absent! I ask that when I am present I need not be bold with the confidence with which I intend to be courageous against some, who regard us as if we walked according to the flesh. For though we walk in the flesh, we do not wage battle according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying arguments and all arrogance raised against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,”
        In these last days we must not be listening to what our pastors/clerics tell us but we must be guided by what the Word of God says, this, along with Holy Spirit leading us into all truth is our only reliable guide. Men twist God’s Word, the Holy Spirit and the Bible do not, as long as His Words are taken in context.
        Consider how Jesus came against the devil just prior to the start of His ministry, what did He use to defeat the enemy, for the time being? Was it not the Word of God. ;that is our most powerful weapon. How about reading Hebrews 4:12, and Ephesians 6: 10-18, paying particular attention to verse 17.


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