President Trump will not concede for one very important reason

The 2020 Election was the left’s ultimate cancel-culture ploy.

In a sign of desperation, they went for broke and used massive, systemic fraud to cancel the votes of nearly 73 million Americans. Poof. Gone. They did it with the help of a corrupt voting software company and tens of millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots with no requirement in many states for legitimate signatures.

When the 73 million cried foul, the Democrats and their media lapdogs told them to shut up and accept the outcome.

When up to 1 million turned out to rally in the nation’s Capital on Saturday, Nov. 14, the media propagandists either ignored them or tried to paint them as violent troublemakers. The Democrats sicced their paramilitary brownshirts on these flag-waving patriots in the form of Antifa and BLM, who harassed them, shouted obscenities at them, and attacked them and their children.

Ann Corcoran, the venerable blogger and truth teller, was there Saturday and gives us a first-hand account of what happened.

“Yesterday, literally hundreds of thousands of patriots of all colors, creeds and ages descended on the Nation’s capital to send a message of support to the President and to protest the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and the media’s coronation of King Joe and Queen Kamala,” Corcoran writes. “I am so glad I was there or I wouldn’t have believed it. Reading news accounts in the mainstream media last night and this morning confirmed again what a lying bunch of partisans control the media.”

Corcoran said it was difficult to estimate the size of the crowd because the people came in two massive waves.

“And, virtually all of the mainstream media reported that there was violence ‘on the margins.’  I was there for hours and saw NO violence, only passionate and courteous people who believe the election was stolen.”

Corcoran compared the rally to those she attended during the Tea Party days and came away feeling the Trump rally was much bigger, much different, mostly because of its sheer enormity.

But it was different for another reason that Corcoran summed up in one word—diversity.

“Tea Party rallies were largely middle to upper class mostly white Americans, while the diversity represented in the crowd yesterday was remarkable. The supporters of this President, who came to Washington on short notice, are from all walks of life economically and were representative of the ethnic diversity of America. There were people of color sporting their Trump shirts and hats, large numbers of Hispanics and Asians waving Trump and American flags everywhere.

“A Chinese woman came up to my friends and me outside the Supreme Court and implored us to fight the ‘demon’ Chinese Communist Party, which she feared would have more power in America if Biden is installed as president.

“Again, as I saw no violence for the many hours I was there, it surely happened when night fell and the Antifa/BLM thugs came out like rats and roaches as darkness came to DC.”

Please read the rest of Corcoran’s excellent eye-witness account at her site, Frauds, Crooks and Criminals.

Going for broke

The Democrats invented the cancel culture and the Democrats are expanding it at breakneck speed to every facet of American life. With the 2020 Election, they’ve audaciously expanded the cancel culture to the one institution most Americans thought could never be ensnared, the integrity of our elections and the sacredness of the voting booth.

They knew they absolutely could not endure another four years of the America-first Trump agenda.

Peace was breaking out all over the world, even in the perpetually turbulent Middle East, thanks to Trump.

The endless wars were finally ending, and other nations were seeing the value of putting the interests of their own citizens above those of the United Nations and the globalist elites, again thanks to Trump.

The U.S. economy, until COVID was exported from China, was humming along like never before and the real wages of working Americans were going up for the first time in decades.

The Trump revolution was starting to catch fire among black and Hispanic Americans, who increasingly approved of not only his economic policy but his emphasis on law and order.

The Democrats, seeing their coalition of folks with a victim mentality breaking apart, had to go for broke.

And they used their ace in the hole – Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems and its Smartmatic subcontractor, which has ties to bad actors in Venezuela and China. This system, as described on Fox News Sunday by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, allows the operators to see votes coming in, in real time, and includes an algorithm that kicks in and shifts votes from one candidate to the other, in this case from Trump to Biden. As reported, a minimum of 138,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in Michigan alone.

With Dominion and Smartmatic on board, they knew they did not need to worry about the Nov. 3 election. The software used to run voting machines in 27 states would make sure they got the results they needed for Joe Biden, and Biden himself knew this. That’s why he could afford to stay hunkered down in his basement for months while President Trump ran himself ragged, doing multiple rallies every day, jetting from one state to another for weeks leading up to Nov. 3.

It all makes sense now. Biden, who often loses his filter due to acute dementia, said three days before the election, “I don’t need you to help get me elected, I need you once I’m elected.”

Biden also slipped up and admitted “We put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

But Biden, Kamala, Obama, Hillary, Soros, Gates, Podesta and Company won’t get away with their dastardly, criminal conspiracy to steal the presidency.

They have all the powers of the world on their side. They have Hollywood, they have the Antifa and BLM thugs on the ground, they have the CIA, the FBI and the entire U.S. intelligence community, they have Big Banks, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Corporations, the United Nations, the E.U., China, and the World Economic Forum with its creepy “Great Reset” of global society all pulling for them. Joe and Kamala, the puppets of the New World Order redefined as the Great Reset, have every conceivable power base pulling for them.

But Trump has one thing they don’t. He has 73 million enthusiastic Americans running this race alongside him, ready to go to war in prayer, in the heavenlies, and many [not all] are willing to, come what may, stand up and be counted in the public square. Unlike the Republicans of old, Trump is a warrior for the common man and woman. The Democrats, who use bullying and violence to get their way, are used to Republicans rolling over like puppy dogs, but Trump is a bulldog.

Here’s why Trump won’t quit

The left will try to punish Trump by punishing his supporters.

You’ve seen by now the enemies’ lists the Democrats are putting together at the Trump Accountability Project, with the backing of radical Marxists like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and a former Obama aide named Michael Simon.

Even if Trump fails to come out on top of this epic battle, we the 73 million are not going away.

Here’s the key: They can’t lock us down if we don’t agree to be locked down. They can’t enslave us unless we let them.

Don’t let yourself be pulled into the false reality being painted by the relentless psychological warfare coming from mainstream media. Their job is to wear you down with the lie that Biden is the “president elect.” There is no such position listed in our Constitution and while the title “president elect” has been used in the past, it’s only used after one candidate has conceded.

Stay focused like a laser on the prize. Stay strong in your faith. Remember, faith is the evidence of things unseen, and right now it’s hard for some to visualize how Trump comes out on top in this fight.

For those feeling demoralized by the media propaganda I recommend the brilliant article by Gary Gindler at American Thinker titled The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters.

Remember that the U.S. media is bought and paid for by the worst of the worst in our society – George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, the elitist scumbags who think they know what’s best for us and can re-order our lives according to their agenda.

Those who believe the lies are living under a strong delusion that everything is normal, that this is just another presidential election and Trump needs to face the facts and concede.

But they don’t understand what they are conceding to. This is not the old Democratic Party. These are bloodthirsty communists who are seeking to divide us, lock us down, force us to stay masked up in perpetuity, prevent us from practicing our faith, destroy our small businesses and everything that makes America great.

In conceding this election, Trump would be conceding to a reign of terror against his supporters – the people who attended his rallies, who worked on or gave money to his campaign, who spoke favorably of him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

He would be conceding to violent BLM/Antifa street mobs and BLM political activists dictating the curriculum in our public schools.

He would be conceding to the end of the First Amendment [freedom of speech and religious practice] and to the end of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

I actually appreciate AOC’s honesty. She and others have called for “Trump accountability” and the removal of his supporters from participation in society.

Jennifer Rubin, a political columnist for the Washington Post, was even more direct. She said in a tweet that not just Trump but all of his “enablers” must be eliminated.

This type of rhetoric is unprecedented in the wake of an American election. They have let us know ahead of time that there can be no place for us deplorables in a post-Trump America. They want us to never be able to get a job, they want us placed in prisons, in mental hospitals, in bread lines.

In short, a concession speech now from President Trump would be conceding to a one-party communist state, where elections are for show only and all dissent is de-platformed, delegitimized, crushed.

Trump will never concede to that. He can’t.

Yes, the Democrats are going for broke. They’ve laid all their cards on the table.

Part of their strategy is to return the nation to lockdown.

I warned that a nationwide lockdown was imminent as part of Biden’s Dark Winter. The lockdowns are necessary for the new illegitimate regime to be able to consolidate its power as required by the Great Reset, which will fundamentally transform the way you and your family live their lives, forever. Biden, never forget, does not represent Americans. He works for billionaires and globalist elites in Beijing, in New York, in London and in Davos.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and news analyst and his site is 100 percent reader supported, not beholden to any corporate advertisers or sponsors or political party. Donations of any size are appreciated.

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22 thoughts on “President Trump will not concede for one very important reason”

  1. Americans who love America need only remember they have 95 times more members than the military and law enforcement COMBINED! If we stick together like the Aussie truckers the woke crowd and derelicts running this country cannot stand against us.


  2. At the end of last week, the Supreme Court got the areas they covered switched so the more Conservative justices will work with the states that still need to determine the winner. There has been so much fraud and they are sure there will be a way to prove it.


  3. Is there a law, that the Supreme court can actually appoint the president? Especially if we cant count on this election being not rigged or falified.


    1. No, the Supreme Court does not have that role under the constitution, but they could order certain states or counties’ tabulations null and void, possibly forcing a new election in those states. If no candidate concedes that throws open the possibility of each state legislature casting a vote through the congressional delegation for president.


  4. I believe Trump will prevail. God has said in the book of Genesis that He will bless those who bless Israel. Trump has been a tremendous friend to Israel, recognizing Jerusalem as its capital and brokering peace deals with three Arab countries. God will definitely bless Trump for that; I’m praying that it comes in the form of reelection, and causing those who tried to steal the election from him to fall hard.

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  5. Leo, thanks for your articles. Please consider this…Trump is in on it all! Warp Speed Vaccine by Moderna…May God reveal the truth and soon.


  6. I think that we may be seeing Tea Party 2.0. But it will be much larger than the original because those who didn’t lean Republican then have seen that they will welcomed and included.

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  7. I thought I would type here something which Rudy Giuliani posted yesterday (Sunday) –
    “Stay tuned for big news tomorrow (today). Sidney Powell and I have substantial evidence of fraud and I can confirm that we have Dominion in our hands and are analyzing the logs. It will expose fraud to such an extent it will be irrefutable that Donald Trump won in a landslide.”
    Whilst I question the ‘landslide’ I trust this is something we can take heart from.
    By the way I am writing under my real name as I am proud to be a lover of the Truth and I will die proclaiming there is only one Truth and that is Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

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    1. With the Democrats trying to steal 2 seats in Georgia…the Durham report put on hold..and a million other pieces of corruption..I have to say .. getting some good news is way overdue


    2. Right! Trump knows what America needs. Leftists are seeds blowing in the wind w/o agenda or purpose except to destroy America, its people and its way of life. The Constitution does NOT say that this is acceptable. Who is the heck is translating it any way?! SOMEONE should STOP it before we become Commies. We the People, in high percentage, do not WANT it!!!!!!


  8. This is my initial comment I will post something else later: I was tickled with what ‘dear ‘ Joe biden said (sarcasm okay) ”we’re going to get things done, we’re going to act, we’re going to move” – isn’t that what housewives do? Just askin’


  9. The Democrats have been given their 30 pieces of silver to do a job to turn President Trump over to those who will enslave America.

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    1. President Trump has all the tools necessary to put down this Treasonous Coup.
      He is waiting for the Court cases to be heard, if all else fails, He has Executive power to declare a National Emergency, Deploy the National Guard under Martial Law, and establish Military Tribunals to try these conspirators, with out the consent of the DOJ or Lawyering Up by these Traitors. GITMO will be adding on……Or isn;t Treason punishable by Death?


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