Deep-state spooks trying to turn law enforcement against patriots flocking to Parler, MeWe, Gab

Alternative social-media platforms seen as dangerous, ‘anti-government’ for allowing users to post ‘conspiracy theories’ about election fraud

A threat to state-sponsored Facebook and Twitter?

November 22, 2020: exclusive

The federally funded Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center sent an email alert last week to California law enforcement agencies warning them about the growth of alternative social media sites Parler, MeWe and Gab that cater to conservative Americans.

The Orange County center quoted from a recent USA Today article critical of Parler, MeWe and Gab for allowing conservatives to communicate and organize on their platforms free of censorship.

In the very same week that the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee was holding hearings to investigate the unfair censorship tactics that Facebook, Google and Twitter wield against conservative voices, elements within the federal law-enforcement bureaucracy were showing they are more worried about the growth of conservative social-media competition from sites like Parler, which honors users’ First Amendment rights.

In an email sent Nov. 18 to California law enforcement agencies, the federal center in Orange County highlighted in yellow marker a portion of a USA Today article that bemoans the rapid growth of Parler, MeWe and Gab, which are “gaining momentum with a promise not to censor their users for behavior that might violate the policies of their rivals.”

The federal fusion center also highlighted the following passage from the USA Today article which seemed particularly worried about Americans posting “false claims of election fraud” in the 2020 presidential election.

“But much like the social media site Gab, Parler has quickly attracted the extremist crowd in addition to self-proclaimed center-right conservatives… Groups from the far-right Proud Boys, which includes large numbers of white supremacists, to heavily armed anti-government militias have gathered on the site to spread conspiracy theories, racist memes and false claims of election fraud.”

Insiders tell that the 50-plus fusion centers scattered throughout the U.S. get much of their intelligence from the FBI.

If the FBI and the fusion centers are trying to sully the reputations of Parler, Gab and MeWe in the eyes of local law enforcement, that would suggest that the U.S. intelligence community is considering clamping down on these sites should Joe Biden become the next president.

“Everything they come out with lately is about right-wing this and right-wing that,” said one federal agent who asked not to be identified. “This is literally like electronic warfare when they’re sending alerts out to law enforcement, trying to change our views. That’s very disturbing because most law enforcement officers are conservative. This [email] contains some very harsh wording  suggesting basically that if you’re on Parler or one of these other sites you’re an extremist. But they’re perfectly OK with Ilhan Omar’s extremist comments [on Twitter].”

What does this mean?

The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center is one of dozens of federal “fusion centers” that Congress authorized to be opened in all 50 states after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The centers were supposed to aid state and local law enforcement by soliciting tips from the public and gathering intelligence information about potential Islamic terrorist attacks. But it did not take long before these federally funded centers turned their focus inward on the American people.

Fusion centers have been caught violating the civil rights of American patriots in the past, as reported by [read here and here], and now there is fresh evidence that these intel centers are focusing their spying activities not on the real terror threats of Antifa, BLM and the jihadists but on ill-defined “far-right extremists” and “white supremacists.”

Congress funnels tens of millions of federal tax dollars to these fusion centers through the Department of Homeland Security. By sending out such a politically charged email, the California fusion center, likely under the influence of the FBI, is telegraphing a clear bias against conservative speech. It appears that, to the federal deep state, the First Amendment only applies to Democrats, socialists and liberals.

While members of the hard left such as Congresswomen Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and even Iranian mullahs and ISIS jihadists, can tweet their anti-American invective without fear of being censored by Big Tech, the U.S. deep state is showing it does not want to afford the same free speech rights to hardworking, taxpaying Americans who love their country and want to keep it free.

“It’s just very scary if we’re going down this road,” the federal agent said.

You can read the email for yourself in the screenshots below. Pay particular attention to the sections highlighted in yellow, which show the priorities of the federal law enforcement deep state.

Leo Hohmann is an independent journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based and independent reporting, please consider a donation of any size to keep this website going.

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29 thoughts on “Deep-state spooks trying to turn law enforcement against patriots flocking to Parler, MeWe, Gab”

  1. Y’all, This might be the most powerful video you watch – maybe in your lifetime. Just today at our GOP Issues Committee meeting we discussed “What can we do? Why do our GOP legislatures, senators, upper leadership, US House and Senate Reps and Senators, and most in the church fail to see THE picture that matters most (linked indirectly to the propagation of the Saving, Freeing Gospel of Jesus Christ) so that they will stand with Patriots for the Constitution and our Republic?” and “Why do so many of them take bribes to sell out middle income America to fill their pockets with Chinese money?” this is the answer. Please watch!

    Please keep praying for God to heal our land. We need a Great Heavenly Reset in America to occur! As God hates cowards, we NEED cleansing Justice, exposing Truth that sets people free, Graceful Righteousness that exalts every God-fearing nation, we need a praying people who realize that God drives Gospel expansion to build His Kingdom where people boldly crash the gates of Hell (Elite sell-outs, One Worlders, China, Iran, and others). Truly God builds His Kingdom but He empowers us to play a small but significant part in His plan to redeem souls. This is the message of my soon-to-be-printed-and-released book *God’s War For Elect Souls; Galatians revisited without Sin Canyon bondage*. At the least, this video might change the prayers of some people. Maybe it will open our eyes to what our President has been up against for four years. This is why he needs Great men around him who love freedom, our Constitution, our Republic, the God of our country, Truth, Justice, Law and Order, and Righteousness. He has many good men around him but the war is huge.

    Coming full circle, Steve Bannon answers the main question we discussed today, “What can we do at the grassroots level in America to truly make a difference?” Sitting on our hands won’t work. Ask the Holy Spirit what you should do. It might be something different for each individual. It might be something collective with others. There is no cookie-cutter answer. In many ways, we must resist tyrants in obedience to God and Christ as Jesus suffered, waged war, and died to set people free in the Grace of Christ. We all need this! There would be no greater time than this Christmas Season to submit your life to pursuing the Lordship of Christ – not to earn His Grace or earn your Justification – but to see the inability in your soul so you can cry out for His Mercy to save you. We know that Jesus came to save His People FROM their sins by placing them into His Righteousness. Once He comes in to transform your soul and mind, you can join forces with the Commander of the Lord’s Army to wage this crucial war.

    Don’t hesitate to holler back with questions or comments. As God gave His Son almost 2,000 years ago, grasp at this gift to receive the right to become a child of God and make a difference with your life. Time may be short but there is no better time to seek His Kingdom and Righteousness. Isn’t that what I’ve talked about several times in recent posts? This is the crux of the matter. Jesus leads people first to soul freedom, then to life freedom. Ultimately we will join Him in eternal freedom but it begins with new birth. God bless. In His Grace, Tim


    1. There is only one thing God’s people can do and that is pray but please, please do not pray for a revival before you ask yourself why would God revive a people who have slaughtered over sixty million babies, who consider sexual gymnastics with whatever is the way to go and who have ejected any reference to Jesus Christ of Nazareth anywhere? Instead how about being open minded enough to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what is actually going on and in what way you can pray in order to hasten God’s plan along. Otherwise you might find yourselves praying against the will of God which is an absolute waste of time.

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  2. Have a Merry Christmas! May we have a much better 2010!

    The numbers don’t often lie when you are looking for a complete picture. I know that people can “make” numbers lie but these numbers are so distorted. With the knowledge of Trump votes that were thrown away, shredded, “overlooked.” put into Biden’s column through a variety of methods, etc. I think Trump may have received over 100 million actual votes – that leaves MUCH fewer votes for Biden than even these numbers show – I suggested Biden may have received 35 million votes. That’s a much better breakdown of the 140 million total (even if that is accurate).

    Michael Flynn suggested a couple days ago asking Joe Biden one question something like the following under polygraph testimony, “Do you think or know there was no vote-cheating on your behalf?” I think that would be an excellent idea.

    On a YouTube video by Wide Angle this morning (less than 14 minutes), a scenario is laid out of possibilities of what Trump and his administration may do in the next week to ten days. Again this segment puts great emphasis on December 16th, showing a similar email to what I posted earlier.

    As a Christian man who believes our country was founded mostly by Christian Patriots who believed in law and order and things that would show up in our founding documents – under the Law of God and its resultant obedience per the Gospel of Christ – my heart longs to see justice and righteousness return to our country. When you have corruption up and down the political, business, ecclesiastical, educational, medical, judicial, legislative, news media, cultural and even sports ranks – with a drive to become Socialist/Marxist/Communist – my soul hurts and longs for the fulfillment of godliness in our midst. Keep praying. Practice righteousness. Rejoice in the season and reason for Christmas as you prepare yourself for some rough waters ahead. Hang on to the right things – God, Jesus, His Word, Family, your sanity (if you can) – and we’ll make it through to see what God has in store for our country. In His Grace, Tim


    1. “Have a Merry Christmas! May we have a much better 2010!
      The numbers don’t often lie when you are looking for a complete picture.” Can anybody else find what is so incredibly funny here or am I the only one who has such a mind? 😉 By the way this was not meant to be nasty so please forgive me if it has come over that way?


  3. Was Bernie a prophet or chest-deep in the plot? What do you think?

    Also watch two new YouTube posts today – one in the prophetic arena and one in a more technical arena.

    First is: *A gift you will never forget* by Give Him 15/Dutch Sheets. He plays a prophetic message from Kent Christmas – a good listen.

    Second, *He got everything he needs to win, do not give up on him* by Conservative Voice. Those who have lost faith or hope might enjoy the test/analogy of children and a cookie that will be doubled if they can wait 5 minutes. Do we want the election to flip – or do we want to expose all the rats and terminate them with the election rightly judged? I’ll take the second choice. Be patient. Keep praying. Keep fighting the spiritual warfare. In the Grace of Christ, Tim


  4. Y’all, This is huge news out of England of all places. The Tech Giants are squashing anything they can. If it wasn’t that there are so many things yet to do, we could pop the champagne bottles in celebration. But, there are downline candidates that we need to recover – like John James for Senate in Michigan. I imagine there are enough Senator seats that would make the Georgia election mute if ONLY valid votes counted.

    Just a semi-warning, expect an almost total shutdown of communications in the near future. Without knowing the extent, have plenty of water, food, energy, etc to survive for maybe a 10-day period. For those in cold environments, consider alternative heat sources as well.

    Overall, with some expectation that today was going to be a downer in news and silence, God showered us with some excellent news. Many suits are still in play and there has been significant movement in a Constitutional-supportive way. That fact means a Trump victory – a benefit to the fact that we might have turned a corner in the war against the evil empire, Deep State, and every evil force set up to take down our country. Keep praying folks – God inhabits the prayers and praises of His people. Keep fighting the spiritual war – it’s bigger than we imagine yet God has the power, weaponry, authority, and protection that we lack. Stand strong in Him! It is such a comfort to see Him fight for those who love Him and are called by His name – and who stand courageously for Truth, Justice, Righteousness, His Law, and His Institutions – family, church and godly government. Thank you everyone who stands boldly for Truth – there are many who are paying a price for this. Lift them up in prayer. Pray especially for Christians in Nigeria who are facing severe persecution. I have a mentee-pastor there. Praise His Holy Name! Yours in the Grace and Gospel of Christ, Tim


  5. This is quite a piece from the Dominion machines and software in Antrim County, Michigan – where Jocelyn Benson says, “There’s nothing to see!” Also watch .

    *The dead people who voted in the election *by Brent Pella – good for some laughs; only about 4 minutes *#Rubyfreeman admits guilt *by The Hoodservative – this is by a black man who gives commentary of Ruby talking. She was arrested for her work; his words are colorful but poignant as you can sense his anger. The intentionality of this corruption is something to behold! – about 7 min. *The Wisconsin Ruling is in my hand* by First Harvest Ministries

    Keep praying. In His Grace, Tim isconsin Ruling is in my hand by First Harvest Ministries


  6. If FaceBook is supposed to be so “conservative” why did it refuse to allow publishing of Hunter Biden’s laptop contents or any of the corroborating evidence (business partners’ emails, texts, or testimonies) that showed – without a doubt – that Joe Biden was on the take from our ENEMIES for MILLIONS if not BILLIONS, and the his son and his brother were his money laundering bagmen?
    Conservative me eye. LESS liberal, perhaps, but conservative? Not hardly.


  7. Leo, God help us – that about all I can say to this! The corruption level is off the charts. Keep praying for Trump and Trump’s lawyers. If we do not get this turned around, we are SOL. Thanks, Tim


  8. I thought the biggest white Supremacist in the U.S. just voted for JOE BIDEN in the most recent election…..obviously white Supremacists are LEFTISTS!!!!




  10. The OSAMA administration declared “right wing patriots” the biggest “terrorist” threat… Why? BECAUSE THEY PLAN TO SHOVE THE GREAT RESET aka New World Order communist government RIGHT DOWN OUR THROAT! And the ONLY thing standing in the way is the American patriot.

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    1. Excuse me just one minute, sir. There is no way that American Patriots are the ONLY ones standing in the way of OSAMA’s (sic) plans. I am neither American nor do I live in America but I like to think that my prayers are just as effective as an American Patriot’s! Apart from anything else what if what is happening is part of God’s plan. Do you fancy coming against Him then?


      1. Julia, Your prayers ARE just as effective, and we appreciate all who are praying for us! I’ve said many times, this war is not just about America, it is actually a GLOBAL war against tyranny. Other freedom-loving countries are our allies, and I believe when this blows up for real we will need each other more than ever. I think what “OVER it” meant is that America has sort of been the last line of defense against communism and tyranny for so long (because of our 2nd amendment) that in order for their world domination plan to work they must conquer America at all costs. The other countries will be easier after that. They have almost succeeded through the trojan-horse method over a period of decades.

        As for God’s intentions, well personally I think if God intended the entire planet to live under a dictatorship, he wouldn’t have given us President Trump. I think moving forward his intention is to expose the evil apparatus we’ve all been living with for so long. I could be wrong of course, we’ll see…

        In any case, I’m praying for ALL OF US to be free!

        God Bless!

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      2. That was not how you came over in the first place, hence my response. The original attitude of yours appeared to be that which we Engish find so hard to stomach and that is America is the be all and end all of all things. This was very exacerbated during the second world war and, of course, the cdonidence that many Americans exude appears to us as being arrogance. Now I know this is not true I have several American friends but your origianl last sentence got to me.


  11. The Progressives are vastly more dogmatic than the Conservatives – as herein illustrated by their intolerance of free speech. They behaviorally resemble seventeenth century religious fanatics – and the Nazis they excoriate. They propose forcefully “reeducating” the conservatives – with what other governments do we see such policies? There is little to differentiate Progressives from Fascists, black shirted Camicie Nere and all. Thought control is the antithesis of Freedom. Some of them have gone so far as to deny that Hitler’s Nazi Party was Socialist. They’d probably censor the expression of that, too.


  12. This is certainly encouraging us to move straight away to Parler even though we do not live in America nor are we Americans but, as the saying goes,: “When America sneezes the world catches a cold!”


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