Third Australian province announces rollout of biometric digital identity; Bill introduced in U.S. Congress would do the same for Americans

Victoria, Australia, is set to become the third state in the land down-under to rollout digital drivers’ licenses stored on citizens’ smartphones.

Citizens of Victoria can expect to obtain a new digital ID by next year, though a six-month pilot program will be launched in July in the city of Ballarat.

The new ID will provide three options: display all of one’s credentials and a unique barcode that can be scanned by law enforcement; conceal the important data and only reveal your name and date of birth; or a third selection that displays only the user’s date of birth.

Each option displays a new QR code every 90 seconds as a precaution against hackers..

Government Services Minister Danny Pearson made a complete fool out of himself at a press conference last week announcing the news.

Like a clown selling snake oil at a carnival, Pearson said:

“This is just such a glorious day and, I can’t wait, I just can’t wait. I gotta say, you’re gonna love it. It’s just going to be woo! It’s so good, it’s so good, it’s so exciting!”

Another citizen, clearly chosen for the propaganda show masquerading as a press conference, spoke about how she feels this will make her life so much easier, and convenient.

“It’s going to make life a whole lot easier,” she beamed, adding she and her friends are all “thrilled.”

Watch below how the local 9 News presents this as a wonderful, exciting advancement for the citizens of Victoria, who they hope will be gullible enough to swallow it whole.

Who would have ever thought that selling digital slavery would be so easy?

Oh boy, we get to be tagged and tracked with a digital QR Code! Yippee!

Oh and it’s not just more convenient. It’s “safer” too.

In an interview with the news station, Pearson claimed that this digital identifier is “much safer” than the physical, tangible IDs “that we know have had its issues in the past.”

I reported last month that a bill has been introduced in Congress that would create a digital ID for all Americans. As has been done in every other country that moves to digital IDs, the U.S. politicians who introduced Senate Bill 884 in the U.S. Senate, Senators Kyrsten Synema of Arizona and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, claim these digital tracking devices will make your life safer, more secure and more convenient.

Australia’s 9 News reported this digital ID is “not meant to replace the physical ones,” and if you believe that you really are dumb. Pearson himself, probably without realizing it, admitted that’s exactly what they’re meant to do, is replace the old physical IDs.

“We want Victorians to have the flexibility to leave their wallet or purse at home, have everything on their phone,” he said.

According to The Winepress News, New South Wales and South Australia have already had digital drivers’ licenses since 2019.

However, in March NSW officials announced a new all-in-one digital app that will totally replace physical documents, allowing for the storing of banking records, health records, etc., with access to the app requiring users to provide their faces to be scanned by facial recognition software.

As I reported in a seminal article last week, the globalists are moving things fast toward the Great Reset’s promise of an all-digital society where everything will be tagged and tracked, all human movement, all purchases both online and in stores, all vaccine injections and healthcare, everything. And the ultimate purpose of this is so government and corporations can track your carbon footprint and punish you for going beyond your allotted purchases of meat, fossil fuels like gasoline and natural gas, etc. Politicians will sell digital IDs and digital money as the answer to all of the problems currently plaguing the world, both real and manufactured, such as climate change, border security, election integrity and rising violent crime.

It never fails: Safety, security, convenience. Those are the three watch words used to make people clamor for their own enslavement. is 100 percent reader supported and does not rely on any corporate ads or sponsorships. If you would like to help keep my work going, please consider a donation of any size, which may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.


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37 thoughts on “Third Australian province announces rollout of biometric digital identity; Bill introduced in U.S. Congress would do the same for Americans”

  1. I wonder how long before it will become an offence to leave home without a phone in working order, will we need to have our phone bill paid up and battery charged? And what happens if stopped randomly or for some minor infraction in an area with no reception for your carrier (not uncommon in rural Australia)?


  2. Leo – “As I reported in a seminal article last week, the globalists are moving things fast toward the Great Reset’s promise of an all-digital society…And the ultimate purpose of this is so government and corporations can track your carbon footprint…”

    The pace is definitely picking up. In a report from the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting held in Niigata, Japan, May 11-13, item 16 states:

    “Our efforts to enhance economic resilience should also help accelerate social and economic transformation in our economies and globally by driving progress to achieve deep emission cuts and reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest and by harnessing the benefits of digitalization.”

    Click to access g7-communique-20230513.pdf

    In item 19, they inform us that they will

    “…continue policy deliberation on digital money to harness the benefits of innovation such as payment efficiency as well as financial inclusion while addressing potential risks to the stability, resilience and integrity of the monetary and financial system.”

    Although the phrase “continue policy deliberation” may evoke an orderly, thorough, slower process, that is belied by what they said about wanting to accelerate things. And all those buzzwords: “benefits,” “innovation,” “efficiency, stability, resilience, integrity” have a lulling effect of positivity similar to the ones Leo has been pointing out in his stories: “safety, security, convenience.”

    Their haste is reintroduced in item 20, where they talk about the need for “effective monitoring, regulation and oversight” of “crypto-asset activities and markets” and for a regulatory agency:

    “…we support initiatives by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on accelerating global implementation of the FATF Standards on virtual assets…”

    Psalm 2 is a real comfort for these times, because it’s a reminder of who is on the throne: “…He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision…”

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  3. This business information site on biometric ID has lots of interesting info, white papers, etc, on the rollout of digital IDs around the world and all their applications. Looks useful to keep up with what’s going on with this issue:


      1. Feel free to delete my comment if it’s only repeating what you’ve already covered elsewhere. That biometric site shows me how appallingly comprehensive this digital ID technology and its applications will be. No escape. We’re going to be trying to fend this off from every direction. And of course it’s going to work in tandem with digital currencies (per interview on Unlimited Hangout with Catherine Austin Fitts).


      2. Clearly you’ve not been reading my articles very carefully, or maybe you read so much that it’s impossible to keep up with who is saying what when, but I’ve been saying for well over two years now: Global Digital ID + Global Digital currency = Global beast system and digital slavery.


      3. Definitely the case Leo with Digital ID and Digital Currency…there is also a third element to do with DNA modification, and the mRNA injections are a forerunner to this…Revelation 14 makes it clear that those taking the mark will become an abomination to God…


    1. I won’t let anyone handle my phone, it spews out apps and digital anything, used strictly for voice. Under $9. a mo. and great for emergencies. Right now, many are concerned about this invasion constant pouring in of people from all over, incl. Chinese men of military age. More drug, crime and chaos ahead.


    2. You know they will. They’ve got to sell the mark of the beast system. It will be the sales job (con job) of the ages.


      1. Antichrist may be already in place, seen by all on news recently, King Charles, his son William is also on board w/ reset agendas. The king is a suspect , but may not be the anti-C/


  4. The FEAR MONGERS wanted ” a needle in every arm ” (as Dr. Peter McCullough put it). Now, the HAPPINESS HAWKERS want our every action & transaction digitized….. i.e., to make us “digital slaves” (as Leo Hohmann put it). We have read the Book. God wins ! And, we who are IN CHRIST also win !!!!!

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  5. Sign up here for tyranny. And remember, you want this because it’s… “safe, secure, effective, and convenient”! Yes, right there on the dotted line… that’s it Johnny boy.

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    1. I have cut ties with others during covid, realizing people did stupid things like get vaccines. Now, unless people are informed and likeminded, they are not in my circle. I am fed up w/ stupidity and those who are not on same level knowing about agenda 2030, gov. corruption, WHO/WEF and related info. I expect adults to know this info, it is not rocket science. Why waste time when we don’t have that much time. Communicate w/ likeminded, why carry baggage.

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  6. OK, so we now have the option of a digital driver’s licence or the option of a physical card. Most likely the benefits of the digital option will be vigorously promoted, then it will be strongly encouraged, and in time the physical option will be phased out. (All in the name of safety, security and convenience. And who wouldn’t want that?)
    I realize many readers of this site suggest, “Just say no” but when you lay down the tracks, the train must surely follow, and the tracks are being laid for us.

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      1. King Charles has stated he wants to re-colonize America.  King George failed to prevent the American colonists from forming the USA, so now, as part of the WEF Great ReSet, and its leader in fact, King Charles was to re-instate America as a subject colony wherein his “subjects” swear allegiance to him, just as the British citizens must now make an oath of allegiance to the newly crowned King Charles III.  Yes, he is satanic, but not charismatic enough, except for Camilla, to be the anti-Christ.  He surely is an inegral part of the beast system though.  Altiyan Childs’ award winning documentary exposes the secret society behind all this globalism, freemasonry that has an astonishingly world wide membership that is required to take an oath to secrecy upon initiation at risk of decapitation or other brutal punishment.  Thus the invisibility of the who that is pulling the puppet strings behind the curtain.  Technocracy and freemasonry seem to be marching in tandem with the same players behind the power and control scene.  We know who they are, so how can we take them down?  Why is the illegitimate president allowed to stay in the White House?  Why have we been powerless to remove all the bad characters ruining our country?  Like the WEF telling us what their plans are, and journalists repeating it in articles, the time to formulate a plan of action is also in order.  Talk will not accomplish a solution unless the talk is about a plan of action.  King Charles states they need to act now as they fear defeat. Well, it is time now to ensure that defeat happens.  Otherwise, lack of preemptive action will end in disaster for not only our country, but the world. No one will escape this satanic plot.  God is in control, but we need to act with His divine assistance.  It is the great hope that those with knowledge and power to act will wake up and do something about this situation.  Klaus tells us how he has succeeded thus far through his young global leaders academy that has been able to position those people in political cabinets world wide.  They are carrying out the WEF goals.  We need to counter with our own resistance leaders.  Thank you to all who are educating all of us on this dangerous existential threat to the greatest constitutional republic in history.  We cannot let it fall as it is a special government unlike other empires that failed, like the Roman Empire and all the others.  Our nation is founded as one nation under God, the Creator, so it inherently cannot fail unless it ignores the dignity and integrity of its founding.  


  7. I realise it may be petty but we have states not provinces here in Australia. We are quickly heading down the digital rabbit hole with hardly a voice being raised in warning of the consequences. Keep up the great work Leo!!!

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    1. Les: Satan and the demons have blinded people to truth and facts, this is why a voice is hardly being raised. U.S. Pastors have been muzzled by fear of man, the IRS and getting expelled from the pulpit by most who want the church to remain a social center. This also applies to the E.U. and other areas. Civic groups likewise, people fear of being called names or shunned if they speak out.


  8. This is the expected procedure per the WEF. It is time, in my humble opinion, to emulate the example of the veteran in Texas who stood up to the illegal disregard of the constitution wherein Texas National Guard troops claimed they were not in the mood to listen to a seasoned patriotic veteran who asked them to perform their constitutional duty to repel the illegal invaders. Instead, the troops assisted border patrol to conceal the armed support for the privacy of the illegal invaders as they boarded buses to transport them to the interior of the United States. Yes the evil doers in our government want to provoke civil war so they can call out the United Nations troops against us, but we have no choice but to stand up against this treason. Wayne Allen Root has called for buycott of the corporations that are hell bent on enslaving us. Is there time to act in that regard fast enough? Pull all our money out of the banks too big to fail in order to support the small local banks? Yes, indeed we need to do that now. What else can we do? Only look at Chicago where the residents are standing up for their citizen rights. That is what we also must do, in addition to pulling funds from the major criminal banks that are not only too big to fail but are treasonous culprits destroying our country. They are criminals operating above the law, defying the law, enriching themselves at our expense. We are fools indeed to let this continue. It is time NOW to stop it in its deadly tracks. As the wise “ole wives tale” states, “A stitch in time saves nine”. There is no time to waste in this grave situation. Our entire future, and that of future generations, is at stake. We must emulate George Washington kneeling in prayer beside his horse in the snow in prayer for victory in the then treacherous revolution. England, according to the newly crowned King Charles III, who declared he wants to “re-colonize” America, and who held a party on his yacht to declare support for a New World Order, wants to again subjugate us as their cash cow slaves. Clearly King Charles III, who seems to lack a moral compass, sees himself as the leader, the King, leading the way. We have no choice but to defend ourselves Now, before it is too late. Like George Washington, we have the sword of prayer (put on the Armor of God – Ephesians) as well as the sword of battle. Even the churches are cowards as they accept funds from the federal government. Guess what? Those are our funds paid as taxpayers. We have every fiscal right to demand accountability. Let’s act now, let us defend liberty now. Thank you, Leo, for your steadfast loyalty to our country. We forge forward in courage, never in fear. Digital currency??? In God We Trust is on our money, and we must reaffirm that trust and our currency. God bless all our loyal Americans for faith is in our Lord, Jesus Christ, Creator of all that we have and enjoy, the very existence of life. Stand tall, America. John Wayne would tell us to stand tall in the saddle. Let’s ride for Liberty.

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    1. I see no repentance anywhere among American citizens. No humbling before the Lord for the sins we have committed. Real sins. Not skin tone or “privilege.” American Christians should be repenting of the deeds of the flesh which are condemned in God’s Word. Deeds such as: impurity, unchastity, indecency, idolatry, prescription drug use, hostility, envy, strife, carnal ambition.

      The Left are very ungodly and willing slaves to the spirit of the age. But what are the people on the Right doing? Including those who self-identify as Christian just because they’re Americans.
      Idol bragging about fleshly might. No saying, “If God wills…” No humility or repentance while calling upon Him for forgiveness and help. Just boasting about our guns and how mighty we are and how we deserve the best.
      In guns we trust.
      And celebrity billionaires. Because we need wealthy princes–connected with the mighty men of this world (not godly, meek men)–to deliver us. Boastful, arrogant womanizers who make a laughing stock of Christ’s name because of how Christians grovel before and admire men of ill repute just because they are rich and powerful. CNN mocks our family values because of the Right’s unabashed love affair with Bill Clinton II or DJT.
      Our hope should be in the Lord. Not some sleeze ball no different than the kind the secularists adore. But no one wants to repent or humbly bow to God or consecrate their lives. This is the real reason America will fall.
      Remember, judgment begins with the House of God.


      1. I lead a Bible study class that approaches the Word in depth, with questions answered at home that are discussed in small groups, followed by live teaching and at home reading of a commentary on the lesson just completed. I can assure you that every week these Christians talk about how they have been convicted by God’s Word. Our whole purpose is changed lives through in-depth Bible study, and we actually see people grow in Christ.

        I also attend a church where the Word is preached faithfully and growing in Christ is considered a necessity. So even though you are not personally seeing repentance, it is happening all over, in this country and in many others. Our greatest recourse is prayer because, as you know, we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. When even Tucker Carlson talks about the necessity of praying against the evil overtaking our country, I think we can assume that a quiet army is praying.

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      2. The derailment/takedown has already happened, we have been conquered under UN/WEF globalism and less than 2% of adults even know this or care what happens about judgments or future of their kids/g’kids in the coming days or weeks and cities turn into war zones as some are now. We need to stick wth likeminded ongoing and dump the “baggage” from our lives


    2. Margret-anne: These invaders may rape or kill one of these pro- invasion national guard’s family members someday, they are traitors and enablers going along w/ this whole operation.


  9. In the Philippines they are mandating Cell Phone sim card registration for Old & New phone purchases. It requires 2 forms of ID, address, Phone numbers, email address, photo. If you do NOT comply the Phone service providers will turn Off your account. This is being mandates because the government said it would STOP cell Phone scams and fraud. (It won’t of course)
    Additionally the Government is pushing the FEDERAL ID program. It also requires numerous ID’s to register including Fingerprints and IRIS SCANS.
    All because they care so much about us. HA!

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    1. People need not comply to this anywhere. Cell phones are personal items and gov. needs to lay off this plan.


  10. Leo, did you mean Third AUSTRALIAN Province? Great article, but maybe the wrong country in your title.

    Sincerely in Christ,     George Theiss USMC Vietnam Veteran


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